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Blue Ox Base Plates for the Smart fortwo, 2011

Blue Ox Base Plates

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Blue Ox Base Plate Kit - Removable Arms - Smart fortwo, 2011

This strong and durable base plate kit is custom designed to fit your Smart fortwo. The hidden reinforcements, along with the removable bracket arms, provide a clean, unobtrusive look when your car is not being towed.


  • Custom-fit base plates provide attachment points for tow bar
  • Hidden reinforcement means that less of the bracket shows
    • No crossbar support beam or large, protruding brackets
  • Base plate tabs remove easily for a completely inconspicuous look
  • Sturdy, dependable design
    • Spreads towing force evenly to minimize weight placed on suspension
    • Constructed of durable steel
  • Simple installation - no welding required
    • Bolts securely to your Smart fortwo chassis
  • Integrated mounting points let you easily attach an electrical connector plug or bracket (sold separately)
  • Instructions and necessary hardware included
  • Adaptable for use with Roadmaster tow bars with the Roadmaster Tow Bar Adapter (RM-031 or RM-031-5; sold separately)
  • Made in the USA


  • Distance between brackets: 17"
    • Fits Blue Ox Adventurer, Aladdin, Allure, Alpha, Avail, Aventa, and Trion tow bars
  • Bracket height: 12-1/2"
  • 3-Year warranty

BX1987 Blue Ox Base Plate Kit - Removable Tabs

Customer Reviews

Blue Ox Base Plate Kit - Removable Arms - BX1987

Average Customer Rating:  4.5 out of 5 stars   (2 Customer Reviews)

This strong and durable base plate kit is custom designed to fit your vehicle. The hidden reinforcements, along with the removable bracket arms, provide a clean, unobtrusive look when your car is not being towed.

- BX1987

by: Geodog01/28/2013

The instructions (#23) tell you to align the support bracket 1/4" from the bumper. When we drilled the holes we discovered that a nut could not be installed due too the lack of clearence with the frame rail end. This measurement should be 1/2". Other than this clearence problem the installation went fine. Very pleased with the Base Plate. 64285

- BX1987

by: Jim R.07/09/2015

Self installed. Instructions are clear but if you're going to install yourself - - read read read you will still go back to the instructions again and again. It's a good days job with a helper for a first timer. That said it's a fun project if you take your time. And you'll save a lot of money.. 210441


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  • Recommend Base Plate and Tow Bar For 2010 Smart For Two
  • For your 2010 Smart For Two, we have the Roadmaster EZ Base Plate Kit, part # 52285-1, and the Blue Ox Base Plate Kit, part # BX1987. Both the Roadmaster and Blue Ox base plate kits feature removable drawbars, so that the base plate kit is less visible when you are not towing the vehicle. Both the Roadmaster and Blue Ox base plate kit would be a good option for your 2010 Smart Car. In addition to a base plate kit, you will need a tow bar, safety cables, wiring or lighting, and a supplemental...
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  • Which Base Plate Installs Easily on a 2013 Smart ForTwo, Blue Ox # BX1987 or Roadmaster # 52285-1
  • Blue Ox rates the installation difficulty for their 2013 Smart ForTwo base plates, part # BX1987, such that an experienced professional installer will typically need 4 hours to complete the install. (First-time installers will usually take significantly longer to complete the process.) The installation of this product requires removal of the front bumper fascia, some trimming of the bumper and air dam and some drilling. The Roadmaster # 52285-1, Base Plates for the 2013 Smart fortwo,...
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  • Parts Needed to Flat Tow a 2009 Smart fortwo Passion
  • The first thing you will want to do is consult the vehicle owners manual to determine the proper towing procedure of the vehicle. From the research I did, the car should be flat towable as is but you will still want to confirm by checking the owners manual. For the 2009 Smart fortwo Passion model, there are 2 base plate options. Either kit fits all models of the Smart fortwo so that would include Passion models. First is the Roadmaster EZ kit, # 52285-1. And then we have the Blue Ox...
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  • Recommend Tow Bar To Flat-Tow My 2008 Smart Fortwo
  • The Blue Ox Aladdin Tow Bar, part # BX4325, actually has the lowest weight capacity of all the tow bars we have available. I can see how size of the tow bar could be a concern, but the tow bar only weighs 37 lbs and remains stored on the hitch of your RV when you are not towing. Another great feature about this tow bar is that it is non-binding, which allows for easier hookup and disconnecting. In addition to a tow bar, you will need a base plate kit, safety cables, wiring or lighting,...
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  • Base Plates, Tow Bar and Accessories to Flat Tow 2009 Smart ForTwo Passion
  • According to Blue Ox, there will be trimming and drilling required to install the Blue Ox base plate kit # BX1987 on your 2009 Smart fortwo Passion. Your ability to install the base plates will depend on your mechanical ability. Blue Ox rates the difficulty of install as a 4 out of 10. I will send you a copy of the install instructions in a separate email. You can examine them to see if the install is something you would feel comfortable taking on. I would recommend the Blue Ox Aventa...
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  • Approximate Installation Time for Blue Ox # BX1987 Base Plate Kit for 2010 Smart Car
  • According to Blue Ox, the BX1987 base plate kit for a Smart Car has an install rating of 4. This means that it will take a trained professional who has completed an installation of this type in the past approximately 4 hours to complete the installation.
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  • Smart Fortwo Diesel 2011 Passion Towbar and Flat Towing Accessories
  • The Blue Ox Alpha Tow Bar, part # BX7365 would be an excellent choice. The Alpha features a swiveling base that makes hooking up easy, even on uneven terrain. You would also need the # BX1987 base plate kit that is specifically designed for your Smart Fortwo. The # BX88133 adapter you mentioned would not be needed with the Alpha Tow bar and the # BX1987 base plate. In addition, you will also need to wire the vehicle so that the lights work in tandem with the taillights of the motorhome....
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  • Grille Cut-Out Installation Instructions For BlueOx Baseplate # BX1987 On a 2012 Smart twofor
  • Yes, you will have to cut holes in your grille to make the baseplate extend out. My contact at Blue Ox told me that the way this is to be done is to hold the grille up to the area where the baseplates attach and mark the dimensions on the grille with a washable white paint and cut out from there. You will want to start off small and tweak from there so you do not over-cut. Blue Ox does not have a measurement specific diagram at this time.
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  • Tow Bar Base Plate Attachment Tab Assembly for Blue Ox # BX1987 Base Plate Kit on 2012 Smart ForTwo
  • Actually, Blue Ox carries four different lengths of Replacement Tow Bar Attachment Tab Assemblies. The reason for this is that the sockets that the tabs insert into are recessed past the front bumper of the vehicle at different distances depending on the vehicle. According to Blue Ox, the easiest way to determine the correct replacement is by providing the year, make and model of the vehicle that the tow bar is installed on. The list of which vehicle takes which Attachment Tab would...
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  • Parts Needed to Flat Tow a 2008 Smart fortwo
  • Yes, the Blue Ox Base Plate Kit # BX1987 that you referenced is compatible with the Blue Ox Aventa Tow Bar part # BX7445. There's nothing wrong with having more capacity than you need so this tow bar should work well for you. There are several other components need to complete a flat towing setup. The Aventa comes with safety cables, you will need a lighting option though. For that I would recommend the Hopkins Universal Tail Light Wiring Kit for Towed Vehicles # HM55999. I attached...
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  • Parts Needed to Flat Tow a 2012 Smart fortwo Behind a Toyota Tacoma
  • To flat tow your 2012 Smart fortwo behind your Toyota Tacoma you will need base plates, a compatible tow bar, safety cables, lighting, and supplemental braking. First, for base plates I recommend the Blue Ox model # BX1987 because they are generally easier to install and cost a little less than the competition. For a compatible tow bar there are a couple of ways to approach it. You could go with a tow bar that costs a little more and end up saving money on the braking system or you...
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