5/8" diameter, 1-5/8" long shank. 2" diameter zinc hitch ball. Call 800-298-8924 to order Brophy balls part number CB-20Z or order online at etrailer.com. Free expert support on all Brophy products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Hitch Ball with 2" Diameter and Short Shank - Zinc. Balls reviews from real customers.
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Hitch Ball with 2" Diameter and Short Shank - Zinc

Brophy Balls

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Code:   CB-20Z


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Brophy Balls - CB-20Z

5/8" diameter, 1-5/8" long shank. 2" diameter zinc hitch ball.

Trailer Hitch Ball
  • Machined from solid steel bars
  • Zinc finish
  • 2" diameter ball
  • 5/8" diameter shank
  • 1-5/8" long shank
  • Made in the USA

Customer Reviews

Hitch Ball with 2" Diameter and Short Shank - Zinc - CB-20Z

Average Customer Rating:  4.9 out of 5 stars   (100 Customer Reviews)

5/8" diameter, 1-5/8" long shank. 2" diameter zinc hitch ball.

- CB-20Z

by: Jim P.08/05/2014

CB-20Z Hitch Ball 2" x 5/8" x 1 5/8"...It was very hard to find a short shank 2" hitch ball with 5/8" threaded end. Lawn mower only had 5/8" hole with no material to enlarge for larger size without severely weakening hitch plate. Thanks etrailer.com for having this CB-20Z Hitch Ball in stock. 144608


The mounted CB-20Z Hitch Ball has been working great!

Jim P - 08/05/2015


- CB-20Z

by: ofer N.04/01/2014

great but hard to find size,got this specifically for my lawn tractor , now i can pull my boat and trailer around the yard, without the weight of my truck. shipping was very fast and payment made easy. thanks etrailer. 123125


as good as the day i bought it

ofer N - 04/01/2015


- CB-20Z

by: Steve H.08/08/2014

Fit like a glove. 145344


Still love it, it works magnificently. Its on the back of my lawn tractor so i can move my trailers around with it. Thanks,

Steve H - 08/13/2015


- CB-20Z

by: Craig08/03/2015

I needed a 2" ball with a 5/8" shank to put on the back of my Ariens 46" riding mower. I have a 5x10 utility trailer that I store behind my house out of sight. It's much easier to use my mower to pull the trailer in and out as opposed to tearing up the grass with my truck tires twisting and turning. NO ONE local had a 2" ball with the small 5/8" shank to fit my mower. etrailer had it in stock. I ordered it on July 27th...it was in my mailbox on July 30th !! Great service, great price, fast shipping,...product works great! Thanks etrailer! 216352

- CB-20Z

by: M. Davis05/01/2015

The product is great. Good quality, and Etrailer was the only place I could find a 2" ball with a 5/8" shank. But what really impressed me was the service from this company. The ball was back-ordered, and I received an email shortly after I placed the order informing me. I thought, "Ok, I'm glad they let me know." But then a few minutes later, I received a personal phone call to let me know it was back-ordered and when they expected it to be in. That really impressed me. Kudos to Etrailer for the personal touch. 189365

- CB-20Z

by: Michael R.01/09/2014

The product was exactly what I was looking for, a 2" tow ball with an 5/8" diameter shank. Something you will not typically find in a store. When I am in Mariposa CA, where my mother lives, and attach the ball to the tractor, I will send two pictures. One picture with the ball attached to a Craftsman tractor and a second with the tractor towing a wood splitter. The purpose of this purchase is to be able to move the wood splitter around on her property to split wood that is too large to be moved first. 112306

- CB-20Z

by: Jake06/12/2013

Did you know most stores dont sell a 2" ball with a 5/8" shank? Well, Etrailer does. I just needed to move my little 5'×8' flat bed trailer around with my mower. This trailer ball fit my needs perfectlyand was shipped lighning fast...as usual..awesome service and product from Etrailer.com...thx guys! 84379

- CB-20Z

by: Frank05/31/2015

Was glad to locate this hard to find hitch ball to fit my Husqvarna mower. Everybody has them with 3/4 shanks, but I needed a 2 inch ball but with a 5/8" threaded shank in order not to have to ream out the mount hole on the mower which would make it even weaker than it is. I need it to tow my utility trailer across the yard to where I park it, so as not to drive my truck on the yard. The ball is described as zinc plated but it is about as shiny as chrome. 199012

- CB-20Z

by: Dwayne Dyar05/11/2011

I have a small Murray Lawn Mower. I also have a small 4 X 7 trailer. With the F150 that I drove. I cannot see the trailer to back it up my driveway. Once I found out they made a 2 inch ball with this smaller shaft/shank. I ordered it. This ball is a time saver. Not to mention a back saver as well. ETrailer.com is a great company to order from. Good Price, and items are shipped quickly. I cannot wait to order my next time. 13558

- CB-20Z

by: Mitch05/01/2015

I like the product. I could not find the 2" ball in the store. Fleet Farm had the 1 7/8" ball, so I have that one too. One thing I think I would like is a quick release pin. I bought this for my lawn tractor to pull my trailer around. But then when I want to use my other items I have to take the bolt nut off, so a faster solution would be some sort of quick disconnect, since I only need this ball once in a while. 189390

- CB-20Z

by: Eric K.03/01/2011

Great ball for my riding lawnmower! Now i can move my small trailer around without needing help or hitching up the truck to move it 5'. One request would be to not place the product sticker on the round part of the ball as this was extremely difficult to remove and left could potentialy gum up my hitch. Thanks for the cool tracking info and quick ship! Eric K. Woodinville,WA 8147

- CB-20Z

by: Stuart04/12/2013

Needed a 2" hitch ball with 5/8" shank for my 28 hp garden tractor. Need to tow off road & street legal 4x8 dump trailer with either tractor or truck. Went to local trailer dealer. He didn't have one, and doubted they exist. I'm glad I found etrailer.com. They had the ball in stock, shipped it super quick. Now my choice for trailer gear, esp. unusual stuff. 75520

- CB-20Z

by: David B.06/10/2014

LIke many other reviewers before me, I needed a 2" ball hitch with a shank narrow enough to fit into my riding mower (a Sears Craftsman). This product was exactly what I needed and in fact I just used it today when I rented a chipper from the local Agway. The product arrived just a few days after I ordered it. I'm very pleased. Thanks, etrailer. 135010

- CB-20Z

by: john w06/20/2011

Have'nt had time to mount this on my lawn trctor yet but it appears to be of excellent quality. I don't think there will be any problems. I was told by several lawn tractor dealers that this size ball was not made. Went to your website, put in the numbers and there it was. Ordered it on a Monday and it was at my door in two days!! Thanks!!! 17402

- CB-20Z

by: Ron U.11/18/2015

I needed a ball for my lawn tractor so that I could use it to move my boat trailer without having to drive my truck through the lawn. The tractor had a 5/8 hole to mount the hitch ball on and etrailer was the only place I could find that had a 2" ball on a 5/8" shank. The price was right and the delivery time was quicker than I expected. 232226

- CB-20Z

by: Carl King03/31/2015

Karen C. I have responded , But here is my review . The trailer ball stud had a flaw in the thread, but a thread file fixed that. I suggested you supply vendor might want to collar the stud with card board or something . You folks had it shipped to me with good packing material. It looks fine and works fine, Thanks. C. King. 181857

- CB-20Z

by: Bill S.10/05/2012

I looked all over for a ball that would fit the "Trailer Hitch" I had installed on my Gravely zero turn mower so I could haul an old utility trailer. I was told I could bore the 1/2" hole to 3/4' but it would come too close to the edge of the metal and might not hold. This ball is perfect and fit right in. Thank you! 56315

- CB-20Z

by: Josh06/02/2014

Hitch works great, even better is the service provided by this company. Kept me up to date on the packaging and shipping of this product. Hitch didn't cost much but the service provided was as if it cost 100 times the amount. I used it on my 1941 Ford 9N tractor, the shaft was the right size for the front bumper. 133879

- CB-20Z

by: Cindy07/02/2014

Just what I was looking for...fits perfectly. Hard to find 2 inch ball with 5/8 inch diameter shaft. Quick service. 138879

- CB-20Z

by: Chantal Liberty09/14/2011

We are so happy to have found this ball. could not find one locally. we are now able to pull our 4x6 trailer with the lawn tractor, and we have used it so many times, saving us time and effort trying to move stuff with the smaller dump cart, the ball has tripled it's value to us in just a few short weeks. 23935

- CB-20Z

by: George J M07/06/2015

This was exactly what I was looking for. Can't wait to start pulling my utility trailer and boat trailer with my lawn tractor. Will be a lot easier than using my SUV to move things around on my property. Thank you for the prompt delivery. Got it in 5 days, even with a holiday in there. 209809

- CB-20Z

by: Wayne N.11/09/2013

etrailer is the only place where I found a 2 inch hitch ball with the 5/8 inch shank. It if for the riding lawnmower that is also used to pull a utility trailer and other lawn equipment. Order was placed on a Tuesday and I received the part on Friday of the same week Great service. 106862

- CB-20Z

by: Kent M.06/15/2011

Fantastic ! I finally found a 2" ball with a 5/8" shank, that will fit in the hole on the back of my golf cart frame. I use this to put/pull my JetSki in/out of the water. Beats using the truck for such a little boat. Plus, I don't put trenches in the lawn. Finally ! Cool..... 17067

- CB-20Z

by: Rob01/06/2013

As other reviewers have mentioned, they want a 2" ball with a 5/8" shank for their yard equipment. In my case, I have a Rokon 2-wheel tractor/motorcycle. I need the ball to attach trailer equipment for use around the yard. I also want to reposition my boat trailer as necessary. 62525

- CB-20Z

by: Chuck03/13/2014

Hard to find product at local stores, esp big box retailers. Needed the 5/8" dia shaft for my new lawn tractor which I will use to place my fishing boat in tight places on my property. Smallest dia 2" ball shaft locally is 3/4". Shipping was fast. Thanks! 120561

- CB-20Z

by: Jim Martin10/12/2013

The Trailer hitch I ordered fits well to my craftsman mower and I am sure it will work well with my log splitter . The fast shipment and arrival pleased me and if I need more trailer parts I will order thru etrailer.com, or call them for friendly service. 103577

- CB-20Z

by: Ron C06/01/2015

I have been searching for a trailer ball with a 1/2 inch shaft for a long time and came upon your web site and you had them. It was easy to place my order and it was shipped right away. thank you ps very well made product 199623

- CB-20Z

by: Sandi04/05/2015

This was exactly what we needed! It works perfectly for pulling our small trailer out to the front of our property (not enough room to get the vehicle back there) so we can haul away leaves, branches, etc. Our backs thank you!! 183302

- CB-20Z

by: Rafone08/24/2012

Not sure why finding this product for my ATV was so difficult until I googled etrailer.com. There it was, reasonably priced and in my hands in just a few days. Thx for the great product and even better service! 52976

- CB-20Z

by: Danny H.08/14/2012

Item I recieved from etrailer was just as described, this is a high quality piece of equipment, this is also a hard to find item and worked perfectly on my John Deere riding mower. Also shipping was on time. 51654

- CB-20Z

by: steve08/20/2015

Have shopped in several local stores and could not get the product in the size I needed. Then I found your site and, voila. Product arrived promptly and was precisely what I needed. Thanks to you all. 220553

- CB-20Z

by: Jon B.03/26/2012

I was happy to find this ball with the 5/8" shaft to fit the drawbar on a new-to-me 1947 Farmall Cub tractor. Now I can pull my trailers with it! Fast shipping, great communication, and a fair price! 35200

- CB-20Z

by: Steve L09/23/2014

High quality product. I am using it on my garden tractor to tow a wood splitter around my property. Very fast delivery and top notch customer service. I will deal with etrailer again...great company. 152622

- CB-20Z

by: Ron C06/01/2015

I have been searching for a trailer ball with a 1/2 inch shaft for a long time and came upon your web site and you had them. It was easy to place my order and it was shipped right away. thank you 199622

- CB-20Z

by: Brad M08/14/2013

Product is exactly what I was looking for to use on my Gravely ZTR mower. Great email notification of order status with easy link for tracking package which arrived exactly when seller estimated. 95052

- CB-20Z

by: W. Chandler09/24/2015

I looked every where locally and online, and couldn't locate a 2" ball, with 5/8" shank for my jet ski trailer. Finally found one at etrailer.com. Michelle helped me and she was fabulous! 227532

- CB-20Z

by: Andy12/08/2012

A ball in these dimensions is hard to find and was glad to find it here. It's just the size i needed for my lawnmower as A 3/4" thread is too large. Received item as pictured and described. 60985

- CB-20Z

by: Tim S.03/05/2015

arrived quickly. The 2" with 5/8' shank is overpriced because it is hard to find, and it has no flat spot on the base of the ball for a wrench to fit, but other than that, I am happy. 177098

- CB-20Z

by: Charles A.06/24/2015

Excellent product. I was looking everywhere for a ball hitch that would fit my lawn tractor and this did the job. Great delivery, easy process. Many thanks and great job. Chuck 206890

- CB-20Z

by: Dirk K03/08/2012

Ordered this and had it within a week. It was just what the doctor ordered to allow my lawn tractor to pull a small utility trailer around my yard. Thanks for the perfect product! 33273

- CB-20Z

by: Rick M05/15/2011

This was the only place I could find this particular item. I was very pleased with the transaction and very fast shipping. I've used it several times and it worked like a charm. 14092

- CB-20Z

by: Rich B06/01/2015

Hard to fine 5/8 inch shank with 2 inch ball Etrailer has it works great for my cub Cadet tractor. Great customer service from Caleb H at Etrailer fast delivery also 199392

- CB-20Z

by: Larry T.05/05/2014

Exactly what I needed to start using my Troy Horse Tiller as a Newer Spreader (a small manure spreader) tractor. Ordered filled and delivered promptly. Works fine. 129030

- CB-20Z

by: william g04/16/2014

I went online to search for a trailer ball with a 5/8 inch shaft and E Trailer had just what I was searching for and upon ordering , it arrived very quickly.. 125488

- CB-20Z

by: Sean09/24/2015

Perfect for my 1948 Farmall Cub. I had a devil of a time finding a 5/8" shank for the tractor. Shipping was very fast. I would definitely shop here again. 227507

- CB-20Z

by: Tim W.08/11/2014

Product works great and shipping was quick. Overall price way to high but etrailer is the only game in town if you need a small shank on a 2 inch ball. 145823

- CB-20Z

by: John C.11/21/2011

Simple product for unique application. (Smaller shank for garden tractor use). Delivery prompt with no issues. Will use this vendor again in the future. 27229

- CB-20Z

by: Shiny Ballz Mcgee05/30/2015

The ball is the perfect size and the shaft is ample length to get the nut on the other side. The ball is much more shiny than in the picture too. 198755

- CB-20Z

by: Stan07/22/2013

It was exactly what I needed to add a ball hitch to my Craftsman Riding Mower to allow me to pull a small trailer in my yard - Shipping was fast 90801

- CB-20Z

by: Rebecca05/31/2011

Very fast service. The hole on lawnmower was more oval so had to drill the opening a little, but after that the hitch ball fit perfect. 15743

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