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Classic Accessories Universal Fit Spare Tire Cover - Small 26-3/4" - 29-3/4" Black

Classic Accessories Covers

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Classic Accessories Covers - 052963753479

Universal Fit Spare Tire Cover

Attractive protection for spare tires on RVs, vans or trucks

Special Features

  • Fits most tires with two sizes
  • Tire sizes are listed on the back of the package so customers can determine sizing without measuring their tires
  • Elasticized back hem with quick connect clips for a fast and adjustable fit
  • Easy care vinyl fabric
  • Three-Year Limited Warranty

Fits the following tire sizes:

  • 6.00 x 16
  • 6.40 x 15
  • 6.50R 16 LT
  • 6.50 x 15
  • 6.50 x 16
  • 6.70R 15 LT
  • 7.00R 15 LT
  • 7.00 x 14.5
  • 7.00 x 15
  • 7.10 x 15
  • 7.35 x 14
  • 7.50 x 10
  • 7.50 x 14
  • 7.75 x 14
  • 8.00 x 14
  • 8.00 x 14.5
  • 8.00 x 15
  • 8.00 x 16
  • 8.00 x 16.5
  • 8.25 x 14
  • 8.45 x 15
  • 8.50 x 14
  • 8.55 x 14
  • 8.55 x 15
  • 8.75 x 16.5
  • 8.85 x 14
  • 8.85 x 15
  • 9.00 x 10
  • 9.00 x 14.5
  • 9.00 x 16.5
  • 9.15 x 15
  • 29 x 9.50R 15 LT
  • 30 x 9.50R 15 LT
  • B78 x 15
  • F78 x 15
  • G78 x 14
  • G78 x 15
  • H70 x 14
  • H70 x 15
  • H78 x 14
  • H78 x 15
  • J78 x 14
  • L78 x 15
  • LT205 75R 15
  • LT215 75R 14
  • LT215 75R 15
  • LT225 75R 16
  • LT235 70R 16
  • LT235 75R 15
  • LT245 70R 15
  • LT255 70R 15
  • LT265 70R 15
  • P195 75R 14
  • P205 75R 14
  • P205 75R 15
  • P215 65R 14
  • P215 75R 14
  • P225 55R 17
  • P225 70R 14
  • P225 75R 14
  • P225 75R 15
  • P235 65R 15
  • P235 75R 15
  • P255 65R 15
  • P315 45R 17
  • ST205 75R 15
  • ST225 75R 13

Small 26-3/4"- 29-3/4" Black 75347

Video of Classic Accessories Universal Fit Spare Tire Cover - Small 26-3/4" - 29-3/4" Black

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer
installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video review of classic accessories spare tire cover 75347
Classic Accessories Spare Tire Cover Review

Video Transcript for Classic Accessories Spare Tire Cover Review

Today we are going to show a spare tire cover from Classic Accessories their part number 052963753479. We will go ahead and show you how this installs on your spare tire. The cover secures to the spare tire by the two hooks here. You can either hook them to themselves or to the spare tire carrier as we are doing in this case here. Different carriers and different size wheels will result in different configurations. For an additional note, we used a tire size of a 20575R15, this is the tire we covered up today with part #0529634753479.

Customer Reviews

Classic Accessories Universal Fit Spare Tire Cover - Small 26-3/4" - 29-3/4" Black - 052963753479

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (76 Customer Reviews)

- 052963753479

by: Robert P.12/13/2013

I ordered the proper size but it looks absolutely terrible on my utility trailer spare. It is a very low quality and terrible looking cover. My biggest complaint is the extra large puffy seam around the outer perimeter of the cover. This does not allow for a good fit on the tire. I am not at all pleased with this $18.95 looks and fits like a $5.00 cover. Seller did offer to take it back but I would have to pay return shipping. 110099

- 052963753479

by: Dennis Smith09/04/2013

I purchased two covers, one for my trailer and the other for my boat trailer. they are both slightly different sizes, the online discretion said that they would take the same size? not wanting to take any chances on ordering the wrong sizes and paying the return shipping charges I called their 800 #, i couldn't believe on a Sunday afternoon that somebody answered, I talked to a guy named Patrick, he explained to me everything i wanted to know and answered all my concerns. I received these about a week later and they both fit perfect!!! i am so satisfied with my purchase from these guys, and this is why im taking the time to write a review, one reason is for his customer service and two is because companies that go out of their way to make a customer happy DESERVE IT!!! thanks Etrailer. 98232

- 052963753479

by: Larry05/03/2013

I've purchased several items from and have never been disappointed. Quick delivery and responsive customer service. The tire cover is a good quality product at a reasonable price. 78782


After a year, the tire cover still looks and fits like new. An excellent replacement tire cover, and no zippers to rust shut.

Larry - 05/05/2014


- 052963753479

by: Teddy09/27/2012

Decent product. It would be quite helpfun if you gave a tire size(s) that the cover would fit, rather than the inches. It's a little tricky to actually measure the tire and get an exact measurement. I came up with a 29+" ,measurement. It took me 15 minutes of tugging, pulling, streaching grunting and a little cussing to get the thing on the tire. Tire was a 235-85 R16. Another 1/8th of an inch in the size of the tire, and it wouldn't have gone on. It's a well made piece, or I'd have ripped it apart getting it on! Impressed, pleased and delighted with your service. You shipped in like about 3 or 4 hours of my placing the order. Keep up the good work. You guys Get an A+. Thanks! Ted 55999

- 052963753479

by: Bill Carter05/01/2013

The cover was "supposed" to fit my P205/75R15 tires both by the application and tire size but it is quite large and very loose fitting on my tire. On most tire covers I have seen the elastic band aroud the opening is one solid band as was my original equipment cover but this one has two hooks to fasten it together at the bottom. Being the sprae tire fits very close on the bottom to the rear door where the spare tire is mounted it is almost impossible to get you hands under there to hook the two ends together. If you can get them hooked together they fit so close to the painted rear door I am afraid they will rub the paint of the vehicle in that area. This cover is a complete disappointment !! 78546

- 052963753479

by: donald03/22/2013

got what i ordered for a great price 71930


great very happy

donald - 09/20/2014


- 052963753479

by: Margie S10/25/2013

WE are more than happy with the product!!!! My husband remarked that for the price it is far better than he expected and it adorns our little 18 foot trailer. We are in our 80"s ..sold our big diesel motor home last year thinking we were 'too old to do this anymore'. We went in our car to Colorado...and missed camping so much that we bought this little trailer in Loveland, CO. Thank you for selling such a quality product. Burt and Margie 105131

- 052963753479

by: Holly K06/04/2013

One of our cars was outfitted with "run flat" tires, so there was no spare tire. When we replaced those tires with conventional ones for a better ride, we bought a spare to carry in the tailgate space. Keeping the spare tire covered and clean was a problem that sent me to the web where I found The spare tire cover I ordered from is perfect for my needs! 83288

- 052963753479

by: Jim A03/07/2013

Good product. Just what I ordered. It stays in place and I don't worry about it traveling down the highway. 69332

- 052963753479

by: Chas VW09/11/2013

Nice, went right on and fits tight (the last cover that I had blew off somewhere on the road). 99390

- 052963753479

by: Nolan R08/13/2012

Excellent service, fast delivery, and very impressed with the product. The cover fits excellent, ties easily and tightly with the attached hooks, looks great and feels like it should stand up to the weather and protect my spare tire for a long time. Thanks! 51529

- 052963753479

by: Will D.04/30/2013

Good quality, fit easy and snug. You just need to make sure you order the correct size is all. Customer service at etrailer is subperb! Shipped within 2 hours and on my step in 3 days. I will definitely shop here again. 78437

- 052963753479

by: Roger A05/31/2012

I was suprised when I opened the package. The quality and price was very good. As far as a picture is concerned it looks like the picture above. I would recommed this product to anyone. By the way it fit perfect. 42141

- 052963753479

by: Mike G.08/30/2012

Fits the tire snuggly and the material is actually thicker, more robust than I expected for buying the cheapest cover I could get. We'll see how it holds up to sitting outside in the southern climate 53571

- 052963753479

by: Keith10/19/2013

Much better product than I expected for the price! Fast delivery and the built in securing bungee cord is perfect for keeping the cover on my trailer spare while going down the highway. 104377

- 052963753479

by: Charles05/06/2012

Good product. Nice looking, well fitting tire cover. It was as described and easy as stated to install. Tire cover was for travel trailer and will soon order another for pull vehicle. 39589

- 052963753479

by: Rod K.01/07/2015

The spare tire cover that I ordered arrived in the time frame promised and fit perfectly. Thanks Wayne for correcting the shipping information. Great service. Will order here again, 168085

- 052963753479

by: steve e06/06/2012

The covers were far better quality than i was expecting. I was expecting them to come in thin and cheap but they are actually very good quality. i am well pleased with the covers. 42996

- 052963753479

by: Benny P08/20/2014

I ordered this product and received it in 4 days,put it on my 94 S-10 Blazer 235/75/15 spare tire and it fit perfect.Thanks to all at etrailer for quick and friendly service 147572

- 052963753479

by: Mike02/08/2015

The spare wheel cover is slightly small for the wheel. The wheel diameter measured 29.5 inches. The cover was to cover a wheel up to 29.75 inches, but is a very tight fit. 172918

- 052963753479

by: Ray10/04/2014

Perfect fit for the spare on the rear of the trailer... hoping the black performs better than the previous white one I had that got very discolored after only one year. 154498

- 052963753479

by: susan01/03/2013

super fast customer service - received my tire cover ASAP and it fits perfectly - easy to put on, hooks to close snugly and looks sharp, just like in the above picture. 62422

- 052963753479

by: Grant05/07/2014

A simple need filled in a simple straight forward manner. Just the way it should be! The product, itself, looks to be just what I wanted. Fit and quality are right. 129383

- 052963753479

by: D205/17/2011

On time delivery, as advertised, fits perfectly, and product as represeted. Easy to do business. Very satisfied. Will order other items in the future. 14571

- 052963753479

by: Steve B09/23/2013

I received great service when I ordered. They got it right out the same day. The cover was an excellent product for the money and it fit perfectly. 101072

- 052963753479

by: George04/15/2013

This tire cover will dress up the appearence of the side mounted spare on my trailer and keep the weather and sunlight from damaging the tire. 76097

- 052963753479

by: Leo C07/02/2014

I was surprised at the quality of the Vinyl Cover. It was nice and thick and fit very snug over my camper spare tire. Its great. 138760

- 052963753479

by: kathleen m06/24/2014

loved the spare tire cover, was just what we was looking for, price wise and fit was perfect, thank you very quick service. 137446

- 052963753479

by: John W04/14/2014

Great tire cover. Fits my 94 Honda Passport spare tire perfectly with a nice snug fit that I don't worry will blow off. 124970

- 052963753479

by: Mark R.08/10/2013

Have purchased wheels and wheel covers, and was vary happy with the quality, price, communication and the fast service. 94331

- 052963753479

by: KEN B.07/01/2014

This tire cover arrived on time and looks to be very good quality. It fit perfectly and I am very happy with it. 138498

- 052963753479

by: kevin12/15/2014

Good quality and fit a 205/75/14 well. Would be loose on a smaller tire and could fit a slightly larger tire. 165575

- 052963753479

by: Sandy05/16/2013

Product was exactly as advertised and competitively priced. Ordering and Delivery were fast and hassle free. 80619

- 052963753479

by: Todd B08/03/2013

Bought this for my boat, 14" spare cover, looks good and keeps the tire out of the sun. Thanks etrailer. 93032

- 052963753479

by: Chris M.04/11/2013

Fit a ST215/75D/14 nicely. Thicker material than expected for the price. Very satisfied. Quick delivery. 75355

- 052963753479

by: Terry in Ellijay10/24/2012

Excellent service all the way. Cam quickly, easy to install. Will certainly shop with you all again. 58059

- 052963753479

by: David02/24/2012

Excellent quality. Helps the life of the spare by protecting it from the elements. Fast delivery. 32469

- 052963753479

by: Earl S.06/07/2012

the tire cover is well constructed and fit very well. good price great service and fast shipping! 43194

- 052963753479

by: Michelle12/18/2014

It is a Christmas gift so I can't tell how it is just yet but it looks great. Thank you 166142

- 052963753479

by: charles h.10/16/2014

product fit good , no problems, very good materials ship in time they said it would.. 156383

- 052963753479

by: George C.01/21/2014

Great product-good value. It dresses up the spare on our 1978 GMC Motorhome. Thanks. 114355

- 052963753479

by: martha s06/18/2013

the cover is just what I needed, easy to put on , and looks good thanks martha 85209

- 052963753479

by: JurgenA07/31/2014

Fits well, looks well made. We'll see ho it performs in the New Mexico sun. 143899

- 052963753479

by: Dianna Bailey12/01/2013

Great cover! Quick ship! Great company t odo business with....THANKS!!! 108767

- 052963753479

by: LG Hernandez07/28/2013

I Really liked the Cover Fit Very Good and for the Price Great Material. 92021

- 052963753479

by: john02/22/2013

Seems sturdy and room for a few different tire sizes. Does the job. 67403

- 052963753479

by: Don S.07/12/2013

Purchased this for the spare tire on my trailer. Works perfectly! 89325

- 052963753479

by: THOMAS B.12/10/2014

Good item but would rather have had it in white or cream. 164135

- 052963753479

by: Frank P.05/20/2014

A necessary item to prevent tire damage for the weather. 131471

- 052963753479

by: Gary P.05/06/2014

good quality and very fair price!!! Quick delivery too! 129190

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Ask the Experts about this Classic Accessories Covers
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  • Spare Tire Cover for a Trailer Tire Size ST205/75-14
  • The spare tire cover, # 052963753479, will fit a trailer tire size ST205/75R14. You can determine the fit by looking at the other sizes listed. Since the cover fits a P205/75R14, which is most likely a little smaller than a trailer tire, this cover will fit. We also list cover # 052963751208 and cover # CA80090 as a fit for an ST205/75-14 tire size.
    view full answer...

  • Availability of a RV Spare Tire Cover for a ST225/75 R15 Trailer Tire
  • We have two models of spare tire covers sized to fit the ST225/75R 15 tire. The Classic Accessories Universal Fit Spare Tire Cover - Small, item # 052963753479, is a Black tire cover that has an elasticized back hem with quick connect clips for a fast and adjustable fit. If you would like a white cover the Spare Tire Cover 29 to 29 3/4 inch, item # CA80093, is the correct cover for your tire and has an elasticized back to ease installation.
    view full answer...

  • Spare Tire Cover to Fit ST205/75R15 Size Radial Tire
  • The ST205/75R15 tire size translates to an overall diameter of just over 27-inches when mounted and inflated. For this tire diameter we offer three black covers that will fit. Part # 052963753479 from Classic Accessories is a universal-fit cover that works with tires having a diameter of 26-3/4- to 29-3/4-inches. We also offer a UV-resistant black tire cover from Rampage, their # RA772901 which has a rear-side drawstring for a snug fit.
    view full answer...

  • Spare Tire Cover for 205/70R/15 Tire
  • A 205/70R/15 Tire should have an outside diameter of about 26-3/4 inches. I would recommend you confirm this by taking a measurement. The Classic Accessories Spare Tire Cover you referenced, part # 052963753479 is designed for tires measuring 26-3/4 to 29-3/4 in diameter. I have linked you to our selection of spare tire covers. You can simply match the outside tire diameter to the dimensions mentioned in the product titles.
    view full answer...

  • Spare Tire Cover Recommendation For Horse Trailer
  • I have just the cover that would be a fit for your spare tire on your horse trailer. It is the Classic Accessories Custom Fit Spare Tire Cover, part # 052963751307. This cover is made of vinyl and has an elasticized back hem which makes it easy to install and hold in place. This is Snow White in color. If you are interested in a Black cover you can check out part # 052963753479, and for a cover that is Gray you might want to check part # CA80072.
    view full answer...

  • Will The Classic Accessories Universal Fit Spare Tire Cover Fit The Spare Tire on MY Jeep Liberty
  • Yes, the 052963753479, small spare tire cover will fit your Jeep Liberty spare tire as long as the tire is not wider than 9-1/8 inches. If your spare is wider than that you can order the, 052963753875, large spare tire cover. We have the tire sizes listed on the product pages if you would like to be sure of the fit before you order. I have posted links to these two items below for your convenience.
    view full answer...

  • RV Spare Tire Cover Recommendation for a ST205/75R14 Tire
  • Based on your ST205/75R14C tire size that you have the Classic Accessories Universal Fit Spare Tire Cover # 052963753479 that you referenced would work well for you. This cover is black and is confirmed to fit your tire size. Check out the review video I attached for this product as well.
    view full answer...

  • Spare Tire Covers for an ST225/75R15 Trailer Tire
  • An ST225/75R15 tire is going to have an overall diameter of approximately 28.4 inches. For a black spare tire cover you can use # 052963753479. For white use # 052963751406. And for gray use # CA80072. We also have some covers with a little flare such as American Flag cover # PC000798R01, Harley covers # PC000786R01, # PC000796R01, and # PC000795R01. And some classic cartoon characters including the Tasmanian Devil, # PC000797R01, Tweety, # PC000789R01, and the iconic Betty Boop,...
    view full answer...

  • Cover Needed For Size 175/80-13 Spare Tire on Trailer
  • According to my calculations, your spare tire should be just over 24 inches in diameter, 24.02 inches is the exact number I came up with. We do indeed offer spare tire covers for a tire of that diameter. We offer part # 052963751109 in white, or part # CA80089 in gray. Either cover is compatible with tires between 24-25 inches in diameter.
    view full answer...

  • Tire Cover Recommendation for a 26-1/2 inch Tire to Provide a Tight Fit
  • The best option we have for you would be the Classic Accessories Custom Fit Spare Tire Cover # CA80090. This cover fits 25.5 to 26.5 inch tires so it should fit your 26.5 inch tall tire with a tight fit. I attached a customer photo of this cover being used to show that the fit is pretty tight. I wish we had a black one like the # 052963753479 that you referenced in the size you need but we do not.
    view full answer...

  • Tire Cover Recommendation For 225 55R 17 Tires On 2002 Reinell Boat Trailer
  • For a white single tire cover that will fit your 225 55R 17 tires I recommend the Classic Accessories RV Wheel Covers, part # 052963762402. This cover is a slip-on fit and folds up for easy storage. This tire cover comes with 2 covers in the package. It is recommended that for winter storage 2 pairs of these covers would work best. For black tire covers that would work for your tires I recommend part # 052963753479.
    view full answer...

  • Recommended Spare Tire Cover for a 1990 Ford Bronco II
  • The Classic Accessories spare tire cover # 052963753479 will fit your P225/75R-15 because your overall diameter is between 26-3/4 and 29-3/4 inches. All of our tire covers we currently offer will be elastic instead of a drawstring. Once you put the cover on your spare tire, it won't scratch the wheel as the inside material is vinyl PVC with polyester backing. This tire cover is made of vinyl fabric and has quick connect clips for a fast and adjustable fit. I included a video review...
    view full answer...

  • Spare Tire Cover Recommendation for a 25 inch Diameter Tire
  • The Classic Accesories Tire Cover part # 052963751109 would be your best option. To see how much of the tire it covers check out the picture I attached. You will see that it covers a great deal of the inside of the tire sidewall.
    view full answer...

  • What Material is Classic Accessories Universal Fit Spare Tire Cover Made Of
  • Classic Accessories Universal Fit Spare Tire Cover # 052963753479 is vinyl inside and out. If you are concerned about alloy wheels the vinyl will not scratch them. If you can tell me the tire size you want to cover I can make some additional recommendations.
    view full answer...

  • Correct Tire Cover Size for ST235/80R16 Trailer Spare Tire
  • Your ST235/80R16 spare tire when fully inflated does indeed have an overall diameter of about 31-inches so your measurement is right on. For reference the linked article includes a chart that shows the overall diameters of various trailer tire sizes. We offer white spare tire covers in various sizes so certainly you can choose one with a little extra room if you like. The link provided will show you all white spare tire covers. The filters on the page will allow you to select the preferred...
    view full answer...

  • Spare Tire Cover for 2003 Suzuki XL-7
  • According to my calculations, the spare tire on your vehicle should be slightly larger than 27 inches in diameter. For a black cover, use part # 052963753479, part # 052963751307 in white, or part # CA80091 in gray. We also have various designs like an American flag, some Harley-Davidson logos or various cartoon characters which you can see by clicking the provided link.
    view full answer...

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