Easily swap trailers with this adjustable, aluminum ball mount with 2-1/2" shank. Go from a 6" drop to a 7" rise in 1" steps, and swap 2" and 2-5/16" balls. Self-locking system stops theft. Tow up to 10,000 lbs. Call 800-298-8924 to order Fastway Ball Mounts part number DTALBM6625 or order online at etrailer.com. Free expert support on all Fastway products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Self-Locking, Adjustable, Aluminum Ball Mount - 2 Chrome Balls - 6" Drop, 7" Rise - 10K. Ball Mounts reviews from real customers.
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Self-Locking, Adjustable, Aluminum Ball Mount - 2 Chrome Balls - 6" Drop, 7" Rise - 10K

Fastway Ball Mounts

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Fastway Ball Mounts - DTALBM6625

Easily swap trailers with this adjustable, aluminum ball mount with 2-1/2" shank. Go from a 6" drop to a 7" rise in 1" steps, and swap 2" and 2-5/16" balls. Self-locking system stops theft. Tow up to 10,000 lbs.


  • Adjustable ball mount makes it easy for you to haul different trailers
    • Ball height adjusts in increments of 1" so that you can easily switch between trailers with different tongue heights
    • Reversible ball platform lets you swap between 2 different-size balls
  • 2-1/2" Shank fits 2-1/2" receivers
  • Convenient, self-locking system locks ball mount to receiver tube and ball platform to ball mount
    • Built-in locks can't get lost like other kinds of hitch locks
    • Lock seals are double-sealed to keep out water
      • Resists corrosion
      • Requires no maintenance
    • Uses pick-resistant, tube-style keys (4 included)
  • Ball mount is machined from a solid piece of aircraft-grade billet aluminum
    • Solid aluminum produces a lightweight yet strong ball mount
      • Avoids welds, which can cause weak points that might break
    • Polished finish creates a high-quality appearance
  • 2 Chrome-plated steel hitch balls included
  • Made in the USA


  • Fits: 2-1/2" x 2-1/2" trailer hitch receivers
  • Ball diameters: 2" and 2-5/16"
  • Towing capacity:
    • 2" Ball: 8,000 lbs
    • 2-5/16" Ball: 10,000 lbs
  • Tongue weight capacity: 1,000 lbs
  • Maximum rise: 7" from the top of the hitch receiver opening
  • Maximum drop: 6" from the top of the hitch receiver opening
    • Height adjustment: 1" increments
  • Distance from center of hitch pin hole to back of upright bar: 4-1/4"
  • Distance from center of hitch pin hole to center of ball: 8-1/2"
  • 1-Year limited warranty

cut away view of locking mechanism in action

This cutaway view of the shank shows the locking mechanism in action. The locking pins extend out from the shank when the key is turned, locking the ball mount into the hitch.

Key in lock that locks ball platform to leg of ball mount

The ball platform locks to the ball mount with an internal lock. When you unlock the platform you can slide it up or down to adjust the ball height. You can also slide the platform off, reverse it, and slide it back on to change ball sizes.

DT-ALBM6625 Fastway (Diversi-Tech) Self-Locking Series 6" Drop, 7" Rise Adjustable Hitch - Solid Billet Aluminum

Video of Self-Locking, Adjustable, Aluminum Ball Mount - 2 Chrome Balls - 6" Drop, 7" Rise - 10K

Videos are provided As a guide only. Refer To manufacturer
installation instructions And specs For complete information.

Video Transcript for Diversi-Tech Ball Mounts DTALBM6625 Review

Today we're going to review part number DTALBM6625. This is the Diversi Tech self locking adjustable aluminum ball mount with the 2 chrome balls and a 10,000 pound weight capacity. This adjustable ball mount will make it easy for you to hold different trailers. The ball height, this ball platform here can adjust an increments of 1 inch so that you can easily switch between trailers of different ton heights and it's reversible ball platform can be flopped over and let you swap between the 2 different sized balls as a 2 and 5 16th ball right here and a 2 inch diameter ball right there. Now the shank on this is designed to fit in to a 2 1/2 inch hitch receiver opening. Uses a convenient self-locking system which will lock the ball mount to the receiver tube you're putting it on and the ball platform has a lock right here that you can lock to the ball mount itself. These built in locks kink and lost like other kinds of hitch locks and they have these lock seals on them which would double seal, so when you push them in, it will help seal to keep out any water and that will help prevent any corrosion from getting into the lock cylinders. It does use these pick resistant tube style keys, there's 4 of them included and basically what you would do is just put the key in there and you'll notice as you turn it 180 degrees, those pins would go into the shank. When you turn it, you line, you slide this into your opening, line it up with the hitch pin hose and when you turn this it extend out and lock it to this receiver. Now this ball mount is made in a machine from a solid piece of aircraft grade billet aluminum, solid aluminum will produce a light weight yet strong ball mount and it doesn't have any welds that avoids the welds which cause weak points that might break.The polished finish on it will help create a high quality appearance. Now the 2 chrome plated steel hitch balls are included.

This part is made in the USA. Now the towing capacity on this is 10,000 pounds. When you use it 2 and 5 16th balls it would maintain that 10,000 pounds. Now if you do reverse it and use the 2 inch ball, it will reduce it down to 7,500 pounds. The towing capacity using either ball would be 1,500 pounds. I just want to give you a few measurements on this. I have it positioned right now in the lowest drop position.

So in the drop position, the lowest drop would be from measured from the top of the ball ball platform to the top of the shank. So if I put a ruler, that be 6 inches, would be your maximum drop and you remember you can adjust it in 1 inch increments if you don't need that much. If I flip it over, we're going to do the maximum rise and again from the top of the ball platform to the top of the shank maximum rise is going to be 7 inches. Now the measurement from the center of the hitch pin pull . or the hitch pin right here to be back of the upright bar, measurement is going to be right at 4 1/4 inches and then the measurement from the center of the hitch pin to the center of the ball mount or the ball itself, there you go. You can see it's going to be right at 8 1/2 inches. Now this does come with a 1 year limited warranty and just to show you how to adjust the ball mount, again, just open up the seal, put the key in there and as you turn it 180 degrees, that will release the pin, you'll be able to slide this out and you could see the pin right, that as you turn it, that will extend it out the locket.

When you turn it the other way, it will extend it in to remove it so you can either flip it over if you like. If you want to use the 2 inch ball and then when you find the correct position you want, you can just turn it, slide it into the whole and lock it into place and you'd be ready to go. That should do it for the review on part number DTALBM6625, the Diversi Tech self-locking adjustable aluminum ball mount. .

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Customer Reviews

Self-Locking, Adjustable, Aluminum Ball Mount - 2 Chrome Balls - 6" Drop, 7" Rise - 10K - DTALBM6625

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (43 Customer Reviews)

Easily swap trailers with this adjustable, aluminum ball mount with 2-1/2" shank. Go from a 6" drop to a 7" rise in 1" steps, and swap 2" and 2-5/16" balls. Self-locking system stops theft. Tow up to 10,000 lbs.

- DTALBM6625

by: Caleb E09/08/2015

Got my new hitch faster then I expected which was great cause I already had a few trailers I wanted to move around. It is a good fit on the class V hitch (maybe a hair small so it jiggles not bad) The locks are great and gives it a nice clean line. The lock covers fit nice and snug so no way to fall open and let dirt in (Like some others.) I have only had this for a short while but have pulled my camper, a car trailer(flat bed dove tail) and my brothers boat this is where the drop really came in handy. He has a ski boat with the prop under the boat so the trailer has to sit flat and low. This hitch stepped up to that challenge like it was nothing. Great hitch I'am very very happy Thank you 224432

- DTALBM6625

by: Country Boys Auction05/30/2014

What a great addition to our 2015 Chevrolet. With the new higher stance of the HD trucks, this hitch allows us to adjust for various load and trailer heights. Also, this hitch eliminates the aggravation of the sleeve insert that comes with the larger receivers. No more fuss trying to align multiple holes to insert the pin. The lock provides awesome security as well, we have lost numerous hitches from our trucks. We will be ordering these hitches for all of our trucks. We can always count on etrailer.com for quality products! 133428

- DTALBM6625

by: Mark T08/22/2013

I shopped around and did my homework to find which hitch would best suit my needs for towing behind a 2013 Ram 2500 diesel. I chose this hitch then found the best price on Etrailer. Easy to use website. Delivered within a week. Emails updating me with the tracking info. I would recommend. The hitch pins were off by 1/8in which made it really tight to put into the receiver. Called the manufacturer and they handled the issue immediately. 96370

- DTALBM6625

by: KenD03/31/2014

Every picture tells a story. The 2 most popular hitch size. Internal lock feature meaning anti thief proof. No key, no takey. Solid chrome through out, adjustable. That's why I spent the money and purchased, it was well worth it. Hassel free and the finish well add more character to your vehicle. You always get what you pay for. but in this case much more. If you have a Harley make sure you take the right key as they appear the same. 122964

- DTALBM6625

by: Ed S.05/23/2012

Great quality product, no problems ordering. 41434

- DTALBM6625

by: Dr. Perry12/09/2014

Got that package and had it mounted in less than ten minutes. Finish is excellent and both locks worked flawlessly. Looks beautiful! My wife is buying jewelry. This is more my style. Thanks for a great product. Perry 163923

- DTALBM6625

by: Art09/02/2014

Order follow up and customer service were outstanding. Shipping was quick. Product as advertised and appears very solid and durable. Already pulled my 6k boat and 3k utility trailers and it works as expected. Just be aware that the chrome balls are not covered by the warranty and will show wear - it's unavoidable. I would readily recommend this product to a friend. 149634

- DTALBM6625

by: Tim08/13/2015

This is a nice hitch. Construction seems solid and I like the keys for the balls and the "pin". The lack of a pin is nice and it works well. The only reason I did not give this a better rating is it is fairly sloppy in the receiver. I am surprised at how much play there is between the hitch and the receiver. Nice finish and otherwise a nice hitch. 219070

- DTALBM6625

by: Tyson05/07/2014

Great product very happy with the quality and the looks great company to deal with. 129498

- DTALBM6625

by: Artie Sutherland02/16/2011

Excellent product, excellent service, excellent shipping....... excellent. 7254

- DTALBM6625

by: Duke08/24/2014

Great looking design and the craftsmanship. It worked exactly as I expected it would, in lockng into the receiving hitch. The only problem I had was the plastic caps that go over the key holes, once pulled out they don't want to fit back in properly. 148223

- DTALBM6625

by: Santo Guerrera06/18/2014

In general this hitch is a well built product that operates as advertised! Tolerances are somewhat open for a slight movment and "clunking" during directional changes. That being said it does change position easily as planed and locks in securely. 136267

- DTALBM6625

by: Steve V02/14/2015

Arrived on time service was incredible, I've been waiting for a long time to get a quality hitch with a two and one-half inch receiver and this product fits the bill. I am a commercial tower and appreciate good quality. 174712

- DTALBM6625

by: Nick B.01/13/2014

Amazing product! I have had one for my f150 and just purchased the 2.5 receiver for my f350. Etrailer was very diligent in shipping it out to me both times. Would definitely recommend using etrailer and this product. 112633

- DTALBM6625

by: Maddog04/07/2015

This is the best, most secure, adjustable double ball hitch on the market and I have looked at them all. As soon as my neighbor saw it he ordered one too. etrailer.com by far had the best price 183948

- DTALBM6625

by: Tim, Bluffdale Utah10/21/2014

ordered my hitch on Saturday or Sunday received it early Wednesday morning came out of the box it was everything he claim to be I would recommend this hitch to anybody going to enjoy using it 157286

- DTALBM6625

by: Tom04/07/2014

Love this hitch it is my second one. the first one was for a 2" hitch but i bought a bigger truck with a class V hitch so i had to buy a new one. highly recommend it! 124118

- DTALBM6625

by: Shannon W02/10/2015

Service was great shipped super fast . I like the locking feature .And It has a nice clean look and finish . Going to us it to pull the boat. 173245

- DTALBM6625

by: Bill V.E.09/10/2013

rattles when in receiver. expected better fit for a product of this cost. will have to find a way to stop rattle or it will drive me nuts. 99244


Some rattle is normal, though nonetheless , annoying. Remember this hitch is essentially a 2 inch hitch with an adapter to fit inside a 2-12 inch hitch. Adapters add to rattle. Add in the fact that it is adjustable, and you get another rattle point. Anti-rattle devices can do quite a bit to keep things quiet in the hitch. It will also quiet down some when you hook up a trailer and it has a load on it rather than bouncing around in the hitch.

Patrick B - 09/11/2013


- DTALBM6625

by: Todd B12/20/2010

Trailer Hitch Work well in the new 2011 F-350 hitch, Hopefully the locks won't freeze up, would like to have a option without the locks. 4358

- DTALBM6625

by: Rich12/31/2013

Only had it one day and only used it 1 time. Seems nice and works fine. The cost of $265 is pretty high, but it is very heavy weight!! 111552

- DTALBM6625

by: Adam05/18/2015

Great product. It was ordered on Sunday night and arrived on Wednesday. I hauled my 5x8 then switched the ball for my 28 ft camper. 193999

- DTALBM6625

by: chris02/08/2013

Looks good and fits good in the bigger hitch receiver, i would prefer it to be a tighter fit like the smaller hitches but it works. 65529

- DTALBM6625

by: Adam Morton02/14/2009

Awsome Love it. It's so nice not having to use a pin and having the right drop for any trailer I need to hook onto. Top quality 1574

- DTALBM6625

by: Andrew C05/26/2015

Been towing for years with standard hitches, this one makes it so much easier if you pull several trailers and looks great! 196801

- DTALBM6625

by: pipeman02/26/2015

PROMPT DELIVERY and A GOOD LOOKING PRODUCT... These Guys do Business the Way I like: PROMPT and Courteous!!! 176144

- DTALBM6625

by: Ron F08/07/2015

Great product. Well made and looks great! Very good design and machined. Plus it's made in the USA! 217377

- DTALBM6625

by: Zeke T.10/24/2014

Very fast shipping, seriously high quality product and an overall superior experience. 157739

- DTALBM6625

by: Brian N06/14/2015

Very nice drawbar, great if you pull multiple trailers with different hitch heights. 203244

- DTALBM6625

by: Dan09/19/2014

Great product, shipped quickly, great customer service.. Thumbs UP !! 152108

- DTALBM6625

by: Ron H.03/10/2012

Great product, great price, great service...what more can you say. 33495

- DTALBM6625

by: Kason05/14/2014

Was blown away how fast the product arrived at my front door. 130576

- DTALBM6625

by: Sean W02/09/2014

Great hitch. No need to have multiple different size hitches. 116124

- DTALBM6625

by: Tom P.02/15/2011

So far the hitch is great. Etrailer is easy to work with to. 7179

- DTALBM6625

by: Cody01/11/2013

Everything looks and works great. Very good service. 62692

- DTALBM6625

by: Ned P05/28/2014

Great transaction Product arrived as advertised 133004

- DTALBM6625

by: Marshall02/03/2015

Great product, just as described and fast shipping! 172322

- DTALBM6625

by: Justin C08/12/2014

Great product!! My #1 choice for hitch hands down! 146327

- DTALBM6625

by: Ken A11/17/2014

product just as descrided, high quality product. 161242

- DTALBM6625

by: Rob04/17/2015

Nice hitch. Looks great and is secure. 185959

- DTALBM6625

by: S. Riddle03/07/2014

Looks and feels solid. Very nice design 119879

- DTALBM6625

by: John M.11/03/2014

Excellent product and seller. 158964

- DTALBM6625

by: Fabio k04/30/2013

Great hitch, ready to flex 78523


Ask the Experts about this Fastway Ball Mounts
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  • Difference Between the Diversi-Tech # DTALBM6625 and # DTALBM6625-2S
  • The only difference between the two ball mounts is that the trailer ball assembly of the # DTALBM6625-2S is stainless steel, while the ball assembly of the # DTALBM6625 is chrome plated steel. The stainless steel trailer ball assembly will be more corrosion resistant over time. Once the chrome plating of the ball assembly of the # DTALBM6625 is worn away, the assembly will be susceptible to corrosion. If you plan on using the ball mount quite a bit, you might want to go with the # DTALBM6625-2S. Also...
    view full answer...

  • Adjustable Ball Mount Recommendation for a Ford F-350 Pickup
  • The adjustable ball mount you will need will depend on the height of the top of the hitch opening on your F-350 with 2-1/2 inch receiver hitch. We have an article that explains how to measure to select the correct ball mount, see link. For instance, on my 2004 Dodge Ram 2500 the top of the receiver opening is 20 inches from the ground when parked on a level surface. I use an adjustable drop receiver at 5 inches of drop, top of receiver opening to top of ball mount, for towing a equipment...
    view full answer...

  • Can Diversi-Tech Adjustable Ball Mount # DTALBM6625 be Used Without Outer Sleeve in 2-Inch Hitch
  • The steel sleeve around the shank of the USA-made Diversi-Tech Adjustable Ball Mount # DTALBM6625 is not a removable component, like an adapter. It is part of the integrated locking mechanism that secures the shank in your receiver tube. This ball mount is designed for use only in 2-1/2-inch hitch receivers. It cannot be used in a 2-inch hitch. The linked video will help illustrate the operation of the lock mechanism. We do offer a comparable product from Diversi-Tech designed for...
    view full answer...

  • Is a 1-7/8 Inch Hitch Ball Available for the Diversi-Tech Adjustable Ball Mount # DTALBM6625
  • I do have a solution that will allow you to use a 1-7/8 inch ball mount with the Diversi-Tech Adjustable Aluminum ball mount, but I spoke with my contact at Diversi-Tech and she told me that they do not offer a separate ball mount platform with a 1-7/8 inch ball mount. Instead, take a look at the Diversi-Tech Adjustable, Aluminum Ball Mount for 2-1/2 inch Receivers, # DTALBM6625-3S. This adjustable ball mount allows you to use the same ball mount platform for a 1-7/8 inch, 2 inch and...
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  • Adjustable Aluminum Ball Mount That Reduces Rattle In 2-1/2 Inch Receiver
  • I spoke with my contact at Diversi-Tech about the adjustable ball-mounts that fit a 2-1/2 inch receiver opening. All of the 2-1/2 inch adjustable ball-mounts we carry have an adapter attached. I recommend part # DTSTBM6625. This ball mount has a 6 inch drop and 7 inch rise with increments of 1 inch for adjusting. It has an adjustable pin in the top of the shank that protrudes through the adapter that prevents rattling. The attached balls measure 2 inches and 2-5/16 inches. I have attached...
    view full answer...

  • How Well Do the Locking Mechanisms Stand Up in the Diversi-Tech Aluminum Ball Mounts
  • We have not had any complaints regarding the Self-Locking, Aluminum Ball Mount, # DTALBM6625, locking up or freezing. Sometimes you may need to lift up on or jostle the ball mount to take pressure off of it so it is easier to turn the key. Diversi-Tech recommends using air tool oil in the locking mechanisms to keep it in good working condition. You can check out the customer reviews on the product page. I have also included a link to a video review for you.
    view full answer...

  • Diversi-Tech Aluminum Adjustable Ball Mount that Will do 6 Inches of Drop and 7 Inches of Rise
  • The closest thing to what you are looking for would be the Self-Locking, Adjustable, Aluminum Ball Mount # DTALBM6625. This will do 6 inches of drop and 7 inches of rise. Other than that this ball mount is the exact same as the DTALBM6825. For an upgraded version of this ball mount you would want the part # DTALBM6625-2S. This comes with stainless steel balls that will resist corrosion much better than the chrome plated balls of the # DTALBM6625. The locks have rubber covers that...
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  • Will 2008 Chevy Truck OEM Hitch Reducer Work on Diversi-Tech Ball Mount, # DTALBM6600,
  • On the Diversi-Tech Ball Mount, # DTALBM6600, you would need to use the Diversi-Tech 2-1/2 inch to 2 inch Adapter Kit for DTLBM and DTALBM Series Locking Ball mounts, # DTADP35, on your 2008 Chevy Truck. The adapter kit comes with its own lock, so you would have a key that fits the adapter and a key that fits the ball mount. The reducer that came with your truck will not work because the pins on the ball mount will not extend enough into the reducer to attach properly. I would recommend...
    view full answer...

  • Availability of Replacement Trailer Ball for Diversi-Tech Adjustable Ball Mounts
  • According to my Diversi-Tech representative, the trailer balls on the # DTALBM6625 are replaceable but the procedure is pretty complicated, involving removing the lock cylinder, and the springs and pin that hold the ball assembly onto the adjustable shank. If this is something you were considering attempting, my Diversi-Tech rep recommended having you call them directly at 800-950-0141 so they can walk you through the process. The process for the non-locking model is much simpler....
    view full answer...

  • Comparing the Weight Capacities of Diversi-Tech Self-Locking, Adjustable, Aluminum Ball Mounts
  • The Self-Locking, Adjustable, Aluminum Ball Mount, # DTALBM6625-3S, uses stainless steel balls. The stainless balls can handle more weight than the same size chrome ball. This is why # DTALBM6625-3S can handle up to 12,000 pounds when used with the 2-5/16 inch ball.
    view full answer...

  • Is an Adjustable Ball Mount with 8 Inch Drop Too Much Drop for a 2005 Ford F-150 4x4
  • You never know what you might end up towing in the future so having more rise or drop is beneficial. To determine the exact rise or drop needed to tow any trailer level you can follow the help article I have linked for you.
    view full answer...

  • Dimensions of Diversi-Tech Self-Locking, Adjustable, Aluminum Ball Mount
  • The Diversi-Tech Ball Mount, part # DTALBM6625, has a 2-1/2" shank that fits 2-1/2" receivers, and has a 6 inch drop and 7 inch rise and is not designed to be reduced to fit a 2" receiver. If you have a 2" receiver on your Ram 2500 you would need to go with the Diversi-Tech Ball Mount, # DTALBM6600 , or the Diversi-Tech Ball Mount, # DTALBM6800 . I have included video reviews of these Ball Mounts for you to check out. I have also included a FAQ about choosing the correct ball mount for...
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  • How to Obtain a Replacement Key for Diversi-Tech Aluminum Ball Mount # DTALBM6625
  • If you know the key number you need, you can simply order a replacement key from us by using the following part number, "DTKEYRXXXX", with the X's representing the four digit key number. We can get the keys to you as quickly as you need them, overnight if need be. If you don't have the four digit key number, you'll need to re-key the lock using part # DTLBM02RK.
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  • Selecting a Ball Mount for Use with Curt 2-5/16-Inch Hitch Ball # C40087
  • The Curt 2-5/16-Inch Hitch Ball with 2-Inch Rise # C40087 requires a ball mount with a ball platform that is at least 3/8-inches thick and that has a 1-1/4-inch ball hole. A ball mount that fits this requirement is the Curt # C45456 that fits into 2-1/2-inch hitches. If you need a 2-5/16-inch hitch ball and the ability to raise the height of the hitch ball relative to the trailer coupler you can go about this in another way. You can get the height increase you need from an adjustable...
    view full answer...

  • Diversi-Tech Adjustable Ball Mount Recommendation for a 2-1/2 inch Hitch
  • Since you have a 2-1/2 inch hitch installed on your 2014 Ram 2500 you would instead want the part # DTALBM6625. This is basically the exact same adjustable ball mount as the # DTALBM6600 that you referenced except it is designed to fit a 2-1/2 inch hitch. You would need to remove your adapter sleeve and this would work well.
    view full answer...

  • Will Diversi-Tech Self-Locking Adjustable Aluminum Ball Mount # DTALBM6625 Fit 2008 Silverado
  • The Diversi-Tech Self-Locking Adjustable Aluminum Ball Mount # DTALBM6625 fits 2-1/2-inch hitch receivers. Your 2008 Silverado could be equipped with either a 2-inch or 2-1/2-inch hitch receiver. This adjustable ball mount features solid billet aluminum construction, two included steel hitch balls (2-inch and 2-5/16th-inch) and locks. It is USA-made.
    view full answer...

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