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K Source Custom Towing Mirrors for the 2009 Dodge Ram Pickup

K Source Custom Towing Mirrors

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K-Source Custom Towing Mirrors - Snap On - Driver and Passenger Side - 2009 Dodge Ram Pickup

Snap these custom-fit towing mirrors over your Dodge Ram Pickup's existing mirrors for an expanded field of vision. Built-in mounting clips grab the inside edges of your factory mirrors for a simple, tool-free installation and a clean look.


  • Towing mirrors snap over the backs of your factory side-view mirrors to extend your lines of sight
    • Gives you an expanded view of the road and your trailer
    • Allows you to safely and easily change lanes, pass and park
  • Manually adjustable mirror faces let you customize your view
  • Custom design matches the contours of your existing mirrors
    • Prevents vibration and wind noise
    • Provides a secure fit for your Dodge Ram Pickup
  • Add-on mirrors will not obstruct factory mirrors and will not interfere with adjustments to factory mirrors
  • Easy, tool-free installation and removal - no hardware required
    • Built-in mounting clips grab the inside edges of your factory mirrors
    • Bottom tabs can be pushed in to remove the mirrors for garage storage or fitting into tight parking spaces
  • Black plastic housing provides a clean look and resists rust and corrosion
  • Driver's- and passenger's-side mirrors included


  • Overall length: 19-1/2"
  • Mirror face dimensions: 5-1/4" tall x 3-1/2" wide
  • FMVSS approved
  • 90-Day warranty

Note: These snap-on towing mirrors will not fit OEM extendable mirrors or power folding mirrors.

With these towing mirrors, you get a guaranteed fit and seamless OEM style at a reasonable price. Tools and other hardware aren't needed for installation, and the secure, snap-on fit means there's no danger of losing these mirrors on the side of the road. Attach them by simply popping them over the backs of your existing mirrors. The built-in clips on the towing mirrors will grab the inside edges of your factory mirrors for a secure fit. These mirrors are customized for your Dodge Ram Pickup, helping to prevent vibration or excessive wind noise. You'll be ready to travel in seconds, and the increased field of vision will allow you to cruise the highways stress free.

80710 K Source Snap On Towing Mirrors - 1 Pair

Video of K-Source Custom Towing Mirrors - Snap On - Driver and Passenger Side

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer
installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for K Source Custom Towing Mirrors KS80710 Review

Today we're going to take a lot at the K-Source Custom Snap-On Towing Mirrors #KS80710. These towing mirrors will snap over the backs of your factory side view mirrors to extend your lines of sight. These mirrors are intended for the Dodge Ram pickups, the 1500, 2500, and 3500. To find out the year and models just go to the product page for this item number and that information will be provided to you at the bottom of the page. This product gives you an expanded view of the road and your trailer and allows you to safely and easily change lanes, pass, and park. You can manually adjust the mirror faces and customize your view. You just move that around as you need to.

Look inside there, you'll see there's a plastic ball and joint that allows you to customize your view. The custom design matches the contour of your existing mirrors. As you can see, this is very simple to the factory mirror that comes on your Dodge Ram. It prevents vibration wind noise. It provides a secure fit for your vehicle.

These strips right here help give you a snug fit and prevent vibration. These add-on mirrors will not obstruct the factory mirrors and they wont interfere with the adjustments that are made to the factory mirrors. The installation and removal is easy and tool-free. No hardware is required for the items. The built-in mounting clips grab the inside edges of your factory mirrors. Those are located here and they just hook on the inside of the mirror casing and down here are well.

The bottom tabs can be pushed in for garage storage or for fitting into tight parking spaces. The black plastic housing provides a clean look and resists rust and corrosion. As you can see, we have two here. Drivers and passenger side mirrors are included with this package.Taking a look at some specs, the overall length when these products are put on the factory mirrors, the overall length in 19 1/2 inches. The mirror itself, the mirror face is 5 1/4 inches tall by 3 1/2 inches wide.

These mirrors are FMVSS-approved, and they come with a 90-day warranty. A quick note: these snap-on towing mirrors will not fit OEM extendable mirrors. That should just about do it for our K-Source Custom Snap-On Towing Mirrors #KS80710.

Customer Reviews

K-Source Custom Towing Mirrors - Snap On - Driver and Passenger Side - KS80710

Average Customer Rating:  4.6 out of 5 stars   (59 Customer Reviews)

Snap these custom-fit towing mirrors over your vehicle's existing mirrors for an expanded field of vision. Built-in mounting clips grab the inside edges of your factory mirrors for a simple, tool-free installation and a clean look.

- KS80710

by: Jim H.08/16/2013

The mirrors I ordered were shipped the same day and arrived two days later. Quality was better than expected for the price, but unfortunately they were not an exact fit for the mirrors on my truck, which fold in. I called the service number and was pleasantly surprised at how helpful the agent (Sabrina) was. She called the manufacturer and confirmed there is a fit issue with fold-in factory mirrors that is not highlighted on the website. Though she offered to send a pre-paid mailing label so I could return the mirrors for a full refund, I liked the design so well that I decided to make them work with a couple modifications (simple cuts to the molded plastic). 95409


do you have the chrome mirrors on your truck? thanks

comment by: andrew a - 06/11/2014


Andrew - yes, I do have the chrome mirrors.

comment by: Jim H - 06/16/2014


The mirrors have worked out great and I use them every time I tow the trailer. I store them in the trailer, but its not uncommon for me to forget to put them on after hooking up. The really nice thing about these is how quickly they can be put on. One look in the stock mirror without the extension while maneuvering through the storage yard tells me Ive forgotten something. Fortunately, it takes just a few seconds to retrieve the mirrors and pop them on before getting on the road.

Jim H - 08/16/2014


- KS80710

by: Loel K06/03/2013

This is the first mirror that I have found for a 2005 Dodge 1500 pickup. They attached very easily and quickly. They just snap on. I took them for a ride and at 70 MPH they stayed in place. However at that speed, the mirror did vibrate a little, however I think that happens with any extended mirror. I would buy them again if I need another set. 83171


This has been the best mirror extension I have ever owned. it fits very well and snug to my truck mirror. It goes on very easily and looks like it was factory made for the pickup. When I trade pickups, that is the first thing I will buy. Thanks Etrailer

Loel K - 06/03/2014


- KS80710

by: Jim B08/01/2013

I spent more time extracating the mirrors from their shipping box than I did installing them. If you prefer the look of your stock Ram mirrors, these are a great alternative to the permanent replacement towing mirrors available on the market. Once adjusted, the mirrors hold their position and require no further attention while offering a much wider view rearward than the stock mirrors. The only complaint is vibration of the mirror glass, which is made apparent by the lack of vibration in the glass of the stock mirrors. Still, these are a solid solution for add-on towing mirrors. 92697


Not much to add to my original review. These mirrors are an elegant solution for anyone wishing to retain the look of their factory mirrors when the towing mirrors arent in use with the ease and simplicity of reinstalling these, when needed. I have learned to handle the shells, only, and avoid touching the mirror glass when removing or reinstalling, as even light pressure on the mirror glass will put them out of adjustment. If something were to happen, making my current set unusable, Id order a replacement set theyre that good.

Jim B - 01/30/2015


- KS80710

by: Chris02/20/2014

I have bought extension mirrors in the past for my 01 Tahoe, I have upgraded but vehicle and camper since then and these will definitely come in handy. E-Trailer recognizes their customers and let you know every step of the way of where your purchase is at. Great customer service, as always, and great price! 117089


Thank you for taking the time to contact me on this purchase and review. The towing mirrors are still doing their job and I am having no issues with them at all.

Chris - 03/05/2015


- KS80710

by: Welopez12/17/2014

No more of those "shake-it-up-BAAABBBYY" mirrors with straps and clamps! These trailer towing extension mirrors look as though they were standard equipment which came with my truck. It took nearly two minutes to install them... right in the middle of a rain storm. Great product from K-Source; great support from etrailer! The "Draw-Tite" trailer hitch, with ball and pin took a little longer. All I wanted to do was have a safe attachment to move my daughter-in-laws furniture. I have the vehicle, I pull my 31-foot 5th wheel with all the time, but a super strong 5th wheel hitch is not suitable for an 8 foot U-Haul. Fortunately, etrailer had just what I needed at an affordable price. I had to walk over to a neighbors to borrow a very large socket and driver. All together, it didn't take more than six minutes to mount the 2" ball hitch. I'm happier than a cat with a bowl of cream with my new trailer towing accessories from etrailer! 165901

- KS80710

by: Rob01/13/2014

Nice tight fit on the factory mirror. Looks great easy to install. I have color matched mirrors, so just a little added foam tape behind and I should stay scratch free. The mirror itself does vibrate a bit while driving, but all I want them for is the extra view for behind my trailer. 112618


Just about ready to use them again. I use them when pulling my enclosed snowmobile trailer. Am looking foreward to seeing behind me. Nice solid fit!

Rob - 01/13/2015


- KS80710

by: Ed R06/16/2014

I looked at several styles and this one was the only one that had the holes cut out for the puddle lights. They actually look like factory mirrors. I bought these for my 2010 Ram 1500. Fit is perfect. Before these, I used those ones with the rubber straps. They were very good mirrors, but a pain in the arse to fiddle with those straps and have to adjust everytime you put them back on. My factory mirrors get around my camper pretty good, but these give that extra edge you need to see around and farther away. I had no vibration at all with these. This was the first I got to use the mirrors and it was raining very hard the whole time and I was able to see very clear around the camper. With the price of these, I am very well please. I have ordered several products from eTrailer and everything has been very fast ship and excellent products. 135751

- KS80710

by: colton09/06/2013

these add on mirrors fit perfectly over my factory mirrors. they were a snap to install. I would recommend them to anyone needing extension mirrors for towing. 98551


thank you for checking in on me. the mirrors still work as good as the day I bought them. great product!

colton - 09/10/2014


- KS80710

by: Troy01/21/2013

Great fit, looks like factory part, fast service! 63714


Since sold the truck and the mirrors but have new ford F150 and the new k source tow mirrors and they are perfect. Again fast service from etrailer.

Troy - 07/22/2014


- KS80710

by: James J.09/16/2013

Quick delivery of product. Outside mirrors vibrate but will do the job. 100207


Mirrors work well when towing, easy on , easy off.

James J - 09/16/2014


- KS80710

by: Alex12/12/2012

Etrailer kind of dropped the ball shipping these as it took an additional couple of days to get here than normal. Normally I recieve my items within two days, this package took five and I haven't yet recieved the other part of my order. I'm not really complaining but below Etrailer standards if you ask me. As far as the mirrors go I gave them 4 stars as the additional mirrors do vibrate some at higher speeds. They do fit nicely and look good but the mirror seems too easy to adjust. They still provide a nice view and don't vibrate terribly bad. Would recommend these! 61252

- KS80710

by: Barb Weeks11/08/2013

The mirrors fit the mirrors on out vehicles well. The only issues are they don't help much for hauling campers because they still aren't extended far enough out. While driving they vibrate quite a bit and since they are separate from the vehicle mirrors, the gap makes it hard to see clearly because you are seeing double vision. I will say that your company was very easy to order through and shipment was quick. I will definitely use your company again. 106815

- KS80710

by: Bill B.07/08/2015

K-Source towing mirrors are an excellent fit to my 2015 Ram truck. I know they will work as well as the original equipment towing mirrors since they did so on my 2007 Dodge Ram. On that vehicle I did not experience any vibration of the mirrors. I was able to adjust the factory mirrors independently of the towing mirrors which can also be adjusted independently. I am completely satisfied . 210256

- KS80710

by: Mike D.02/03/2014

Very pleased with these towing mirrors. Installation was very easy, simply snap them on over the existing stock mirrors. They fit perfectly. There is some vibration at highway speed, but not enough to make me want to give a negative review. My intention was only to be able to see a vehicle that was driving close behind my travel trailer, and these mirrors do that well enough. 115569

- KS80710

by: John B.08/10/2015

These mirrors fit perfectly on my 2010 Ram 2500. They were very easy to install (Takes seconds) and they look good. One of the few sets I found that accommodate for the puddle lights and for half the price as the others. They have a nice feature to tighten the mirror so it wont move while you are driving and sturdies them from wobble. Good product as far as I can tell. 218218

- KS80710

by: Frank Z02/26/2015

This is my 2nd set of K-Source Custom Towing Mirrors. Only reason I'm buying another pair because another driver busted my driver's one off in a parking lot. This product works great for towing my 34 ft travel trailer with my 2011 Dodge Ram 1500. I recommend this product and etrailer.com. I purchased the product and it was delivered on time. Great purchase! 176184

- KS80710

by: louisiana10/11/2013

They look great on my dodge, they not like the universal extensions, they made for dodge trucks. Easy to install. I haven't pulled my camper with them yet but I'm sure they work fine. Fast shipping, very pleased with the mirrors. Best price I found on the web. I will do business with etrailer in the future. Thanks! 103438

- KS80710

by: Stacy H.04/19/2012

I ordered this product to connect my brake box to my 2010 Dodge truck. I received the product in no time. After openenig the box I plugged it into the back of my brake box and then under the dash of my truck. In a matter of minutes I was hooked up installed and working perfectly. Thank you for a job well done, Stacy 37685

- KS80710

by: Charlie G...08/14/2013

Received the mirrors today, installed them just to see how easy they were to use. Will be a couple of weeks before we plan on going camping. But they certainly are easy to install and remove, in addition, they look like factory installed towing mirrors. Will review how they work after towing camper... 95088

- KS80710

by: Ks8071011/09/2013

I was VERY pleased with my product and the customer service. The mirrors were a perfect fit and the shipping arrived right on time. Customer service was great as well. Emailed them a question about the compatiblity with my truck and they responded right away. Would definitely order again from here!! 106820

- KS80710

by: Mark06/06/2013

Looks great. Can't tell from the front or side that the mirrors are snap on. 83566

- KS80710

by: jim c05/30/2013

very happy with the mirrors. The box it was sent in looked like a semi ran over it when it got here. Maybe a stronger box would be better. Easy to put on pick up. would buy them again. Thanks 82527

- KS80710

by: adrian p11/19/2012

Was delievered on time and in good shape, went on vehicle very easy and helps me see more behind my trailer. You get an A plus. Too bad the product couldn't have been made in the USA. Adrian 59687

- KS80710

by: Ken E.05/23/2013

The product was able to be put on in seconds. It couldn't be any easier. They also look great. You really can't even tell they are snap on. I will recommend this product to anyone. 81681

- KS80710

by: Matt H.05/24/2013

Great fit for my 2009 Dodge Ram 1500. It took a little longer to get them( supplier problem not etrailer) , but it was well worth the wait. Would buy from etrailer again. 81874

- KS80710

by: SloFlight06/14/2013

Works as advertised. Extends the mirror that critical 4 inches to allow you to see both sides of the 8 foot trailer. For the money, no was to beat them. A great buy. 84651

- KS80710

by: Vinny H.12/26/2012

I have not driven with the mirrors attached, but I did fit them On the mirror and they are perfect. Very snug and tight snug fit. Can not wait to drive with them. 61975

- KS80710

by: Ken T.09/13/2013

This product attached to the mirrors just like the advertisement said it would. Haven't drove with them on yet, but the went on easy and look good too. 99855

- KS80710

by: Larry L.08/28/2013

Mirrors fit perfectly. Are easy to install and remove. Have not drove down the road so I have not seen if they vibrate. Look good on the truck. 97382

- KS80710

by: Gary08/23/2013

They do not fit 2013 rams with power folding mirrors, K source is just figuring this out and haven't made a mirror to fit yet. 96541

- KS80710

by: John06/02/2015

Just recieved mirrors and they installed with ease. Look good, haven't taken them on the road yet but so far all is good. 199773

- KS80710

by: Melissa W.10/10/2013

They fit perfectly and were extremely easy to install. The quality of the product is outstanding for the price you pay. 103319

- KS80710

by: Thomas02/06/2013

Received mirrors in a timely fashion and they fit well. They will take time to get used to, but they look and fit well. 65165

- KS80710

by: Cct06/18/2013

These are the best ever mirrors. Wish I had found these before spending wasted money on another model. Thank you! 85215

- KS80710

by: Richard Gibson06/10/2013

Very happy with the mirrors. I was a little disappointed in the condition of the packaging at the time of delivery. 83971

- KS80710

by: Bud M.04/25/2014

Perfect fit on my 2010 Dodge Ram 1500. Excellent price with timely shipping. I would recommend this product. 127296

- KS80710

by: James H01/31/2013

Great product. Perfect fit and fast delivery. I would definitely recommend etrailer for any vehicle needs!!! 64728

- KS80710

by: Gary S.09/23/2014

Product is well maid and high quality fit very well. Looks like they belong to the truck, very happy 152613

- KS80710

by: Jeff Peters11/12/2012

The mirrors fit very good. The mirrors are stable at highway speeds unlike the strap on mirrors. 59276

- KS80710

by: Hans D11/27/2013

The KS80710 are an excellent fit on my 2011 Dodge Laramie. Will tow camper next spring. 108636

- KS80710

by: William H.07/06/2015

The mirror came to me in great shape. I would buy from this company again. 209860

- KS80710

by: Gary M11/01/2013

Good fit, easy to install, and looks like they will do just what I needed. 105966

- KS80710

by: Fasthemi12/01/2012

Great fit. Looks like a factory mirror. Can't wait to tow with them. 60433

- KS80710

by: Frank p10/06/2014

This item work better then I expected also looks good on my truck. 154613

- KS80710

by: William c.12/09/2013

Good form, fit and function. Looks like it come the factory. 109626

- KS80710

by: Tom W.05/22/2014

Great price, look, function, and ease of application! 131984

- KS80710

by: Bruce V03/06/2014

Fit my 2011 perfect .Thanks will use you guys again. 119696

- KS80710

by: Steve S.04/19/2015

Excellent product,they work great and fit perfectly 186268

- KS80710

by: Arlyn N07/17/2014

It arrived before expected and fit perf ectly. 141833

- KS80710

by: William S11/25/2013

Mirrors fit perfectly. Service was exce llent. 108468

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