Cushioned ball mount from Convert-A-Ball acts as a shock absorber and provides a 12" drop or 10-3/4" rise. Sturdy steel construction fits 2" square hitches. The GTW is 10,000 lbs; TW is 2,000 lbs. Call 800-298-8924 to order Convert-A-Ball Ball Mounts part number AMSC12 or order online at Free expert support on all Convert-A-Ball products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Cushioned Ball Mount for 2" Hitches - 10-3/4" Rise - 12" Drop - 10,000 lbs. Ball Mounts reviews from real customers.
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Cushioned Ball Mount for 2" Hitches - 10-3/4" Rise - 12" Drop - 10,000 lbs

Convert-A-Ball Ball Mounts

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Convert-A-Ball Ball Mounts - AMSC12

Cushioned ball mount from Convert-A-Ball acts as a shock absorber and provides a 12" drop or 10-3/4" rise. Sturdy steel construction fits 2" square hitches. The GTW is 10,000 lbs; TW is 2,000 lbs.


  • Cushioned to protect tow vehicle's driveline and hitch assembly, as well as trailer's contents
    • Polyurethane interior acts as a shock absorber, reducing bounce and rhythmic vibration
  • Functions as a rise or drop to help you level your trailer
  • Constructed of powder coated steel with interior polyurethane cushion
  • Slides into 2" square trailer hitch receiver and attaches with standard 5/8" hitch pin (sold separately)
  • Made in USA


  • Fits 2" x 2" trailer hitch receivers
  • Towing capacity: 10,000 lbs
  • Tongue weight capacity: 2,000 lbs
  • Drop: 12"
  • Rise: 10-3/4"
  • Full length 16"
  • Hitch pin hole to hitch ball hole: 12-1/2"
  • Ball hole diameter: 1"
  • 2-Year limited warranty

Cutaway views of the ball mount shank showing the polyurethane cushioning

Cutaway views of a Convert-A-Ball ball mount shank, showing the polyurethane cushioning.

This Convert-A-Ball ball mount meets or exceeds THMA V-5 ratings in all categories and meets SAE standard J-684.

AMSC-12 Convert-A-Ball Cushioned Ball Mount for 2" Square Receiver - 10-3/4" Rise or 12" Drop - 10,000 lbs GTW - 2,000 lbs TW

Video of Cushioned Ball Mount for 2" Hitches - 10-3/4" Rise - 12" Drop - 10,000 lbs

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer
installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Convert-A-Ball Ball Mounts AMSC12 Review

Today we're going to take a look at the Convert-A-Ball Cushioned Ball Mount for 2 inch Hitches, number AMSC12. This is a cushioned ball mount to protect the tow vehicle's drive line and hitch assembly as well as the trailer's contents. It has a polyurethane interior that acts as a shock absorber, reducing bounce and rythmic vibration. You can see right here, the shock absorber is encased in steel and you can see it back here as well inside the hollow shank. It functions as a rise or drop to help you level your trailer. Right now it's in the drop position.

Here is how it would look in the rise position. It's constructed of powder coated steel with, again, the interior polyurethane cushion. It slides into a 2 inch square trailer hitch receiver, like the demonstrator we have right here, and attaches with a standard 5/8th of an inch hitch pin, such as this right here. Again, this is sold separately, but it's available right here on, number PC3. Taking a look at some specs, again, it fits the 2 inch trailer hitch, has a towing capacity of 10,000 pounds, and ton weight capacity of 2,000 pounds.

The drop from here to the ball platform is 12 inches. The rise from here to the top of the ball platform is 10 3/4 of an inch. The full length from here to the end of the platform is 16 inches. The hitch pin hole, which is right here, to the center of the hitch ball hole is 12 1/2 inches. That ball hold diameter is 1 inch, and this does feature a two year limited warranty.

We'll show you how this sets up. Due to the length of the drop, we got to bend our demonstrator back just a little bit. Just like any hitch, you'll line up the holes and then put your pin in there, just clip that off, and you're good to go. Again, this is in the drop position. If you want the rise, just put that in upside down, whichever way provides a level transport for your trailer.

That should just about do it for our Convert-A-Ball Cushioned Ball Mount for 2 inch Hitches, number AMSC12.

Customer Reviews

Cushioned Ball Mount for 2" Hitches - 10-3/4" Rise - 12" Drop - 10,000 lbs - AMSC12

Average Customer Rating:  4.9 out of 5 stars   (116 Customer Reviews)

Cushioned ball mount from Convert-A-Ball acts as a shock absorber and provides a 12" drop or 10-3/4" rise. Sturdy steel construction fits 2" square hitches. The GTW is 10,000 lbs; TW is 2,000 lbs.

- AMSC12

by: Bob06/03/2013

This is a ball hitch mount that is not a standard unit, problem I had I purchased a new p/u going from a 2500 series which stood higher to a 1500 series standing lower by 4" also lowering 3 1/2" towing a 4800 pound boat as we all know, needing to tow level, that wasn't going to happen, this ball mount did the trick, fits D.O.T. standards also more than what i needed for weight requirements 83187


Ball mount achieved the goal for my height requirements, what I didnt explain the piston action in the ball mount, it does cushion the back and fourth while towing considerably if and when I will buy one with it, also you got it to me in two days great device l

Bob - 06/03/2014


- AMSC12

by: Big Al01/11/2011

Rock Solid and so Smooth I can't give enough praise to this much needed item. I was in a rush to get this during the holidays because my previous mount was thrashed and I was going on a big trip. It shipped the same day at 4pm about an hour after I purchased it and arrived on the 5th day nicely packed and everything I ordered was there. My trip was over 200 miles with about 3,000 lbs on some rugged potholed fire-road bumpy terrain for most of it. I love the "cushion" feature... No more clankity clank - jerkity jerk from the hitch. I'm curious as to it's longevity before the cushion becomes sloppy and I plan on taking it all the way there. I also purchased the stainless interchangeable balls and say this is a must have. The 12" drop is perfect for an 8" lifted truck. This was my first experience with etrailer... And it won't be my last! 5370

- AMSC12

by: John Moore10/16/2012

Great looking drop hitch and unbelievably fast shipping. Works great on my 2012 dodge diesel with 6" lift and 37" tires. The 10,000 lb. rating is the highest I could find with this much drop not to mention about half the cost of any other hitch I found. Customer service and shipping verification follow up is second to none. I'll be buying from them from now on. 57393

- AMSC12

by: Billy G10/14/2014

the drop hitch was Just what I needed for my trucks lift. fits perfect and well made. the service was awesome as well. shipped it out same day. 155849

- AMSC12

by: Dennis B04/01/2015

Very good service, came on time as promised. I can see it is a quality product. I had measured the drop I needed on my 2014 Ram 2500 HD limited with class 5 hitch and 2# reducer. it measured approximately 14". This was the closest drop I could find anywhere. I hooked it up to my smaller Horton single axle trailer with a full load and it is just a little off level but will be more then sufficient to keep the trailer from swinging when towing. I plan to also use it for my double axle Horton and Hustler trailers that will be heavier and expect it will be perfectly level with the added payload. Perfect for what I need 182153

- AMSC12

by: Jason L02/05/2013

Haven't gotten to use this hitch yet, but it is very well made and heavy duty. Also, it seems like the perfect amount of drop for my 6" lifted Dodge 2500 with 37" tires. haha I can't wait to see what kind of difference the "Cushioned" part makes when hauling a heavy trailer, especially through stop-and-go traffic. And one last thing...I am VERY pleased with the service from I got several emails alerting me of the status of my order. They even upgraded my shipping for FREE!!! They have definitely gone above and beyond and I will be looking to them again for all of my future towing needs. 65019

- AMSC12

by: Rick H05/08/2013

I recently bought a new Chevy Suburban. I've been driving these since before they were called SUV's. Back when they were the only game in town. And I've been towing trailers all this time. But my new Suburban has a hitch receiver that is in the middle of the bumper, much too high. One of my trailers actually scrapes along the ground because of the height of the hitch. I got a 6" drop hitch elsewhere, but was dissappointed that it didn't solve my problem. And 6" drop was the lowest they had. I was so glad to find your site and the 12" drop hitch I just received. Problem solved. Thanks! 79437

- AMSC12

by: Ron03/16/2013

Love the ball mount. I have a Toyota Sienna and the rear seats recess into a well, therefore the receiver hitch much go underneath the well. This means the ball mount enters the receiver approximately 10 inches off the ground. By using the ball mount to raise the ball, this makes the ball around 22 inches off the ground, which is recommended height for my trailer. My only regret is that I did not request you attach a ball as I did not have any wrenches large enough to fasten it. Again, the mount is great. Thanks, Ron Baker 71099

- AMSC12

by: Dave A.03/28/2013

Recieved my cushioned ball mount with 12" drop last week and hooked a new motorcycle trailer to it. Just delivered my bike to a tire store 50 miles from home over a very bumpy road. The cushioned ball mount did its job and reduced the banging and overall noise while towing that I have come to expect with other mounts. Outstanding product. Ordered via regular shipping and still recieved product a few day's later in Rangeley, Maine. Overall experience has been outstanding. Will order from this company again. 73108

- AMSC12

by: Terry E.11/08/2011

Wow. Product shipped same day, regular ground, but arrived only 2 days later. Had the cushion feature on it that I hadn't even noticed or expected. My Toyota truck is lifted 6" with a Nissan Titan hitch custom welded on so this brought it down to the perfect height for me (14"). Great value too. Thanks! 26697

- AMSC12

by: Vic G.10/16/2014

I ordered this product not sure about the quality or if I had the too large of a drop. I use this on my lifted jeep to pull my Kayak trailer. Great quality and works fine. A hitch is a hitch. It either works or it won't. The part I'm most impressed with is the customer service of this company. They expedited shipping without having to ask. The followup after the purchase has been spot on. I deffinately have this company saved in my favorites and will use them again and again. 156409

- AMSC12

by: Ricardo San Nicolas05/18/2012

The product was delivered in an outstanding n as promised date. I thank you very much etrailer. I know now that the 2012 Fleetwood Motor Home Models are required 12"drop hitch in order to accomodate/pull 6x12 ft or 7x14 ft trailers. I loaded my 2006 Harley Davidson Ultra Classic and the height level was just awesome, perpendicular to the ground. My Motor Home and trailer looks eye level. I love it n I'm very pleased with the product"AMSC12". Again thanks etrailer and Katie.:)} 40885

- AMSC12

by: briansshop03/30/2013

Very nice ball mount. High weight rating and well made. In the US even! 73439

- AMSC12

by: Ryan P.12/06/2013

Needed a 12" drop hitch for my truck since it has quite a bit of lift. Not only did etrailer have the highest rated 12" drop hitch I could find but also the cheapest! I also ordered a 2 & 5/16ths ball that also rated at 10,000lbs. My boat and trailer loaded up is about 6500/7000 so this will def cover the pay load and then some. Shipping was very fast and everything was well boxed together. Would def recommend this company to anyone I knew. 109396

- AMSC12

by: Eric P11/18/2013

Thank you! It is exactly what I needed. 107640

- AMSC12

by: william robsion02/25/2015

good product great friendly service 176114

- AMSC12

by: Walt03/16/2015

I have two of these drop hitches and they do the job very well. The Cushioned pin is nice and makes for a smooth stops and take offs. The only con I have found is the 1" Ball hole diameter: It is difficult to find a 2 5/16 ball with a 1" shank that matches the 10,000 lbs the hitch provides. If the weight is a concern I suggest you order the ball at the same time. Your not going to run into your local tractor supply and find one. 178488

- AMSC12

by: Kevin B.10/11/2013

Awesome product. Built to last forever and it's not some cheap made steel. I would recommend to anyone.Havent pulled with it yet but it meets my expectations. 103449

- AMSC12

by: Mike O.03/23/2014

I recently purchased an RV built on a Ford F350 with a raised rear bumper. I needed a ball mount with a 12 inch drop in order to tow a light boat. This mount is heavy duty, very nicely made and finished, and is cushioned - plus it is less expensive than others of lower capacity and quality. I haven't used it yet but I'm sure I'll be pleased when I do. 121826

- AMSC12

by: Gary E.04/06/2012

Drop down ball mount with 12" drop was the right distance to accommodate the high Hummer truck height to the low motorcycle trailer. Perfect. Product is single piece construction allowing me to avoid the additional cost of a two-piece installation. Transaction was flawless. Shipped immediately and arrived as predicted 3 days later. 36315

- AMSC12

by: Rick M.06/01/2011

The cushioned ball mount arrived yesterday. It looks like it is very well built. I have not had a chance to try it out yet. The "greaseless" 2 5/16" HardBall hitch ball is unusual. I hope that the plastic (?) cap is strong enough. I have not mounted it on the cushioned ball mount yet either. Too soon to tell.............. 15861

- AMSC12

by: Roger06/27/2012

Nice little hitch for the $. Puts my car trailer right where it needs to be on a 2010 Dodge Ram 2500 with a 6" lift and 37" tires. It's made in the USA. Good welds. It's rated 10,000lbs trailer / 2,000lbs tongue where most other steel ball mounts with this much drop are 5,000lbs trailer / 500lbs tongue. 45826

- AMSC12

by: Michael Heusser02/23/2012

I have a 2008 Dodge Ram 2500 lifted 6 inches with 37 inch tires. This 12 inch dorp is perfect because not only does it absorb the shock from stopping and pulling but this Cushioned Ball Mount also keeps my car trailer perfect level. Great product for the price! 32288

- AMSC12

by: Marty D.03/04/2015

I originally bought an 8" drop from Tractor Supply. I needed more of a drop for my trailer. I found this 'perfect' hitch on-line. This was only $20 more but is of a lot better quality and can handle more tongue/pull weight. Plus, it looks really cool! 176990

- AMSC12

by: Steve05/14/2014

This is a great stinger. i needed a high riser to be able to tow my jeep. (tow bar mounts above the bumper) this unit is well made and strong, and the perfect height for my needs. I will keep this one locked in when in use (don't want it to walk away) 130634

- AMSC12

by: Ken J.04/28/2011

Nobody locally had a 12-inch-drop ball mount, and most online sources only had the light duty version. Etrailer had what I needed, and got it here quickly, even though I ordered on Easter weekend. Thanks! Great communication, too, which is appreciated! 12516

- AMSC12

by: Jim J.07/19/2015

My new motor home has an extremely high hitch and I needed a 12" drop to get my car trailer level to the motorhome. I'm completely satisfied with the one I received. Heavy wall tubing with a good gusset on the drop. Very well constructed. Thank you 212980

- AMSC12

by: Jeff04/10/2013

Very satisfied with the drop! The price was reasonable and it is made here in the U.S.. My low riding trailer finally rides level and pulls so much better. If you are looking to purchase a 12" drop, this is the one. You will not be disappointed. 75293

- AMSC12

by: Blake03/21/2012

Shipped fast and worked great. I like to know where my stuff is after I order, and etrailer provides great communication. I'll definitely be a repeat customer. Also, this ball mount is the best value you will find in a 12" drop... guaranteed. 34554

- AMSC12

by: Doug S.06/03/2014

It is all about the cushioning. I purchased this ball mount to flat tow a vehicle behind an RV. This ball mount is super sturdy, gets me to the height I need and the cushioning really smoothes out the jolts from gas to brake. Quality Product! 133969

- AMSC12

by: Neil M.01/27/2014

12" drop ball mount arrived in a timely way and appears to be well made. I needed this for a small utility trailer due to the height of my new motorhome. Thanks again to "etrailer" for having the right stuff at a fair price! 114825

- AMSC12

by: Chris12/11/2014

I received the Ball/mount hitch, wasn't fast but good enough. Definitely heavy hopefully that will translate into a reliable sturdy mount. I installed it with the ball overall it looks good on this beast of a farm truck. 164302

- AMSC12

by: glenn e.05/19/2014

As with other products I've ordered from you, it arrived in a timely fashion and was in excellent shape. Rest assured I will order any other additional items I may need from your company and will encourage others to do so. 131286

- AMSC12

by: Jim06/09/2015

Your product is everything advertised. It is a very good quality product. If it were available, I would have purchased a unit a couple of inches longer as it would be better totally level my trailer. 202013

- AMSC12

by: Jim D10/16/2012

Arrived in a timely fashion. Was packaged VERY well. It appears to be extremely well made and fits my application just as I had hoped. I'll definitely use this service for any future trailer needs. 57383

- AMSC12

by: David H09/01/2011

Great product, just as advertised. I have a Chevy 2500HD with a 6" procomp lift and 38" tires. This works perfect for towing my 18' Sea-Doo Jetboat. Super customer service and speedy shipping. Big thanx 23391

- AMSC12

by: Nick03/13/2013

Great product for a much better price than the other online retailers. Very happy with the value for the money. This works perfectly for towing my travel trailer with my lifted truck. 70551

- AMSC12

by: STEVE F.06/01/2015


- AMSC12

by: Tommy G08/26/2012

I htought this drop was gonna be way to low for my motorcycle trailer but with Stephanies help we determined this would work best for the purpose thank you for the help and fast service 53090

- AMSC12

by: Randy V07/02/2012

I have a 6" lift with 35" tires. I also have a 98 Flagstaff pop up camper. With the other ball mounts my camper was too high on the tongue. This ball mount took care of that problem. 46488

- AMSC12

by: Brandt G.11/05/2012

This product was exactly how described it. The only thing that was better than the hitch was the prompt service and delivery. I will definately use again. 58847

- AMSC12

by: Scottie11/04/2013

The receiver has not been road tested yet but I am sure it will perform better than a solid mount. Your site is great and your service and quick response for delivery outstanding. 106265

- AMSC12

by: Jon M.05/21/2012

The ball mount was delivered in record time. It appears very sturdy. I'm very interested to see how well it holds up over time with the weight of our tow vehicle behind our RV. 41218

- AMSC12

by: Blaine M06/17/2014

My order got to me quickly and was able to use right away. The drop allows me to pull my trailer and keeps it level. Great customer service and you get your order fast! 135977

- AMSC12

by: Alex05/09/2014

I needed a 12" drop ball mount to hitch an old horse trailer to my F350 that has a 24" high receiver. Found etrailer to have the best price and it was quickly shipped. 129869

- AMSC12

by: Jim w04/17/2014

Hitch seem to work good so far, levels my trailer nicely on my 6" lifted truck. Did take a little while to deliver and with no tracking number to know when it was coming. 125847

- AMSC12

by: UncleMelty08/11/2014

This ball mount makes my 6" lifted Dodge Ram 3500 useful again! Absolutely perfect. Couldn't be happier. The folks at are the BEST IN THE BUSINESS! 146058

- AMSC12

by: Ed B.04/29/2012

Very fast response, communicated with me every step of the way. In just a few days, I received the part I had ordered. Good Job to the folks at 38721

- AMSC12

by: Mario r02/12/2015

Excellent company to work with , great product, would definitely do business with you in the immediate future. Thank you for the free advanced shipping!!!! 173422

- AMSC12

by: Jerry E. Indiana07/27/2012

Product is just as described. Very sturdy, well made and painted. Price plus shipping was better than one similar on eBay. I highly recommend this item. 49556

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  • Will a Cushioned Ball Mount Work with Surge Trailer Brakes
  • The cushion inside of the Convert-A-Ball cushioned ball mount # AMSC4 would have only a slight affect on the surge coupler on your trailer. You may not even notice it. The cushion is very dense and the more pressure that is put on it the firmer it gets. It would take more force to compress that cushion than to actuate the surge coupler. Cushioned ball mount # AMSC4 has a 2-3/4 inch rise or 4 inch drop but there are other options if you need a different rise or drop to tow the trailer...
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  • How is Rise and Drop Measured on a Ball Mount Like Convert-A-Ball Cushioned Ball Mount # AMSC12
  • We measure rise or drop from the top of the receiver tube to the top of the ball platform. I have included a link to an FAQ that should help. Also remember that the tongue weight of the trailer will cause the rear end of the vehicle to come down a little as well.
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  • How to Pick Out the Correct Ball Mount
  • I attached an FAQ that details how to pick out the correct ball mount. Picking out the correct ball mount will allow your trailer to sit as level as possible. Basically you will first measure the height from the ground to the top of the receiver opening on the hitch while on level ground. Next, you will measure the coupler height from the ground to the bottom of the trailer coupler when the trailer is on level ground. Next, you will need to compute the difference. If the hitch height...
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  • Dimensions of the Convert-A-Ball Cushioned Ball Mount, # AMSC12
  • I went out to the warehouse and pulled a Cushioned Ball Mount, # AMSC12, to measure. From the center of the hitch pin hole to the gusset at the back of the bar measures 4-1/4 inches. I have included a picture that I made that shows some measurements for you.
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  • 12 inch Drop Ball Mount Recommendation for Towing a Horse Trailer Level
  • If you do need a ball mount with a 12 inch drop you would want the part # AMSC12. Before you purchase a ball mount I would recommend you check out the FAQ article I attached to the right that details how to pick out the correct rise/drop ball mount so that you order the correct one the first time.
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  • Ball Mount with a 12 Inch Drop for a Motor Home Towing a Tow Dolly
  • Drop is measured from the top of the receiver opening to the top of the other receiver opening in the case of a high-low adapter like # RM-048-6 which actually has a 6 inch drop. However, these adapters cannot be used with a tow dolly per the manufacturer specifications. What you can do is use a ball mount with 12 inches of drop, # AMSC12. For a ball mount drop is measured from the top of the receiver opening down to the ball platform like in the FAQ I have included. With this ball...
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  • Trailer Hitch, Ball Mount kit, Trailer Wiring, and Transmission Cooler for a 2007 Toyota Sienna
  • I can certainly make some recommendations for a towing set up on your 2007 Toyota Sienna. Starting with a trailer hitch, the most popular hitch for your vehicle is Hidden Hitch # 87415. This is a Class III hitch rated for 3,500 pounds gross trailer weight, 350 pounds tongue weight. The trailer you plan to tow is right at this limited. If there is any way you can reduce the weight of the trailer some, it would be more ideal. I have included a link to the installation details and a video...
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  • What Length Ball Shank is Needed for Convert-A-Ball 10k Ball Mount # AMSC12
  • A ball with a medium length shank, 2-1/4 inches, will work just fine with the Convert-A-Ball ball mount # AMSC12. For a 2-5/16 inch ball use # C40007. For a 2 inch and 1-7/8 inch ball set use # 901b.
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  • Draw Bar Recommendation for a 2002 Ford Windstar LX
  • This Cushioned Ball Mount for 2 inch Hitches - 10-3/4 inch Rise - 12 inch Drop - 10,000 lbs, part # AMSC12 is cushioned in the rise and drop position for stopping and taking off. If you wanted something to make the fit of the draw bar in to your hitch more of a snug fit which would in turn prevent rattling noises. I would recommend the Roadmaster Quiet Hitch for 2 inch Trailer Hitches, part # RM-061. With that being said, in most situations on the 2002 Ford Windstar you would want...
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  • How to Pick Out the Right Rise/Drop Ball Mount for a 2010 Chevy Express Van
  • I attached an FAQ that details how to pick out the correct ball mount. Picking out the correct ball mount will allow your trailer to sit as level as possible. Basically you will first measure the height from the ground to the top of the receiver opening on the hitch while on level ground. Next, you will measure the coupler height from the ground to the bottom of the trailer coupler when the trailer is on level ground. Next, you will need to compute the difference. If the hitch height...
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  • Is the Bushing of the Cushioned Ball Mount # AMSC12 Replaceable
  • The bushing in the Cushioned Ball Mount # AMSC12 that you referenced is not available as a separate item to be replaced, but we have never heard of it wearing out and we have been selling this ball mount for a long time so I don't think you should worry about that.
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  • Ball Mount Recommendation for an RV Where 12 inches of Drop are Needed to Tow Boat Trailer
  • The Cushioned Ball Mount # AMSC12 that you referenced would be perfect for you all things considered. It has the drop you need (12 inches), the length you need (12-1/2 inches from pin hole to ball hole). This should not reduce the hitch capacity of your RV at all. Since your boat and trailer weigh considerably less than the capacity of the hitch you would not have to worry about that. If the weight of your boat and trailer were right at your hitch capacity it would be one thing, but...
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  • How to Pick Out the Correct Rise/Drop Ball Mount to Tow Trailer Level
  • I attached an FAQ for you to check out that details all of this, but what you need to do is get your truck and your trailer on level ground and take a couple measurements. You will need to measure from the ground to the bottom of the coupler on the trailer when it is sitting level, and then measure from the ground to the top of the hitch opening. Whatever the difference is the amount of rise/drop you need.
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  • Can a Roadmaster High-Low Adapter be Used with a Kawasaki Mule for Off-the-Road Towing
  • If the trailer has a regular coupler that fits on a ball then the best solution is a ball mount with the proper rise. I really cannot recommend using any of the High-Low adapters for anything other than flat towing a vehicle, even if it could work. But it sound like a ball mount with the proper rise is the ideal solution. The ball mount we have with the most rise is # AMSC12. It has 10-3/4 inches rise. But something like # 80248 with 9-3/4 inches might be better. I have included a link...
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  • 12 Inch Drop Ball Mount Needed for 2015 GMC Yukon Denali w/ 2 Inch Hitch Receiver and 22 Inch Wheels
  • Thanks for including your measurements! Using Cushioned Ball Mount for 2 Inch Hitches, # AMSC12, will provide the 12 inch drop that is needed for your set-up. This ball mount has a 10,000 towing capacity and will require a hitch ball with a 1 inch diameter shank, # C40007 for 2-5/16 inch and # 40038 for 2 inch, Pin and Clip, # PC3 or # 7683 for lock. The added benefit of using a cushioned ball mount is the fact that the polyurethane interior acts as a shock absorber to reduce bounce...
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  • Adjustable Ball Mount for Lifted 1995 Ford F150
  • The Hidden Hitch Adjustable Ball Mount you referenced, part # 80414 will work just fine with a 1995 Ford F150 as long as it has a 2 inch receiver. The ball mount will adjust for a maximum drop of 9-5/8 inches. If you need a longer drop than that, we offer a 10, 11 and 12 inch drop fixed ball mount. The 10 inch drop is available in three different capacities, part # AMSC10 at 10,000 lbs, part # BM10 at 5000 lbs or part # AM3511 at 8000 lbs. In an 11 inch drop, we offer a 5000 lb capacity,...
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  • Can Convert-A-Ball Cushioned Ball Mount # AMSC12 Be Used in the Rise Poistion
  • The Convert-A-Ball # AMSC12 cushioned ball mount can indeed be used in the rise position, which would provide 10-3/4 inches of rise. Keep in mind this is an extreme rise. Usually, needing a rise that large would be a good indication that you really shouldn't tow that trailer with your vehicle, but because the Yakima Rack and Roll Trailers are so light, you won't have a problem. You'll also need a 2 inch diameter ball like part # 63845.
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  • Where is the 12 Inches of Drop Measured from on the Cushioned Ball Mount # AMSC12
  • The 12 inches of drop that the Cushioned Ball Mount # AMSC12 has is measured from the top of the ball mount shank down to the top of the ball platform. See the picture I attached. I attached a review video for you to check out also.
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  • Recommended Ball Mount for a 2014 Itasca Sun Star 35F Towing a RoadMaster Tow Dolly
  • Thanks for sending us a picture! I haven't heard a county or state restricting the amount of drop for a ball mount when towing. I would recommend verifying this information with the local department of transportation office. If you find there is no restriction on drop, then I have what you will need. Based on your photo, it looks like the actually hitch height is 30-1/2 inches measured to the top of your receiver. The Roadmaster tow dolly # RM-2000-1 you referenced requires a ball...
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