Sturdy, lightweight Step Gate installs on the passenger's side of your tailgate to provide 2 steps up into your pickup truck bed. Also secures bulky or long items for transport. Removes or folds out of the way in seconds Lowest Prices for the best Truck Bed Accessories from Convert-A-Ball. Convert-A-Ball Step Gate - Universal Truck Tailgate Step - 2 Steps - Passenger's Side part number CAB-SG-2R can be ordered online at or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.
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Convert-A-Ball Step Gate - Universal Truck Tailgate Step - 2 Steps - Passenger's Side

Convert-A-Ball Truck Bed Accessories

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Convert-A-Ball Truck Bed Accessories - CAB-SG-2R

Sturdy, lightweight Step Gate installs on the passenger's side of your tailgate to provide 2 steps up into your pickup truck bed. Also secures bulky or long items for transport. Removes or folds out of the way in seconds


  • Provides effortless access to truck bed with sturdy handle and 2 steel steps
  • Secures hard-to-transport items
    • Holds lumber, pipe and other long items
    • Cradles bulky items such as propane tanks or water bottles
  • Works on a wide variety of truck tailgates
    • Can be used in trucks that have bed liners or toolboxes
  • Folds out of the way for travel
    • Do not operate truck with step in down position
  • Removes in seconds (brackets stay mounted to tailgate)
  • Won't interfere with towing applications
  • Mounts on passenger's side of tailgate
  • Constructed of black powder coated steel tubing
  • Includes drill bit, wrench and hardware needed for installation


  • Application: passenger's side of pickup truck tailgate
  • Weight capacity: 400 lbs
    • Do not exceed capacity of tailgate
  • Step height: 13"
  • Tube dimension: 1" square

NOTE: On trucks with plastic drop-in bed liners, the bed liner will need to be trimmed so that the mounting plates of the Step Gate are in direct metal-to-metal contact with the tailgate. Sandwiching the bed liner in between the plate and the tailgate will result in the step being unstable and becoming wobbly over time. For trucks with spray-on bed liners, the Step Gate can be mounted directly to the bed liner.

Step Gate securing pipes and gas bottle

Step Gate works as a safe, comfortable way to get up into your truck bed. It's also handy for securing hard-to-transport items such as pipes, construction supplies and gas containers. Double-step gate functions the same way as the single-step model shown above - just fold steps together.

Folded Step

When not needed, Step Gate folds up - step to step - onto the tailgate. All you have to do is close the tailgate and go. The main part of the unit removes easily when necessary.

Notes on Operation

The hinged step brackets of the 2-step model of the Step Gate are secured with a spring-loaded locking bar. Follow these steps to open the hinged bracket.

  1. Grasp the tabs on the locking bar located at the bottom of the step brackets
  2. Pull the locking bar out of the tube until it clears the hinged bracket
  3. Swing the hinged bracket into the down position and let the locking bar return to the resting position in the upper step bracket tube

Warning: Do not operate your truck with the step in the down position. Always stow the step bracket before moving your vehicle.

SG-2R Convert-A-Ball 2-Step Gate - Universal - Double Mounted Tail Gate Step - Passenger's Side

Video of Convert-A-Ball Step Gate - Universal Truck Tailgate Step - 2 Steps - Passenger's Side

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer
installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Convert-A-Ball Accessory Step Truck Bed Accessories CAB-SG-2R Review

Today we're going to review part number CAB-SG-2R. This is the Convert-A-Ball Step Gate. It's a universal truck tailgate step. It has two steps, and it is designed to be used on the passenger side of the tailgate. They also make a part number that would work on the driver's side. This is for the passenger side.

This will provide an effortless access to your truck bed, with the sturdy handle and the two steel steps. These brackets would attach to the tailgate. When you pull the tailgate down, this would be like the tailgate in the open position. It will work on a wide variety of truck tailgates. It can be used in trucks that have bed liners or tool boxes.

But a note on bed liners: You do need to trim the bed liner so that these mounting plates of the step gate are in direct metal-to-metal contact when you install it. You do not want to sandwich it between the bed liner and the metal tailgate. So it is recommended to trim the bed liner. As you can see, it will fold up and out of the way when travelling. Just fold it all the way back in.

Then you can lift your tailgate up. You do not want to operate the truck with the step in the down position. Now also you can use it to secure hard-to-transport items, so with it folded back like this and you close your tailgate, if you wanted to carry some lumber, pipe, or other real long items, you can flip this up and run the long items through this. This would be sitting with your tailgate closed. This would sit above the tailgate.

You can run your long items through there and it will hold them into place. Also if you have like a propane tank or water bottle in your truck bed and you don't want it sliding around, you can put this around the top of it, and it will cradle that item from moving around in your truck bed. This will not interfere with any towing applications. And again, I'll mention it mounts on the passenger side of the tailgate. It is constructed of a black, powder-coat, steel tubing, and it is a 1"-square steel tubing. It does include the drill bit for drilling the holes to install these base plates, the bolts with the rubber caps to cover the heads of the bolts, and the wrench to tighten the bolts down. So all the hardware needed for installation is included. It does have a weight capacity of 400 lbs. We do recommend to check the weight capacity of your tailgate, because you do not want to exceed the capacity of the tailgate. The step heights are 13", and it does remove in seconds, and the brackets will stay mounted to the tailgate. So if you decide you do not need this on the tailgate anymore, the brackets will be permanently installed. But if you want to remove just the step and the handle, there's a little pin right here that has a knob on it. If you just pull up, it'll unlock it, and then just slide the handle back. As you slide it back, you can see there's cutouts right there on this bar. They would just pull right out, and you can just store this away, and then all you would have is your brackets right on your tailgate. And then when it comes time to put the step back in, all you want to do is take those cutouts right here that you can see, and it will drop right into these brackets on the tailgate. And then just slide it forward, pull up on this pin so you can get it to lock into place. You'll hear that lock into place and it won't go anywhere. It's ready to go. Use it as a step, or fold it up, put it out of the way. And that should do it for the review on part number CAB-SG-2R, the Convert-A-Ball Step Gate. It's a universal truck tailgate step for the passenger side of your truck tailgate.

Customer Reviews

Convert-A-Ball Step Gate - Universal Truck Tailgate Step - 2 Steps - Passenger's Side - CAB-SG-2R

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (40 Customer Reviews)

Sturdy, lightweight Step Gate installs on the passenger's side of your tailgate to provide 2 steps up into your pickup truck bed. Also secures bulky or long items for transport. Removes or folds out of the way in seconds


by: Mike.E03/23/2014

1st I want to thank etrailer for the quick shipping. Within a few hours of placing my order I received two emails. One said my order was in stock at their warehouse and would ship immediately. The second said To expect delivery in 3 to 5 days instead of the 5 to 10 originally quoted. I received it in 4. When looking at the reviews before ordering I noticed several complaints about the box being busted open upon arrival. Mine was also busted open on the end but luckily the hardware package was still there. This seems to be common problem, maybe they need to do something about that. Now on to the step. Installation was fairly easy it took myself and a friend about 1.5 hours. It could be done in only a few minutes on a gate without a bed liner. The step is built well with the exception of one thing. The hing that attaches the second step is too lightweight and attached with small rivets. This thing is rated for 400 lbs. I weigh 265 lb. and the 1st time I stepped on it with a little pressure to see that the tail gate was strong enough the hing immediately stretched at the loops that the pin goes through and the rivets loosened. A hing with welded loops and welded to the step instead of rivets would have fixed this problem. I'm sure I'll need to repair this at some time. Because of the way the step is offset from the handle it has a considerable amount of side flex when stepped on. This shouldn't cause a problem as long as the ears on the bracket don't give up. Overall I think I'll be happy with it and it sure makes it way easier getting in and out of the truck. Oh, and one added bonus, using the handle when opening and closing the gate makes it a lot easier. 121807


My Step Gate is still doing fine and the hinge is still hanging in there although I find myself just using the second step most of the time. If I were to buy another one it would be the one step model. As stated in some other reviews the plastic plugs in the square tube ends do not fit or seal well. Water gets in and sets in the bottom of the tubes while the gate is closed so when the gate is lowered rusty water runs out and all over the gate. An easy fix for this is to drill drain holes in the bottom. Overall I am still happy with my purchase and would buy it again.

Mike.E - 04/11/2015



by: George B.10/10/2013

Great Tailgate step, Easy to install. I can get in and out of the truck a lot safer. When I sleep in the back, I can close the tailgate by using the handle. 103340


by: Lee B.11/17/2014

This double rung tailgate step works great. I am a big guy (300+lbs) and this product has no issues with that. Instalation was easy, I had to cut my tailgate protector so that the step mounting plates sat firmly on the surface of the tailgate (etrailer write-up informed me of that prior to purchase). Only one slight issue with the product... the retaining bar that holds the ladder assembly onto the mounting bracket didn't travel very far (retaining bar barely sat in retaining hole and thus would come out of retaining hole if I hit a bump in the road) I solved this by gently decreasing the gap (with a hard mallet) in the mounting plate reciever slots and drilling a hole in the tailgate to let the retaining bar travel further into retaining hole. I also increased the travel of the retaining bar even further by removing the stop pin located on upper portion of the shaft of the retaining bar. The end result works very well. But again, these were just minor adjustments. The product is great. 161240


by: Charles M.05/10/2013

I recently received my tailgate ladder and installed it today...Man what a difference getting into the bed of my pick up....I ordered the two step ladder and I'm glad I my opinion the one step leaves the step to high...all and all the two step ladder is the way to go...I would definately recommend buying this product 79689


Hi Patrick...still very happy with the product...its holding it up just fine...

Charles M - 06/09/2014



by: Gary C06/14/2014

The installation was very simple. It functions as advertised and sure makes getting up in the truck bed much easier on my 60 year old bones! I recommend it highly. 135576


Hello, yes weve had it for a year and it still works fine. It is very handy to get up into the high truck bed. We are very happy.

Gary C - 06/19/2015



by: Mike W.09/25/2014

A must have ladder. I have a 2014 Ram 1500 with the RamBox bed and a BAKFlip FiberMax - 126203RB folding cover. The ladder works great and was easy to install. However, I didn't want to leave it in the bed to move around since I had to remove it to close the tailgate and cover so I bought a 3/8"X3.5" Handle Locking Pin to replace the bolt and nut. I can now pull the pin to remove the ladder steps and pull the pin up holding the assembly to the tailgate and store the ladder in one side of the RamBox.. 153094


by: Ken B08/05/2014

All that I expected. Delivery was very prompt and in very good condition. Good job.. 144455


Is a great aid to accessing my pick-up bed and also like the propane gas tank holder option Good Product.

Ken B - 08/05/2015



by: John M.02/14/2013

Okay I paid for express shipping 3-5 days Came the 5th day at 7pm. Tracking number they gave was not the shippers but there's so I could not track on my own only with there site so I had no idea when it was coming till after it was here. The step came an is nice but bag that holds the screws an all was ripped open Missing some screws an caps No big thing. Tailgate easy-lift well I ordered one (1) an got five (5) an don't like it at all There are no bushings to go between rod an sheet-metal so I can see a lot of tearing between sheet-metal an rod over time No good in my book. 66350


by: Mike M.07/01/2013

I am a fabricator as a hobby. I was actually designing a product simular to this one to build for myself when I seen this one. It works just as I had hoped, ease of operation and removal is good. little problem : It is a heavy item to ship and the box was opened when I got it. Additional stapping would be a good idea or at least place the two existing staps over the box ends that open would be a simple fix. luckily the parts inside were also bubble wrapped otherwise I'm sure I would be calling for missing parts. 86960


by: Ken07/17/2015

Excellent product. Easy to install, less than 30 minutes. I have a 2012 Ford F150 4x4 with a full size bed (8'). It can be a bit difficult for some to get into the bed without assistance. This has solved that problem. I did add 2 nylon washers with double back tape to the area where the top step contacts the mounting bracket. sent the item in a very timely manner and there customer service is excellent. Definitely a great place to do business with. 212562


by: Larry Y.05/04/2015

I received this product within a week of ordering it and the installation took less than an hour. This service was top notch and I certainly would order from them again. The tail gate ladder works great for this elderly man climbing in and out of my truck. My only regret is that I didn't order this ladder years ago. I like the idea I can lift the locking pin and remove the ladder assembly if needed. Wonderful device, you can't go wrong purchasing this. 189989


by: John R.06/19/2014

Installation was straight forward, no problems, took about half an hour. Makes getting into truck bed a breeze. Unit folds up properly. Easy to remove if it were to interfere with the truck load, but in normal use it remains in place. 136574


by: Gary H.10/11/2012

All parts were complete in the box. Instructions were complete and easily understandable. Had the 2 step gate installed in no time at all with no problems from start to finish. This item is certainly going to make it a lot easier on me getting into and out of the back of my truck since age has taken it's toll as it does on all of us sooner or later. I'd recommend this item. Price is competitive with other stores. 56962


by: Charles P.10/26/2012

Ordered Convert-a-Ball Step Gate expecting it to ship in 2-3 weeks.Very pleased when it arrived in 4 days . Thanks for speedy shipping . Product is exactly as described and exactly what I needed. Makes access to pick-up bed much safer and comfortable for my aging legs!! Will certainly order any future needed accessories for my truck. 58163


by: Bob T11/17/2014

A really nice product, especially for older folks to get into the back of a high pickup. A problem , however, that was not shared is that it will not store or fold up under a tonneau cover. It is however easily removed and can then be left on the floor in front of the tailgate. I would buy it again as it seems strong enough. 161471


by: Buddy Hanna05/31/2015

I am super pleased with my tailgate 2 step. I am 75 years old and it was getting to be a little problem getting in and out of my 13 Chevy. pickup now I'll be able get stuff in and out another 10 years or so. Was real easy to install by myself, Like it when I can still do things for myself. 199170


by: Owen T03/20/2015

Quick shipping. Easy installation but I used a socket set for the screws - enclosed wrench too small. Since my truck is a 4X4, I purchased the 2 step gate based on previous reviews. The step makes it so much easier to get into my truck bed. Should have bought one years ago!!! 179906


by: Fred r06/18/2014

If you can use a drill and turn a wrench then you'll have no problem installing this product. The only question is "how long will it hold up?". We will see. Other then that, delivery was prompt, item was all that was said. Installation a snap, about one hour.(I took my time) 136455


by: Lonnie P.08/24/2013

Step arrived the next day via UPS. I installed that evening and have enjoyed it very much. great item to aid in gettin up down from my Dodge 2500 Ram... Previous to the step I had to set on the tailgate pivot then stand up. Now I just step step and I'm in. 96738


by: Jay t.04/01/2015

Sturdy Product and easy to install. Only issue I had was even folded up I can not close my Roll-BAK Tonneau. Thank goodness it is removable. I utilize a small storage locker in the back that it fits perfectly in when removed and folded. 182122


by: J. B.05/08/2015

The instructions were clear and easy to follow. Including the correct size drill bit and wrench was a nice touch. I ended up removing the bed liner off my tailgate. It just seemed like a neater fit. very well pleased 191452


by: jim L11/15/2013

installed product as soon as it arrived,very pleased with results. Third time i have ordered from e trailer and everything was what it was said to be. would recommend e trailer to anyone. 5 star all the way. 107460


by: Randy M.11/25/2014

So far I am very pleased. My Convert-A-Ball step gate arrived in just three days. No damage at all to the packaging. The step gate is easy to install and makes getting into the bed of my F250 MUCH easier. 162417


by: Mike Burns06/19/2012

The product was just what I expected, the quality was good, and installs in minutes. As for the ordering process it could not have been any easier. Delivery was fast. Great business transaction. 44752


by: Connie D09/16/2013

Put it on our 4-wheel drive truck and like it so much that I ordered a single step for our 2-wheel drive truck!! Us "older" folks need help getting up on the tailgate & this works PERFECT!!! 100127


by: Jay W.03/04/2014

Step went on without a hitch and works great. I bought this as a present for my father to help him get up into the bed of his truck. The step seems very strong. 118474


by: Marie Dorey07/20/2012

Have not put to use as yet,just got it this a.m. There are no bolts to assemble it. Bolts should be with it, as some are longer etc. Rating good except no BOLTS 48708


by: Tim07/26/2013

Great product.. Reasonably priced and good quality. Installed in 30 minutes and holds my weight and I can get in the bed of ny truck easily... Thanks 91803


by: Skip09/17/2012

fantastic follow-up, fast shipping and great prices. If you need car or rv parts, you have to shop at etrailer. 54888


by: Mark12/26/2012

I love the new step should have got one years ago. I have bad knees and this step really helps. Thank you 61916


by: william02/21/2013

recieved my steps fast and in good shape will order more items as time goes on thank you 67209


by: Joyce G05/11/2011

Perfect for us older folks that can't climb as well as we used to. Great product. 13605


by: JIM G11/20/2013

Super fast service and installation was a breeze. Very satisfied!!! 107909


by: Denley06/04/2013

Perfect solution to every "Up-Hi" lifted truck owners dilemma. 83354


by: bill f10/18/2013

recieved in one 1/2 days ups no special frt. great product 104293


by: Dana O07/28/2011

Easy to install and great customer service . 20471


by: Alvah Holcomb09/27/2012

Delivered quick and easy to install. 55886


by: Dave J.07/28/2012

Easy to install and use 49684


by: Dan P02/15/2014

Slice easy to use 116641


by: Lawrence C.09/23/2014

Very good 152644


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  • For your 2014 Ram 2500 Crew Cab you can use bed step # B75306 for the back of the bed or # B7541315 for the side of the bed. Both of these products are made by Bestop. The bed side step # B7541315 can only be installed on the driver side of the truck. And the rear step, # B75306, will not work on models that have dual exhaust. I have included a link to all of the step option that will fit your Ram. Something else to consider is a tailgate step such as # CAB-SG-2R that will attach...
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  • Tailgate Mounted Truck Bed Step with Handle
  • On some Ford trucks they came with a factory bed step that included a handle. That might have been what you saw. There are some aftermarket bed steps that have a handle. Take a look at the Convert-a-Ball step, # CAB-SG-2R. This unit has 2 steps and a handle. It is also available in a single step, # CAB-SG. I have linked a video review for you.
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  • Is the 1 or 2 Step Convert-A-Ball Step Gate Compatible with a 2004 Ram 3500 Diesel 2WD
  • The Convert-A-Ball Step Gates are universal fit items that would both work well on your 2004 Dodge Ram 3500. The 2 step model, # CAB-SG-2R, will make your first step easier than the 1 step model, # CAB-SG. For reference, once the step gate is mounted to your tailgate, the 1 step model will sit 10 inches below your tailgate. On the 2 step model, the first stop will be 20 inches below the tailgate and the second step will sit 10 inches below the tailgate. You will have no problem using...
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  • Stairs for Getting in and out of a Truck Bed Camper in a 2005 Chevy Silverado 1500
  • On the Brophy scissor steps # SS03, they measure just 5-1/2 inches from the mounting surface to the nearest vertical support for the first step so it would not work for you. But you might like hitch step # HE4045 if your truck has a 2 inch trailer hitch receiver. You would use the tailgate as one step then this step as the second step down. Another option is the tailgate step, # CAB-SG-2R, or the Truck-Pal, # 10-3000. These items install on the tailgate and fold out when needed. I have...
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  • Convert-A-Ball Step Gate 2 Part # CAB-SG-2R Interfering with Retractable Tonneau Cover
  • When correctly installed, the Convert-A-Ball Step Gate 2 is approximately 1/2 inch below the top rail of the tail gate when folded into the upward position. You will want to examine the point where the tonneau cover attaches to the tail gate to ensure that the step will not interfere.
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  • Bed Extender and Tailgate Step for a 2007 Ford Explorer Sport Trac
  • The Convert-A-Ball Kwik Gate Bed Extender and Tailgate Step, # KG48, is considered a universal fit item. It measures 48 inches wide. You will need to measure your bed width to determine if it will fit your 2007 Ford Explorer Sport Trac. I am not convinced that it is a fit based on the 48 inch measurement. The reason is because the other bed extenders we carry are also not listed as a fit and they are at least 48 inches wide. But you may be interested in # CAB-SG-2R. This is also a...
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  • Recommendation for a 2-Step Tailgate Step for a Truck with a Tonneau Cover
  • There are 2 different 2-step version of the Convert-A-Ball Step Gate. For the passengers side, we have # CAB-SG-2R. If your tonneau cover just rests on the top of the tail gate it will not interfere with where the steps mount to the tailgate.
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  • How are Aluminum Scissor Steps # AS03 Installed
  • Depending on where you wanted to mount the Aluminum Scissor Steps, # AS03, you would use the included mounting bracket, which you can see in the fourth picture on the product page. Click on it to enlarge the picture. The bracket attaches to your chosen mounting location using the 4 screws that are included. You can see them in the last picture. They will need to be attached to a solid metal section of the truck, so it can handle the weight of being used. With the bracket installed,...
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  • Installation Instructions for the Convert-A-Ball Step Gate
  • I attached a picture to this page that has the installation instructions for the Convert-A-Ball Step Gate # CAB-SG-2R that you referenced.
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  • Installing Convert-A-Ball Step Gate # CAB-SG-2R Over Spray-On Bed Liner
  • I spoke with my Convert-A-Ball representative, who tells me that installing the Step Gate # CAB-SG-2R over a plastic bed liner will prevent it from working properly, but installing it over a spray-in liner would be perfectly acceptable, and would not affect the function or performance of the step.
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  • Compatibility of Convert-A-Ball Step Gate # CAB-SG-2R with 2012 Dodge Ram With Solid Tonneau Cover
  • The handle of the Convert-A-Ball Step Gate, part # CAB-SG-2R does break the plane of the top of the truck bed when closing the tailgate. The overall height of the handle is 17-1/4 inches above the tailgate. This may interfere with a solid tonneau cover on your truck bed and require you remove the Step Gate to close the tailgate. There is a quick release that allows the Step Gate to be removed if the whole tailgate or bed is needed. The Step Gate can be mounted at any point across the...
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  • Truck Bed Step for a 2013 Dodge Ram 1500 Crew Cab with Dual Exhaust
  • At this time there are no rear steps that will fit a 2013 Ram 1500 Crew Cab with dual exhaust. There would be interference issues. We do have some other options, see link to the right. You could install side step # AS-550. You can see in the pictures and video I have linked that the step is on the side of the bed behind the cab. We also have universal fit steps like # CAB-SG-2R that install on the tailgate. I have linked a video review of this step as well.
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  • Truck Bed Step for 2013 Silverado That Works with Tailgate Open
  • The bottom step of the Brophy Hitch Stair # RHS2 would still be usable with the tailgate down, but the top step would be blocked by the tailgate, so it might not be the best choice for you. In addition to the Hitch Stair, we offer several other options that might work for you. Bestop offers the Trek Step, part # B75300 which mounts under the vehicle, and will extend or retract with a push of the foot. It's really a slick system, you can see how it installs by clicking the provided...
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  • Will the Convert-A-Ball Step Gate Work with Side Mounted Tool Boxes on a 2003 F-350 Super Duty
  • Yes, the Convert-A-Ball Step Gate, item # CAB-SG-2R can be mounted at any point across the tailgate to be used in conjunction with side mounted toolboxes. There is also a quick release that allows the step gate to be removed if the whole tailgate or bed is needed. We have an online video, see link, that details how the step gate is mounted and used. With the top of your tailgate at 38 inches above level ground the first step will be 18 inches up from the ground. The remaining two steps...
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  • Where Can the Convert-A-Ball Step Gate Be Installed on a Tailgate
  • The Convert-A-Ball Step Gate # CAB-SG-2R that you referenced can be installed on your tailgate in near the edge of the tailgate or near the center. It is up to you where you would like to install it. Since you have tool boxes in your bed you could align the # CAB-SG-2R on your tailgate in such a way that it would not interfere with your toolboxes. I attached a review video for this product for you to check out also.
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  • Corrosion Resistant Truck Bumper for a Winnipeg, Canada Winter
  • To answer the last question first, the Bestop step, # B75300, is aluminum so it should hold up well against corrosion. I would still rinse it off with fresh water it at all possible if you got the chance to do so. If packed with snow the moving parts will be stiff and could lock up in extreme cold. But if you can knock snow and ice out/off of the step then it should break free and operate like normal. Given the conditions that you will be in a different type of step might be a better...
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  • Installing Convert-A-Ball Step Gate # CAB-SG-2R on 2013 GMC Sierra with Bed LInder
  • We have not yet completed an installation of the Convert-A-Ball Step Gate, so we do not have an actual install video, but we do have a video that we received from Convert-A-Ball that shows the Step Gate installed on a truck that has a spray-in bed liner. On trucks that have a spray-in liner, the Step Gate can be installed directly over the liner. On trucks with plastic drop-in bed liners, the bed liner will need to be trimmed so that the mounting plates of the Step Gate are in direct...
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  • Trailer Hitch Mount or Truck Bed Mount Step to Clear Lowered Tailgate
  • You might be interested in the HitchMate TruckStep, # HE4045. The step extends out 23-1/2 inches from the face of the trailer hitch receiver. Depending on the position of the receiver and the length of the tailgate when down, this could work. We also have the nifty tailgate step, # CAB-SG-2R, so you could use the tailgate to your advantage. I have included links to the right to videos on both of these steps for you.
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  • Rear Mounted Truck Bed Step for 2005 Nissan Titan
  • Bestop doesn't make a Trek Step that's compatible with the Nissan Titan, but there are some other options available. If your Titan is equipped with a 2 inch receiver, there are plenty of hitch mounted steps available. Some, like the Pilot # CR-600 or the Carr # CARR183012 would be used with the tailgate closed. Other choices, like the Heininger # HE4045 is extendable so it can be used with the tailgate open. Convert-A-Ball and Topline offer alternatives that would bolt to the inside...
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  • Will the Convert-A-Ball Step Gate Tailgate Step Fit on a 2011 Ford F-150 with a Bed Liner
  • Convert-A-Ball does tell us that the Step Gate Steps, like # CAB-SG-2R, can be installed if the truck has a bed liner. The bed liner does not have to be removed. I have included a link to an information video from Convert-A-Ball for you to view.
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  • Is Step Portion of Convert-A-Ball Step Gate # CAB-SG-2R Available Separately
  • The Convert-A-Ball Step Gate is offered in two versions, single step # CAB-SG and double step # CAB-SG-2R, but the step portions are not offered individually, only as part of the complete step assembly. You might be better served by a hitch-mount step such as those shown on the link provided. These are offered in sizes for both 1-1/4-inch and 2-inch hitches.
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  • Can Air Bags be Used if Leaves in Factory Suspension are Removed from 2012 Dodge Ram 3500
  • Air bags are meant to assist the factory suspension. Removing leaves in the leaf spring stack would reduce the capacity of the truck, despite having air bags, so that would not be a good idea. A truck bed step such as # TS2000-01 or # CAB-SG-2R would help you to get in and out of the bed easier and you would not have to worry about modifying the suspension or anything.
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  • Will the Convert-A-Ball Step Gate # CAB-SG-2R fit a 2010 Chevy Avalanche
  • Yes, I have spoken with my contact at Convert-A-Ball about this before and they said that Chevy Avalanches like your 2010 model are compatible with the Convert-A-Ball Step Gate # CAB-SG-2R. I attached a review video for this product for you to check out as well.
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