2" Wide x 43' long G2 tie-downs make securing your boat's stern to your trailer hassle-free. They feature a quick-release, self-retracting design, stainless steel construction, and permanent bolt-on installation. 1,500 lbs Max load. Call 800-298-8924 to order BoatBuckle Cargo Tie Downs part number IMF14256 or order online at etrailer.com. Free expert support on all BoatBuckle products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for BoatBuckle G2 Retractable, Ratcheting Transom Tie-Down Straps - Stainless Steel - 500 lbs - Qty 2. Cargo Tie Downs reviews from real customers.
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BoatBuckle G2 Retractable, Ratcheting Transom Tie-Down Straps - Stainless Steel - 500 lbs - Qty 2

BoatBuckle Cargo Tie Downs

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BoatBuckle Cargo Tie Downs - IMF14256

2" Wide x 43' long G2 tie-downs make securing your boat's stern to your trailer hassle-free. They feature a quick-release, self-retracting design, stainless steel construction, and permanent bolt-on installation. 1,500 lbs Max load.


  • Heavy-duty, retractable ratchet straps easily secure your boat's transom (stern) to your trailer
    • Tighten down quickly with SUR-Grip rubber-coated handle - easy to grip and control with one hand
  • Push-button release and self-retracting design allow for easy, rapid loading and unloading
    • Unused strap retracts into housing - minimal ratcheting and convenient storage
  • Vinyl-coated steel S-hooks help to protect your boat's paint finish from scuffs and scratches
  • Permanently mounts to your trailer with 1 bolt
  • Durable construction offers long-lasting performance
    • Stainless steel body withstands brackish and saltwater environments - resists rust and corrosion
    • Seat-belt-quality polyester webbing
    • Sturdy plastic housing and stainless steel spring


  • Strap dimensions: 2" wide x 43" long
  • Mounting hardware dimensions: 3/8" diameter x 2" long
  • Maximum load strength (break strength): 1,500 lbs
  • Safe working load limit (WLL): 500 lbs
  • Quantity: 2 transom (stern) straps
  • 1-Year limited warranty

BoatBuckle's second-generation transom tie-down straps bolt to the rear crossmember of your trailer and simplify the securing and unloading of your boat. These corrosion-resistant, stainless steel tie-downs are designed to keep constant tension on the strap and require minimal ratcheting to secure your load. Instead of always having to find and store tie-down straps that hook to the transom anchors on your boat, you will find that BoatBuckle's straps are always right where you need them. Just pull up on the hook and strap, attach the hook to the transom anchor, and then ratchet the a few several times. No more dealing with extra webbing or looking for the tie-down strap. And when unloading, simply push the release button on the ratchet, free the hook from the transom anchor, and let the strap retract back down into the ratchet.

You can mount the ratchet with the included bolt directly to the trailer frame or crossmember. If you need to angle the ratchet strap or move it a little farther off the frame, a universal mounting kit (IMF14254; sold separately) is available.

Note: Transom tie-downs should always be used along with a winch strap and a set of gunwale tie-downs. All straps and cables should be chosen according to their safe working load limit (WLL). To determine the maximum load, or break strength, of the strap, simply multiply the WLL by 3. The WLL is always one-third (1/3) of the maximum load. It is recommended that you always use straps in pairs.

F14256 G2 Stern Retractable Ratchet Tie Down Straps by Boat Buckle (IMMI) - Stainless Steel - 43" x 2" - 1,500 lbs - QTY 2

Video of BoatBuckle G2 Retractable, Ratcheting Transom Tie-Down Straps - Stainless Steel - 500 lbs - Qty 2

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Video Transcript for BoatBuckle Cargo Tie Downs Trailer Cargo Control IMF14256 Review

Today we are going to review Part Number IMF14256. These are the BoatBuckle G2 Retractable, Ratcheting, Transom Tie-Down Straps. These tie-downs will make securing your boats transom to your trailer quick and hassle free. They feature a quick release, self-retracting design. They are stainless steel construction and are a permanent bolt-on installation. These will tighten down quickly with the sure-grip rubber coated handle which makes it easy to grip and control with one hand.

The dual push button release is on each side and when the button is pushed, it releases the strap to extend out and it does retract back automatically. They do have a vinyl coated steel S hook which will help protect your boats finish. They do include the mounting hardware which will allow you to permanently mount to your trailer with the one bolt on each one. They do have a stainless steel body. The ratchet is a seatbelt quality polyester webbing all inside a sturdy plastic housing and on the inside is a stainless steel spring.

The dimension on the strap is 2 inches wide and 43 inches long. They have a maximum load strength or a breaking strength of 1,500 pounds. The actual safe working load limit would be one-third of that, or 500 pounds. This part number does include two transom ratchet straps and the mounting bolts. They do come with a one year limited warranty.

Just a quick demonstration; you actually bolt these ratchet straps to the rear cross member of your trailer and then you just extend them out and attach it to the transom anchors on your boat, like that. With the release button down, that will allow the strap to move in and out. When you pull up on the handle, it will lock in the release buttons. Underneath there is a little lever that when you hold up on that and then move the handle, that will allow you to ratchet it up and tighten down the transom of your boat to your trailer. Once it is all tight, you are ready to go.

When you are ready to unload the boat, you just push down on either side, the release button, remove the S Hook from your transom anchor and the strap will retract back into the housing. That should do it for Part Number IMF14256.

Customer Reviews

BoatBuckle G2 Retractable, Ratcheting Transom Tie-Down Straps - Stainless Steel - 500 lbs - Qty 2 - IMF14256

Average Customer Rating:  4.4 out of 5 stars   (37 Customer Reviews)

2" Wide x 43' long G2 tie-downs make securing your boat's stern to your trailer hassle-free. They feature a quick-release, self-retracting design, stainless steel construction, and permanent bolt-on installation. 1,500 lbs Max load.

- IMF14256

by: Gerry in Houston04/29/2014

Same comments/issues as with the bow tie down. The supplied bolts and nuts, in this case stainless steel material, could NOT be made up all the way and had to be cut off and replaced with bolts and nuts from a local hardware store. The supplied bolts and nuts have a self locking design that gets very tight after the nut is threaded on one full nuts worth. Then, no matter what tool, or size of cheater bar you use, you cannot tighten the nut the rest of the way on the long bolts. Especially laying on the driveway under a boat trailer, where your movements are constrained and all wrench slippage is punished by busted knuckles on a galvanized trailer. I had to cut the supplied bolts and nuts off and replace them with SS bolts and nuts from the hardware store, and use lock washers instead of the self locking nut design that came with the tie-down straps. I suggest the manufacturer drop their self locking design and start issuing lock washers immediately. Otherwise, the buckle design is convenient and good to use. 127896

- IMF14256

by: Mark B07/07/2014

Thanks for asking. I love the service. I love the ratchet device, just what I wanted. The two mounting bolts that came with the unit were unusable. The first lock nut seized a good quarter inch before it could be tightened. I could not move it in either directions. Had to take reciprocating saw and cut bolt shank to remove. The second one I tried in my vice before I tried on boat trailer (just encase, the ole fool me once deal). This lock nut also seized about half way down the bolt shank. I literally bent the bolt shaft trying to back the nut off with a breakover bar. So, I used the bolts and nuts that I had removed from the old ratchet device I was replacing. It appears nuts and bolts were cheaply made from China. Nut should not have seized, and, I should not have been able to bend a 7/16" shank. 139638

- IMF14256

by: Abel06/02/2014

Great product! My only complaint is with the mounting bolt provided. Stripped right away. Replaced it with a stainless bolt and good to go. 133765


Product still working great! Mounting nuts and bolts still junk! But the actual product rocks!!

Abel - 06/02/2015


- IMF14256

by: Joe06/05/2015

We purchased the stainless steel Boat buckle and we like the boat buckles themselves but the hardware that comes with them are useless. We spent 1/2 of a day trying to put them on but they would only screw down 1/3 of the way, I even put them in a vise and tried to screw them down but they still would not screw down any farther I finally went to the hardware store where I spent another $10.00 to buy new bolts and nuts that took us 5 minutes to put the buckles on the boat, we threw the ones that came with it in the garbage. So if you buy the boat buckles save yourself all the trouble and buy your own hardware. 200932

- IMF14256

by: Nathan12/17/2013

awesome product! If you have used the old cam buckle type straps then this will change your fishing/boating experience. Easy to install and easy to use. Pull the strap up and hook it on your boat, pull up on the ratchet handle, and done. When launching, use the release lever and the strap retracts. You will not have to remove the straps and store them while on the water. What took me so long? Well worth the investment and I bought the stainless that should last forever. Buy these and you will thank yourself, buy them as a gift and they will thank you every time they put the boat in the water! 110243

- IMF14256

by: Boat Captain06/12/2013

I had these on my boat trailer for 5 years and they are awesome. I believe my original ones are not stainless so I opted for the upgrade to stainless this time, at almost double the cost, I think these will last even longer than the previous buckles. I mostly boat in salt water so stainless is a must. They fit great and work great, much better and easier than a transom strap all the way across the stern of the boat, these hold the boat tight in place. 84349

- IMF14256

by: Ron L10/25/2013

I Purchased a set of Stainless Steel G2 BoatBuckel from e trailer. The same product is used by Ranger boats for their boats except with a Ranger logo. at twice the price. I found BoatBuckle was more expensive on other internet sites including e bay when shipping is included.. e trailer provided free shipping. I am very please with my purchase and would purchase other products from e trailer in the future. 105134

- IMF14256

by: Randall Lee03/27/2013

I am extremely satisfied with my new stainless retractable boat tie down ratchet buckles.With the stainless I don't have to worry about corrosion either from salt water, or early season road salt here in the midwest.GREAT product REASONABLE price. R. Van't Hof LaPorte,Indiana 72823

- IMF14256

by: Marcus R03/16/2015

I use the BoatBuckle Cargo Cargo Tie downs to secure ladders to my ladder racks so that do not blow off. They are easy to use and keep the ladders from rattling against the ladder racks as I drive down the road. I have been using them for over a year and just bought a 2nd pair to hold down the ladders on my new work truck. They hold up great to weathering and the corrosive environment that I work in. 178742

- IMF14256

by: Brad E.07/30/2014

Combined with the free shipping I could not come close to matching the Etrailer price anywhere on the web and I am an avid Internet shopper. The communication of orders processing was quick and thorough and the product was shipped and delivered in the time expected. They even packaged the products well to make sure of no damage. I will definitely recommend this company to a friend. 143417

- IMF14256

by: Robert C06/05/2014

You will need the universal mounting kit in most applications unless u want to drill holes in your trailer. The stainless steel nuts and bolts are junk and will lock up after a turn or 2. Both of mine had to be replaced. Just so you know the universal mounting kit is steel and the hardware is steel so while your at the hardware store make sure to get stainless nuts and bolts for those also. 134398

- IMF14256

by: Patrick Mc12/19/2014

Discovered the bolts and nuts were not matched, causing severe damage to the bolt threads. Contacted manufacturer and they apologized, explaining that their hardware supplier inadvertently got a batch of the bolts and nuts mixed up. Replacement bolts and matching nuts would be sent to me asap - problem solved.....otherwise it is a great product and the hardware is tops, very strong!! 166243

- IMF14256

by: Keith O04/22/2014

Fast shipping, great price and good product. These blow away the rod saver retractable ratchet hooks that I had on the boat until now. Stainless is a must in the back of the boat. The mechanisms get doused in water every time the boat gets launched. The rod savers were on the boat for 3 years and they were already too corroded to work well. 126635

- IMF14256

by: Robert C10/03/2014

The threads of the bolts and the nuts did not line up. I was very careful not to cross-thread, but half way on the threads would bind up no matter what I did. I have only mounted one at this point because I had to use the bolts from the optional mounting brackets. They worked fine. There is a problem with the bolts that are included. 154370

- IMF14256

by: HJC05/07/2014

Although not installed on my trailer yet, these are obviously a quality product. They are of heavy, solid construction and are easy to operate. These are bolted to the boat trailer, with provided bolts and the strap simply retracts when not in use. Etrailer sells some of the best marine products on the market at very good prices. 129479

- IMF14256

by: Jim kl07/04/2013

SS bolt and nut are very poor quality. It is almost impossible to turn the nut and bolt, so hard to turn it that it gets hot and you can even smell it. Made in Taiwan, maybe it is just a bad batch I have not contacted the mfg yet. Also, instruction suck! 87637

- IMF14256

by: Pete B. Massachusetts11/19/2014

Just received Boat Buckle G2. They will be replacing a non stainless set that came with my trailer. I launch my boat in salt water and these should prove to be corrosion resistant. Best price and shipping I could find. They arrived when promised. 161855

- IMF14256

by: Nelson P.03/09/2015


- IMF14256

by: H.W.06/24/2014

The Boat Buckles were received in a reasonable time and appear to be everything advertised. Installation on the trailer was easy and the product works great. The stainless steel should make these last for many years. 137296

- IMF14256

by: Leon P03/19/2015

Received the package today and in good shape. Items looked great and will be placed on our boat trailer this weekend. Jennifer was a great help and very easy to work with during the ordering process. 179783

- IMF14256

by: Kropac107/11/2013

So far this product is excellent after first day of use. Works very well and make tie down very easy. No more lost straps. Fishing partner was impressed and will get a set for his boat. 89011

- IMF14256

by: Wayne G07/03/2015

Great product and easy to use and install. I don't know why I didn't buy these years ago. Ordering was easy and fast free shipping with tracking. Would recommend to anyone. 209055

- IMF14256

by: Bruce H.07/17/2014

no more digging for straps they stay on the trailer for fast loading and unloading great product and easy to use . I would recommend the stainless steel ones 141876

- IMF14256

by: Matthew03/13/2013

product was just what I was hoping for. They shipped it quickly and was in perfect condition. I would order from them again for sure, good job. 70518

- IMF14256

by: joe tantilla02/05/2013

Fabulous.....just super....love em....love em.....love em.....just super...unbelievably amazing ....amazingly awesome.....life changing device 65073

- IMF14256

by: Federico03/15/2015

Perform as intended. I mostly launch my boat into sea waters and so far (~1 year of use) no visible corrosion or performance degradation. 178313

- IMF14256

by: Lee M.04/16/2014

These boat buckles are very easily attached. After a hard day of fishing it sure is nice to buckle the boat down in seconds and go. 125368

- IMF14256

by: Steve08/28/2015

Straps are great. However, none of the nuts thread on the bolts. Need to buy new bolts in order to use the product. 222504

- IMF14256

by: Larry B.03/18/2014

The stainless steel screws were useless. Went to Home Depot and got some that would tighten up. 121147

- IMF14256

by: Rex R07/08/2013

Item seems well built. Easy to install, but I was replacing the tie downs (different brand). 88378

- IMF14256

by: Tkemper08/25/2014

The mounting hardware was worthless, and I spent another $10 to get good hardware. 148255

- IMF14256

by: Will c.09/02/2015

Haven't put them on yet but looks like they are well built and will do the job 223570

- IMF14256

by: al06/27/2014

service was fast haven't installed uet but looks to work great 138065

- IMF14256

by: Shad A06/23/2015

Excellent product and the best price fo und. 206588

- IMF14256

by: travis H05/25/2015

great product great seller fast shipping 196751

- IMF14256

by: ROB H08/15/2013


- IMF14256

by: Robert Williams MD03/22/2014

Liked this company and the product. 121725


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  • Boat Transom Tie Down Straps for 1,000 Pound Load
  • The BoatBuckle Mini G2 Retractable, Ratcheting Transom Tie-Downs # IMF106877 are rated for 1,400 pounds break strength and 466 pounds working load limit. I recommend going with a higher capacity set such as # IMF08893 rated for 2,500 pounds break and 833 pounds working load limit per strap. Even # IMF14256 would be a better option at 1500 pounds break and 500 pounds working load limit.
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  • Recommended Stainless Steel Boat Transom Tie-Down Straps
  • I spoke with my contact at BoatBuckle and they told me that the metal components on the BoatBuckle Pro Series Kwik-Lok Transom Tie-Down Straps, part # IMF17632, are made of steel but they are not stainless. They told me the hook that attaches to the trailer on this system is zinc-coated for corrosion resistance, and the S-hooks are vinyl-coated to protect your boat finish. We do offer straps that use stainless steel. Part # IMF14256, uses a stainless steel body that resists rust...
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  • Transom Strap Recommendation for a 2,500 lb Boat
  • You would want the Transom straps part # IMF08893 as it has a break strength of 2,500 lbs and a WLL of 833 lbs. Think of the breaking strength as the strength the strap has when in an emergency situation and the WLL as the amount of weight it can handle continuously. Since the strap wouldn't be supporting the full weight of your boat at all times the # IMF08893 would work well for yours that weighs 2,500 lbs.
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  • Differences Between Boatbuckle Cargo Buckles # IMF08893 and # IMF14256
  • The difference is the metal that the two straps are made of. The more expensive # IMF14256 is made of stainless steel which offers superior corrosion resistance whereas the part # IMF08893 is made of non-stainless steel and that is why it costs less.
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