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Hopkins Brake Controller for the 2013 Toyota Sienna

Hopkins Brake Controller

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Hopkins InSIGHT Flex-Mount Trailer Brake Controller - 1 to 4 Axles - Proportional - 2013 Toyota Sienna

Get proportional braking with this convenient and innovative brake controller. Mount the brain portion of the system out of sight; put the controller in an easy-to-access area; and affix the digital display to your dash for easy viewing.


  • Brake controller activates trailer brakes in proportion to your Toyota Sienna's braking action
    • Automatically adjusts trailer's braking based on deceleration of tow vehicle
    • Activates immediately - no pausing like with time-delayed brake controllers
  • Flex-Mount system includes 3 separate pieces, each of which can be mounted in multiple locations
    • Flex-Display mounts on dash or anywhere in your line of sight
      • Digital display shows braking percentage and diagnostics
    • Flex-Control attaches to any easy-to-reach area
      • Manual override, sensitivity button, and power adjustment buttons
    • Smart-Box goes on kick panel or side of center console
      • Inertia-based control must be pointed in the direction of travel
  • 7 Sensitivity levels let you adjust initial braking power and aggressiveness
  • Integrated short circuit protection
  • Built-in, slide-style manual override
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Universal wiring harness or plug-in, Toyota Sienna-specific brake control adapter (sold separately) is required for installation


  • Application: trailers with up to 4 axles (8 brake assemblies)
    • Designed for use with electric or electric-over-hydraulic trailer brakes
  • Smart-Box mounting:
    • 360-Degree vertical plane operating range
    • 10-Degree horizontal range
  • Wire length on Flex-Display and Flex-Control: 4'
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Many proportional brake controllers have restrictions on how and where they can be mounted in your cab. Even if the limitations on mounting a particular controller are relatively few, you still must find an appropriate place in your cab to install it. Typically, brake controllers are mounted beneath the dash. This is done in part to keep the controller relatively out of the way, though still within reach, and in part because this is usually where your vehicle's brake controller wiring harness is located. But this can make it difficult to reach the manual override on the controller, and it makes it nearly impossible to see the display.

Hopkins InSIGHT Flex-Mount Brake Controller Mounted

With the InSIGHT Flex-Mount brake controller, you are free to customize your cab as you see fit. Mount the Flex-Display unit (1) anywhere you can easily see it. Attach the Flex-Control (2) somewhere within easy reach so that you can activate the manual override and adjust the sensitivity. Install the Smart-Box (3) in an out-of-the-way location - either on the side of your center console or on your kick panel - and forget about it. Then simply connect the display and the control to the Smart-Box unit with the integrated plug-in wiring harnesses.

No more inability to see the brake controller's display. No more having to reach around blindly searching for the controller beneath your dash. No more hitting your knee on an obtrusive unit. Now your Toyota Sienna will look the way you want while being outfitted with a brake controller that works the way you want.

Proportional Braking

With a proportional brake controller, you can get heavy-duty emergency braking, general braking, or slow-to-an-idle braking for your trailer automatically. The intensity with which your trailer brakes are activated and the rate at which they are applied are dependent on the deceleration of your tow vehicle. This means that, unlike time-delay controllers - which send the same amount of preset power to your trailer brakes every time - proportional controllers are able to adapt to every braking situation differently. So, if you slam on the brakes in your truck, your trailer brakes will activate with that same extreme intensity. And if you merely slow down as you approach a red light, your trailer will gradually brake in the same manner.

As long as the InSIGHT Smart-Box is properly mounted according to the included instructions, it will sense - via an internal inertia sensor - how your tow vehicle brakes. This inertia-based sensor responds to the deceleration of your tow vehicle as you brake by signaling the controller to send out enough power to your trailer brakes so that they are activated with an intensity that matches. The result is uniform braking across your towing setup. No push-pull action - just smooth, proportional braking every time.

Power and Sensitivity Adjustment

Getting the braking power you need for your application is simple with the InSIGHT. First, set the overall power so that you can achieve maximum braking without locking up your trailer brakes. This can be done using the plus and minus buttons on the side of the Flex-Control unit.

Hopkins Flex-Control Sensitivity Button

Once you have the overall power set, you can fine-tune the power output by adjusting the sensitivity of the internal sensor. Use the button labeled "S" on the side of the Flex-Control to achieve your desired degree of intensity. There are 7 levels to choose from. The first level offers the least amount of sensitivity, making it ideal for lightweight setups. The heavier your load, the higher you will want to take the sensitivity. At level 7, the sensitivity of the internal sensor is as high as it can go. This level is particularly beneficial if you are towing a heavy load because the intensity required to stop that load may be far greater than that needed to halt your Toyota Sienna. Therefore, sending out more initial power to the trailer brakes - and causing them to reach maximum braking faster - allows you to better control the trailer so that it doesn't push your tow Toyota Sienna before coming to a complete stop.

Simple, Customizable Installation

Each piece of the InSIGHT can be mounted in multiple locations within your cab so that you can customize installation to suit your needs and preferences. Because all 3 parts connect with the specially designed wiring harnesses, you will have to pay attention to how far apart the pieces are spaced and think about how to run the wiring.

Hopkins Flex-Display Mounts on Dash or Center Console

Affix the Flex-Display to a surface that is within your sight line. This can be your center console, your dash, or somewhere near your instrument panel. Once you've determined the ideal location, attach the display with the included double-sided tape.

Hopkins Flex-Control Mounts on Lower Dash or Center Console

The Flex-Control should be mounted in an easy-to-reach area so that you have fast, simple access to the manual override, as well as to the other controls on the unit. This could be almost anywhere on your dash or center console. The supplied mounting bracket lets you attach the Flex-Control to a curved surface for even more mounting options. The Flex-Control, like the Flex-Display, can be affixed with the included double-sided tape.

The red light on the Flex-Control unit will remain on at all times. This safety feature ensures that you will always be able to find the control, even in the dark.

Hopkins Smart Box Mounts on Kick Panel or Center Console

There are no restrictions on the vertical angle at which the Smart-Box can be mounted, but it does have to be pointed in the direction of travel for the internal accelerometer to properly function. You can mount the Smart-Box on the side of your center console or on your kick panel using either the included double-sided tape or self-tapping screws. If you choose to mount it to your kick panel, make sure that the box does not interfere with your emergency brake pedal.

To connect the Smart-Box to your Toyota Sienna, you must either purchase a universal wiring harness to hardwire the box directly into your vehicle or a custom wiring adapter designed to plug into the box and your vehicle. To hardwire the Smart-Box, you must remove the plug at the end of the integrated wiring harness.

Installation Accessories

A vehicle-specific wiring adapter (sold separately) is available for most newer trucks and SUVs. One end of the custom adapter plugs into your vehicle, and the other end plugs into the Smart-Box - no hardwiring required.

Note: If a custom brake control wiring adapter is not available for your Toyota Sienna, one of the following will be required:

20-Amp circuit breaker (9506P - sold separately) for 2- to 4-brake applications

30-Amp circuit breaker (38630 - sold separately) for 6- to 8-brake applications

See also etrailer.com's exclusive 7- and 4-way brake control installation kit (ETBC7 - sold separately) if you don't already have a 7-way plug at the back of your Toyota Sienna.

47297 Hopkins In Sight Flexible Mount 3-Piece Proportional Trailer Brake Control

Video of Hopkins InSIGHT Flex-Mount Trailer Brake Controller - 1 to 4 Axles - Proportional

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer
installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Hopkins Brake Controller HM47297 Review

Today were going to review part number HM47297. This is the Hopkins Insight flex mount trailer brake controller. This brake controller will activate your trailer brakes in proportion to your vehicles braking action. It will automatically adjust your trailers braking based on the deceleration of the tow vehicle, and it does activate immediately so theres no pausing like with some of the time delayed brake controllers. The flex mount system here includes three separate pieces each of which can be mounted in different locations; the flex display which is this one right here. This will mount on the dash or anywhere in line of sight, does come with a cord that plugs into the smart box.

Its about a six foot long cord so you still have to make sure you place it to where that cord can plug into the smart box. Has a digital display which will show braking percentage and diagnostics. The flex control which is this one right here, this will also attach to the smart box. It has about a four foot long cord, and you want to have that in an easy to reach area, and it does have this manual override you can see right here. On this side theres an S button.

It stands for sensitivity button, and on the other side there are two buttons that show plus and minus or up and down and those are your power adjustment buttons. Now this smart box, this is actually the brain of the unit. This will mount onto your kick panel or the side of your center console. It is an inertia based control which must be pointed in the direction of travel. So if your vehicles moving this way you want this to be mounted on the kick panel or on your center console either way.

Now when you do mount it it does need to be you can mount it 360 degrees vertical plane. It has a 360 degree vertical plane operating range, but as far as the horizontal range which is side-to-side, you dont want to go really much more than 10 degrees either way. Now it does have, this flex control does have seven sensitivity levels which lets you adjust your initial braking power and the aggressiveness. This whole system has an integrated short circuit protection. As you can see it has the on the flex control is the built in slide-style manual override.

It comes with the mounting hardware, does also come with this pigtail universal wiring harness. Now we also do sell, and I would recommend to check the fit guide on our website for your vehicle, but we do sell vehicle specific brake control adapters that you can just plug this into the smart box and then plug it into the factory brake controller on your vehicle. For this case I'm going to demonstrate the brake controller and we're going to use this universal one that just has the pigtails wires. And I do have a power supply that were going to hook it up to so we can get some power and just show you how the brake controller will work. Once we have those all connected, now well just go ahead and you can see here it just plugs into the smart box. This would be mounted on your kick panel. And then what you want to do is find a place for your flex control, and basically when you plug these in theres two different holes so you cannot plug them into the wrong port. So this one would basically plug into here and the display itself will actually plug into the middle one. So now that weve got that all wired up, when I turn on the power youll be able to see this one will actually, the flex control will have a red light, and youll see on the display itself when it shows a trailer is connected it will just show a single red dot. If there was no single red dot like if I turn this off, that means a trailer is not connected. So once you turn it on or connect it, youll see the number will come up and then it will just go to a single red dot. Now when you move this manual slide, youll be able to see as you push this down you can see the percentage thats applied to your brakes, and you do set that amount. The first thing youll do on the flex control is set your power output. So if you push that down and then you can push plus you can see itll change it a percentage. Thats a percentage so each time you push this up or down itll change it 5%. And then youll go to the other side and then youll see as you push the sensitivity button thats two, three, four, five, six, seven. Theres seven different levels so depending on the load youll be towing, if its a heavier load youll go up to a higher sensitivity level, and then basically this will be in reach so if you have to have a situation where you have to apply the brakes immediately, youll just push this manual and as you can see whatever you had it set at, it will give you the maximum output to your brakes. And again the application for this brake controller is for trailers with up to four axles or eight brake assemblies. It is designed for use with electric or electric over hydraulic trailer brakes, and it does come with a limited lifetime warranty. And that should do it for the review on part number HM47297, the Hopkins Insight flex mount trailer brake controller. .

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Customer Reviews

Hopkins InSIGHT Flex-Mount Trailer Brake Controller - 1 to 4 Axles - Proportional - HM47297

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (40 Customer Reviews)

Get proportional braking with this convenient and innovative brake controller. Mount the brain portion of the system out of sight; put the controller in an easy-to-access area; and affix the digital display to your dash for easy viewing.

- HM47297

by: Francis E06/12/2014

Review of Hopkins Insight Flex Mount Brake Controller (HBC). Wires from Smart Box were routed to Engine Compartment by removing the rubber grommet in the engine fire being used for the hood release. Since this T&C came with a factory installed trailer hitch and a 7 pin electrical wiring harness, the wiring containing the blue wire had already been routed to the engine compartment of the vehicle with excess blue wire available and wrapped with tape. After passing the excess blue brake wire through the fire wall and then passing the white and black wires from the Smart Box to the Engine Compartment through the same hole, the rubber grommet for the hood release was reinstalled. No new holes were drilled through the firewall. The red wire from the Smart Box was spliced to the cold brake wire under the dash. Under the hood the White Wire was attached to the Negative Battery Terminal. The Black wire was routed to a 20 amp circuit breaker we attached to the side of the engine compartment next to the fuse box. We then routed the black wire to the positive battery cable that was inside the fuse box. Working under the dash is impossible without removing the knee panel. There is an air bag installed at the bottom of this panel, but is not attached to the panel. This application was not particularly hard, but was somewhat time consuming due to the difficulty of access under both the hood and under the dash. I have attempted to outline more of the procedures with the pictures I am attaching hereto. Thanks for all of the assistance I received from Jameson C and etrailer. Francis Esely 135437


This is a great brake controller and it has worked out very well for me. Last summer when the weather temp hit 99 degrees I had to replace the double sided tape with a commercial double sided tape that I obtained at an auto parts store that has worked very well. I would recommend this brake controller for anyone.

Francis E - 06/12/2015


- HM47297

by: Bill S.04/03/2015

Purchased this brake controller because none of the traditional brake contollers would mount well for my application. I installed this brake contoller in a 2013 Ford E-450 class C motorhome. It took quite a bit of creatively to find a proper mounting location for the main controller unit which the instructions tell you to mount on the driver side kick panel or the center console. this can't happen in an E-450. Your foot will strike the the box when applying the parking brake and the dog house of the E-450 is curved and this location would have required drilling through metal into the engine compartment and spacers to make the unit parrallel up and down pointing forward. I thought the passenger kick panel was the better option, however neither the plug-in simple brake control connector wiring or the brake contoller display and remote switch cables were long enough to reach the passenger kick panel. Hopkins needs to add at least 2' of wire to the skimpy 3' that is provided which would allow the install to go on the passenger kick panel. Neither Hopkins or e-Trailer could help with any alternative suggestions for mounting the control box, probably because no one has installed this in a 2013 E-450 Van even though the product number is listed for this application. Apparently Hopkins engineering does not verify that their unit will actually mount in the suggested locations indicated in the instructions. Important information missing from the instructions, is that the cotroller box MUST be mounted in a way that the wires coming out of the box are facing forward toward the front of the vehicle and that the box must be mounted as near to perpendicular to the floor and as close to parrallel with the side of the vehichle. After tearing into the dash and seeing that the wiring cables were too short to reach the passenger kick panel I came upon the best location for the controller to be mounted. I mounted the box to the left dash side of the glove box wall. Glove box must be removed by removing 6 screws. Close the glove box door and hold up as close to the original opening a possible, hold contoller box against the left wall and line up with a small level. Use an ice pick to mark mounting holes, drill 4 3/16" holes, buy 4 #8x3/4" machine screws and 4 nylon lock nuts. Mount with screw heads inside of glove box left wall. You will have just enough wire if your manual switch is mounted on the lower right driver side of the dash next to the center opening and the display is located on the upper edge of the dash above the pigeon hole left of center. I used exterior 3M double sided tape to mount these two items, not the tape supplied, I don't drill holes in my dash and I want those items to stick. 4 star because of wiring length, instructions, and Hopkins customer service no service. 182705

- HM47297

by: Sam N.07/08/2014

This is the first time I've used any brake controller, but when I bought a 8000lb 31 ft travel trailer I knew I needed one, especially with my half ton 2014 Toyota Tundra. I did my research and decided that this Hopkins InSIGHT Flex-Mount controller was the one I wanted. I liked the idea that all the components are separated. I installed the smart box with the included screws next to the parking brake and I don't even notice it's there unless I get out of my truck to look at it. The flex control and flex display I wired up the side of the dash, where the door seals are and when the door is closed I don't even notice its there. The most important feature for me was that I could disconnect the two flex components when not in use and just leave the smart box, since I don't use it very often. The controller was very easy to use, there is power percentage and sensitivity. I drove slowly and braked to test and adjust. Once I got the settings I liked, I just leave it. I always felt in control of my trailer with this system. Etrailer was a great retailer to purchase from. I researched all the places for which I could buy this controller and etrailer had the best prices and the Toyota adapter I needed. I liked that they had all the links necessary to what I need and what accessories that would fit so I would not have to go searching for it. I would definitely buy this controller and from etrailer again! The only con with the controller is that the included double sided tape was not very sticky, but that might have been because I tried to stick in on a dash they had armor all on it and it kept falling off, when I saw my 2 year old had played with the tape and stuck it on my arm rest, they were stuck good and I have to scrub to get the sticky out. If you plan on removing it when not in use I would suggest getting some velcro tape and use that instead so you can easily take the flex devices off. 139952


Its been a year since Ive had this controller. Ive never taken it out. I wish my Tundra had an integrated controller for the looks, but this product works great for those who dont have one! No issues what so ever!

Sam N - 07/08/2015


- HM47297

by: Kernsy12/02/2014

Product came in a couple days and everything was inclueded. For my application it worked out well as I intend to keep this installed. Everything looks neat and clean to me as I have it installed, see pics. Very simple from start to finish, I'd call this one idiot proof, as I did not mess it up one bit. This is in a 2014 Tundra One note, if you plan on removing display and remote control when not in use there are probably better options out there. I think it would work better if the plug ins for the remote were on one side of the control box and the wiring to the vehicle was on the other side. That way wires would be hidden when not in use and you can easily hook up remote and display on the other side. 162925

- HM47297

by: Dan P.05/29/2015

Installed in a 2004 Toyota Sequoia (should be same for 00-06 Tundra and 01-07 Sequoia). Used the optional Toyota Harness adapter. Controlling a 7500 lb double-axle trailer with electric brake on one axle only. Adapter harness plugged into O.E. connector behind parking brake pedal. Nothing else to hook up, and it worked perfectly right away. Only reason I did not rate 5 stars is that the instructions aren't really clear on how much deviation from plumb, level and centered is acceptable, or whether it matters which direction the box faces. I mounted mine inside the center console with the label facing to the driver's side and harness facing forward, because the pictures showed that orientation. Control was mounted using 1/4" "Christmas Tree" push clips, after widening the mounting holes slightly. I used the supplied plate to mount the control below the key cylinder, facing down (which is where most of the conventional controllers get mounted on Toyota trucks). Display was mounted to instrument cluster bezel. The display and controls use telephone/data cable-type plugs, and have plenty of length to reach whatever location is chosen. The controller works fine and is pretty smooth in operation. Not sure how it would do on 3 or 4 axles, but I can stop 6,000 lbs on one set of brakes without raising power level above 50%. Haven't measured how much power it draws when off, but it does leave the LED on the control switch illuminated at all times. Overall great unit for the money. 198482

- HM47297

by: Jim08/08/2014

Took longer to decide where to mount the display and finger control that it did to actually do the work. Unit works as advertised and has plenty of adjustment to accommodate two axles of brakes on my utility trailer. Highly recommended. 145238


I use the controller and accessories regularly and have had no trouble or problems of any kind?..they just work as they should every time. Can?t ask for more than that. Thanks for making 1st class products available at reasonable prices.

Jim - 08/13/2015


- HM47297

by: Rod Cague03/11/2014

Product was easy to install and when I had a question on the operation of the unit Hopkins was easy to get in touch with and the tech had the answer 120159


Fantastic, just got back from Daytona bike week and 1000 miles, some on wet roads and it worked as expected.

Rod C - 03/15/2015


- HM47297

by: Farmer Jim08/19/2014

This a a great product, works great and im glad someone finally made a 3 part unit like this, only ding i give against it is the flex controller and the display needs a little longer wires to make it more user friendly for installation, so you can really put it where you want it..I have a 02 dodge and the wire to the flex controller will not reach past or above the left side of the radio as i wanted to mount it in the middle of my dash, I mounted the main box behind the drivers kick panel and its not seen, mount where you want? not happening, so you gotta use what they give you. keep in mind the flex controller cable of only 48" or less. Other wise its a great product and i will recommend it to friends.. 147527

- HM47297

by: Rick W.07/02/2014

I have not yet used the brake controller with a trailer, but I like the way it mounted in my F-150. The display is unobtrusive and the foot of the manual control mounted well to the curved panel beside the steering column. I fabricated a mounting bracket out of sheet metal and sandwiched it between the two layers of plastic that comprise the left kick panel clip and the wiring connector clips. The brake controller just sandwiched right in between the front and back parts of that plastic piece. It faces forward as required and seems rigidly mounted without shaking. The left kick panel completely hides it. 138802

- HM47297

by: David R.05/26/2015

I haven't used the product yet, just installed it. The cabling was only long enough to get through the firewall, NOT long enough to reach the battery. Cabling for the controllers was long enough, but could be hard to hide (have to make the hole big enough for a RJ45 or RJ11 connector) depending upon your application. It worked well for me - 1997 GMC full-size van with a black accessory panel on the dash. But the cable is hard-wired to the back of display and flex-control unit. Overall looks to be a good unit - just wish the universal wiring harness wires had been a lot longer. 198060

- HM47297

by: Richard M.03/18/2015

Love it. Along with the wiring adapter for the Ford. It was the fastest install of a trailer brake controller I have done. The Flex-Mount makes the installation very simple and you do not have that controller hanging out under the dash. This was installed in my wife's F150 Crew Cab. She likes how I put the control and display in the dash. She says people have asked what is that. When she tells them the thing that does the brakes for the horse trailer. They say they like it a lot better than that ugly thing they got under their dash. 179330

- HM47297

by: John07/29/2014

This was simple to install and looks pretty good. In my Xterra there isn't a lot of extra room around the legs and lower dash so the remote manual control and display was a must. Pretty easy to install. Only complaint is the thickness of the two sided foam tape supplied by the manufacturer. Something a little thinner might provide a better more stable mount for the display, but that's just my opinion. Otherwise the function is quite smooth. 143322


Needing to install a controller in my new to me X. Where did you install the components?Thanks

comment by: Scott W - 08/08/2015


- HM47297

by: Chris T.04/14/2015

Installed the Hopkins InSight brake controller in a 2015 Wrangler Unlimited. Installation was straightforward with no problems. The biggest plus with this unit is the ability to mount the "brain" out of sight and mount the display and the manual control in separate, convenient locations. Very nice. Also ordered a 20A breaker, extra wire and an extra harness connector (for another vehicle). All items arrived on time and well packaged. etrailer gets a big thumbs up! 185057

- HM47297

by: Tow Y.02/23/2015

Took all of 15 minutes to mount and verify that the InSight Brake Controller powered up correctly. The prewired adapter harness made the install a snap.The individual components makes the install very flexible and I mounted the them using Velcro for easy removal. The electronic controller unit was mounted on the center console with the display and manual brake switch mounted at the upper left center console with plenty of cable to complete the install. 175625

- HM47297

by: John H.05/05/2015

Installed on a 1 week old 2015 Nissan Frontier. Quick and easy! Adaptor cable plugged right in to the truck and the controller. I mounted the controller on the left side bulkhead (behind the kick panel), the display under the center console and the manual control/ adjustment unit to the left/under the steering column where it's easy to reach. 20 to 30 minute total installation time and I was out towing the new camper. 190431

- HM47297

by: Tim S.05/04/2014

Electric brake controllers have come a long way since I started installing them. I remember the old pendulum style units that made you feel like a human bobble head when you were on a bumpy road. This unit hides up under the dash and with the use of the proper adapter installs in about 20 minutes. It works very well and you won't smack your knee on it every time you get in or out of your truck. 128795

- HM47297

by: Scott D.06/14/2014

Great videos on the etrailer.com website made this a super easy install. It took about an hour to complete. The brake controller being components makes it very easy to find room for the controller VS. having to install a big clunky device next to the steering wheel or your leg. Etrailers did a great job on helping me decide which device to purchase and shipping was super fast. 135577

- HM47297

by: JB 03/05/2014

I purchased the Insight Flex Mount Brake Control with the Factory Cable Connector. Was very happy with how the order was handled from the very start by Stephen. Everything he said would happen did so. Shipping was very quick and just what he said it would be. Will definitely deal with e-trailer again and recommend to all my friends. Service very Excellent!! Thanks Stephen! 118591

- HM47297

by: Mark T.11/17/2013

As the first-time owner of a trailer I needed advice and got the exact information I needed from a very helpful associate. He saved me a few dollars at the same time. This brake controller installed without a problem and worked exactly as advertised. The flexibility of the mounting process was great and is visible yet out of the way. 107609

- HM47297

by: Gary J.04/02/2015

Hopkins. Flex mount brake controller. Easy to install . Double sided tape however not strong enough to support controller and display to dash. Had to drill small hole on display base and screw to dash. Wires a bit unsightly from display but the easy viewing is well worth it. Still playing with sensitivity and power adjustments!! 182523

- HM47297

by: vern z.12/30/2013

have not had a chance to tow with this yet but was easiest install I think I have ever done on a vehicle. took maybe an hour love being able to locate items where ever I want, thanks for help from tech people to help me locate vehicle connector some companies say they support but rarely do you do a top notch job thanks 111532

- HM47297

by: SteveB07/27/2015

Super fast shipping. Great description of product. Useful customer support videos and customer support representatives. Ask a question on the web site and get it answered by a pro. They'll even include links to the products and videos. Awesome site will definitely use them again! 214681

- HM47297

by: Ben W.02/24/2014

The brake controller, and instructions worked perfectly, with very few tools required. The system worked on first startup. Issue - The Ford F250 adapter is fully functional, but is way too taught! This cable should be at least 4 inches longer to allow for proper cable routing. 117387

- HM47297

by: Greg D04/23/2014

E-trailer is great to deal with...top notch customer service! The brake controller I ordered I and am very happy with. It was easy to install, and I am glad I went with the flex mount version! Everything is hidden under the dash except the display and brake switch adjustments. 126746

- HM47297

by: marty w08/05/2014

Excellent controller. First controller I have found that I can set for little trailer brake during light braking but with full braking when needed. Only negative I have is that the display is too dim in bright sunlight when placed on top of dash. 144477

- HM47297

by: Howie H08/17/2014

Works well but instructions on how to set intensity seemed vague. Was difficult to install for our particular application. Would have been better if we could have gotten a specific model pigtail rather than the generic pigtail. 147119

- HM47297

by: Martin J.09/26/2015

I love the flexibility that this 3 piece gives, my control box is out of sight and no major modifications. Haven't used it yet but I am really looking forward to it. -2011 Toyota Tundra Dbl Cab, w/ gooseneck 227914

- HM47297

by: Ron B.03/17/2014

the InSight Flex-Mount Brake controller was perfect for what I wanted and very easy to install and what makes it perfect is being able to put the components where you want or need them 121016

- HM47297

by: Chris03/30/2015

Easy to install and good looking kit. Novel inertial sensor smart box senses and adjusts trailer braking effort to match your vehicle. Great Tech support from Hopkins too! 181643

- HM47297

by: Matt E10/28/2013

Everything I ordered was exactly what I needed to install a trailer brake controller on my 2002 Tacoma with ease. The products were excellent and installation was simple. 105470

- HM47297

by: Glen05/27/2015

Great product! Well priced!!! Excellent support. I have never had a bad experience with etrailer. The hopkins flex mount controller is the best one I have found so far. 198136

- HM47297

by: Jose P.04/23/2014

This took all of 15 minutes to hook up and was easy and simple on my 2004 Dodge Ram. This was an easy and simple setup and it worked great. 126803

- HM47297

by: Thomas B05/13/2014

Love the product. The videos on you tube and the ease of installation makes your product lines one step above the rest. 130287

- HM47297

by: Joe10/10/2014

Works well for my application and installation was quick and easy. Completely satisfied and shipping was great. 155561

- HM47297

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excellent product works better then factory units. simpler and easier to setup maintain and adjust 177319

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Great product easy installation.... Videos are great for help and references.... Recommend 143309

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Awesome products and service as always!! 222966

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Very easy to install looks great. 193110

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Works Great 149587


Ask the Experts about this Hopkins Brake Controller
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  • Hopkins Insight Brake Controller on 2001 Chevy Silverado 3500 Works With Switch, But Not With Pedal
  • When a brake controller applies the trailer brakes with the manual override but not the brake pedal, typically it is the brake controllers connection to the stoplight switch that is at fault. Use a circuit tester like the # 40376 to test the red wire exiting the smart box. You should see voltage on this wire when the brake pedal is pressed. If you find no signal on that wire, the most common cause of this happening is a blown CHMSL fuse. The CHMSL (Center High Mounted Stop Lamp) , also...
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  • Is A Wiring Adapter Harness Needed to Install Brake Controller on 2008 Chevy Silverado
  • When GM began manufacturing the New Body Style in 2007, they eliminated the need for a wiring adapter harness (until the 2014 model year, when they went back to using a harness). The tow package wiring harness is bundled up under the dash, and terminates in blunt cut wires. The harness will typically have a white tag attached to it, which would be located directly above the junction box in your photo. (It just missed appearing in your photo.) The harness will contain a red (or red and...
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  • Trailer Brake Controller Recommendation for a 2014 Chevy Silverado 1500
  • If you are concerned there is no where to mount a brake controller (something that comes up a lot since truck interiors are more and more car-like) then I have the perfect solution for you. You can use the Hopkins InSIGHT # HM47297. But you will also need wiring harness # 3016. You will need to cut off the end that plugs into the controller on the harness and the end of the plug on the controller box and splice the wire color for color. The other end of the harness will plug into the...
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  • Does Hopkins InSIGHT Brake Controller have Manual Override and Light Vehicle Brake Lights
  • If you disconnect power to the Hopkins InSIGHT Flex-Mount Trailer Brake Controller # HM47297 it will cause the brake controller to loose its memory and will require resetting. I spoke to my contact at Hopkins about current draw in idle/standby mode if the brake controller is wired so that it has constant battery power. His response was there is very little, if any, current draw, a few milliamps. He said he has used this brake controller in his van and has never had an issue with the...
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  • Brake Controller Installation on 2012 Kia Sedona
  • How to proceed from here will depend on what you've completed up to this point. If you've installed a 4-pole already, you'll just need our Brake Controller Install Kit, part # ETBC7. The kit contains everything needed to install the controller, with the exception of the brake controller itself and a functional 4-pole trailer connector on the Sedona. Since I'm not 100 percent positive what you've already completed, I'll start from scratch, and you can disregard the parts that don't apply. The...
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  • Installing Brake Controller in 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee w/ Knee Airbags
  • We've installed several brake controllers on the 2014 Grand Cherokee, we were able to install the controller on the lip running along the bottom edge of the dash, as you can see in the video I've linked for you. A proportional controller like the Tekonsha Prodigy P2, part # 90885 will work just fine for you. You'd need the # 3045-P wiring adapter as well. Another option would be a controller with a remote display, like the Hopkins Insight, part # HM47297. The controller itself can be...
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  • Will Hopkins InSIGHT Flex-Mount Trailer Brake Controller # HM47297 fit a 2014 GMC Sierra 1500
  • Yes, the Hopkins InSIGHT Flex-Mount Trailer Brake Controller # HM47297 that you referenced will fit your 2014 GMC Sierra 1500. What you will need to do to install this is also purchase a Tekonsha Plug-In Wiring Adapter # 3016, cut off the black connector and then wire the rest of the harness color for color to the # HM47297. The end of the connector will get plugged into the brake controller port under the dash of your vehicle. I attached an install video that shows you where it will plug.
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  • How To Extend the Wiring Harness of the Hopkins Insight Brake Controller
  • All it would take to extend the Hopkins Plug-in Simple Brake Controller harness # HM47715 so that it would be long enough for you to install the Hopkins Insight Brake Controller part # HM47297 would be 4 equal lengths of 10 gauge wire. If you have a Hopkins harness already with the correct gauge wire you could also use that, but splicing in additional wire would be the easiest method. I attached an install video that shows this brake controller installed on a very similar 2001 Ford...
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  • Brake Controller and Install Harness Recommendation for a 2015 Nissan Frontier
  • Since your 2015 Nissan Frontier has the tow package all you need to install the Hopkins InSIGHT Brake Controller part # HM47297 is the correct harness which you also referenced part # HM47635. No other parts or wire splicing would be needed.
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  • Wiring Hopkins Brake Controller # HM47297 To Stop Light Switch On 2011 Jeep Liberty
  • When wiring the Hopkins InSIGHT Flex-Mount Trailer Brake Controller, part # HM47297, for your 2011 Jeep Liberty, you will need a circuit tester, like the Quickee Circuit Tester, part # 3808, to test each wire function. If you do not have a factory tow package on your Liberty, it is recommended to use an installation kit like part # ETBC7. You may also need a 4-way connector like part # C56175. When splicing the red wire from the brake controller into the brake light switch, you will...
    view full answer...

  • Can an Electric Brake Controller be Used on a 2004 Freightliner Columbia with Air Brakes
  • You can install a brake controller on a large vehicle with air brakes like your 2004 Freightliner Columbia. The only issue that you might run into is you may not have a brake switch at which to get the proper signal for the brake controller red wire. In that scenario you would need to find another dedicated, brake light only circuit somewhere. There isn't a plug-in wiring harness available for this particular vehicle so the controller will have to be hardwired in. White is ground, goes...
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  • Brake Controller Recommendation for 2015 Toyota Tundra
  • A proportional controller has an internal sensor or accelerometer that can sense how quickly the tow vehicle is coming to a stop. During a braking event, the controller will send the correct amount of power to the trailer brakes so the vehicle and trailer stop at the same rate. This leads to safer, more predictable braking as well as less wear and tear on the braking systems, since neither the trailer nor the vehicle is doing all the work. A time delayed controller allows you to pre-set...
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  • Manual Override Light Stays On All the Time on Hopkins InSIGHT Trailer Brake Controller in 2014 Ram
  • Your Hopkins InSIGHT brake controller # HM47297 is working properly. The LED light on the manual override lever is supposed to be on all the time. You will not have to worry about it drawing too much power. It will not drain the truck battery since it only uses a few milliamps of power. The truck would have to sit untouched for months for that light to even come close to draining the battery. There really isn't a way to get rid of the light unless the controller is disconnected.
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  • Hopkins InSIGHT Flex-Mount Trailer Brake Controller # HM47297 for 2013 Ford Explorer Sport
  • Because brake controllers are not vehicle specific, you can certainly use the Hopkins Insight # HM47297 brake controller on your 2013 Explorer. If your Explorer has the factory 7-way trailer connector at the rear bumper, your installation will be very simple. The # HM47715 connector will plug into the connector under the dash, which will either be just to the left of the center console or behind the glove box. The connector will be gray in color. If your vehicle has the 4-pole trailer...
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  • Parts Needed to Install Hopkins InSight # HM47297 Brake Controller in 2014 Toyota Tundra w/ Tow Pkg
  • Since you already have the tow package, all you'd need is the brake controller # HM47297 and the wiring adapter, part # HM47815. The InSight brake controller does indeed alert you when a trailer is connected, by displaying a decimal point in the lower right hand corner of the display. Hopkins has confirmed that the # HM47815 is a fit for the 2014 Tundra. The connector for the brake controller is located to the left of the emergency brake pedal, as shown in the provided photo.
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  • Brake Controller and Install Harness Recommendation for a 2015 Chevy Silverado 1500
  • To install the Hopkins Insight brake controller part # HM47297 that you referenced you will need to use the install harness part # HM53075 that you referenced. This adapter plugs into the 4-pin connector in your vehicle's junction box. The box is located underneath the dash, to the left of the steering column, just above the carpeting. Check out the install video I attached to see a similar install on a truck like yours.
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  • Will the Hopkins InSIGHT Trailer Brake Controller Fit a 2013 Toyota Tacoma
  • We have a couple of videos showing typical installations of the Hopkins InSIGHT brake controller # HM47297 on a Ford F-250 and on a GMC Sierra (linked for you) but not on a 20113 Toyota Tacoma as of yet. The mounting options for the display and the controls are nearly limitless. The box that plugs into the truck though has to be installed in the direction of travel in a certain orientation, see instruction link. For a 2013 Toyota Tacoma with factory 7-Way trailer connector, you will...
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  • Installation Of Hopkins # HM47297 Brake Controller On 2010 Volkswagen Golf TDI
  • The Hopkins Brake Controller, part # HM47297, will work for your 2010 Volkswagen Golf. With limited space, the option of three separate components can prove to be a benefit. It features seven sensitivity levels that allow you to adjust the braking power and aggressiveness, and has a built-in, slide-style manual override. Mounting hardware is included with this brake controller. There are a couple of other things needed to complete the brake controller installation. You will need the...
    view full answer...

  • Can the Tekonsha Primus IQ Brake Controller be Mounted on Top of the Dash
  • The Tekonsha Primus IQ Brake Controller, # TK90160, was not designed to mount upside down in the clip-on bracket, but it is possible. I pulled the brake controller to make a short video for your showing how it will work. I think we may have one brake controller that will work great for your needs. Check out the Hopkins InSIGHT Flex-Mount Brake Controller, # HM47297. This brake controller comes in 3 separate pieces. The Flex-Display can mount to your dash or inside your instrument cluster...
    view full answer...

  • Brake Controller Recommendations for 2012 Subaru Outback Wagon w/ Limited Space Under Dash
  • If you don't have a good spot to the right of the steering column under the dash to install the controller, going with the Prodigy RF, part # 90250 would be a good choice for you. To install the RF, all you'd need is a 4-pole to 7-way adapter, part # 37185 and a length of 10-1-1 wire to connect the black wire on the adapter to the battery. The wire would run through a 40 amp circuit breaker, part # 9510. This being said, Hopkins makes the InSight Brake Controller, part # HM47297 that...
    view full answer...

  • Brake Controller Recommended for 2015 Volkswagen Touareg
  • Due to the sophisticated nature of the wiring system of your Touareg, along with the fact that you won't be using the trailer very often, I believe the Prodigy RF, part # 90250 would be your best bet. Going this route would ensure you'd have no worries about hitting your leg, as well. If you don't have a functioning 7-way trailer connector on your Touareg, you'd need to install one using part # 119190KIT and # 37185. The RF unit would need the power feed from the 7-way, so you'll need...
    view full answer...

  • Will Hopkins InSIGHT Flex-Mount Trailer Brake Controller Fit a 2014 Toyota Tundra
  • Yes, you can use the Hopkins InSIGHT brake controller, # HM47297, with your 2014 Toyota Tundra. If your Tundra came with a factory installed 7-Way trailer connector you will also need wiring harness # HM47815 which plugs into the factory brake controller connector on your Tundra. The factory brake controller plug on your Tundra is normally located underneath the dash, to the left of the steering column, taped to another harness near the emergency brake pedal. But it could also be behind...
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  • Brake Controller Installation Harness Recommendation for a 2014 Ford F-53 Motorhome
  • According to the Q-206 document that was released by Ford the correct brake controller harness needed for a 2013 Ford F53 chassis would be the # 3034-P if you were installing a Tekonsha brake controller like the P2 # 90885. So then for a Hopkins brake controller like part # HM47297 the correct harness would be the # HM47855. The port to plug in a brake controller is up under the dash behind the instrument cluster. It is not easy to get to but it is there.
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  • Parts Needed to Install a Hopkins Trailer Brake Controller on a 2011 Ford Flex
  • Brake controllers are not vehicle specific so you can install the Hopkins InSIGHT brake controller # HM47297 on your 2011 Ford Flex. If your Flex did not come with any sort of trailer connector, you will start by installing a 4-Way # 118472. If it already has a 4-Way you will not need to install one. Once the 4-Way is installed you will need to install the 4 and 7-Way installation kit # ETBC7 which includes a 7-Way and the wiring/accessories needed to hardwire in a brake controller....
    view full answer...

  • How Does the Hopkins InSIGHT Trailer Brake Controller Install on a 2003 Western Alpine RV
  • The Hopkins InSIGHT brake controller # HM47297 does come with a harness so that you can hardwire it into a vehicle. If your 2003 Western Alpine was built on the Ford F-53 chassis by any chance, there may be a plug in harness available that would make installation easy. If it is the F-53 chassis, there is a brake controller plug located behind the instrument cluster. It is difficult to get to though. Take a look at the picture showing where it is. You would use harness # HM47855 to plug...
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  • Can Hopkins InSIGHT Flex-Mount Trailer Brake Controller # HM47297 be Installed on 2011 Dodge Ram
  • Yes, the Hopkins InSIGHT Flex-Mount Trailer Brake Controller, # HM47297, can be installed on your 2011 Dodge Ram 1500. If your Ram is equipped with a factory 7-way connector, you will just need the Plug-In Simple Brake-Control Wiring Adapter, # HM53015, in order to install the brake controller. By using this harness you will not have to do any cutting or splicing of wires, just plug the one end into the brake controller and the other end into the OEM plug which is located under the dashboard...
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  • Location of Brake Controller Connector on 2013 Ford F150
  • The connector for installing a brake controller is located under the dash, just to the right of the diagnostic port, which is right above where the driver's right knee would be. If you don't already have the vehicle specific plug for the 2013 Ford F150, you'll need part # HM47845. One end would plug into the control unit of your Insight brake controller, the other would plug into the connector under the dash. I've linked you to an install video showing a different brake controller being...
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  • Hopkins Brake Controllers and Wiring Harnesses that Fit a 2015 Honda Pilot
  • We have a couple of different Hopkins brake controllers available. We have the InSIGHT, # HM47297, which has a wide range of mounting options, and we have the Agility # HM47294 which is a more traditional controller in terms or appearance. I would go with the InSIGHT because of the versatile mounting options. For a 2015 Honda Pilot that came with a factory 7-Way, or one that didn't but still has the functioning brake controller port you would need harness # HM47935. We do not currently...
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