CIPA Custom Towing Mirrors for your 2013 Ford F-150 are available from Installation instructions and reviews for your Ford Custom Towing Mirrors. Expert service, and cheapest Custom Towing Mirrors price guarantee. carries a complete line of CIPA products. Order your CIPA Custom Towing Mirrors - Slip On - Driver Side and Passenger Side part number CM11800 online at or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.
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CIPA Custom Towing Mirrors for the 2013 Ford F-150

CIPA Custom Towing Mirrors

(103 reviews)

Code:   CM11800


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Shipping Weight: 4.9 pounds


CIPA Custom Towing Mirrors - Slip On - Driver Side and Passenger Side - 2013 Ford F-150

Durable mirrors slide over the driver's-side and passenger's-side mirrors on your Ford F-150 to extend your line of sight while you're towing. Felt-covered wedge locks securely fasten the slip-on mirrors in place. Tool-free installation.


  • Towing mirrors slip over your factory side-view mirrors to extend your line of sight
    • Allows you to safely and easily change lanes, pass, and park while towing a trailer
  • Manually adjustable mirror faces let you customize your view
  • Aerodynamic shape and tight fit help prevent vibration and wind noise
    • Slip-on mirrors maintain aerodynamics of factory mirrors
    • Felt-covered wedge locks securely hold slip-on mirrors in place
  • Custom designed for your Ford F-150
    • Add-on towing mirrors will not obstruct factory mirrors and will not interfere with adjustments to factory mirrors
  • Tool-free installation
    • ABS and polypropylene plastic hardware and illustrated instructions included
  • Durable ABS plastic housings
  • Scratch-resistant mirror faces
  • Driver's-side mirror and passenger's-side mirror included
  • Made in the USA


  • Overall dimensions: 18" long x 4-1/2" wide x 8" tall
  • Mirror face dimensions: 6-1/2" tall x 4" wide
  • Limited 1-year warranty

Custom-Fit Towing Mirrors

CIPA slip-on mirror installed

Easily extend your field of vision and reduce blind spots with these CIPA slip-on towing mirrors. By adding them to your OEM side-view mirrors, you can see beyond the end of your trailer. This will allow you to safely and easily change lanes, pass, and park with a trailer in tow.

Each of these mirrors is molded to perfectly match the contours of your factory side mirrors. Simply slide the mirrors over your side-view mirrors and use the custom-formed, felt-covered wedges to hold the mirrors in place. Each wedge wraps around the inside edge of your OEM mirror and can be tightened onto the mirror with an easily accessible hand knob.

Slip on mirror will fit these mirrors

Slip on mirror will fit these mirrors

Slip on mirror will fit these mirrors

Slip-on mirror will fit factory mirrors that look like the mirrors in the images above.

Slip on mirror will not fit these mirrors

Slip-on mirror will not fit factory mirrors that look like the mirrors in the images above.

11801 CIPA Slide-On Side View Mirror - Left Hand Side

11802 CIPA Slide-On Side View Mirror - Right Hand Side

Video of CIPA Custom Towing Mirrors - Slip On - Driver Side and Passenger Side

Videos are provided As a guide only. Refer To manufacturer
installation instructions And specs For complete information.

Video Transcript for CIPA Custom Towing Mirrors CM11800 Review

Today we're going to review Part #CM11800, these are the CIPA Custom Towing Mirrors. They are a slip-on design. This part number does come with the drivers side which is Part #11801. It comes with the passenger side which is Part #11802. These are a custom fit design. They are designed to fit the Ford F-150 Model Truck in the crew cab, a regular cab, a super cab or a super crew cab starting in the model year 2004. I do recommend to go to the product page on our website for this part number and at the bottom of the page it'll show you the exact years and models of the Ford's it will fit on. It usually will even show a picture of the style of mirror it's designed to fit on. These towing mirrors will slip over your factory side view mirrors to extend your line of sight.

This allows you to safely and easily change lanes, to pass and to even help park while you're towing a trailer. They do have a manually adjustable mirror face which will let you customize your view. They are a aerodynamic shape and a very tight fit that'll prevent vibration and wind noise. These slip on mirrors will maintain the aerodynamics of your factory mirrors. These parts are used to install it. They use felt covered wedge locks to securely hold these slip-on mirrors in place. Again, they are custom designed to fit your vehicle.

The add on towing mirrors will not obstruct your factory mirrors and it will not interfere with adjustments to your factory mirrors. These parts here what are used to install it. There's no tools required. It's a tool-free installation. The parts are made of an ABS and polypropylene plastic and they do have some nice illustrated instructions which are included. That does come in handy because if you notice there's two different wedges, then the piece of felt and then the threaded thumb wheel. Basically, you only use one wedge per mirror, but the reason they give you two is it depends on the year of your vehicle.

In other words, this wedge here would fit the 2008 on up and this one here is designed for the earlier 2004 to 2007 models. Again, your instructions will show you which years these fit so you can decide which one to use correctly. The mirror housing itself is a durable ABS plastic, has a scratch resistant mirror face and again, this part number will include both the driver side and the passenger side. I do just want to give you some overall dimensions on each mirror. They are the same overall length from edge to edge, it's going to be right at about 18 inches. The mirror face themselves is going to be right at 4 inches wide and about 6 and 1/2 inches tall. Just to show you basically how these would install, what you want to do is this would be the driver side mirror.

You'll also notice it does have the cutouts for the turn signals that would be on your factory mirrors, so it'll still show the turn signals through there. What you want to do is start with, they have a piece of felt here with a sticky back on it. Pick your correct wedge for your year and model vehicle and then you would just attached the wedge to this. inaudible 00:03:23 the felt to this wedge. The reason you're going to do that is when you put this wedge in here, this felt part here is going to rub up against your factory mirror, so this will protect it and keep the slip-on mirror from scratching or damaging the factory mirror. You just put that felt on there to help protect it. Once that's all installed, what you want to do is slide your mirror on and you'll notice this section right here, this is where the wedge, once your mirrors on, there'll be an opening right here and you'll slide your wedge in that opening. On the back of the wedge, there'll be a little cup, hole type thing there, and that'll line up with the hole here on the back of the mirror. That's where your thumb wheel will go. Basically what you'll do is slide this wedge, after you put the felt on it, into place to where this hole and the hole on the back of the wedge would line up. Then you'll take your thumb wheel, it's threaded, go ahead and thread that in. When you thread that in, what it's going to do is with this on the factory mirror, it'll push this wedge out and help give you a nice tight, secure fit so there's no movement of the slip-on mirrors on your vehicle. It also includes the parts for the other mirror, everything will be included. That should do it for the review on Part #CM11800 the CIPA Custom Towing Mirrors, slip-on design in the driver side and the passenger side. .

Customer Reviews

CIPA Custom Towing Mirrors - Slip On - Driver Side and Passenger Side - CM11800

Average Customer Rating:  4.9 out of 5 stars   (103 Customer Reviews)

Durable mirrors slide over the driver's-side and passenger's-side mirrors on your vehicle to extend your line of sight while you're towing. Felt-covered wedge locks securely fasten the slip-on mirrors in place. Tool-free installation.

- CM11800

by: Norman C.03/29/2014

Great price, look great and very easy to install and remove 122833


These mirrors are fantastic. I adjusted then one time and they slip on and off and never change.Great product and they fit perfectly over my stock truck mirrors.They still look good and I get many compliments.

Norman C - 04/06/2015


- CM11800

by: Jess07/30/2012

I was really impressed with how easy it was to order these!! Judy was very helpful on the phone and made sure that these would fit my truck. Tracking them was also nice because there was a map that showed exactly where they were at all times!! They arrived very quickly and were packaged securely... When we got them it was so easy to install them that we were done within minutes!!! We were so happy with how great they looked and couldn't believe how easy it was!!! Before we ordered these we were gonna order mirrors from ford and have them installed but they would have been $500, and they were permanent, whereas these are easily removed and only a fraction of the price. Thank you etrailer for making fast and easy for us!!!!! 49881

- CM11800

by: Larry G.03/26/2014

I've used many add on trailer tow mirrors in the past with moderate success. The CIPA CM11800 is by far the best as fit, quality and vibration dampening. This is the one to buy. 122332


Still going strong. A really good product.

Larry G - 03/26/2015


- CM11800

by: Arnold S.11/12/2012

These mirrors works real good. easy to put on, I give these mirrors five stars. 59261


Great These mirrors work fine. I love them

Arnold S - 05/13/2014


- CM11800

by: Mark R03/18/2013

Ordered the two mirrors for my F150. Arrived in a timely manner and very easy to install. I've had them on for a month and they remain firmly attached with no adjustments needed to the fit. The tricky part is adjusting the right mirror. Suggest getting two other folks to help, one to adjust the mirror and the other to stand slightly to the right of the RV. Then while you sit in the driver's seat coach the adjustor for the perfect view. Takes a little getting use to the double view in the mirrors, but quickly adjusts with experience. Great value for the money. 71386

- CM11800

by: Don H.10/05/2013

Read other reviews that were positive so I orderedtheseand they fit on good and easy to install in minutes. Used them for the time today with our 27 foot trailer. I could easily see down both sides of the trailer. Easy to slip off when not pulling the trailer. And most of all, I keep my power fold option. Would recommend as an alternative to buying a new set of telescopics for $ 300.00 to $600. 102686


I have a 2013 F150 Platinum Super Crew with the power folding mirrors too. Are you still happy with the way yours fit and operate? They were the 11800s, right?

comment by: Lynn - 06/09/2014


- CM11800

by: Greg B.05/15/2013

Excellent product. Works great. 80414


Still doing great.

Greg B - 06/12/2014


- CM11800

by: Barry M09/11/2012

I had essentially the same mirrors for my 2004 F150 and had been completely satisfied. I purchased this set for my 2010 Lariat. Had the small portion that slides into the grove at the back to secure this mirror to the truck mirror been available for purchase I would have bought those instead as that would have made my old mirrors compatible with the new truck. I am completely satisfied with this product and recommend it highly. I will give the old mirrors to my son for use on his 2007 F150. 54417

- CM11800

by: Dean M.08/17/2015

After looking at local parts stores at what they had I was extremely happy to find this site, the mirror extensions are a perfect fit and look like they belong with the truck. The service was also great, placed order in the morning and received confirmation that they had shipped by close of business same day, which made us receive them in 3 days without having to pay for extra shipping. Thanks and I will be back if I need anything else 219795

- CM11800

by: Fausto R.09/05/2014

The wrong tow mirrors were sent originally but when I contacted their customer service rep Katie was excellent in finding the correct product and sending to me right away. The tow mirrors work great! I highly recommend 150222

- CM11800

by: Michael N.09/30/2014

I occasionally tow an enclosed trailer. The large OEM mirrors provide excellent views along the trailer sides. These slip-ons provide additional viewing beyond the rear of the trailer and allow the vehicle following the trailer to be viewed. Wonderful product that takes less than a minute to install on each mirror. Great quality and the mirror maintains its position well. Excellent price/performance ratio! 153625

- CM11800

by: m.r.s.10/26/2014

Mirrors arrived promptly and easy to install. There was no vibration while moving but found the mirrors very difficult to adjust. Really were little help due to inability as view was either too high, low, inside or outside. After numerous attempts to adjust vision just used factory mirrors to judge traffic, backing up trailer. We would not purchase again. 157923

- CM11800

by: Larissa M.11/20/2012

I have to say that the service was fantastic! I ordered them on a Friday night and not even an hour later I got an email saying that my item was shipped and had been upgraded in shipping. Monday afternoon the item arrived at my door! These mirrors look great on my boyfriend's truck, like they were originally part of the truck! 59815

- CM11800

by: David H.06/24/2015

I received the mirrors yesterday and couldn't wait to see if I got ripped off or not. I was truly amazed. These things fit perfectly. I can tell they are made very well and will last for years. the dealership said Ford mirrors would cost $700 apiece. I like the look of these much better. Great price and great product. 206825

- CM11800

by: wisconsin 5th wheel10/10/2012

bought the custom clip on towing mirrors for our F150 2009 Ford pick up truck. We ordered them 10/08/12 they were delivered 10/10/12. WE are really impressed at the ease of ordering on this site. The mirrows fit perfect. we can't wait to put them on hook up and go!! Thank you etrailer for making it so easy to order. 56927

- CM11800

by: Chas B10/20/2014

Product arrived quickly and in perfect shape. The instructions made the mirrors easy to install. The one on the right didn't adjust as high as I might like, but I can see down both sides of a 34' trailer. I'll have more feedback after I use them next weekend on the first trip, nearly 1400 miles. 156962

- CM11800

by: Mark T.09/21/2015

Mirrors fit my truck like a glove. Haven't tried them with my trailer yet, but should be exactly what I need. Ordering with E-Trailer is a breeze, delivery is great, and the products do what they say. I really like the video and transcribed instuctions. 226696

- CM11800

by: Randy02/28/2014

These mirrors are exactly what I needed. After installation, they look like factory installed mirrors. They install in about 3 minutes, and that's if you read the instuctions for two of the minutes. I didn't realize it, but, they are adjustable also. 117985

- CM11800

by: Super Dave06/19/2015

Bought the first set several years back. Broke the left side so replace with new set. 100 % better than the first set of mirrors. I am able to see both the left and right rear sides of trailer with the new set. The previous set was not able to do so. 204496

- CM11800

by: Mike A.07/06/2015

Loved reading the reviews before I made my decision to buy this product. After watching the etralier install video I had them on my truck in 4 minutes. Fit great and look great. Got a 4 hr trip on my 30'tt using the mirrors and they function great. 209844

- CM11800

by: Aaron S.04/17/2015

Everything is as advertised, can't complain about that. Received the mirrors quickly after ordering, directions were easy to follow. They slid right on and were functional in minutes. I'd recommend them to anyone looking for this type product. 185742

- CM11800

by: Larry04/19/2013

They fit my truck like a glove install was very easy took only a couple of minutes.Ordering was simple and they were delivered in 4 business days. I am very happy with the way the order process went and have put your web site in my favorites. 76969

- CM11800

by: BRANDT03/15/2013

This is the first set of mirrors I have purchased. The quality is excellent and service and shipping was also excellent!!!! 71009


I have used these mirrors for a year and they work really well and still look brand new !!!!!! Excellent Product

comment by: Brandt H - 03/18/2014


- CM11800

by: James D Haulsee10/19/2012

The mirrors came in great shape and they were as i had expected. They were easy to install. ! would recommend them to anyone that need them. And they came in three day as you all said that they would. Really please with them. 57687

- CM11800

by: Lawrence06/26/2015

They fit great! I had another set for a truck I had and liked those. So, when it was time to get another truck I needed new mirrors. I put them on the truck for fit, but took them off until I was ready to use them. 207496

- CM11800

by: Bill M.01/23/2015

Mirrors fit great on my 2014 F150 STX Supercab 4x4, they blend right in and almost look stock, they are very sturdy, and provide a great view of the trailer. Great price from and fast shipping too! 171001

- CM11800

by: Lee P.07/07/2012

Fast ordering and shipping from etrailer! Product came in excellent condition. Used the mirrors once already and found them to be just what I was looking for. No shaking, no blurs. Would recommend this product. 47085

- CM11800

by: allan s,04/30/2013

received my tow mirrors, and can say that I was pleased with the fast service and the quality of the product. Got my brake controller from you also. great job, I'll order from you anytime. allan s. 78504

- CM11800

by: Chad06/11/2015

Absolutely excellent. Product was exactly as stated and in perfect new condition. Fast fast shipping. Overall great experience and would highly recommend The tow mirrors look great. 202430

- CM11800

by: Lowrie03/07/2013

got the mirrors.. open the box... look over simple instructions and 10 min later they are installed. Drove down the road, no vibration. I pick up my trailer tomorrow.. I am happy happy happy! 69524

- CM11800

by: Tim B.12/17/2014

These mirrors fit my 2013 F150 like a glove. They are well made, and I have no vibration or distortion. Delivery was very quick and everything was well packed and arrived in perfect condition. 165746

- CM11800

by: Norm l.02/12/2014

I installed these as soon as I received them and they fit like a glove. These are great for towing and quick removal when you dont need them. delivered on time ....great service 116361

- CM11800

by: Scott K07/31/2015

Fit like a glove and actually look really good on the truck. Will use them for the first time this weekend but just driving around not towing there is no vibration or issues. 215760

- CM11800

by: Mark Y.05/01/2014

Great mirrors. They do not shake like other mirrors I have used in the past. Very fast shipping they had them shipped out same day. I will definitely by from E Trailer again. 128397

- CM11800

by: Bill S.06/08/2015

These mirrors are great. This is our second pair. Had a set on our GMC and now these for the F150. They are so easy to slip on, look great, and work very well for towing. 201802

- CM11800

by: Dheryl SHERRILL04/02/2015

Ordered mirrors on Monday received them on Thursday. Left on Friday mirrors worked great, no vibration, easy to put on. Well pleased would definitely recommend to a friend. 182547

- CM11800

by: Norm L.07/07/2015

My slip-on towing mirrors arrived and I was amazed at the quality! They fit my 2014 Ford F-150 mirrors perfectly. No vibration and they look like OME. Highly recommended! 209937

- CM11800

by: Gary B.06/06/2012

The towing Mirrors are great. They are easy on and easy off via a very simplistic design. They were reasonably priced. They arrived undamaged and I likes dem very much 43068

- CM11800

by: Rick W.05/28/2015

Prompt delivery! Great product and easy to install. Works great! the draw back was adjusting the mirrors. Other than that, I would recommend this product. 198333

- CM11800

by: Leo A05/04/2015

Installs and removes easily, secure fit. Took the camper out on the interstate to check a variety of new things, including these mirrors. Worked great! 189604

- CM11800

by: Bill B.08/09/2013

Super fast shipping and a great product. These look like they belong on the truck not some makeshift add-on. Very satisfied with the product and etrailer. 94200

- CM11800

by: Chuck09/13/2015

Ordered it on Tuesday got them Friday just in time to go camping two mins to install and works great for the camper. Very great bang for your buck. 225323

- CM11800

by: Jeffery07/30/2015

I just bought a new RV trailer and needed towing mirrors. The CM11800 was a great selection, good price, easy on / off and looks good on my F-150. 215430

- CM11800

by: Dennis p05/24/2015

The mirrors slipped over my mirrors perfectly. In less than 5 minutes we were ready to go. I could see behind my trailer clearly. Great product ! 195289

- CM11800

by: Wolfgang Gless07/31/2013

I just received the mirrors and attached them, they fit great. I will be useing them this weekend and hopefully will have an update next week. 92596

- CM11800

by: Tom M06/14/2013

These mirrors look great and fit very well. They actually look like factory mirrors instead of add-ons. Can install in less than a minute. 84654

- CM11800

by: Bill05/13/2015

Great product got it very fast they shipped it just like they said. I am very happy put them on right out of the box. Thanks etrailer! 192748

- CM11800

by: Gale H08/15/2013

Product fit perfect...People here were very helpful when I was not sure about product I recieved..... It all worked out perfect...... 95193

- CM11800

by: Richardq02/03/2014

These attachments are awesome. Was looking for extensions that would not look after market and this hit the nail on the head. 115603

- CM11800

by: Locostevie09/26/2013

They arrived, today, in great shape, and I know I'll enjoy them, while towing my trailer to South Dakota, for pheasant season. 101658

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  • Due to the truck's redesign, Cipa tells me that they don't have a slip-on mirror for the 2015 F150 as of yet. I'd recommend a universal fit mirror like the K-Source clip on mirror, part # KS3891. The mirror fastens to the OEM mirror using sturdy rubber straps that ratchet into place for a tight fit that minimizes vibration. Cipa also offers a Deluxe Door Mount Mirror that works very well, part # 11650. It's not the best looking mirror, but it's a top seller year after year because...
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  • Slip On Towing Mirror Recommendation for a 2013 Ford F150 Supercab STX
  • After speaking with my contact at Longview, I have found the Longview Original Custom Towing Mirror # CTM2300B is a compatible fit for your 2013 Ford F-150 STX. It is a slip-on mirror that is easily installed without tools and is compatible with LED turn signal mirrors. Also, it will not restrict the break-way feature of your OEM mirror housing. I have attached a link to a video showing the installation of this product on a 2013 Ford F-150. The # CM11800 will not fit the STX models...
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  • Will Slip-On Towing Mirrors Fit a 2014 Ford F-150 Raptor
  • K Source towing mirrors # KS81810 are not currently listed as a fit for any model of the 2014 Ford F-150. I have included a link to the right to the towing mirror options we currently list for the 2014 Ford F-150. If the Raptor has the same mirrors as STX models then none will fit. If the Raptor mirrors look like the picture I have provided then you can use mirror set # CM11800. if your mirrors are different then you will want to look at the universal towing mirror options I have linked...
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  • Custom Towing Mirrors for 2013 Mazda CX-5
  • We have some universal mirrors like the K-Source # KS3891 that should work well on your CX-5, but neither Cipa nor our other towing mirror manufactuers offer a compatible slip on mirror for your CX-5. The K-Source mirror would strap onto the existing mirror using sturdy ratcheting straps that fit tightly, thus allowing very little vibration. As you can see by looking at the product description, the mirror is very highly rated by our customers. I've linked you to a product demonstration...
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  • Will K-Source Towing Mirrors # KS81810 Show Rear of 8-ft-wide Travel Trailer Towed by 2012 F-150
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  • Will CIPA Slide-On Towing Mirror # CM11800 Fit 2012 Ford F-150
  • According to CIPA, the # CM11800 will fit the mirrors on a 2012 Ford F150, except for manual mirrors with no turn signal or STX model trucks. If you refer to the photo I edited for you, you can see the OE mirror that the CIPA mirror will fit over.
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  • Slip-On Towing Mirrors for 2014 Ford Raptor SVT SuperCab
  • The K-Source # KS81810 is a fit for F150 model year up to 2013, but not the 2014. If your mirror looks like the one shown on the right in the provided photo, the Cipa # CM11800 will fit. Otherwise, you can use a Universal fit mirror like # KS3891.
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  • Towing Mirrors for 2013 Toyota Highlander
  • There aren't any custom slip-on towing mirrors available for the 2013 Highlander, but there are some universal options that would work for you. The K-Source Universal Mirror, part # KS3891 uses ratcheting straps to firmly attach to the existing mirror. The mirror fits best on mirrors that are rectangular and regularly shaped, like the ones on your Highlander. The mirrors are very highly rated by our customers. There is another option, the Cipa Door Mount, part # 11650. It's not the...
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  • Are Custom Towing Mirrors Available For 2014 Ford F-150
  • The custom towing mirrors we offer for a 2014 Ford F-150 are designed to fit if the truck is a Regular, SuperCab, or SuperCrew with manual mirrors. We do not offer any custom mirrors that fit electric mirrors for your truck. If your truck is one of these body styles and manually operated I recommend CIPA Custom Towing Mirrors, part # CM11800. These slip over your factory mirrors and can be manually adjusted to fit your needs. If your truck does not have the custom towing mirrors...
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  • Fit of Cipa Slip-On Towing Mirrors On 2008 Ford F150 w/ Turn Signals in Factory Mirrors
  • The CIPA # CM11800 would include both the driver and passenger side slip-on mirrors. The mirrors are compatible with mirrors that have the turn signals. They won't fit F150 XL or STX models. The # 11802 is the passenger side mirror only. If you look at the photo I've provided, you can see examples of all the OEM mirrors the # CM11800 will and won't fit. I've linked you to a product demonstration video.
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  • Towing Mirror Recommendation for a 2014 Ford F-150
  • Yes, we have towing mirrors that are confirmed to fit your 2014 Ford F-150. Check out the CIPA mirrors part # CM11800. These are confirmed to fit your vehicle and would work well to give you a better viewing angle behind you while towing. I attached an install video to the right for these mirrors on a 2014 Ford F-150 just like yours.
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  • Will CIPA Slip-On Towing Mirrors Scratch the Chrome Finish on a 2012 Ford F-150 Lariat
  • The CIPA Custom Towing Mirrors # CM11800 include a small piece of felt that goes between the wedge that contacts the mirror housing and housing itself to protect it. But there is still the chance that the finish could get scratched if care is not taken during the installation and removal processes. Regarding the chrome portion of the mirror if it is flush with the rest of the housing and does not stick out more than the plastic parts and if the mirror is still the same shape and size...
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  • Will CIPA Towing Mirrors Damage the Paint on the 2012 Ford F-150 Existing Factory Mirrors
  • The CIPA custom fit towing mirrors, # CM11800, should not damage the finish on the factory mirror housing provided the points of contact on the factory mirrors and the CIPA mirrors are clean prior to installation. The CIPA mirrors also have a felt-covered wedge for further protection. I have linked a video review for you. I have also included a picture that shows the type of factory mirror these CIPA mirrors will fit.
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  • Mirror Extensions for 2004 Ford F-150 Styleside with Heated Factory Mirror with Turn Signal
  • I recommend the K Source Custom Towing Mirrors for the 2004 Ford F-150 part # KS81800. The K-Source Custom Towing Mirrors will fit your vehicle as long as your side mirror is the same style as the mirror pictured on the product page for # KS81800. They will not fit on factory extendable mirrors. I am including a picture that will show the style of mirror that the # KS81800 mirrors will snap on to. It shows the K-Source towing mirrors attached. The towing mirror will work with...
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  • Is the Glass In CIPA Custom Towing Mirrors CM11800 Flat or Convex
  • The glass that is in the CIPA towing mirrors, # CM11800, is not convex like on a typical passenger side mirror. Instead it is flat glass like your driver side factory mirror or the rearview mirror. Typical passenger side mirrors are convex which is why you see the warning sticker stating objects in mirror are closer than they appear. Flat glass does not distort how the images appear so that is why it looks different.
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  • Replacement Hardware Kit Needed For the CIPA Towing Mirrors # CM11800
  • We have exactly what you need. The CIPA Towing Mirrors Replacement Hardware, # CM11804, will provide you will all of the replacement hardware that you need to install your CIPA towing mirrors on your new 2009 Ford F-150. On the product page you simply choose the hardware for your specific mirror numbers, which in the kit you referenced are mirrors # 11801 and # 11802. You will then see the appropriate kit that is designated for the 2008 to 2010 model years.
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  • Replacement Wrench for Elite Series 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch and Towing Mirrors for 2012 Ford F-250
  • The wrench that comes with the Elite Series hitches is available by itself, # 58276. For the instructions for hitch # RP30142 they are available on the product page and on the right hand side of this page. Look for the wrench icon. For mirrors, you can use # CM11800 as long as your factory mirrors look like the mirrors in the video I have linked. This mirrors are 18 inches long, 4-1/2 inches wide, and 8 inches tall. The mirror face is 5-1/4 inches by 4 inches tall. If you have different...
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  • Why Are Extendable Mirrors Flat
  • All of the slip-on mirrors like part # C11800 you referenced have flat mirrors, and are not available with a convex mirror feature. I spoke with my contact at Cipa, and they told me that the old-style extendable mirrors all feature a flat mirror, and that on some of the newer models for certain vehicles they have been redesigned and they have replaced the flat mirrors with convex mirrors. If you want to let me know the year, make and model of your vehicle, and the mirror style you currently...
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  • Are the CIPA Towing Mirrors for a 2012 Ford F-150 Flat Glass or Convex
  • The glass that is in the CIPA towing mirrors, # CM11800 for both the driver and passengers sides, is not convex like on a typical passenger side mirror. Instead it is flat glass like your driver side factory mirror or the rearview mirror. Typical OEM passenger side mirrors are convex which is why you see the warning sticker stating objects in mirror are closer than they appear. Flat glass does not distort how the images appear so that is why it looks different.
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  • Will CIPA Custom Towing Mirrors CM11800 fit 2014 Ford F-150
  • The CIPA Custom Towing Mirror # CM11800 is confirmed to fit manual, power heated, and power non-heated mirrors on 2004-2014 Ford F-150s. I have attached a photo showing the styles of mirror the # CM11800 will fit. I have attached an installation video of these mirrors on a 2014 F-150 for you.
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  • Recommended Clip-On Towing Mirrors for 2003 Ford Escape
  • For some vehicles we offer custom-fit towing mirrors like the CIPA # CM11800 that fit the Ford F-150, but for your 2003 Escape since no custom mirrors are offered you can use a cost-effective clip-on universal towing mirror. K-Source offers their # KS3891 which is an extra-large adjustable clip-on mirror. CIPA also offers a high-value mirror # 7070. Both of these work on driver's and passenger's mirrors and are sold individually. A video for each mirror is linked to help illustrate their...
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  • Custom Fit Slip-On Towing Mirrors for a 2014 Ford F-150 SuperCrew Cab with Heated Electric Mirrors
  • The CIPA custom fit towing mirrors # CM11800 are not listed as a fit for your 2014 Ford F-150 SuperCrew cab with the heated power mirrors. But we do have a similar set that is listed as a fit. Take a look at the K-Source mirrors # KS81810. This is also a set of custom slip on mirrors. I have included a link to a video showing how they fit on a truck similar to yours.
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  • CIPA Towing Mirror Recommendation for a 2010 Ford F-150 with Chrome Mirrors
  • I attached a picture that shows all of the different mirror styles that the CIPA Mirrors Part # CM11800 that you referenced would fit. As long as your chrome ones match the chrome style seen in a coupler of the pictures this would work well for you. I attached an install video for you to check out as well.
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  • Comparing Slip-On Towing Mirrors for a 2012 Ford F-150 SuperCrew
  • I am not sure who you called but I will be happy to help you with slip-on towing mirrors for your 2012 Ford F-150 Super Crew. For your truck we have the CIPA towing mirrors # CM11800 and Longview mirrors # CTM2300B. The biggest difference between these two sets of mirrors is design and how they install. The CIPA mirrors cover a larger portion of the stock mirror housing that the Longview mirrors. You could say that this gives the CIPA mirrors more stability. These mirrors stay fixed...
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  • Towing Mirror Recommendation for a 2012 Ford F-150
  • The CIPA Towing Mirrors part # CM11800 that you referenced has been confirmed as a fit for the 2012 Ford F-150 with power, heated mirrors. But you will need to verify that your mirrors are shaped like the picture I attached to be sure that these will fit. Since you have a double mirror there is a chance what we have wouldn't fit and you would need a universal towing mirror like the part # 11650 which is a door mounted mirror.
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  • Recommended Towing Mirrors For 2014 Ford F-150 Raptor
  • We do have custom towing mirrors for a 2014 Ford F-150, but the right mirror depends on the style truck you have. If you have a manual mirror I recommend part # CM11800. The mirror face measures 6-1/2 inches tall and 4 inches wide. If you have electric mirrors, the towing mirrors I recommend are part # KS81810. The KS81810 mirror face measures 6 inches tall and 4-5/8 inches wide. You can check out product pages and there are several photos that show the style mirror the towing...
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  • Tow Mirror Recommendation for a 2011 Ford F-150 with Manual Mirrors
  • For a set of slip-on towing mirrors confirmed to fit your 2011 Ford F-150 Supercab with manual mirrors you would want the part number # CM11800 as it has been confirmed as a fit for your vehicle. I attached a review video for these mirrors for you to check out as well.
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  • Will CIPA Custom Slip On Towing Mirror Set # CM11800 Fit 2013 Ford F-150 OEM Mirrors
  • Thank you for providing the photo of your 2013 Ford F-150's OEM mirrors. The CIPA Custom Slip On Towing Mirror Set # CM11800 that you referenced will indeed fit just fine on your OEM mirrors. Your mirrors are one of several styles that are compatible with this CIPA mirror set. All compatible mirrors styles can be seen on the product page by scrolling down past the description information. Installation is shown in the linked video.
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