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The Original Custom Towing Mirror Custom Slide On Mirrors (Pair)

Longview Custom Towing Mirrors

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Longview Custom Towing Mirrors - CTM4000

Slip on mirrors provide excellent towing visibility at an economical price. Mirrors come complete with hardware and are easily installed in minutes without any tools. The Original Custom Towing Mirror Slip On Mirrors utilize a positive hook and knob method to secure the mirror and also reduce wind vibration. The mirrors will not restrict the break away function of the OEM mirror housing nor the adjustment of the glass mirror.

  • Driver and passenger side mirrors are included
  • Easily installs in minutes without tools
  • Slide On Mirrors will not scratch or mark OEM mirrors
  • Premium glass minimizes distortion and glare
  • Aerodynamic shape of OEM mirror is maintained

This should be what the mirror looks like on the vehicle. The original custom towing mirror will slide over this vehicle mirror.

The mirror is secured by the hook and knob. The hook grabs the front edge of the mirror housing while the knob ensures a tight fit.

4000 The Original Custom Towing Mirror by Longview

Video of The Original Custom Towing Mirror Custom Slide On Mirrors (Pair)

Videos are provided As a guide only. Refer To manufacturer
installation instructions And specs For complete information.

Video Transcript for Longview Custom Towing Mirrors CTM4000 Review

Today, we'll be reviewing Part Number CTM4000. These are the Longview Original Custom Towing Mirrors with the slip on design. Both the driver and passenger side mirrors are included. The slip on mirrors are going to provide excellent towing visibility. To see if these are going to fit your particular year, make and model, you can refer to the vehicle list at the bottom of the product page. The mirrors come complete with hardware and can easily be installed in just a few minutes without any tools. They're going to use a positive hook and knob method to secure the mirror.

It's also, when fully tight, going to help reduce wind noise and vibration. A great feature about these mirrors is that they are not going to restrict the break away function of your OEM mirror housing or the adjustment of the glass mirror. The slide-on mirrors will not scratch or mark your factory mirrors. It has nice pads here on the back, so its going to add full protection to your factory mirrors. They're also going to feature a premium glass that's going to minimize distortion and glare. These are pretty aerodynamic and they are designed to maintain the aerodynamic shape of the factory mirror that's installed. I'm just going to show you how these are installed real quick.

This portion here is going to slide over the factory mirror. They are marked with RH and LH for right hand and left hand side of the vehicle, so that way, you can always determine that youre going to get them in the right location. Once you have that slid on there, youre going to take the screw with the circular end. It's going to come through the hole in the back and its going to hold tight right there. At this point, you can go ahead and take one of the elbows, place it on there, and we'll go ahead and install the thumb screw to hold it in place. Then, the one with the hook is going to hook into the housing on your factory mirror between the mirror and the housing, and that's going to come back through this other hole. Once you have that on there, you'll install another thumb screw and then you can tighten each one like a dial until you get it tight enough to fit your needs.

Pretty easy installation. Just a couple of screws to install, and this is all plastic hardware. Again, you have the hook screw and then you have the circular screw. You get those in there and then you can adjust the knobs to adjust the tightness and fit of each mirror. Now, we'll go over the dimensions of the mirror. I do want to point out that they do have this nice design here on the back that's going to add some style.

The mirror face is going to give us a measurement of about 5.5 inches in width and 4.5 inches in length. The overall length of the mirror is going to give us a measurement of about 17.5 inches, almost 18 inches, because I'm measuring to the end of the housing right here, the mounting location. Now, you can see these pads here in the middle, these are felt pads. Those are designed to go around one circular tube of the elbow, the tube that's going to make contact with the factory mirror. That's designed to go around that. That way, its not going to scuff or damage the factory mirror as it rubs up against it. That's just a peel-off felt, so it has adhesive backing. Peel that off, put it on the circular portion of the elbow that makes contact with the factory mirror, and you'll be all set to go. That's going to do it for today's review of Part Number CTM4000. These are the Longview Original Custom Towing Mirrors. .

Customer Reviews

The Original Custom Towing Mirror Custom Slide On Mirrors (Pair) - CTM4000

Average Customer Rating:  4.3 out of 5 stars   (185 Customer Reviews)

- CTM4000

by: TJ G.02/04/2011

I installed the CTM4000 towing mirrors on a 2004 Toyota Tundra with a Northstar TC-650 slide-in camper installed in the bed. Initial mirror installation was really quite easy, but the instructions were confusing and the line drawings of little or no help. What made installation easy was the photo that one of the experts emailed me. Subsequent installation and removal is a snap. Fit is quite good on the Toyota Tundra; the OEM mirrors are not at all obscured and remain useful for wide-angle rear viewing. Longview mirrors provide a very good rear view on the driver's side, particularly in combination with the OEM mirrors. The right side view is not quite as good; an additional 2 inch lateral extension would improve visibility in my application. Nevertheless, the rear view on that side is very much greater than provided by OEM mirrors alone. Bottom Line: the Longview mirrors are a bit pricey compared with other available extension mirrors, but their tailoring to my specific vehicle, their performance, their ease of use and particularly the thoughtful and courteous customer service I got from makes them a winner. I'd happily recommend them to anybody who needs towing extension mirrors. 6646

- CTM4000

by: Tony W.06/12/2012

See Ed W's review from 12/11/11. He was onto something. There is one glaring problem with these mirrors, and that is with the adapters (item "A" in the instructions). They were engineered (although I use this term very loosely) to be "universal; i.e., they will fit on either mirror. You get two identical adapters with the installation kit. One side of the adapter is flat (this is where the felt strip should go), and the other side is concave. The adapter fits ok on the passenger's side where the flat side interfaces with the (fairly) flat surface on the side of the mirror. The problem is that the concave side interfaces with the mirror on the drivers side! So you have to deduce that the felt strip goes onto the concave side, and the resulting interface is less secure and basically makes no sense. The manufacturer says they were designed this way. If that is true, then they have a serious design flaw. All they have to do to fix this issue and make the adapters truly universal is make both sides of the adapters flat. 43804


Tony, We re-shot our video today to make clear the correct positioning of the felt and the adapters. I grabbed a set of the CTM4000 mirrors and our adapters are mirrors of each other. The new photos and video will be up soon.

Patrick B - 09/18/2012


- CTM4000

by: Stephan M.09/25/2012

Mirror extensions 55772

- CTM4000

by: Lyle P.07/11/2011

We had tried two other mirrors for our Toyota Tundra before finding your slide-on mirrors. Toyota doesn't even make a towing mirror for this year model Tundra. The first pair were suction mirrors that wouldn't even stay on when the truck in park! The second pair didn't help much with providing a good view for backing up with the camper. Your mirrors were easy to install with the help of your video and provided excellent viewing for backing up with our 24' camper. We love them and they look great on the truck too. Two pictures are attached. 19196

- CTM4000

by: Tommy05/27/2014

Used the mirrors on my 02 sequoia for the first time. Installation only took a few minutes. It took a few tries to get the alignment just right for viewing the sides of my travel trailer. Works as advertised. Not much vibration at 70 mph. Make sure to fully "seat" extension onto truck mirror frame. Mirrors could be bigger but these work just fine for the price. 132805


Products are working great.

Tommy - 05/28/2015


- CTM4000

by: Ross O.06/03/2013

I purchased these mirrors for my 2007 Toyota Sequoia. After reading the directions and watching the installation videos, I tried to install the mirrors but encountered issues with the passenger's side mirror due to the identical attachment pieces (the same ones that other reviewers have mentioned). While I could get the passenger mirror installed, it did not appear to be as durable as the driver's side. I sent an email to asking if they could send me the mirrored attachment part (instead of the identical one). contacted the manufacturer and they sent me the replacement part as I had requested. With the correct part, these mirrors work great. It would be nice if they were a bit bigger (as others have mentioned), but they are functional. I am concerned about the longevity of the plastic installation hardware, but so far it appears up to the task. 83078

- CTM4000

by: Ed W.12/08/2011

I bought these mirrors (CTM4000) for my 2004 Tundra. They fit very well over the OEM mirrors and the tension knob system seems to hold them very securely. They do not jiggle when driving at highway speed. As with other clip on mirrors I've used, the extra mirror is small but useful. The website video is great, but they should zoom in closer to the adapter when applying the felt strip because it is not clear on proper placement on this small component. Also, the adapters have different surfaces on either side and they are 2 identical pieces rather than 2 pieces that are mirror images of each other. So for the left and right mirror you are placing the felt strip on different surfaces so it is confusing. I think the adapter pieces should be mirror images of each other (a right and left adapter) rather than identical, but the packing list says that this is how it comes. 27889

- CTM4000

by: Derick04/05/2014

Product works and fits great, price was good I feel, Only negitive thing I'd say about these's mirror extenders is the bird on the front could be removed from the manufacture, E-trailer has been great the service is spot on I have ordered other items and everything is as it says it is. 123904


Tow mirrors are still working great, glad I have them for when Im towing my boat.

Derick - 04/05/2015


- CTM4000

by: Bill H.03/21/2014

Wow, what a difference these make in the ability to see around the sides of the trailer. I like the fact that the mirrors adjust in all directions and they installed in no time at all. 121705


I just used my mirrors this weekend and they work just as good today as they did last year. They make towing our trailer easy and safe

Bill H - 03/22/2015


- CTM4000

by: Ken T.12/09/2012

Overall, it's a decent mirror set. They mostly do the job and don't vibrate too much. Installation was so-so. I had to wedge them on pretty hard to be able to make the screw threads go into the adapter, but I guess this keeps down vibration. Mine did not come with the mirror image adapters like is shown in the pictures or in the video, so it does not fit as easily on the passenger side as it did on the driver side. Also the mirrors are small compared to my stock mirrors. It's not a big deal on the driver side, but on the passenger side, it is hard to see much in it. It would have helped if it was a convex mirror on that side as well. They did the job getting my new trailer home, but I'm still on the fence if I am going to keep them or get something better. 61026

- CTM4000

by: Don M.10/29/2014

The mirrors were delivered as expected no problems. I love these mirrors versus others I tried. I tried to install per the instructions supplied and wasn't able to clearly understand where the felt pads were to go. Also couldn't really figure out how the two hooks go. Watched the video and this made it clearer. The instructions provided don't really cover the CTM4000 mirrors I received for my 2003 Sequoia. The two hooks provided per mirror are plastic and the one with the disc end that goes into the mirror doesn't really sit flush in the hole. I fear it will stress and break but being I just received the mirrors I will have to see what happens. These are much better mirrors from the previous ones I had that broke on my second trip. 158411


I was curious if you still like the mirrors? Another question I have is adjustment for up and down and in and out. Do these mirrors have that capability. Nothing is said about fine adjustment of the mirror itself. Thanks for your input.

comment by: Tim S - 09/29/2015


- CTM4000

by: Tonupguy06/01/2011

Just installed these mirrors on my 06' Tundra Stepside. They mounted very easily and provided a nice clean look to the truck, not too bulky. Used them once so far and they worked excellent. I was able to look down the sides of my toy hauler without any obstructions while towing. I haven't had the opportunity to try other mirrors, but I was very impressed with my first outing with these. When I processed my order, I made the mistake of not realizing that the shipment option I chose would not allow me to receive my mirrors before my road trip. But Martin G. took care of that and I received my mirrors before I left. With that kind of customer service I'm definitely going to be a returning customer. Etrailer you guys rock!!! 15807

- CTM4000

by: CTM400003/24/2014

Received my order when expected, 2nd day UPS, put them on my truck that night, I do not recommend putting them on in the dark but it was almost that easy, only had one that needed correction the next day. They don’t look bad. I had to keep telling myself this is not factory equipment. For the price they look better than a lot I have seen. They do help see further around the trailer. I am not yet use to the two side by side mirrors and get a little cross-eyed at times. One large extended mirror would be better but your options there are expensive or a downright horrible contraption clamped to your door. Easy to remove and store. I never had the feeling they were going to blow off. 121972

- CTM4000

by: Mike G03/24/2012

I bought a boat last year and quickly realized that while traveling down the road I could not see behind it. I purchased these extensions in the hope that it would allow me to drive safer while towing my boat. The day came to pull the boat out of storage so I put the mirror extensions on. They went on in minutes the first time. I went to hook up the boat and started down the road. I could now see vehicles coming up from behind and also see vehicles in the lane next to me. It will allow me to pass safer and see emergency vehicles approaching from behind. Great product, easy to use with the quick clip on design. These will go on and off in seconds now that I have done it once. 34950

- CTM4000

by: Josh08/01/2010

Very stable mirror for my Tund Instillation instructions could have been better but were not to difficult to discipher. After they were installed they look good and there was plenty of adjustment in the mirrors. After several 200 mile trips they vibrate very little and give a good field of view. Once initial instillation was done they only take about 1 minute to put on or take off. Plastic bolts for the anchors seem like they will eventually break but for now have been fine. I am very happy with these mirrors and would highly recommend them to anyone. My set was complete and just needed installed so was a good experience. Glad I found etrailers to buy towing supplies. 3307

- CTM4000

by: Dave j08/08/2014

Easy install,fit good ,no vibration , stay where you set them. We will see how long the plastic fittings hold up, but a 5 star for now 145404


Still working good

Dave j - 08/08/2015


- CTM4000

by: Rob R.07/14/2015

Having utilized two other designs from different manufactureres, I can say these are the real deal for you '02-'06 Toyota Tundra owners. Where the other mirrors trembled, jittered, or just plain worked their way off, these Longview Custom mirrors mated very well with our standard factory mirrors and, once installed, never worked out of position. Installation was pretty quick but pictures could be a tad clearer. Stable image at highway speed and the full adjustability was very welcome. Thanks also to for fast, reasonable shipping and nice follow up communication. 211763

- CTM4000

by: CTM400008/11/2013

these are great, they look nice and are easy to install 94428


they are fantastic, work great

CTM4000 - 08/11/2014


- CTM4000

by: Vaughn D.07/02/2014

Installed on 2006 tundra-only took 15 mins. No vibration at 65 m/h noticed. Can now see behind my 8' boat for easy launching. Very pleased with product. 138782

- CTM4000

by: Ricky R.06/12/2015

Excellent service as always from eTrailer. Thanks folks. Not being able to find OEM or aftermarket "towing mirrors" for my 2004 Sequoia I knew eTrailer would have something. Not as good as permanent extendable mirrors, which again I have been unable to find, these will serve the purpose when towing my camper and will be far better than nothing at all. Thanks again to eTrailer for their prompt service, excellent communication and for carrying a full line of towing accessories. Come here for all your needs, these folks are the best. Ricky 202950

- CTM4000

by: Steve05/14/2010

Not bad - should be cheaper This is just about the only slide-on mirror that I have found for the 1st generation Tundra - and it works fine for what it is. There is some vibration, but I can certainly tell if there is another vehicle back there. Fairly easy to install, and I don't see any way they are going to fall off. My only complaint is the price - for what they are they should probably cost about half of what they do. But if you own a Tundra or Sequoia, they've got you over a barrel as there is nothing else to choose. 3030

- CTM4000

by: Belinda M06/20/2011

We read all the reviews and decided to go with etrailers towing mirrors for our 2005 Tundra. It worked great. I was able to install them myself before my husband came home from work. They had no rattle driving down the rad. they stayed put and did not slip. We had several people in our camping party and some bought towing mirrors from local auto store and paid twice as much and was very unhappy. Hers kept slipping down and she was constantly adjusting them. I highly recommend these mirrors. 17489

- CTM4000

by: Kenneth03/14/2013

i thought the product was good.the people were nice and helpful.had a little trouble putting them on.. they didnt seem to fit right. but i guess they were. just came back from a drive and they worked fine the adapters would have been better if they mirrored each other. one side the flat area is against the mirror the other side the reinforcement bar is against the mirror dont like that. if not for that problem it would be excellent. i know its hard to please every one. keep up the good work 70753

- CTM4000

by: AJ07/24/2012

The product arrived as promised without any delivery issues. The installation video was very helpful because the written directions weren't that great. We've only used the product once and we did not have any issues with its use. However, I question the longevity of the product due to the plastic hooks used in securing the towing mirror. They did not go connect easily and had to bend somewhat for a secure installation. That being said I do not know how long the plastic hooks will last. 49150

- CTM4000

by: Eric M.03/01/2011

This was a little tricky at first to figure out the correct way to align the hardware based on the instructions that come with it. If you go online and watch the installation video, which takes 1 min, you are all set.... easy to visualize and put on. Easy to adjust and took no time after the initial set-up, to put on or take off. Don't really vibrate or move compared to the alternative options for 06 Tundra's. I have a 33 foot travel trailer that I tow, and I can see with ease! 8210

- CTM4000

by: J Charles08/23/2013

They don't tightly fit the contour of the truck mirrors. There is a gap between the mirror housing and the back of the truck mirror. The mounting bolts are cheap and bend when you tighten them. The right mirror was difficult to adjust. Still not happy with it. I think the magnification is too high. My trailer is 7-1/2' wide and these mirrors are only marginally better than the stock truck mirrors .Unfortunately, there are few choices for a 2003 Tundra. Would not recommend. 96556

- CTM4000

by: Garry D01/03/2013

I installed my custom fit towing mirrors (item CTM4000) on my Toyota Tundra on June 16 2012 and after 9719 miles through Canada and Alaska, they were removed on July 28, 2012. The mirrors worked great and did not require any adjustments after the initial installation. 62402

- CTM4000

by: usaclark09/10/2013

The fit of the mirror housing is very good. I feel that the method of securing the towing mirrors to my 2002 Toyota Sequoia mirrors could be better designed. I chose to attach the towing mirrors as directed and then wrap a bungie cord over the top of the attachment device and around the Sequoia mirror itself. I want to add with or without this adjustment this mirror is better than two other models I tried from the local RV Dealer. 99348

- CTM4000

by: Robyn S05/08/2012

Looking for a slip on over the mirror without losing the std mirror this seems to fit the bill. installed okay, still going to put a few plastic tie straps on it just in case it happens to try to come off. right side fit better than the left for some strange reason. the whole mirror still folds in,which is good for me and it's easy to take off. I think if I was engineering it i would do two hook straps that way it won't go any where. 39704

- CTM4000

by: Paul H.08/12/2013

This was the answer to our problem. We bought a 22" Travel Trailer and are pulling it with a 2006 Toyota Tundra. We were having trouble seeing down the side while driving. The mirrors slide on perfectly and got mirrors out far enough to see down the side. They are stable and easy to adjust. I found the mounting of the mirrors to be relatively simple but I could see where some might have a problem figuring it out. Great Solution!!! 94548

- CTM4000

by: Dave M08/16/2015

The mirrors came nicely, safely packaged on time. After opening the package and reading the instructions, which weren't very clear, I took the mirrors out and install them on my truck in less than five minutes. The pieces were fairly self intuitive as to where they should go. I haven't driven with the mirrors on yet so I don't know whether or not shaking is going to be a problem. So far I'm very happy with the purchase. 219608

- CTM4000

by: Julie G07/16/2013

i was a little worried about putting these mirrors on after reading some of the reviews so I just looked at the picture and had them on secure in less than 5 minutes. I drove 1350 miles in my 2003 Toyota Tundra pulling a 30 foot RV. I had no problems with mirror shake and never had to adjust them after the initial adjustment. They worked well for me. I do wish they were a bit larger but they do what they are supposed to. 89880

- CTM4000

by: Randal B.06/29/2015

I recently received the CTM4000 mirrors for our 2005 Tundra. The fit is good and they seem to be stable with little vibration. The installation was easy and quick. We have not towed the trailer using them as yet, so I can't really say how the mounting brackets will hold up, but they seem a little flimsy. I am considering getting a second set of brackets if available to have if needed on the road. 208129

- CTM4000

by: Bob Y.09/30/2013

Delivery was excellent. Product seems to be very good. Written instructions are confusing and poor. Product numbers don't match with the product.ordered. I thought the written instructions were difficult to follow. The video and pictures on the web site are much more informative. One can view those, assemble the mirror attachments, and install them on the truck. That seemed to work well. 102059

- CTM4000

by: Donn02/27/2013

The mirrors fit perfectly on our 2003 Toyota Tundra. They are just wide enough to see down the sides of our 8-ft wide travel trailer. The instructions were confusing as to how to assemble the two rods, bracket and knobs to secure the mirror. However, I just put the parts together and there was only one way to make them fit. So, with a little iniative, they were simple enough. 67923

- CTM4000

by: Jim12/22/2014

I put these mirrors on an 06 Tundra 4x4 Dble Cab, and tow a 18' boat. The existing mirrors are electric and not heated. The mirrors work very well, fit nicely, look nice, and do not vibrate. Very poor instructions. Had trouble figuring how the felt pads went on and which way the hook bracket went on. Finally figured it out and I am very pleased with the mirrors. . 166432

- CTM4000

by: Dan Mann02/04/2015

I just installed the mirrors. So far so good. The photos for installation instructions are a little difficult to see. Also, the model of the mirror was 1500 instead of 4000. I just matched the j-hooks and brackets to figure which one. It wasn't clear to where the felt was to be placed. I assume the felt is to keep the bracket from rubbing on the trucks mirrors. 172351

- CTM4000

by: Paul W.09/18/2014

We searched long for mirrors to fit our 2005 Tundra, before finding yours...they fit well, but we had to go to video a second time before getting them installed properly. A little simpler instructions might be helpful...they have been on our truck for a week now, and work well solo...planning a trip with RV next week, so we'll see how they work then. Thanks 151878

- CTM4000

by: oscar u12/08/2014

Mirrors were easy to install and provide additional view; this means I am now able to see the sides of my trailer, and more important, help me to change lanes with safety no for me only, but for everyone on the raod next to me. Also I can back up easier and safer. I deffinely recommed the mirrors when towing larger units! Thank you. Oscar. 163626

- CTM4000

by: harvey schnell07/28/2011

i looked for the longest time for towing mirrors for my '06 tundra. these mirrors work well, easy to install and easy to adjust. no longer do i have the whistling of wind between my mirrors and the strap on type. the delivery time to arrive was faster than i expected too. just be sure to see the video and read the instructions and you are good to go. 20537

- CTM4000

by: John K02/17/2011

This was my first purchase from etrailer but won't be my last. First of all they upgraded my shipping so I got my order faster (at no charge). My mirrors arrived today and the installation was a snap. The towing mirrors are everything they were advertised to be and work great. I would not hesitate to recommend them to any of my friends. 7389

- CTM4000

by: Bob H06/15/2013

After looking over the instruction and figuring out how to put together the holding bracket. I went out and placed them on the mirrows and adjusted them, now I can see down the side of the trailer, where before all I could see was the front of the trailer. I have yet to use them on a trip but I'm looking forward to a pleasent trip now. 84764

- CTM4000

by: Sandra Craft12/16/2010

Tundra side towing mirrors We received this product yesterday at our front door. It arrived in good shape. We opened it and everything looks great. We have not had a chance to try them out but the directions look good. I wish there was a video to show someone putting them on their truck but I think we can figure it out. Thanks. 4228

- CTM4000

by: no name01/21/2013

These mirror extensions were reasonably priced and shipped on time and in good shape. It took very little brain power to figure out and install. The only reason I didn't give and 'excellent' rating is because I haven't actually towed a trailer yet. But no matter how well they work, I'm legal. That saved me hundreds of dollars. 63747

- CTM4000

by: Steve06/22/2009

Works ok for a slide on mirror Mirrors came in one day. Still waiting for driver side foam inserts to protect driver mirror,coming up on 2 weeks. Using duct tape and cardboard to get by. Mirrors work ok, not many slide on mirror choices for Sequoia.Customer service dropped the ball on this one,should have just replaced mirrors! 2032

- CTM4000

by: Bryan W11/07/2013

The product arrived quickly and I tried them on my mirrors . They fit well and look good on my 2006 Toyota Tundra.. I do have concerns that the fastening system will not last.. The plastic threaded pieces seemed a little weakly and I had some difficulty threading one knob on.. All in all they seem to be the best for my truck. 106611

- CTM4000

by: Montana Dan08/08/2011

Haven't had them on the road yet, but they look like they'll work just fine. Nice snug fit. The instructions are worthless, and the video on the web site wasn't much help either. Had to kinda figure it out myself. I was absolutley thrilled to see "Made in USA" on the box. That's a rare sight these days. Nice product! 21435

- CTM4000

by: Earl D10/06/2014

The mirrors look good and fit well. I haven't had them on a trip yet, but will in the spring. Only complaint is the way they were shipped. All they did was put a shipping lable on the box, so the box was a bit beat up, but contents were ok, and there was no secret what was in the package that was left on my door step.... 154650

- CTM4000

by: Chang02/16/2011

Hole in one of the parts for attaching the mirror was too small so I had to put a drill to it and make it slightly bigger. Not a big deal. Once installed it works great, does not vibrate like some of the other towing mirrors I have used on other vehicles. Easy to adjust and the mirror seems to stay put once adjusted. 7275

- CTM4000

by: Mike g.12/04/2013

Haven't used yet, but tried them on. I had given up on finding mirror extensions for my tundra until I met a person in Yosemite with them. I have a 2006 tundra. I do have a little concern over the hook connection, but nothing I can't overcome. Etrailer. Com was fast and professional, will order from them in future. 109138

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  • Universal Towing Mirror for Use on 2005 Toyota Tacoma
  • For your 2005 Toyota Tundra we do offer a custom-fit towing mirror that will work with manual, electric or electric/heated OEM mirrors, the Longview # CTM4000. If your Tundra mirrors look like those shown in the linked photo then you will have a perfect fit. We do not have custom-fit mirrors for the Tacoma. If you prefer to use a universal-fit mirror to work on additional vehicles then you can use the link provided to see all options, which include clip-on, door-mount and fender-mount types.
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  • Towing Mirror Recommendation for a 2008 Ford Edge Limited
  • There are universal mirrors that would work on your 2008 Ford Edge, but the Original Custom Towing Mirror # CTM4000 that you referenced would not work for you as they are designed to fit other vehicles. I attached a page that has all of the universal towing mirrors we offer.
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  • Do CIPA Custom Towing Mirrors, Part # CM11300, Fit 2006 Toyota Tundra
  • For your 2006 Toyota Tundra we do have a custom-fit slide on towing mirror from Longview. Part # CTM4000 fits all OEM mirror types (manual, electric and heated electric). The photo attached shows the OEM mirror style that fits these towing mirrors; as long as your mirrors look like this the Longview will fit properly. The part you referenced, CIPA Custom Towing Mirrors, part # CM11300, fits Tundra model years 2007-2012 and will not fit your 2006 model.
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  • Will Longview Custom Towing Mirrors # CTM4000 Fit a 2000 Toyota Tundra
  • I checked with Longview, the manufacturer of towing mirror set # CTM4000 and they do indeed list the mirrors as a fit for the 2000 to 2006 Toyota Tundra. I have included a link to a video showing an installation of these mirrors on a similar vehicle.
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  • Best Fitting Extended Mirror for My 2002 Toyota Tundra
  • The CIPA Deluxe Door Mount Towing Mirror, # 11650, is a universal fit towing mirror that will work well on your 2002 Toyota Tundra, however, if you are looking for a towing mirror that will be the best fit for your truck, you may want to check out the custom towing mirrors for your truck from Longview, # CTM4000. A few advantages that the door mount mirror has over the custom fit, slip-on mirrors is that is has a larger mirror face and it will extend your vision further by about 3 inches....
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  • What Are the Dimensions of the Longview CTM4000 Slip On Towing Mirrors
  • The CTM4000 mirrors for Toyota Sequoia and Tundra measure approximately 5-3/4 inches across the bottom, and 4-1/2 inches across the top.
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  • Towing Mirrors for 2003 Toyota 4-Runner
  • Your best bet for a confirmed fit would be a universal-fit mirror, like the CIPA Clip-On Mirror, part # 7070 which are sold individually. The CTM4000 mirrors you referenced have been tested and confirmed as a fit for the 2003-2007 Toyota Sequoia or the 2003-2006 Tundra. Longview can neither confirm nor deny that they will fit a 2003 4 Runner, as they have not been tested for that application. I have linked you to a product demonstration video featuring the Universal Clip-On Mirror.
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  • Do Towing Mirrors CTM4000 Angle out Far Enough to Be Effective on a 2005 Toyota Tundra
  • The angle of the passenger side mirror, once installed, would basically be the same angle as your OEM mirror, as they will be side by side. The towing mirrors will give you about 4 additional inches of viewing surface, but it would really depend on your application whether or not you would be able to see all the way back to the end of the trailer. You might have a friend hold a small mirror beside your OEM mirrors while you sit in the cab to get an idea of what kind of viewing angle...
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  • Clip on Towing Mirrors Recommendation for a 2011 Toyota Highlander
  • For your 2011 Toyota Highlander I recommend the K Source Universal Clip-on Extra Large Towing Mirror # KS3891. These mirrors will clip on over your existing mirrors and use adjustable ratcheting lock system to secure to your mirrors that is designed to fit a variety of different shapes and sizes of mirrors. We do have custom fit mirror option specifically designed to fit several other Toyota Models, however our manufacturers do not provide a fit for your 2011 Toyota Highlander. I...
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  • Towing Mirror Recommendation For 2005 Ford Ranger Pickup Towing A Sailboat
  • We do not carry custom fit towing mirrors for the 2005 Ford Ranger but we do have mirrors that can work for you. I recommend the K-Source Universal Towing Mirror, part # KS3891. This mirror fits most mirrors 4-1/2 to 11-1/2 inches tall, and the overall dimensions adjust from 4-1/2 to 14 inches tall x 14-1/2 inches wide. These are sold individually, so if you need a mirror for both the driver and the passenger side you will need to order a quantity of 2. I have attached a video that...
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  • Fit of Longview Custom Towing Mirrors # CTM4000 on 2001 Toyota Sequoia
  • According to Longview Towing Mirrors, their # CTM4000 will fit 2001-2007 Toyota Sequoia models with the manual, electric or heated mirrors. I have confirmed this via a phone conversation with my Longview representative. I have linked you to a product demonstration video showing the mirrors being installed on a 2005 Sequoia.
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  • Do You Carry any Custom Towing Mirrors for a 2003 Toyota Tundra
  • We do carry 1 set of slip-over custom towing mirrors for the 2003 Toyota Tundra. The Longview towing mirrors for your truck are part # CTM4000.
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  • Does Original Custom Towing Mirror Custom Slide On Mirrors # CTM4000 Come with 2 Mirrors
  • You are correct, the Original Custom Towing Mirror Custom Slide On Mirrors (Pair), # CTM4000, does come with 2 mirrors, one for each side of the vehicle. The mirrors also come with the appropriate mounting hardware which you can view in the last picture on the product page.
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  • Towing Mirror Recommendation for 2011 Toyota Highlander
  • For your 2011 Highlander, I'd recommend a universal fit clip-on mirror like what K-Source offers, part # KS3891. This mirror is very highly rated by our customers, because its ratcheting attachment straps allow it to fit tightly to the mirror, keeping vibration to a minimum. The CTM4000 mirror fits the 2001-2007 Toyota Sequoia and the 2000-2006 Toyota Tundra, but won't fit your Highlander. None of our mirror manufacturers offer a custom towing mirror that would slide over the mirrors...
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  • Replacement Knob and Hardware for Longview Towing Mirrors # CTM4000
  • For Longview custom towing mirrors # CTM4000 you will need replacement hardware kit # KLV-4010. This kit fits your towing mirrors and the CTM1600 mirrors. The knob by itself is not currently available as a separate part.
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  • Will the Unviersal Clip-On Tow Mirrors Fit a 2003 Toyota Sequoia
  • The Universal Clip-On Towing Mirror (Each), # 7070 is a universal mirror that is designed to fit as many vehicles as possible. This would include popular Toyota models like your 2003 Sequoia. These universal mirrors are sold in a quantity of 1. It would be more economical to get the Longview Custom Fit Mirrors, # CTM4000. These mirrors are a custom fit for your vehicle and are sold in pairs.
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  • Slip On Towing Mirrors Without Flames Molded Into Housing for 2006 Toyota Tundra
  • The Longview Mirror # CTM4000 mirrors you mentioned are unfortunately not available without the flames molded into the plastic mirror housings. These are the only custom mirrors available from our suppliers for your Tundra, but there are some universal-fit choices available. The K-Source # KS3891 mirror would use ratcheting buckles to fasten to your existing mirrors. The mirrors are easy to get on and off, and the rubber straps wouldn't damage your mirrors. Another option would be the...
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  • Towing Mirror Recommendation for a 2006 Toyota Tundra
  • The best recommendation I can give you would be to get a Longview Custom Towing Mirror Pair # CTM4000. These are confirmed to fit the mirrors of your 2006 Toyota Tundra and will stick out like extendable mirrors for additional vision. I attached an install video for this product for you to check out also. We currently do not have an extendable mirror replacement like the K-Source Custom Extendable Towing Mirror # KS61068F that you referenced that is confirmed to fit your vehicle.
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  • Availability of Towing Mirrors for 2006 Isuzu Ascender
  • If the mirror glass is set into the housing of the mirror so that a lip runs around the edge of the mirror, a clip on mirror like part # KS3891. The mirror fits either the driver or passenger side, and uses ratcheting rubber straps for a tight, virtually vibration free fit. These mirrors are very highly rated by our customers, as you can see by looking over the reviews. None of our mirror manufacturers produce a slip-on mirror for an Isuzu Ascender.
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  • Purpose of the Felt Strips Included with the Longview Towing Mirrors for a 2006 Toyota Tundra
  • I can give you some direction on where to use the felt strips included with your Longview Slip-On towing mirrors, but we have not had a chance to install these mirrors on a 2006 Toyota Tundra to make a video yet. As soon as we have a Tundra brought to our facility, we will make a video. The purpose of the felt strips is to prevent the adapter bolts from scratching or rubbing against the mirror housing on your truck. It is not required that you use these strips, but they would help prevent...
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  • Towing Mirror Options for 2006 Toyota Tundra with Heated Electric Mirrors
  • Currently the only option in a custom-fit towing mirror for your 2006 Toyota Tundra with heated electric OEM mirrors is the Longview # CTM4000 which is indeed a slip-on type. Your other option will be a universal-fit towing mirror. The link at right will let you review all universal towing mirrors which include clip-on types as well as door- and fender-mount varieties.
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  • Is the Mirror Face of the Original Custom Towing Mirror # CTM4000 Adjustable
  • Mirror face of the Original Custom Towing Mirror # CTM4000 is adjustable. It can be positioned so that you get the best view possible. Check out the review video I attached for more info.
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  • Recommended Slip-On Manual Towing Mirrors For 2007 Toyota Tundra
  • The custom manual slip-on mirror we have that is designed to fit your 2007 Toyota Tundra is the CIPA Custom Towing Mirrors, part # CM11300. We do not have Longview mirrors for your year Tundra. These mirrors feature felt-lined wedge locks that keep the mirror securely fastened. These mirrors do not obstruct or interfere with the factory mirrors on your Tundra. I have attached a link to an installation video for these mirrors you can check out.
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  • Replacement Parts for Longview Towing Mirrors # CTM4000
  • For Longview custom towing mirrors # CTM4000 you will need replacement hardware kit # KLV-4010. This kit fits your towing mirrors and the CTM1600 mirrors.
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  • Will Longview Original Custom Towing Mirrors # CTM4000 Fit 2007 Toyota Sequoia
  • Yes, the Longview Original Custom Towing Mirrors # CTM4000 will fit your 2007 Toyota Sequoia whether it has manual mirrors, electric mirrors or heated electric mirrors. I have linked an installation video for your reference.
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  • Is the Dual-View Clip-On Towing Mirror # 11953 Sold Singly or in Pairs
  • The CIPA dual view clip on towing mirror, part # 11953, is sold individually. These universal towing mirrors are easy to install, and easy to adjust and hold their adjustment well. I have attached a video review of this towing mirror for your reference. If you want to go with a custom towing mirror for your 2004 Toyota Tundra, I recommend the Longview slide on mirror # CTM4000. This part does come with 2 mirrors, one for each side of the vehicle. I have attached a video of the...
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  • Custom Towing Mirrors for 2005 Toyota 4Runner
  • The mirrors on the 2005 4Runner are different enough from the Tundra that the Longview # CTM4000 mirrors you referenced won't fit. However, we do offer some universal mirrors that work very well, as illustrated by the high ratings they receive from our customers. The K-Source # KS3891 mirror fastens to the existing mirror with ratcheting straps for a tight, secure fit with very little vibration. There's also the CIPA Door Mount Mirror, part # 11650. This mirror won't win any beauty contests,...
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