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Roadmaster Base Plates for the 2002 Explorer Sport Trac by Ford

Roadmaster Base Plates

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Roadmaster XL Base Plate Kit - Removable Arms - 2002 Explorer Sport Trac by Ford

The XL series hidden brackets attach to your Ford Explorer Sport Trac's frame to provide attachment points for your tow bar. The visible portions of the brackets can be removed when you are not towing.


  • Hidden bracket design - drawbars are easily removable via 2 pins
    • Improved aesthetics compared with standard brackets
  • Computer-cut, all-steel construction provides exceptional strength
  • Black powder coat finish is durable and corrosion resistant
  • Simple installation - no welding required
    • Custom base plates ensure a perfect fit for your Ford Explorer Sport Trac
  • Compatible with Quick Disconnects and all Roadmaster tow bars
  • Instructions and mounting hardware included
  • Made in the USA

The square drawbars, or front arms, on the XL series base plate kit are simple to mount and remove, easily securing with hitch pins. Once the drawbars have been removed, the remaining brackets are virtually invisible. On most automobiles, the brackets are mounted within the grille, where they remain not only unseen, but protected from scrapes and scuffs as well.

474-1 Road Master XL Base Plate Kit

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Customer Reviews

Roadmaster XL Base Plate Kit - Removable Arms - 474-1

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (296 Customer Reviews)

The XL series hidden brackets attach to your vehicle's frame to provide attachment points for your tow bar. The visible portions of the brackets can be removed when you are not towing.

- 474-1

by: Gordon01/04/2015

Good information and prompt shipping. Base plate is solid and install and use instructions are excellent. Be warned that product install is drill two holes and install 3 bolts, BUT the entire front panel has to be removed and replaced. Not difficult, but time-consuming. Seat bracket is solid and install and use instructions are excellent. Brakemaster kit is good quality, but instructions are not as good as most Roadmaster products. Instructions for air line install are especially weak. 167660

- 474-1

by: Glyn L03/22/2015

I have not installed it yet but will in the near future. 180145

- 915-1

by: Chris B03/25/2015

Review from a similar Roadmaster XL in Base Plates

First off it wasn't a "5 minute job". Took me probably 3.5 hours or so on my back in the garage, but I took my time especially with the cutting/trimming of the lower valance on the front bumper. I did not want to cut too much & have big gaping holes in the bumper. All in all it went well. To cut & trim the bumper I simply used a bare hack saw blade, Dremel tool, file & razor knife The picture in the instructions of where to cut a hole at the back of the fog light recess is a little puzzling until you get the light out & locate the tie-down bracket bolt that needs to be removed. You'll need to make the hole larger because the replacement bolt has a 17mm head on it instead of the stock 14mm hex head. Wasn't real happy about how much they had me hack off the panel under the engine. Probably should have looked that on my own rather than use their crudely drawn lines in the picture. I was able to drill the 1/2" hole for the 5 1/2" long rear bolt with a regular length drill bit. Just drill as straight as you can using the little square hole in the frame rail as your guide. It seemed to take forever to get to the required torque of 56 '/lbs on the long bolts. I suspect that's because the frame rail actually crushes a little bit. I want to point out 1 drawback to the brackets that I noticed. If you're using a tow bar that has a cross plate between the 2 bracket bar inserts (like I am), you can not pull the removable inserts out with the cross bracket attached. They're NOT parallel to one another, so when you're home & no longer in "tow mode" you'll have to unbolt one side in order to remove the bars. Otherwise a well made product. Haven't actually towed the car yet though. 180908

- 1432-1

by: Bob T.04/20/2014

Review from a similar Roadmaster XL in Base Plates

Great product for my 2014 Wrangler. Good materials, solid attachment to vehicle, and looks good. The e trailer installation video was great for assisting installation. Made the install much quicker and easier. The most difficult procedure for me was disconnecting the wiring harness on the back of the bumper. An old tack puller (or tool of similar design) would have been great for leveraging the pins out of their holes. Cutting the air dam was a slow process to ensure I didn't cut too much. A paper template to mark where to cut the air dam would make this process much simpler. Again, I can't emphasize enough how great the installation video was for making the steps easier. 126011


This item works great. Have towed about 4500 miles using it. I couldnt be happier with the results.

Bob T - 04/20/2015


- 1429-1

by: Rick J03/25/2014

Review from a similar Roadmaster XL in Base Plates

Recently, we decided to setup our 2008 Wrangler JK to be towed behind the motorhome. All I needed were base plates because we had a previous tow car. After doing a search for parts, I decided on to be the source. The product search was easy and the descriptions along with the large photos helped me determine my mechanical skills were enough to install the plates. The order process was quick and easy and the tracking info was helpful. A three day delivery delay occurred due to a snow storm in the mid-west. Once the parts arrived, I installed the parts in about four hours. The instructions were easy to follow, the pictures helped determine the procedure for installing, and everything fit as expected. I could not be more pleased with the base plates and Thanks very much! 122073


All of the parts work perfectly. They make connecting the Jeep easy and we are very happy. Thanks very much!

Rick J - 03/25/2015



All of the parts work perfectly. They make connecting the Jeep easy and we are very happy. Thanks very much!

Rick J - 03/25/2015


- 3141-1

by: Stan F02/12/2015

Review from a similar Roadmaster XL in Base Plates

Placed order with Rebecca after she answered several questions. Shipment was quick and follow on emails kept me informed of status of order. In fact, she called me to let me know that the order had shipped. Product was drop shipped to Labelle Auto for installation. As stated in product manufactures installation instructions the install was straight forward and took the full 3 hours. I have used (towed) my vehicle since the install and everything works great. Also installed the Roadmaster Diode wiring kit. Easy to do and works great. As an added benefit with this kit your front running lights will also be illuminated. Overall I am very satisfied with both the product and the customer service provided by Rebecca and Dana at 173468

- 3141-1

by: Det07/17/2015

Review from a similar Roadmaster XL in Base Plates

The construction was good with solid welds and weight of material. Shipping was quick as promised. The package had a few fist sized holes in it, but no parts were missing from the parts list. I did notice a few abrasions in the black paint like scratches or chips, likely from shipping. Perhaps better packing could have prevented this. The installation time on the HHR took 6 hours not the 3 that were projected. It required two 1/2 " holes to be drilled in the sheet metal portion of the car that requires two bolts on the front most portion of the base plate. The drilling of these holes took most of the time. I went through two drill bits and believe some special step bits for drilling sheet metal would have helped (not supplied or identified as needed in the instructions). The instructions mention a fishing wire to be used for two other bolts. The fishing wire was not supplied and this took extra time fishing the bolts through the frame. I have heard some kits, perhaps not from Roadmaster provide this. The fit was similar to other experiences on the HHR where there was 1/4 space on one side between car and vertical bracket. The pictures in the instructions were not large enough with sufficient contrast to always see what components on the car were described in the text of the instructions. Arrows in the pictures would have helped also to point out the locations. Summary the install did work, just took extra time. 212419

- 492-1

by: Don B.08/11/2013

Review from a similar Roadmaster XL in Base Plates

I'm 57 yrs old and I installed this bracket in the heat of the day here just south of Atlanta, Georgia today August 11 in about 4 hours. That's accounting for water breaks and helping a neighbor load something in his vehicle. The hardest part at my age is getting the 150 lbs of torque while under the truck. Piece of cake otherwise! 94483


Still on the road with no problems. Thank you for your follow up. I find it kind of interesting that your company is following up on a base plate product when automotive industry business dont. Bought my RV about a year ago and havent heard a peep from them. I say kudos to your Quality Assurance team. As a retired military serviceman with over 24 years in the support department, I know how much follow up and QA mean. Thank you and continue To do the Right thing.

Don B - 08/11/2014


- 1528-3

by: Dr. D07/06/2014

Review from a similar Roadmaster XL in Base Plates

Installed on 1998 Honda CR-V. Excellent instructions and online video. NO cutting or modification was required to vehicle (some CR-V models have additional plastic trim). The adapter kit fit PERFECTLY per instructions. Total install time was ONE HOUR. Please note the instructions require Locktite RED for the bolts which should be acquired before starting the project. You will need metric tools for the Honda bolts and standard US tools, including torque wrench, for the adapter kit. The kit is EXCELLENT quality. Etrailer provides OUTSTANDING customer service from the pre-sale process to post-install. THANK YOU! A special THANK YOU goes to my customer support and shipping reps! 139483


Absolutely PERFECT after using for the past year.

Dr. D - 07/06/2015


- 1424-1

by: Dave J05/13/2015

Review from a similar Roadmaster XL in Base Plates

Would have been 5 stars except for price - yikes! But it appears to be plenty sturdy. Removing the old bolts was by far the hardest part of the installation. I can't blame the new part for that. As can be seen in the pictures the pasenger side bumper trim piece interferes a bit with the plate. I believe I can trim the facia for a better fit. Also note the slotted opening on the passenger side. It installs easily, but when the tow bar plate is installed, this needs to be loosened and pursuaded into a better position. I appreciate etrailer's help in getting the right part. 192683

- 1159-1

by: Robert F.11/21/2013

Review from a similar Roadmaster XL in Base Plates

The brackets came quickly after I had ordered them, customer service actually shipped them on a shorter transit time so that I could definitely get them before my vacation and I didn't have to pay the extra shipping charge. Installation was a breeze, straight forward and I feel very confident that I won't foresee any complications or problems in towing. The craftsmanship of these brackets are top notch. Very strong and durable and everything lined up perfectly on the frame. I recommend this to everyone who wants to tow their vehicle. 108070

- 1541-1

by: Bill G.04/24/2013

Review from a similar Roadmaster XL in Base Plates

Received this towing bracket...did not another within 3-4 days....good service....directions are good for a Honda Element, mine was a 2004 CRV.....if you cannot ad not try to do the install, otherwise an excellent fit and easy for the not challanged mechanically....if it says 10 mm might be 8 or here rather than there.....very happy with a quality product even if it took a second time.....everyone is allowed a screwup occasionally....and it was taken care of well.... 77741


Not a single complaint.......everything works as it should!!

Bill G - 04/24/2014


- 3109-1

by: Ron W.06/06/2012

Review from a similar Roadmaster XL in Base Plates

I love the product! It looks and works great. The only problem I have is with the installation, otherwise I would definately give it an excellent. I did the install by myself, in my own garage, with what I consider, tools that almost every "handy" homeowner has. A set of wrenches (metric and sae), both socket and open/boxed end, screw drivers, hammer, jig saw, cordless drill, torque wrench, etc. The 2.5 hrs shown as installation time was at least doubled, mostly due to somewhat difficult to understand instructions/photos, and several very (and I mean very) close tolerances. I realize I have fairly large hands, but nothing unusual for someone 6 ft tall. I was going to take photos all along the way, but quickly realized it would push the installation into a second day. The finished product looks just like the pictures in the installation instructions. Mine even happen to match the color, so not much point in adding before and after photos. Overall, I say it is a great product that almost any moderatly handy person can install. 43067

- 1424-1

by: Scott Parker04/24/2013

Review from a similar Roadmaster XL in Base Plates

Fit right up!! 77677


So far the plates are working great, it is an easy attachment for the tow bar and nothing gets in the way at all. Thanks again for the brackets..

Scott P - 04/24/2014


Scott, I have rock bumper like you have in the picture. Did you use the 1424-1 Road Master XL Base Plate? Was this very hard to install? Thanks for any information. Rich.

comment by: Rich A - 06/07/2014


- 3141-1

by: Paul O.01/31/2014

Review from a similar Roadmaster XL in Base Plates

Thanks for your super support. You were very prompt answering any questions I had, and the shipping was very fast. Sorry I have taken so long in installing and then reviewing, but all went well. The product itself is excellent and fits the vehicle just fine. There was a 1/4" or so gap on one side to the frame, but you helped me with that question and by just tightening the hardware it came together fine. 115320


No problems. Everything is fine as ever. Thanks.Paul

Paul O - 01/31/2015


- 1432-1

by: Ken09/01/2013

Review from a similar Roadmaster XL in Base Plates

Great product...Good fit and appearence. The installation instructions were FAIR at best. There are alot of missing steps in the instruction sheet, so if you are not talented with tools let a professional tackle this job. Also if you are going to install these brackets yourself, I suggest that you raise the vehicle up on jack-stands or up on a lift. I did this install while all 4 tires were on the floor and it was very difficult to reach some of the bolts in order to tighten them. The most difficult part of this install is placing the front bumper back to it's original position. It can be done, but it is best to have a will have to apply some force!! Take your time and test fit everything, hope this helps. Ken 97822

- 909-3

by: Scott04/17/2013

Review from a similar Roadmaster XL in Base Plates

This towbar attachment fit right up to my 97 Legacy wagon. Like the instructions said, there was just a little trimming of the black, soft plastic air foil under the plastic bumper cover. I did that with a tin-snip and a utility knife. I had it installed in a couple hours, including set-up and clean-up. 76622


I got this for a trip from California to Minnesota, pulling the Subaru. Approximately 2000 miles. Pulled the Subaru just fine.

Scott - 04/18/2014


- 3109-1

by: Dave11/19/2010

Review from a similar Roadmaster XL in Base Plates

Every part needed was there I am definitely not worried about this base plate coming of the truck! It is always a little suprising on stuff like this when all the bolts and steel that are attached to the vehicle eventually pass the stress onto 1 or 2 bolts down the system. I guess overbuilding the base plate is cheaper than engineering a lighter and smaller one. The It took two of us all day to put it on, but that was to be expected. As careful as we were, some holes didn't line up right, and we had to do some grinding to account for weld beads on the tow vehicle. I'd say that the tolerances were too tight, and un-necessarily so. Overall the fitment issues were anticipated and we had the tools (large drills and metal grinder) to address them. The effort was worth it to save the $ on a self install. I can see why the RV shops charge so much to install, however. 3649

- 3151-1A

by: Dale C09/27/2012

Review from a similar Roadmaster XL in Base Plates

Haven't towed the Vue yet but the install was pretty much as described on the video and written instructions. One suggestion is to install the air dam over the tabs before putting the grill back on . The air dam was a very tight fit and I had to remove more material above the cut outs to get it over the tabs. I think it would be simpler to put air dam over the tabs install grill and then attach the air dam to the bottom of the grill. It looks great exactly as in photos on your install page. 55869


Back from our trip Towed the Vue 14,000 miles, Coast to coast, never had any problems with the base plate or hardware checked the torque on the bolts a couple of times, they were exactly as when I installed the unit. very little signs of wearing where the pins secured the tow bar to the base plate. good value!

comment by: Dale C - 06/09/2013


We are glad to hear the trip was a success and the base plates performed as they should. Thank you for the update.

Patrick B - 6/10/2013


still pleased with the base plate and it appears to be doing its job!

comment by: Dale C - 04/02/2014


- 1545-1

by: Ken11/07/2014

Review from a similar Roadmaster XL in Base Plates

First let me say that all of my MANY questions were answered with great patience. I called on 2 separate occasions and both representatives where extremely helpful. Being one who always seems to wait until the last minute. I asked if I ordered it on Tuesday would I have it in time to install that weekend. I was assured I would and I did! It was a pretty straight forward install with the helpful instructions. Which had detailed colored pictures. It's surprising the difference colored pictures make. You can actually see what their pointing out. As opposed to most instructions you get today. Where it's impossible to make out what there saying. I would absolutely order from etrailer again. As a matter of fact I did. I ordered my tow vehicle lighting kit from them a few days later. I was unsure which kit to pick and received the same great assistance. 159777

- 1545-1

by: Mel W.05/22/2013

Review from a similar Roadmaster XL in Base Plates

Installation instructions were superb. Tow bar easy to attach. 81491


I dont have the car that I bought the base plate for, however, I bought a new Honda CR-V and had a Road Master base plate put on it and it is really working out great.

Mel W - 05/23/2014


- 1011-1

by: Michael Henry06/06/2015

Review from a similar Roadmaster XL in Base Plates

From start to finish it was a pleasant experience working with Mike at etrailer. Being new to the tow car world it is a rather daunting process to get a car ready to become a tow car, the lights and the brakes and the tow bar and OH YEA the tow bracket for the car, I was given a Stowmaster tow bar and went online to get a compatible bracket for the car , it amazed me how many people know so little about this subject until I found Mike and etrailer with in 5 minutes we had the correct bracket, great information and assurance that he was there if I needed anything or had any questions. Bracket came in 4 days and I can't wait to have it installed . THANK YOU Mike , etrailer should be proud to have you on their team. 201069

- 1432-1

by: Mike B02/13/2014

Review from a similar Roadmaster XL in Base Plates

The brackets arrived quicker than the date scheduled. They were taken out of the box to verify all the parts were accounted for and they were. 116458


I have used it a bunch with no issues.It still meets my expectations. Thanks

Mike B - 03/04/2015


- 1544-1

by: Ted A.09/28/2015

Review from a similar Roadmaster XL in Base Plates

I decided to have this professionally installed, and it turned out great. The only hiccup was the Roadmaster install instructions for a Honda Pilot show the short cables attaching to the insides of the brackets while the holes are on the outside. The installer called Roadmaster and was told the design changed and the short cables are to be connected to the long cables from the motor home (see my picture). So far I've towed it only a few miles back to my house, but it seemed to work just fine. My first real trip is next month. I'll update the review if there's anything significant to report. Thanks etrailer for the expert advice and great customer service! 228211

- 1189-1

by: James D.05/11/2009

Review from a similar Roadmaster XL in Base Plates

Near perfect match for the 09 Advertise to be 2.5 hours for the installation. Plan on much more if you attempt to install yourself. I had a reliable Body Shop install the base plate and I'm glad I did. About 4-hours to install the base plate. Instructions are complex and it requires a good deal of expertise for installing on Toyota Camry. Instructions are not 100% accurate and the installation will require some cuting or removal of Camry components. Upon completion of the installation it looks great and everything worked to hook up the tow bar. Etrailor package arrived ahead of schedule with all the necessary components and instructions. 1836

- 3141-1

by: Sheb M10/08/2012

Review from a similar Roadmaster XL in Base Plates

Ordered on Saturday, received on Thursday. I have waited 2 to 3 weeks for free shipping from other companies. This base plate fit like a glove and the instructions were very easy to follow. This is my 3rd order from etrailer and it won't be my last... 56653


I work for a Drive-Away service and do a lot of towing behind a varied assortment of tow vehicles..The items mentioned in this Email have been performing flawlessly since I purchased them. When several of us go on a big job, I am hooked up and ready to roll while they are still struggling with magnetic lights etc. The job is so much simpler when it is done right.

comment by: Sheb M - 04/10/2014


- 3141-1

by: James Mcdonald02/06/2014

Review from a similar Roadmaster XL in Base Plates

The part seems to fit well with one exception. Although the tab for the main support fit the drivers side perfectly, I experienced a 1/4" gap between the tab (vertical) and the frame on the passenger side. A search of the Internet discovered others have experienced a similar problem.... some reported up to a 1/2" gap. In my cased, I shimmed the gap with three 2" flat washers. I have not yet trimmed and reinstalled the fascia as I will do that tomorrow. I am a bit anxious about the fascia fit at this point. 115967


James, any chance you can Email me a copy of the installation instructions?ThxFrank NC

comment by: Frank H - 08/31/2014


The installation instructions are linked above on the right hand side of the page, under the add to cart button.

Rachael H - 9/2/2014

- 199-5

by: Brent09/25/2014

Review from a similar Roadmaster XL in Base Plates

Wow, what a great company to deal with! Am in the process of making my GMC Yukon a tow dingy and called to order the parts. Got to etrailer in my search and it ended there. These people KNOW their trailers and equipment, not only did I get everything I wanted for the best price on the net, but in two instances staff recommended other ways to do the same job that saved me about $309.00. There is one sales rep there, Katie D. who is on the top of her job, an immense help ordering, also pointing out where I can get additional help thru video that etrailer has. Just a great company to deal with. 153039

- 442-1

by: Erik H.08/22/2012

Review from a similar Roadmaster XL in Base Plates

I purchased these for my 1995 Full Size Ford Bronco. They are very well built and heavy duty, the pictures don’t do them justice. I was pleasantly surprised with the quality. They were very easy to install, and although the instructions say about 2 hours, I was finished in about 45min taking my time. The fit was perfect. I was originally planning to fabricate some myself due to not wanting to spend the 400.00 but I am so glad I didn’t, as these are worth every penny. Shipping was also way faster than I expected! They arrived within a few days of my order! THANKS ETRAILER! 52632

- 3141-1

by: Jim K08/30/2011

Review from a similar Roadmaster XL in Base Plates

Product arrived earlier than scheduled, in good condition. It is installed on my HHR which was fairly easy. Instructions were fair to good, pictures could be clearer. It took me about 8 hours all together, most of the extra time a result of my poor tools and being old and slow. One problem was the nut plate inside the frame was spinning and not holding properly because it is a bit small. I would think an experienced person with proper tools could complete the installation in about 2 hours. Looks good, you can't see it. This is my second baseplate from eTrailer. 23167

- 711-4

by: Steve k06/08/2015

Review from a similar Roadmaster XL in Base Plates

Installed easily,pulls great with older hitch. Right side receiver is cocked some even though it is bolted tight against frame.must have slipped in jig while being welded. 201551

- 1432-1

by: Pete S05/20/2011

Review from a similar Roadmaster XL in Base Plates

The tow brackets were installed on a 2011 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. Brackets are well made and the fit was excellant. The installation takes some time as you have to remove and reinstall the bumper and drill some 1/2" holes to get the Brackets mounted. The average homeowner who is a little mechanically inclined will have no problem. The only improvement that we see is with the instructions. Could of supplied a Template for cutting the plastic splash shield under the bumper. If you take you time with measuring the cuts the fit will be excellant. 14883

- 4414-1

by: Mike T.01/30/2012

Review from a similar Roadmaster XL in Base Plates

When I called etrailer with my order, we discovered that the Roadmaster Combo Kit with straight cables and wiring was out of stock. Katie called Roadmaster to find out when it would be shipped, but it was longer than I wanted to wait. She suggested coiled cables which could be shipped with my Base Plate Kit so I ordered that. I got exactly what I needed/ordered and it arrived in less than 48 hours! Everything arrived in good shape in 2 boxes right on my front porch. Great prices, great service and great delivery! 30557

- 1432-1

by: Bruce E07/30/2012

Review from a similar Roadmaster XL in Base Plates

The Roadmaster XL base Plate Kit was dead on, it looks and feels rugged, was welded together very well and the welds were cleaned up, the kit was painted well, I put the kit in over a two night period about 2 1/2 hrs a night, it went very well, I had alittle trouble seeing the pics in the directions, but once the front bumper is off it made more sense, I had a harder time removing the plastic pieces from my jeep than I did with the install of the brackets, in my opinion this is a great product, it fit perfectly. 49758

- 1432-1

by: Jim E.03/19/2014

Review from a similar Roadmaster XL in Base Plates

These base plates are going on my 2014 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Freedom edition. This is our new tow vehicle. We previously had a 2004 Jeep Wrangler TJ. I ordered base plates for it from etrailer. Both orders were timely and received in excellent condition. Seems like everyone sells the base plates for the same price, but I went with etrailer the second time because of my great experience with the first order. I will definitely consider etrailer when I have similar needs in the future. 121234

- 4420-1

by: andrew08/30/2015

Review from a similar Roadmaster XL in Base Plates

Main Bracket did NOT fit real well. Had to bend mounting arms out to go onto core support bolts. Three upper mounting pads to bumper not in align. center pad touched bumper outer pads had an 1/8" gap. we made 1/8" spacer plates to fill gap. Bumper holes are hard to drill had to resharpen a couple times. I put this on a 2012 Ford Fusion Hybrid. Turn the key on, shift to neutral, turn key off. Towed with no issues. Remember the hybrid has a gear box as apposed to a automatic transmission. 222882

- 246-5

by: Mark McG.09/17/2013

Review from a similar Roadmaster XL in Base Plates

It took me about 4 hours to install this bar on a Dodge Dakota. I needed an impact driver to loosen the truck bolts but other than that it went just as the directions detailed. You will need to remove the side bumper brackets in order to get the fender assembly on. The base plate is in the way but the side brackets went back on without a issue. I was missing 1 lock washer but it was not a big deal. I used a laminate trimmer to cut the plastic grill so it would fit over the base plate. 100351

- 1559-1

by: Joe R, Tallahassee, Fl11/11/2012

Review from a similar Roadmaster XL in Base Plates

What a great company to do business with. I was going to have my Son do the install but with the help from the Pro’s at E-Trailers I did it my self with no problem. I take my Hat off to, Michael H, Nicole, and Amy who gave me advice and answered all my questions. Thanks again, Joe R 59196

- 161-1

by: Phil08/12/2015

Review from a similar Roadmaster XL in Base Plates

I wanted to wait till I towed for a while. Now I have toed for over a thousand miles and am a very happy camper. No problems towing and no problems with my order either. I talked to a very nice and helpful lady named Ann and my order arived on time and complete. My only complant was the work involved in installing the items to my tow car. Of course that is not anyones fault, I just wanted to complain about something.(just kidding) A big thankyou to Ann for her help. 218696

- 1418-1

by: Tommy J.12/09/2014

Review from a similar Roadmaster XL in Base Plates

I recently did a cost comparison on a set of baseplates 1418-1 . I forwarded the comparison to the price was matched with a 10% discount . After placing the order, the customer service rep.inquired about others requirements that i may need for installation such as lights, and braking. The customer service was very knowledgeable of the parts and installation and easy to work with. I recieved my parts within three days they look great. Thank you Etrailer 163822

- 4408-1

by: Phil01/21/2013

Review from a similar Roadmaster XL in Base Plates

Roadmaster always has complete install instructions which are easy to follow. There is one thing about this kit that be improved, and that would be the directions for cutting holes in the grill. Their picture leaves a lot to be desired. I have the kit installed, the wireing in place, and cutting the grill and replacing it are all that remains. I am going to make a template out of the box to make me a little less worried cuttting the grill of my wifes new car. 63665

- 1526-3

by: Jeff F.09/20/2015

Review from a similar Roadmaster XL in Base Plates

Web sit was easy to navigate. Couldn't find my exact model of car but took a chance and it came out fine. The base plates shipped and arrived quickly. The box they shipped in was torn up and the accessory bag was torn open but everything was there. Could maybe use a little more tape around the product inside the box. The plates were scratched up but nothing but cosmetics. Installed in just over half hour and look great. Very good experience. 226606

- 1541-3

by: Gene Z.05/26/2013

Review from a similar Roadmaster XL in Base Plates

The cost of having the baseplate installed on my car was less than anticipated because it fits so well. Only minimal cuts had to be made to the front grill to allow installation of the tow bar. Thanks for a good product. 82015


Is there any more equipment needed to complete the installation to make the car towable?Can the installation be completed at home?Are any modifications to the car needed?Does the towbar connect to a standard receiver with a 2 ball?

comment by: Roger - 07/22/2013


There are a number of things that will still be needed including a light system, in most states a supplemental braking system, and a tow bar. Other parts may be needed depending on the tow bar selected. Tow bars either attach to a traditional ball and ball mount or slide directly into the hitch of the motorhome, it depends on the towbar being used. Bumper cover trimming will be required and varies by year and model. The air temperature sensor is also relocated. I have included a link to a help article on the basics of flat-towing a vehicle.

Patrick B - 7/23/2013

- 1432-1

by: Dave S11/23/2010

Review from a similar Roadmaster XL in Base Plates

Excellent product and service The Base Plate kit was exactly as advertised. Cristy was extremely helpful and made sure that I was ordering the proper Kit for my vehicle. I installed the base plate myself, the instructions were very easy to follow and I have towed my new jeep from Texas to Florida and up to Georgia and will be going back to Florida after Thanksgiving. I will be sure to ask for Cristy if I order more accessories for my jeep. 3737

- 3111-1

by: Don E08/21/2007

Review from a similar Roadmaster XL in Base Plates

Best I've seen yet This base plate "rocks" - fairly easy install (it's kind of heavy and awkward to hold lying on the ground on your back, but I decided to save money and install it myself - a bit hard to "fit," but it did fit) - REALLY, REALLY strong base plate (attaches in 6 places) Very well thought out. I hate to be hit by a Saturn with one of these installed. It's going to be tough to crumble with this much reinforcement! 356

- 1432-1

by: Clay ton Johnson11/20/2014

Review from a similar Roadmaster XL in Base Plates

easy to install, fit well. 161986

- 1169-1

by: James01/12/2013

Review from a similar Roadmaster XL in Base Plates

The package arrived and was complete. I elected to install myself. Instructions were good and most pictures explained what to do but a few pictures did not adequately cover some procedures . I did not need to do the wire over the bolt pull procedure, instead used a magnetic stick to position the two vertical bolts in the frame. I will now order the emerg. Cables and tail light packages to complete the process. 62796

- 3108-1

by: David H06/10/2015

Review from a similar Roadmaster XL in Base Plates

I would have given this an excellent rating, but....the 5/8" main frame holes were 1/8" off. There was no way to get the bolts in without resizing the holes. I recently bought this 2005 GMC Envoy and received a car fax with it. It was a one owner car and has never been wrecked, so everything should have lined up. Once I got past that, everything else went fast and easy. It is very well built and should work well. 202337

- 711-4

by: Dave L11/02/2012

Review from a similar Roadmaster XL in Base Plates

Nicely made parts.The bracket that that extends to the sway bar mount is welded a little close to one of the bolt holes. With the hex head bolts supplied i could barely get a socket on it.I wound up breaking one of the blind nuts inside of the frame loose,this was difficult to fix. I used 2 allen socket head bolts 10mmx1.25 to remedy the clearance problems. Maybe this will save someone else the same trouble. 58714

- 3140-1

by: John P04/23/2014

Review from a similar Roadmaster XL in Base Plates

Had just a bit of a problem with the bracket on the outside of the frame on the 3500 Chevy van. The body mount bracket and the outside frame bracket for the tow brackets made contact prior to the holes lining up. Solution was to remove about a 1/4" off the bottom of the body mount bracket. After I figured this out, the installation was a snap. I always get great service/shipping/and products.. John 126936

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  • What do I need to Flat Tow A 2001 Ford Explorer in the Least Expensive Manner
  • I am not sure if you will have to disconnect the drive shaft. This varies from vehicle to vehicle and drive line packages within that vehicle. Consult the Explorer Owner Manual to see what will be involved in flat towing your Explorer. The least expensive flat tow route I would recommend is using the Roadmaster Tracker Tow bar, part # RM-020. You will also need base plates that attach to the frame of the Explorer and provide a mounting location for the tow bar. Roadmaster XL Base Plates,...
    view full answer...

  • Parts to Flat Tow 2001 Ford Explorer with a Roadmaster Base Plate Kit and Blue Ox Tow Bar
  • The first thing you are going to need is replacement draw bars for the base plate kit that is on your 2001 Ford Explorer Sport Trac. It looks like you have the Roadmaster Base Plate Kit # 474-1. To get the proper replacement arms you will need # RM-ARMS. Use the instructions linked to the right, which is actually a form that needs to be filled out to ensure the new arms fit. Next, you would need a Roadmaster Tow Bar Adapter # RM-032 like you referenced to allow your Blue Ox tow bar to...
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  • Parts Needed To Dinghy Tow 2002 Ford Explorer Sport Trac Behind RV
  • You will want to consult your owners manual to see what is involved when you flat tow your 2002 Ford Explorer Sport Trac. The items needed to flat-tow are base plates, a tow bar, safety chains, lighting for your Explorer, and most states now require a supplemental brake system. For the base plates I recommend the Roadmaster Base Plates, part # 474-1. When you are not towing, you can remove the visible part of the brackets from the Explorer, making the system almost invisible. I then...
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  • Replacement Drawbar Arms for Roadmaster Base Plate Kit # 474-1 on a 2001 Ford Explorer Sport Trac
  • We do have the replacement drawbar arms for Roadmaster base plate kit # 474-1. You will need # RM-ARMS. Use the instructions, linked to the right, which is actually a form that needs to be filled out to ensure the new replacement arms will fit. Current pricing is available on the product pages.
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  • Are Blue Ox Base Plates With Removable Tabs Available for a 2004 Ford Explorer Sport Trac
  • The Blue Ox Base Plate Kit, # BX2166, is the only Blue Ox base plate kit that is available for your 2004 Ford Explorer Sport Trac, but it does not have removable tabs. You may be interested in the Roadmaster XL Base Plate Kit, # 474-1. This base plate kit includes removable draw bars and is compatible with all Roadmaster tow bars. You could also get the Roadmaster to Blue Ox Adapter, # RM-033, to use the Roadmaster base plate kit with Blue Ox tow bars. If you were looking for any...
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  • Flat Towing Setup Recommendation for a 2005 Ford Explorer Sport Trac
  • You have a tow bar now, the # RM-067 is just a component of the tow bar you currently have, and now you need a base plate kit for your vehicle as well as everything else needed to flat tow. For a base plate kit you would need the part # 474-1. For safety cables you can use # RM-643. The coiled design helps keep the cables off of the ground. For lighting you can use the bulb and socket kit, # RM-155, and not have to worry about cutting and splicing into the vehicle wiring. And...
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