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Tow Ready Custom Fit Vehicle Wiring for the 2013 Honda CR-V

Tow Ready Custom Fit Vehicle Wiring

(63 reviews)

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T-One Vehicle Wiring Harness - 2013 Honda CR-V


  • Provides a 4-pole flat trailer connector for the Honda CR-V
  • Quick and easy
  • No cutting, splicing or taping
  • Solid one piece construction
  • 16 Gauge bonded wire with 4-flat plug
  • Factory appearance
  • Simple do-it-yourself instructions on every package
  • Can be used with 5-pole, 6-pole, or 7-pole adapters

Installation: Connection points are located behind the driver side tail lights. The 4-pole trailer connector will be stored next to the hitch. A mounting bracket is recommended.

Tech Tip: It is always a good idea to apply a small amount of grease to all electrical connections to help prevent corrosion.

Warning: Overloading circuit can cause fires. Do not exceed lower of towing manufacturer rating or:

  • Max. stop/turn light: (2.1 amps)
  • Max. tail lights: (5 amps)

Read Honda CR-V owner's manual and instruction sheet for additional information.

118561 Tow Ready T-One Vehicle Wiring Harness

Video of T-One Vehicle Wiring Harness

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer
installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Tow Ready Custom Fit Vehicle Wiring 118561 Review

Today we're going to review part number 118561. This is the Tow Ready T1 Vehicle Wiring Harness with the 4 way flat trailer connector. This is a custom fit part number. It is designed to fit the Honda CRV starting in 2012. I would recommend on a custom fit part, is go to our website. Use our fit guide, putting your year and model vehicle and it will show you if this part will work for your application. Now, this will provide this 4 way flat trailer connector, the back of your vehicle to power your trailer signal lights.

This does connect quickly, easily. There's no cutting or splicing of wires. Basically, you'll just locate the connection points usually behind the driver's side taillights, plug in this T connector right here, plug in your module to your wiring harness, put in your fuse and you should be ready to go. Now, it does include the circuit protected taillight converter and this is to ensure that your vehicle's wire will match that of your trailer and it does provide protection against electrical shorts and overloads. On the 4 way, you can see they give you a length of wire. It is a 16 gauge bonded wire and on the very end, it has the dust cap. Basically when you're not using your 4 way, you can just put your dust cap over it to protect it from getting damaged or from the elements getting to it. Specs on this wiring harness, the maximum amperage for the stop and turn light circuit is 2.1 amps per circuit.

On the taillight circuit it's 5 amps per circuit. It does give you a nice set of instructions, shows you exactly where your finishing points are, how to install it. Basically what you would do is go to the back of the vehicle and then you have this T connector right here, you'll locate the connector on the driver side behind the upper trim panel. They'll have connectors that will match these right here, plug this in and then what you want to do is go to this portion right here where there's the gray plug in and that's where your converter will plug into, so you just plug that in like that. Then it has a piece of double faced tape on it. You want to mount this black module in the interior of the vehicle.

You don't want to have it on the outside. Then you have a white wire coming off with an eyelet on it. That's a ground wire. You want to connect this to a good clean ground. If there's one screw to mount it to, go ahead and do that. If not, they include a grounding screw where you can drill a hole and make your own clean ground.

It does also come with this 5 amp fuse that's already installed, an inline fuse holder. You'll run this 4 way cord out towards the back of the vehicle. The last thing you want to do, now it does give you some cable ties here to take up any slack in the wiring and the last thing you want to do is include this little mini 7.5 amp fuse and you'll go to the fuse box, which is located under the driver's side dash and you'll find the location to install this 7.5 amp fuse in it. Once that's all done, your wiring harness should be all ready to go, ready to connect to your trailer. That should do it for the review of part number 118561. This is the Tow Ready T1 Vehicle Wiring Harness with the 4 way flat trailer connector. .

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Customer Reviews

T-One Vehicle Wiring Harness - 118561

Average Customer Rating:  4.9 out of 5 stars   (63 Customer Reviews)

- 118561

by: Mark A07/12/2013

I ordered a hitch and the wiring harness on a Monday afternoon. The U.P.S. man delivered two days later on Wednesday at 3-30pm and I had both items installed by 6-30pm. Quality of both items is first class. Customer service offered by e trailer was just exceptional. Overall a great purchasing experience. The videos provided for installation are a great help. I watched them a couple of times before I even ordered the products and they certainly help fill in the blanks left in the written instructions. The comments written by other customers were also invaluable. I too left the rear panel in place on my CRV and cut the opening leaving a "hinge" at the rear of the car. Just pull it down, slip the hitch into place and replace flap. I am in my mid seventies so used a floor jack to support the hitch when installing bolts. No problem installing both items on my own. One minor issue,,,,,,the name plate on the hitch is not installed level!! Other than that small issue, I would highly recommend both products. The product supplier is to be highly commended for the way in which it deals with customers, just superb.. 89150

- 118561

by: Michael01/15/2013

I haven't installed the trailer hitch and wiring harness yet, but they arrived promptly and in good shape. I will definitely go to for my future purchases of products they carry. 63165


Just installed the wiring kit118561 on my new 2014 Honda CR-V It connects very easy as shown in the video. Biggest problem is the release of the front lower panel after you remove rug and the next step in the video. It was stubborn so I released the lower rear panel after taking off the other clips and bolts as in the video. I was able to get enough room and removed the back part of the upper panel far enough to see the wire connection. Enough room ro split the connection and install the kit wires. I ran the wires up through behind the other wires in vehicle before making my connection. Worked great and putting in the rest was gravy. The panels snapped back together easily as I did not have them completely removed to start with. The 2 push clips on the rear panel along the back are junk as they will probably not be able to be used again. Put in a small bolt and nut or see if you can find a couple of clips. They are covered up anyway by the tire cover. Video is correct as to where the 7.5 amp fuse goes. Directions with wiring kit are wrong. It goes in the 6th space from the right in the bottom row and not where it shows in directions as that spot is filled. This is on the 2014 CR-V. Remember when putting the panels back in you have to slide the rubber moulding trim on the rear out of the way as you put the panels down tight.Hope this is helpfulpl

comment by: Roger J - 03/30/2014


Very helpful. Thanks for the detailed feedback on the harness!

Patrick B - 4/2/2014

- 118561

by: David H07/21/2014

I purchased the T-one Vehicle Wiring Harness from Etrailer about a week ago. Shipping was extremely fast, it arrived on the 3rd day after purchase. Installation was an absolute snap, anyone can do it and you do not need any special tools; took me about 30 minutes total. Watch the video. I left the video on play during installation which helped a lot. This is a modular plug-in and use wiring harness, no need to cut, splice, tape, etc. A high quality product you will not be disappointed with. Great price from Etrailer, too ! 142458


I have used the wiring harness several times since installation a year ago. Ive had no problems what so ever and it works great !

David H - 07/21/2015


- 118561

by: Mark A.08/10/2013

Very easy installation. Followed the video. Harness worked perfectly. I would recommend an interior panel tool. The hardest part of the job is reaasembling everything. It went fairly easily. I found that there is an order in the way you replace everything. Unfortunately, I learned it by trial and error. I would say it took about 45 minutes to an hour to complete the job. 94364


Everything works perfectly.

Mark A - 02/20/2015


- 118561

by: jim p11/01/2013

Rather easy to install, however, the plastic push clips must be carefully dealt with, or else you break them, or forget where they go, because they fall out. Otherwise, it worked. 105942


My previous comment contained a negative review only concerning the cheap manufacturing of my CRVplastic clipsscrews are cheap and crappy to work with and often break and the CRV has many of them. Etrailer on the other hand had and has excellent customer service. The installation was very easy based upon the video. Everything was top notch from Etrailer. I would buy again from them without hesitation.

jim p - 11/01/2014


- 118561

by: Jim11/21/2013

This is a good product as long as you can do this type of thing on your own. There were no problems with installing the harness and it worked the first time. However, if you've worked on automobile interior panels, you know that taking them apart is easier than putting them back so they align, etc. I ended up with an 1/8" gap I'll just live with. The biggest issue was the handle that releases the rear seat. It's a separate unit that snaps into the rear of the side-panel. It kept dislodging when I re-installed the panel and tightened the two screws. This cause the handle to strike the side of the panel when I pulled the handle to test it. The solution - for me - was to insert two washers behind each screw so the handle unit wouldn't tighten down as much. I secured the washers in place with plumber's putty, then installed the side panel on top, inserted the screws and tightened them only slightly. It will take longer to reassemble the panels than to diassemble them. A few video tips would be helpful. Regardless, this is better than paying Honda $178.00. 108026

- 118561

by: Jim03/29/2013

I installed the DrawTite hitch in about 45 minutes without any problems. The next day I did the wiring and it was very easy. Once the panels in my 2013 Honda CRV were pulled open, the wiring harness just plugs right in and then the panels are snapped back into place. The wiring took about 35 minutes. Easy installation on the hitch and the wiring. Thanks so much. 73241

- 118561

by: Stan A.12/29/2013

I purchased the T-One Vehicle Wiring Harness #118561 for my 2012 Honda CR-V. The wiring harness install was very simple, simply plug in the connections. The difficult part was removing and then reinstalling the interior panels in the vehicle. I highly recommend viewing the install video, which was very helpful. The video recommends running the four wire plug into the spare tire well, for storage. Then you have to access the four wire connector every time you want to tow. I ran the four wire connector down thru a rubber grommet behind the trim panel, prior to closing things up. I was able to thread the end of the four wire down thru the flap I made in the underside panel, along the back side of the trailer hitch and secure it with zip ties. My total install time was about an hour. 111416

- 118561

by: Teddy Y07/08/2013

This is great designing product. It took me 30 minutes to get thing done with the detailed video demo. It's kind of pleasure thing to install myself with the instruction video. 88128


After a year using, its greatly working well and none of problem. I really like this product.

Teddy Y - 07/08/2014


- 118561

by: Rick M.09/23/2013

This receiver hitch is outstanding! I watched the video online and then used the instructions to complete the installation. Since this was my 2nd installation I took my time. No problems...I also installed the wiring kit and everything went smooth, the hitch and wiring both work great! Thank you for providing a superior product at a fair price.. rm 101167

- 118561

by: Marc K07/22/2014

Awesome product and awesome instructions. The video was perfect!! Watched the video, paused it after each step then did it on my car. Went perfectly! I did buy a cheap set of tools on Amazon to help with the plastic rivets and trim panels, but they were only like 10 bucks and worth every penny I think. Honda dealer wanted $950 to install a hitch and wiring. I didn't feel comfortable installing a tow hitch on my car so I had that done at a local car shop for $250. Spent another $75 or so on the wiring harness and tools, so I'm in for $325 instead of paying the dealer's price. Next time I need a wiring harness or anything for my trailer I will DEFINITELY use!!!!! 142533

- 118561

by: Bob10/06/2012

Already on the car and works great. It took about 90minutes from start to finish. That included putting everything back together and testing. If I did another one it would only take half th time noe that I know what to expect. All of the other ones involved running a wire under the vehicle to the battery. This item is all within the rear of the vehicle. Only one hole to drill for the ground wire, and that stays inside the car also. The only problem I encountered was getting the panels off of the interior (bigger pictures would help) . I would highly recommend this item. It is easily installed by most anyone with a minimum amount of mechanical or electrical skill. 56532

- 118561

by: Duncan02/08/2013

Hitch came in quickly and I installed it right away. Because this is a BRAND NEW car I was pretty anxious about removing the panels and getting into the electrical system as well as doing the cutout that is required. The videos are VERY helpful and while it took longer than suggested because I took my time, it was in the end pretty straight forward. I may have set the electrical plug too far off center. If you are not careful, the trailer wire can be set up too short to handle a right turn or too long and drag on the ground. It would not be too difficult to move if I needed to.It would be better to have a connector bracket the fit the tube on the hitch directly. 65478

- 118561

by: Dennis J.04/10/2013

A great product that just plugs right in. Removing the interior panels is kind of scary if you haven't done it before. Really easy to install the wiring harness, just be sure to double check where you have placed the wiring around the control module as the screws in the panel that secure the back seat release lever are located very close to where you might place the wires and the panel doesn't afford much clearance space in this area. I tucked most of the wires up under the highest most trim panel and routed it more towards the rear of the car before bringing it down. 75295

- 118561

by: L F.12/17/2014

Again the video and instructions were spot on. The biggest problem with the install had to do with the car not the kit. Breaking loose the trim panels was not real easy, and re-installing afterwards was more difficult because they had to be pushed away to access the blue plug. I chose not to dangle the four pole plug out of the tailgate but rather I drilled a hole in the rear spare tire well, cut the wires and re-connected them inside the well. Everything went well and it looks better than a wire harness sticking out of the tailgate. 165753

- 118561

by: Jim M12/02/2014

E trailer only handles top quality merchandise and this vehicle wiring harness looks like another example. I haven't installed yet, but will use their installation video when I do. I like to deal with E trailer as my hearing is so bad and they have an excellent website to find the products you need. I have had to have help before and once informed my hearing was impaired, they made a strong effort to speak so I could hear. The reviews are very helpful in deciding on which product to purchase. 163093

- 118561

by: Don W09/25/2012

I ordered this harness and a Curt hitch for my 2012 Honda CR-V. I have not used the harness yet but the hitch installation went without a "hitch". Took only a hour. Most of that time I spent searching for tools. It looks great and I expect it will perform as intended for many years. Etrailer customer service and delivery are top notch. They matched Amazon price plus 10% as promised. They even upgraded shipping at no extra cost to me. It has been my pleasure doing business with them. 55733

- 118561

by: Bud04/03/2015

Wonderful plug and play install. I did take advantage of a panel tool and someone familiar with how these panels attach and how to remove. He was not as gentle as I would have been ( he had done this before) and he did talk trash to them a few times. In the end the panel removal was straightforward and the wiring harness was truly plug and play. We were done in just over half hour. Very nicely engineered product and sure beats running wires to the fuse box and splicing. 182894

- 118561

by: Byron04/23/2014

This is my second installation of one of these harnesses. I brought my CRV home from the dealer yesterday and had this done in less than an hour. The toughest part was realigning the interior panels. A plug and play system; no fishing leads to the battery, no bare wires, no soldering, no taping. This has become my number one installation on any vehicle I purchase. With Etrailers fast shipping, you get what you want when you want it. 126882

- 118561

by: Chris R.05/21/2013

Ordered 4/13, arrived on 5/20. Delayed as part of a shipment; another product in the same shipment was on back order. Went together as advertised. The movie provided for installation was spot on, except that my 2013 Honda CRV had no accessible screw/bolt as shown in the movie to attach the ground wire. I drilled a 3/32 inch hole for the screw provided in the kit, as shown in the kit's printed directions. No surprises, otherwise. 81440

- 118561

by: Richard03/30/2013

This product is as advertised-installed on a 2012 Honda CRV. I would however, have the u tube video handy as the printed instructions leave you wondering in spots. The video is spot on and leads you step by step through the install. Pay attention to how the plastic pieces of the car relate to one another and how they come apart; this will aid in their re-assembly. Part worked flawlessly-truely "plug and play." 73441

- 118561

by: Rich F11/25/2013

I have not installed my hitch and harness yet, as I travel a lot on business. But I will say, I received the hitch and harness very quickly and did a quick inspection of the contents. All looks good and I will send in more comments and a photo or two after the install. This is the second hitch I have ordered from you guys and if this goes like the first one was PERFECT!! Thx! 108500

- 118561

by: Andi D10/17/2014

Clear instructions and easy to install We watched installation video and that helped as well. Used the free shipping and I received the hitch and lighting kit in 2 days! Amazing! 156591

- 118561

by: Jason Dahly09/03/2014

I recieved the wiring harness in 2 days from the time I ordered it. Watched video on how to install wiring harness on 2014 CRV and everything went great. Took me about 45min to install wiring harness. Saved over $250.00 by installing hitch and wiring harness myself. I would recomend any one to watch video and install items yourself. Looks great and works great. 150013

- 118561

by: Larry H08/25/2014

Great product and service from etrailer. Delivered quickly. Plug and play. BUT - working with those interior panels is tuff! Instructions and video were very good. Getting the bottom panel re-aligned after installing the harness took me some time (I am a novice) but finally got everything back correctly. Note - Honda CRV 2014. 148348

- 118561

by: Stephen D.08/04/2014

I just installed this product on a 2014 Honda CRV. This product is genius! I love the fact that I did not have to run a separate line to the battery. The hardest part of the install would have been figuring out how to remove the trim panels, but after watching the video I knew just what to do. etrailer rocks!!! 144223

- 118561

by: Gary N.11/20/2014

The wiring harness was what I was looking for, or some thing like it from my Honda dealer, but the only thing the had was a hookup that needed to be mounted outside of the auto. You harness was 1/3 the price as theirs, and was easier to install. Thanks to your sales staff for their knowledge of your products. 161976

- 118561

by: Dave R09/23/2012

2012 Honda Civic - Hitch was here 2 days after order placed. My son had it put on in about 1 hour. You do have to cut a hole in the plastic bed pan on the drivers side but it is WAY out of view. The plug and play wire harness took about 45 minutes and works great. Good product. 55541

- 118561

by: Scott F.05/13/2014

I installed a Curt Trailer Hitch and T-One Wiring Harness on my 2014 Honda CR-V last night. I had never installed a hitch before. I just followed your instructional videos and went to work. Saved myself $250 and the install went perfect. Thanks ETrailer! 130362

- 118561

by: Chris02/07/2013

Delivery was prompt and hitch was in perfect condition. Instructional video was very helpful as were comments/suggestions from other customers. Installation time estimate was almost to the minute for the time it took me to install alone. Very satisfied ! 65381

- 118561

by: Walt B.07/11/2013

The trailer hitch and lighting kit arrived on time. The instructions were flawless and the install was easy. This is my third purchase from and their service, products and instructions have always been top notch. They are the best! 88990

- 118561

by: Houman09/18/2013

Perfect product. Everything worked as it was suppose to. I installed this on my 2012 CRV, plug and play. The video instruction were amazing. Everything should have video instructions that good. The whole thing took less than 30 minutes. 100541

- 118561

by: jimrc06/04/2015

Video was really helpful for installing this piece, because of the wiring connections being behind the trim panels. Given the video, installation was straightforward, and it plugged in and worked just as it should. We've got lights! 200721

- 118561

by: mike11/12/2012

Great product came to house in 3 days installed in under one hour. Did not take under cover off, I cut it on the car with a utility knife and cut only three sides to make a flap then trimmed flap with my knife to fit. 59240

- 118561

by: Scott03/12/2013

Fast shipping as always. I put it on this morning, very easy job. Have not installed the harness but have read the instructions and dont see a problem. Thanks, Scott 70289

- 118561

by: Jon06/13/2013

The trailer hitch went together as described and would recommend it to my friends. The wiring harness is very simple to use and hooked up as described and worked beautifully. A great product! 84568

- 118561

by: Jorge12/11/2013

Works good. Videos are awesome. Much cheaper/functional alternative to going to your local Honda dealer. Don't forget to install the fuse or your brake lights & turn signals won't work! 109867

- 118561

by: Ed B.04/22/2013

I must admit it was a little intimidating to take our brand new CR-V apart, but the video made it no problem, and it worked the first time I plugged it in. Well done E-trailer. 77327

- 118561

by: Dean B.08/13/2014

Easy to install. The hardest part was getting the trim back in place. Took approximately 30 minutes to install. Customer service, product, and instructions were excellent. 146550

- 118561

by: Dan E06/03/2013

Fast delivery, everything as advertised, great service. The install videos helped immensely, got the hitch on in less than an hour. 15 minutes for the wiring. 82958

- 118561

by: Wil Kirchner10/10/2012

The trailer hitch arrived quickly, and extra items included in the order were packaged with the hitch. Thanks for the quick and accurate service. Wil 56846

- 118561

by: Tom D.08/19/2013

Product was easy to install (about 15 minutes) and I'm not experienced with auto wiring and installations. The online video was extremely helpful. 95738

- 118561

by: Bill P.06/04/2014

I recently installed the T-One wiring harness on my 2013 CRV. Video was easy to follow and the whole install was a piece of cake, 30 minutes. 134304

- 118561

by: Bill T06/25/2013

I recieved item in appropriate time. The install inst were good and it was aN EASY INSTALL. WILL DEFINATELY ORDER YOUR MERCHANDICE IN FUTURE. 85926

- 118561

by: Don C.02/15/2015

Video was very helpful in making the installation relatively easy. Hardest part is removing and re-installing interior body trim pieces. 174803

- 118561

by: Jason05/27/2015

Installation was a breeze and the videos on the website are a great help. Hard part is putting the plastic panels back on. 198223

- 118561

by: Mark S.06/17/2013

Easy to follow instructions. Product appear to be of good quality. Not used it yet, but believe it should work great. Thanks. 84927

- 118561

by: KevinK06/11/2015

Other than needing to watch the install video for guidance the product fit exactly as expected and install was simple. 202408

- 118561

by: Mike K06/28/2015

Great product, easy to install. My only complaint is there were no instructions with it and had to go off the vidio. 207888

- 118561

by: Ron F10/06/2014

Online video made the job go well - took me a couple hours, but everything installed and functioned perfectly. 154644

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  • Draw-Tite trailer hitch # 75742 and Hidden Hitch # 87621 are identical. They even share the same instructions which I have linked for you. I have also included a link to a video showing a typical installation for you. If you plan on doing some towing I recommend etrailer ball mount kit # EBMK4. It comes with a ball mount, interchangeable ball set, a hitch pin with clip, and a storage bag. For trailer wiring use # 118561. I have linked the instructions and a video for the wiring as well.
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  • Is the Tow-Ready Wiring Harness # 118561 for 2012 Honda CR-V Plug and Play w/ No Splicing Required
  • The wiring harness you referred to, part # 118561 is indeed a plug and play installation with no cutting or splicing of wires necessary. You can look over the installation instructions by clicking on the link I provided.
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  • Where Can I Get a Trim Panel Remover Tool to Install Trailer Wiring on a 2013 Honda CR-V
  • A trim panel remover tool is not included with trailer wiring harness # 118561. You can get one locally at pretty much any place that sells tools or in some auto parts stores. Or you can order one from us. We have 2 kinds. First is # IB35260 which is a basic design. Then there is the Cadillac of trim panel tools, # 11910-00905. This one has a spring and when you squeeze the handle it separates the panel from what it is fastened to so you do not have to pry on things like you do with the...
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  • Aftermarket Trailer Hitch & Wiring for 2015 Honda CR-V AWD EX-L
  • We do offer both aftermarket trailer hitches and wiring harnesses for your 2015 Honda CR-V AWD EX-L. Generally speaking, dealer-installed tow packages will end up with a final total cost that is more than if you purchase an aftermarket hitch and wiring harness and install these yourself. The only specialized tool needed for hitch installation, apart from the basic tools, is a torque wrench which you may be able to borrow. Some auto parts stores will lend or rent these. One is required for...
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  • Where Does the Trailer Mate Tow Bar Wiring Harness Install on a 2013 Honda CR-V
  • The good news is that the Trailer Mate wiring harness # TM783120 will plug in line at the connectors behind the tail lights which should be more accessible. However, we have found that on some 2013 Honda CR-Vs the connection point for the regular trailer wiring harness, # C56158, is not present on all models. In this case, if that factory harness is not present on your vehicle, you will need to use # 118561 instead. I have included a link to the installation instructions for you.
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  • How to Install the Tow Ready T-One Wiring Harness # 118561 on a 2012 Honda CR-V
  • The Tow Ready T-One Wiring Harness, # 118561, does not require any splicing to install on your 2012 Honda CR-V, however, you will need to remove some trim panels to access the factory connector behind the driver side panel in the rear cargo area. Once you are behind the driver side panel you will see the white 13-pin connectors that will simply plug into the connectors on the wiring harness. Once that connection is made, you will just want to attach the ground wire to a bare, clean...
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  • Comparison Between Hidden Hitch # 90089 and Draw-Tite # 36520 for 2014 Honda CR-V
  • Draw-Tite and Hidden Hitch are both sister companies that are owned by the same parent company, Cequent Performance Products. Other than the fact that the Hidden Hitch # 90089 includes a ball mount while the Draw-Tite # 36520 does not, both hitches are identical. The hitches share the same weight capacity, installation would be the same and the quality would be equal. If you'll be using the hitch for towing, go with the Hidden Hitch model as it includes the ball mount. You'll also need...
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  • Finding the Tail Light Wiring Connectors to Install Trailer Wiring Harness on a 2013 Honda CR-V
  • Installation of trailer wiring harness # C56158 on a 2013 Honda CR-V requires pulling back the driver side trim in the rear cargo area. The connectors should be back there but it is possible that they are further down and/or further forward on the vehicle. You should be able to follow the tail light wiring back to where the connectors are.
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  • Installation of the T-One Trailer Wiring Harness for a 2012 Honda CR-V
  • Wiring harness # 118561 is a T-connector. This means that it plugs in line with the wiring on the vehicle. Where it plugs in there is a connector already plugged into another connector and for sake of argument, it comes in a straight line from the front to the back of the vehicle. To install this wiring harness, you unplug the vehicle connectors. One will go into the larger connector on the harness, the other to the small connector on the harness. So know you have a T. The original...
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  • The Best Recommended Trailer Hitch, Wiring, and Brake Controller for a 2013 Honda CR-V
  • If you will be towing any trailers that have electric brakes then you will need to add a 7-Way trailer connector and a brake controller in order to activate the brakes. Starting with a trailer hitch we have Class I, II, and III hitches available for your 2013 Honda CR-V. The most popular option is the Curt Class III hitch # C13119. But, even though this hitch is rated for 350 pounds tongue weight and 3,500 pounds gross trailer weight, you will need to consult the vehicle owners manual...
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  • Where are the Connectors in a 2012 Honda CR-V for Installing a T-One Connector
  • Check out the picture I attached that shows where it will be. It may be just out of your plain sight, but if you take your time you should be able find it. We have hear from some customers that the connector can be located near the ceiling hidden behind a cable. You might try checking there also. Yes, you will just unplug the connector and then plug connector from the # 118561 in line with the factory harness.
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  • Are Trailer Hitches Visible Under the Rear Bumper of a 2014 Honda CR-V
  • Hidden Hitch is just the brand name and does not necessarily describe the appearance of the hitch on the vehicle. In this case, hitch # 87621 will have the cross tube visible beneath the rear fascia on the 2014 Honda CR-V. I have included a link to a video showing a typical installation to give you an idea of what it will look like installed. All of the trailer hitches for the 2014 CR-V will fit the same way. The other thing to look at is the vehicle owners manual for the towing capacity...
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  • The Best Inexpensive Trailer Hitch and Wiring Recommendations for a 2013 Honda CR-V
  • First you will want to consult the owners manual for your 2013 Honda CR-V because it is likely rated for a maximum of 1,500 pounds gross trailer weight and 150 pounds tongue weight. This is still enough to tow your 1,300 pound trailer though. For a trailer hitch I recommend a Class II hitch, # 90089. This hitch has plenty of capacity for the trailer but is also not as limited (as far as what accessories you can use) as a Class I trailer hitch. This hitch comes with a ball mount so...
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  • What is the Purpose of the Fuses for Trailer Wiring Harness # 118561 on a 2012 Honda CR-V
  • There are actually a couple of fuses that come with the trailer wiring harness # 118561. There is an in line fuse on the harness (yellow in the pictures) and there is another fuse, red. The red fuse powers the rest of the harness. In either case the fuses will blow if there is a short on the trailer. This will protect the wiring on the CR-V. The trailer wiring connects to a factory harness in the vehicle but to power it a fuse must be placed in the proper location in the fuse panel...
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  • Trailer Hitch with Trailer Wiring Mounting Tab Recommendation for a 2012 Honda CR-V
  • The Curt Mfg. Class I trailer hitch, # C11555, does not have a bracket welded to the cross tube for installation of a trailer wiring holder bracket, like part # 18144. You could install the # 18144 bracket on the hitch easily with the No Drill Mount Bracket, # 18140, see the video installation that I attached for you. If you are interested in a Class III trailer hitch like the Hidden Hitch # 87440, that you mentioned, you could use the Hidden Hitch Class III hitch, # 87621, which...
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  • How to Wire In LED Reflectors and Lights on a 2012 Honda CR-V Using a Trailer Wiring Harness
  • The T-one wiring harness # 118561 is designed to fit a 2012 Honda CR-V and provide a 4-Way flat to tow a trailer. The converter takes the multiple signals used by the vehicle, converts them and on the output sides provides the proper signals used by trailers. The output on the 4-Way is ground, running lights, left turn and brake lights, and right turn and brake lights. Trailers used combined brake and turn signals, not combined running light and turn signals. If you connect the LED bumper...
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  • Where is the Factory Wiring Harness on the Honda 2014 CR-V EX
  • The factory harness on your 2014 Honda CR-V will be located behind the left cargo panel in the rear of your vehicle. You will have to remove some interior panels to gain access to the factory harness. I have included a photo for you showing the location of the factory harness as well as a trailer wiring harness installation video for a 2013 Honda CR-V which you may find helpful.
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  • Can a Class III 2 Inch Trailer Hitch Be Installed on a 2014 Honda CR-V EX-L
  • You are correct, the tongue weight and towing weight capacities of the 2014 Honda CR-V are lower than a Class III trailer hitch such as # C13119. In this situation you always go with the lower rated component, in this case the vehicle. Despite the difference in capacities I still recommend a Class III trailer hitch because it has a 2 inch receiver. A 2 inch receiver will have more accessory options than a Class II trailer hitch with a 1-1/4 inch receiver would. It is also a sturdier...
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  • Will the Tow Ready T-One Wiring Harness # 118561 on a 2014 Honda CR-V Work with LED Trailer Lights
  • The Tow Ready T-One Custom Fit Wiring Harness, # 118561, will work with LED trailer lights. Many trailer manufacturers are switching to LED lights because of their energy efficiency, so many wiring harnesses are being designed to work with LED lights. You may have already seen the video, but I attached the installation video on the 2013 CR-V for you to check out.
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  • Can a Trailer Wiring Harness for a 2013 Honda CR-V be Mounted Outside of the Vehicle
  • It is possible that you route the 4-Way end of the wiring harness through the bottom of the cargo area in your 2013 Honda CR-V. You will need to remove as much of the cargo area flooring as you can. The goal is to get to the metal of the cargo area floor. Then you will need to look for some sort of grommet or exit point of some kind. If you find one but it is not large enough to push the 4-Way through you will have to cut off the 4-Way, route the wiring through the hole, then splice...
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