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Tow Ready Custom Fit Vehicle Wiring for the 2010 Toyota RAV4

Tow Ready Custom Fit Vehicle Wiring

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T-One Vehicle Wiring Harness with 4-Pole Flat Trailer Connector - 2010 Toyota RAV4

Quickly and easily install a 4-way trailer connector on your Toyota RAV4 with this custom wiring harness. T-One connector plugs directly into existing wiring. Powered ModuLite reduces strain on wiring system.


  • Provides a 4-way flat trailer connector at the back of your Toyota RAV4 to power your trailer's signal lights
    • Compatible with 5-pole, 6-pole and 7-pole adapters (sold separately)
  • Connects quickly and easily
    • Locate connection points in rear cargo area
    • Plug in T-connector
    • Run hot lead to car battery
  • Includes ModuLite to ensure that your Toyota RAV4's wiring matches that of your trailer
    • Powered module connects directly to battery to avoid overloading vehicle's electrical system
  • Constructed of 16-gauge bonded wire
  • Comes with dust cap for 4-way flat connector


  • Maximum amperage:
    • Stop/turn lights: 2.1 amps per circuit
    • Tail lights: 4.2 amps per circuit
  • 1-Year limited warranty


This custom-fit T-One connector plugs into your Toyota RAV4's wiring harness, which is located behind the driver's-side and passenger's-side interior trim panels in your rear cargo area. Once you've plugged in the T-connector, run the hot lead up to your car battery. Connect the lead to the included fuse holder, and then connect the fuse holder to the positive terminal on your battery and insert the provided fuse.

Once installation is complete, the 4-way flat connector will be stowed in an out-of-the-way location within your cargo area.

It is recommended that you use a small amount of grease on all electrical connections - the plugs on your automobile and the 4-pole connector itself - to help prevent corrosion.

ModuLite Powered Tail Light Converter

A ModuLite power module is built into this T-One connector. Because most trailers run on a two-wire system - wherein the brake and turn signals are carried on one wire - the separate brake and turn signals from your Toyota RAV4's three-wire system need to be combined so they are compatible with the wiring system of your trailer. This power module functions as a tail light converter to combine the brake and turn signal functions of your automobile so that they run on one wire to properly activate your trailer's tail lights. Note: This will not affect how the tail lights on your Toyota RAV4 operate.

With a ModuLite, your trailer's lights will be powered without overloading your Toyota RAV4's electrical system. Because the module draws power directly from your car's battery and bypasses the electrical routes that are used by a basic wiring harness, there is virtually no draw on your tail light circuits.

118412 Tow Ready T-1 T-Connector - 4 Wire - Modu-Lite

Video of T-One Vehicle Wiring Harness with 4-Pole Flat Trailer Connector

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer
installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Tow Ready Custom Fit Vehicle Wiring 118412 Review

Today we'll be reviewing part number 118412. This is Tow-Ready's T1 vehicle wiring harness with the four-pole flat trailer connector. This is going to provide a four-way flat trailer connector at the back of your vehicle to help power your trailer signal lights. This is going to be compatible with five-pole, six-pole and seven-pole adapters. Those are going to be sold separately. This system is great because it connects very quickly and easily. All you have to do is locate the connection points in the rear of your cargo area, plug in the T connector.

It's going to be the tail light assemblies, so you're going to plug in the T connectors. Then the red wire is going to be the hot lead, so you're going to need to connect the red wire to the black wire using the included butt connector. Then you're going to run the black wire to the car battery. You're going attach the ring terminal and you're going to connect it to the positive post on your battery. Then there's a fuse holder that you need to connect as well, and the included fuse goes into that holder.

Once you make that connection, you should be all set to go. It's going to include the module light to help insure that your vehicle's wiring matches that of your trailer's. The power module connects directly to the battery to avoid overloading the vehicle's electrical system. That's where that hot lead is coming from. Because the module draws power directly from your car's battery and bypasses the electrical routes that are used by a basic wiring harness, there is virtually no draw on your tail light circuit, so you do not have to worry about that. The entire unit is constructed of 16-gauge bonded wire, except for the black one. I believe that is going to be 12-gauge wire.

The four-pole is going to come with a nice dust cap that connects over the connection point to help protect those connection points from the elements. Also in the little bag you're going to get eight zip ties to help clean up your install look so you can secure the wiring as needed and get it up and out of the way. You're also going to get some dual-sided tape. It goes on the back of the module light. That way you can connect it to a nice flat surface. You're also going to get, again, two butt connectors, the ring terminal, the fuse holder and the included fuse.

You're going to get a self-tapping screw. That way you can use it right here to make your ground connection at the rear of your vehicle. When it comes to amperage, the stop and turn lights are going to have 2.1 amps per circuit. Your tail lights are going to be 4.2 amps per circuit. When it comes to installing this, this is a custom-fit T1 connector. It's going to plug directly into your vehicle's wiring harness. That's going to be located behind the driver's side and passenger side interior trim panel and the rear cargo area of your vehicle. Once you've plugged in the T connectors, all you have to do, again, is run that hot lead to the car battery, connect the lead to the included fuse holder, and then connect the fuse holder to the positive terminal on your battery and insert the provided fuse. Keep in mind that it is recommended that you use a small amount off grease on all electrical connections, the plugs on your automobile and the four-pole connector itself. That's just going to help prevent corrosion. That's going to do it for today's review of part number 118412. This is Tow-Ready's T1 vehicle wiring harness with the four-pole flat trailer connector. .

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Customer Reviews

T-One Vehicle Wiring Harness with 4-Pole Flat Trailer Connector - 118412

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (157 Customer Reviews)

Quickly and easily install a 4-way trailer connector on your vehicle with this custom wiring harness. T-One connector plugs directly into existing wiring. Powered ModuLite reduces strain on wiring system.

- 118412

by: David05/11/2011

Trailer wiring kit was easy to install. Directions were easy to follow. My 2011 Rav 4 came with an accessory outlet in the drivers side rear panel right by the tail light assembly (see photo). The amperage max for the outlet was over what the lights on the trailer pulls so I spliced into the hot wire and drilled a ground connection nearby. My ATV hauler trailer lights work fine. My only complaint (and it is a small one) about the kit was that the wire lengths going to the other side of the car were BARELY adequate to reach even taking the shortest possible route The directions say to route the trailer plug wire out the door when used. I preferred to have the trailer plug mounted to the hitch rather than routed out the door. So I found a factory rubber drain plug grommet in the bottom of the rear storage area (where the spare tire goes if you don't have a rear door mounted tire like I do -- see photo). I took out the plug, cut a cross slit in it, cut the trailer wires and fed them through under the carpet, re-spliced the wires with wire connectors (and sealed them with dielectric grease to prevent oxidation) so that the splices occurred on the inside of the vehicle, sealed the rubber grommet with some black silicone and mounted the plug to the hitch with an angle bracket mount that accepts a standard 4 pin connector I got from the local U-haul dealer for $1.75(see photo). 13410

- 118412

by: Jodi B02/13/2015

This kit was a snap to install on my 2011 Toyota RAV4. It really was a "plug and play" installation! I watched the installation video a couple times before beginning the installation, and also made sure I had all of the needed tools at hand before beginning the installation. For removal of the threshold inside the cargo area I gently used a small thin gauge pry-bar normally used to remove floor moldings. Total installation time was 1.5 hours. Instead of running the hot wire from the ModuLite up to the battery, I decided to make use of the handy 12-volt outlet plug already present in the cargo area. The 12-volt outlet plug will indeed handle the amps/wattage of the ModuLite and the load to the trailer lights, with load to spare. (Also the existing circuit for the 12-volt outlet plug is already grounded and has a fuse.) I attached the hot wire from the ModuLite to a 12V plug that had 10g wiring on it. I used the butt-connector from the kit to attach my 12V plug to the hot wire on the ModuLite. (I salvaged my 12V plug and wire from a 400 watt inverter that I no longer use.) 12V plugs with wiring can be purchased for around $4.00 from Radio Shack, Fry's Electronics, or your local auto parts and electronics stores.) The 4-way flat trailer connector easily fit through the hole to drop down under the vehicle. I highly recommend this kit - installing the wiring myself saved me over $100 dollars in labor and this kit is much better than the U-haul kit. 174642

- 118412

by: Don Soring11/08/2011

Received my hitch, trailer tire, and wiring kit for our 2009 Rav4 this afternoon about 1:30. Because I had already checked out the installation process on he etrailer website. Everything went just as indicated so it was no problem. One pre-drilled and tapped hole in the frame was a bit rusty but I was also prepared fo that and I used a toothbrush with WD4 to clean the threads then chased that with one of the old bolts so not to mess with the threads of the new bolts. Believe me, etrailer has this stuff already figured out and there are few to no "unexpected" surprises. This was the 3rd etrailer hitch I've installed and all have proven to be very easy. 26705

- 118412

by: shawn s.12/25/2011

Product was easy to install, came with all necessary hardware and wires had enough slack to route nicely. I didn't follow the directions exactly, and ended up routing my cable without having to remove any trip panels. It took about 25 minutes to install this kit completely, including zip-ties to secure the power lead. I was so very happy to not have to remove any trim panels, just routing the cables under the plastic in the storage area, near the back bumper. The plastic was flexible and just allowed me to slide the cabling between it and the carpeting. I took a bit of time and just felt the wiring as it lead back into the taillight assemblies, and disconnected it from the taillight by pressing down on a locking tab in the top of the wiring assembly. It would have been easier if toyota made it easier to see up into the assembly, but following the wires with my fingers was easy enough. My only suggestion would be to the company to increase the length of the wire going to the right tail-light connectors, this would have made routing the wires without removing any trim panels even easier. If that were the case, I am sure I could have done this in about 15 minutes. 28714

- 118412

by: Steve L.05/05/2011

I had no problems installing this kit. The time it takes will depend on your experience. I spent about 2 1/2 hours total, but that included gathering everything I needed, fussing with tie wraps, finding a route for the power connection, and a final test. One thing I'd like to point out is that it's not hard to run the power wire inside the vehicle. The trim pieces at the bottom of the driver and passenger doors pop off easily. While you have the rear panel loose, fish a wire from the rear area to the bottom of the passenger's door. Run the wire along the door sills up under the dash, where there's another small trim piece that pops off easily. Look up behind the OBD connector and you will see a large rubber gasket which passes most of the wires through the firewall. There is a spare slot in this at about the 2 o'clock position. I pushed a fish tape through this and it popped out just above the strut mount in the engine bay. With a little fiddling, I was able to route the 10ga power wire along side the main bundle of wires, around the engine bay and to the battery. Now I don't ever have to worry about having a loose wire under the car. 12925

- 118412

by: Anthony F11/25/2013

Everything (trailer & harness) was shipped quickly and the instructions were easy to understand. First time I've done any wiring in the car and it was simple to a point by following the instructions. The tough part is being creative with getting the positive wire from A to B. Since I chose to run the hot wire through the driver side panels inside the vehicle, initially fishing the wire can be a bit of a struggle, as well as fishing it through the grommet underneath the dash to get to get into the engine compartment. Toyota did not do us any favors(2010 RAV4) as the wire will come out in a very crowded area (look at the grommet on the passenger side to get an idea), but some creative directional fishing and patience will get you to the battery. It was helpful to keep the rear driver's side panel loose until you get the wire into the second row floor panels (personally I went from the 2nd row back). Also, as mentioned above there should be a hole available at about the 2 o clock position, after you punch through it aim to the passenger's side to help. Very doable for those not experienced thanks to the instructions. 108417

- 118412

by: Ben P04/23/2014

Product was spot on and the how to video was a big help!. Watched the video several times until I felt I had a good grasp on installing it from memory. The wiring kit came with everything neatly packed and went in with relative ease. 126979


So far no issues with the harness. My biggest concern was routing the wiring to the battery. I tucked it in and under various places in the body molding to conceal it and it has been no problem at this juncture

Ben P - 04/23/2015


- 118412

by: Dave H04/08/2014

Installing the hot wire to the battery took the longest part of the install, at least 50 percent. I routed it through the interior as others have, the hole is right where the said it was in the firewall. The rest of the harness plugged right in. Plug drops right though the hole in the quarter panel. Took about 2 hours total. Very happy with the harness, works great. 124382


It still works great. I will buy again when I replace this vehicle.

Dave H - 03/28/2015


- 118412

by: Willie B.08/22/2009

Just what I needed, custom fit The instructions were right on, but I skipped removing the side trim panels and worked through the access doors. Wiring was a little short for the passenger side, maybe because I didn't remove the panels. I ran the battery cable under the car, as I had no stomach for removing all that trim. I used split tubing to protect it. Didn't like running the trailer pig tail through the door when I use it, found a "vent" from the access area to the outside and ran the wiring for the trailer and the battery through that. Install took a whole afternoon, but some time was spent rethreading the battery wire underneath as I didn't like the exposure where I first put it. I also am not electrically inclined, so I took my time and reread the instructions so I didn't fry a computer somewhere. All in all, a positive experience. Best price on the web for the system, too!! 2292

- 118412

by: Emil03/18/2013

This is my third hitch+wiring harness combination from etrailer. The price was right, the shipping was prompt and customer service is great. The harness was complete and simple to install. The video instructions make it almost fool proof. The hard part is to route the 12v wire from the battery. I chose the under-the-car method as described in the video. Unless you are very small, plan to use a rack or as least lift the rear and then the front using ramps. Finding a good route for a wire that can carry that much current under the car is not an easy task and should be given considerable thought. I did it and I am satified, but it took a couple of hours and a lot of rolling around in the driveway to get a route that I liked. I wish there was also a video showing how to route it through the body interior. 71508


After a year, I am completely satisfied. It is plug

comment by: Emil - 03/17/2014


- 118412

by: Matt M.02/29/2012

The kit was fairly straight-forward. The T-connectors fit beautifully onto the existing plugs. The hardest parts were getting the trim open, and fishing the wires. The positive lead had to go to the battery, so it had to be fished up front and through the firewall. The drivers side had a rubber grommet with a thick bundle of wire and the hood release cable passing through it. I noticed what appeared to be a hole on one side of the grommet. I used my inspection camera to see that I could easily punch through this hole with an awl. After the hole was punched, I lubricted the wire and it pushed through easily. After the connection was made, I put my tester on and everthing worked fine. 32795

- 118412

by: Kevin L.06/30/2013

The wiring kit was very straightforward to install, and the installation videos made all the difference - they are EXCELLENT! 86864


The wiring continues to work perfectly!

Kevin L - 06/30/2014


- 118412

by: John H.01/08/2011

Great Product Very much appreciated the videos and the review comments. My 2011 RAV4 must be slightly different than the 2010 where the 1" tube was used to carry the 12v power supply (couldn't find a rear opening since it goes up into the wheel well). For extra protection I bought 20' of 3/8" wire conduit. It makes it a lot harder to run the wire, but nothing too difficult. I still need to get the correct size hex bolt so I can utilize an unused welded nut inboard of the wheel well just forward of the rear axle. I'll make a simple bracket to hold the wire so it doesn't touch the suspension at all. My shipment arrived sooner than I expected. 5213

- 118412

by: Carlos R09/17/2011

I got behind on getting on the road by two days because I had gotten into refurbishing a 4X4 "Cube" trailer with luggage rack to eliminate the congestion in the car for our long trip. Ups arrived with the hitch and the wiring harness I was very glad but when I unpacked the harness I knew I would take it in to a elec. shop for install and that was only because of time restraints. The level of skill required to instal it is a little tricky because of the panels "snap and fit". I would give my self a long time to do this. I am very pleased with everything from the time I ordered it till the UPS guys dropped it off. But its not just pull and plug. 24144

- 118412

by: Ken C.08/01/2013

Great product, easy to install with online instructions. Nice company to deal with. Super fast shipping. 92704


Product has worked fine, no problems.

Ken C - 01/30/2015


- 118412

by: Chuck06/25/2012

The kit was fairly easy to install. The most difficult portion was getting the 12v power through the firewall to the battery. We had some issues getting the trim popped out of the back of the Rav4, and never fully got the side panels removed, but we got them out enough to get in there and work. The wiring is definitely long enough to stretch across the back of the car, and there was no splicing/lengthening needed to attach to the tail lights. All in all, it was a 2.5 hour job, not the one hour quoted in the instructions, but I'm happy to have the trailer wiring installed. A good DIY project that doesn't require paying a professional. 45661

- 118412

by: Fred P.02/11/2011

I watched the video before installing the harness on my 2008 RAV4 and found it to be extremely helpful. Although it involved a lot of time and labor everything was exactly as shown, there were no surprises. The harness worked perfectly. I did make one change, the video said to run the power wire outside and underneath forward to the battery. I ran it inside under the trim panels on the drivers side and out through a grommet in the firewall. The hardest part was fishing the wire over the rear wheel well , a coat hanger fed from the front to the rear finally worked. Let it follow the underside of the plastic wheel well. 7049

- 118412

by: Bill H.03/05/2011

The shipment was received quickly. The quality of the hitch and wiring harness was excellent. However, I did have to make an adjustment to the hitch ends with a mallet; perhaps in shipping they were bent in slighly. Sill very satisified. Instructions were excellent and website is outstanding with the videos that show installation. Hitch installation took and hour and the wiring took 3 hours. Running the wire from the rear of the vehicle to the battery took the longest. I put stuck there magnet containing company info on my tool box because I will use them in the future. Prices also excellent. Bill H. 8579

- 118412

by: Ron06/18/2010

Great product poor directions I purchased this product in Sept. of 07 but had not installed it until recently as I hadn't needed it. The only problem with the installation was the 2 similar connections on the passenger side which were not noted in the instructions. My Rav4 is an 07 and it still had the 2 connectors one of which wasn't visible. Fortunately I found a review on the internet which described the problem I was having. My only suggestion is that the installation instructions could be more complete. More pictures and description of the trim removal process, wiring etc. would be helpful. 3144

- 118412

by: Damon C.03/05/2011

Bought this harness for my 2011 RAV4. I am pretty good with electrical things so I did not find the install challenging. The video on the etrailer site is instructive and straightforward. It helps to have an automotive trim tool (or kit)... I like the plastic ones (available from Amazon and automotive parts stores). These are useful for removing any interior trim pieces held down with clips... in the case of the RAV4, a panel at the very back underneath the door and two on each side that must be pulled back a bit. Overall, no issues whatsoever with this harness. 8530

- 118412

by: Bo J05/22/2014

Wire harness was relatively easy to install, thanks to the YouTube tutorial. Had some trouble with the butt connectors, but I suspect it was mainly due to my complete lack of experience with using them. I cannot overstate the importance of the YouTube tutorial. It, not only helped me install in easy to follow steps the wire harness, but it gave me the exact part that I needed to complete the project. This coming from a complete novice, without the help of any expert outside of the tutorial on YouTube. Thank you guys!! 131995

- 118412

by: Mike09/11/2009

Problem w/Install Instructions The installation instructions don't indicate that there are TWO identical connectors on the passenger side that the wiring harness can plug into. Only one of them is visible when the rear panel is removed, and that is the WRONG connector. The correct connector is next to the tail light where it can't be seen! I ordered a replacement harness because I thought the first one was defective. That was the only issue, the harness works very well and all others connections were easy to make. 2379

- 118412

by: Schofield03/13/2012

So nice to have the T-connectors; they made the wiring installation so much smoother. Fit my 2012 RAV4 perfectly. I wish they would devise a better way of connecting to the positive wiring. A clean and simple installation turns into a mess when the positive wire has to be routed over/under/around/through things to get to the positive battery terminal. On newer vehicles that is nearly impossible. Otherwise I would have rated it excellent. Took me two hours to install. 33753

- 118412

by: Lonny05/16/2009

Easy Installation I installed this on a 2008 Rav4 in about two hours. As the instructions suggested, I ran the positive line up the inside by removing the side trim from the back and front side compartments. I then ran the positive wire through the front firewall via a wiring harness access port and made the battery connection as instructed. This was an easy clean installation. Highly recomment and would buy again, if I had the need. 1854

- 118412

by: Ray09/05/2010

Great product, Great Price Product works as advertised and the price was right. The video was extremely helpful for the install on a 2010 Toyota Rav4. The challenge was following the video instructions for running the wire under the body. If I were to install it again I am sure it would take under an hour from opening the package to testing the connections. For a first time install, I would budget 2 to 3 hours. 3422

- 118412

by: Rob M.08/02/2013

So far, so good works like it is supposed to. Pretty simple install with the exception of having to run the harness power cable up to the battery from the back of the Rav. If you are lazy like me and don't feel like crawling around on the concrete with the car on jack stands, find someone with a lift and stand up while installing that wire. Much easier. Very fast shipping from 92883

- 118412

by: Steve S10/29/2014

Nice wiring kit. The only change I made was to splice the power to the DC outlet already in the back. I don't know why you would want to run a wire all the way to the battery when this outlet is there and already rated at 15A DC. It is a switched outlet, but chances are the ignition will be on if I'm towing! Other than that, I followed the install instructions exactly with no issues. 158442

- 118412

by: Lee11/01/2007

Easy and quick order+install Well worth it. Two day order to delivery from eTrailer. Easy wiring, idiot proof. Just plug in the connectors and attach to the battery. RAV4 Owners should note, the vehicle is the challange on this install. Its lamp wires are short, the trim is tight and you'll need to be creative running power from the battery. I zip tied it to the frame. 471

- 118412

by: Acer1003/08/2012

After watching the installation video at,I installed the T-One Wiring Harness{118412} in my 2010 Toyota Rav4.The installation does take a little time,but all the parts you need are included.I think the hardest part of the job was running the wire up to the battery.If you had a lift accessible,it would be much easier.I give the product a thumbs up. 33289

- 118412

by: Greg H09/14/2013

The harness is perfect. Every necessary piece is in the kit including connectors/fuse/etc....There's no way you could do this easier or faster without it, and it is cheaper than going direct through the dealer.... Even with overnight shipping! The icing is having the on line video that shows every step of the installation. Don't hesitate to purchase this product 99908

- 118412

by: Tyson c05/04/2013

With the instruction video this was a pretty easy product to install. it saved me aprox $300 that the local shop would have charged. Only downfall- was no mount for the plug under the vehicle so the plug stays in my trunk and when i need it the wires hang out of the back and the door shuts on them. Although not a huge issue overall seems to be a great product! 78988

- 118412

by: Tony K.08/10/2013

the wire from module to passenger side tail light needs to be 12 inches longer, and the 4 pin connector does not fit into the hole to lead out to your hitch. 94352

- 118412

by: Dave S05/08/2011

Just wired it today with help from the video and it worked first try. So far, so good. Wiring it to the engine was the very time consuming part. But I think I found a good path using the holes in the frame and routing behind the driver side front wheelwell into the engine. Didn't take any pictures, but they are the same as what you see in the video. 13096

- 118412

by: STeVeN V04/08/2011

Installation took over three hours due to finding a route for the 12 volt power lead. Patience and planning are key for that part of the install. No other problems with the rest of the procedure. Already had a trailer hitch test dongle and all functions passed ( left, right, hazard, brake; headlights on and off ). The RAV4 is ready to tow. 11324

- 118412

by: Bud10/21/2010

2010 Toyota Rav4 wire harness After watching the easy to follow video I installed the harness in about 45 minutes. Instead of an actual trim panel tool I just borrowed a two pronged meat fork from my wifes kitchen. My Rav4 already had a plastic "holster" that was padded and I just put the module in there. Shipping was fast - just three days. 3530

- 118412

by: Tom S09/25/2011

I have ordered two items in the last couple weeks. Finding my desired products was as easier than any other web site I have used. The product hitch and wiring harness were received within 3 days each. The online instructions were clear and complete which made the installation quick and easy. Keep up the great work and I will be back. 24558

- 118412

by: Eric S.12/02/2013

I was very pleased with the quick response to my order. I ordered a trailer wiring harness for my vehicle in the morning. By the late afternoon I was informed that the order had been shipped that same day, and it arrived a few days later. The harness fit as promised, everything works fine. Thanks for the outstanding service. 108840

- 118412

by: Gary D.06/03/2013

Bought this kit 4 years ago for my rav4 back in 2009. I don't use my trailer more than 5 times a year and one side will not operate brake or directional light. Troubleshooting revealed power going to modulelite box (black box included in kit) but not coming out to trailer. Unfortunately the only fix is to replace entire kit 83050

- 118412

by: Johnny J06/02/2012

The video made installation real easy. The only difficult part was getting the power wire from the front to the back of the car, Ran it inside of the car instead of underneath. Toyota didn't make it easy to get from the inside of the car to the engine. Cost of product was a third of what the dealer quoted without installation. 42492

- 118412

by: Ray03/09/2011

This is the third time I have ordered from and each time has been an excellent experience. Determining which parts fit my vehicle is simple and the recommended accessories save time trying to figure out what fits what. Simple to follow installation instructions and now videos are great. Highly recommended. 8905

- 118412

by: Bill A.06/17/2013

The harness was very well made and the video was excellent. I was worried about pulling the trim out but it really was very smootha dn it poped back in place. The wire that you run to the battery was protected by a very thick coating of rubber. All in all an excellent product with a great video installation video. 84907

- 118412

by: Rob K04/15/2014

Good video. Easy install but it would be nice if they showed a proper route to the battery for final power hook up versus just saying" stay clear of hot or moving parts" . Come on ! A little more video would have given the public a clearer picture on this portion as to where a good route to run the wire goes. 125279

- 118412

by: Tom Lea04/13/2011

Quality looks fine. VERY rapid delivery and I love the install video on their WEB site. BUT: it's most likely going to take you a couple of hours to get this job done. I also didn't like the idea of running the flat-4 connector thru the door, so I ran it outside permanently. Still, a good value for the $$$. 11634

- 118412

by: MattyB04/28/2012

Easy install. I would recommend running power wire from battery to trunk under vehicle (plenty of room on Rav4). Product fit great and works every time! I would not recommend pinching wiring b/t trunk as instructions recommend. Factory rectangular rubber grommet under rear bumper allows OEM looking install. 38708

- 118412

by: Mark03/24/2012

With impact wrench and another hand installed in 5 min. Spent most time having to clean threads for bolts. 35011

- 118412

by: Dale P.10/29/2013

The wiring harness arrived a day ahead of schedule and was very easy to install. The most time consuming part was running the power wire from the battery. The instructions were great and easy to follow. The video was also helpful to watch before the installtion to become familiar with the process. 105554

- 118412

by: KJ05/07/2012

Easy install especially with etrailer videos. Running the power wire to battery proved difficult. Not a lot of areas to run wire under 2006 Rav 4. Will need to use a lot of wire ties. Overall very pleased. The kit includeds everything you need including a self taping screw for ground wire. 39616

- 118412

by: Chris M.05/14/2011

This lighting module works perfectly. The instructions that came with it were clear and pertinent for my specific year of vehicle, the installation was straightforward, and I am very pleased. I also appreciate the easy-to-use website and their very fast shipment of my order. 14024

- 118412

by: chb06/11/2012

The wiring harness was as advertised, the video was very helpful. Would have been so much easier if you didn't have to run a power lead to the battery but that is toyota crappy wiring-the wiring kit from e-trailer is complete and provided everything you need to do the job. 43636

- 118412

by: Bob M07/23/2012

Works awesome, Pay attention to the video and watch the video all the way through!!!. Have confidence in your own ability to do this. Hardest Part was unhooking the connections at the back lights and reconnecting them, patience and watch the video again and again. 48925

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  • What is the Towing Capacity of a 2011 Toyota RAV4 with 4 Cylinder Motor
  • According to the owners manual which I found online, the 4 cylinder Toyota RAV4 has a towing capacity of 1,500 pounds maximum. Check your owners manual to confirm. It is in the Specifications section. Other models when properly equipped can handle more weight according to the manual. Since a given hitch will fit all models that is why you see the capacity listed at 3,500 pounds. Even though the hitch is rated that high you still have to go by the capacities of the vehicle as indicated...
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  • How to Charge a Camper Battery with a 6-Way Connector on Pop-Up Camper and a 4-Way on Tow Vehicle
  • I would recommend to use the Hopkins 4-Way to 7-Way and 4-Way Adapter, part # 37185. This adapter will install on your 2011 Toyota RAV4 and allow you to have a 7-Way connector and also a 4-Way connector. You would plug in the 4-Way on your vehicle to the back of this adapter. There will be four remaining wires on the back of the adapter. The white ground wire will need to be attached to the vehicles frame. The black wire on the adapter will need to be connected to the vehicles positive...
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  • Can the Thule Apex Swing 4 Bike Carrier be Used on a 2007 Toyota RAV4
  • The Thule Apex Swing 4 Bike Rack, # TH9027, will fit on your 2007 Toyota RAV4 as long as you have a 2 inch receiver on your trailer hitch. There are no additional parts needed to begin using this bike rack, however, you may want to use the Thule Bike Adapter Bar, # TH982XT, for bikes with slanted or alternative bike frames. If you are also looking to get a trailer hitch, then I would recommend the Hidden Hitch Trailer Hitch, # 70785. I have attached demonstration videos for you to...
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  • Difference In Factory Hitch And The Draw-Tite Class III 2 Inch Hitch # 75432 On A 2006 Toyota RAV4
  • The Draw-Tite Class III 2 Inch Hitch, part # 75432, and the Hidden Hitch Class III 2 Inch Hitch, part # 70785 will use existing weldnuts on the vehicles frame rail. It only uses 4 bolts and washers to install the hitch on a 2006 Toyota RAV4. The Class III hitch is rated for 3,500 lbs. towing weight capacity and 350 lbs. tongue weight capacity, but you will need to check your owners manual or with the Toyota dealer for the towing capacity of your 2006 Toyota RAV4. You will always use...
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  • Does a Trailer Wiring Harness on a 2011 Toyota RAV4 Require a Separate Power Wire to the Battery
  • The Tow Ready wiring harness, part # 118412, and the Curt wiring harness, part # C56165, that are available for a 2011 Toyota RAV4 will both require a separate power wire be ran to the vehicle battery. The separate power wire is used on many of the newer vehicles, because is getting smaller and more sensitive with generation. Because of the newer wiring, there is more of a chance of running too much current through the smaller wires and causing a circuit to be over drawn, potentially...
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  • Does a 2007 Toyota RAV4 Towing a 2000 lb Boat Need a Transmission Cooler
  • The Curt Class III receiver, part # 13509 is highly rated and would be a great choice for your Rav4. According to my research, the 2007 V6 is rated for 3500 lbs of towing when properly equipped. I would recommend checking your owners manual to confirm your towing capacity. To complete your towing system, you might need the following: Trailer wiring harness with 4-pole trailer connector # 118412 Ball mount, # 2923 2 inch trailer ball, # 19247 1-7/8 trailer ball, # 19260 A...
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  • What are the Differences in the Class III Trailer Hitches for a 2008 Toyota Rav4 Sport Edition
  • The three available Class III hitches for your 2008 RAV4 are very similar, the Hidden Hitch # 70785, the Curt # C13149 and the Draw-Tite # 75432 all are of similar design, all share the same gross weight capacity and would all install in the same manner. The major difference is that the Draw-Tite and Hidden Hitch models have a bracket for mounting a trailer connector. You could choose the less-expensive Curt hitch, and not feel like you had to sacrifice anything except the wiring mounting...
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  • Recommended Brake Controller and Trailer Wiring for 2009 Toyota RAV4
  • There is no one kit that includes the 4-pole harness you need along with the other brake controller installation parts but you have done a fine job of identifying the components you need. I would usually recommend the Curt harness # C56165 over the Tow Ready - its the same price and same install - because of its higher current output capacity. But if you already have it then it should work fine as long as your trailer lights do not demand more current than it can provide. An install video...
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  • Troubleshooting Cruise Control Not Working After Installation of the Voyager Brake Controller
  • It sounds as if you have the red wire from the Voyager Brake Activator, item # 39510, attached to the cruise control wire that is connected to the brake pedal switch. This wire will need to be moved to a different brake pedal switch wire. My contact at Tekonsha shows that on the 2010 Toyota RAV4 the correct wire to connect to is a light blue wire. You will need to use a multi-meter, item # BTMT15 if needed, to verify that you have the correct wire. The red wire on the brake controller...
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  • Troubleshooting Battery Drain on 2011 Toyota RAV4 with Tow Ready Wiring Harness # 118412 Installed
  • If everything is wired up correctly this Tow Ready Custom Fit Vehicle Wiring, part # 118412, should not be drawing any power unless the key is on or an accessory is attached that would draw power. The only way this unit could drain your battery is if maybe there was a short on the power circuit that was causing the battery to get drained. I would go over all of the connections of this unit and look for corrosion or loose wires. As long as this thing is wired correctly there should...
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  • Class III Trailer Hitch Recommendation for a 2007 Toyota RAV4
  • All of the Class III trailer hitches for a 2007 Toyota RAV4 will have the crosstube and receiver visible below the rear fascia on the vehicle. Take a look at the various pictures on the product pages for each hitch, linked for reference. Out of the available options, the most popular is the Draw-Tite trailer hitch, # 75432. I have included a link to the installation instructions and link to a video showing a typical installation on a 2007 Toyota RAV4. The extra bracket that you see...
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  • Compatibility of Curt T-Connector Wiring Harness Part # C56165 on 2010 RAV 4 with LED Tail Lights
  • I have confirmed with one of our friends at Curt Manufacturing that the Curt T-Connector, part # C56165, is indeed compatible with the LED tail light system on your 2010 RAV4. Some aftermarket trailer wiring harnesses are designed as a universal application, while the Curt unit is specifically designed for use with your vehicle. I have attached an installation video for you to check out. We also offer the Tow-Ready T-One Vehicle Wiring Harness, part # 118412. This harness is also compatible...
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  • Can I Tap Into Any 12V Power Source at the Rear of a Toyota RAV4 for Tow Harness Part 118412
  • The location that Tow Ready, manufacturer of the harness, and the location that we recommend is the positive battery post. There is not any wiring, readily accessible, in the rear of the RAV4 that can handle the amperage that is drawn through the power wire. Connecting the power wire to any power circuit in the rear of the vehicle can potentially result in a wire being over drawn and damaging the vehicle. Included in the kit is a length of wire to run that power wire up to the engine...
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  • Will Draw-Tite Hitch # 75432 and Thule Vertex Swing Bike Rack # TH9031XT Fit 2006 Toyota RAV4
  • Yes! The Draw-Tite Trailer Hitch part # 75432 that you are looking at will fit your 2006 Toyota RAV4. I have attached a video of the installation of this hitch on your vehicle. The Thule Vertex Swing part # TH9031XT bike carrier would be perfect for your vehicle as well with its swing ability so that you can open your rear door fully. I have attached a video showing the swing motion so you can see it in action. Thule also makes another similar one that we have a video showing it on the...
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  • Can Trailer Wiring Harness 12 Volt Power Wire be Connected to Trailer Battery
  • A powered trailer wiring harness such as # C56165 will be permanently connected to the vehicle battery. It cannot be connected to any other 12 volt source. A battery on a trailer would be a bad place to connect the 12 volt wire because for 1 reason the car battery is charged by the alternator. A trailer mounted battery at best can only receive a maintenance charge from the vehicle. I have included a link to a help article with tips on routing the power wire for you. For your 2008...
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  • Trailer Hitch with the Most Ground Clearance for a 2011 Toyota RAV4
  • All of the trailer hitches available for a 2011 Toyota RAV4, see link, are going to be traditional hitches with the receiver horizontal instead of vertical like hitch # 28501 that you have referenced. Even with a hitch installed, there will still be about 10 inches or more ground clearance from the ground to the bottom of the receiver. I was able to calculate this number by taking a look at some of our hitch installation videos for the RAV4 that measure from the ground to the top of...
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  • Hitch and Bike Rack Recommendation for a 2010 Toyota Rav4
  • Given the choice between a 2 inch hitch and a 1-1/4 inch hitch I would recommend you get the 2 inch hitch. This will provide you with more capacity as well as give you more future options for hitch accessories since more are made for 2 inch hitches than 1-1/4 inch hitches. Check out the Hidden Hitch # 70785, this is a 2 inch hitch that would work well on your 2010 Toyota Rav4. I attached an install video for this product for you to check out also. The Pro Series Q-Slot Platform-Style...
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  • Trailer Hitch, Ball Mount, Trailer Wiring, and Hitch Ball Recommendations for a 2007 Toyota RAV4
  • Among the various Class III hitches available for your 2007 Toyota RAV4, the Hidden Hitch and the Draw-Tite will be pretty much the same in just about all respects. This is simply because they are made by the same manufacturer. They use physical testing to test their products and meet or exceed SAE standards. Curt Hitches are created and tested using computer-aided methods and also meet or exceed SAE standards. All of the hitches will install in the same location on the frame of your...
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  • Does Exhaust Tip Have to be Removed to Install a Trailer Hitch on a 2012 Toyota RAV4 Sport
  • From pictures I have seen on the 2012 Toyota RAV4 Sport models, it looks to me that you should not have to necessarily remove the exhaust tip to install the Curt trailer hitch, # C13149. However, it would probably make installation easier and would prevent it from potentially being scratched. There is also an exhaust hanger above the muffler that you can remove the exhaust from to drop it down a little to make installing the hitch easier. Take a look at the video I have included. At...
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  • T-One Trailer Wiring Harness Installation on a 2011 Toyota RAV4
  • Yes, installation of the T-One Wiring Harness, item # 118412, will be essentially the same on the 2011 RAV4 as it is on the earlier year models like the ones in our videos, and in the instructions, see links. The only difference may be accessing the rear of the tail lights, for connection of the wiring harness. Since the vehicle design has changed a bit, the interior panels may have changed some and removing them may be slightly different. We have not had the opportunity to install wiring...
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  • Comparing Hidden Hitch Trailer Hitches # 90207 and # 70785 for a 2011 Toyota RAV4
  • The Hidden Hitch Trailer Hitch, # 90207, will most likely look a lot like the Reese hitch you currently have installed on your 2011 Toyota RAV4 because Reese and Hidden Hitch share the same parent company. But, to be sure, you can look at the installation video I have linked to get an idea of what it will look like. I went out to the warehouse and measured the cross tubing for both the Class II, # 90207, and the Class III, # 70785. The Class II 90207 actually has square cross tubing...
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  • Running a Power Wire on a 2009 Toyota RAV4
  • You should not run the power wire from the T-One Vehicle Wiring Harness, item # 118412, to the 12V at the back of your vehicle instead of running the hot lead to the battery on your 2009 Toyota Rav 4. You need to isolate the trailer wiring from the vehicles sensitive circuitry. Tapping into the vehicle 12 volt supply at the back of your vehicle will put your vehicles wiring at risk. You also need to be sure and install the included in-line fuse holder and fuse to protect the converter.
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  • Parts Needed for Hitch Installation and a 2 Bike Thule Rack on a 2006 Toyota RAV4
  • I would recommend the Hidden Hitch Class III Trailer Hitch, item # 70785, for your RAV4. Class III hitches will accept most any accessory out there and are super sturdy for carrying bikes and towing. Thule has several bike racks that will work in a two inch hitch, see link. Our most popular Thule 2 bike rack is the Thule Vertex 2 Bike Carrier, item # TH9028XT. This rack is a very good rack. I personally like the platform style racks, because they protect the bikes and the rear of...
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  • Is Brake Controller Install Procedure for 2010 Toyota Rav 4 Same as 2011 Model
  • The 2010 and 2011 Toyota Rav 4 are of the same generation, so other than minor changes the two vehicles would be essentially identical. The procedure shown in the video will be the same as what you'll use on your 2010. The parts you mentioned are exactly what you'll need, but you'll also need a # 118412 trailer wiring harness (unless your RAV 4 is already equipped with a 4-pole trailer connector). I'd also consider using the long bracket, # 18136 instead of the short # 18140 to provide...
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  • Trailer Hitch Positioning on a 2011 Toyota RAV4
  • Yes, the face of the receiver tube on Hidden Hitch Trailer Hitch, # 90207, will extend a little beyond the rear bumper of your 2011 Toyota RAV4. If you look at the installation instructions I have linked, you will see a drawing of the hitch in its final position relative to the rear bumper. It is almost flush but protrudes maybe half an inch based on the image. If you plan to do some towing, this hitch comes with a ball mount, pin, and clip. For a ball, you can use # 19256 (1-7/8 inch...
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  • Recommend Parts Needed To Tow Small Utility Trailer With 2008 Toyota RAV4
  • The hitch you selected, Draw-Tite Trailer Hitch, part # 75432, would be a good option for a hitch as it is a Class III 2 inch hitch. This is the highest capacity hitch available for your vehicle. The Draw-Tite # 75432 is able to be used with weight distribution system. You will be able to use a weight distribution system in the future if you decide to go with another trailer. To complete your towing setup you will need the items that you mentioned: Draw-Tite Ball Mount, part # 2923 Wiring,...
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  • Wiring Harness Not Powerful Enough to be Used with a Trailer that Needs More Amps
  • The maximum amp rating for the T-One Wiring Harness are as follows: Maximum stop/turn light: 1 per side (2.1 amps), Max. tail lights: (4.2 amps). This rating is even with the hot lead pulling power directly from the battery. For your application, you will need to use a Heavy Duty Modulite, part # 119190KIT, which is rated for 15.9 amps. This kit does not plug directly into the vehicle, so it must be hardwired. The Kit includes 20 feet of 12 gauge wire for attachment to the battery.
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  • Trailer Hitch Receiver Location After Installation on a 2011 Toyota RAV4
  • The face of the Draw-Tite Trailer Hitch, # 75432, receiver would be slightly forward of the furthest out part of the rear bumper on your 2011 Toyota RAV4. The center of the hitch pin hole will be 2 inches behind that. I have included a link to the installation details and a video showing a typical installation for you to view. The instructions and video will give you a good idea of the position of the hitch once it is installed. If you plan on doing some towing, the recommended ball...
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  • How To Install a Trailer Wiring Harness to a 2011 Toyota RAV4
  • You will not want to connect your trailer wiring directly to the wiring harness of your 2011 Toyota RAV4. You will need to isolate the trailer wiring from the vehicles sensitive circuitry, so it does not put a strain on the system and cause your vehicles wiring harness to be overloaded and fail. I would recommend to use the Tow Ready T-One Wiring Harness, part # 118412. This wiring harness will plug into connectors located behind the vehicles tail lights and comes with a powered Modulite...
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  • Will Draw-Tite Trailer Hitch # 75432 Fit a 2010 Toyota RAV4 Sport Model
  • The Draw-Tite trailer hitch # 75432 is listed as a fit for all styles of the 2006 to 2012 Toyota RAV4. You can use the video, linked for referenced, as a guide for performing the installation on your sport model. I have also linked the instructions. If you plan on doing some towing I recommend the etrailer ball mount kit # 989900. It comes with 2 ball mounts, 2 balls, a hitch pin with clips, and a carrying bag. For trailer wiring use # 118412. I have linked a video and instructions for...
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