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Tow Ready Custom Fit Vehicle Wiring for the 1998 Venture by Chevrolet

Tow Ready Custom Fit Vehicle Wiring

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T-One Vehicle Wiring Harness with 4-Pole Flat Trailer Connector - 1998 Venture by Chevrolet

Quickly and easily install a 4-way trailer connector on your Chevrolet Venture with this custom wiring harness. T-One connector plugs directly into existing wiring - no cutting, splicing or tapping required. Includes tail light converter.


  • Provides a 4-way flat trailer connector at the back of your Chevrolet Venture to power your trailer's signal lights
    • Compatible with 5-pole, 6-pole and 7-pole adapters (sold separately)
  • Connects quickly and easily - no cutting or splicing of wires
    • Locate connection points in rear cargo area
    • Plug in T-connector
  • Includes a tail light converter to ensure that your Chevrolet Venture's wiring matches that of your trailer
  • Constructed of 16-gauge bonded wire
  • Comes with dust cap for 4-way flat connector


  • Maximum amperage:
    • Stop/turn lights: 2.1 amps per circuit
    • Tail lights: 4 amps per circuit
  • 1-Year limited warranty


This custom-fit T-One connector plugs into your Chevrolet Venture's wiring harness, which is located behind the driver's-side interior trim panel in your rear cargo area. You will need to remove the storage compartment door or trim panel to access the harness.

Once installation is complete, the 4-way flat connector will be stowed in an out-of-the-way location within your cargo area.

It is recommended that you use a small amount of grease on all electrical connections - the plugs on your automobile and the 4-pole connector itself - to help prevent corrosion.

Tail Light Converter

A tail light converter is built into this T-One connector. Because most trailers run on a two-wire system - wherein the brake and turn signals are carried on one wire - the separate brake and turn signals from your Chevrolet Venture's three-wire system need to be combined so they are compatible with the wiring system of your trailer. The tail light converter combines the brake and turn signal functions of your automobile so that they run on one wire to properly activate your trailer's tail lights. Note: This will not affect how the tail lights on your Chevrolet Venture operate.

118355 Tow Ready T-1 T-Connector - 4 Wire

Video of T-One Vehicle Wiring Harness with 4-Pole Flat Trailer Connector

Videos are provided As a guide only. Refer To manufacturer
installation instructions And specs For complete information.

Video Transcript for Trailer Wiring Harness Installation - 2004 Chevrolet Venture

Today on this 2004 Chevrolet Venture we are going to be installing Tow Ready T-One connector, part number 118355. First we are going to access the rear cargo area. Then we are going to remove the side panel access door. Take it off and set it out of the way. You will see there are two fasteners here holding the black cover on, we are going to remove them now. We will set that out of the way. :23

After you remove the black cover panel you will see the white plug. This will be our new connection point for our Tow Ready connector. Now that we have located our connection point, we will take our Tow Ready connector and plug it in. Next we are going to locate our wire. As you can see it already has a ring terminal on it. We will take the supplied self tapping screw and run it into the sheet metal here behind the trim panel. :45

With our ground wire attached we can go ahead and peel back the double sided adhesive here. What we are looking for is a flat, clean surface to mount our converter box to. We will run our 4-pole connector into the cargo area and reinstall our black cover and the interior trim door. With all of the connections made that completes the install of our new 4-pole connector. To use it, we will route it here, to the outside of the vehicle. The weather seal is thick enough that it will not be harmed when closing the back hatch on it. This completes the install of our Tow Ready T-One connector, part number 118355.

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Customer Reviews

T-One Vehicle Wiring Harness with 4-Pole Flat Trailer Connector - 118355

Average Customer Rating:  4.9 out of 5 stars   (49 Customer Reviews)

Quickly and easily install a 4-way trailer connector on your vehicle with this custom wiring harness. T-One connector plugs directly into existing wiring - no cutting, splicing or tapping required. Includes tail light converter.

- 118355

by: Larry K.05/11/2012

Very easy. Did plug and ground through the 12 volt accessory plug door. Pry out the black plastic panel that the 12 volt female plug is on and then unplug its wiring. Adhere to the directions, being careful where you drill the 3/32 hole for the ground wire. I did the ground wire first. I drilled the hole for the grounding screw with a Dremel like tool. It was then a snap to plug in the white plug and stick the black box to a flat spot to the right of the white plug. I then let the trailer plug slide down in back of the plastic side wall and fished it out with my fingers when it reached the floor of the back deck. The air conditioning fan housing looked like it would be annoying, but I found that it was not a problem in doing the work. I did everything through the 12 volts plug opening. There is no need to pry open any other panels. I am very happy with the product and 40165

- 118355

by: Cal Buerman10/17/2014

Hello, I am a 61 year old man,and I have always had trailers since I was a young man.My family has always enjoyed camping in nearby Andirondaks and also on lake Ontario.I am very mechanical and can fix almost anything.Well I always have hard-wiredmy trailer lights myself up until now,and grumbeled about hooking a one bulb system (trailer) into atwo bulb system (car).It has always taken at least hour or two figure out how to wire in converter the proper way. With your system I removed three screws, pulled back side-panel reached in and plugged in the pig-tail conector, anduse self tapping screw to secure ground to body,and shoved convertor and extra wire behind panel,replaced the three screws,plugged in trailer and everything worked perfectly.This is by far easest set-up I have ever done, and will recomend it to all my freinds,Thanks Cal Buerman 156480

- 118355

by: JR07/10/2014

Quick and easy to hook up, worked perfectly. The best part was the video that showed where the connector is hidden in the car. I NEVER would have found it! 140643


They are all working great, thanks. No complaints.

JR - 07/20/2015


- 118355

by: Ralph B.07/26/2012

The wiring harness I purchased was extremely easy to install and works great. The hardest part was getting the ground screw in because I did not have the right tools for my drill gun. Went across the street to hardware store and bought it. It probably took me 15 minutes to get the whole project done and lights tested. I would recommend this product to anybody who needs to wire there vehicle. On a side note I did buy dielectric grease just to make sure I got good electrical connection 49409

- 118355

by: David S.05/26/2012

Didn't realize the back AC unit would make it a little more difficult than the video but still and easy install. 41743


I also have a rear ac. Was the connector You plugged this into, Under the vans bottom of drivers side rear of the van??? There is a plug underneath of my van but dont see one inside of the compartment where the air compressor panel is. Also... In the picture of this item it shows two plugs on this item. Did You only use one of them? I can only find one plug on my van ? is the second plug on this extra and not used??Thank You for any help!

comment by: George B - 08/31/2014


Cant remember. No longer have the van so I cant go out and look at it. Sorry.

comment by: David S - 09/03/2014


David, thanks for responding to George's question. George, I did find out that for your van you may only need one connector. Some of the vehicle options have another connector plugged in series with the taillight connector plug, and the second plug is intended to plug everything in-line. This is noted in the installation instructions that are linked on the main product page on the right hand side.

Rachael H - 9/5/2014

- 118355

by: Don D05/28/2014

Great product,hooked up easily and fast service. 132978


works great

Don D - 05/28/2015


- 118355

by: Greg P.02/11/2012

The trailer wiring harness installed as the instructions said. Took me a little longer to install than estimated since I have the rear A/C and had not installed one on this make of vehicle before. If I put another one on, it would go very quickly. Works great. Very pleased. Shipping was very fast. Ordered on Thursday, received on Saturday. Completed the instillation that afternoon. Thanks for your products and services. Will buy from again. The video for the instillation was great. Thanks for having that on your web site. 31538

- 118355

by: BigSkyPilot08/11/2010

Easier than Advertised I was expecting a challenge after researching the installation procedure for this wiring harness for my Montana EXT AWD. Was pleasantly surprised that the factory connector was accessible through the panel by simply removing the air compressor panel. Needed a washer for the ground screw as it would not snug up tight enough to hold the terminal. Just make sure the terminal cannot be turned by hand before replacing the rear interior panel. 3342

- 118355

by: Norman R.09/24/2012

Most of my remarks are on the Hidden Hitch review. This connector was another quality product. The on-site video showed me EXACTLY what I would find and where. It was a simple "plug-and-play". Lights work perfect, was enough cable, all the parts were there. Simple. You guys at "etrailer" must actually install these products because everything was right. I can't say enough about how helpful the installation video was!!!!!!!!!!!! (2004 Chevy Venture) 55694

- 118355

by: Dave Cummins12/16/2011

The product, instructions and your service were all GREAT! Installing the wiring was a piece of cake, and only took about fifteen minutes, with most of that time used to undo a poor wiring job a previous owner of my van had done. The wiring works great, so now I can hook up my boat trailer, and go do some fishing. The next time I need anything auto related. I'll contact etrailer. Thanks again, Dave 28208

- 118355

by: Ernie Z.07/27/2012

Hidden Hitch excelent product EZ to install. Took three hours. Hardest part was cleaning outhe welded nuts on frame.Wiring Harness was actually to EZ to do. Spent some time trying to figure where male connector went. Delivery was unbelievabley fast. Didnot expect it for a couple days. Thanks loads for all the backup help to the girls to get my account in order and quick delivery. 49614

- 118355

by: Steve K.07/11/2013

I ordered this for my montana after trying to wire up a 4 pin plug just to realize that I need a different setup. I order this and followed the instructions that came with it. I had this installed in less then 30 minutes and it worked perfectly. Everything worked. I will definitely look here for more things first next time. 88901

- 118355

by: John G.06/19/2012

Overall, very happy with this product. The screw tab on the black box could stick out further from the body of the box, but I was able to make it work. Everything else worked as the instructions said, and the tail-lights and turn signals on the trailer lit up. 44745

- 118355

by: Andy06/15/2015

I have had to chase tail/brake light wiring to hook up a trailer more times than I'd care to remember. This 'plug and go' harness was installed in 5 mins and worked like a charm. I just watched their video and was up and ready in no time. 203464

- 118355

by: Scott G.04/26/2013

Awesome... Found the video, watched it 2 or 3 time and said I can do this, ordered the product and installed it in no time with no problems. Trailer lights work great. Great product, fast shipping and the best service ever. 78049

- 118355

by: Dave D06/28/2011

Good product, One note on a 2000 olds silhouette with the air compressor you have to cut the plugs off and attach it to the factory harness you should have with your van, at least according to the olds dealer. 18057

- 118355

by: Ross T.06/10/2012

The installation video for this hitch was right on the money. The product arrived promptly and I had no trouble installing it. Truth in advertising - it worked as promised with no surprises! 43573

- 118355

by: donnie g03/04/2014

very nice , it fit perfect and worked the same,very happy with it. shipping was very fast and sales lady i talked to on the phone was very nice and helpfull thanks a happy customer !!! 118480

- 118355

by: Deane J08/07/2013

ordering the product online was easy and fast, delivery was within 2 days and installation was simple and easy. The youtube video made the installation very easy. 93746

- 118355

by: Chad J.05/13/2015

The part was exactly as advertised. Ordered it at 3pm it was shipped 9pm that evening and I had it 2 days later. Would order from them again. 192818

- 118355

by: Scott07/28/2015

I logged on, watched the help video, ordered the product, installed it in 10 minutes, and it worked perfect the first time. Life is good! 214896

- 118355

by: Ted B.09/09/2013

I originally purchased the universal crimp on type but I'm glad I exchanged that for this one. Just plug in and you're done! 99072

- 118355

by: gregory w.01/15/2012

The product was exactly what I paid for. It was very easy to install and came with complete information on how to install it. 29734

- 118355

by: Karen D.12/04/2012

The order process went smoothly and we were able to complete our installation and our job quickly and at a reasonable cost. 60593

- 118355

by: Nick F.04/25/2012

Installation was very quick and easy; much easier than previous installations I have done requiring splicing of wires. 38316

- 118355

by: Mark J03/14/2015

This worked great. I would tell everyone to get this it installed easy and with very little time Great product !! 178274

- 118355

by: Trang01/30/2013

it is work really good,instruction very easy to to follow.thanks etrailer if i can do it anybody can too 64612

- 118355

by: Kevin G.07/30/2014

Worked like a charm, simple install, and cheaper than bricks and mortar stores (if you could find one). 143634

- 118355

by: dwight05/12/2015

Very impressed with speedy delivery,although the package had been previously opened,seemed to work ok 192318

- 118355

by: Enrique M08/14/2013

The wiring harness is easy to instal and a high quality product. Also you can not beat the price. 94931

- 118355

by: EDWARD JONES08/27/2012

only took about 20 minutes to install great direction good quality fast deliverey thrilled to death 53238

- 118355

by: George P.03/17/2015

The wire harness went on just as described. It took less than 15 minutes and no problems. 179293

- 118355

by: william K03/20/2014

Needed vehicle wiring for my 1999 Chevy Venture, etrailer had what I needed, hey thanks. 121513

- 118355

by: Tom E05/16/2011

The product worked great, and the delivery was very fast! Thanks for the fine service. 14365

- 118355

by: Larry Piper06/07/2011

The installation video was great and the harness went right in easy. Thank You 16379

- 118355

by: WAREN C.04/23/2013


- 118355

by: Ross B.09/24/2015

The wiring kit worked great. It had everything that I need to install it. 227452

- 118355

by: trailer wiring plug04/24/2012

product arrived as described...on time ...and installation was a snap 38160

- 118355

by: Jeff08/23/2011

Wiring was easy to install. Very good quality and fit just right. 22582

- 118355

by: thomas s05/27/2011

The kit was the quickest way to wire a vehicle ever. perfect fit 15579

- 118355

by: Joe B05/27/2014

very good quality .. the installation video is the best 132794

- 118355

by: Dan J05/30/2012

Very simple to install. My 12 year old could do it. 42010

- 118355

by: Bernie B.05/10/2011

Product is of good quality. install is very easy. 13254

- 118355

by: Jason08/07/2012

Works great and only took 5 minutes to install 50856

- 118355

by: john03/30/2008

easy it was so easy evan a cave man can do it 717

- 118355

by: Tom B.08/21/2013

Great product, Very easy installation 96189

- 118355

by: Mark E.10/08/2012

Very easy to install. Works great. 56781

- 118355

by: Joe09/21/2015

Fast delivery. Great price. 226830

- 118355

by: Bill S.10/02/2015

Great Website, easy to use. 228879


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  • Trailer Lights Not Working on a Camper Towed by a 2002 Oldsmobile Silhouette
  • A fuse blowing indicates to me that there is a short. If it happens when you connect the trailer to test the lights then that would indicate a problem on the trailer side. Lets first look at the wiring harness on the van. Make sure the ground wire is attached to a clean metal surface. Moving the ground might help. When you plug in the 4-Way to the adapter, # 30717, make sure the connection is good and tight. You must have the ground wire from the adapter also attached to the vehicle...
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  • T-1 Vehicle Wiring Harness Part # 118355 for a 1999 Chevy Venture
  • I am assuming you are needing a T-1 connector, part # 118355. The connection point is behind the trim panel on the drivers side, just behind the taillights. I will provide a link below to the installation instructions, which will explain the whole installation procedure. We also have an installation video showing the install on a 2002 Venture. The procedure would be identical to that of your 1999 model.
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  • Wiring 2003 Pontiac Montana with a7-Way Trailer Connector
  • The Tow Ready Multi-Plug T-One Connector Assembly, part # 20135 is a replacement for Chrysler, Jeep, Freightliner and Mitsubishi OEM trailer connectors. For your Montana, I would recommend using T-1 Connector, part # 118355 in conjunction with part # ETBC7 if you are wanting to install a brake controller. The Brake Controller Install Kit, part # ETBC7 includes everything necessary to install a brake controller, as well as the adapter to convert the 4-pole provided by part # 118335 to...
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  • Setting Up a 2004 Chevrolet Venture to Tow a 2,500 Pound Camper with Trailer Brakes
  • Suspension supplements like the Timbren kits we carry may or may not be needed. At 2,500 pounds dry you should be within the tow capacity of the Venture. If your total trailer weight is close to the limit of the van, then I would suggest a suspension supplement. Since you will be towing a camper that will have pretty much the same load each time, I would suggest the Timbren Suspension Enhancement System as it will not need to be adjusted for varying loads. You would use part # TGMRREN if...
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  • Accessing the Plug for a T-One Connector on a 2000 Chevy Venture
  • I am sorry to hear that you are having trouble with your T-connector, item # 118355. Most customers assume that the plug is directly behind the drivers side panel in the rear. But the plug is usually behind the air conditioning unit that is directly behind the panel the air conditioning unit will have to be pulled away to access the plug. I hope this helps. Let me know if you need more info.
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  • Installed Tow Ready Wiring Harness, # 118355, And The Left Brake Light Is Constantly On
  • Sounds like the wiring on your trailer might not be connected properly. You can use a circuit tester like the, # 3808, and test the wire connections on your trailer. The brown wire is for trailers taillights and should be connected to the vehicles taillight. The white wire is the ground and you will want to check and make sure that it has a good, clean ground connection or if your trailer lights are grounded by the mounting studs that it is grounded properly. The yellow wire is for the...
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  • Difference Between Hopkins # HM41365 and Tow Ready # 118355 Wiring Harness for 2003 Olds Slihouette
  • Both the Hopkins # HM41365 and the Tow Ready # 118355 would be correct for your Silhouette. Both wiring harnesses have the same capacity, preform the same function and would install in the same manner. Either harness would work well for you. The price differential reflects our cost on each item, and does not mean that one harness is better or includes different features than the other. To see install details for each item and an install video , click on the provided links. The...
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  • The Curt trailer hitch # 13344, is a fit for a 2003 Pontiac Montana. The hitch fits all models of the 2003 Montanas. In terms of the different hitches available, see link, they will all look similar once installed. The receiver will be visible but most of the crosstube will be hidden behind the rear fascia. There are both 2 inch and 1-1/4 inch hitches available for this vehicle. The Curt hitch is a Class III with a 2 inch receiver. The 2 inch hitches are more versatile than the 1-1/4...
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  • Replacement Installation Hardware and Trailer Wiring for the 2005 Chevrolet Venture Hitch # 87410
  • A replacement hardware kit can be ordered using the item # RHK and then inputting the hitch item # 87410 and the hitch manufacturer Hidden Hitch in the boxes on the # RHK item page. You might want to call in and order so you can verify that the fishwires you need will be included since they are not listed in the parts list in the instructions, see link. The number to call is 1-800-298-8924. I have included a typical installation instructions link for you to review and an installation...
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  • Installing Tow Ready Trailer Wiring Harness # 118355 on 2001 Oldsmobile Silhouette w/ OEM Compressor
  • The Tow Ready taillight converter, part # 118355 is designed to intercept the signals going to the taillight assemblies by plugging inline with the connection shown at the :35 second mark in the video I've linked you to. I spoke with my contact at Tow Ready, who tells me that on vehicles that were equipped with the compressor, the connectors you're looking for could be closer to the door jamb or in front of the compressor, closer toward the front of the vehicle. You might need to pull...
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  • Tow Ready Trailer Wiring Recommendation for a 2003 Chevy Venture
  • For your 2003 Chevy Venture it is recommended that you use a Tow Ready Custom Fit Vehicle Wiring # 118355. This unit will not require any wire cutting or splicing to install on your vehicle. It will be a simple plug and play installation. I attached installation instructions and an installation video of this product for you to check out also. The Tow Ready Wiring Harness # 119178 that you referenced could be used on your vehicle but it would require you hard-wiring the unit into the...
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  • Will T-One Trailer Wiring Harness, # 118355, Work with a 2001 Pontiac Montana with Air Compressor
  • According to Tow Ready, on some vehicles with air compressors, the plugs will not be accessible through the storage compartment. You would need to pull back the interior trim panels to access the connectors. So the T-One Vehicle Wiring Harness with 4 Pole Trailer Connector, # 118355, is the correct harness for your 2001 Pontiac Montana. I have included a link to the installation instructions below. I do not recommend splicing the brake light wire into the turn signal wire as it would...
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  • 2000 Pontiac Montana With Insufficient Voltage for Turn Signal/Brake Lights at Trailer Connector
  • It sounds like you have the ground taken care of. Are you using a tail light converter? Part # 118355 is the converter offered for your vehicle. The factory does provide the port for the towing wiring, but a converter is still needed. If you have a converter installed already, I would recommend testing the wires on the input side of the converter. You should have 12-volts entering and exiting the converter while each function is activated.
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  • Can 4-Way Trailer Connector Be Routed through 2001 Oldsmobile Silhouette Cargo Area Outside the Van
  • When installing the Tow Ready wiring harness, # 118355, on a 2001 Oldsmobile Silhouette, the 4-Way is meant to be stowed inside the rear cargo area and pulled out when in use. The hatch door can be closed on the wiring and the weather stripping will protect it. Take a look at the video I have linked as an example. If you wanted to route it through the bottom of the van interior and to the bottom, you may be able to find a grommet at the very bottom of the cargo area through which you...
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  • Trailer Right Turn Signal Not Working When Connected To 2004 Chevy Venture
  • Since the trailer lights are working when connected to the 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan, it sounds as though the converter that is in your 2004 Chevy Venture trailer wiring harness might be damaged. You will need to use a circuit tester like the Quickee Circuit Tester, # 3808, and check the wire for the right turn signal that is going into the converter box. If it has power going into the box, then you will need to check the wire for the right turn signal coming out of the converter box. If...
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  • Cant Find T-One Connector Plug on my 2003 Chevrolet Venture to Install Trailer Wiring 118355
  • Since the part # 118355 can fit a few different vehicles with differing setups you will need to check a few places to find the connector you need. First thing I would recommend is checking out the install video I attached to the right that shows this harness being installed on a 2003 Chevy Venture just like yours. Also, some vehicles will only have one connector. Some of the vehicle options have another connector plugged in series with the taillight connector plug, and the second plug...
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  • Trailer Wiring Harness Recommendation for a 2004 Pontiac Montana
  • Actually, all you will need to do is install a wiring harness, # 118355, on your 2004 Pontiac Montana. But if you wanted to use those factory wires, because you have separate wires for turn signals and brake lights, you would first need to install a converter. The converter, # RM-732, takes the separate signals and combines them which is what a trailer uses. To wire it up your yellow wire will go to the yellow wire on the converter, green will go to green, white will go to white, and...
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  • Troubleshooting Trailer Wiring On 2004 Pontiac Montana
  • The first thing I would recommend is to try connecting the trailer to another vehicle to see if the same problem exists. If not then the problem is going to be found on the Montana. If the wiring harness is hard-wired you will want to check the ground to make sure it is corrosion free and attached to a clean bare metal surface. Check the connector to make sure there are no signs of corrosion or damage to any of the pins and correct as needed. Since the trailer harnesses we offer...
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  • T-One Vehicle Wiring Harness on 1998 Oldsmobile Silhouette Shorting Out
  • To run down a short in a wire you will need to use a circuit tester, item # 3808 if you need one, to test the wiring and find the short. The place I would start is on the vehicle side of the converter. Check each wire there, with a helper to turn on turn signals and step on the brakes, and be sure that each circuit is functioning properly. While you are behind the taillights make sure the ground wire is attached to a good grounding point. Next I would test the wiring coming out of the...
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  • Where is the Trailer Wiring Connection Location on a 2000 Chevy Venture
  • On a 2000 Chevy Venture you will need to pull up the threshold panel in the cargo area so you can pull back the panel on the driver side. The wiring harness should be nearer the end of the vehicle. It can be either a single connector with nothing plugged into it or two connectors connected together. In either case it could be hiding behind another wire bundle or even taped up with another bundle so you cannot see it. I have included links to a couple of videos showing typical installations...
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  • Location of Factory Connection Point for Trailer Wiring Harness on a 2003 Chevy Venture
  • The plug will be there on a 2003. It is just that we have not had a 2003 Venture in to make a video but we have had a 2002 and 2004. To find the factory harness you will need to pull up the threshold panel in the cargo area so you can pull back the panel on the driver side. The wiring harness should be nearer the end of the vehicle. It can be either a single connector with nothing plugged into it or two connectors connected together. It can also be located behind an air conditioning...
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  • Trailer Running Lights Not Working and Other Lights are Dim on Trailer Towed by 2001 Pontiac Montana
  • Since the trailer lights work fine on a different vehicle, I would start looking at the trailer connector on the 2001 Pontiac Montana. If there is any corrosion build up inside the connector then that can cause a poor connection and cause the issue you are describing. If the vehicle side connector is cleaned out, you can go on to testing the converter itself. Start by testing the wiring going into the converter from the vehicle using a circuit tester like # 3808 if needed. If the wiring...
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  • Hitch Recommendations for a 2009 Subaru Forester and a 2003 Chevy Venture
  • Both your 2003 Chevy Venture and 2009 Subaru Forester should work very well to pull a light trailer. It is hard to say which vehicle would cause you more issue, but I would think that generally speaking the vehicle with the lower miles should be more reliable. Both vehicles have Class III hitches available for them, but you should check the owners manual of both vehicles to determine the towing capacity of both to determine if one has higher towing capacities. Other things to consider...
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  • Hitch Recommendation for a 2003 Chevy Venture Needing to Transport a 460 lb Power Chair
  • For your vehicle there currently isn't a hitch available that would have the capacity to carry the weight of your power chair (460 lbs) plus the weight of a carrier. If your 2003 Chevy Venture is your only option for transporting the power chair your only real option would be to get a small trailer. A hitch like the # 87410 would work well for this, but it only has the tongue weight rating of 350 lbs which is not enough for the 460 lb scooter on a carrier. Wit a trailer most of...
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  • Wiring Harness for 2003 Oldsmobile Silhouette
  • I have a wiring harness for you, however the Hidden Hitch # 60842 does not have a wiring harness included. I would use this Custom Fit Wiring Harness from Tow Ready # 118355. This harness will plug into your vehicle's existing wiring and comes with a 4-way flat connector. I have attached an installation video of this wiring harness on a 2003 Chevrolet Venture for you, it will be similar to your Silhouette.
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