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Custom Fit Vehicle Sway Bars

Roadmaster Rear Anti-Sway Bar for Motor Homes

Roadmaster Anti-Sway Bars

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Code:   RM-1259-108



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Roadmaster Anti-Sway Bars - RM-1259-108

Minimize sway and driver fatigue by improving the stability and driveability of your vehicle. The bar on this sturdy, effective anti-sway system mounts to the rear axle and to the frame to balance weight transfer and reduce body roll.


  • Minimizes side-to-side movement to improve overall stability of your vehicle
    • Lets you execute turns and quick maneuvers with confidence
    • Allows for a level ride, even on irregular surfaces
    • Reduces driver fatigue - minimizes effort required to keep your RV in line
  • Diminishes effects of crosswinds, passing motorists and shifting cargo
  • Designed to fit your vehicle and work in conjunction with its suspension system
    • Attaches to rear axle and to chassis - uses weight of axle to brace frame as it shifts in turns
    • Engineered to avoid interference with most popular aftermarket add-ons and accessories
  • Made with polyurethane bushings instead of the standard rubber variety for a longer-lasting system
    • Polyurethane is durable and resistant to damage caused by oil, gasoline and ozone
    • Less wear means less give in the system and better support
  • Constructed of thick, cadmium-plated 4140 chromoly steel for superior strength
  • Includes heavy-gauge mounting hardware, easy-to-follow instructions and bushing lubricant
  • Works with front anti-sway bar (sold separately) for absolute stability - available on certain applications only
  • Made in USA


  • Bar diameter: 1-1/2"
  • Limited 1-year warranty

Roadmaster Anti-Sway Bar Installed

Benefits of an Anti-Sway System

The Roadmaster anti-sway bar does for side-to-side movement what a good pair of shocks does for up-and-down motion. You will notice a marked improvement in your vehicle's stability as the bar works to balance weight transfer and reduce body roll. The anti-sway bar acts as a link between your motor home's frame and its rear axle, using the axle as a brace to more effectively balance the shifting weight of your motor home as you maneuver it. Lubricated bushings allow just enough pivot and rotation to compensate for the pressure placed on one side of your vehicle when it goes into sudden maneuvers, hits crosswinds or encounters shifting weights.

Roadmaster Anti-Sway Polyurethane Bushings

Superior Construction

The Roadmaster anti-sway bar is made of cadmium-plated 4140 chromoly, a chromium and molybdenum steel alloy. This type of steel is considerably harder and stronger than the standard 1020 steel that is typically used in anti-sway applications. In addition, the larger diameter of the bar increases its torsional roll stiffness. The result is a bar that is not only stronger than the competition, but also nearly 30 percent better at resisting sway. The polyurethane bushings and grommets used at the attachment points are durable yet flexible, ensuring that the system is neither so rigid nor so malleable that it becomes ineffective.

1259-108 Roadmaster Anti-Sway Bar - Rear

This Product Fits The Following Vehicles

2005 - 2010 Monaco LaPalma Diesel Engine Only

2000 - 2009 Workhorse W-Series W20

2000 - 2009 Workhorse W-Series W22

2000 - 2009 Workhorse W-Series W24

Customer Reviews

Roadmaster Rear Anti-Sway Bar for Motor Homes - RM-1259-108

Average Customer Rating:  ratingratingratingratingrating4.8 out of 5 stars   (15 Customer Reviews)

Minimize sway and driver fatigue by improving the stability and driveability of your vehicle. The bar on this sturdy, effective anti-sway system mounts to the rear axle and to the frame to balance weight transfer and reduce body roll.

- RM-1259-108

ratingratingratingratingrating by: Nick S.12/13/2012

Great customer service and follow throu gh! 61406

- 1139-178

ratingratingratingratingrating by: John E08/24/2011

Review from a similar Roadmaster Rear Anti-Sway Bar

Shipping was excellent! Product quality was excellent! I installed on a Pleasureway Class B Ford E350 chassis, it fit "like a glove". The chassis had 3/8" holes (short slots) in exactly the position required to bolt on the upper linkage end (after drilling out to 1/2"). The bar center positioned itself perfectly after bolt-up to the area in between the differential cover and the fresh water tank. One feature was the the center portion of the bar angles up from the two linkage ends, the fulcrum being at the axle U-bolt attach regions. Installing this angle up allows the antisway bar center "U" to tuck up and not interfere with access to the differential or reduce ground clearance. This was not addressed in the installation notes and was determined by trial and error. There definitely should be a specific note about installing on the E350 chassis for Pleasure-way RV addressing this. One other comment is that the bar is 1.5" and the vertical linkage bars are maybe 5/8" thick, could they buckle/deform when a strong force is transmitted via the axle given the stiffness of the sway bar? 22610

- RM-1209-131

ratingratingratingratingrating by: Mack11/21/2013

Review from a similar Roadmaster Rear Anti-Sway Bar

I just installed the roadmasteranti sway bar 1209-131 on my 2013 Winnebago via.The vehicle is a 2012. it fit well and road test good. I had to shorten the exhaust about 9 inches because it interfered with drivers side arm other than that its good to go. 108043


I am thinking about adding the 1209-131 to my 2011 Winnebago Via 25Q. Which model Via do you have? Im hoping I wont have to modify the exhaust on my Via Q. Thanks.

comment by: Jim - 02/17/2014



I put the sway bar on a 2012 25t I did shorten the exhaust about 9 inches I think 2 or 3 inches would have been good. That was easy to do, as new as they are just take exhaust loose at first coupling pass the elbow slide it out and take some off the piece that goes to the inside. Worked well for me. Going from our drive onto the blacktop road in front of our place was all it tuck to decide it was worth the effort. It fit very well. Thanks Mack. PS I am 75 and 240 Made a man door step for drivers door .It works well Love it. Mack

comment by: Mack - 02/19/2014


Thanks for following up with us!

Patrick B - 2/19/2014


Mack, Patrick,Thank you!

comment by: Jim - 02/20/2014


- 1139-144

ratingratingratingratingrating by: Chuck B.08/23/2013

Review from a similar Roadmaster Rear Anti-Sway Bar

I ordered the sway bar on Thursday 8/15/2013 and received it on Thursday 8/22. That was very quick shipping for something as heavy as the kit. Price was the lowest I could find on the net. The list price is $980.00 found some places charge around $100.00 less then list plus shipping. Saved a lot by buying from What surprised me was that was able to ship it right away, when I talked to Roadmaster they said the kit was out of stock and would be two to three week before it would be shipped, was told the samething by other's I checked with. Good experience shopping at, will be back. 96569

- RM-1139-145

ratingratingratingratingrating by: Eldn Hodapp07/31/2013

Review from a similar Roadmaster Rear Anti-Sway Bar

I put both sway brs on today with help from my friend. They went just as the paper work said, except for the front. You only replaced two of the bolts holding on the bushing brackets. We just reused two of them. Everything seemed to work great on our test drive. I just took a picture of the front sway bar because the rock guard was in the way of a decent pic. Everthing went great. 92558

- RM-1129-111

ratingratingratingratingrating by: Tom06/27/2014

Review from a similar Roadmaster Rear Anti-Sway Bar

Just installed the 1129-111 on my 2002 Great West Van Had some challenges installing it but well worth it. You would never no its the same vehicle. Can go around corners safely 20 kilometres faster than I could before, also handles better in side winds. I also installed 2 spacers on the rear wheels which improved the tracking on rutted pavement. Wish I had known about this 7 years ago 138029

- RM-1139-143

ratingratingratingratingrating by: David B06/25/2014

Review from a similar Roadmaster Rear Anti-Sway Bar

Installed on a Tiffin Allegro 31SA by Whited Truck and RV Center in Auburn, Maine. The Roadmaster anti-sway bar and associated parts are rugged and of high quality. Installation time was about 3 hours; drilling the frame to secure brackets took the longest time. This anti-sway bar improved handing and reduced sway, especially on rough secondary roads. 137563

- RM-1139-165

ratingratingratingratingrating by: Steve06/13/2014

Review from a similar Roadmaster Rear Anti-Sway Bar

I have a F350 dually with a 2300 pound slide in camper that rocked to the point it was scary to go around a turn. I just installed the rear sway bar and the difference is unbelievable. I have just ordered one for the front. Well worth the money. 135527

- RM-1209-128

ratingratingratingratingrating by: Dave Orton08/10/2013

Review from a similar Roadmaster Rear Anti-Sway Bar

Ordered on Monday and received on Friday. Installed on Saturday. No problem other than I had to trim the urethane bushings with a razor blade so hanger bar would fit over the sway bar end. Etrailer did an excellent job. 94397

- RM-1139-143

ratingratingratingratingrating by: RUDY S03/14/2014

Review from a similar Roadmaster Rear Anti-Sway Bar


- RM-1129-126

ratingratingratingratingrating by: Al05/10/2012

Review from a similar Roadmaster Rear Anti-Sway Bar

It's not the same as a good pair of shocks. My 2008 durango still sways when going over uneven roads. However it does help it in a small way. 39795

- RM-1139-143

ratingratingratingratingrating by: James W06/08/2011

Review from a similar Roadmaster Rear Anti-Sway Bar

Driving in the wind is a breeze. No more rock and roll. Great product. Very Happy 16503

- RM-1129-130

ratingratingratingratingrating by: Robert02/08/2013

Review from a similar Roadmaster Rear Anti-Sway Bar

Very happy with product and service from seller. Thank you, Bob 65473

- RM-1129-130

ratingratingratingratingrating by: Robert02/08/2013

Review from a similar Roadmaster Rear Anti-Sway Bar

Very happy with product and service from seller. Thank you, Bob 65472

- 1139-178

ratingratingratingratingrating by: gojaime04/19/2012

Review from a similar Roadmaster Rear Anti-Sway Bar

All done as promised. 37728


Ask the Experts about this Roadmaster Anti-Sway Bars
Expert Answers about Roadmaster Rear Anti-Sway Bar for Motor Homes - RM-1259-108Do you have a question about this Anti-Sway Bars?

  • Roadmaster Rear Anti-Sway Bar for 2005 Newmar Kountry Star 3302
  • According to my research, your Newmar Kountry Star uses a Workhorse W-22 chassis, which would use the # RM-1259-108 Rear Anti-Sway Bar. Unless your motorhome uses a Firestone Ride-Rite air suspension kit, everything needed to install the Roadmaster anti-sway bar is included. If your motorhome does use the Firestone Ride Rite air suspension, an additional bracket kit, part # RM-590054-00 will need to be welded to the bottom of the air bag bracket. The RM-1139-143 is designed for motorhomes...
    view full answer...

  • Parts Recommended that Will Reduce Sway and Driver Fatigue in a 2010 Fleetwood Fiesta Motor Home
  • One way to fix sway problems on a motor home is to brace the rear axle, to eliminate excessive axle side movement. The Blue Ox TigerTrak, # TT2302, and similar products, mount between the rear axle and the chassis and hold the axle in place. This will greatly reduce rear end sway. The TT2302 is the correct part for the Workhorse W22 chassis. This part is very similar to the Davis TruTrac bars made by Roadmaster and you will see similar results. Adding front and rear sway bars are an...
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  • Recommendation for Roadmaster Front and Rear Sway Bars for a 2005 Fleetwood Bounder 34F
  • Yes I can! For a front sway bar to fit your 2005 Fleetwood Bounder 34F built on a Workhorse W22 chassis you would want the Roadmaster Front Sway Bar part # RM-1259-105 and for a rear sway bar you would want the part # RM-1259-108. I confirmed these fits with Roadmaster so they will work very well for your vehicle.
    view full answer...

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