If your vehicle already has a 4-way flat, this kit includes everything you need to install an electric trailer brake controller and 7-way connector. If there's not an existing 4-way flat on your vehicle, you can purchase one separately. Call 800-298-8924 to order etrailer Accessories and Parts part number ETBC7 or order online at etrailer.com. Free expert support on all etrailer products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Universal Installation Kit for Trailer Brake Controller - 7-Way RV and 4-Way Flat - 10 Gauge Wires. Accessories and Parts reviews from real customers.
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Universal Installation Kit for Trailer Brake Controller - 7-Way RV and 4-Way Flat - 10 Gauge Wires

etrailer Accessories and Parts

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etrailer Accessories and Parts - ETBC7

If your vehicle already has a 4-way flat, this kit includes everything you need to install an electric trailer brake controller and 7-way connector. If there's not an existing 4-way flat on your vehicle, you can purchase one separately.


  • Kit includes wiring and accessories required for installation of a trailer brake controller (sold separately) in your vehicle
    • Designed for use on a vehicle with an existing 4-way flat trailer connector
  • 25' Long, 10-gauge duplex wire is wrapped in an abrasion-resistant cover
    • Connect one wire to the blue wire on the brake controller
    • Connect one wire to the positive post on the vehicle's battery via the included 40-amp circuit breaker
  • Pre-wired 7- and 4-way trailer connector mounts easily at rear of vehicle with included bracket
    • Plugs into existing 4-way trailer connector on vehicle
  • Heavy-duty circuit breakers - (1) 20 amp, (1) 30 amp, and (1) 40 amp
  • Circuit tester helps you find the stoplight switch wire above the brake pedal
  • Also includes hardware for installation:
    • Ring terminals for battery and breaker hookup
    • Quick-splice wiring connectors
    • Self-tapping screws
    • Zip-ties
    • Wire loom for a professionally installed appearance

installation instructions linkInstallation Details


  • No existing 4-pole connector: If your vehicle does not already have a 4-pole flat trailer connector installed, the etrailer.com application guide can be used to find the easy-to-install connector made specifically for your vehicle.
  • Extra-long vehicles: If you drive a crew cab, extended cab with long bed, cargo van, or extended-length SUV, 10' of extra wire (ETBCXW - sold separately) will make installation much easier.

7-Way and 4-Way Trailer Connector

Picture of included 7 pole and 4 pole trailer connector

Wiring Diagram for Trailer Brake Controller Installation

Wiring diagram of brake controller installation

ETBC7 Universal Installation Kit for Electric Trailer Brake Control - 7-Way Blade and 4-Pole Flat - 10 Gauge Wires

Video of Universal Installation Kit for Trailer Brake Controller - 7-Way RV and 4-Way Flat - 10 Gauge Wires

Videos are provided As a guide only. Refer To manufacturer
installation instructions And specs For complete information.

Video Transcript for etrailer Accessories and Parts ETBC7 Review

Today, we're going to be taking a look at part number ETBC7. This is a Universal Installation Kit for a trailer brake controller. This kit includes your wiring and accessories that are required for installation of a trailer brake controller. That would be sold separately and that would be one that mounts in your vehicle. This is designed for use on a vehicle with an existing four-way flat trailer connector. You can see right here, this is going to be your plug that's going to plug into the existing connection point.

Now, if your vehicle does not have a four-pole flat trailer connector installed, the etrailer.com Application Guide can be used to find the easy-to-install connector that would be made specifically for your vehicle. What I want to do with this video is just go over everything that comes with part number ETBC7. You're going to get 25-foot-long, 10-gauge duplex wire. It's going to be wrapped in an abrasion-resistant cover. All you have to do is connect one wire to the blue wire on your brake controller and then connect one wire to the positive post on the vehicle's battery via the included 40-amp circuit breaker. You can see you're going to get 3 provided circuit breakers.

Now, if you drive a crew cab, extended cab with a long bed, cargo van, or extended-length SUV, 10 foot of extra wire will make the installation much easier. You can purchase that separately with part number ETBCXW. This portion right here is going to be the Pre-Wired 7 and 4-Way Trailer Connector. It's going to mount easily at the rear of the vehicle with the included bracket and the mounting hardware. You can see right here that it has a nice spring-loaded cover that goes over the 7-Way, and then it's got a dust cap that goes over the 4-Way Trailer Connector. Nice plastic construction, very heavy-duty.

Those covers are going to come in handy, especially when it comes to keeping dirt and moisture out of the connection points, which is going to prevent corrosion. Back here, it's all molded in, so none of the connection points are going to be exposed to the elements. Then you got all the exposed wire hanging out of the back of it with the butt connectors and the ring terminal on there, as well as the 4-way connection that's going to plug into the existing connection point on your vehicle. Right here, you're going to see 3 heavy-duty circuit breakers. You're going to get 1 20-amp, 1 30-amp, and 1 40-amp circuit breaker.

3 are provided, but only 2 are going to be used, and you need to refer to your brake controller's instructions to see if it's going to require the 20-amp or 30-amp circuit breaker. This right here is going to be the included circuit tester. This is going to help you find the stoplight switch wire above the brake pedal. It's also going to include everything that you need for your installation as far as the hardware. You're going to get your ring terminals. You're going to get 4 small ring terminals and 3 large ring terminals. You're going to get your 2 quick spliced wiring connectors, 4 butt connectors. You're going to get self-tapping screws, looks like you're going to get 4 small screws and 1 large screw. The 4 small screws are going to be to mount 2 circuit breakers. So even though you see 3 are provided, you're only going to use 2 of those, and each one is going to require 2 screws. That's why the 4 small self-tapping screws are included. You're going to get 1 large one as well. You're going to get 10 zip ties. That's just going to help clean up your install look, so that you can secure your wires underneath your vehicle. You're also going to get a wire loom for a professionally installed appearance, and you're going to get some detailed instructions that etrailer put together for you. It's going to have step-by-step guides that are going to take you through the complete installation, as well as a nice, detailed illustration with the image here that's color-coded, so it's going to be able to easily point out what color wire goes where and where everything needs to be located on your particular vehicle. That's going to do it for our review of part number ETBC7. This is the Universal Installation Kit for a trailer brake controller. .

Customer Reviews

Universal Installation Kit for Trailer Brake Controller - 7-Way RV and 4-Way Flat - 10 Gauge Wires - ETBC7

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (563 Customer Reviews)

If your vehicle already has a 4-way flat, this kit includes everything you need to install an electric trailer brake controller and 7-way connector. If there's not an existing 4-way flat on your vehicle, you can purchase one separately.


by: matt02/24/2014

product was excellent and COMPLETE. everything you need with very DETAILED directions. i also ordered the prodigy P2 to complete my install. both were excellent and very recommended. only modification was on the actual plastic cover on bumper, i cut away minimal pieces with razor knife for perfect fit. you can look at all the pics to check out install. I took advantage of the reverse light wire and put LED light bar on back of trailer. i made one email to e trailer for exact numbers for my make and model. the response was pretty impressive. Full detail with pictures and product numbers all set up so all i had to do was press order and pay for it. This is how american companies are supposed to be ran......I LOVE IT!!!! 117533


Your products are awesome. Ive had zero issues with it and 5 of my friends purchased and installed the same set up in there trucks. Thanks again for the great products and excellent support.

matt - 03/05/2015



by: Penguin09/12/2013

Overall the kit is a nice package and it was great having an installation video for my vehicle which made installation much simpler than trying to figure it out with an instruction sheet. The negative issue I had with this kit was the quality of the small self tapping screws and the bolts and nuts that mount the 7-Way Trailer Connector to the hitch. I had 2 of the self tapping screws' heads snap off while attempting to mount them to the inside of the engine compartment. The two nuts used for the bolts to attach the 7-Way Trailer Connector were bad - one wouldn't screw onto the bolt and one stripped as I was tightening it. The installation videos are awesome because it is so much easier to watch the instructions rather than read them. There were a couple of issues with the installation video for the 2008 Hyundai Entourage. The first issue was the narration in regards to the installation of the circuit breakers. The narrator stated that the 20 Amp Circuit Breaker was installed on the rear firewall. He then stated to run the power wire from the 7-Way Connector to the breaker mounted on the rear firewall, which would have been the 20 Amp breaker. The 40 Amp circuit breaker is the correct circuit breaker used to connect to the power wire to the 7-Way Connector. I would recommend anyone watching the videos to just double check with the installation instructions to verify that you install the kit correctly. The other issue I had with the video was what I believed to be a bit misleading. The installation video showed the installation of a rubber grommet in the hole that is drilled out near the brake pedal. Maybe it is just me, but I had watched this video a couple of times before I ordered the ETBC7 kit and assumed that the rubber grommet would have been included in the kit, but it is not. It would have been nice if the video made a statement about purchasing the rubber grommet separately. Unfortunately, I had to stop in the middle of installing this kit to run to the auto store to purchase a rubber grommet and then to the hardware store to purchase stronger bolts, nuts, and self tapping screws. Not a huge deal, but it was an inconvenience. I did appreciate the super fast shipping and the good prices that etrailer.com has to offer. The free shipping is really nice, too. Etrailer.com, I hope that you don't think I am slamming your company, because I am not. I just wanted to give a fair and honest review for my purchase and experience with your product. 99715


by: Dan H03/25/2014

Re: Install on a 2000 Chevy K3500 LS Full size Pickup 4x4 This Kit and instructions are very handy and included just about everything you will need. You may need an additional 25' or so of 12g wire, per directions to run Brake Controller + Power and - Ground to battery. This info is specific to the above vehicle. Trying to even see or much less reach the brake pedal switch or wiring, and work on it, even with removing all dash panels is a no go. Per help I received from etrailer support, there is a small white wire going up the steering column in a large bundle of wiring. What I found: The Left side of bundle has the smaller gauge wire that is only hot when brake pedal is depressed. (There are 2 larger gauge white wires on right side of bundle, not them) Here's what I did: remove plastic panel below steering wheel, 4 screws at bottom edge and spring clips across middle upper part, pull out slowly and gently. Remove emergency brake handle by pushing in on plastic clips on either side. Then turn clip on cable retainer so cable can go out thru it. Remove heater hose to vent of panel by twisting, pulling down gently. Remove metal panel under center of steering wheel, 2 screws, and push heater tube out of that. Possibly remove large metal panel surrounding that - 4 screws, easy. Use included test probe to verify small white wire is cold until brake depressed. Clip ground wire to flange of metal support tube, gently push test probe tip into wire. Gently cut and peel back rubber boot and possibly a tape wrap to get good access to wire. Attach splice wire that will go to Red wire on Brake Controller. Tape splice and re wrap up the wires and boot. Put back together. 122183


Brake controller is performing very well, happy with product.

Dan H - 03/25/2015



by: Ryan H.08/06/2014

Thanks eTrailer.com! My wire kit arrived with all of the necessary parts very quickly! Using your install video helped to make my install a breeze, Thank You for the install videos! The video was easy to understand and I was able to buildup on it a little. I tried to wrap the wires at the engine from the frame to the battery with protective sleeve for a little added protection. Also, I would like to recommend adding an additional ring terminal with the kit... I ended up clamping on onto the ground for the wire harness of the brake controller only to realize the cable was too short. I ended up needing 1 extra but a trip to the part store did the job! Thanks again! I look forward to seeing how my weight distributing hitch is going to work now :) Ryan Denver, CO 144786


by: Tod09/10/2014

Worked great, easy install. I have the factory tow package w/ my 2012 JK Wrangler but it comes with a four way plug. My camping trailer doesn't exceed the 3500 lb towing capacity but it does have the 7 way plug plus I wanted to run trailer brakes. This kit has it all and the video on etrailer is the way to go. I took my laptop to the garage with me and went step by step with the video. Wiring was installed in 30 minutes and another 15 for the trailer brake controller. Everything works perfect. Here are the only two pointers I have. You might want to watch the intall video first. I was knee deep into install and the video instructions said "Now is when we run the wire from the battery back to under the dash for the brake controller, here is the wire we have left and it's not long enough, you need to order part # ........" which is extra wire. That would have been nice to know before starting. They did they same thing with a nut to ground the ground wire to the neg side of the battery. He got to that part and it said "Now is when we ground to the battery using the factory screw, you will need part # ......." which is a 2 cent nut. Why they included everything needed and didn't throw in a 1/4 nut that coust pennies I don't know but of course I was almost done and didn't have an extra nut. Everything worked out because the extra wire I had was long enough to reach under the dash and I grounded using the factory post and nut on the battery. Just beware they say to order certain parts after you have started and say you will need extra zip ties, etc... Watch the install vid first to make sure you have everything extra. Not complaining. Once again works perfect and easy easy install using the video. Don't try it with the paper intructions. I bought the Tekonsha 90195 P3 Electronic Brake Control to go along with this kit. 150532


by: Glenn03/24/2011

The brake was mounted as shown in my pictures. Even though my 2008 Acadia did not have the towing package, the connector is there for the brake and by using a female push to connect crimp on I was able to use the connector to get my brake signal. See the picture of the connector. The battery in my Acadia is not under the hood but behind the passenger seat in the floor and therefore is a bit more of a challenge to run the power wires to. I have attached a picture of the battery bay and how I mounted the circuit breakers. I'm not sure how it is going to be to get this battery out when the time comes but I will leave that for another day. The only negative thing I would have to say about this is that there wasn't enough of the 10 gauge wire for my install. I was about 2 feet short and had to grab some from my work. 10261


by: Dave P.09/28/2015

I purchased this knowing it was universal, and that it was low end in price. Just to save you some grief, go out and buy some longer/stronger zip ties, some beefier self-tapping screws, and some extra wire. If you want a stout holder for the plug, this one seems pretty flimsy, but when everything is together, it stiffens up. One's in the store are thicker and stronger...that's up to you. The instruction are pretty clear. It is physically challenging to move around under the vehicle, so you may want to use a pit or lift to gain easier access. The self tapping screws do not automatically break. They break when you go to tighten them up snug. You may get by with them if you go really slow. I just prefer to use stronger ones. When using the tester, make sure to connect the clip to something metallic to get a reading. There is not enough wire to actually connect a brake controller. Go get some wire. I wound up having to use extra for the ground wire. Not much...about 6 feet or so. There are just enough connectors and screws so if you don't want to get stopped mid project, have some extras on hand. Overall, I am pleased with the unit, and for the price I am pleased. If I had paid more, I would have expected more, but i have to admit, those doggone screws really bothered me. See the pics of the install. The best part of the transaction was the customer service. They were patient and helpful...definitely the people you want to talk to if you are just getting into this like me. 228167


by: Rob Rod03/28/2014

I previously purchased and installed the model 75517 Draw-Tite Max-Frame Trailer Hitch Receiver - Custom Fit - Class III - 2" AND the model 118421 T-One Wiring Harness with 4-Pole Flat Trailer Connector and installed them on my 2007 Dodge Nitro. I then decided that since I had went this far with towing capabilities I might as well install a Trailer Brake Controler which required a 7-Pole Trailer Connector. This ETBC7 kit seemed like the right way to go, so that's what I did and it worked out perfect. 122721


by: Rick B03/14/2015

The etrailer video I watched of this product showed the reverse light wire left disconnected. I connected mine. I also bought some extra convoluted tubing for under the hood, and some expandable braid sleeving for under the dash, and added a connector near the kick panel for connecting to the brake controller. To mount the brake controller, I removed the storage tray next to the ignition switch. Shimming the brake controller bracket allows it to fit nicely there (2007 Tacoma). Under the hood, I used the 20 amp breaker. The 20 amp breaker is for 1 and 2 axle brakes, and the 30 amp is for 3 and 4 axle brakes. I wanted to find some rubber insulator boots for the breaker terminals since theses are hot all the time, but I had to use electrical tape and shrink sleeving. Level of difficulty was moderate. I was very pleased with the results. 178290


by: James D10/06/2014

Kit arrived on time and just in time for the weekend. Unfortunately giving me some work to do. I usually don't work on my cars, but felt this one was fairly simple. I already had a 4 pin setup on my FJ Cruiser and this kit was recommended by Etrailer. Installation took a few hours (Including brake controller, Tekonsha P2). I did not hurry, helped the wife with some things, triple checked my work the whole way through and had a few cold ones to battle the SoCal heat. In the end, everything worked as expected. I saved $450.00 by doing it myself and not having Ca**ingw*rld do it for me. A few things about the FJ Cruiser 2014 model with tow package (4 pin connector for lights) OEM Hitch And indeed the cold side of the brake pedal switch was Green/Yellow. The tester that came with the package helped me find this quickly. Don't go by what I wrote, satisfy yourself by verifying it, it was very simple to do. My only concern through the whole process was routing the cable from the back up into the engine compartment. Just use logic as you are routing it and also make sure to properly secure the cable so that it does not become dislodge. Mr. Zip Tie came in handy and I bought some more in addition to what came with the package as I figure if one zip tie is good, 20 more zip ties must be great. Overall I was very pleased, saved $450.00, learned something new and have a 7 pin/4 pin connector for my travel trailer 154839


by: Dan B.08/16/2012

First of all, eTrailer.com is tops with customer service. I mistakenly order a 1-1/4" tube cover and the good folk at etrailer caught the discrepancy and called my to double check that I was ordering what I wanted or needed. My order shipped promptly and everything I ordered was in the package when it arrived at my door. The ETBC7 Bake Controller 7 and 4 way wiring kit, as advertised, included everything- well almost everything - I needed to install a 7 way plug while also providing a 4 way plug so that we can tow our new travel trailer with electric brakes. I say almost because I needed to round up a few extra items to complete the project. These included an extra 3/8" eye connector. The kit includes two but the electric brake controller I chose made it clear in their installation instructions that it should be grounded directly to the battery and not the body of the car. I also needed some longer zip ties than those provided. I also needed to pick up a rubber grommet for the hole I had to drill in my firewall. But, I can't imagine that each vehicle will have unique requirements beyond what this install kit provides, so I can highly recommend this kit to anyone who needs to install a brake controller. The only thing I was disappointed with was that the plug receptacle was made out of plastic. Perhaps this is best as it dose reduce weight ( a bit) and no corrosion is suppose. 51995


by: David06/09/2014

This kit, when coupled with the great instruction video provided by trailer, was about perfect. Every part was provided, quality was good, delivery excellent. It took me more than 8 hours to install the brake controller on my Subaru but I am a slow worker. It is hard to route everything. My car and trailer are in the driveway waiting for me to test the system out. Note: if you are using a subaru OEM hitch, the No-Drill Mount Bracket, Long - 18136 is not useful. Be sure to buy 30 feet 12 gauge red wire. Lots of tape, extra wire loom, extra zip ties, dielectric grease, loom clamps with self threading screws. 134787


We have just returned from a month long journey in our small trailer. The brake controller and wiring harness system works flawlessly. Your instructional support and customer service and follow up are truly extraordinary. I have ordered from you a number of times now and never been disappointed.Thank you

David - 06/09/2015



by: okie dokie05/17/2015

I didn't like the way this plug was designed. Plug one end to your 4 way switch, ground one and run the rest under your car to your battery. No way. Glad they didn't suggest a duck-tape. I cut all the ends from wires and used soldering iron, heat shrink, proper size wires and electrical tape to make everything flawless and strong. Took my seats out and ran the wires from back to front under carpet with existing vehicle wires. I double checked all my wires and found out that inclosed instructions are very confusing. Looking at the picture of the 7 way plug, wire colors match but locations do not. Do not freak out. If you followed colors it is all wired correctly but it should be noted that picture is for reference only. Going clockwise (instruction picture) 12V, running lights, left turn,ground,brake output and right turn. Real plug is: 12V, right turn, brake output, ground, left turn and running lights. Remember it is all wired correctly and it is just wrong in the picture. Center for reverse is the same. For regular size truck you might also need to purchase longer cable than the one provided, just so you could follow contours of your truck. Plastic grommets for firewall and back of the truck are not provided neither. If I would to do this again, I would purchase all the needed parts separately and with the extra saved cash I would buy needed parts and wires. 193897


by: Chris S02/15/2011

Somewhat difficult to install this product without vehicle-specific instructions. I installed this on a 2009 Hyundai Santa Fe and had a difficult time finding an opening in the firewall to route the cables/wires. This problem could have been mitigated with a few helpful suggestions up front. Also, mounting the breakers is difficult due to a lack of room in the engine compartment. I did resolve all of these problems, but it took the better part of 7 hours. Regardless of the problems, all of the parts were of high quality and the final installation looks good. 7196


by: Scott M.03/15/2011

Installed this on a 2003 Nissan Pathfinder SE, with a factory receiver and 4 pin connector already in place. I've never done something like this before, so it took me a while - the better part of a day to be exact. The Pathy's factory 4 pin is on the driver's side, but the battery in the engine compartment is on the passenger side, in the front of the engine bay... the duplex cable supplied was long enough to make the initial brake connection inside the cab, and to the battery, but I did not have enough wire left to run the power lead from the battery to the brake controller. Also, because this was my first time doing this kind of install, I messed up a few of the connectors - the kit only has enough to make all the connections once - don't mess up, or you'll be short. I have to say though that everything supplied seemed of very high quality - I especially liked the 10 ga. duplex wire and the combo 4/7 pin box; very nice. I watched the video's of several different installs and I have to say they were super for confidence building - it really was pretty easy in hindsight, just very futzy-putzy for a 1st time installer. Can't wait now to pick up our new tent trailer next month! Overall, I'm very satisfied with this purchase - just wish I didn't have to make a 'parts run' in the middle of the install. 9415


by: Sebastien L04/27/2013

Great product. Tips for Mazda 5 Owners. I own a 2008. The toughest part of the install was tapping the brake wire. Finding a way through the firewall was a challenge as well. Here are my recommendations. Brake Wire: You have a quick splice in the connector in the kit that is intended to splice the wire from the brake switch. The catch, unless you are a tiny person, this is a very hard place to get into as its tucked in above the brake pedal. The easy way, remove the door sill pannel (held in with clips) and then the trim pannel on the left of the footwell (held with a gromet). Once off you'll see a wire harness with a bunch of wires coming out. You want to splice the Yellow/Green wire. Lastly the quick splice connector in the kit is the incorrect gauge for these wires. So you either want to pre-strip the wire or find a suitable gauge one. Cable routing: You could go under the vehicle or event easier, remove the frond and back doorsills (clipped in) and you find a very easy to route trough cable through. Engine bay access: Looking in the engine compartment, bellow and to the left of the steering pump, you'll find a white X shaped plug. Twist and remove and this will give you an access right next to you gas peddle. Once I figured out all these things the install went like a charm. 78097


by: Brandon P.05/27/2013

I ordered this wiring harness to install in my 2001 Toyota Tundra to go along with Prodigy P2 brake controller. I'm absolutely satisfied with the harness and how easy it made it to wire my truck so I could tow my new trailer. The kit comes with everything needed to do a professional job, and without too much effort. One thing I wish the kit came with was the rubber grommet used to protect the wires once you drill through the fire wall and a small tube of Di-electric grease. I had to run to the hardware store to purchase those items, but other than that I think I made a great purchase. The install was pretty straight forward, as I referenced the brake controller installation video several times. Without the video, it may have taken longer. I think it took me around 4 hours to install. And that's being very methodical in running the wires from the rear bumper to the engine compartment. Great job on the video guys. Without this kit I would have taken my truck in and paid someone else to do the install, so etrailer saved me about $70 in installation costs. If you're in need of a 7 pole RV harness to install a brake controller and only have a 4 pole flat on your rig, and feel comfortable completing the install yourself, this kit will do the job. Thanks etrailer. 82058


by: Edward01/03/2011

Brake controller installation It took longer that it should have to connect the controller, but I was being very careful, I would check and then double check to make sure everything was alright. I wanted to do a nice clean job so I took my time. The hardest part was making sure I had the right wire connected for the brake signal to the controller, but even that was not difficult to do. I took some pictures of when I started a task and the end result. 4921


by: Ray J.04/22/2012

Used to install in my 2005 Lincoln Navigator. This kit helped out a lot. I would have given it 5 stars, but had to make several mods in order for it to work! First mod was to the 4 way plug, it did not fit my factor 4way plug. So u will either have to splice the wires or cut the rubber seal from around the prongs to plug it in. Next the mounting bracket will not work on the 05/06 Navigator. You will have to cut the top mounting part off,so that it is just a flat square. The next thing is there is not enough zip ties, you will need at least 10 more. I did not use the fuses either, went with a inline standard fuse holder (30amp). When all is said and done. The wire and connectors really came in handy and the product is install. Hope the picture below will help others out because, I couldn't find any info on where to mount the 7-way. But found a creative location that still has somewhat of a factory look! 38028


Have you had any troubles using the inline fuse vice the circuit breaker they reccomend?

comment by: Glenn - 07/10/2015



None at all

comment by: Ray J - 07/17/2015



by: Byron D08/22/2014

Excellent service, one stop shopping on web, you guys had everything that I needed in one place. After the order was place I was notified that shipping would be expedited at no charge, I placed order on Thursday and received all products on Tuesday. I also received several follow up emails from the company to make sure everything arrived and I had no further questions or problems. I Could not ask for a better experience or a better company. 148042


Thank you for taking the time to check back with me to see how everything was going after a year. I have been very pleased with the products and the service that I received from etrailer.com, keep up the great work.

Byron D - 08/24/2015



by: Mike R04/23/2012

The product was exactly as it is advertized. No complaints. The only issue I had was the rubber boot on the 4 way connector that goes to the existing four way on the vehicle. My 4 way connector on the truck (2005 Ford Expedition) had a rubber boot on it as well and did not fit directly. I spoke to the sales rep Tamra regarding this and she directed me to a video showing the installation on a Ford Van. The video showed the adapter with the rubber boot sliding into the rubber boot on the Van side. Unfortunately on the Expedition, it did not fit and I had to cut the rubber boot off of the adapter to make it fit. Was not a big deal, but I would caution buyers that the boot will have to be cut on the adapter for the 2005 Ford Expedition's. It may be the same for other years and other models I am not sure. I did read about other customers who had to do similar things on different vehicles. All in All I was very pleased with the shipping time and quality. I was also very impressed with the customer service. They were very patient and understanding my questions about the product. Will do business again and recommend to others. 38095


by: Erik Mc04/05/2014

JUST BUY THIS KIT ALREADY!! Read on.... This kit had almost everything I needed for my (new to me) 2007 Dodge Durango without the 'tow package' and I pull the heck out of a single axle '07 Fleetwood Williamsburg Tent Trailer. My aim was to have this turn out to be a professional install. The only items I needed (that the kit did not have) was a seven foot length of heavy wire required to run the ground from the brake controller (probably could have just grounded it the chassis under the dash but the paper instructions show the ground going to the battery) and an 18" length of smaller gauge wire to go from the red brake controller wire to the brake light switch wire. When the job was done everything tested perfect at the connector and It took me about 4.5 hours since I like things to look pretty everywhere. The price for everything you get in this awesome kit is well worth not having to run around and guess what you will need at Home Depot and the RV Supply store! Just buy it. I purchased the Curt Venturer Brake Controller with this kit. Thank you etrailer! 123838


by: Charlie B.06/18/2014

Thanks for putting together such an excellent product and system. This is the first brake control I have installed, the Prodigy P2, and the ETBC7 installation kit. Went great, looks good and works well. Watching the video of an installation on an Xterra made my installation on a Pathfinder go even smoother. Many thanks. 136283


Still working great. So easy to adjust. I am also using the prodigy on my 2500 dodge ram which was already wired for a brake controller. Taking the whole rig to the mountains this weekend and I feel safe and confident.

Charlie B - 06/19/2015



by: Skip08/04/2012

The service and shipping was exceptional but the product (the connector box) was disappointing. The small connector has a cover which fits sloppily and the material that the unit is comprised of is not ridged enough. I had trouble pushing the trailer connector onto the four prong unit because the plastic base was too flexible. The spring that closes the hatch for the 7 prong connector is weak and I doubt it will last the winter, we will see. There is no rubber boot or system to protect the back side where the wires enter the unit from the elements. This part faces forward and we live in Wisconsin (snow and highway salt country). I doubt the wire connections inside the unit will survive 1 year. Hope I am wrong. I will tell you however the person taking my order knew what she was doing, She was polite and a real pleasure to deal with. The order was shipped and delivered in light speed, the shipping and tracking was sent to us by e-mail, ALL way above normal expectation. I will order again from this company. 50570


by: John B08/05/2014

Great kit! I Had exactly enough of the two wire harness to complete the job on my 2013 Chevy Express. I already had the T-One 4 wire harness installed which plugged into the 7 wire receptacle nicely. I purchased addition harness conduit to cover wiring under hood and dashboard to make a clean and factory look. The local parts store had side post battery bolts with threaded attachments for the power and ground leads. The only difficult part was locating a suitable brake switch signal feed. I ended up using the aux. stop light fuse in the under hood fuse box. Well worth the money spent! 144528


by: Jason C07/15/2015

4 out of 5. Wire length should have been longer, and missing one key wire, and one important wire. The length of the wire was exactly the length I needed, except this is a universal kit, and I have a regular cab long bed. It's not a very long truck, so anything longer will be needing more length. Since this is obviously for a brake controller set up, the brake controller wants to be grounded directly to the battery, well this kit does not have that wire. That's more you have to to the store to get, every shop I went to only sold 8' lengths of 10 aug wire, I needed at least 15. I ended up just using 2 15 aug wires in parallel for the negative hookup wire for the brake controller. The RV plug appears to be great, but yet again if you don't have a 4 way plug already installed you have to get one of those also. And there is no where near enough wire loom. I think just 2', used at the hitch end. I used nearly 20' just in the engine bay and inside the cab. 212065


by: Steve F.05/27/2013

All necessary parts are included to connect virtually any electronic brake controller (not included) to the 7-pin female electrical receptacle (included). The installation videos on the website were a HUGE help, and made installation clear cut. The only complaint I have is that the long, 10 gauge duplex cable provided was about 6' too short for the route I chose to run it...especially since you are supposed to use excess pieces to run power and ground to the controller. I had to go to the hardware store to buy the additional lengths needed. Even though eTrailer did not have this in inventory, which they quickly informed me of, and the potential for a delayed delivery...they quickly got it in stock, and I received my order in 7 days. This kit is the best I could find, and not available on Amazon. I am very pleased with eTrailer's customer service, their prices, and the information they provide to ensure you get the job done right! 82068


by: Wayne09/29/2012

Installed on a 2006 Honda Pilot. Excellent kit that makes up for Honda's inability to properly set up a vehicle for towing a trailer with electric brakes. The hardest part of the process is fishing the wire through Honda's convoluted system of interior panels. I wish the mounting bracket was just slightly longer and bit more sturdy, but overall a great kit. p.s. THESE GUYS SHIP FAST!!!! 56143


Been over a year, everything still working great

Wayne - 04/28/2014



by: Trevor06/23/2009

Great Product that is EASY For everything you get in this kit, its a great deal. All the connectors, wire, zip-ties and the parts to complete this job are here. The 7-pin connector replaced the blank in the bumber area for an exact fit on my 08 dodge ram. Everybody loves the 4-pin with the 7-pin. It is out of the elements of weather and you don't have to get dirty to find the dangling 4-pin behind the bumber somewhere. Resettable fuses for trailor power and brake controller. I took all of my connections and wrapped them up with a whole roll of electrical tape(not supplied) behind the bumper so there would be no water getting into the connections. The hardest thing is acually running the wire under your vehicle. I kept my wire with the stock harness as much as possible, and it kept everything out of the way and neat. Would reccomend this kit to anybody that needs a 7-pin with only a 4-pin on their vehicle. 2038


by: Ken F.03/09/2014

I used this kit along with the No-Drill Mounting Bracket on my 2011 Ford Ranger. It contained everything needed and all the parts seemed to be of good quality. The little test light was a nice addition to the kit and to me showed how well this kit is thought out. The instructions were clear and the video is a nice help as well. Between the two you can't go wrong. Finally a complete kit that I didn't have to make a trip to the hardware store halfway through the job! Would recommend this to anyone. Thanks etrailer! 119975


by: Steve D.06/29/2012

The kit is very complete. You need some electrical tape, tools, the 4-pin wiring needs to be in place, and you need a brake controller, but the kit is very complete. I kept looking in the bag when I needed something and it was always there. Make sure you buy the quick connect bracket that suits your installation and lets you mount the assembly to the hitch without drilling. With a little fuss and bother I installed the controller under the tray in my 2008 Pilot console. There is a slotin the back to fish the wires through and everything tucks out of the way perfectly. The bracket screws to the bottom of the hard plastic tray and I stow the controller in the glovebox when not in use. See the picture. 46105


by: Tad G.11/10/2013

I have never done any automotive wiring before. I bought a 1999 GMC Suburban and it had a 4 way plug on it. I ordered this kit and used your on line install video to wire the 7 way plug to the vehicle and it works great. Your install video is excellent. The kit includes everything needed and then some with a tester that is very helpful. I hooked up my travel trailer and everything works great. I look forward to trouble free traveling thanks to your quality product, help, and service. Thank you! 106876


by: Rod radovanovic09/07/2013

It is very good product. The only reason I did not rate it excellent is that few minor thinks can make it that way. First, few more ties would be good to include, they are inexpensive. Second the duplex cable has a black line and white line, however it is connected to a black and BLUE line out of the receptacle and out of the brake controller. So it would be very nice that the duplex cable has black and blue line. Also, two self-threading screws should be included for the bracket installation (in the case, like in mine) when the attaching member is part of the bumper without access to its back side, there is no way to put a nut on the attaching screw. Finally, the instruction is very good with one exception. It is cumbersome and (I think) not necessary to route the ground wire from the brake controller to the battery negative terminal. It can be just grounded to the chassis. 98743


by: jc02/20/2015

Great product... Works as advertised and install was easy using the video except for one thing...... The firewall grommet location is different than in the video in the 2014 Murano and access is next to impossible. After a considerable amount of time trying to figure out how to get the wiring through the firewall I came up with a solution that worked well. I took a pointed serrated steak knife and attached it with electrical tape to a couple of socket extensions so the whole thing was about two feet long. I poked through the grommet with the knife at the far edge, away from the factory wiring. It cut through through grommet like butter. With the knife still in the grommet I slid a straightened out metal coat hanger along the knife and into the passenger compartment. I then used the coat hanger as a pull wire to get the wires though the firewall. 175443


by: Tyler G.08/02/2011

Installing onto 2010 Subaru Forester... Overall the kit seems reasonable; it includes all the parts necessary to wire up the brake controller. A few minor gripes: 1. For my vehicle the wires on the jack are too short -- well, some of them. The purple reverse light wire and the chassis ground wire are a perfect length, but the brake wire, aux 12v wire and the 4 pole plugs are all on the shorter side. On my subaru I was able to make most of my splices inside the vehicle's spare tire well, but just barely. 2. The butt-splice connectors were crimped onto the brake wire and aux 12v wire incorrectly. They were crimped on so far that there was no room to get a good solid crimp and connection to the 10ga wires running from the front of the vehicle. I ended up cutting them off and doing a soldered butt-splice with heat shrink wrap. 20860


by: Yancy06/23/2014

It was great that this was offered in a kit. Made installation from a 4-prong to a 7-prong plug a whole lot easier. No need to run to the store and try to remember everything that you needed. Also the installation video for brake controller was a very big help. 137223


Product is still doing exceptionally well. Thanks again for such a great product.

Yancy - 06/23/2015



by: Stephan03/31/2013

Patrick My kit was very complete. Given my specific situation we had to make a few modifications or additions. After receiving my kit I opted to have a installer completed the installation. When he completed his installation it seemed he had a hard time getting everything function as it should, it was not a wiring issue as much as a plug issue. After picking up my trailer I noticed that the lights would stop working, I would stop and remove and re-plug, or would wiggle the plug around and the lights would come back on. Other than having to stop frequently driving in the dark with a black trailer and no lights is not good. My work schedule has prevented me from investigating these issues further, but they will have to be taken care of prior to any further use. I will keep you appraised of my situation. Steve 73534


by: Pat Earing04/26/2015

This kit was advertised to fit the Toyota Sienna. I watched the video for a 2005 installation and ordered the kit. Over all every thing you need is included and the wiring instructions are accurate. Unfortunately, either my 2008 Sienna is longer than the 2005 (nope...)or I got a short shot on the wire as I did not have enough and had to purchase additional 10 gauge wire to finish the installation. That said, the sheathed wires from front to back are a great time saver. They are also safer with the protection from rubbing. The seven pin plug seems "cheap" , but time will tell if it will holdup. It is great to have a package ready to install. Price seems fair, but a couple of extra of each of the wire connectors would add a sense a relief if a mistake is made. 188413


by: Larry S.03/10/2014

Everything needed to wire an existing 4-way to 7-way except for the brake controller itself. This kit takes all the guess work out of what is needed for such a project. It wasn't too difficult to install just take your time. 120128


Still works perfectly as if it were a factory installed part.

Larry S - 03/10/2015



by: Glenn07/26/2015

Fantastic product and great customer service. This is my first time attempting something like this as I am a painter not an electrician. Products arrived on time and a confirmation email also arrived the same day. There was not a install video for my Hyundai Tucson but there was for the Santa Fe. I took a gamble that the 2 vehicles would be similar and I was right. I watched the install video several times before I put my car on jack stands. This boosted my confidence immensely and I that E trailer for that. Laptop next to the car, tools all gathered it was time to delve in. Taking my time and watching the video while doing each and every step, it took just under 4 hours to complete the installation. Doing it myself saved me $600 that I can now put into my vacation. 214606


by: Erik N.05/19/2013

I purchased this installation kit for my 2012 Rubicon. Installation was a breeze. I am 6' 3"; so I removed the driver's door to work under the dash. The installation guide and videos from etrailer.com were extremely helpful. Routing through the frame was very simple; as all Jeeps have a tube style frame. From start to finish in less than 2 hours with hand tools. If you can crimp a wire, and run a drill- You can do this! 80930


I, hope you can help me out, i have the 7 way wire harness from mopar, but i dont know where the blue wire need connect to, in the electronic brake control, in m 2010 sahara, there are four wire in the brake pedal, white, black, red and blue, but my question is, the blue wire from the wire harness, go blue to blue. ?????????Thank You for you help.

comment by: Aranivar G - 05/01/2014


If you have a factory installed 7-way and a brake controller prep wiring package already in your 2010 Jeep Wrangler Sahara then yes, the blue wire that is on the brake controller connects to the brake signal wire (usually blue) on the Jeep. You can use a circuit tester like the # 40376
Circuit Tester Kit
to make sure that the blue wire on the Jeep has signal when the brake pedal is depressed. If you do not have a factory installed 7-way on your Jeep, then you will need to use an # ETBC7 kit.l This will establish a fully functional 7-way wiring harness and has all the wiring components and functions needed for installing a brake controller. I have included links to a couple of our help articles that explain this process step by step for you.

Rachael H - 5/12/2014


by: Bill Isles09/14/2013

This was a great package. It was my first electric brake controller wiring project. We ordered a travel trailer and I was upgrading our 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan to accommodate it. The instruction videos were clear and easy to follow. It might have been me, but only wish it would have been clear that, in order to connect the outlet to the hitch you'd need another bracket, so I could have included it in my free-freight order, but I just connected it to the bumper brace and then someday I can move it. (I don't want to pay the freight just for the one bracket). 99948


by: Scott R.08/12/2014

I think this product was exactly what I needed, and it came with almost all the items needed to install it correctly. The only thing I would have changed would be to have included a grommet to go through the firewall, probably a $.20 item. I had to make a special trip to the hardware store and I would bet that most customers do not have a grommet of this size at home. I bought this kit because of the video on your website, which was extremely helpful and an exact match to my 1999 GMC Suburban. It also would have been nice to know which of the 3 included breakers (20, 30, and 40 amp) was the one to use, which the video did not tell. Minor items, but would be helpful. Thank you for filling a need with a great product at a reasonable price. 146319


by: Tom M.07/24/2011

This item made installation of the Prodigy 2 brake controller to my Toyota FJ Cruiser a snap. The only controllers I've ever installed that were easier were on trucks that already had been prewired from the factory for a brake controller. Do yourself a favor and order the wiring kit when you buy your controller, you'll be glad you did. Thanks. 20121


by: Mark H.05/28/2013

Your installation video for the FJ Cruiser saved my day and wallet! Excellent video instructions. P2 working great. 82112


Still working great. Just got back from memorial day weekend in the pouring rain and zero problems with the e-brakes and controller.

Mark H - 05/28/2014



by: Kelly S.05/02/2012

I bought these products and just got them. I have not installed them yet. I paid more than I could of from others. The single reason I bought from e-trailer was the very good videos on how to install these. This is a bigger deal than you might think. If these get done wrong and you cause an accident it will be very uncomfortable. I will also make some improvements along the way. I want the circiut breaker in a juntion box, the wire that runs to the flat four needs upgraded and backed up or you lose the whole system. All of these wires need to be marine grade wire so the corrosion does not crawl up the wire, it is worth it. Use marine grade crimp, solder, and shrink tube and connectors. Interesting but we are getting there. 39169


by: Joe F07/16/2013

Need to add instructions. Video was a big help. Could have used 8 more feet of the 10/2 wire for my application. 89738


A year later my instal is still holding up and the instal kit is performing as Advertised! !

Joe F - 07/16/2014



by: Justin C.08/04/2013

Easy installation, had no problem during my 3,000 mile road trip. Came with all parts needed to complete, did not have to go out and buy any extra parts. 93156


Still working great as the day I installed it.

Justin C - 02/11/2015



by: Robert G09/28/2014

Excellent product. very good quality. The videos really helpful with the installation. Installed in 2010 Toyota Tundra, works great! 153378


No problems what so ever, IWorking great, very pleased with it

Robert G - 09/28/2015



by: Ross C.03/17/2014

The ETBC7 is a comprehensive kit made from mostly high-quality items. Installation was straightforward and works quite well. Three things prevented me from rating this higher: 1) the printed instructions were not as readable as they could be; the connector pin illustrations are partially printed in reverse (white on black) and difficult to see under limited lighting, 2) the plastic "loom" provided to cover individual wires is not of the same level quality as other components (I replaced it with plastic spiral loom), and 3) the provide circuit breakers have non-insulated connectors that expose +12 Vdc direct from the battery (I used shirk tubing to insulate these and protect myself). 120996

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  • Wiring Diagram for the Curt 4 Pole to 7 Pole Adapter # C57674 And Wiring for Trailer Brakes
  • The wiring for the Adapter 4 Pole to 7 Pole and 4 Pole, item # C57674, is wired as follows. The white wire is grounded to the vehicle frame as you have indicated. The Yellow wire is the center pole of the 7-Way connector and is normally used for connection to the reverse light circuit. In your case you will not need the yellow wire. The blue wire is for connection of the electric brake feed wire from a brake controller. You will need a brake controller in your Sienna to activate the...
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  • The Curt wiring harness you refer to, part # 56097 is an aftermarket replacement for a damaged OEM wiring harness. Since your Pilot was not equipped with an OEM wiring harness, you would need to use the Tow Ready T-1 Wiring Harness, part # 118491. If you need a 7-way connector to supply lighting connections only, part # 37185 can be used to adapt the 4-pole to a 7-way. If the trailer has electric brakes, a brake controller would need to be installed using part # ETBC7, our Brake Controller...
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  • No Trailer Running Lights Troubleshooting on a 2012 Dodge Ram 3500
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  • Locating Brake Controller Connector on 2013 Toyota Tacoma with Factory Tow Package
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  • Parts Needed to Install Electric Trailer Brakes on a Pop-Up Camper
  • You have compatible hub and brake assemblies selected. The brake assemblies, # 23-48 right hand, and # 23-47 left hand, will mount to a 4 bolt flange that has bolt holes 2-7/8 inches apart on center. You will need to make sure your existing bearings and seal match the bearings and seal in the hub and drum you selected, # 8-257-5UC3-EZ, and that the wheel bolt pattern, 5 on 4-1/2 inches, matches also. The trailer hub and drum # 8-257-5UC3-EZ is designed for use on an EZ lube axle with grease...
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  • Installing Trailer Brake Controller and 7-way Trailer Wiring Harness on 1997 Chevy Silverado
  • To prepare your Silverado for towing, you will need a brake controller, the install kit # ETBC7, and the T-1 connector, part # 118315 to tap into the truck lighting circuits. Although we offer many different brake controllers, I would recommend a proportional-type controller like the Tekonsha Prodigy P2, part # 90885. A proportional controller has an internal sensor that can detect how quickly and at what intensity the tow vehicle is braking, and will then send the appropriate amount...
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  • How to Wire a 7-Way Trailer Connector on a 1994 Chevrolet C/K Pickup
  • To wire a 7-Way trailer connector at the rear of your 1994 Chevy pickup, you will need to start with a working 4-way connector, item # 118315, if your truck is not already equipped with one. You would then use the 4 Pole to 7 Pole and 4 Pole Adapter, item # 37185, and plug in the 4-Way on the truck to provide the stop turn and tail light functions in the adapter. If you do not need the brake control feed wire, 12 volt power wire or backup wire for your trailer you can tie one or all...
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  • Installing a Brake Controller on 2005 Toyota Tundra
  • The factory installed brake controller connector should be a white plug located on the left side under the drivers side dash on your 2005 Toyota Tundra Dual Cab. I have included a photo and a video that shows the location of the plug on another Toyota Tundra at the 8 second mark. This plug may not be there if your vehicle did not come with the factory tow package. The Multi-Plug, # 20137, is designed as a replacement if your vehicle came with a factory tow package that included the...
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  • How to Install an Electric Brake Controller Unit on a 1998 Chevrolet Pickup
  • For your 1998 Chevrolet Pickup, there is no brake controller connector on the vehicle so the wiring for the brake controller will have to be hard wired on the vehicle. You will need just a few items to install a brake controller on your pickup. The items you need are a Working 4-Way connector, item # 118315, if you do not already have one. A brake controller wiring installation kit, item # ETBC7, and a brake controller of your choice. I would recommend the Prodigy P2, item # 90885 for...
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  • Trailer Wiring Harness Recommendations for a 2012 Honda Pilot Without a Factory Tow Package
  • There are a few different options that you have to install a 4-way or a 7-way trailer connector on your 2012 Honda Pilot. Option 1 would be to install the Tow Ready 7-Way Wiring Harness, # 118265, that you referenced and use a 7-way to 4-way adapter like part # PK12716 so you can connect to the 4-way connector from your trailer. The only downside to this set up is adding a brake controller. Since your vehicle did not come with a factory tow package, it probably does not have a brake...
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  • Installation and Wiring of P2 Brake Controller On a Fleetwood Freighliner MotorHome with Air Brakes
  • The best procedure for installing the Tekonsha Prodigy P2 Brake Controller, part # 90885, on your Fleetwood Motorhome with a Freightliner chassis and air brakes is to follow the Brake Controller manufacturers instructions. I contacted our representative at Freightliner, he informed me that if the motor home is a 2004 or newer there is a 6 pin connector under the dash that will be labeled either "TRBRK" or "TBC." This connector can be removed and the wires can be hard wired to the brake...
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  • Where to find the Electric Brake Wire on a 2006 Ford E250 Van
  • If your Ford E250 Van is equipped with the under dash plug for installing a brake controller that matches the Brake Controller Wire Replacement for Ford, item # 3035-P, then the blue wire should be terminated along the inside driver side frame rail near the spare tire, at the rear of your van, see photo. Many times there is a connector there and the blue wire will enter the connection but, is not continued on from that point. You would need to connect the blue wire from the Adapter 4...
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  • Brake Controller and Weight Distribution Recommendations for 2013 Ford Escape Towing Lance 1575
  • Thank you for providing specifics about your tow vehicle and trailer. Specs for your Lance 1575 trailer indicate a gross dry weight of 2575-lbs and a dry tongue weight of 230-lbs. Weight distribution systems should be selected based on actual fully-loaded as-towed trailer tongue weight. Also, the hitch on your vehicle must be specifically rated for use with weight distribution; this will be indicated on the safety/warning label on the hitch. The best way to accurately determine your...
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  • Wiring a Brake Controller on a 1995 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 LS
  • Yes, you will be able to install the Draw-Tite Activator II Brake Controller, item # 5500, on your 1995 Chevrolet 2500 Silverado LS. You will not need the Universal Brake Control Wiring Adapter 1999-02 Chevrolet, GMC, Cadillac, item # 3025-S, on the 1995 model because there is no factory port under the dash to plug the adapter in to. Chevrolet did not start putting the brake controller wiring port under the dash until 1999 so you will need to hard wire the brake controller on your 1995...
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  • Parts Needed for Installation of Electric Brakes on a Coleman Pop-Up Camper With 8 Inch Wheels
  • The 8 inch diameter wheel on your Coleman Fleetwood pop-up camper is not large enough to accept an electric brake hub and drum assembly. Seven inch brake assemblies like # 23-48 that you selected work with the Trailer Hub & Drum Assembly, item # 8-257-5UC3, which will fit in wheels starting at 10 inches in diameter. You would need to upgrade your wheels and tires to either a 5.30-12 load range c wheel and tire combination, or a 205/65-10 load range c wheel and tire to meet the capacity...
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  • Location of Brake Controller Connector on 2010 Dodge Ram
  • The brake controller installation on a 2010 Dodge Ram would be pretty much identical to that as the 2009 model shown in the video. The installation port is located under the dash midway between the emergency brake and the brake pedal, just above where your left knee would be as you are sitting behind the wheel. The connector is either white or light blue in color. If you need the wiring adapter that connects the brake controller to the under-dash connector, we offer it. The part # is 3021-P...
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  • Location of Trailer Wiring Conections on a 2005 Dodge Durango Without Factory Hitch
  • If your 2005 Dodge Durango was wired for the factory wiring harness you will be able to use the Multi-Plug T-One Connector Assembly for 7-Way & 4 Pole Trailer Connector, item # 20135, to install a 7-Way and 4-Way connector at the rear of the vehicle. You will find the connector at the rear of the vehicle near the drivers side frame rail above the spare tire. If you do not have the factory installed tow package wiring you will need to use the Tow Ready Custom Fit Vehicle Wiring for the...
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  • Wiring a 1995 Chevy 1500 for Trailer Brakes
  • As a first step, you would need to select a brake controller. I would recommend the Tekonsha Prodigy P2, part # 90885. Most of the Chevy trucks of that era had a blue and an orange or red wire ran along the frame rail for installing the controller. At the rear of the vehicle, they usually terminate on the end of the drivers side frame rail or above the spare tire. In the engine bay, the other end is located under the brake booster. The wires are wrapped in electrical tape, and can be...
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  • Brake Control Installation Instructions for a 1996 Chevrolet C/K Pickup
  • You will need to hard wire the Draw-Tite 2-4 Brake Electronic Brake Controller - Time Delayed, item # 5100, on your 1996 Chevrolet CK Pickup. Hard wiring is straight forward and fairly easy to do. We have instructions and a video that I have linked below for you. From the Brake controller here are your connections. White wire to negative battery post. Black wire through a 20 amp circuit breaker, item # PK54520 (included in kit), to the positive battery post. Red wire to the stop...
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  • Wire Color Codes on Pilot # 80550 Brake Controller
  • The wire color codes on the Pilot Brake Controller are as follows: the red wire interfaces with the vehicle brake system by tapping into the cold side of the brake stoplight switch located at the top of the brake pedal. The best way to locate the correct circuit to tap into would be to use a circuit tester like part # 40376. There can be several wires coming out of the switch, you will need to probe them with the tester until you locate the circuit that only goes hot when the brake pedal...
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