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K Source Custom Towing Mirrors for the 2002 Silverado by Chevrolet

K Source Custom Towing Mirrors

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Shipping Weight: 3.24 pounds


K-Source Custom Towing Mirrors - Snap On - Chevy/GMC - 2002 Silverado by Chevrolet

Just snap these custom-fit towing mirrors over the back of your factory side mirrors for extended rear viewing. No extra hardware or tools required - and they pop back off for garage storage or parking in tight spots. Get a sleek look at a low price.


  • Extended field of vision so that you can easily pass and change lanes while towing
  • Customized, secure fit over existing mirror
  • Inexpensive alternative to buying and installing a replacement OEM towing mirror
  • Easy to use
    • Snap on in seconds without extra hardware or tools
    • Push in the bottom tabs to remove mirrors for garage storage or fitting into tight parking spaces when not towing
    • Adjust mirror face manually for all your driving needs
      • Tighten screw behind mirror face to reduce any vibration
  • Factory-style mirrors in black plastic OEM design
    • No unsightly straps or annoying vibration like strap-on models
  • Does not interfere with your adjustments to the factory mirror
  • Driver's-side and passenger's-side mirrors included


  • Overall dimensions: 17-1/2" wide x 6" tall
  • Mirror face dimensions: 4-3/4" wide x 6" tall
  • FMVSS approved
  • 90-Day warranty

Note: Does not fit on OEM extendable mirrors, OEM full chrome mirrors, or telescoping mirrors.

K-Source Snap-on Towing Mirror with dimensions

With these towing mirrors, you get guaranteed fit and great OEM style at a reasonable price.Tools and other hardware aren't needed for installation; and the secure, snap-on fit means there's no danger of losing these mirrors on the side of the road. Once you've adjusted the mirror face to suit your needs, just tighten the hidden screw located behind the mirror face to further customize the mirror's position. You'll be ready to travel in seconds, and the increased field of vision adds safety, so you can cruise the highways stress free.

80800 Snap-on Towing Mirror - Chevy/GMC - Sold in Pairs

Video of K-Source Custom Towing Mirrors - Snap On - Chevy/GMC

Videos are provided As a guide only. Refer To manufacturer
installation instructions And specs For complete information.

Video Transcript for K Source Custom Towing Mirrors KS80800 Review

Today we're going to review part number KS80800. These are the K-Source Custom Towing Mirrors. These are the snap-on design. These are custom fit. They are designed to fit the 1999 to 2007 Chevrolet and GMC vehicles. What I would recommend is to go to our website and on the product page for this part number, at the very bottom of the page it will show the years and models of vehicles that these will fit on and it will also show a pictures of the mirrors they are designed to fit on. These mirrors will give you an extended field of vision so that you can easily pass and change lanes while towing and it gives you a nice customized secure fit over your existing mirror and it's an inexpensive alternative to buying and installing a replacement OEM towing mirror. These are very easy to use. You don't have to use any tools or any extra hardware.

Basically they will just snap on. They've got snaps right up here at the top and then a snap at the bottom. Basically when you install these, you just put the top snaps onto the top of the mirror, push the bottom down and push it on enough to where it will lock into place right here. If you also notice, they do put this protective tape right in here on both mirrors and that'll help protect it from doing any scratching or damaging to your factory mirrors. They are made to be easily put on and taken off. If you take them off, you just push down right here on these tabs and that will pop the mirror right off. If you need to pull your vehicle into the garage or if you're fitting into a tight parking spot and you don't need the mirrors extended out, you can just push down and they'll pop right off. Also once you get these installed, if you do get any vibration in the mirror itself, the mirror face, there's a little hole here with a screw that you can access and if you tighten that screw behind the mirror face, it'll reduce any of that vibration of the mirror face. These are a factory-style designed mirror.

They are in a black plastic OEM design. There's no unsightly straps or annoying vibration like you'll get with some of the strap-on models and these mirrors, once they are put on, will not interfere with your adjustments to the factory mirror. This part number does include these two pieces, the driver's side and the passenger side. They are both included. It also comes with a nice set of installation instructions. It shows you how to put them on and how to adjust that screw. I will give you a dimension on this.

The overall length of these is going to be right at about 17-1/2 inches. The dimension of the mirror itself is going to be right at about 4-3/4 inches wide and right about 6 inches high. Again, just to show you what you want to do is put this up to your mirror. Clip on the two top clips and then push the bottom in until it clips into the very bottom right there. You'd be ready to go. Simple installation and removal. That should do it for the review.

One note I do want to mention I almost forgot is, these do not fit on the OEM extendable mirrors, the OEM full-chrome mirrors or any of the telescoping mirrors. That should do it for the review on part number KS80800, a K-Source Custom Towing Mirrors in the snap-on design. .

Customer Reviews

K-Source Custom Towing Mirrors - Snap On - Chevy/GMC - KS80800

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (229 Customer Reviews)

Just snap these custom-fit towing mirrors over the back of your factory side mirrors for extended rear viewing. No extra hardware or tools required - and they pop back off for garage storage or parking in tight spots. Get a sleek look at a low price.

- KS80800

by: Richard Q04/02/2013

I finally had a chance to try out my new Trailer Tow Mirrors. One of them had a misplaced foam strip inside, but that was easily corrected. The passenger side snapped on Very firm and tight, and I was very pleased. The driver's side did not fit as tightly, but still clicked into place. Both mirrors have a fair amount of vibration while on the road. Not due to the snap on fit, but vibration in the mirror adjustment pivot area itself. While it does vibrate and there is some distortion due to it, the mirrors are still very usable, and you can see what you need to. And of course at low speed or during parking the vibration is Much less to not at all. When we got back from the trip, I simply snapped them off, and put them back in the box, in the trailer, and they're ready for the next time. I chose these mirrors over the other two, due to the one piece design, and that there were no extra or other loose parts needed, clamps, screw knobs etc. that you might lose or misplace. Overall, I am Very Happy with my purchase and these mirrors. A Great Product for the money. 73864


A year and a half later, and Still Very Pleased with my purchase. Ive found that the passenger side truck mirror with the convex mirror, that the snap on mirror on that side doesnt really offer much more view, so most times I dont even put it on.The drivers side however is a Very Welcome Addition and works Very Well extending the view out and back.I use it Every time I pulled the enclosed.Like I said, Very happy with my purchase and recommend them.

Richard Q - 10/01/2014


- KS80800

by: Gregg F.07/30/2013

These Towing Mirrors are excellent ! They were out of the box and on the truck ready to use in less than 5 minutes ! As a former tractor semi-trailer driver, i appreciate a good product that makes my drive easier, more enjoyable, and safer. These mirrors made towing my 30 FT travel trailer much easier . I would recommend this product to anyone who tows large trailers with a pickup truck or SUV. Thank you for the excellent customer service Patrick @ 92353


I continue to purchase products from etrailer but have recently purchased a new truck. I was using my mirrors right up UNTILL i sold my SUV. In fact, I never took them off after originally installing them because they worked great. ThanksGregg

Gregg F - 01/28/2015


- KS80800

by: Mike M05/16/2013

These extended mirrors fit just perfect. They snap on very easily. And look great. Almost like OEM. I have not taken a trip with them yet but I think they are going to work very well. 80582


I have since used them on three trips. They work very well for visibility around my pickup camper. Great fit and great price. Only problem has been when I tried to install this spring when it was cold out, the plastic was very stiff and I had difficulty getting the tabs to bend and snap into place. As a result I broke off one tab. Finally got the others to snap into place. It still fits snug with the one tab missing. Just dont try to install or remove when the plastic is cold. Otherwise great product.

Mike M - 05/16/2014


- KS80800

by: Chris A.05/12/2013

Best towing mirror I've ever had. Easy install. Minimal mirror shake when in use. No worries about it falling off. Looks great, almost like an OE mirror. Truly a cusom fit. Highly recommend! 79875


KS80800 Will this fit 2006 GMC Envoy

comment by: Drew E - 11/29/2013


These mirrors are for full-size GM trucks and SUVs like Silverado, Yukon, Sierra and Tahoe. They will not fit the Envoy or Trailblazer. You will need to look for a good universal towing mirror like K-Source part KS3891.

Patrick B - 12/2/2013


Still like them. No isues in 12 months, 6K miles.

Chris A - 05/12/2014


- KS80800

by: Ron F.06/03/2013

Nice product, will be trying them out pulling my fifthwheel this weekend. The fit for these slip on mirrors was very good and they snap in place which keep them on. 83085


Hi, Very happy with the mirrors and I was very surprised on how well they fit. The only thing I wish was the mirrors were out about 2 inches further . I just purchased a bigger trailer and could use a little more vision but there still one of the best out there and would buy them again.

Ron F - 06/03/2014


- KS80800

by: Rick C.08/19/2015

After reviewing several mirror extensions, I decided to purchase the K80800 mirrors based on others reviews. I am sure glad I did. I couldn't be happier with them. They arrived, I took them out of the box and within minutes they were installed and adjusted to my viewing needs. I like that the lens is the same dimension ( height ) as my OEM mirror. That's a plus when viewing through it. Makes for a nice transition. Installing...they were a bit snug on the bottom going on, took a little pressure on the bottom to snap them on, but after they were on they were on. And also taking off was a snap as well. The quality is really nice, they look OEM overtop the existing mirrors. Perfect fit for my 2003 Silverado. Transaction was smooth, shipping was great. They were at my door step in 2 days. Thanks again, etrailer. 220287

- KS80800

by: Bob J.06/22/2014

These mirrors from etrailer appear to be the same as ones at a local R-V dealer for half the cost! I have been towing My 8' wide walleye boat and now can see spots I couldn't see before. Thanks for the great product at a great price! Bob J. Wisconsin angler 136956


Still looking good and performing as new!!

Bob J - 06/22/2015


- KS80800

by: Ed W.11/10/2013

Excellent product. Looks good, like factory equipment. Performs well, no vibration while underway, even at freeway speeds. The only problem I had was during installation. The mirrors came with 3 padded adhesive strips which either had to be removed or adjusted. It took me some time to determine where to place the strips or if they needed to be removed. Until the strips are properly placed, the mirror will not go on the vehicle. I ultimately ended up removing all of the strips for my vehicle. Even then, installation is tricky, but once they are on, the performance is great. Additional instructions that will guide you as to where to place the strips and when to remove them for different vehicles and features would be extremely helpful when getting the mirrors setup the first time. 106868

- KS80800

by: Brian M04/15/2012

I purchased the Mirrors about 3 months ago. I have waited to do a review until I fully tried them out. Let me say these are great mirrors. They are little hard to snap on because they fit nice and tight, which is a good thing. the visibility is great with these mirrors to see around my travel trailer. With the standard mirrors I cannot see behind around my trailer. The mirrors are very stable at higher speeds with no vibration, I was really surprised. This was the best investment I have made. I leave my mirrors on all the time and they look like factory mirrors. The best part is I did not loose functionality of my factory mirrors ( Electronic folding, heat, turn signal or adjustment) . Purchase these mirrors it is well worth it and a good price here on etrailer! 37242

- KS80800

by: Raymond S.04/23/2014

Got them on already. Works great. Had to remove one of the sticky tape from the bottom to get it to click on . My wife was riding and said I don't remember the mirrors being that long. Fits like a glove. 126859


Great, but I just got a 2013 Avalanche and will need another.

Raymond S - 04/23/2015


- KS80800

by: Bob H.01/07/2014

Gmc trailer mirrors arrived and were easy to put on. I'm driving safer by being able to my blind spot. 112182


They are still and functioning. No problems to report. Would purchase again if needed.

Bob H - 01/07/2015


- KS80800

by: DEAN P.05/08/2013




DEAN P - 06/09/2014


- KS80800

by: Randy D.10/08/2012

These are very stylish and functional towing mirrors for my '03 Avalanche. They snap on very firmly(almost too tight but they certainly won't fall off), and have some padding to keep from scratching the paint on back of the stock mirrors. Does not hinder the automatic retracting function at all. The only thing to keep them from a perfect score is a very slight viewing image vibration. The image you see vibrates a little more then the stock mirrors that are right next to them. The vibration is not enough to affect functionality, as I can now clearly see vehicles coming up from behind me on both sides. I will definitely use these any time I tow my trailer. Great product. 56647

- KS80800

by: Don02/12/2014

Received the Mirrors for towing in a timely order and the box had been damaged but the Mirror's were fine. I tried to put one on and couldn't get the bottom to snap. So I rearranged the tape inside and used a additional tool to assist in latching the bottom of mirror. Think problem I had is that if you have any arthritis in your hands it's a little harder to install. Like the mirrors and adjusted just fine, good vision. Thanks. 116379


Just some advice , if you allow the plastic of the mirrors to warm up quite a bit , ie: leave them in direct sun or indoors they will install quite easily without tools. Thanks, Gregg

comment by: Gregg - 01/28/2015


- KS80800

by: George.07/31/2013

Fits good and they do the job. 92490


They have held up well, for as much as I use them they are an outstanding value.

George. - 01/30/2015


- KS80800

by: Patricia T06/25/2013

Excellent product at a great price. Easy installation Installed on our 2006 GMC Sierra for towing our Vintage airstream trailer 85995

- KS80800

by: Robert09/01/2015

Nice fit on the stock mirrors. Fit was a little tricky, be sure to start with the end clip closest to the vehicle and then clip the top, before trying to get the bottom snapped over. Once in place, they have held up well on our first two towing trips with our truck/camper. One mirror was good, other had a vibration at highway speed. There is a tiny screw on the back to access and tighten if you move the mirror all the way in, which made it much better. Really like that there aren't straps to dry rot anymore. 223386

- KS80800

by: Kevin G.05/20/2013

Easy order. Arrived in three days! Installation 30 seconds each. Tight fit. Color and texture pretty close to the OE mirror. Looks natural when installed. Good vision size. Good adjustability. I have a 30 foot trailer and feel very comfortable traveling multi lane highways. Just a little vibration but not so bad that you can't see. The price is right. Would buy another set again without hesitation. The shipping box is pretty light weight. They are plastic mirrors and are wrapped in bobble plastic. 81195

- KS80800

by: Paul11/11/2014

The mirrors fit very snugly on the original equipment ones--when installing them just make sure they're hooked at the top first (not on the bottom like I did). After several iterations the mirrors are now 'aimed' at the rearmost outside corners of the camper that's loaded in the pickup truck bed. In this orientation I have the best view of what's behind me. The lack of magnification (or I guess that would be 'de-' magnification) of the leftside mirror takes some getting used to. 160351

- KS80800

by: Terrell J.09/12/2012

Once I removed the mirrors from the second box, I took them outside and installed the rightside mirror first. I read the instructions first, to get an idea how to install them. Once I installed both of them, I walked back about 25 feet in front of my 05 GMC to look at both mirrors at the same time. They look GREAT, the mirrors are molded is such away that they look O.M.E. I want to leave them on all the time. The towing mirrors don't interfear with the movement of the mirror head. 54475

- KS80800

by: Jamey02/11/2013

Product works just like advertised. They look stock when on and are a perfect fit. Package arrived on the day I was expecting it and was kept up to date from ordering all the way through to making sure I was happy with the product. This was my first order from but it will certainly not be my last! 65844


Update these mirrors have worked great. They were a perfect fit and very stable. Good quality and great looking.

comment by: Jamey - 02/12/2014


- KS80800

by: Ed C.12/04/2012

Great product! As advertised and as rated. Snapped them on 10 minutes after deliver and was rolling south to Florida (from Maryland). Once they are manually aligned to the same plane as the stock mirrors, they are very helpful. They make trailering much safer since now I can see down the sides of my camper. Especially at night as I can see both front and rear marker lights. Don't leave home without them, I didn't. 60607

- KS80800

by: Ric V.02/13/2012

Have a 2003 Silverado LT Extended cab with power mirrors that fold flat to the truck body when going thru the car wash; was very pleased to see that the molded KS Custom Towing Mirrors did not interfere with any power mirror functions including the fold flat feature. Solid fit with streamlined aero-dynamics and no wind buffetting. They look like they belong and do not appear to look like an after-thought. 31804

- KS80800

by: Wil G12/27/2013

I live in northeast Oregon, ordering off the internet is part of not having a lot of business to pick from. This is the first time using e trailer and they let me know all about my order from the beginning to the very end, I can't express how easy you made this order happen, and I thank for sending exactly what order, and I will tell my friends plus order again in the future . Thank you----- Wil G 111338

- KS80800

by: Ralph04/15/2013

Just received the towing mirror extensions and snapped them on as directed. Its a good secure fit and I have no concern about them coming off. They look like they are original equipment to truck. I used them this past weekend to tow my 35 ft trailer and could see traffic behind my that I couldn't prior to adding the mirrors. I highly recommend these for an inexpensive and effective solution. 76203

- KS80800

by: Art04/18/2013

Very satisified with purchase, the product looks to be an exact fit as promised very timely shipping as well as a good price, I checked a few other websites prior to placing order and this was by far the best looking item showed it to be an exact fit and the price was much better than others. Have not been able to install as of yet but I think I am going to be very happy with the product. 76759

- KS80800

by: Chris Rutherford08/12/2014

I tow a Rockwood Roo 233ss travel trailer, I needed more mirror so as to be able to tow safer, I have strapon extended mirrors, but at 65 miles an hour they tend to vibrate so much, you can't see anything rendering them useless...Enter etrailer....I found these mirrors that actually are made to extend my factory mirrors, and they attach easily and stay in place, way to go etrailer! 146161

- KS80800

by: Dan B.01/25/2012

Nice Mirrors especially for the price. Shipping was fast. I like the looks, can't hardly tell they are not a factory mirror. They were hard to install but being a guy I failed to read the instructions. With chrome insert mirrors you need to remove a piece of foam tape from the towing mirror to allow mirror to seat and clip into place. All is well know. Thanks etrailer and k-source. 30292

- KS80800

by: Mark Brodesser02/06/2015

Product appears to be good quality, did not fit my telescoping mirrors so I returned it. Superior customer service from etrailer staff. I will continue to use this company for all my trailer accessories even though we are at opposite ends of USA. Staff at etrailer always willing to help-out and products arrive well packaged, a few days after ordering. Thanks again! 172697

- KS80800

by: Dan W.07/30/2012

Now this company knows what customer service is all about! No sooner did I order it, and it was shipped! And the mirrors fit perfect on my 2000 Chev Silverado. They fit snug, no vibration, and look almost factory. Couldn't have asked for a better choice. I would definitely and highly recommend! Will be back for more items for my truck. Thank you! 49798

- KS80800

by: Tom Raposarda05/11/2013

We used our new mirrors yesterday and were very pleased. You'd have to study the mirrors to see that they weren't factory equipment, and they provide exactly the visibility required. The mirrors vibrate slightly at speed, enough so that I want to do something to dampen them, but that should be a simple matter. All in all an excellent value. 79828

- KS80800

by: Frank M.06/11/2012

I am unable to install the mirrors as instructed. I will attempt to call the manufacturer for guidance. I used the mirrors last weekend and kept a very close eye on them to make sure they would not vibrate off the vehicle mirror. They work well but I was not able to clip the mirror onto the vehicle mirror. I hope I can resolve the issue. 43776

- KS80800

by: Bob L.04/04/2011

I am very pleased with the product and the service that I received during this transaction. The mirrors fit perfect and I'm sure that they will make backing up my pontoon boat much easier. Your installation video convinced me to try your product and I'm glad I did. Thank You 11072

- KS80800

by: Louie L.07/13/2012

These are very easy to get on and off. I don't pull a trailer all the time, so these are great for the times I do. When I'm not using the trailer, I can simply pop them off and put them away. I am very satisfied with the construction, ease of use and functionality. Shipping was fast. I had them three days after the order was placed. 47900

- KS80800

by: KS80800 Extension Mirrors09/25/2012

These mirrors were a direct fit to my 2006 GMC Sierra. And as others have stated, they look factory installed. I was thinking of temporary use for travel trailer towing only, but after seeing how nice they look on my truck, they are now officially permanent additions! And great extension of view for full 26' travel trailer. 55790

- KS80800

by: Dodi05/29/2012

The mirrors fit snug and look good when they are on my Tahoe. However, the only negative thing I have to say is that the mirrors vibrated way too much and while I was driving it was very difficult to see clearly out of them. For the price I paid for them it is an okay product. On the other hand, the shipping was fast. 41980

- KS80800

by: Mike A09/15/2013

Excellent fit but harder to see out of the right side, I personally wish the mirrors were a bit larger. I'm a new rv owner so maybe I'm just not used to this type of mirror. Otherwise I would have given it an excellent rating. Fits great and reasonable price. I saw others cheaper but not as good of a fit. 99991

- KS80800

by: Rod S01/26/2014

Just ordered these (the service was great and they arrived quickly). These installed in a few minutes on each side. They fit tight and look great. Unfortunately they are so tight that I don't think I will be putting them on and off any more than I have to. I guess that's better than them being to loose. 114759

- KS80800

by: Hope S07/24/2012

We love our mirrors. They were very easily installed and look great. They look so much like factory that unless you really start looking at them, you can not tell. As for the shaking issues, they shake a bit but not any more than the factory ones. I think it all depends on your vehicle and how it rides. 49124

- KS80800

by: Jordan P.05/03/2013

The mirrors were just what I wanted. The shipping time was right on target, and the fit my truck just right. Only problem was the shipping box was all torn and tape back together by both UPS and USPO, (I could tell by the tape used). But there was no damage to my parts. I would use etrailer again. 78904

- KS80800

by: Mary Grace01/05/2014

I purchased these mirrors for my husband for a Christmas present. He was very happy to receive them, as he thought they didn't make the model he had on his truck any longer. Product came fast. Package was packed and secured very well. Very satisfied with this company, will order again in the future. 111939

- KS80800

by: Casey M02/08/2015

Nice looking mirrors just bought a few weeks ago and have used them twice. The problem I'm having is that I can't get them to snap onto the factory mirrors so I've had to zip tie them on both times. Maybe it was because it's cold here. Maybe not I'll just have to wait until spring and try again. 172888

- KS80800

by: Steve Q01/20/2015

WOW! What a difference between stock and these mirrors when pulling my enclosed car trailer. It "gives" the right amount of rear viewing. VERY snug to put on , easy to take off. Wondering how difficult it will be to put on in near zero weather, but will cross that bridge when I get to it. 170437

- KS80800

by: Jerry Kobes09/30/2011

These mirrors will help a great deal in viewing behind me when hauling my slide-in camper. As soon as I got them, I tried one on and it fit perfectly. They look great, work great and the price was even better. I recommend them to anyone hauling or towing a camper. Thank you. 24910

- KS80800

by: Bryan W.03/22/2015

Mirrors are just what I was looking for. They work great and fit nice. We needed something to have more visibility while towing our camper and these do just that. Product was shipped and came when promised with no damage. I would and will do business with them again. 180121

- KS80800

by: Mick B.05/20/2012

Ordered these for my 2003 GMC Sierra and they snapped on very securely, they look almost factory installed, but they do vibrate a bit when going over 65 mph, but well worth the money spent. Since I only trailer once a month, great deal. Absolutely recommend these highly! 41047

- KS80800

by: Tim T.08/24/2013

Installed on my Chevy 2500HD in about 10 minutes (had to adjust one of the cushion tape strips for proper seating of each mirror). Fits and works perfectly. Exactly what I was looking for.. Shipping and delivery was a breeze too. Thanks Well done! 96694

- KS80800

by: Scott H05/06/2012

Super easy to use and very secure to OE mirrors. Couldn't be happier for the money and the service was fantastic. Product arrived ahead of plan, plenty of time for our first camper trip! Best part is they come off in seconds when it's time to unpack from the trip. 39593

- KS80800

by: Eric W03/25/2014

Excellent fit for my 2002 GMC Sierra. I'd recommend these to anyone looking for additional length on their OEM mirrors. was also excellent to deal with. Very fast service and great follow up as well. I'd certainly order from them again! 122063

- KS80800

by: rob10/31/2014

I bought "cheaper" mirrows and got what I paid for. Ordered these and am VERY happy. They clip on and work real good. I am very happy with this product and the mailing time. I have been impressed with the products I have ordered form this site!!!! Thanks. 158707

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  • How to Reduce Vibration of the K-Source Towing Mirrors KS80800 on the Highway When Towing
  • Yes, you can correct the vibration in the K-Source, # KS80800, towing mirrors. if you push in on the bottom of the mirror all the way, you will then be able to see a Phillips head bolt in the gap that is exposed at the top of the mirror. Tightening this bolt a small amount will make the mirror much more stable. I pulled one of these mirrors and did a short video showing how to do this for you. One final note, the Phillips head bolt has a nut on the other end so do not loosen the bolt...
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  • Is the Passenger Side Mirror of the K-Source Custom Towing Mirrors # KS80800 Convex or Flat
  • The passenger side and drivers side mirrors of the K-Source Custom Towing Mirrors, # KS80800, are both flat mirrors. They are not convex and should help when backing up your trailer. I pulled these mirrors from our warehouse and made a short video for you. I have also attached an installation video for you to check out.
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  • Installing K Source Custom Fit Towing Mirrors on a 2006 GMC Sierra 2500HD
  • Installation could have been affected by the weather. If you leave the towing mirrors, # KS80800, inside for a while so they are warm, that might be the solution. I have also included a link to a video that shows a typical installation that might help. Our installers clip the top on first then rotate it down to snap onto the bottom. Other than that there really is no trick to it. If your truck has extendable, telescoping, or full chrome mirrors, the K Source towing mirrors will not fit.
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  • Slip-On Towing Mirror Recommendations for a 2001 Chevrolet Silverado
  • The CIPA Custom Towing Mirrors # CM10800 are indeed a fit for your 2001 Chevy Silverado. These mirrors actually fit many trucks and SUVs from the GM lineup up to and including some 2007 models. I have linked a video review of this mirror set for you. I have also included a picture showing the type of factory mirror that these towing mirrors will fit. Another option that is popular with our customers is the K-Source Custom Snap on Towing Mirrors # KS80800. I have included a link to a...
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  • Availability of Electrically Adjustable Extendable Towing Mirrors for a 2001 Chevy Silverado
  • We do have OEM style mirrors that do have the electric adjust feature. You will need CIPA Extendable Replacement Electric Towing Mirrors (1 Pair), # 70100. These mirrors (you get one for the driver side and one for the passenger side) will slide out manually up to 4-1/4 inches. No drilling is required for installation.
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  • Will Chrome Trim Applied to Mirror Backs Allow K-Source Custom Towing Mirrors to Be Installed
  • If you are speaking of the chrome trim piece that covers the entire rear of the mirror, the Snap-On Custom Towing Mirror you referred to # KS80800 is purposely designed for a tight fit over the OEM mirror. The added thickness of the trim piece would prevent the Snap-On mirror from being installed. The K-Source Universal Clip-On Mirror, part # KS3891 would be your best option. The mirror features a large 5-1/8 by 7-3/4 inch mirror and ratcheting rubber straps that ensure a tight fit.
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  • Will the Towing mirror # KS80800 Fit on A 2002 GMC HD 2500 with Chrome Mirrors
  • I spoke with my contact at K-Source and he said that the K-Source Custom Towing Mirrors - Snap On - Chevy/GMC, item # KS80800, will fit as long as you do not have the full chrome mirrors or telescoping towing mirrors. If you do have the full chrome mirrors you may be interested in a Universal towing mirror like the CIPA Deluxe Door Mount Mirror, item # 11650. We installed the Deluxe Door Mount Mirror, item # 11650, on my truck, see video, and they work very well and are easy to remove...
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  • Will The K-Source Custom Towing Mirrors Fold In When Going Down Highway
  • The K-Source Custom Mirrors # KS80800, are contoured to fit around your OEM factory mirrors on your 2003 Silverado. The mirrors attach by small integrated clips around the edge of the mirror and double sided tape. You should have no issues with the mirrors folding. You would have to fold in your OEM mirrors for the # KS80800 mirrors to fold. You may want to have your OEM mirrors checked to make sure nothing is broken since they are folding in with the aftermarket mirrors. I have linked...
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  • Do K-Source Custom Snap-On Towing Mirrors # KS80800 Fit 2004 GMC Yukon XL Denali
  • Yes, the K-Source Custom Snap-On Towing Mirrors, part # KS80800, will fit your 2004 GMC Yukon XL Denali with either heated electric mirrors or manual mirrors. It will not fit on OEM extendable mirrors, OEM full chrome mirrors, or telescoping mirrors. These K-Source towing mirrors snap into place on your stock mirrors without tools and can be removed quickly for parking in tight spaces. They do not interfere with your adjustments to the factory mirror. I have linked a video showing...
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  • Slip-On Towing Mirrors for a 2005 Chevy Suburban with Turn Signals Behind the Glass
  • Yes, you can use the K Source snap-on towing mirrors # KS80800 on factory mirrors that have the turn signals behind the glass on your 2005 Chevy Suburban. I have included a link to a video showing a typical installation on a Silverado which has the same mirror styles as the Suburban.
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  • Custom Towing Mirror Recommendation for a 1999 Chevrolet Tahoe with Folding Mirrors
  • The K-Source Custom Towing Mirrors, # KS80800, were designed to fit the second generation Chevrolet Tahoe that was built from 2000 to 2006. This mirror will not fit the 1999, first generation, Tahoe because, although similar, the mirrors are not identical. For your 1999 Chevrolet Tahoe with folding mirrors, you will want either the CIPA Custom Towing Mirrors, # 10201 for driver side and # 10202 for passenger side, or the Longview Custom Towing Mirrors, # CTM1200. Both of these mirrors...
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  • Will K-Source Custom Towing Mirrors KS808000 fit a 2007 New Body GMC Sierra
  • The K-Source Custom Towing Mirrors, part KS80800, are sold in pairs so the price you see is for a complete set for driver and passenger side. However, the KSource 80800 mirrors do not fit anything after the 2007 old body style manual mirrors. The good news is, we do have some other slip-over towing mirrors that will fit. We have a pair from Longview, part # CTM1600 that will fit. We also have CIPA left mirror, part # 10901 and right mirror part # 10902. I have added a link to these parts...
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  • Universal Towing Mirror Recommendation for a 2005 Chevy Trailblazer
  • We have a universal towing mirror by K-Source that should work on your 2005 Chevy Trailblazer, but the K-Source Custom Towing Mirrors # KS80800 that you referenced is not a confirmed fit so I would not recommend it for you. Check out the K Source Universal Clip-On Extra Large Towing Mirror # KS3891. This is a universal K-Source mirror that should work well for you.
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  • Replacement Mounting Hardware Recommendation for Longview Towing Mirrors
  • We have the part you are looking for, you would want the Replacement Mounting Hardware part # KLV-1810.
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  • Will K Source Towing Mirrors Work On 2006 GMC Yukon Denali With Turn Signals On OEM Mirrors
  • I have attached a photo of the K Source Custom Towing Mirrors, part # KS80800 you can check out. As you can see, these mirrors have the clips that attach to the inside edge of the mirror you have on your 2006 GMC Yukon Denali. If the body of the mirror covers up your turn signals on your mirrors, these may not be the mirrors for you. If you find that the # KS80800 mirror will interfere with the turn signals, you can check out part # KS3891. This is a universal fit clip-on mirror that...
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  • Recommended Slip-on Towing Mirrors For 2004 GMC Sierra 2500
  • For your 2004 GMC Sierra 2500 I recommend the Cipa Custom Towing Mirrors, part # CM10800. These slip over your mirrors and has felt pads to protect the finish of your factory mirrors. They also feature a felt covered wedge that helps secure the mirrors in place. These do not have the snap-on feature you said may be an issue in extreme colder temperatures, so you would not have a problem with them snapping off. This package does include the driver and passenger side mirrors. The mirror...
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  • 2005 GMC Envoy SLT Towing Mirror Recommendation
  • These mirrors are for full-size GM trucks and SUVs like Silverado, Yukon, Sierra and Tahoe. They will not fit the Envoy or Trailblazer. You will need to look for a good universal towing mirror like K-Source part # KS3891. As long as you have a lip on the edge of your mirrors, these will work great for you. These mirrors are sold individually and will attach to either the driver or the passenger side mirrors. These mirrors measure 7-3/4 inches tall by 5-1/8 inches wide. I have attached...
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  • Which Slip On Towing Mirrors Fit a 2006 Chevy Silverado with Chrome Mirrors
  • According to K-Source, their # KS80800 mirrors will fit if the backs of your mirrors have the chrome piece that doesn't completely cover the back of the mirror. If the back of the mirror is completely chrome, none of the slip on or snap on mirrors we offer would be a fit. We do however offer a Cipa Universal Fit Deluxe Towing Mirror, part # 11650 that would mount to the door as shown in the video I've linked for you. The mirror honestly isn't the prettiest thing in the world, but they...
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  • Recommended Towing Mirrors for 2012 Chevy Orlando
  • Although there aren't any custom snap on mirrors availble for a 2012 Chevy Orlando, we do offer some universal mirrors that would work very well for you like the K-Source # KS3891 or the CIPA deluxe door mount mirror # 11650. Both mirrors are very stable with little wind vibration, and both are very highly rated by our customers. If you'd care to see product demonstration videos for either item, click the provided links.
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  • Custom Fit Towing Mirrors for a 2005 or 2006 Chevy Suburban
  • K Source towing mirrors # KS80800 will fit a 2005/2006 Chevy Suburban with manual or heated electric mirrors. I have linked a video review for you. We also have CIPA mirrors # CM10800. They will fit manual or electric mirrors, factory mirrors that are full plastic. They will not fit full chrome mirrors, telescopic mirrors or mirrors that have external turn signals. Turn signals behind the glass or fine.
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  • Recommended Towing Mirrors for 2004 GMC Sierra 3500 Cab-and-Chassis with Dump Body
  • Since you have a wide dump body on your 2004 GMC Sierra 3500 cab-and-chassis I recommend you use either a door-mount or fender-mount mirror rather than one of the smaller snap-on types like the K-Source # KS80800 that you referenced. A universal-fit door-mount mirror like CIPA # 11650 or # CM45000 will give you placement flexibility and also a larger mirror surface; so will a fender-mount type # 11750. These are sold as individual mirrors so you'd need to order two for a pair. You...
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