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Tow Ready Custom Fit Vehicle Wiring for the 2005 Tucson by Hyundai

Tow Ready Custom Fit Vehicle Wiring

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T-One Vehicle Wiring Harness with 4-Pole Flat Trailer Connector - 2005 Tucson by Hyundai

Quickly and easily install a 4-way trailer connector on your Hyundai Tucson with this custom wiring harness. T-One connector plugs directly into existing wiring - no cutting, splicing or tapping required. Circuit-protected converter guards against shorts.


  • Provides a 4-way flat trailer connector at the back of your Hyundai Tucson to power your trailer's signal lights
    • Compatible with 5-pole, 6-pole and 7-pole adapters (sold separately)
  • Connects quickly and easily - no cutting or splicing of wires
    • Locate connection points behind tail lights
    • Plug in T-connector
  • Includes circuit-protected tail light converter to ensure that your Hyundai Tucson's wiring matches that of your trailer
    • Provides protection against electrical shorts and overloads
  • Constructed of 16-gauge bonded wire
  • Comes with dust cap for 4-way flat connector


  • Maximum amperage:
    • Stop/turn lights: 2.1 amps per circuit
    • Tail lights: 5 amps per circuit
  • 1-Year limited warranty


This custom-fit T-One connector plugs into your Hyundai Tucson's wiring harness, which is located behind the driver's-side and passenger's-side tail lights. You will have to remove some interior trim and the tail light assemblies to access this harness.

T-One Connection Location Points Behind Tail Lights

Once installation is complete, the 4-way flat connector will be stowed in the spare tire compartment of your rear cargo area.

It is recommended that you use a small amount of grease on all electrical connections - the plugs on your automobile and the 4-pole connector itself - to help prevent corrosion.

Circuit-Protected Tail Light Converter

A tail light converter is built into this T-One connector. Because most trailers run on a two-wire system - wherein the brake and turn signals are carried on one wire - the separate brake and turn signals from your Hyundai Tucson's three-wire system need to be combined so they are compatible with the wiring system of your trailer. The tail light converter combines the brake and turn signal functions of your automobile so that they run on one wire to properly activate your trailer's tail lights. Note: This will not affect how the tail lights on your Hyundai Tucson operate.

This converter safeguards itself and your vehicle against possible electrical shorts and overloads with integrated short circuit protection. Just install the connector as indicated and rest assured that the wiring system of your vehicle will remain feedback-free.

118397 Tow Ready T-1 T-Connector - 4 Wire

Video of T-One Vehicle Wiring Harness with 4-Pole Flat Trailer Connector

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer
installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Trailer Wiring Harness Installation - 2009 Hyundai Tucson

Today on our 2009 Hyundai Tucson, we'll be installing the Tow Ready T1 Vehicle Wiring Harness with Four Full Flat Connector, party number 118397. Next, we'll go ahead and show you how to use the new Four Full Connector. To use the Four Full Connector, we'll simply take it out from underneath the cargo cover and run it out and down to the hitch or accessory. Be careful to stay away from the latch as pinching the wire off in the latch can damage it, however the weather stripping is thick enough that it won't and we can simply close the cargo door on it. Then, once we're finished using our new Four Full Connector we'll simply roll it up and store it underneath the rear cargo lid. To begin our install, we'll first need to remove the spare tire cargo cover, then the spare tire cargo trey. Next, we'll need to remove the rear threshold.

To remove the rear threshold we'll first remove the four push pins along the inside edge. These push pins will turn in the center and then remove the entire pushpin as a piece. Next, we'll gently pull up on the rear threshold unlocking the fasteners underneath, being careful not to break them. Next, underneath the threshold we're two screws holding both rear quarterpanels. We'll go ahead and remove these screws now; keep in mind each process we do on one side will get repeated identically on the opposite side. Now with those screws removed, we can gently pull out on the rear quarterpanels and release the plastic fasteners underneath.

It may be necessary to use an interior trim panel tool or flat-bladed screwdriver to assist in popping the fasteners free. Now, on the passenger's side we'll go ahead and remove the tail edge assembly. To remove the tail assembly there are three fasteners we'll go ahead and remove and then gently pop the tail light assembly towards the outside of the vehicle, releasing the alignment tabs underneath. Then we'll go ahead and remove the manufacturer's wiring from the tail light assembly by pressing on the locking tab and removing the connector from the socket. Next, we'll go ahead and take the manufacturer's grommet behind the tail light assembly and push it inside the vehicle, routing the manufacturer's wiring back inside. Next, we'll take the yellow and brown wire connector that will match the manufacturer's plug, connect the manufacturer's wiring to the socket side of the T1 Wiring Harness.

We'll take the other hand that already has the pre-installed grommet and feed it back out behind the tail light assembly, securing it with the grommet behind the tail light. Now with the wire installed, we can go and re-install the driverside tail light assembly. Next, we'll take the remaining portion of our wiring harness and route it over the passenger side. Be careful to make sure you stay away from the latch as pinching the latch can damage the wire. We cap it on the back edge near the push-pin fasteners to stay away from the latch and/or possible damage. Next, we'll go ahead and repeat the same process of removing the tail light assembly and installing the T connector, only this will be the red and green wire assembly. Note we'll also be taking the white wire with the pre-attached ring terminal to be the ground for our converter and securing here underneath the trim panel and rear threshold.

We'll use a self-tapping screw and locate an area where the sheet metal doubles up for our good ground. Now with our ground secure, we'll go ahead and mount the converter box. The converter box has 2A 00:04:30 adhesive already so we'll go ahead and remove the cover of the 2A 00:04:33 adhesive and attach it to a clean, flat surface, preferably sheet metal as seen here underneath the quarterpanel on the passenger side. Now, with the converter box secured we can reinstall all of our interior trim components. We have now completed our install of the Tow Ready T1 Vehicle Wiring Harness with Four Full Connector, part number 118397 on our 2009 Hyundai Tucson. .

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Customer Reviews

T-One Vehicle Wiring Harness with 4-Pole Flat Trailer Connector - 118397

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (28 Customer Reviews)

Quickly and easily install a 4-way trailer connector on your vehicle with this custom wiring harness. T-One connector plugs directly into existing wiring - no cutting, splicing or tapping required. Circuit-protected converter guards against shorts.

- 118397

by: J Judge09/25/2011

The harness itself was easy enough to connect. The operation was hindered by the poor resolution of the pictures on the instruction sheet in the box–the .pdf file available online is a much better source. ( The directions for loosening the tail lights and (especially) the interior panels lacked detail. Anyone who is not familiar with the fastening (and unfastening) of the lights and panels is prone to damaging them. There is only one picture illustrating the loosening of side panels, and it shows only the most trivial action. I’ve included here the procedure that I worked out. (There may easily be a better method–and it would be a wonderful thing if etrailer would document this operation in a video.) To start, the motion to remove the tail light is a slide straight out to the side, anything more than a very gentle pull means you're going in the wrong direction–there is no twist or turn when removing the light assembly. There are two, plastic alignment pins that are part of the tail light assembly. They sit on the outside edge of the back of the light assembly and point straight in toward the truck interior. Take a careful look at picture "D" in the online .pdf. It does look as if part of the motion is a pull or turning motion to the rear, but there is no rearward or turning motion. The instructions for the interior panels simply say "be careful not to damage clips" without any directions on how one is supposed to manage that, yet getting these things loose or off without breaking them is key to the operation. The threshold plate, once the two screws are removed, must be gently worked up--there are insertion-type fasteners clipped on the bottom which will free if one starts from one end, prying only an eighth of an inch or so and working along the whole length, and then repeating the operation until the unit comes completely free. A thin plastic spatula or a wood shim work should well for this. The side panels are more complex. The fasteners will break and the whole panel can be cracked if too much force is applied. Carefully examine picture “G of the online .pdf. Note how far away the panel must be pulled to do the installation. There must be room for hands and a drill on the passenger side. The driver side need not be opened so extremely–only a hand is required. This means that several clips of two different varieties must be unfastened, especially on the passenger side. At the upper left of picture “G,” the two different “clips” can just be made out. At the very top is a plastic tongue or tenon with a catch at the bottom of the outer end. There are several of these tongues along the inside, top edge of the panel, each about 8-12 inches from the last. Below the tongue in the picture can be seen the tip of a white insert. This insert came from the hole in the body panel that is visible in the upper, center right of the picture. There are three of these white inserts, and they are themselves held by fragile mounting sockets on the back of the panel. The socket is not visible in the picture, being just hidden by the lip of the panel. The insert’s panel socket does open to the bottom, and the white insert’s head slides in and out of the socket from the bottom. The proper motion to loosen the panel seems to be a gentle push up and slight pull out–perhaps no more than a quarter inch outward. The pull up has to be a half-inch or so, and this requires that the quarter-inch pull out clear a lip where this lower panel meets the next panel from above. The white inserts may stay in their holes, sliding out from their panel sockets, or they may stay in the panel socket, coming out of the hole, either is ok at the moment. They key is that the upward motion directs the pressure toward the open bottom of the panel sockets, and at the same time, the motion helps to lift the first tongue on the upper edge past its catch. It might also be possible to slip a small screw driver behind the panel to push and lever against the inserts to get them out. I didn’t try that, and you’d need to be careful to not scratch the paint. A shim might also work for this. I’d start from the bottom and work up if I tried this technique. It’s worth a try, especially if the pull up and out isn’t doing it for you. Once the panel is free enough, work your hand in behind the top of the panel, locate the end of the next tongue’s clip protruding inside the receiving sockets and push the tongue up and out.. You’ll need to do at least two of these on the passenger side. Three is certainly better if you can get your fingers back that far–but that was farther than I could squeeze. In retrospect, I might have been able to reach that third one with something thin, perhaps a screwdriver, to push it up and out. Follow the directions on the sheet for hooking up the wiring. Examine the T-connectors on the harness before trying to disconnect the ones on the vehicle, and maybe do a sample plug and unplug there–they disconnect easily if one is doing the right thing (an easy push in on the small retaining lever on the side)–and break easily of one does it wrong. Don’t pull on the wires, ever. Be very careful at the point where you must drill a hole behind the passenger side panel to attach the grommet. It is all to easy at that point to pull the panel too far away and crack the plastic. If the installation did not require drilling a hole behind the passenger panel, it would be much safer and easier operation. Also beware of dropping the screw to hold the grommet–there are places nearby and below where a screw can disappear forever. When reattaching the side panels, the simplest method seems to be to have the white-plastic inserts in the panel sockets–not in their holes on the truck body. This allows you to guide the panel into place, directing the tongues and inserts into their receiving sockets and holes. The harness wires from the driver side must run across the spare tire compartment to the passenger side. Rightly or wrongly, I routed them beneath the plastic threshold so that they would not dangle. 24542

- 118397

by: Jeff G.05/08/2013

This,by far,was the easiest time I've ever had wiring a vehicle for a trailer.The harness for a 2005 Hyundai Tucson fit perfectly-no worries about anything not fitting,or not enough wire to reach both sides.I was finished in about 20 minutes and was honestly stunned. The harness arrived faster than I thought it would,and was well pack- aged.Thanks for the great service,and I am extremely happy with the product. 79504


Still consider it the easiest tow wiring Ive ever done.

Jeff G - 06/09/2014


- 118397

by: Steve N - Minnesota09/19/2013

This is the second time I have purchased from e-trailer and they provide a wonderful service before and after the sale. The ordering is very easy on their site due to the great search engine for finding the correct items for an individual vehicle. As for the products- well installing the wiring harness too me about 45 minutes and most of that time was spent in removing/re-installing the trim panels and tail lit assemblies. As a computer professional I only wish some of the software could be as much "plug&play as these wiring harnesses are. Every this is provided in the package and instructions are very clear and concise. I recommend e-trailer and the T-One wiring harness to everyone needing to do a new install. 100659

- 118397

by: Sherie E.06/07/2014

Great company to work with. 134658


No problems on this end!

Sherie E - 06/08/2015


- 118397

by: Ervin J.10/03/2014

Hi Carla M., The Curt Trailor Hitch Receiver that you recommended for my 2005 Hyundai Tucson fit like a glove. The directions were great and it took less than an hour to install especially since my good friend has a lift in his garage. Basically all you see is the 2" receiver end. It's awesome. The Wiring Harness was a little more challenging to install and fortunately my good friend had all the right tools,and as a former autoshop teacher, the knowledge to go along with them. Don't know if I could have hooked the harness up by myself. 154400

- 118397

by: Jason01/25/2012

I was hesitant about buying this harness as I thought it was a little pricey, and figured I could splice the wires myself. Not to mention I wasn't sure how well it would "ACTUALLY" fit with the factory wiring. It could not have been a more perfect fit. Wires were plenty long enough, all connectors fit perfectly, wire seems to be a good gauge for the application. Installation took me about 20 minutes from start to finish. It was a breeze. I would buy this product again and recommend it to anyone. Thank you etrailer.... well done! 30329

- 118397

by: Tom06/28/2009

SOooo easy to install, clean So quick, harder to read the instructions than do the job. Took about 35 minutes. This is the only way to go. I've installed brand X, which is cheaper, but always end up trying to figure out which wires to spice into and always end up doing it wrong the first time. Brand X is always a 3 hour or more job. This system is so slick, nothing to mess up and worked right first time. This "T" connector system is terrific. 2067

- 118397

by: Terry Rose03/10/2011

After having afriend try to hook up the harness I bought at the auto parts store he shorted out the whole right side of my SUV. The repairs cost me over six hundred dollars in Memphis Tenn., and six hours of travel time. Your kit hooked up without a problem I will be useing your products from know on. An no more good ole boys to work on any of my cars. Thank You 8992

- 118397

by: Tyrone S.05/15/2012

If you can follow instructions, and have a little bit of patience and understanding, then you will have no problems putting this harness in. Took me just around 1 hour, and that includes cleaning everything that I removed. Instruction were good and accurate. Will buy all my trailer wire harness's from from here out! 40600

- 118397

by: delbert08/28/2012

we ordered the trailer reciever for hyundai tuson , arrived in good shape & earlier than expected . was very simple to install, evey thing was as they said it would be, every thing lined up, like it was made to order. I am 75 years old and if I can put it on in 30 minutes any body can . thanks for a great product 53351

- 118397

by: GMan09/16/2011

Good instructions and it worked just fine! Like that entire harness is inside the vehicle and won't get wet when not in use. Only issue is that to connect to trailer, I have to close the cargo door on the 4-wire cable. I don't want to sharply bend the cable. Must be a better way. 24061

- 118397

by: dwight robinson10/31/2012

Very professionally made ideal would recommend all people to use the proper product for the job not those cheap universal types that create havoc and have a high casulty rate to your out of pocket cost. This is the most effecient proper cost way to go. 58443

- 118397

by: Joel S.03/31/2015

The installation video makes installing this on your vehicle a breeze- takes 30 minutes tops, very helpful operator when ordering, all in all, etrailer makes picking out the parts you need very easy, and their service is great- I'm very pleased! 181846

- 118397

by: Jeremy H.04/19/2013

This wiring harness makes hooking up wiring a breeze. I had it done in no time. I would highly stress being careful removing the tail lights. There are a couple of clips that are super thin and easy to break. 76963

- 118397

by: Sussanne05/31/2007

So easy to install, I installed the wiring myself. It was so easy! Took less than an hour to install hitch and wiring. It really surprised me how easy it was and it works! 200

- 118397

by: erin S08/14/2013

Very easy to install, hardest part was drilling in the ground to the vehicle. Have yet to tow anything, but the lights still work so that is always a good sign. 95113

- 118397

by: Steve S10/10/2012

Excellent Work - Delivered on time, nice workmenship and installed in less than an hour... Can now recoomemdn your products to other - and will - Thanks! 56901

- 118397

by: merv r05/15/2011

had no problems with installing the wire with the info given with the product. this is were I will go with all my trail needs thanks 14045

- 118397

by: Kevin R04/12/2015

Easy to understand videos in line and great support help on phone calls. I purchased for my 2006 Tucson and my 2015 grand cherokee 184832

- 118397

by: JJ04/02/2014

This product was shipped quickly and very easy to install. Etrailer is the best site for your trailer needs! 123473

- 118397

by: Jake05/29/2009

Easy Install This hitch was very easy to install! Very happy customer. 1907

- 118397

by: DeWayne U10/16/2014

Fast delivery, easy and clear installation instructions!!! 156333

- 118397

by: John F.08/04/2011

Makes life easier with simple install, great results. 21121

- 118397

by: forrest04/03/2015

Great Price..even better guys rock! 182668

- 118397

by: Dave12/26/2012

went in easy. works great. terrific pri ce. 61951

- 118397

by: Russ09/01/2007

Great Product Great deal, Fast shipping 374

- 118397

by: Mike M04/21/2011

Easy installation! Work great. 12155

- 118397

by: Shane Centers11/10/2014

Very easy to install. 160195


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  • Tail Light Converter on 2008 Hyundai Tucson Keeps Shorting Out
  • If you have a harness that is currently acting up, you can use a circuit tester like part # 40376 and do some troubleshooting on it. You can activate the right turn signal, then use the tester to check the green wire on the input side of the converter box to ensure that the signal is reaching the box. Then, test the green wire on the output side to make sure the signal is leaving the box. Repeat the same test with the yellow left turn and brown running light wire, checking both the input...
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  • Installing a Brake Controller from Scratch on a 2006 Hyundai Tucson
  • In order to install a brake controller, you will first need to install a 4-Way wiring harness if your 2006 Hyundai Tucson does not already have one. You can then install the 4 and 7 Way Installation Kit, # ETBC7. For a brake controller, I recommend the Tekonsha Prodigy P2 Brake Controller, # 90885. I have included a link to the installation details below. The correct 4-Way harness is the Tow Ready Custom Fit Vehicle Wiring, # 118397. This is a T-one style connector that plugs in line...
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  • Everything Needed for a 2005 Hyundai Tucson to Tow a Trailer
  • You will need five separate parts to tow a trailer with your 2005 Hyundai Tuscon. You will need a trailer hitch, a ballmount, a pin & clip, a hitch ball, and a wiring harness. You have 7 different hitch options for your Tuscon. I would recommend purchasing and installing a hitch with a 2 inch receiver opening over a smaller 1-1/4 inch hitch opening; the larger hitch will give you a lot more options for accessories. Also, we happen to have a very competitively priced Curt Class III Trailer...
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  • Left Brake Light Not Working After Installing Cargo Box With Lights on 2006 Hyundai Tucson
  • If the cargo box that is on the back of her 2006 Hyundai Tucson has lights on it, then there is a possibility that something is not hooked up correctly or has come disconnected. I would start by checking the trailer wiring connector on the 2006 Hyundai Tucson, part # 118397 and make sure it is working correctly and not corroded. Also, make sure it has a good ground connection with metal to metal contact. Also check to make sure all the wiring points are good. If the connector is...
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  • Installation Instructions for Tow Ready Trailer Wiring for a 2009 Hyundai Tucson
  • We have not yet had the opportunity to install trailer wiring harness # 118397 on a Hyundai Tucson yet so I do not have any pictures or a video. But, what I do have is a link to the installation instructions that do contain some pictures that will help show where the harness installs. Basically, you will need access to the wiring that goes to each tail light.
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  • Will the Rage Trailer Hitch Mount Motorcycle Carrier Fit a 2006 Hyundai Tucson and SYM Fiddle II
  • Lets start with a trailer hitch for your 2009 Hyundai Tucson. I recommend going with the Class III Draw-Tite hitch # 75561. With this hitch you will maximize the capacity the vehicle can carry (check owners manual for towing capacities of the vehicle) and the 2 inch receiver affords you more accessory options. I have linked instructions for you. If you ever plan to tow with the hitch I recommend etrailer ball mount kit, # 989900, which comes with 2 ball mounts, 2 balls, a hitch pin and...
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  • Do You have Instructions for T-One Harness 118397 for a 2008 Hyundai Tucson
  • We do have the instructions available for part # 118397 for a 2008 Hyundai Tucson. I have linked them below. Our installers can do these in as little as 5 minutes. I looked at the instructions and it should not take more than 1 or 1.5 hours, depending on mechanical ability and skills. Take a look at the instructions. They will give you a prety clear idea of what is involved.
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  • Why Torque Specs are Not Listed and Trailer Hitch and Wiring for 2006 Hyundai Tucson
  • Because the manufacturer of a given trailer hitch could change the torque specs we do not publish them on the site. But the instructions we have linked for a hitch, which I have also linked for you here, always have the most up-to-date specs in them. So if you look at step 4 in the linked instructions that is what you are looking for. I have also included a link to a video showing installation for you. If you plan on doing some towing you might be interested in etrailer ball mount...
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Do you have a question about this Custom Fit Vehicle Wiring?

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