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Roadmaster Base Plates for the 2013 Honda CR-V

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Roadmaster EZ Base Plate Kit - Removable Arms - 2013 Honda CR-V

Roadmaster's EZ Twistlock series brackets are virtually invisible, easy to mount and simple to remove. Brackets install on your Honda CR-V's frame to provide attachment points for your tow bar.


  • Hidden bracket design provides improved aesthetics compared with standard brackets
  • Drawbars are easily removable - just twist and pull
    • No pins or clips required
  • Computer-cut, all-steel construction provides exceptional strength
  • Black powder coat finish is durable and corrosion resistant
  • Simple installation - no welding required
    • Custom base plates ensure a perfect fit for your Honda CR-V
  • Compatible with Quick Disconnects and all Roadmaster tow bars
  • Instructions and mounting hardware included
  • Made in the USA

The drawbars, or front arms, on the EZ series base plate kit are supremely easy to mount and remove. Just insert them into the brackets and twist to lock them in place. To remove, simply twist the arms back and pull them out. Once the drawbars have been removed, the remaining brackets are virtually invisible. On most automobiles, the brackets are mounted within the grille, where they remain not only unseen, but protected from scrapes and scuffs as well.

521567-1 Road Master EZ Base Plate Kit

Video of Roadmaster EZ Base Plate Kit - Removable Arms

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer
installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Roadmaster EZ Base Plate Kit Installation - 2013 Honda CR-V

Today on this 2013 Honda CRV, we're going to install Part number 521567-1. This is the Roadmaster Ez Base Plate Kit with Removable Arms. The first thing we need to do is go ahead and get our car ready to install the base plate. With that, that means we have to remove the bumper cover. We'll start with that. We need to remove 4 plastic rivets underneath the hood. Take a flat screwdriver and pop up the centers then you can typically pull them out.

A trim panel tool works good, too. Let's get underneath the vehicle. There will be two other fasteners we have to remove. We're looking at the passenger side tire. We'll use a 10mm socket to remove this bolt and also to remove this plastic rivet. Let's go over to the driver's side and do the same thing.

On the bottom of the fascia, we need to remove 4 plastic rivets. We need to get on the inside edge of the fender well. We're looking at the passenger side. We remove this screw and these 2 plastic fasteners. We're done with our passenger side.

Let's do the same thing on the driver's side. Behind our fender well liner, there's another fastener probably that far back here. Peel back the liner as much as we can. If you look underneath this edge right here, you should see that fastener. This put up a pretty good fight to get this thing out of there. We had to reach in with a long screwdriver and work the top out.

Let's go back over to the passenger side and do the same thing. There's a little bit of a clip at this edge right here, so pull the fascia down and release it. We'll gently pull back on the fender flair. We're about almost to the top of the tire; it looks like it'll be good enough. We'll do this on both sides of the car. With the flair loosened up, we'll remove this Phillips screw right here. Once again, on both sides. Now, we've got to remove this grill here. This is really firmly attached to the clips that are inside. You've really got to give it a good steady pull and pull out in this direction. What we're going to do end is actually got this side to break loose first. Then, there are 4 clips on the bottom that we had to work back and forth to get it apart. This put up a good struggle, but we got the top to come loose first and then we worked in back and forth this way. A steady pressure like this finally broke it free. It will make a lot of noise. Our vehicle has fog lights on here so we need to disconnect the electrical from that. Since we have this loose, we can reach from below and up behind our light right here. Once again, this is a really tight fit. When you push on this tab right here, you can pull it down. Do the same thing on the passenger side. This one you have to go by feel. We're almost ready to take off the bumper cover. We'll release this catch right here. There a little bit of a release right here when you pry up against. We should be able to pull it loose. One side done. There's a series of snaps underneath the headlight here and both sides we have to work lose. If you're careful, you can put a screwdriver underneath the edge here and get it started. We need to remove a couple more plastic fasteners for the shroud here, one on here and one on the bottom. We're looking at the passenger side. Release the plastic fastener here. Eventually our base plate will replace this structure right here. Let's get our cable up and out of the way for now. All right, next we need to loosen up our ambient temperature sensor here. We can see the back side of the fastener from the top. Now, we can remove our bumper structure. There's one, two, three, and number four bolt is inside here. We'll go in and start on the top one first. Let's lift up and over the small tab. We can release it. You want to work around the air conditioning line on the passenger side. One last thing, is that this little tab that was a guide for the bumper structure that we removed, needs to be smashed down. Take some vice grips and smash it over. We'll have to do that on both sides. We still have to cut away some of this plastic here for the shroud to make room for our tow bar. We're going to go by this angle right here and on the outside of this. Take off that edge. We'll go about half way up. We're going to use some 10 snips to make our cut. You could probably use a knife, as soft as this material is. The passenger side done, do the same thing on driver's side. Lying in the way of everything, there's a little plastic clip right here that we'll squeeze the bottom to give us a little extra working room. Seat it up and out of the way. We're almost ready to put our base plate onto the vehicle. We'll cover the hardware that will initially hold it in place. This is our metric bolt that'll replace the original bolts. It'll get a lock washer and a flat washer and also some Loctite on the threads, Part number LT37420. We'll use this hardware on these 4 holes on both sides of the car. Let's get an extra set of hands and we'll put it into place. When we do that, it's a good idea to start on the passenger side first to make sure we have enough room to work around the air conditioning line. When we put ours in, ours scraped along the side. We had to tap in a little bit to make it fit. We'll put in our first bolt right here. I put the Loctite towards the head of the bolt so that way I could thread it in easy and not have it stick on me. We want to put all the hardware in loose, then we'll tighten it down. All the hardware is done on our passenger side. Let's go over to the driver's side and do it again. Let's put out clip back into our line here. We'll verify that it doesn't interfere with the base plate. We'll leave our base plate alone for now. We need to remove some wires that are located behind this panel right here. We need to remove this fastener and this one, one up towards the top and one back over here. The wiring we have to remove is all the grounds for the wire harness right here. We'll use a 10mm socket to remove the bolt. We'll transfer everything to its pre-existing threaded hole up here. Let's turn our attention back to the base plate. We'll drill out this hole using the hitch as a template. You'll see this initial layer of the framework that we had to drill through. Also, about this far back, is the other half. We'll drill through that as well. Try to keep it as level as possible. Now, you can see why we had to remove all those ground wires. Okay, let's install the hardware for the hole we just drilled. Once again, we'll add some Loctite. Run it through the hole, out the other side. This round plate will go over the bolt first, lock washer, half inch nut. Let's go and do the same thing back over on the passenger side. Going through the first plate here, but this bolt threads are just right below it. I have to drill a little bit at an angle up towards the other side. He had to go to extreme angles to drill the holes. You probably want to remove this sub-frame bolt here. Honestly, shorten it up about a quarter inch. Ours is slightly off. That's why we went in at an angle. Going back to our ambient temperature sensor, let's use this part right here which is not being used anymore to hold it in place. We'll leave this out of the way for now. We'll tighten down all our bolts and then torque them down as described in the instructions. This is a tight area to work with. To torque it down, we'll use a crow's foot. Let's bring our wire for our fog lights down. We'll zip tie them to our base plate to hold it together. The zip ties do not come with the kit. Cut off our tails. Let's put our fender well liner back into place. Let's put the bumper cover back into place for a test fit. These ports and the mounts for the wiring will fit through the existing holes at the bottom. Let's line up these 2 tabs for now, use that to hold it in place for us. Let's check out underneath. Looks like everything fits okay. There's plenty of clearance all the way around. We'll take one of the arms, put it into place, feel that pushing it all the way in then rotating it. We've got plenty of clearance around here so know that's good. Let's take it back out. Now would be a good time to find a place for your break away switch. The break away switch comes with whatever supplementary braking system that you use on your vehicle. In this case, what I think we're going to do is make a notch in the plastic right here. We'll hold it up against the AC component here. We'll trace out how wide we need it. Just below this component is a piece of sheet metal that we can bolt to. Let's go a little bit over size. We'll match the thickness; we'll cut that out. Now we know where to cut, we'll take our bumper cover back off and make our notch. We'll also mount our break away switch. We'll put the bumper cover back into place. We'll check our opening then we'll mark the sheet metal, but we'll put our break away switch in, too. We'll take it back off and use a self-tapping screw to attach the break away switch then we can put our bumper cover on for good. We'll put in inaudible 00:15:30 marks. We'll slide up to the edge there as far as we can and make a mark for our hole to drill. We'll drill out a quarter inch hole and also we'll put a web block right here to protect the rest of the vehicle. We're using the hardware that came with the switch, in this case, this quarter inch nut and flange nut. We got that taken care of; let's put our bumper cover on once and for all. Everything's back together. Let's put in our attaching point and receiver arms. As we install these, there's a key right there as well. With that, that'll finish it for our install of Part number 521567-1, the Roadmaster Ez Base Plate Kit with Removable Arms on our 2013 Honda CRV. .

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Customer Reviews

Roadmaster EZ Base Plate Kit - Removable Arms - 521567-1

Average Customer Rating:  4.9 out of 5 stars   (99 Customer Reviews)

Roadmaster's EZ Twistlock series brackets are virtually invisible, easy to mount and simple to remove. Brackets install on your vehicle's frame to provide attachment points for your tow bar.

- 521567-1

by: Larry J02/06/2015

Thanks to the staff at etrailer they pointed me in the right direction for the base plate I needed for 2014 Honda CR-V that match up with my Roadmaster tow bar. After some thought and checking around for installation prices and reviewing the etrailer video I would save about $700.00 on labor doing it myself. Being backyard mechanic in my younger days what did I have to loose!!!! Took my I pad out to the shop so I could review each step by step as I took apart. I'm telling you I don't think I could have done it without the video. The paper instructions and pictures are ok but no comparison to someone walking through on video. I might make only one comment on the video, where the front bumper attached to front fenders it didn't show how they come apart. After a little probing in the seam I could feel some clips about one inch apart (three of them )taking small screw driver pushing down on them and pulling on bumper at same time to release (same type clip but smaller than what's under the headlights ) Sorry guy's I should have taken a picture of that maybe etrailer can come up with one. To all who may be a little mechanically inclined look at the video's and go for it. A special thanks to etrailer & staff for taking the time to help the customer keep making those videos I'll keep buying. 172684

- 521567-1

by: Jerry B.08/04/2013

Received both of our orders in just a few days. With the help of our 2, 21 year old grandsons, we were able to install our base plate in about 4 hours. If we ever have to do it again, we should be at least an hour faster. This is do able. Thanks for the prompt service and the excellent instructions. 93185


We havent experienced any problems with the base plate. On our way to Fl, E of Dallas-Ft. Worth a semi traveling ahead of us in the left hand lane, blew a trailer tire. With no where to go, a chuck went under our truck and did some damage to the cowling on the CRV. But, that was all that happened. We have only towed the car once, I guess we like it in FL, we renewed our work contract.

Jerry B - 02/02/2015


- 521567-1

by: William S12/20/2012

Hitch base plate assembly was ordered and shipped on time. I called and asked questions pertaining to the kit for my 2013 Honda CRV and talked to a very well informed technical person. It has been installed, with no problems and fits as advertised. 61828


Will this base plate fit a late 90s early 2000s Roadmaster Sterling Tow Bar?

comment by: Al H - 08/01/2013


Do you have any more information on the tow bar? It is tough to say just by a year range. A model name or part number? Could you send some photos?

Patrick B - 8/5/2013


The base plates have worked perfectly and as advertised. I refer your company to all my RV friends that need professional help in ing a quality towing system backed up by intensive research and development. Thanks again for a quality product.

William S - 06/20/2014


- 521567-1

by: John C.04/01/2014

Installation went just like it was supposed to. Instructions were very good. Took me about 6 hours for the first installation. The second time would be probably 3 to 4. etrailer did an excellent job with the purchasing process and shipping. I especially like them providing the shipping status, from UPS, on their web site. 123305


Meets all expectations. No problems

John C - 04/01/2015


- 521567-1

by: Kurt12/09/2013

The tow hitch for my new CRV was promptly delivered, packaged safely and instructions included. I was impressed with the ease of the purchase. Thanks, 109635


Great! We have towed are car down to Florida and back and all the way from Pennsylvania to Sun Valley, Idaho to visit family.I was able to install the hitch with no problem.

Kurt - 12/09/2014


- 521567-1

by: will n07/14/2013

This is my second Roadmaster baseplate to install on a Honda CRV. The first, a 2009 used the XL and this 2013 uses an EZ. Installation was as described in the, well illustrated directions. It took me about 3 hours. New cars with soft plastic parts might be better than older models with brittle plastic. Once installed I felt the XL baseplate on the old car was easier to use because I could slide the tow unit on in one piece. With the EZ, I have to separate the bar from the arms, twist each arm in, and then place the bar across. This adds complexity to assembly and disassembly. 89460

- 521567-1

by: John G.07/07/2013

The baseplate for our 2013 Honda CRV is great and is barely noticeable. I had a local body shop install it and the installation only took them two hours. They said you could tell it was designed specifically for the vehicle and went together perfectly. The install only cost me $100.00 and was done professionally. This is a great product and looks terrific. 87999

- 521567-1

by: Bill B.10/31/2012

The product was received a day prior to the promised date in good condition. Etrailer's price was significantly lower than the manufacture's price plus you shipped immediately whereas the mfg was backordered I'm passing your web site to my friends and guests at Lake Timberlin Camp Resort. 58467

- 521567-1

by: Jim M.08/30/2012

Pretty amazing... I placed an order after lunch on a Sunday. In less than 3 hours, I had a confirmation that it was in stock, and was waiting for UPS to pick it up. UPS had it to my front door by early afternoon on Wednesday. Who could ask for more? 53567

- 521567-1

by: Gerry K03/07/2015

This is the second base plate by Roadmaster that I have purchased from e-trailer. Both buying experiences have been top notch, Easy web sight, fast delivery and great support. (videos etc). Would definitely buy from e-trailer again. 177401

- 521567-1

by: Neal S02/24/2014

Very happy with product. Roadmaster installations instructions which we had, could be explained a little clearer on how to release clips to remove front facia, rather that pull carefully, on our 2014 Honda CRV. 117409

- 521567-1

by: Buddy C07/08/2012

Order was shipped when promised and arrived withing the time estimated. Lady that took my order was very professional and polite. Will check with them the next time I need something. 47132

- 521567-1

by: Bob D09/10/2014

Haven't installed yet, shouldn't be no problem for me. Will install it on week-end and give you my feed back. It was great dealing with you recieved Base plate sooner then expected 150574

- 521567-1

by: Jack H.07/25/2014

Product arrived and was installed with ease. etrailer was very easy to deal and had great follow thru on the order. Thanks. 142944

- 523163-1

by: Tim W04/26/2015

Review from a similar Roadmaster EZ in Base Plates

Very good product at a great price. Instructions and video are for a 2013 terrain and things were a bit different on my 2015. When all screws and clips are removed the front piece cannot be just pulled forward. There is a rear facing clip and you have to pull to the side to remove from this piece. (pics attached)There was no PS cooler attached in front on mine. Remove washer bottle totally which consists of 2 nuts and 1 bolt otherwise you will never get back up plate for top brackets in. If you remove horns it also makes installing the top brackets much easier. 188383

- 521190-1

by: Rodney C.05/17/2013

Review from a similar Roadmaster EZ in Base Plates

Very happy with this product. Installation was pretty easy. I see no reason to pay someone to install this. True you have to take the bumper off and a large metal support beam but it was pretty easy. You just have to take it slow and not get frustrated. The bumper on the Honda Fit is held on with a gazillion little plastic clips and snap joints. Everything fits tight on a Honda so you have to be patient. My only complaint is they don't give you the exact torque settings. I had to consult a shop manual to get the correct torque values. They give a table at the end of the instructions that gives common torque values for various bolt sizes. I thought that was lame they could have given the correct value from the shop manual. Certainly not enough to lower my rating. This bar is awesome and when the drawbars are removed the base plate is almost completely hidden. My wife wanted nothing to show on the front of the car. She was very pleased with it. In the picture attached the bar is almost completely hidden. All you see are two small black circles. It takes about 2 seconds to mount the drawbars, just twist and go. VERY sturdy. I tow my Honda behind the motorhome with confidence. 80709

- 523163-1

by: Larry B06/05/2015

Review from a similar Roadmaster EZ in Base Plates

Purchased the towing adapter for my GMC Terrain a few week ago, received it on time & boxed not damaged. Watched the videos’ about three time on how to do it myself and started one evening and finished it the next morning about three hours with Beer Breaks, LoL. All the parts fix perfectly, had no problems with any of the parts, Product is real sturdy and if you don’t know where to look at the bumper you will not see the hide away receiver brackets. Very nice product, do it yourself and save Up loading two photos if it will let me one is with hide away brackets installed and the other one you can see is my complete tow bar attached to the hide away brackets 200736

- 521877-1

by: Chris D04/06/2015

Review from a similar Roadmaster EZ in Base Plates

Was pretty easy to install once you deal with the Plastic Rivet Retaining Clips. It's probably a good idea to have some spare clips available as they are pretty easy to break while removing. eTrailer offered the best price and shipping was free and fast. 183405

- 523162-1

by: DOUG12/07/2013

Review from a similar Roadmaster EZ in Base Plates



Doug, just purchased a 2014 Cadillac srx 4 looking for base plates which you have. Now I have a roadmaster falcon tow bar that I tow my jeep wrangler with, will I have to change anything besides the new base plates to tow the SRX ???

comment by: Henry R - 06/05/2014


I have checked with our contacts at Roadmaster and in addition to the EZ Base Plate kit that is confirmed as a fit for your 2014 Cadillac SRX, you will need a set of the Quick disconnect plates # RM-222
Roadmaster Tow Bar Quick Disconnects - Car Side Only
to connect with your Falcon Tow Bar. These will mount to your Cadillac base plate and will connect to your Falcon Tow Bar crossbar. These quick disconnects will allow you to easily change from towing your Jeep to your Cadillac. In addition to your tow bar and base plates, please make sure that you have all the necessary components needed for a complete flat towing system for your Cadillac like: safety cables, lighting, and supplemental braking. Depending on how you have things set up for your Jeep you maybe able to transfer all of these components to your Cadillac.

Rachael H - 6/9/2014


You would not even know that the car was behind our motorhome. I am very pleased with the help I received. Thank you, Doug.

DOUG - 12/08/2014


- 521190-1

by: Jerry L03/19/2012

Review from a similar Roadmaster EZ in Base Plates

Sequence of events can aid in easier installation. 1. Problem: I found threading the bolts into the weld nuts that are located on the bars that slide into the frame was very difficult. Solution: I took off the baseplate and chased the threads with a 1/2 - 13 tap to clear out the powder coat paint and the bolt easily threaded in by hand. 2. Problem: When I tried to get the base plate bolted on, I did the front facing bolts first then tried to align the slide in 3/4" bolts next. I couldn't get them in. I read a review where someone had to grind the frame to get the slide bolts to align. There had to be a better way without modification. Solution: When the front cowell has been removed and the baseplate is hand held in position on the FIT, thread the 3/4" head bolts into the slide in brackets BEFORE putting the 12 mm bolts into the brackets that face forward. In my case the bolts went in without any difficulty. If you follow my suggestion you too can avoid grinding. 34374

- 521434-1

by: ALAN L.01/21/2013

Review from a similar Roadmaster EZ in Base Plates



It has been working perfectly on the 2012 jeep liberty. In fact, the baseplate I used on my previous vehicle jeep grand cherokee was more difficult to connect and disconnect than this new style push in and rotate to lock into place. For whatever reasons this new style baseplate is faster connect and faster disconnect than the previous style.

ALAN L - 07/22/2014


- 521190-1

by: Bill H.01/07/2014

Review from a similar Roadmaster EZ in Base Plates

Prompt Delivery!! Incredible packaging with no chance of any damages. The instructions were great and total install took just over 2 hours. Thanks again!! 112070


Honestly, since installation the use of the tow bar has become an automatic. To say I have not given it a single thought is the case. Simply stated it works as expected. Thanks for a great product!!

Bill H - 01/07/2015


- 521227-3

by: Colin M04/25/2015

Review from a similar Roadmaster EZ in Base Plates

Amazing customer service, very fast shipping, a good shopping experience overall. The installation instructions for my 2000 VW Jetta TDI were pretty good but not totally accurate. The passenger side base plate didnt quite fit right and had to be tweaked quite a bit in order to get it to match and align with the drivers side. I got it to work out, but I suggest taking your time making sure of the accurate placement of both baseplates before doing ANY drilling into the frame. Also, the passenger side, once installed, make it difficult to reinstall the intercooler, and the air duct needs to be trimmed way back in order to fit again. It's installed now and works great, but it was more challenging than I anticipated. Take your time, take a lot of measurements, and you'll get it! I'm. happy with the finished product! 188143

- 521876-1

by: Scott J05/24/2015

Review from a similar Roadmaster EZ in Base Plates

Installed on 2005 mini cooper convertible. Choose this base plate for our mini since it provided highest attachment height for tow bar (12 inches off ground, only requires 3 inch drop from back of RV), and attaches to mini frame more substantially that blue ox. Installation directions are nearly perfect, we had to widen holes on passenger side to line up with frame. Modification was approved by Roadmaster. 195240

- 521190-1

by: Andrej K07/15/2012

Review from a similar Roadmaster EZ in Base Plates

The installation on this was surprisingly quick on my 2011 Fit (base/non-sport version). Everything fit well (no pun intended). A few minor changes over the video as my car was slightly different: - I didn't have to trim anything on the air dam -- the tubes lined up perfectly with the slots on my grill. - There was a in the wheel on each side where the plastic bumper meets the steel body panel. I didn't realize they were there (they're hidden somewhat) so I ended up cracking the hole this screw was in, but everything came back together nice and tight anyway. 48006

- 522112-1

by: Don05/08/2013

Review from a similar Roadmaster EZ in Base Plates

Sturdy for safety, functional. The receiver covers help hide the receivers which HAS to come through the grill. 79468


It just is great! It is there doing its thing without a problem.

Don - 05/11/2014


- 521433-1

by: Jim K06/05/2014

Review from a similar Roadmaster EZ in Base Plates

Base plate was delivered on time and in good condition. Directions were very clear and fairly easy to install. My son helped me.Its easier with 2people. The light kit was also easy. We ran the 4 flat wire through the firewall driver side .We found a rubber gromet near the top and popped out. We ran the wire under the plastic trimon bottom of door all the way to compartment for jack to tailight assembly. We drilled hole in bottom circle of light to accept light and then under rear bumper and up other side to right assembly.Wired according to instructions. They work great. I like the ease of taking the hitch off when not in use. Thank you for everything. 134468

- 521423-1

by: Joe D.08/20/2014

Review from a similar Roadmaster EZ in Base Plates

I just got through installing my base plate on my 2005 Jeep Liberty and if I can do it after having 6 back surgeries anyone can. I threw away the directions and used the video on this website. Before and after 147660

- 523149-1

by: Richard U.06/08/2015

Review from a similar Roadmaster EZ in Base Plates

I called in the afternoon and the lady said it wood shipped that day which is normally not the case. But it was shipped that very day. The other thing I had called Road Master and they had gave me the part # for the rubber caps that goes on the end of the hitch which the order lady said wasn't right. She put me on hold and called Road Master and she came back and Road Master had gave me the number for the 1 1/4" instead of the 1 1/2" that I needed. Now that is what I call good service. I sorry I forgot her name but she deserves a Atta boy. Thanks again for the great service 201622

- 521442-1

by: Bob G10/21/2013

Review from a similar Roadmaster EZ in Base Plates

I ordered this online after talking to a rep who was very helpful. The product shipped right away. Installation instructions were detailed and provided excellent guidance for the installation on my 2013 Jeep Compass. I took my time and carefully read everything prior to performing the installation. I was finished in under 4 hours. I could easily do the same installation in 2 hours now that I've gone through it. All the necessary parts were included in the kit along with a couple of spare nuts, washers, etc. Great experience. Product works as advertised. 104537

- 52348-1

by: Peter K.07/27/2013

Review from a similar Roadmaster EZ in Base Plates

Even I had to wait almost 2 months, I'm so grateful that I got the Roadmaster base plates and tow bar..:) It is so easy to be mounted and to operate with it... Thank you for the good product.... P.S You don't need to cut anything from the bumper plastic you can just skip that part from the instructions! 91939

- 524430-1

by: Coy Byington09/23/2013

Review from a similar Roadmaster EZ in Base Plates

The installation when well. The only issues are: 1. The directions do not tell you how to unbolt the front fascia from the fenders (drivers/passengers) side. It required unbolting 2 bolts on each fender. 2. Need to put a note in the instructions to have a step drill bit for the front bumper core. This metal was very hard and I used up 12 drill bit before I went to the store to get one for hardened metal. Other than that the items went together very well and have already tested the tow bar. 101083

- 521190-1

by: Dale N03/18/2014

Review from a similar Roadmaster EZ in Base Plates

Base Plate went in without any problem. The on-line video helped tremendously especially when removing the plastic bumper. A little more information could have been prided on disconnecting the fog lights on the Sports model of the Honda Fit. But I was able to take out a few more screws and get access to the plugs. The base plate is barely visible and I love the twist and lock feature on the base plate. Much better than the old pins and clevis on older base plates. 121119

- 524413-1A

by: Chuck09/24/2010

Review from a similar Roadmaster EZ in Base Plates

Great Product-hard to install Installation took about 4-6 Hrs. The most difficult part was drilling the 4 half inch holes in the bumper. The sq. tube that forms the internal bumper is made of a vary hard steel (spring steel??) I went thru 3 or 4 drills. they should have recommended drill types in the instructions. I found that carbide tipped drills worked the best. When using this type, do not run the drill at high speed and use some oil on the drill bit. 3479

- 523163-1

by: TBird777902/16/2011

Review from a similar Roadmaster EZ in Base Plates

The installation went well and everything fit as best as you could expect on a unibody vehicle. I only found one issue with my Terrian SLT, on step 7 it states there are 4 bolts on the bumper and mine only had three. Not an issue until you install reciever brace on step 8 and find out the 4th hole in step 7 that didn't have a bolt in it is not threaded. The bolts that you took out in step 7 are self threading. So I used one of them and it worked out great. 7230

- 521433-1

by: Dan F.07/04/2012

Review from a similar Roadmaster EZ in Base Plates

Not an easy task of course. I've done a 2006 Liberty once before, so I was somewhat familiar with the installation. The directions were great and installation went well. Only the finder flare rivets were a problem because I did not have a plastic rivet tool and there were none available near here. I had to use vise grips, a pair of pliers with a small grip hole at the end and a foot. Gotter done, Thanks for the prompt delivery. Dan 46740

- 521190-1

by: Jane Smith05/20/2015

Review from a similar Roadmaster EZ in Base Plates

This was a great kit to work with. Instructions made it simple. It took longer to put the car back together than to put the base on. I would highly recommend this product . I am a 74 year old women and I tow my 2010 Honda Fit with ease. Buying this product thru E trailer really saved me a lot of money with their free shipping. Juanita did a great job helping me order it. I will return here again if I ever need anything more. 194612

- 523145-5

by: Jean Dionne02/17/2011

Review from a similar Roadmaster EZ in Base Plates

I had Roadmaster base plate on the car traded in I wanted Roadmaster product again because I like it and trust it. It was delivered sooner that I thought. Surprised to see that my order was processed the same day as ordered even though the order was placed near the end of the day. I always had good luck with "e trailer" It's not the first time I order from e trailer. 7306

- 523145-5

by: Terry B.12/19/2011

Review from a similar Roadmaster EZ in Base Plates

The order was taken very professionally and handled with care and understanding. It was easy to follow the delivery and we were extremely pleased with the product and especially the service. It is nice to see that there is someone in the United States that still handles customers with respect and realizes there is no business if there are no customers. We would definitely use you again. 28279

- 521190-1

by: Jerry L03/15/2012

Review from a similar Roadmaster EZ in Base Plates

Received the baseplate in the time specified. They followed up with an email confirmation that the product was delivered to my side door. I seldom buy something over the internet but this was a good experience. It arrived in good shape but that is no surprise because it is really rugged and heavily constructed. Can't wait to install it. Instructions look really detailed. 33982

- 521423-1

by: Gary G04/09/2013

Review from a similar Roadmaster EZ in Base Plates

I installed this Roadmaster EZ Base Plate Kit and it was very EZ to do, just by following the manufactures instructions. What really helped is that e trailer also had a video on thier site showing how to do it E trailer filled my order, shipped it on time and it arrived on the exact day they said it would. VERY VERY good service. Would recommend them to one and all 75133

- 523145-5

by: Tom03/15/2013

Review from a similar Roadmaster EZ in Base Plates

Happy with price, ship time and quality of product. Directions and videos were excellent and very helpful in installation. Install time was 4 hours for 2 men with all the right tools and a hydraulic hoist to work off of - so plan ahead. This particular base plate on this particular car (both are black) looks really good - well hidden. 70893

- 524426-1

by: tom02/02/2015

Review from a similar Roadmaster EZ in Base Plates

The Roadmaster base plate arrived on time and in good condition just as Melissa said. It appears to be as advertised. Will know better when I get it installed. The instructions seem to be clear and easy to understand. All attaching hardware is present and new. Etrailer is a excellent website to view and purchase from. I recommend it. 172198

- 52285-1

by: Mike L06/13/2015

Review from a similar Roadmaster EZ in Base Plates

All items shipped and received promptly. Everything complete. It is important to find someone with knowledge of Smartcars for the installation. Mine was not and had many problems, not with the tow bar but taking the car apart for installation. The bar, quick connects and accessories went together great. 203072

- 521190-1

by: Ron F.04/06/2012

Review from a similar Roadmaster EZ in Base Plates

Great experience!! Etrailer folks were very helpfull answering all my questions with good knowledge of their products. The tow bracket shipped out and was delivered on time as promised. This Roadmaster bracket fit perfectly. I'll continue to do business with 36426

- 52728-1

by: Tony R.03/24/2015

Review from a similar Roadmaster EZ in Base Plates

etrailer has always impressed me! The items are nicely priced and quickly shipped. Support is fantastic...When you have a technical question, the techs at etrailer are easy to reach and knowledgable. I have been a fan for many years...Thank you etrailer. 180738

- 521190-1

by: Don O04/20/2012

Review from a similar Roadmaster EZ in Base Plates

I ordered the baseplates to tow a Honda Fit. The procuct arrived on time, Had very good directions, & installed in about 2 hours. A very clean installation, very well represented. Tghe on line video was really a big help. Kudus to all of you. D 37835

- 521423-1

by: Ron K01/07/2011

Review from a similar Roadmaster EZ in Base Plates

Excellent service Thank you for making my life easier by expiditing my order efficiently. I will be performig the intstallation this weekend and will have plenty of time for my trip. I will tell all my friends about your company. Thank you, Ron 5117

- 521423-1

by: Bob M03/12/2014

Review from a similar Roadmaster EZ in Base Plates

I have not installed the base plates, just got them yesterday. The items were well packed, finish on the parts are excellent and looking forward to getting them on. Does not seem nearly as involved as the other Roadmaster kit for the vehicle. 120407

- 52276-1

by: Terry E04/03/2015

Review from a similar Roadmaster EZ in Base Plates

I ordered a number of things in one order, next day got all but one item I was pleasantly surprised the last item came today from west coast , great service kept me updated on the order kudos to you all great great service thank you very much. 182971

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Ask the Experts about this Roadmaster Base Plates
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  • Parts Needed to Flat Tow a 2014 Honda CR-V
  • Yes, I checked with Roadmaster and base plates # 521567-1 are listed as a fit for the 2014 Honda CR-V, all models, but excluding models that have a brushguard or extra bumper trim package. You will also need a compatible tow bar. The Falcon 2, # RM-520, is a popular option for CR-V owners. You will also need some safety cables like # RM-643. In addition to the above items you will also need to get a lighting system. I recommend a simple magnetic kit like # C-ATL20A because with it...
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  • Base Plate Recommendation for Flat Towing 2014 Honda CR-V
  • The difference between the EZ4 Base Plate kit part # RM-521567-4 and the EZ5 kit # RM-521567-5 is that the EZ4 uses twist-lock drawbars while the EZ5 uses drawbars held in place by pins and doesn't require the use of a crossbar. The EZ4 and standard EZ base plate part # 521567-1 are so similar they share the same installation instructions. Typically the EZ4 brackets sit even further back than the EZ brackets for a more hidden look. For that reason I would go with the EZ4 # RM-521567-4. In...
    view full answer...

  • Can a 2012 Honda CR-V with Automatic Transmission be Flat-Towed Behind a Motor Home
  • Both the front-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive versions of the 2012 Honda CR-V with automatic transmission can be flat-towed behind a motor home. Honda cautions that before flat towing your CR-V transmission fluid level and condition be checked. If you will flat tow often or for long periods (8 hours or more at a time), then it is suggested to change your transmission fluid at shorter intervals than specified in the manual. It is also necessary to follow a pre-drive conditioning process...
    view full answer...

  • Parts Recommendation to Flat Tow a 2014 Honda CR-V
  • The base plate I would recommend you use with your Roadmaster Sterling Tow Bar part # RM-576 would be the # 521567-1. There are several other components needed, one of them being safety cables but your Sterling came with those already. For lighting I would recommend the part # HM56304. This will install easily and will allow your tow vehicle to control the taillights of the CR-V. I attached an install video. You will need to pull a fuse to tow your vehicle so that your battery...
    view full answer...

  • Parts Needed to Flat Tow a 2013 Honda CR-V Behind a Motor Home
  • I would need to know what tow bar you have to determine which adapter you will need. There are several adapters available that depend on the model tow bar and the model of base plates you are using on the vehicle. If you have a Blue Ox tow bar you would not need an adapter if you used the Blue Ox base plates, # BX2258. Or if you have a Roadmaster tow bar you could use Roadmaster base plates # 521567-1. If you have some other tow bar or base plates, let me know what they are and I can...
    view full answer...

  • Roadmaster Base Plate Recommendation for a 2014 Honda CRV Instead of Using a Blue Ox Adapter
  • Blue Ox states that with the Blue Ox Adapter Brackets part # BX88151 you can not substitute homemade or non-typical parts to install this product otherwise it may result in injury or death, also this would void the warranty so I cannot recommend you use anything other than the included install hardware that comes with the # BX88151 when installing on your Roadmaster Sterling tow bar. I think your best option would be to use the Roadmaster Base Plate Kit # 521567-1. The removable arms...
    view full answer...

  • What Tow Bars Will Work with the Roadmaster Base Plate Kit for Flat Towing a 2012 Honda CR-V
  • The base plate kit for your 2012 Honda CR-V, part # 521567-1, will work with all current Roadmaster tow bars. I would recommend using the RoadMaster Falcon All Terrain Tow Bar, # RM-522, with this base plate kit. We have a demonstration video featuring this tow bar for you to check out, see link. Other tow bars can be used with the Roadmaster base plates. We have a Base Plate Adapter Table, see link, that you can use to select a base plate adapter if you are looking at a different...
    view full answer...

  • Parts Needed to Flat Tow a 2014 Honda CR-V Behind a Motor Home with a Stowmaster Tow Bar
  • The correct base plates for the 2014 Honda CR-V are # 521567-1 and they are compatible with the Stowmaster tow bar. The base plates you referenced, # 521190-1, are for a Honda Fit and would not work on your CR-V. The Honda CR-V is one of the more popular vehicles to flat tow. Just be sure to consult the vehicle owners manual for specific information on flat towing it. In addition to the base plates and tow bar you will also need safety cables, # RM-643. The coiled design helps keep the...
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  • Parts Recommended to Flat Tow a 2012 Honda CR-V Behind a Motor Home
  • First, you will want to consult the vehicle owners manual and/or Honda because in the research I did I found that Honda does not recommend flat towing the 2012 CR-V. The LX model may be the one exception but you will need to consult the vehicle owners manual to be sure. For base plates you can use # BX2258 that you have referenced. The compatible tow bars for this base plate set do mount to the RV receiver. These types of tow bars are preferred because they offer a better ride and performance....
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  • Recommended Base Plates, Tow Bar and Accessories for Flat Towing 2012 Honda CR-V
  • I really like the way the removable drawbars of the Blue Ox # BX2258 positively twist and lock into place. They're just as easy to quickly remove. The Blue Ox base plate system for the CR-V just seems more robust to me. As far as which one is more concealed, you can see for yourself by checking out the photo I edited for you. For a Tow Bar, I'd recommend the Blue Ox Alpha, part # BX7365. Blue Ox tow bars are strong, but very easy to use. The tow bar is self aligning, which makes the...
    view full answer...

  • Base Plate Kit Recommendation for a 2014 Honda CR-V
  • The correct base plate kit for your 2014 Honda CR-V that would be compatible with your Roadmaster Sterling Tow Bar part # RM-576 would be the # 521567-1. The round tubes that are on this base plate kit are only for the attachment point between the arms of the base plate and the crossbar of it. The attachment point for the kit from the tow bar to the base plate kit will be made through a set of quick disconnects like what came with your Sterling. The crossbar of the tow bar attaches to...
    view full answer...

  • Parts Needed to Flat Tow 2014 Honda CR-V with Fleetwood Bounder
  • For base plates to flat tow your 2014 Honda CR-V, I recommend going with Roadmaster base plates # 521567-1, which are a fit for all models except those with a brushguard or extra bumper trim package. For a compatible tow bar I recommend the Falcon 2, # RM-520. This is a popular option for CR-V owners. You will also need some safety cables like # RM-643. In addition to the above items you will also need to get a lighting system. I recommend a simple magnetic kit like # C-ATL20A because...
    view full answer...

  • Parts Needed to Flat Tow a 2014 Honda CR-V Behind a Motor Home
  • The main difference between the base plates # 521567-1 and # RM-521567-4 is the shank of the draw bar arm. On the 521567-1 base plates the arms insert into the receivers and you twist them to the proper position. Once connected to a tow bar they cannot rotate out. On base plates RM-521567-4 the arms also go in and twist but there is also a pin that holds them in place. Other than that everything else is the same. I have linked videos showing each base plate kit being installed. The...
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  • Why Do Vehicle Fuses Need to Get Pulled to Flat Tow
  • The reason a vehicle will recommend that you remove a certain fuse before you flat tow the vehicle is because with that fuse removed the battery of the vehicle won't drain while being flat towed. When you flat tow a vehicle you have to make sure the steering wheel is unlocked. Some vehicles will require the ignition key of the vehicle to be turned on which can drain the vehicle battery. Removing the fuse allows the key to be turned on so that the steering wheel will unlock and not drain...
    view full answer...

  • Parts Needed to Flat Tow a 2014 Honda CR-V
  • The first thing you will need is a base plate kit to provide the attachment point between your 2014 Honda CRV and your Stowmaster Tow Bar. For that I recommend the Roadmaster Base Plate Kit part # 521567-1. This is compatible with your tow bar. For safety cables you can use # RM-643. The coiled design helps keep the cables off of the ground. For lighting you can use the bulb and socket kit, # RM-155, and not have to worry about cutting and splicing into the vehicle wiring. And...
    view full answer...

  • Modifications Needed to Flat Tow 2014 Honda CR-V
  • According to my research, the 2014 Honda CRV can be flat towed without modification. However, in the flat towing section of the owner's manual which begins on page 235 of the online edition, it states that the vehicle should NEVER be towed at speeds above 65 mph. You'll want to read this section VERY CAREFULLY, as Honda lists a very specific procedure you must go through before flat towing the vehicle. To set up the vehicle for flat towing, you'll need base plates, a tow bar, wiring,...
    view full answer...

  • Parts Needed to Flat Tow a 2014 Honda CR-V with a Falcon 2 Tow Bar
  • For a base plate kit you would want the Roadmaster Base Plate kit part # 521567-1. This is the bracket kit that will install on your 2014 Honda CR-V that will provide an attachment point for your vehicle to a set of tow bars. The most popular tow bar with other 2014 Honda CR-V owners is the Roadmaster Falcon Tow Bar part # RM-520 that you have. This is an excellent tow bar and one of the nicest ones on the market because of its non-binding arms and the fact that it stores on the RV when...
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  • Parts Needed to Flat Tow a 2014 Honda CR-V
  • It sounds like you have a Ready Brute tow bar, which my technical contact at Roadmaster confirmed that you can use their Tow Bar Adapter # RM-032 with the Roadmaster EZ Base Plate Kit # 521567-1 to flat tow your 2014 Honda CR-V. For safety cables you can use # RM-643. The coiled design helps keep the cables off of the ground. For lighting you can use the bulb and socket kit, # RM-155, and not have to worry about cutting and splicing into the vehicle wiring. And finally, most...
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  • Recommendations When Flat-Towing 2012 Honda CR-V With All Terrain Tow Bar
  • The base plates I recommend for your 2012 Honda CR-V to use with your Roadmaster Sterling All Terrain tow bar is the Roadmaster EZ Base Plate Kit, part # 521567-1. These plates are designed to give you a custom fit for your vehicle. When flat-towing there are a few things that are needed to be able to safely tow. If you have the All Terrain tow bar with the wiring and the safety chains attached, then all you will need is the supplemental brake system. I recommend the Roadmaster Even...
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