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Topline Bed Extender for the Ford Ranger, 2011

Topline Bed Extender

(29 reviews)

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Fold Down Truck Bed Expander - Black - Ford Ranger, 2011

The Top Line Manufacturing universal bed expander is great when you are hauling loads just longer than the truck's bed, but not longer than the tailgate. Telescopes to fit almost any size pick-up and will work with tonneau covers or truck caps.


  • Bed expander telescopes to fit almost any size pick-up
    • Expands from 48"
  • Takes up only 5" of truck bed when not in use
    • Bed expander folds down flat on tailgate
    • Virtually disappears when tailgate is folded up
  • Bed expander will work with tonneau covers or truck caps
  • Constructed of stainless steel and anodized aluminum to resist corrosion
    • Lightweight, yet durable
  • Easily removes with just two release pins
    • Takes about 30 seconds to remove
  • Made in the USA


  • Expander sits 15-5/8" tall along the back and 12-1/4" tall along the side
  • Minimum width is 48"
  • Maximum width is 64"
  • Color: black

Please note: Product requires drilling to install. Trimming of bed liner may also be required for installation.

Image showing bed expander in use

The Top Line Manufacturing universal bed expander is great when you are hauling loads just longer than the truck's bed, but not longer than the tailgate.

Rails are adjustable to ensure the perfect fit

stainless steel bracket

The bed expander is mounted securely with stainless steel hardware to one bracket on each side of the truck's tailgate.

bed expander pull pin release

To remove the truck bed expander, just pull the pins.

bed expander folded up

Bed expander folds up, leaving all but 5" of the bed available for cargo.

BX4004-02 Fold Down Truck Bed Expander - Black

Video of Fold Down Truck Bed Expander - Black

Videos are provided As a guide only. Refer To manufacturer
installation instructions And specs For complete information.

Video Transcript for Topline Fold Down Truck Bed Expander Review

Today we're going to review an install, the Top Line fold down truck bed extender, part number BX4004-02. Black in color. This application is also available in silver, part number BX4004-01. Let's go ahead and take a look at the top line tailgate extender that's all ready been installed. Simply open up the tailgate, we'll pick the extender up and swing the arm out and lock it in place. The arm is secured to the extender with the clamp, we pull it free, lift up on the spring-loaded button and it locks in to place. Just like that, our tailgate extender is up and secured. To get an idea, we'll go ahead and take a measurement from the end of the pickup bed to the inside edge here on the corner.

We've added 22 1/2 inches to the length of our pickup bed using our tailgate extender. Now we can go ahead and fold up the tailgate extender and we can see, in it's stored position, it takes up approximately 5 1/2 inches of overall width. It doesn't take up a bunch of room in our pickup bed when our extender is in the stored position and our tailgate is up. Notice that the tailgate extender has a total of 4 squeeze clamps. These clamps firmly hold the extender in position, so it doesn't swing or bang around when you're in the stored position and going down the road. Another really nice feature is how easily our tailgate extender will come off. We've got 2 quick pins that are held in to place with a D10 ball and it's got a nice cable to keep it.

Simply take it out of the bracket on both sides and, because our clamps are holding it together, we can simply take it off as one unit and set it aside. Therefore, opening our tailgate back up so we can use it for other applications. That does it for the review of our tailgate extender. Now let's go ahead and show you how to install it. We'll go ahead and put our truck bed extender on to the tailgate. Next, we'll loosen our clamps so we can extend it to the width of the tailgate.

We have 4 clamps on each side for a total of 8. You can use the Allen Wrench that's provided with the install kit or if you have one on a socket, like we do, makes your work a little faster. Now with our clamps loose, we'll take the bed extender and slide it out so that we can get it to the width of the pickup bed. Now that we've got the driver's side slid out, we'll go ahead and move over to the passenger side and repeat the same process. Once I have both sides slid out to equal lengths, to double check it, I can always go ahead and measure from the center support to the outer support on both sides and make sure I've got equal lengths.

Once we've confirmed we've got equal lengths, we'll go ahead and tighten down the clamps to hold it in place. In selecting our mounting location, we're looking for a good, flat service to attach to. We want to slide all the way over so we get the maximum width, but we don't want to interfere with the latch. I'm, also, going to come all the way out to the top cap of the tailgate. This will give me maximum width and length. In choosing our mounting location each one of the attachment points needs to be on the same level or flat surface. We have one in the front, middle and here at the end on the bottom bracket that attaches to the tailgate.If I slide over a little bit, we can see that the front attachment point is on an uneven surface compared to the center and rear attachment point, so we'll need to slide it down the tailgate so all three attachment points are on the same flat and level surface. There, now we'll go ahead and duplicate this on the other side because each process we do here to one side gets repeated identically on the opposite side. Some applications, like this one, where you want the extender to be at the very outer edge of your tailgate; the very top edge of your tailgate, or, could possibly need to be modified so that all three attachment points are sitting on the same level surface. We're going to go ahead and notch out the tailgate cap. Using my marker here, I'm going to draw a couple lines so they cut out for our bracket. Once I have it marked out I'm going to slide my extender out of the way and use a rotary tool to cut out the plastic. You could also use a utility knife. Just be careful as you work through the thick plastic. Now that we have it cut out, let's go ahead and slide it in to place, make sure we've got a good fit. Once you've got your tailgate extender in position, we're going to hold on to the bracket as we rotate the extender up. It's a good idea to get and extra set of hands to do the passenger side while we're doing the driver side. We'll rotate it up while holding the bracket in place and then we can use our paint marker or, in this case, I'm using a permanent marker to mark the forward and center attachment points. We're going to go ahead and pull the pin that removes the extender from the bracket. Make sure that our bracket is lined up with our previously marked attachment points and then mark our third attachment point that was underneath the hinge point of our extender. All right. Now with all three holes marked, we'll go ahead and remove the bracket. We're going to use our center punch on each of our attachment points and then drill it out. To drill it out we're going to use a step bit process starting with a smaller pilot bit and then working out way up to our final size. Our final size will be just large enough so that we can get our fastener in to the tailgate. Now with our holes drilled out, we're ready to install the insert. The insert will go in to the hole and then turn. Our screw will go down through the top, in to the threaded portion of the insert that'll get pulled up tight to the tailgate to create our attachment point. Let's go ahead and install it. We'll slide it in. You'll see that the top side is beveled so that as the bolt gets pushed in, it'll turn the insert. Sometimes they like to hang up, so I recommend to go ahead and get it started with your screw driver. Now we'll go ahead and repeat the remaining fasteners just like we did these two. Next, we're going to install the gasket. The gasket will go down, over the attachment points and then our bracket sits inside that gasket. We want to make sure that the gasket is well seated all the way around. We'll put it in place, setting it over the attachment points and using the Allen-headed screws provided to secure it. Note, each one of our fasteners will get Loctite on the threads. That's provided with our install kit. Let's go ahead and break off the top and put it on to the bolt. After we put the Loctite on, we go down through the bracket, through our gasket and in to the insert we installed in to our pre-drilled holes. I recommend to tighten them down, finger tight, just to get them started. It's a little harder to do here with our hinge here on our third attachment point, so you might go ahead and take the Allen-key that's provided, to help get it started. Now that we have all three started, let's go ahead and tighten them down. Now that we have both of our brackets installed, tightened down and secured, we'll go ahead and reinstall the extender. The extender installs with our quick pin. It goes through the bracket, through the extender and then back through the bracket. Once we have our quick pins in, we can store it in the folded up position and even close our tailgate. And just like that, our bed extender is installed and we're ready to hit the road. That will do it for the review and install of the Top Line fold down truck bed extender, part number BX4004-02. .

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Customer Reviews

Fold Down Truck Bed Expander - Black - BX4004-02

Average Customer Rating:  4.5 out of 5 stars   (29 Customer Reviews)

The Top Line Manufacturing universal bed expander is great when you are hauling loads just longer than the truck's bed, but not longer than the tailgate. Telescopes to fit almost any size pick-up and will work with tonneau covers or truck caps.

- BX4004-02

by: Kevin08/23/2011

This bed extender is awesome. I installed it on my 2007 Ranger. I was really impressed by how heavy grade, and high quality the hardware is. The cage itself is made really well as well and the stainless steel brackets are master pieces. This extender will probably out live the truck! The installation was very easy, i used a drill press and put new holes in the bracket and lined it up with the existing holes on my Ranger Tailgate. The directions are very clear, and i cant speak highly enough for how heavy duty the brackets are. The extender adds about 15 pounds of weight to the tailgate which the tailgate handles with no problem. It adds about 6" of depth to the tailgate. I love this system because you can still use your full bed length and keep your tonneau cover closed. theres no bulky cage to swing in or out. if you need the bed length you just drop the tail gate and this is folded out into position in seconds. I haul big bulky gear for windsurfing and can now haul masts and sails that are just over 7.5' long. If you need to take it off, you just pop out the two stainless pins, the whole cage comes right off and can be easily stowed against the wall in your garage taking up limited space. I was concerned about the 'universal fit' but dont let that alarm you, they built a very high quality, ingenious product. 22557

- BX4004-02

by: Joe D.11/11/2013

Great product! Fits just right on my 2013 Toyota Tacoma. I was even able to get it to fit with a Bak RollX Tonneau Cover (had to remove the adjustment nobs). The instructions are a bit lacking when it comes to this vehicle. Cutting the tailgate cover wasn't an option, the toggle nuts were difficult to use and the bolts were a little short. The instructions said to only use 2 bolts on each side, but I used all 3. It took a long time to install, but once I got it attached, it is very sturdy and works great! I can even use it to attach ratchet straps to if needed. 106950

- BX4004-02

by: John N.06/27/2013

The BX4004-02 fold down truck bed extender is itself a great product. I like the fact that when it's not in use, it can be folded up and out of the way. I plan to use the bed extender to transport my kayaks to the lake when me and my wife go kayaking. The kayaks will still extend beyond the tail gate extender itself but not as much and I can use the spaces in the extender to help tie down the kayaks when transporting them. The only reason I don't give it a higher score is I feel installation would be easier if templates of the brackets themselves were included with the product to help mark the holes to be drilled in the tailgate to attach the brackets. (I tried to get a grease pencil and not many places around my area carry those anymore! It is also hard to mark the holes with the tail extender in place.) Luckily for me, I didn't have to drill any holes at all due to there being screws already in place that matched holes #3 and #2 on my 2001 Ford Ranger XLT tailgate already. Otherwise, this is a great product and I would definitely buy again! 86385

- BX4004-02

by: Christopher03/19/2013

The unit itself is well designed, very light, and folds down quite compactly and is easily removed, BUT, it is far from a "universal" fit as regards my 2012 Nissan Frontier. The supplied turn-nut fasteners simply will not work due to the raised fiberglass tailgate cover. The gap between it and the sheet metal of the tailgate render the nuts too short to grab the metal and too long just to grab the fiberglass cover (which would be a weak install if done that way). After drilling, I had to remove the cover and epoxy stainless nuts to the underside of the drilled holes in the sheet metal, replace the cover, then assemble the extender brackets. Someone at Topline needs to check out the Nissan Frontier tailgate. Other than this hassle, the product works well. 71610

- BX4004-02

by: Jacques C.03/18/2011

Installation on a 2004 Chevrolet Avalanche went smoothly, taking about 30 minutes. The instructions that come with the product are well-written; clear and useful. The fit of the bed extender on the tailgate is excellent. Very sturdy. Recommend highly. 9734

- BX4004-02

by: Cathy S.04/21/2015

So happy I purchased this! It's exactly what I needed for my Dodge Dakota. It easily folds in seconds and can be taken completely off when I don't need the extra room. It's also well constructed. I'd been interested in bed extenders for a while but didn't like that you had to flip the others over when you didn't need it.. It arrived within a few days after I ordered it and had it installed by my mechanic when the truck was in his shop for some repairs. He was able to install it right over the bed liner with longer screws instead of the ones provided. I highly recommend this bed extender. 187230

- BX4004-02

by: Jon S.10/28/2013

It's a great product with a couple of minor problems IMHO. First is the thickness of the SS plate. It is designed to fit on a flat surface. Because of the area it is mounted on my Ford Ranger it's very difficult to get it flat. I had to use washers to shim. If the SS plate were thicker (say 1/8 to 1/4") it would work ok. I'm going to buy an additional 1/8" steel plate to use under the SS steel plate. I didn't use the screws. Used a self threading screws from the hardware store. The screws are a minor problem but the steel plate will require some work. 105469

- BX4004-02

by: Mike M03/23/2015

Very good construction materials. Just have to be careful while adjusting the width, when backing out the screws to loosen the clamps the backing nuts will come off and fall out. Small and hard to find if you are not aware. Because I wanted to keep my existing tail gate cover intact and on I had to engineer a spacing configuration to allow enough distance between the bracket and cover so the extender will fold against the tail gate. Local hardware store had what I needed. Good porduct and works well without taking up useable bed space with tail gate closed. 180255

- BX4004-02

by: Mike M.02/12/2012

Shipping on this product was incredibly fast! I received a notice the same night that I ordered that the part was ready to be shipped and the next day it hit the mail. The product came and was in great shape, unfortunately, it doesn't look like it will work with a 2011 Ram 1500 because the rails need a flat place to bolt to the bed. It did look very interesting however, how it would fold up and flip open. I really wish it had worked, but it looks like I'll be testing out's return policy.... 31666

- BX4004-02

by: Cortney04/22/2013

The extender was at my door step in no time. I had bought it as a Birthday gift for my husband and he was so excited he couldnt wait to install it. It was a fairly easy install bout 45min with the both of us working on it. It had a few scrathes on it but nothing that can be seen without really examining it up close. There is no shaking or rattling when driving and it takes up no space in the bed and it looks shall I say pretty dang sexy! 77164

- BX4004-02

by: David D.10/22/2014

I installed the Fold Down Truck Bed Extender on my 2003 Toyota Tacoma. The product itself is well made and fit the truck with no problem. My only complaint is the fasteners provided to secure the unit to the truck. They are what I consider on the "cheap" side. I did not have confidence in using them. I used my own fasteners to secure the unit to the tailgate. Other than that, a great addition to my truck. 157401

- BX4004-02

by: Robert Johnson08/08/2015

This bed extender is excellent. Was moving from California to Texas and didn't want to rent a trailer so was trying to fit everything in my Tacoma. This made my short bed into a long bed giving me 18" of more bed space. Highly recommend this to anyone. This is great because when collapsed it takes up next to no space, a mere 3" of bed space. Install took 30 minutes and very simple. 217819

- BX4004-02

by: DJones06/21/2013

This product was very easy to install and also flexible, if you want or need to make adjustments or changes to the install. I installed on my 2006 Toyota tundra: 85455

- BX4004-02

by: Robert P.11/12/2013

Excellent product, not to bad to install, just be very careful with the anchors. One detached a nd fell into the tailgate, and one came apart and didn't seem to go back together right, so ended up using large sheet metal screws for one hole on each side. Other than that, looks great. 2009 Chevt Silverado Crew Cab. 107068

- BX4004-02

by: John U.05/30/2013

Rarely does an online order show up sooner than promised, on top of that, the Bed Extender is Fantastic. One half hour to install, including searching for the right bits. Extremely happy with this purchase and would recommend to my best friends, yep, even the in-laws. BUY THIS PRODUCT!!!!!!!! 82552

- BX4004-02

by: Dave B.05/17/2013

Im pleased with my purchase. It should have come with longer mounting bolts though. My truck has a bed liner and the bolts that were supplied did not work. Took a bit of creativity to install but overall Im happy with my purchase. Excellent customer service and delivery was quickly. 80769

- BX4004-02

by: The Sam05/14/2014

Nice, neat, works good, looks good on chevy 4x4. 130644

- BX4004-02

by: John S.04/02/2010

Installation is terrible. Trying to install this produst on a Chevolet Avalanche does not work with the hardware supplied.The bed of the tailgate is between 3/16 & 1/4 inch thick and the toggle bolts supplied will only work on sheet metal. 2895

- BX4004-02

by: Declan G10/29/2013

This is a great bed extender, the anchors for the bolts seemed very flimsy so I used an alternative because one broke and there was no spares. Overall it was really easy to install, looks great and very secure. Great deal. 105543

- BX4004-02

by: Whitney P.02/09/2014

Great service and a great product. Was very easy to install. The video help came in handy. Will be buying from again if in need to a product they carry. 116099

- BX4004-02

by: mel donovan04/28/2012

the extender was as easy to install as closing the tailgate it took about 15mins and the delvery time to oregon was only 4 days am very pleased with the product 38718

- BX4004-02

by: JPF08/07/2007

see product revieiw Clever design, easy installation, easy use, looks good, strong, priced well, worth every penny. A "must have" for 4 door mini pidkups. 338

- BX4004-02

by: Dottie K.08/13/2012

The product arrived early. It was a gift for my boyfriend and he LOVED it and installed it on his Ford Ranger easily the next day! Thank you! 51592

- BX4004-02

by: Jim10/23/2013

Easy to install, fits like a glove IF you don't have a bed liner on the tailgate. Made a few mods, no problem. 104884

- BX4004-02

by: Reddog02/12/2008

Nice Strong, easy to mount, great product. It is nice that it folds down and is out of the way for bed use. 615

- BX4004-02

by: eric05/03/2013

I Really Needed It For My Dirt Bikes. Easy To Install. Strong And Durable. Thank You Guys! 78822

- BX4004-02

by: Mike03/09/2012

Haven't had a chance to use it yet, but it was easy to install and looks awesome. 33424

- BX4004-02

by: Jeff p.01/28/2015

This thing is awesome. The best I found online. Easy to install. 171623

- BX4004-02

by: biker 106/11/2013

good enough 84095


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  • It looks like you have done a good job with the math and that makes it easier to get you the best answer. With the Thule Bed-Rider Locking, Aluminum 2 Bike Carrier, # TH822XT, installed at the position you have mention on your Honda Ridgeline, the bike would be right at the edge of the bed where the tailgate closes or just a few inches on the tailgate. Better to err on the side of caution in this case and I do believe that the back tire will be on or overhand above the tailgate. It will...
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  • Will a Bed Extender Fit a Ford Explorer Sport Trac with a Bed Liner
  • The Topline Bed Extender, # BX4004-02, will fit if you have a bed liner. However, you may find that you will have to trim the bed liner on some vehicles. Since every vehicle and bed liner combination is different, I cannot say for certain if you will need to trim or not. On an Explorer Sport Trac, you will need to measure the width of the bed where the extender will fit. If it is 48 inches or greater in width, the extender will fit. We also have the Topline extender with an anodized...
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  • Installing Top Line Bed Extender # BX4004-02 on 2010 Dodge Dakota with Plastic Bed Liner
  • The Topline Bed Extender you referenced, part # BX4004-02 is width-adjustable and will indeed fit your 2010 Dodge Dakota if the plastic liner you refer to covers a steel tailgate. You would need to drill through the liner to attach the bed extender, but the liner can remain in place. I have provided a photo showing the extender mounted to a tailgate that has the plastic liner.
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  • Will the Topline Fold Down Truck Bed Expander Fit on a 2013 Toyota Tacoma
  • Yes, the Topline Fold Down Truck Bed Expander, # BX4004-02, will fit your 2013 Toyota Tacoma. In fact, we had a customer install this on a 2013 Tacoma, so I attached his install photos that he submitted for you to check out. I have also attached an installation video that we made on a GMC Sierra for you to check out. It will show how to install the bed expander. This item is also available in anodized silver as part # BX4004-01.
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  • Fit of Topline Truck Bed Extender # BX4004-02 on Tailgate of 2006 Hummer H2 SUT
  • If the tailgate is between 48 and 64 inches wide, and has a flat spot on either end like I have shown in the photo, the Topline Bed Extender # BX4004-02 should work just fine for you. We have not yet had the opportunity to install the extender on a Hummer H2, so we do not have any photos at this time.
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  • Bed Extender for a 2007 Chevy Silverado Crew Cab New Body
  • We offer several bed extenders for your Silverado. For instance, the Top Line Bed Extender, part # BX4004-01 for silver or part # BX4004-02 for black would be a great choice. This extender will fold flat against the inside of the tailgate when not in use. When folded, the extender will allow full use of your truck bed. To see the entire list of extenders available for your truck, use the link below.
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  • Installation of Topline Truck Bed Expander # BX4004-02 in 2013 Tacoma 4X4 Longbed with Plastic Liner
  • The Top Line Truck Bed Expander, part # BX4004-02, is a universal-fit item intended to fit a broad range of truck tailgates. Installation processes will vary slightly between vehicles and based on the presence of features such as tail gate liners, as on your 2013 Tacoma 4X4 long bed. The linked video shows installation of the silver version of the expander, part # BX4004-01, in a different make and model truck. The expander itself can adjust in width from 48 to 64 inches and clips into...
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  • Attaching the Topline Bed Extender to a 2001 Ford F150
  • The bed extender attaches to a metal bracket that is attached to the tailgate. The bracket is attached using screws. It is held to the brackets with removable pins. The whole unit can fold flat against the tailgate. Take a look at the product page pictures below the description to see some close up shots of the extender.
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  • Side to Side Distance Between Mounting Bracket Holes on the Topline Truck Bed Extender # BX4004-02
  • The Topline Fold Down Truck Bed Extender, part # BX4004-02, is a universal-fit item, and will adjust to fit truck beds of differing widths. The bed extender when not extended and fully retracted measures 48 inches in overall width. You will need to check on your tailgate if you will have room to attach the mounting hardware. I do not have any experience with it fitting on a 1965 Ford Ranchero, but to try and help you see if it will fit to your tailgate, I pulled the bed extender from...
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  • Will a Topline Bed Extender Fit a 2013 Ford F-150 with Built-In Step in the Tailgate
  • The Topline bed extender # BX4004-02 is listed as a fit for the 2013 Ford F-150. However, it is possible that the bed extender could interfere with the use of the step in the tailgate. But the width is adjustable on the extender from 48 to 64 inches so you would be able to change the width slightly to avoid step interference. I have included a picture that shows an installed extender so you can see whereabouts it installs.
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  • Will Topline Bed Extender, # BX4004-02 Fit a 2001 Ford Explorer Sport Trac with Tonneau Cover
  • The Topline Bed Extender, # BX4004-02, should fit the 2001 Ford Explorer Sport Trac, even with a tonneau cover. The bed extender does not require the use of the bed rails for installation, so it should not interfere. The silver model is # BX4004-01.
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  • Installing Topline Truck Bed Extender #BX4004-02 on 1998 Toyota Tacoma with Factory Tail Gate Cover
  • The Topline Truck Bed Expander, part # BX4004-02, is a universal-fit item intended to fit a broad range of truck tailgates. Installation processes will vary slightly between vehicles and based on the presence of features such as tail gate liners, as on your 1998 Tacoma. The linked video shows installation of the silver version of the extender, part # BX4004-01, in a different make and model truck. The extender itself can adjust in width from 48 to 64 inches and clips into the two steel...
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  • Will Top Line Folding Truck Bed Extender Part # BX4004-02 Fit 2006 Nissan Frontier 4-door Crew Cab
  • The Top Line Folding Truck Bed Extender, part # BX4004-02, is a universal-fit bed extender that will fit both narrow and standard bed size versions of the 2006 Nissan Frontier. This bed extender is made of steel and anodized aluminum and adjusts from 48- to 64-inch width. Top Line also offers this product in a silver finish, part # BX4004-01. My contact at Top Line did not indicate any special installation notes for your vehicle. However, if your truck has a bed liner it may be necessary...
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  • Color Options for the Topline Fold Down Truck Bed Extender
  • The Topline Truck Bed Extender is available in anodized silver, # BX4004-01, and black # BX4004-02. The bed extender is adjustable in width from 48 inches to 64 inches. It is 15-5/8 inches tall at the back and 12-1/4 inches tall on the sides. I have attached an installation video for you to check out.
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  • Fit of Topline Bed Extender on 2005 Ford Explorer Sport Trac
  • Topline does not list specific vehicle fits for this item. As long as your tailgate is is between 48 and 64 inches wide and has flat areas to mount the brackets as shown in the photo, and the area where the brackets would mount is steel or there is steel under a bed liner, the Topline Truck Bed Expander would work just fine with your Explorer Sport Trac. The extender is also available in silver, as part # BX4004-01. The install video I linked you to shows the extender being installed...
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  • Bed Extender for 2007 Toyota Tacoma Crew Cab Short Bed
  • This is an adapter kit for a Nissan Frontier or Titan to allow the tonneau cover to fit when you have a bed extender. We do not have a bed extender that will slide up to the cab, but we do have a bed extender for a 2007 Toyota Tacoma crew cab short bed. I suggest either the Fold Down Truck Bed Extender - Anodized Silver (part BX4004-01) or in black (BX4004-02). This simply mounts on the end of the bed and folds up. I have included links to both of these products below.
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  • Will the Topline Truck Bed Extender Fit a 2012 Toyota Tacoma with a 6 Foot Bed
  • The Topline bed extender, # BX4004-02, will fit your 2012 Toyota Tacoma. We also have this same extender in silver, # BX4004-01. You might also be interested in some ramps, like # CE26151PG, to help get the bike in the truck. This ramp is 60 inches long and 8-1/2 inches wide.
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  • How to Prevent Theft of the Topline Bed Extender # BX4004-02
  • What you would do to deter theft of the bed extender # BX4004-02 is to use security type of hardware. Something that requires an uncommon specialty tool to install/remove. That would secure the mounts that attach to the tailgate. To secure the extender to the mounts you would have to replace the pins that hold the extender on. Something like # 7692 or a similar lock could work. Or something like the Toylok # LC337120 is another option. It would also be good for securing other items stored...
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  • Will ATV Ramps Interfere with the Topline Bed Extender on a 2010 Chevrolet Silverado
  • The Topline Bed Extender, # BX4004-02, will likely interfere with ATV ramps if it is left on your tailgate. The good news is that this bed extender is easily removable. The bed extender attaches to the side brackets with two release pins. Simply remove the release pins to move the bed extender out of the way when you load your ATV. I do not recommend leaving the bed extender attached when you load your ATV. Check out the installation video that I have attached for this bed extender....
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  • Will Topline Folding Truck Bed Expander # BX4004-02 Fit a 2013 Nissan Frontier 4-Door Crew Cab
  • The Topline Folding Truck Bed Expander, part # BX4004-02, is a universal-fit product that will work in a wide range of truck beds from 48- to 64-inches wide. It is compatible with both tonneau covers and truck caps. It is also available in a silver finish as part # BX4004-01. I have linked an installation video and the written instructions have been forwarded in a separate email. The Topline expander clips into the two steel mounting brackets that affix to the tail gate. (It can be removed...
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  • Will Topline Bed Extender # BX4004-02 Fit a 2001 Ford Explorer Sport Trac
  • The Fold Down Truck Bed Extender, # BX4004-02, is designed to fit as many different trucks as possible. It will need a minimum of 48 inches to fit. If the tail gate on your 2001 Ford Explorer Sport Trac is at least 48 inches wide and no greater than 64 inches wide, it will fit. The extender folds up flat against the tail gate when not in use and it will be 15-5/8 inches tall and protrude 5 inches into the bed when folded and the tail gate up. There are many different types of tonneau...
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  • Availability of a Truck Bed Extender for a 2005 Hummer H2
  • You will need to measure the width of the bed on your Hummer H2. The # BX4004-02 or the # BX4004-01 could potentially work as they are designed to fit tailgates that are between 48 and 64 inches in width.
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  • Will Fold Down Truck Bed Extender # BX4004-02 Fit a 2003 Ford Ranger Flareside
  • The Fold Down Truck Bed Extender-Black, part # BX4004-02, is designed to fit as many different trucks as possible. You will need to measure on your vehicle to determine if it will fit. It will need a minimum of 48 inches to fit. If the tail gate on your 2003 Ford Ranger Flareside is at least 48 inches wide and no greater than 64 inches wide, it will fit. The extender folds up flat against the tail gate when not in use and it will be 15-5/8 inches tall and protrude 5 inches into the bed...
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  • Will the Topline Bed Extender Fit a 2011 Toyota Tacoma Prerunner SR5
  • The Topline Bed Extender, # BX4004-02, is designed to fit all models of the 2011 Toyota Tacoma. You will need to drill into the tail gate for installation. Depending on your bed size, we have several tonneau cover options. I have included a link for you. You will need to select the correct bed length for your truck to see the available options.
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  • Will Topline Bed Extender # BX4004-01 Fit on 2012 Dodge Ram Pickup With Plastic Bed Liner
  • The Topline Bed Extender # BX4004-01 you referenced will fit on your 2012 Dodge Ram Pickup, but since you have a plastic bedliner, you may have to do some trimming of that liner prior to installing the bed extender. It is recommended that the mounting brackets of the bed extender attach directly to the metal of the tailgate and if the bed liner interferes, we recommend trimming that section. Some drilling is also required for installation. The extender is lightweight and is easy to remove...
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  • Do You Have Cargo Control Solutions for a 2000 GMC Sierra Stepside Bed Style Pickup Truck
  • We have two options available for you that will fit your 2000 GMC Sierra step side bed, part # BX4004-01 or part # BX4004-02 are silver and black bed extenders that will effectively extend your bed size, and offer smaller area at the back of the bed when the tailgate is closed, to keep items from sliding around.
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  • Will Kwik Gate Bed Extender # KG48 Fit the 1998 Nissan Frontier 2-Door Extended Cab
  • The 48-inch Kwik Gate Bed Extender # KG48 is considered to be a near-universal-fit item that can work in a broad range of truck beds. It includes all mounting hardware as well as a drill bit and wrench to ease installation. If your tail gate is 53-inches wide then this unit should fit, although there may be gaps at either side of the gate. The center section of this gate removes easily (but the side rails remain bolted in place.) We also offer adjustable truck bed extenders for your...
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  • How Does the Topline Fold Down Truck Bed Extender Attach to the Tailgate of a 2003 Dodge Ram
  • In order to attach the brackets from this Fold Down Truck Bed Extender # BX4004-02 to the tailgate of your 2003 Dodge Ram you will need to drill 4 holes in the tailgate, insert the turn nut into the drilled holes and then insert allen bolts through the brackets to the turn nuts and tighten them. I will send you a separate email that has instructions for this product for you to check out also.
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