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Tow Ready Custom Fit Vehicle Wiring for the 2003 Honda CR-V

Tow Ready Custom Fit Vehicle Wiring

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T-One Vehicle Wiring Harness with 4-Pole Flat Trailer Connector - 2003 Honda CR-V

Quickly and easily install a 4-way trailer connector on your Honda CR-V with this custom wiring harness. T-One connector plugs directly into existing wiring - no cutting, splicing or tapping required. Includes tail light converter.


  • Provides a 4-way flat trailer connector at the back of your Honda CR-V to power your trailer's signal lights
    • Compatible with 5-pole, 6-pole and 7-pole adapters (sold separately)
  • Connects quickly and easily - no cutting or splicing of wires
    • Locate connection point in rear cargo area
    • Plug in connector
  • Includes a tail light converter to ensure that your Honda CR-V's wiring matches that of your trailer
  • Constructed of 16-gauge bonded wire
  • Comes with dust cap for 4-way flat connector


  • Maximum amperage:
    • Stop/turn lights: 2.1 amps per circuit
    • Tail lights: 4 amps per circuit
  • 1-Year limited warranty

Tail Light Converter

A tail light converter is built into this T-One connector. Because most trailers run on a two-wire system - wherein the brake and turn signals are carried on one wire - the separate brake and turn signals from your Honda CR-V's three-wire system need to be combined so they are compatible with the wiring system of your trailer. The tail light converter combines the brake and turn signal functions of your automobile so that they run on one wire to properly activate your trailer's tail lights. Note: This will not affect how the tail lights on your Honda CR-V operate.

118336 Tow Ready T-1 T-Connector - 4 Wire

Video of T-One Vehicle Wiring Harness with 4-Pole Flat Trailer Connector

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer
installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Demo Tow Ready Custom Fit Vehicle Wiring 118336
Tow Ready Custom Fit Vehicle Wiring 118336 Review
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Trailer Wiring Harness Installation - 2003 Honda Odyssey
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Video Transcript for Tow Ready Custom Fit Vehicle Wiring 118336 Review

Today we will be reviewing part# 118336. This is the tow ready T1 wiring harness, with a 4-pull flat trailer connector. To see if this is going to fill your particular year, make and model you can refer to the vehicle list at the bottom of our product page. This is going to provide a four way flat trailer connector at the back of your vehicle to power your trailer's signal lights. It is compatible with 5-pull, 6-pull, and 7-pull adapters. Those are sold separately. This system connects quickly and easily, so no cutting or splicing of wires is required. All you have to do is locate the connection point in the rear cargo area and plug in your connector. It also includes a tail light converter to ensure that your vehicle's wiring matches that of your trailer's. This system is constructed of 16 gauge bonded wire.

It also comes with a dust cap, for the 4-way flat connector, to help protect those connection points. The maximum amperage for the stop and turn lights is going to be 2.18 amps per circuit. For tail lights it's going to be 4 amps per circuit. It's also going to come with a zip tie, as well as two screws for your installation. That's going to do it for our review of part# 118336. This is the tow ready T1 vehicle wiring harness, with a 4-pull flat trailer connector. .

Customer Reviews

T-One Vehicle Wiring Harness with 4-Pole Flat Trailer Connector - 118336

Average Customer Rating:  4.9 out of 5 stars   (415 Customer Reviews)

Quickly and easily install a 4-way trailer connector on your vehicle with this custom wiring harness. T-One connector plugs directly into existing wiring - no cutting, splicing or tapping required. Includes tail light converter.

- 118336

by: John K.08/20/2014

I had an old wood stove that needed to be transported to the metal scrap heap at the local landfill. The hitch and drawbar were already in my possession but I needed trailer wiring for a rental trailer. I looked at the trailer rental store's offering of a generic harness that involved splicing as part of the installation process; I suppose it would work just fine but this product seemed to be much easier to install. After the removal of three trunk lining fasteners I had access to the wiring plug that is standard issue for my Honda. I connected the etrailer mating half of the plug to the Honda plug, fussed with the location of the "box" and the wiring a little and I was done except for verifying with a voltmeter that all the functions were working. When not in use the bulk of the wiring is hidden in the spare tire well underneath the trunk floor panel. This harness works just fine on my 2000 Honda V6. I'm happy. 147655

- 118336

by: Cody B.05/28/2013

UHaul had put in a trailer wiring kit years back. It failed on me. When trying to see if it could be fixed I noticed that UHaul just cut into and patched their harness directly into the wires for my tail lights. This product is designed to fit into my Acura MDX exactly how Acura intended for a trailer harness to be added to the MDX. Not to use the only crappy product UHaul had to sell and certainly not to compromise the quality of wiring to my tail lights. Do yourself a favor and buy this product. It is not very expensive. Even if it is a couple bucks more than something you would find at your local auto parts store it is far superior and it is deigned to fit your vehicle. Other kits require splicing into wires and I have no idea why you would want to do if you have the time to get one of these shipped to you. I like that this installs into the cargo area and can be stored in the cargo area. My last unit used to hang down outside of the car and was always out in the elements. I took apart my plastic cargo area and installed this while I was on the phone. After watching the installation video I did not have to even read the included directions or even think about what I was doing. It was that easy. I finished my phone call and the complete installation within 5 minutes. I also like that this has a end cap that can be covered... It should not be out in the elements when stored in the cargo area, but it is a nice touch. A very quality product. Do it yourself to avoid the crap that others will do to your vehicle with parts not designed for your vehicle. 82209

- 118336

by: CW03/26/2014

On '93 Honda Pilot, installed wiring harness in about 20 minutes. Also installed Draw-Tite tow bar (75599) and Tow Ready 4-Flat Universal Mounting Bracket (118149) to stow wiring harness plug. None of the wiring harness is visible from rear of vehicle with only 4 - 6 inches underneath. All of the wire is tucked away in rear threshold where I found two grommets leading underneath the vehicle. After cutting out a space in the grommets for the wire harness to run I reinstalled grommets back into place. Very neat install, wire is snug behind threshold where plug was located. Worked as advertised. 122298

- 118336

by: Eric A07/03/2014

Was worried I would have some issues finding everything as instructions were a bit sketchy for install on Honda Element 2003. Mind you, I am not very adept around cars. Once I got everything exposed, and the plastic wall removed from the rear passenger side, it was clear this would be a cinch. The hardest part is separating the plastic wall insert from the metal body without ripping up important tabs to keep everything in place when it is time to put the wall back in place. It took about 40 minutes, only because I went slow so as not to make a mistake, not to break anything. Have yet to try it out to see if it works. 139038


Do you have to take the complete side panel off?

comment by: Jim M - 07/17/2014


Almost had to remove entire side panel - did not remove the most forward secured part. Was able to torque out bottom and back end of side panel enough for my wife to connect the wire to the Elements connection wire once she cut the tape which secured several wire connections. She was then able to put all back behind the panel - her hands are smaller than mine, so it worked out OK. Needed 2 hands to do it this way.

comment by: Eric A - 07/21/2014


- 118336

by: Ryan C.07/03/2013

As expected, the installation was literally a "snap". This beat the heck of of splicing wires and drilling holes. eTrailer is my first and last stop for my trailer wiring needs! Thank you for a fantastic product! 87422


Ive used this harness several times over the course of the year. It is durable and works perfectly! I will definitely be using eTrailer going forward. I have referred them to several of my friends! I take reviews very seriously and wanted to make sure I plugged these guys because they are great at what they do! Thanks again eTrailer!

Ryan C - 07/03/2014


- 118336

by: Tim M.04/27/2013

Installation instructions were clear, and the basic installation was easy. The toughest part was getting the plug and box fit into a very tight space after it was plugged in so that the trim could fit back properly - not hugely difficult, it's just took an extra set of hands to hold back the trim and work the harness into position. We didn't use the double-stick mounting tape that was on the box. The instructions suggested leaving the wire hanging out the hatch when needed. We easily found two half-dollar sized holes - one on the inside and one on the outside - that were reasonably lined up so that we could fish the wires through to the underside of the vehicle. We simply trimmed the plastic caps that were on the holes to create a small notch around the wires and snapped them back into place after we had fished the wires through. We needed a few long zip ties to secure the wiring along the hitch bar. (One small zip tie was included with the harness.) 78135

- 118336

by: Steve H.07/31/2013

I reviewed this product when I reviewed the trailer hitch but I will once again say the service was excellent, the harness was easy to install and was a great porduct. 92589


Could not be happier with the products, the perfect fit, the fast deliver and the ease of installation I installed them myself as well as one for my Tacoma truck that I bought about 2 years ago However, I do recommend a second person to help as you state in your directions

Steve H - 01/30/2015


- 118336

by: David Hoelzer03/13/2012

Wow. Honda wants $280 for the hitch assembly and another $65 for the harness, plus 2 hours and $100 to install it. Ordered the kit on Thursday, had it on Monday, installed it on Tuesday in about 30 minutes. Contrary to the instructions, you don't need to drop the muffler. I'd recommend that you rest the passenger side of the hitch assembly on the tailpipe and then start the bolts on the driver's side (after taking off the tow loop, of course). Once that's done, start the bolts on the passenger side. Be prepared to use some liquid wrench on the passenger side holes because they are likely gunked up and have a touch of surface rust from 9 years of disuse. Finally, the two bolts behind the spare can be installed without removing the spare tire either. Fast, easy, cheap! I'd recommend this to anyone who's looking to put a hitch on their honda. 33765

- 118336

by: Dave P.08/11/2010

So far so good Installed in 2005 Honda CR-V AWD. Cannot assess reliability, performance, or ease of use as yet since I have not towed with it yet. Video was helpful but left out details of how to remove two plastic rivets on cargo door threshold. Looks like the tech popped something on the rivet with a screw driver but he doesn't say how to do it... Broke one on removal. No info on best location to mount the converter box. Had to remove it twice (by ripping it off surface) to find placement without interference when re-installing trim panel. Video instructions on 12V power outlet were garbled but I pulled it out of the panel from the front side which seemed to help with removal of the panel. Unit tested fine but have not used it to tow as yet. 3345

- 118336

by: derek hursh10/29/2013

I would recommend etrailer to my friends and family. Easy directions i have'nt wired it yet.I'm having a little trouble with the holes not lining up.Only 2 on one side and one on the other side 105632


Works like a champ Patrick thank you,

derek h - 10/30/2014


- 118336

by: David Y05/21/2009

Easy to install Installed on a 2003 Honda Odyssey van. Harness fit and functioned perfectly. The instructions say to drape the trailer plug over the trunk edge and shut the trunk on it when you use it. I found a grommet under the rear trim panel and ran it through that. The grommet was the perfect size to run the wires through and made a cleaner installation. The rear trim panel removes with only 2 screws and a bolt, so only took an extra 10 minutes. Took me about an hour total just because I spent a little more time routing wires. If I had wired it like the instructions said, it would have been a 10 minute job. 1869

- 118336

by: joe stephens05/23/2013

AS good as it gets......... well thought out system ......... 81749


no flaws after a year your system is as good as it gets

joe s - 05/27/2014


- 118336

by: Paul G.08/02/2013

5 minutes and was finished. Works fine. 92922


Everything is still working fine.Use my hitch and light hookup often,

Paul G - 02/02/2015


- 118336

by: Mark C.05/08/2012

The hitch for my Honda Pilot was super easy to install. I took the tow rinf off the left frame and took a tap and cleaned the bolt holes on the right side. I took two jackstands and put them under the back of the car and slid the hitch up into place and let it rest on the stands< I placed a little lubricant in the bolt holes and the rest is history. Total time was about 40 minutes and it looks great. i also installed a T-one wire harness which actually only took about 10 minutes and it hides away nicely in the storage area. Now all I need is to go pick up my utility trailer and try it out. 39752

- 118336

by: JK07/12/2011

Installed this wiring assemble in my 2005 Honda CR-V last night and it took me ~45 minutes. The product and the etrailer video are great and that is the basis for the overall "excellent" rating. I like the easy plug-in connection and the fact that NO drilling for a ground wire was necessary. On the downside (not the product's fault, but the fault of Honda) be prepared to dismantle the interior of your CR-V as indicated by the video to access the plug in. The engineers at Honda could've done a better job at making the plug-in more accessible... 19210

- 118336

by: Russ H02/28/2012

Overall good product. The video did a pretty good job explaining the installation. Watch it a few times before you start. A couple of hints...first, taking the side panel off is easier if you unscrew a fastener at the front of the panel, just behind the rear seat. You'll see it when you get the carpet out. Second, the adhesive that is supposed to hold the box to the side of the panel is not strong enough to hold it on. I was afraid that it would come loose and rattle, so I drilled a small hole and screwed it to the inside of the panel. 32736

- 118336

by: Greg K.07/26/2013

Installed easily. 91829


Works great, no problems!

Greg K - 01/27/2015


- 118336

by: Scott G.07/08/2012

Fit perfect. The instructions could have been better -- they should have stated that you install the wiring by first removing the fitted rear well enclosure and accessory container. You will see that Honda already has wiring going through this section to the speaker assembly. Simply install your new wiring the same way. These instructions prevent a complete novice -- such as my self -- from thinking that after connecting the wire to the wire harness that the wire should go out the speaker opening into the cabin -- which is wrong! 47121

- 118336

by: jason05/16/2011

Ordering/shipment was great! Install went fine. Instructions were adequate. My install was on a 2006 CRV, for all the years listed they didn't seem to include specifics on how to route the wiring to the outside of the car? I got to the connector in the car fine, but running the wire to the hitch was more troublesome. finding a place to get the wiring to the outside with drilling was very cumbersome. I eventually did find something after alot of pulling, reaching, probing, bumps, bruises, and cuts to the fingers and hands. 14131

- 118336

by: Russ H12/25/2014

Directions were great for how to access the factory installed plug (Honda CRV) Only thing stopping me from giving it 5 Star's was the lack of details or suggestions as to the best way to get the 4 wire plug assembly from inside the vehicle to the hitch area outside the vehicle. I removed one of the Honda factory installed grommets in the cargo storage area, widened the hole , routed the plug through it modified the grommet a bit, then some clear silicone to seal it all up!! All in all good product easy installation. 166905

- 118336

by: Kevin L.05/30/2013

2004 Honda Odessey Trailer Hitch, Arrived quickly after being ordered and shipped just prior to Memorial Day Weekend, about 6 days. Hitch and brake light assembly were very easy to install. Hitch installed in less than 30 minutes and was able to slide in into place without lowering exhaus (Six 3/4-inch bolts installed in OEM hitch plugs in the frame. Wiring assembly took about 5 minutes (one trim screw) and plug into OEM trailer light socket that T's off of brake light assembly. 82558

- 118336

by: Joe H.09/26/2011

I am of the generation that believes your word is your bond. In today's world it is hard to find a business that will do what it claims. Etrailer is one of the exceptions. Not only did they provide a quality product (hitch and wiring harness), they provided it in a quicker time frame than I expected, made installation instructions and on-line videos clear and precise, and most of all kept me abreast of order status. Etrailer not only says what it will do, it does what it says. 24581

- 118336

by: Paul D.10/16/2013

I received my order yesterday, a day ahead of schedule which was very convenient and all the correct items we included and carefully packaged. I turned over the installation over to my nephew which using every day tools had the hitch and wiring harness installed and working within 45 min. Impressive I must say. After he was done I could hardly see the receiver, normally the ones I see are huge, clunky and look to industrial for a small SUV like mine. It's a clean look. 104000

- 118336

by: Dave G.06/27/2011

I'm someone who isn't shy of working on a car, but I don't do it often and I need clear directions. In the case of the trailer connector, the online videos were of critical help, as the written instructions weren't all that detailed. It took about 1 hour to installed (and that's because I took my time), and all seems to be working correctly. I'm very happy with e-trailer, and I would recommend it to all my friends who need to make trailer-related purchases. 18041

- 118336

by: Scott Bond01/12/2013

Not much to it. The directions were short but adequate. I just located the plug in my vehicle per the directions, plugged in the harness and voila, I had trailer wiring! Its simple and it works and its inexpensive. Just what I needed. I will probably only use it a few times a year, so I can't speak for its longevity at this point. E-trailer expedited the shipping for me. This is my second order from them have nothing but praise for how they do business. 62807

- 118336

by: Tom F06/07/2013

This had to be the best wiring harness I have ever purchased. Easy to install, great instructions with video, great quality, and the price was perfect. The support group kept me informed on when my purchase was shipped and when it was delivered. The product worked without any issues at all. What more can you ask? I am a etrailer customer for good and I am definately recommending them to my friends and family. Keep up the good work etrailer, I'm impressed.... 83771

- 118336

by: Carlos12/11/2010

2008 Honda Pilot Quality was good. The video for the older version of the Pilot are not accurate for the 2008 model. The plug is int he same location but when you remove the trim, the clip is not fully accessible. I was able to squeeze my hands in and clip it together then pull it up into the storage area. There are some plastic knock-outs that you could push the harness through to the underneath but it would be hard because your hands can't get in there. 3991

- 118336

by: Andrew P.09/10/2013

Product seemed very well made. The wiring seemed thicker then the factory harness I got from Honda so I assume it will last longer. The ordering process went very smoothly and everything was shipped correctly and quickly. The shipping costs were also surprisingly low whereas other websites were marketing this product for similar prices but the shipping costs were ridiculous. Anyway, great product and service. I will be a repeat customer when the time comes. 99247

- 118336

by: Austin S.07/04/2013

The harness worked perfectly and plugged right into our Honda CRV without splicing any wires. Thanks to ETrailers Youtube video I was able to convidently install within about 10 minutes without breaking anything. Shipping was very fast and I am glad that ETrailer tends to use UPS as they alway deliver right to my door as opposed to the USPS that often leaves a note in my mailbox to pickup at the post office. Thanks again ETRAILER. Austin 87732

- 118336

by: Jeff Vandenberg08/22/2013

This product was just as advertised! The video make installation incredibly easy. In fact, the ONLY way installation would have been any easier was if the trailer harness had already been installed. The step-by-step instructions in the video were spot on and I had easily completed installation in under ten minutes. I am amazed that my local U-Haul center wanted over $60 to install a trailer harness. Delivery was just as noted to. FAST! 96349

- 118336

by: andy08/19/2014

excellent product. As described and easy to install. The only thing I would change would be to say that they did not have a link to a good video explaining where the trailer light assembly is attached to on my particular vehicle, however, a quick search on Google yielded a video that happened to be from concerning my vehicle. Fix that link and I don't think anyone would expect anything more from a company. Good job! 147398

- 118336

by: Dave C.04/23/2009

Great Product - Great Price - Easy install.. A wiring harness for the Honda Pilot is $65 at Honda parts... plus it is designed to hang outside the vehicle. I watched the install video twice online. When the harness arrived, I didn't even look at the instructions. I went straight to the vehicle, popped open the panels, plugged it in and had it done in three minutes. The hardest part was getting the tape off the plug in the vehicle. 1783

- 118336

by: Larry M.07/04/2013

Very quick delivery and the products (Draw-Tite Hitch, adapters, and Wiring Harness) were just as described. Installation was reasonably quick and easy. The installation videos were great. I took my time and was able to do the entire install in a bit under 3 hours by myself. The hardest part was disconnecting the plastic molding connectors to expose my Honda CRV's trailer plug. Very pleased with eTrailer and will use them again. 87700

- 118336

by: Rodz3106/13/2012

Great product and super easy install. I couldn't believe how fast the product arrived. Ordered on Sunday night and delivered Tuesday afternoon with standard delivery. I also received e-mails that let me know the item was in stock, when it was being shipped, and the expected delivery date. The videos that were on the site were very helpful and made install incredibly easy. I kid you not, total time for install was 5 minutes. 43947

- 118336

by: Henry C.03/20/2012

Ordered multiple items from multiple times, delivery of the products were all fast. Instruction videos on the installation of this trailer wire harness helped me breeze thru the actual installation. Also purchased the trailer hitch and bike rack for a complete set of gears. had installation videos for these items also. Would definitely refer friends to shop here for trailer related stuff. 34540

- 118336

by: John515Taylor01/12/2015

Purchased the 2" receiver, wiring harness & hitch pin. After reading the reviews, I went ahead with the order and found it to be as easy or easier than possible. Free shipping came right to the door and I had it in place within 15 minutes. What made this all possible was the added online videos that show anyone can install these hitches and I went from farming out the job to do it yourself. Thank you Etrailer! 168619

- 118336

by: Bret B.05/22/2014

Great product! Installed on a 2003 Honda Pilot. Easy installation. Removed trim plate at rear of cargo area without any tools. There was a plug under the plate that you simply plug the wiring harness into. I leave the wiring harness in the storage area for the head rests when not in use. When I need it I pull it out connect it to my trailer and gently close the rear tailgate on the wires. 131798

- 118336

by: Jordan11/25/2013

Easy easy easy installation. I needed a second set of hands to help hold the panel out of the way while I plugged it in, however other than that it was really simple. I watched the instructional video twice, glanced at the included instruction sheet (which was not very helpful) and then had it done in about 20 minutes in all. It sure beats paying $150 at a local trailer shop to install one! 108435

- 118336

by: Barney W.07/06/2011

Your service and information video were fantastic!!!! A person would be crazy to go anywhere else. Thanks to your video I installed it just like a professional, it looks like it was factory installed. This is my first time I have done business with you but I would not hesitate to recommend or use you again. Thank you so very much for making me feel like part of your family. 18679

- 118336

by: Sandy R07/21/2014

Fit perfectly on my 2006 Honda. Looked at the on line instruction step by step video a couple of times and installed it in less than 30 minutes. I am a 70 year old woman, if I can do it you can do it. The trailer repair shops wanted $70.00 for the wiring harness and $150.00 to $200.00 to install it. Works great! I am very proud of myself. Thank you everyone at etrailer. 142455

- 118336

by: Eric A02/18/2012

Easy to follow instructions and video was very good. I was not comfortable with doing any wiring on a fairly new vehicle (Honda Pilot 2006) but was perfectly capable with my 10 yr old to complete the installation after watching the tutorial. I will use this website again with future purchases. The prices were also very fair compared with other websites. 31975

- 118336

by: Andy S.08/01/2011

I have to say I am extremely impressed by this company and this product. The video showed exactly where to plug this in and it works exactly as intended. The customer service was the best I have had. Shipping from them to me on the west coast was super fast (and free) arriving in 4 days! I will be checking the rest of the site for more items I may need. 20705

- 118336

by: Lionel D.06/27/2012

Dear etrailer folks, I received your shipment of the T1 connector this afternoon. Thank you for the expedited shipping. I appreciate it. It took me 20 minutes to install it on my Honda Odyssey. Tested it on my trailer lighting. It works great. This is a great product and I will recommend it and etrailer to friends and relatives. Lionel D. 45899

- 118336

by: Ovi06/02/2011

Excellent service. Delivered faster than promised. Easy to install after watching the video and it works perfect. If you have a problem with the lights on the trailer ( like I had), check the trailer's wiring: many of them use the chassis as a ground wire and it can create issues. The best way to avoid this is to install another wire for ground. 15955

- 118336

by: Kenny V.02/16/2014

Excellent quality. Perfect match. Only issue was gaining access in the Pilot, in order to connect the receptacle and route the wiring. Somewhat time consuming to remove the access panels, in order to make the connections. Took about 45 minutes, primarily removing access panels without damaging them. No issue with the product. Thanks etrailer!. 116665

- 118336

by: Kevin03/25/2010

Good product Got this with a Curt Class III hitch for a 2005 CR-V. Excellent shipping, price & Customer Service (yes, it does still exist here!). Between included instructions and website video I had it installed in about 30 minutes. Hardest part was getting the inside wall panel back on. Harness appears to be working like a champ. Thanks! 2856

- 118336

by: Mark C.05/08/2012

Installed a T-one wire harness which actually only took about 10 minutes and it hides away nicely in the storage area. Now all I need is to go pick up my utility trailer and try it out. This product was the easiest wire job I ever did and being in the horse show end of life I have done a lot of wire jobs. Next time I am looking here first. 39753

- 118336

by: David G.06/27/2013

Doesn't get any easier than this for wiring a trailer lights connector. The video was helpful with suggestions, but I took it a step further and routed the wiring throught the factory capped holes in the vehicle's structure to the receiver. As often as I tow, I had a long term concern about pinching the wires between the rear hatch seal. 86429

- 118336

by: Martin Freibergs10/08/2014

The product was easy to find for my vehicle; installation video was right on target, and I was able to complete this project in 15 minutes. Pricing was fantastic; at the time when I had the hitch installed the installer wanted $125 to wire my Honda Pilot. This product, the etrailer video, and 15 minutes of time saved me a bundle of money. 155200

- 118336

by: russ07/19/2014

after I installed I am wondering if I plugged in backwards? need to take apart to investigate as brake lights only work without running lights...and left directional causes right to alternate? trailer did not do this with my car wiring harness. video was helpful but could not loosen 12 v plug in crv video in order to make enough room 142252

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  • Hitch and Wiring Recommendation for a 2003 Honda Element AWD
  • The Draw-Tite Max-Frame Trailer Hitch Receiver - Custom Fit - Class III - 2 inch, part # 75659, that you referenced will work for your 2003 Honda Element AWD. I have included instructions in a link below. To complete your towing setup you you might also be interested in: Tow Ready Custom Fit Vehicle Wiring for the 2003 Honda Element, part # 118336 Ball Mount 3/4 inch Rise or 2 inch Drop, 6,000 lbs, part # 2923 Hitch Ball with 2 inch Diameter and Medium Shank, 6,000 lbs GTW - Chrome,...
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  • Which Trailer Wiring Harness Fits a 2004 Honda Element
  • You could use either the Hopkins harness you were looking at, part # 43105, or you could use the Tow Ready part # 118336. They are comparable parts that install the same way. I have included a link to the Tow Ready part instructions that are very good. See page 5 of the instructions for the Element. Either of these should function fine on your 2004 Element The 6 pin factory Honda connector has the necessary circuits to properly power a 4-Way trailer connector. It is possible that the...
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  • Trailer Hitch and Wiring for 2004 Honda Element
  • I can help you get everything you will need to tow a trailer with your 2004 Honda Element. Starting with a trailer hitch I recommend going with the Class III hitch that is available for your vehicle, # 87506. It has a 2 inch receiver that is going to be compatible with more accessories than the smaller hitches. I have linked installation instructions for you. The hitch does not come with a ball mount but I recommend the etrailer ball mount kit # 989900. It comes with 2 ball mounts, 2...
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  • 7-Way RV Trailer Connector Wiring and Mounting on a 2006 Honda Pilot
  • If you will be installing a 7-Way RV style trailer wiring connector on your 2006 Honda Pilot, to tow your camper, you will most likely need all of the wiring and circuit breakers to complete the installation of a brake controller and power wire for the 7-Way. Our Brake Controller Installation Kit, # ETBC7, contains all of the wiring, circuit breakers and the 7-Way RV connector, # 37185, that you mentioned. I have included a link to detailed installation instructions for you to review, and...
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  • Replacing OEM Trailer Wiring Harness with # 118336 for 2004 Honda Pilot
  • Lets begin with the purpose of the converter box. The wiring system that trailers use is very simple. The turn signal and the brake lights are carried on the same circuit. The left turn and brake light signals are carried in the yellow wire down the drivers side of the trailer, and the right turn and brake light signals are carried on the green wire running down the passenger side. This is the tried-and-true system that has been used for years. The converter comes in when you have a...
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  • Brake Controller Wiring for a 2007 Honda Pilot
  • The Wiring Adapter, part # 3070-P will not work on the 2007 Honda Pilot. The 2007 Pilot does not have the provision for plugging in a brake controller under the dash. To install a brake controller on your Pilot, you will have to hardwire the controller, using our Brake Controller Installation Kit, part # ETBC7 (for a 7-way connector) or ETBC6 (for a 6-Way connector). The install kits contain everything necessary for installing your brake controller. If your Pilot does not already have...
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  • Trailer Hitch Recommendation to Tow a 1,300 Pound Utility Trailer with a 2004 Honda Element
  • The Draw-Tite trailer hitch # 24720 has a capacity of 2,000 pounds. It is given this rating based on its connection points on the vehicle and testing done by the manufacturer. The connection points on the vehicle for this hitch can handle the 1,300 pounds. The bolts in the spare tire well will also require the included support blocks that distribute the weight to a wider area beyond where they are attached on the vehicle. What I recommend to give you piece of mind is to go with a...
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  • Installing a Brake Controller from Scratch on a 2004 Honda Pilot
  • You are correct, the ETBC7 does not come with written installation instructions because it can be used with so many different vehicles and brake controllers. But I will be happy to provide you with step by step instructions on installing the 7 and 4 Way Installation Kit, # ETBC7, on your 2004 Honda Pilot. I will also provide a helpful FAQ article and a video install of an ETBC7. The first thing you will need as you have pointed out is the correct 4-Way wiring harness if not already installed...
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  • Hitch Recommendation for a 1998 Honda CR-V
  • Yes, the Curt Trailer Hitch part # 13314 that you referenced has been confirmed to fit all models of the 1998 Honda CR-V so it will work on yours. I attached a link to an install video to the right for you to check out as well. For trailer wiring you would want the part # 118336. For ball mounts I recommend the etrailer Ball Mount Kit # 989900. It comes with 2 ball mounts, 2 balls, a hitch pin with clip, and a carrying bag. Lastly, some models of the Honda CR-V have pretty low...
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  • Best Looking Class III Trailer Hitch for 03 Acura MDX
  • I would recommend the Draw-Tite Class III receiver, part # 75599. Once installed, the only portion of the hitch that will be visible at the rear of the vehicle will be the receiver tube (see photo). To complete your towing system, you might also need the following: Wiring harness with 4-pole trailer connector, part # 118336 Ball mount, part # 2923 2 inch trailer ball, part # 19247 1-7/8 inch trailer ball, part # 19260 Pin and clip, part # PC3 Locking hitch pin, part # 40107 I...
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  • Recommendation For Towing Pop-Up Camper With Curt Class III 2-Inch Hitch # 13535 on 2004 Honda CR-V
  • The Curt Class III 2-Inch Hitch, part # 13535, will fit your 2004 Honda CR-V. The hitch has a gross towing weight capacity of 3,500 lbs, but the 1,500-lb towing capacity of your vehicle will be the maximum you will be able to tow. When you add the hitch to your CR-V it will not increase the towing capacity of your vehicle. I am including a link to the installation instructions and an installation video of the Curt # 13535 hitch. If the total weight capacity of your pop-up camper, loaded...
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  • Will a Hidden Hitch Trailer Hitch Fit a 2001 Acura CL Type S
  • The Hidden Hitch trailer hitch # 60913 will fit all models of the 2001 Acura CL including your Type S. I have included a link to the installation instructions and a link to a video showing a typical installation on a similar car. If you plan on doing some towing the hitch comes with the correct ball mount, hitch pin and clip. For a ball you can use # 19256 for a 1-7/8 inch diameter, or # 19258 for a 2 inch diameter. For trailer wiring, use # 118336. I have included a link to the installation...
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  • Base Plates and Trailer Hitch Recommendations for 2005 Honda CR-V
  • As a first step, check with your owners manual (emergency or recreational towing section) or Honda regarding the flat towability of your CR-V. Some vehicles will require modification in order to be flat towed safely. Unless your CRV has the Trim Package on the front bumper (see photo), the Roadmaster # 1555-1 will work just fine for you. If you do have the Trim Package, you will want to use # 1555-5. Keep in mind, trimming of the spoiler, air dam, grille or bumper fascia might be required. If...
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  • Trailer Hitch and Cargo Carrier Recommendations for a 2003 Honda Element
  • For your 2003 Honda Element, I do have a solution for you, but there are no front mount trailer hitches available for your vehicle. Instead, you can use a rear mounted cargo carrier and simply relocate the license plate to the back of the carrier to be in compliance with state law. First, you will need a trailer hitch. I recommend Hidden Hitch Trailer Hitch, # 87506, that you have referenced. This is a class III trailer hitch so you will have plenty of tongue weight capacity, 350 pounds,...
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  • Comparing Draw-Tite and Curt Trailer Hitches for a 2003 Acura MDX
  • The Curt and Draw-Tite trailer hitches for the 2003 Acura MDX will each perform well for you. I can tell you that the Draw-Tite hitches do undergo a certain amount of extra voluntary testing that other brands do not do with their hitches. The extra 2 bolts and center mounting point on the Curt hitch do not give it additional capacity. The Curt hitch # 13328 and the Draw-Tite hitch, # 75599, are each rated at 350 pounds tongue weight and 3,500 pounds gross trailer weight. Both can be...
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  • Trailer Connector Mounting Box for Round Tube Hitches
  • Yes the mounting box you have selected will work with the hitch and wiring kit you have selected. You will also need a wiring harness, 118336 or 43105, if you are not set up with a 4 pole flat connection already. In addition you will need a ball mount, pin & clip and the appropriate sized hitch ball to complete the setup if you do not already have these items. I have provided links below for your convenience.
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  • Recommended Trailer Hitch for 2005 Honda Pilot
  • Both Curt class III trailer hitch, part # 13328 and the Hidden Hitch class III trailer hitch, part # 87454, are quality hitches. But the most popular hitch for your vehicle is the Curt hitch, part # 13328. Installation is relatively easy, even for a beginner. The Curt receiver simply bolts on to the inside of each frame rail. Both hitches require about 40 minutes of installation time. The Curt hitch does use two extra screws to attach the center bumper bracket above the receiver...
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  • Parts Needed to Add a Trailer Brake Controller to a 2007 Honda Pilot
  • In order to install a brake controller like the Tekonsha P#, # 90195, you will need a 7-Way trailer connector, the brake controller, and wiring to attach the controller to the 2007 Honda Pilot. If your Pilot does not already have a wiring harness of any kind, you will first need to install Tow Ready Custom Fit Vehicle Wiring, # 118336. The wiring harness you referenced fits a 2009 to 2011 Pilot and will not work on your 2007. You could have the Honda harness installed by the dealer but...
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  • Trailer Hitch Installation Difficulty on a 1997 Honda CR-V
  • We rate hitch installation difficulty based on how long it would take the average do-it-yourselfer who had all the required tools and perhaps a helper. We have rated the Draw-Tite Trailer Hitch, # 24790, for the 1997 Honda CR-V, a 5 out of 10 meaning that it will take about 50 minutes or so to install the hitch. I have included a link to the installation details below. If you plan on doing some towing with this hitch, Draw-Tite recommends only using ball mount # 3590. You can use hitch...
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  • Bike Rack Recommendations for a 2005 Honda Pilot Without a Trailer Hitch
  • There are three different ways to carry bikes on a vehicle and those are with a trailer hitch mounted bike rack, a rooftop mounted bike rack or a trunk mounted bike rack. Only hitch mounted and rooftop mounted bike racks are recommended for your 2005 Honda Pilot since bike rack manufacturers have determined it is not safe to attach a trunk mounted bike rack on your rear hatch. If you have a roof rack on your vehicle, then you could look into rooftop mounted bike racks like the Swagman...
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  • Which Brake Controller for a 2003 Honda Pilot and What Other Parts are Needed
  • I can highly recommend the Tekonsha Prodigy P2, part # 90885. It is our best selling brake controller, and is very easy to use and set up. Beyond the brake controller, you will need all the trailer wiring components to complete the install. If you do not have a 4-Way trailer connector, you will need to install one as the base platform for the rest of the trailer wiring. Part # 118336 is an easy plug-in 4-Way that gets a bulk of the wiring done with one plug. In addition to this, you...
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  • Trailer Hitch for a 2006 Acura MDX with Full Size Spare Tire
  • Draw-Tite trailer hitch # 75599 only fits if the 2006 Acura MDX has the doughnut or mini spare tire, not the full sized spare. The confusion is that it also fits certain models of the Honda Pilot and on those it will fit with the full sized spare. Curt trailer hitch # 13328 will fit a 2006 Acura MDX with full size spare. I have linked a video showing a typical installation for you. If you plan on doing some towing I recommend etrailer ball mount kit # 989900. It comes with 2 ball mounts,...
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  • Brake Controller Installation on 2004 Honda CRV
  • Honda does not pre-wire the CRV for a brake controller installation, so you will have to run a length of 10 gauge wire from the passenger compartment, through the firewall and engine compartment and under the vehicle to connect to the 7-pole connector at the rear. The brake controller output wire would connect to the # 2 pin on the trailer connector, which is sometimes labeled BLUE. I took a look at your order, and saw that you did not order a tail light converter, part # 118336 for...
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  • Will the Curt Hitch # 13328 Fit on a Acura MDX 2004/2005 with Full Size Spare & PDC
  • The Curt Class III Trailer Hitch, item # 13328, will fit on both the 2004 and the 2005 models of the Acura MDX. The note about fascia trimming concerns an extra fascia piece that may be installed on some vehicles. If your vehicle rear end looks like the ones in the videos (linked below) no fascia trimming will be needed. The factory sized spare tire will be lowered for installation and reinstalled after installation is complete. I have not seen the park distance control you are referring...
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  • Installation Instructions for the Tekonsha P3 Brake Controller and Wiring on a 2004 Honda Pilot
  • Yes, we have installation instructions, see links, and installation videos, see links, that detail installation of the # 118336 wiring harness and the Brake Controller installation kit, # ETBC7. I posted a photo showing the 4-Way trailer wiring harness that is located at the back of the vehicle under the rear threshold and behind the panel at the back of the storage well. We do not have a installation video for the ETBC7 on a Pilot, but the video for the 2010 Dodge Nitro shows the same...
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  • Trailer Hitch Installation Instructions and Ball mount, Hitch Ball, and Wiring for 2000 Honda CR-V
  • Yes, the Curt Trailer Hitch, # 13314, does come with installation instructions and the required mounting hardware. I have included a link to the installation details below. If you plan on doing some towing, the recommended ball mount is # 2753 and you can use hitch ball # 19260 (1-7/8 inch diameter), # 63845 (2 inch diameter), or # 63853 (2-5/16 inch diameter). For trailer wiring, the T-One Vehicle Wiring Harness with 4-Pole Flat Trailer Connector, # 118336, is the correct harness for...
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  • How to Install a Hopkins Trailer Connector on a 2003 Honda Element
  • Check out page 5 of the instructions I attached for the Tow Ready Custom Fit Vehicle Wiring # 118336. This is a different brand connector but it does the same thing as the Hopkins Custom Fit Vehicle Wiring # 43105 and installs the same way so the instructions will work for you as well. The instructions I attached show you exactly where the panels are that need to be removed and how to remove them.
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  • Is Trailer Wiring Necessary or Difficult to Install on a 2003 Honda Pilot if Only Using a Bike Rack
  • If you only plan on carrying a bike rack or another accessory, like a cargo carrier, with the trailer hitch on your 2003 Honda Pilot, you do not have to install a trailer wiring harness. However, the available wiring harnesses for your vehicle are very easy to install. If you ever plan on towing a trailer, you will need a wiring harness. The connection point is in the rear cargo area as shown in the images for trailer hitch # 13328 (installation details and a video linked below). You...
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