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CTEK MULTI US 4.3 Universal 12-Volt Battery Charger with Pulse Maintenance and Small Battery Mode

CTEK Power Inc Battery Chargers

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CTEK Power Inc Battery Chargers - CTEK56864

This powerful, all-weather, 8-step charger uses a patented pulse-maintenance system to charge, maintain and help recondition 12V batteries. Includes a mode for small batteries. Sophisticated automatic charge cycle achieves the perfect charge.


  • 8-Step system constantly monitors and maintains 12V battery charge
    • Performs reliably and is virtually maintenance free
    • Won't overcharge or undercharge like typical trickle chargers
    • Switches automatically to pulse-maintenance phase when full charge has been reached
    • Reduces risk of overheating, sulfation and premature battery failure
    • Includes option to recondition stratified or highly discharged batteries
  • Highly versatile - offers (4) 12V current modes
    • Motorcycle icon: lower current for smaller 12V batteries
    • Car icon: higher current for larger 12V automobile and marine batteries
    • Snowflake/AGM icon: special winter mode charges and maintains batteries in cold weather
      • Recommended by many AGM battery manufacturers like Optima, Maxima and Odyssey
    • Recond (recondition) icon: higher current for reconditioning batteries that have been deeply discharged
  • Easy-to-use, quick-disconnect system features Comfort Connect end plugs - charger plugs right in
    • Eyelet-terminal cable permanently attaches to battery terminals
    • Clamp-terminal cable temporarily clamps to battery terminals
  • Safe design
    • Approved for indoor and outdoor use
    • Prevents reverse-polarity mistakes
  • Convenient accessories (sold separately) provide additional security and convenience
    • LED indicator battery cable lets you monitor your battery's charge at a glance
    • Additional battery-hookup cables simplify charging multiple vehicles
  • Includes charger, cables with battery-terminal clips, cables with M6 (6.4-mm) eyelet terminals, owner's manual and protective case


  • Application: most starter and deep-cycle, 12V, lead-acid batteries
    • Includes wet, MF, AGM and most gel batteries
    • Charges batteries with capacities from 1.2 Ah to 110 Ah
    • Maintains batteries with capacities up to 160 Ah
  • Charge cycle: 8-step, fully automatic charger with pulse maintenance and Reconditioning Mode
  • Input voltage: 110V AC - 120V AC
  • Charging voltage:
    • Normal charge: 14.4V
    • Recondition mode: 15.8V
  • Charging current: 0.8A or 4.3A max
  • Dimensions: 6-1/2" long x 2-1/2" wide x 1-1/2" tall
  • 5-Year warranty

CTEK MULTI US 4.3 bulk charging time chart

This CTEK charger comes with two battery cables: one with clamp terminals and one with eyelet terminals. The 16" long eyelet-terminal cable can be left attached to the battery, and the clamp-terminal cable is great for temporary connections.

CTEK MULTI US 4.3 Charger with both clamp and eyelet cables

Whenever you want to charge the battery, just plug CTEK's patented Comfort Connect attachment terminal into the receiving end on either of the provided battery cables.

Close-up of CTEK's Comfort Connect plugs

CTEK MULTI US 4.3 Charging Process

A goof-proof design distinguishes CTEK's new-generation chargers from the competition - you don't have to be a mechanical guru to keep your battery working at top efficiency. CTEK's patented charging system monitors your battery, providing exactly the charge it needs during each unique charging stage. Safe, eight-step process uses switch-mode, pulse-maintenance technology.

CTEK MULTI US 4.3 charging process chart

  1. Desulfation stage is the initial charging phase. This stage uses electronic pulses to desulfate batteries by converting lead sulfate crystals back to usable sulfuric acid.
  2. Soft-start stage tests the battery to see whether it can be charged. If the battery is unable to hold the initial charge, the unit goes into Error Mode, alerting you that your battery must be replaced.
  3. Bulk stage is the main charging phase. This stage accounts for 80 percent of the charging process and uses a constant charge level.
  4. Absorption stage completes the charge (to virtually 100 percent) using diminishing current to prevent battery damage.
  5. Analysis stage kicks in if the pre-set maximum time needed for absorption is exceeded. The unit measures the battery voltage and stops the charging process, automatically triggering an error indicator if the battery is faulty.
  6. Recond mode is used to recondition a battery that has been severely discharged. After the battery has been charged in Normal Mode and analysis has been completed, the charger reconditions the battery with a constant current of 1.5A and maximum voltage of 15.7V for up to 4 hours.
  7. Float-maintenance stage maintains a constant voltage of 13.6V during the first 10 days.
  8. Pulse-maintenance stage begins after the 10 days of float maintenance. During this stage, the charger maintains the battery at the optimum charge level of 95 percent to 100 percent. It recognizes any drop in voltage and sends a corresponding pulse of current to keep the battery properly charged. Pulse maintenance can be continued for months at a time.

Protects the User

Your personal safety is paramount, and CTEK's spark-free, short-circuit-proof design incorporates a feature that prevents reverse polarity, keeping you safe. You simply cannot make a polarity mistake: The charger will not operate if it is attached incorrectly. In addition, the red alarm light on the charger alerts you if there is a reverse-polarity problem.

Protects the Battery

CTEK's patented switch-mode, pulse-maintenance charging system is designed with the most up-to-date technology to safely charge your battery. Using carefully monitored, low-grid voltage, CTEK's patented process differs from competitors' chargers by providing the precise final voltage that your battery needs to maintain the optimum charge level. This sophisticated, interactive device will never overcharge or undercharge your battery. You can leave it attached to the battery for months, making it perfect for seasonal vehicle storage.

Won't Cause Overcharging or Overheating

Overcharging can cause gassing, which can lead to acid concentration and corrosion of the battery's lead plates. It can also cause the battery cells to dry out ("boil dry"), which can allow the battery to overheat and cause a fire.

Won't Cause Undercharging or Sulfation

Undercharging can be just as damaging to your battery as overcharging because chronic undercharging leads to sulfation. Sulfation occurs when the lead and lead dioxide of the battery's plates react with sulfuric battery acid to produce lead sulfate. This in turn is converted back to lead, lead oxide and sulfuric acid. A small, unavoidable amount of sulfation and gassing naturally takes place as a result of the chemical processes occurring in lead-acid batteries. However, extensive undercharging causes extra lead sulfate to accumulate on the lead plates of the battery. Because the crystalline form of the sulfate cannot hold an electrical charge, excessive sulfation greatly diminishes the charging ability of the battery, eventually rendering it unusable.

Provides Desulfation Using a Patented Process

Desulfation is the reversal of sulfation damage. The CTEK charger's unique process not only prevents the undercharging that produces excess sulfation, but it also includes a desulfating step that can often "revive" a lightly sulfated battery. It accomplishes this with carefully monitored electronic pulses of energy that help to break down the lead sulfate crystals, allowing the battery to accept a charge once again.

Ensures Consistent Charging with Low Ripple-Wave Percentage

Ripple-wave percentage is the quantity of disturbances exhibited in current and voltage. CTEK's low-ripple design regulates the incoming current before passing it on to your battery, ensuring a consistent charge. Unlike an old-style charger, this CTEK charger maintains precise control over the output current, keeping a battery healthier, more productive and longer lasting.

Protects the Vehicle and Its Electronics

The charger is also safe for your vehicle. Its sophisticated circuitry is designed to be compatible with today's sensitive electronics and audio equipment. You can confidently charge your battery while it is still in the vehicle: no more hefting heavy batteries or dealing with tiresome system resetting! CTEK's low ripple rate eliminates the danger of damaging electronic devices connected to the battery, and it prolongs the battery's service life. Because the Recond (reconditioning) mode uses a higher voltage than other charging modes, usin