Securing your boat's stern to your trailer is quick and easy with these tie-downs. Ratchet straps are simple to hook up, retract automatically and offer a permanent mount, helping you to get on and off the water in a flash. 2,500 lbs Max load. Call 800-298-8924 to order BoatBuckle Cargo Tie Downs part number IMF08893 or order online at Free expert support on all BoatBuckle products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for BoatBuckle G2 Retractable, Ratcheting Transom Tie-Downs - 2" x 43" - 833 lbs - Qty 2. Cargo Tie Downs reviews from real customers.
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BoatBuckle G2 Retractable, Ratcheting Transom Tie-Downs - 2" x 43" - 833 lbs - Qty 2

BoatBuckle Cargo Tie Downs

(82 reviews)

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BoatBuckle Cargo Tie Downs - IMF08893

Securing your boat's stern to your trailer is quick and easy with these tie-downs. Ratchet straps are simple to hook up, retract automatically and offer a permanent mount, helping you to get on and off the water in a flash. 2,500 lbs Max load.


  • Heavy-duty ratchet strap easily secures your boat's transom (stern) to your trailer
    • Tighten down quickly with SUR-Grip rubber-coated handle - easy to grip and control with one hand
  • Dual-release lever and self-retracting design allow for easy, rapid loading and unloading
    • Unused strap retracts into housing - minimal ratcheting and convenient storage
  • Vinyl-coated steel S-hook helps to protect your boat's paint finish
  • Permanently mounts to your trailer with 1 bolt - mounting hardware included
  • Durable construction offers long-lasting performance
    • Corrosion-resistant steel body
    • Seat-belt-quality polyester webbing
    • Sturdy plastic housing and stainless steel spring


  • Strap dimensions: 2" wide x 43" long
  • Mounting hardware dimensions: 3/8" diameter x 2" long
  • Maximum load strength (break strength): 2,500 lbs each
  • Safe working load limit (WLL): 833 lbs
  • Quantity: 2 transom (stern) straps
  • 1-Year limited warranty

BoatBuckle's second-generation transom tie-down straps bolt to the rear crossmembers of your trailer and simplify the securing and unloading of your boat. They are designed to keep constant tension on the strap and require minimal ratcheting to secure your load. Instead of always having to find and store tie-down straps that hook to the tie-down anchors on the back of your boat, BoatBuckle's straps are always right where you need them. Just pull up on the hook and strap, attach the hook to the transom, and then ratchet the a few several times. No more dealing with extra webbing or looking for the tie-down strap. And when unloading, simply push the release button on the ratchet, free the hook from the transom anchor and let the strap retract back down into the ratchet.

You can mount the ratchet with the included bolt directly to the trailer frame or crossmember. If you need to angle the ratchet strap or move it a little farther off the frame, a universal mounting kit (IMF14254; sold separately) is available.

Note: Transom tie-downs should always be used along with a winch strap and a pair of gunwale tie-downs. All straps and cables should be chosen according to their safe working load limit (WLL). To determine the maximum load, or break strength, of the strap, simply multiply the WLL by 3. The WLL is always one-third (1/3) of the maximum load. It is recommended that you always use straps in pairs.

F08893 G2 Retractable Ratchet Tie Down Straps by Boat Buckle (IMMI) - 43" x 2" - 2,500 lbs - QTY 2

Video of BoatBuckle G2 Retractable, Ratcheting Transom Tie-Downs - 2" x 43" - 833 lbs - Qty 2

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer
installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for BoatBuckle Cargo Tie Downs IMF08893 Review

Today we're going to review part number IMF08893. These are the BoatBuckle G2 Retractable, Ratcheting Transom Tie-Downs. Has a 2500 pound maximum load strength and they come as a quantity of 2. Now these heavy duty ratchet straps will easily secure your boat's transom to your trailer. You bolt these to the rear cross members of your trailer, and this will simplify the securing and unloading of your boat. They are designed to keep constant tension on the strap, and require minimal ratcheting to secure your load.

You can tighten them down quickly here with the Suregrip rubber coated handle, it's easy to grip and control with one hand. Down here at the bottom you can see it's a dual, one on each side, dual release lever, and the self-retracting design, as you can see just like that with it into release mode. This will allow for easy rapid loading and unloading. Basically the unused portion of the strap will retract into the housing, so it gives you minimal ratcheting and convenient storage. If you notice on the end of these, they have a nice vinyl coated steel s hook, helps protect your boat's paint finish. This does permanently mount to your trailer with the included 1 bolt mounting hardware, which is all included.

Basically, if you can see the back here, there's a hole right here that you can run this bolt through to attach it. Now if you'll notice above the hole, there's also like a keyhole slot, and that pretty much can be used if there's already a bolt on your trailer. You might be able to just put it in here and slide it down to lock it into place. If not, you can use the bolt here and bolt it to the trailer itself. These are a durable construction, they offer long-lasting performance. Has a nice corrosion-resistant steel body on the inside here.

The polyester webbing is seat belt quality, very strong webbing. Has a nice sturdy plastic housing and a stainless steel spring, so it all holds up very well. On the strap itself, the dimension is 2 inches wide and if you can pull it out, it's 43 inches long. The bolts themselves are 3/8 inch diameter and about 2 inches long. Again, I mentioned the maximum load strength on this, which is the breaking strength, it's 2500 pounds each one, but you do have to remember that that's the breaking strength.

What you'll want to be aware of is the working load limit, and the safe working load limit on each one is 833 pounds. Basically the working load limit is 1/3 of what the load strength, or breaking strength, is. We do recommend all straps and cables should be chosen according to that safe working load limit. Again, this part includes the 2 ratchets and the mounting bolts. Just want to show you here real quickly an operation of it. You see the dual release lever, I've got it pushed down and it stays in the down position, that'll allow the belt to retract, and then all you have to do is once you, let's try to extend it out here, I don't have anything to hook it to but just to hold it out some, there's a lever right down here that if you pull up on, and then grab this, and once you move it you can see it moves the dual release levers out of their position, and that locks it into place. Then all you need to do is just by squeezing this lower level with the lever right there, you can ratchet it and tighten it to where you want. Then once it's where it's at, it'll hold it into place just like that. Then if you go to release it, again, see these dual release levers You can watch as I push down on it, you can see that the strap will retract. Basically, when you install this, just pull up on the hook, just like that, pull up on it, attach the hook to the transom of your boat, and then ratchet it like I showed you and that'll tighten it up. Then when you're unloading, just push down on this release button, pull off the, free the hook from that transom, and let it retract back into it. Very simple operation. That should do it for the review on part number IMF08893. These are the BoatBuckle G2 Retractable, Ratcheting Transom Tie-Downs with the 2500 pound maximum load strength. .

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Customer Reviews

BoatBuckle G2 Retractable, Ratcheting Transom Tie-Downs - 2" x 43" - 833 lbs - Qty 2 - IMF08893

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (82 Customer Reviews)

Securing your boat's stern to your trailer is quick and easy with these tie-downs. Ratchet straps are simple to hook up, retract automatically and offer a permanent mount, helping you to get on and off the water in a flash. 2,500 lbs Max load.

- IMF08893

by: Alan S08/12/2012

I found the BoatBuckle G2 retractable Transom Tie-Downs an awesome addition to my boating experience. A pleasure to use. However, I had a problem with the bolts they include in the package. They were longer than necessary and , with the amount of torque needed to tighten the lock nut, ended up cross threaded. It was so tightly cross threaded, I had to cut the bolt off. I called tech support and they sent me alternative set of hardware and it worked like a charm. Their product support is excellent! The only product issue I had was, when you read the instructions, it indicated you should check the tie downs after 3 miles, and something like every 20 miles after that. I have only used them 3 or 4 times, and on one occasion, I found that the normal bouncing of the trailer, had allowed one of them to come loose. Easy enough to tighten, but you will need to check them from time to time. If they ever fix that issue, I would give it the highest rating. 51465

- IMF08893

by: Johnny Mann11/21/2013

My Sailboat was slipping during long hauls on its trailer and I would have to launch it to get it level again. By using one Boat Buckle on each side, this totally eliminated the problem. Great Product! 108012


Moved to the Gulf Coast and subjected the product to several immersion and they still performing good as new. Best boat secure system on the market.

Johnny M - 11/21/2014


- IMF08893

by: Mike H06/26/2013

I would highly recommend these to anyone wanting both convenience and quality in a ratcheting tie-down system. The ratchets use a single bolt to attached (can be attached to the old tie-down location) and is quickly and easily installed. The ratchet and strap system are of top quality. I can now install my tie-downs in one-fifth the time. A very innovative mechanism is used to both tighten and loosen the strap. One precaution is the bolt and nut are not the same thread standard so the nut takes some muscling to install. I believe the manufacturer purposely did this to ensure the nut will not become loose once installed. 86184

- IMF08893

by: Ed O12/04/2013

Easy to install. No more having to store tie downs. Less time spent at the ramp. 109119

- IMF08893

by: angie06/07/2014

My Regal 1900ES bowrider didn't come with transom tie downs but I wanted the peace of mind they offer. I purchased these BoatBuckle ratchet straps based on seeing them on numerous trailers at our boat ramp and the favorable rating on this website. Like others have noted, the supplied bolt/nut pretty much requires a torque wrench to install. I purchased a few grade 8 bolts/washers/nuts from hardware store to use instead. Otherwise, love the convenience of the ratchet system. 134652

- IMF08893

by: Jim E.03/25/2014

Seems to be very good quality; I bought as a replacement for Ranger ratchet downs that are used to cinch the tie-down loops on the cover. Backplate is identical to Ranger and slides on transom stud just as originals. I'm guessing Ranger uses same company to produce their equipment using the Ranger logo. I'm very happy with product/price! Shipped very next day! I'll come back to e-trailer if needing future parts. 122244

- IMF08893

by: Benny B11/18/2014

New boat didn't come with Boat Buckles, it was my first purchase for the new boat. Outstanding product, I had these on my previous boat. Etrailer has always provided fast shipping at great prices..thanks!!! 161694

- IMF08893

by: Jeff G09/23/2014

I have had Boat Buckles on my previous boat of 12 years ago & have hardly no problems. Each year I sprayed the mechanical parts with WD due from boat sitting outside in the weather. The straps did not have any signs of age. Now I have a new boat & one of the first things I did to it was buy another pair of these. I had to purchase longer bolts for my setup on trailer but who cares. They work great ! 152653

- IMF08893

by: Chris B.08/06/2014

I purchased these tie downs to replace a pair of 11 year old BoatBuckles that had some issues with the springs popping off. The new ones have a completely re-designed spring attachment assembly which solved the problem. The new design is also so much smoother and easier to use. I would highly recommend this product for your boat trailer. 144715

- IMF08893

by: Trace D12/24/2012

I purchased these buckles as a Christmas gift for my dad. They were shipped and arrived at my house in 4 days. Although they haven't been installed yet, I expect these retractable buckles will be much more convenient than the old style my dad and stepmom currently use. I've read great reviews about these buckles on many other websites. 61881

- IMF08893

by: Kevin B.03/07/2014

These buckles will save time with loading/unloading. I have an ATV trailer I use them on. The plastic becomes a bit brittle being in the elements all the time, but I love the fact they are ready to go and I don't have to juggle with tie-downs and untangle them. 119831

- IMF08893

by: Harry P06/24/2015

Received these today, and installed them this afternoon. I had to get a different bolts, as the supplied bolts were too short. Installation was a breeze, and they are securely locked down. I will have them splashed this week, and already love the ease of use. 206916

- IMF08893

by: Paul B.09/17/2014

I just installed them. They work as advertised. My trailer is a bit short and the bunks extend past trailer frame by 3 foot. The trailer bunks are 3" X 10" X 10' installed directly to the bunks. These are the ratcheting transom tie-downs on the market!!!!!! 151738

- IMF08893

by: Don D.06/29/2015

The product is great! The hardware that came with the product was useless. The nuts and bolts would bind when I tried to tighten them. I quickly determined that I needed new hardware. Once the buckles were installed, they worked as advertised. 208036

- IMF08893

by: Brandon M.06/27/2014

Great product !!! I am using it on my pontoon trailer and makes strapping down at the end of the a breeze. No more looking for where left your tie downs. As always great service from etrailer and their exceptional team !!! 137978

- IMF08893

by: Just what I wanted10/31/2014

After a LOT of use...... like at least once a week for 11 years..... my old ones were just looking and acting a little sad. So happy to have these perfect replacements and at a price that mad me really happy. 158718

- IMF08893

by: John S06/12/2015

I received the product quickly and installed it the same day. I did not have a problem with the bolts that were supplied. The buckles appear to be well built. Looking forward to using them next week 202786

- IMF08893

by: Chuck W.04/06/2015

These are very well made, very easy to install and very easy to use. They have ample holding capacity and the convenience of never having to handle removable straps is wonderful! 183598

- IMF08893

by: Jeff08/10/2013

Installation was bit difficult, but I am really looking forward to using them next week on our next outing. These will be much simpler to use than our previous ones. 94407

- IMF08893

by: Jeff E.01/01/2015

It is a very good product. The first set lasted about 11 years, so last and durability is great. Shipping was on time during Christmas, so that made it even better. 167463

- IMF08893

by: Jose r09/13/2013

I receive the BoatBuckle yesterday , looks pretty good will to see how well it will hold up with used..So far ,happy with the product design.. Thanks etrailer. 99744

- IMF08893

by: Dave S08/26/2013

Just received and easy to install and operate. Time will tell on the longevity side of things. Working with etrailers site was without any problems and great CS. 96894

- IMF08893

by: John M04/23/2014

Great product, works as stated, make life less of a hassle and no need to worry about straps breaking or fraying since it's not wrapping around trailer and boat 126864

- IMF08893

by: Bill08/11/2014

These tie downs are awesome and Etrailer service and fast shipping is even better. I buy lots of items online and this company is by far the best in every way 145730

- IMF08893

by: Kelly K08/14/2012

the product works well and as advertised. Insta was quick and simple. As for, they were quick to get the product to me, and all is good. 51662

- IMF08893

by: Blair10/03/2014

I was very impressed by the quality of these. They seem to be made well and should last a long time. They also make strapping your boat down very easy. 154225

- IMF08893

by: Paul G.07/03/2015

Etrailer was great, I received the product I ordered and was delivered promptly. Installed them right a way and the product works great. Thank You. 209027

- IMF08893

by: Richard Q.12/04/2014

They Fit and Function as Advertised. Super Simple, Fast and Easy to use. I am Very Happy with my purchase and would recommend them to anyone. 163383

- IMF08893

by: David07/26/2013

Great product! Quick shipping and follow up to insure customer is happy with purchase. Best online retailer I have ever done business with. 91758

- IMF08893

by: Craig04/03/2015

Great product. This straps are easy to use; however keep in mind that they are very large and may require the use of the universal adaptor. 182670

- IMF08893

by: Thomas H.12/02/2013

Bought as Christmas present for fishing buddy of 38 years. I know he will be extremely pleased. Great service and customer follow-up! 108850

- IMF08893

by: Glen T.12/18/2013

The product was very easy to install and worked as advertised. I like things simple and this lived up to my expectations. 110350

- IMF08893

by: Tony12/17/2012

Awesome company. I couldn't me more happy with the price and the customer service. First time I every ordered from them. 61694

- IMF08893

by: Tim R10/09/2014

No more loose tie downs, is brand new so it will be interesting to see how it holds up to numerous drips into the lake. 155308

- IMF08893

by: John S.03/11/2014

Item Showed up quickly. I installed the boatbuckles and already love how easy they are to use. Absolutely painless. 120323

- IMF08893

by: Jared05/27/2015

Saves a lot of time launching my boat and its handy having them installed on my trailer. I'm glad I purchased them. 198168

- IMF08893

by: Bucko06/18/2015

Easy to install, strong and easy to use! These are a must have to replace those straps that loosen on every trip! 204439

- IMF08893

by: Don Jackson12/11/2013

Great product for my Ranger boat. Boat buckles are awesome. E Trailer has a great price and super fast shipping. 109874

- IMF08893

by: Scotty D12/04/2013

Great product !!!! Easy to install & use ...can't believe I have not all ready bought a set before now !!! 109126

- IMF08893

by: Quiz07/17/2015

Great people to deal with , fast shipping with quality products , will buy from again for sure !!! 212362

- IMF08893

by: Bluescreen08/05/2013

Works great. Replaced units of a different brand, similar style. Work much better, easy on and off. 93343

- IMF08893

by: Lynn L.08/15/2013

Great heavy duty tie-downs that are easy to operate. Installed quickly and easily. Very satisfied! 95136

- IMF08893

by: George05/14/2014

Make sure you have some BIG wrenches to put these nuts on. Surely won't be stolen at the lake. 130689

- IMF08893

by: Todd05/04/2015

Excellent, easy to install, works nice. No longer have to worry about misplacing my straps. 189759

- IMF08893

by: george11/06/2013

bought these for a gift for son. had the same ones on my boat for 7 years. great product 106470

- IMF08893

by: fred c07/12/2013

great product have been using for years and just ordered another set for new trailer 89167

- IMF08893

by: JOHN P02/16/2015


- IMF08893

by: Scott B05/27/2014

These work much better than the old clamp down style straps that I had!!! 132766

- IMF08893

by: Geno09/25/2013

Great product, communication, shipping and price. Order with confidence! 101515

- IMF08893

by: George V.10/21/2014

Just what I needed - excellent quality and quick service from etrailer. 157147

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  • How to Choose the Correct Tie-Down for a Boat and Trailer
  • When choosing tie-down straps like the BoatBuckle G2 Retractable Tie-Down Strap, # IMF14220, you will want to keep a few things in mind. Boat tie-downs are designed for normal highway driving. The purpose of most boat tie-downs is to strap the lightest object to the heaviest object, meaning you will want to choose a tie-down with a break strength that exceeds the weight of the lightest object. For example, if your boat weighs 4,000 lbs and your trailer weighs 2,000 lbs, you will want...
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  • Boat Transom Tie Down Straps for 1,000 Pound Load
  • The BoatBuckle Mini G2 Retractable, Ratcheting Transom Tie-Downs # IMF106877 are rated for 1,400 pounds break strength and 466 pounds working load limit. I recommend going with a higher capacity set such as # IMF08893 rated for 2,500 pounds break and 833 pounds working load limit per strap. Even # IMF14256 would be a better option at 1500 pounds break and 500 pounds working load limit.
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  • Could the BoatBuckle Cargo Tie Downs # IMF08893 Secure an ATV in a Trailer
  • You could use the BoatBuckle Cargo Tie Downs # IMF08893 to secure an ATV to a trailer. These have more than enough capacity at 833 lbs of capacity per strap. These permanently mount to your trailer with 1 bolt, mounting hardware is included. The buckles are sewn to the strap so there wouldn't be a way to reverse the direction the hooks face.
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  • What is the Shape of the Mounting Hole For BoatBuckle G2 Retractable Ratchet Straps
  • I have included a picture of the back of what the Boat Buckle G2 straps, # IMF08893, look like. Mounting hardware (2 bolts, nuts, and washers) are included. You can also get optional mounting brackets, # IMF14254, if you need to move the straps off the frame or around obstacles.
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  • Transom Strap Recommendation for a 2,500 lb Boat
  • You would want the Transom straps part # IMF08893 as it has a break strength of 2,500 lbs and a WLL of 833 lbs. Think of the breaking strength as the strength the strap has when in an emergency situation and the WLL as the amount of weight it can handle continuously. Since the strap wouldn't be supporting the full weight of your boat at all times the # IMF08893 would work well for yours that weighs 2,500 lbs.
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  • Can BoatBuckle G2 Retractable, Ratcheting Transom Tie-Downs # IMF08893 Be Used with 5K Boat
  • The maximum break strength for each of the straps included with BoatBuckle G2 Retractable, Ratcheting Transom Tie-Downs # IMF08893 is 2,500 pounds. So together that would be 5,000 pounds. The safe working load limit though is 833 pounds each. These are currently the highest rated transom tie downs that we carry. Transom tie-downs should always be used along with a winch strap and a pair of gunwale tie-downs. Adding in those you should be fine provided that the combined safe working load...
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  • Recommended Transom Tie-Downs For 4,500 Lb Boat
  • I spoke with my contact at BoatBuckle about the weight capacity of their tie-down straps. They told me that the break strength is what they use when determining the best tie-downs for a boat to use. For your 4,500 lb boat I recommend the BoatBuckle G2 Retractable, Ratcheting Transom Tie-Downs, part # IMF08893. These each have a break strength of 2,500 lbs so that gives you a total of 5,000 lbs. These are ratcheting straps that measure 2 inches wide by 43 inches long. These come with...
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  • Best Location for Transom Tie Down on Boat Trailer with Hard to Access Transom Support Beam
  • You could bolt the BoatBuckle G2 Retractable, Ratcheting Transom Tie-Downs # IMF08893 to the aluminum trailer frame provided you used aluminum mounting hardware instead of steel. The only other way, like you said, would be to add an extension piece to make it easier to reach the tie down. There isn't a specific extension for this purpose so you would need to fabricate one using materials from a home improvement store. If you add an extension you will want to be careful not to over-tighten...
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