For female or oddly shaped frames, throw on a Tube Top Adapter. The adapter attaches quickly and easily between your handlebars and seat post to form a sturdy, horizontal bar, which makes the bike compatible with most hitch mounted carriers. Call 800-298-8924 to order Yakima Accessories and Parts part number Y02531 or order online at Free expert support on all Yakima products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Yakima Tube Top Bike Adapter Bar. Accessories and Parts reviews from real customers.

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Yakima Tube Top Bike Adapter Bar

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Yakima Accessories and Parts - Y02531

For female or oddly shaped frames, throw on a Tube Top Adapter. The adapter attaches quickly and easily between your handlebars and seat post to form a sturdy, horizontal bar, which makes the bike compatible with most hitch mounted carriers.


  • Creates a straight tube top for female or oddly shaped bike frames
  • Installs quickly and securely on wide range of bikes
    • Keeps bikes secure on single- or dual-arm mounts
  • Has adjustable, large-diameter tubing and anti-rotation inserts
    • Provides greater bike stability
  • Attaches to bike with molded collars
    • Collars are gentle on bike stem and seat post


  • Fits most bike frames and styles
  • Capacity: 1 bike
  • Weight: 3.5 lbs
  • Dimensions: 14-1/2" long at shortest; 31-1/2" at maximum length
  • Lifetime warranty

8002531 Yakima Tube Top Bike Adapter Bar

Video of Yakima Tube Top Bike Adapter Bar

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer
installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video review yakima tube top bike adapter bar y02531
Yakima Tube Top Bike Adapter Bar Review

Video Transcript for Yakima Tube Top Bike Adapter Bar Review

Today we're going to be reviewing the Yakima Tube Top Bike Adapter Bar, Part number Y02531. This is going to give you the horizontal bar needed to mount women's or other non-traditional bike frames onto hanging style bike racks. It's easy to retract and extend by simply lightly twisting and pulling apart or twisting and pushing together. It's easy to open and close the clamps by pressing the gold button down and rotating it, which will then allow you to hook it around your seat post and your handle bars. Closing them is as easy as spinning it around until it clicks into place. The overall length of the tube top adapter, outer edge to outer edge, comes right to 24 inches. The inside measurements from here to here are going to measure about 14 and a quarter inches. We'll extend it and repeat those measurements that we have that for reference also.

Outer edge to outer edge is right at 31 and a half inches. Inside to inside, we're going to measure 22 and a half inches. The tube top adapter bar is designed to match most bike frames. Giving you the diameter of the smaller tube is one and 1/8th of an inch. The larger tube is one and 3/8th of an inch. So that you can verify this is going to be a good fit for your application at home, we'll grab the distance between the length and the width for the bigger clamp. The length is going to be about 4 and a quarter.

The wide comes to 2 and an eighth. We'll grab the smaller measurement also, which is about 3 and 3/4 and one and a half inches in width. We'll show you the bike adapter bar on a variety of different bike frames. We'll get them loaded on top of the rack that we can see how they work getting installed. With it loaded up here, we'll go ahead and strap it down. As you can see, our adapter bar works well with our mountain bike with a slightly slanted frame.

Next, we'll move to the kids' bike, which has much more of a slanted frame on it. We also have a bike here with a non-traditional drop frame style. As you can see, the adapter bar is definitely necessary for loading this type of bike onto a hanging bike rack. We've installed the adapter bar in several different frame types. We started with our mountain bike, which has a slightly slanted frame. Next, we used our kids' bike, which, as you can see, has much more of a slant to it. Now, we've installed it on a bike with an alternative style frame.

The tube top adapter bar installs quickly and easily. Extending the bar, and then pressing the button to open up the clamps is going to allow you to fit it around the seat post and the handle bar post. You'll then want to bring it together and close your clamps. With the adapter bar installed on our women's bike, we'll load it onto our bike rack. All that's left to do is strap it down and we're ready to hit the road. The tube top adapter has a 45 pound weight capacity. It attaches to the bike with the molded collars. These collars are gentle on the bike stem and offer a rubber coating to help prevent any damage to your bike. Works with dual arm, single arm, and platform bike racks that mount to a hitch, trunk, or spare tire. The tube top adapter also features a lifetime warranty. Now, we can take it out and show you what it's going to look like in action through our test course. We'll take it through the slalom, which show the side to side action. Our alternating bumps will give you the twisting motion. The solid bumps will give you the up and down movement of the bikes. That completes today's review of the Yakima Tube Top Bike Adapter Bar, Part number Y02531. .

Customer Reviews

Yakima Tube Top Bike Adapter Bar - Y02531

Average Customer Rating:  4.5 out of 5 stars   (56 Customer Reviews)

For female or oddly shaped frames, throw on a Tube Top Adapter. The adapter attaches quickly and easily between your handlebars and seat post to form a sturdy, horizontal bar, which makes the bike compatible with most hitch mounted carriers.

- Y02531

by: Dave R08/18/2013

Purchased this unit only after my original adapter bar (from Swagman) was on back order. I called eTrailer after not seeing any activity from my order in 2 days. That's when I was made aware that it was not available for another couple of weeks. Not a big deal but would have liked to be notified sooner and not have the rest of my order delayed because of the adapter bar. The unit is well built, heavy duty and very sturdy. Locking arms lock in place with a click to let you know they're locked. Doesn't fit my wife's bike that well (a bit long) but I've gotten it to work. Used it over the weekend on a 4hr trip and looked and performed great. Thanks eTrailer 95705


Well, its been over a year now and the Yakima Tube Top Bike Adapter still looks great and is holding up well to the rigors Ive put it through. Thanks again

Dave R - 02/23/2015


- Y02531

by: Julie K06/29/2014

Prior to purchasing the bike rack, we loaded our bikes in the back of our CRV. We had not purchased a rack before as we were told that there weren't any racks that would fit a CRV. That's where came in - I went on line and found the site and the rest is history. The bike rack came quickly and with a few adjustments, it was soon on the back of the CRV. Unfortunately, I did not realize that a female bike required an adapter bar so we were unable to use the rack with both bikes until the second order arrived with the adapter enclosed. Friendly and prompt communication from on both orders. I definitely recommend purchasing this product from - just don't forget a Tube Top adapter if one of your two bikes is for a woman! 138237


Hi, is your Honda CRV a 2014 5door?How many stabilizing straps do you have?Thank you!Janet

comment by: Janet - 07/08/2014


We looked up Julie's order and it is a 2005 Honda CR-V. The bike rack is a Yakima SpareTime, it bolts to the spare tire mount so there are no straps used to secure the rack to the vehicle. Each bike is held on with 3 straps, 2 across the top tube to secure the bike to the rack and 1 around the seat post to keep the bike from swinging. As you know, your 2014 doesn't have the rear mounted spare, so your bike rack options are roof, hitch or trunk/hatch mounted. I've added a link to all the trunk racks we have that will fit your CR-V, if you're interested in roof or hitch mounte instead, let me know.

Patrick B - 7/10/2014

- Y02531

by: Lorrie M08/17/2013

We have carried the bikes only once so far. So far we think its a good think. 95576

- Y02531

by: Joe G10/20/2013 not only had the best price for the adapter bar I was looking for, but they did not gouge me on shipping costs. After ordering you get emails at every stage, than the best of all, I received an email stating they bumped my order from standard to priority at no additional charges. I will check in the future for purchases, outstanding customer service and delivery. 104451

- Y02531

by: Larry Wildes05/17/2011

The price, and product were great. Delivery was prompt. The bike bar adapter works great, the only issue was when using the front of the bar on the handlebar stem the front wheel was to close to the ground when mounted on the bike rack, but this was resolved by placing the front of the bar on the top of the fork tube of the frame, the extra 1 1/2" gained by doing this leveled ot the bike on the rack, and gave me the clearance needed. The bike is a 1947 Monark Super Deluxe womens bike, with a tank, and dual springer front end. Thanks for a great product !! Sincerly, Larry Wildes 14538

- Y02531

by: Tamara M.01/05/2013

The folks at etrailer gave me a recommendation for what type of hitch and bike rack I needed to fit my 2012 Toyota Sienna. I purchased their recommendation including this bike adapter bar and just came back from a wonderful vacation destination to which I transported 2 adult and 2 kids bikes! A local automotive repair shop installed the hitch for under $100. Will definitely buy from etrailer again in the future. Note - you need an adapter for each kids/womens bike being carried on the bike rack... somehow, I didn't realize that initially :) 62477

- Y02531

by: Teresa R05/08/2014

I received the Yakima bike rack from etrailer for my Jeep. I received it quickly and found it easy to attach. I then determined that since I have a woman's/mountain bike I needed the tube top adapter. I do wish I would have known that so I could have ordered everything at the same time. I now have it all and everything works great! 129602

- Y02531

by: Sandee03/05/2013

After finding out the product we planned to order elswhere would not work I called e-trailers. Nik M was a tremedous help in finding the right product for us. It is very sturdy, easy to install and should work out perfect for us. The service at e-trailers was a great experience and got our product before expected and was one of the most pleasant online ordering I have used!!! Thanks Nik and e-trailers!!! 68891

- Y02531

by: Sandy06/07/2011

The product is very easy to use and works exactly as intended. And they have EXCELLENT customer service! I ordered it at 4pm on a Tues afternoon (with just regular shipping) and I received it on Thursday morning! I was very surprised and pleased with their speedy delivery. After that, I received a personal email, asking if I had any problems with the product. Very smooth service! 16312

- Y02531

by: David W.06/17/2014

Not as good a fit as I had hoped. The telescoping aspect of the unit is a bit sticky causing it to bang into the handlebar when attaching. The fit of the looping ends is not as uniform and proper as I'd like. When bike is secured and tightened to rack the unit has a lot of torque on its loop ends which worry me when time and use start to mount. 135866

- Y02531

by: Grace09/29/2012

i bought this accessory because my bike has a weird / type of bar. i love my bike. though i purchased an awesome rack it still moves when driving,im guessing its the g-force from the wind as i drive....all the parts are YAKIMA. i really like all the products that i have purchased through, and they have a very knowledgable staff. 56092

- Y02531

by: Bill S05/02/2012

This is a solid product, but challenging to come up with a true universal piece to handle all frames easily. I had to play with this to come up with a work around. It would be better if the jaws were adjustable. It does the job, just not as cleanly as I had hoped. I don't know that any otheres I saw would be any better. 39127

- Y02531

by: Matt J.09/28/2014

the Yakima bike adapter for my Yakima bike rack is perfect for a female bike or a bike with an "abnormal" frame. I tried to use it for my Cannondale SL5, but it did not really work which is okay because I can put it on the rack directly without much hastle. So, overall, is it excellent for women's framed bikes. 153395

- Y02531

by: Susan W.10/10/2012

Works well and is easy to use. I was disconcerted at first because there is no way to stop the sliding of the bar so that it maintains a fixed length. However, this is immaterial, because once attached to the bike, there is no movement of the bar. Very study. So glad to have this for my step-through bike! 56843

- Y02531

by: J Dolphin10/13/2014

Amazingly FAST shipping! Thanks! The products work as described. 155736

- Y02531

by: Steve B05/08/2014

I purchased 2 bike adapter bars for my Yakima Double Down Bike Carrier. Product is excellent and easy to use. Built in lock is great. And Etrailer customer service is excellent!. Addtionally, their normal shipping is amazingly fast! Great experience! 129572

- Y02531

by: Daniel O.10/06/2012

Your site was easy to navigate and shipping was fast.My bike rack showed up and was exactly as described.It was better built than I had expected.I would highly recommend your site anyone looking for bike racks and more!Thanks for your great service. 56569

- Y02531

by: Katrina K.06/19/2013

The Yakima Tube Top Bike Adapter Bar is easy to use and makes transporting my bike and my daughter's very easy. We had to rig it a bit to fit my son's 16 inch bike due to the length (a little too long), but got it to work! 85319

- Y02531

by: S09/19/2012

This product makes the task of loading the bike onto the rack very easy when you do not have a cross bar. Only wish that the length could be locked once you adjust it to your bike. Otherwise, very happy with the purchase. 55132

- Y02531

by: Matt H.08/24/2012

Sturdy device that makes it a lot easier for the bike to sit on my Yakima rack. It's disappointing that I need this, but it works well. A bit pricy but great quality and easy to apply to the bike before loading. 52787

- Y02531

by: Bryan H.05/02/2012

Another great experience with etrailer. Got the product fast and in perfect condition. Good to see a company and employees take pride in their work. A rare thing these days. Keep up the great work! 39111

- Y02531

by: Laurel O07/13/2014

I was seeking a longer telescoping rod for transporting a step through bike. The Yakima extends to about 31 + or- inches and accommodates my needs very nicely. 141124

- Y02531

by: Bob J04/24/2014

This is very sturdy and serves the function. However, it does not have an adjustable locking ability and the front of the bicycle handlebars tend to slip down 127222

- Y02531

by: Carol H08/08/2011

The two bicycle bars I bought to take women's bikes on a bicycle carrier were of high quality and were delivered almost next day. Excellent service. 21391

- Y02531

by: TR310/17/2014

Purchased 2 separate orders which were completed within very acceptable time frames. Pleased with both company's service and products offered. 156458

- Y02531

by: Buddy W.09/27/2014

Man, this thing is much more stout built than I expected. Very good product for the price and should provide a long service life. 153348

- Y02531

by: JER07/18/2013

Exactly as described. Im certain that it will deliver the service I expect. Delivery was very fast and pricing was very decent. 90255

- Y02531

by: dave w03/20/2012

Well made and easy to use. etrailer delivered in a timely manner. I would recommend both etrailer and the product from Yakima. 34492

- Y02531

by: Rick K10/08/2012

It was hard to find a bar that fit a boy's mountain bike, but this one does (14.5 inch length). My search is now over! 56710

- Y02531

by: Rhonda09/01/2013

Got to my house in time to use on my trip, and worked well on my sister's "girl bike". Nice quality product. 97831

- Y02531

by: Dave w03/25/2012

Product is well made, price was good. Arrived earlier than expected. Will do business withe etrailer again. 35115

- Y02531

by: TJM05/22/2012

Worked great on my kids bike so I don't have to figure out how to jam it into the back of the van anymore. 41280

- Y02531

by: Barry W.06/12/2013

This is a "must have" for a Woman's frame bike. Mad loading it on my Yakima KingJoe rack easy!! 84303

- Y02531

by: Robert A.04/08/2011

The product came with no instructions but the etrailer video was very helpful. Thank you!! 11372

- Y02531

by: Jon b02/27/2012

Item came on time and in good shape. Easily mounted on both bikes. Great service. Thanks 32638

- Y02531

by: Flatwaterjohn05/24/2014

Does what it's supposed to do, and does it well. It will not cook or clean 132295

- Y02531

by: Robert R12/11/2014

Just what I needed to stop my wife's bike frame from being scratched!! 164232

- Y02531

by: Kevin H.08/04/2014

Too difficult to use for ladies. It requires great force to operate. 144305

- Y02531

by: Rick M.07/15/2013

Five minute install...great product, great service!!! Thanks!!! 89554

- Y02531

by: Dennis06/22/2012

Great product! Excellent customer service! Very pleased Thank you 45269

- Y02531

by: Randy K04/30/2014

Great solution to my problem - Thanks to Judy who suggested it 128224

- Y02531

by: Larry M.09/11/2012

Got here early. Works great. Thanks for the prompt service. 54321

- Y02531

by: Kevin04/28/2013

Great Product, exactly as described, Quick Delivery 78245

- Y02531

by: Paul G.04/09/2011

High quality. Service and delivery were excellent. 11419

- Y02531

by: Louie P05/28/2014

Excellent product works exactly as advertised . 132912

- Y02531

by: Dennis B.11/30/2012

High quality product and fantastic deli very. 60373

- Y02531

by: David T.11/06/2012

Fits great on bike and works well with carrier 58922

- Y02531

by: Mario J.06/02/2011

Easy to use and serves it's purpose with ease. 15991

- Y02531

by: Joe s06/28/2013

Spot on-pro all the way-highly recommen d. 86668

- Y02531

by: Robt Wilkinson06/13/2012

wonderful service and fast deliviery. 43946

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  • Is There a Shorter Bike Frame Adapter Than the Thule Bike Frame Adapter Bar # TH982
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  • How to Load a Womens Frame Bike on a Yakima Hanging Bike Rack
  • We do have some demonstration videos. I have included a link below to a video demonstrating the Yakima bike frame adapter, part # Y02531, with a similar Yakima bike rack. The video explains and shows how the adapter is installed.
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  • You have a lot of options for a two bike rack for your 2010 Acura TSX. Since you don't have a hitch you could go with a trunk-mounted rack. The most popular models with our Acura TSX customers are the Thule Passenger part # TH910XT and the Yakima KingJoe Pro part # Y02624. The Thule Passage is a good entry level rack for occasional use.The KingJoe with folding arms includes several key features, such as a low-profile design with folding arms, sturdy steel construction and an integrated...
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  • The Thule Passage 2 Bike Carrier, # TH910XT, and the Thule Raceway 2 Bike Rack, # TH9001XT, will fit on a 2004 to 2010 Chevy Aveo 5-door. They both have a weight capacity of 60 lbs. Yakima lists two choices of bike racks available for the 2004 to 2009 Chevy Aveo, but they do not have a fitment for the 2010 model, because the 2010 model uses a spoiler that interferes with the bike rack. The Yakima bike rack available for 2004 to 2009 models is the Yakima KingJoe Pro 2 Bike Rack, #...
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  • Trunk Mounted Bike Rack Recommendations for a 2007 Honda CR-V
  • There are several trunk mounted bike racks that are available for your 2007 Honda CR-V. The Yakima KingJoe Pro 2 Bike Rack With Folding Arms, part # Y02624, can carry 2 bikes and includes several key features, such as a low-profile design with folding arms, sturdy steel construction and an integrated anti-sway StableCradle system. For a 3-bike carrier I suggest the Yakima KingJoe Pro 3 Bike Rack With Folding Arms, # Y02625. This carrier shares the features of the Pro 2 and is one...
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  • Can 5 Bikes Really Fit on the Yakima RidgeBack Trailer Hitch Mount Bike Carrier
  • I am sure, it can fit 5 bikes, at least it has spots for 5 bikes. But it is a challenge to get 5 on there on any 5 bike hanging rack. If you have not done so already, remove the bikes and then move the cradles forward/backward as needed. You will probably want the cradles at the front and back to be all the way to the front and back, respectively. Then it is a matter of turning pedals and Tetris-like maneuvering to get all the bikes on there. This is an issue with most 4 and 5 bike racks....
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  • What Two Bike Rack Is Recommended For A Hummer H3 And Will A Spare Tire Mount Bike Rack Work
  • To make sure a hitch bike rack will work on your Hummer H3 you will need to measure to make sure the bike rack will clear your spare tire. If you measure from the center of your hitch pin hole to the farthest part on the back of your vehicle, which would be your spare tire, and that measures less than 11-1/2 inches then you could use the Swagman XP 3 Bike Rack # S64910-2. I have included a link to instructions for the proper installation of this product. It has a weight capacity of...
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  • Which Yakima Trunk Mount Bike Rack Will Fit a 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee
  • According to Yakima, there is one trunk mount bike rack that will fit your 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee. You can use the Yakima KingJoe Pro 2, # Y02624. If you plan to carry womens, childrens, or alternative bicycles, I would recommend the Yakima Tube Top Adapter Bar, part # Y02531. This bike allows those types of bikes to be mounted level on the bike rack. I have linked a video review of the Yakima Tube Top Adapter Bar, part # Y02531 and an FAQ on trunk bike racks.
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  • Bike Rack Recommendation for a 2012 Hyundai Accent 5-Door
  • I have a bike rack solution for you, but at this time there is not a hitch available for the 5-Door 2012 Hyundai Accents. For a two bike trunk mounted bike rack I would recommend a Yakima KingJoe 2 Bike Trunk Mounted Rack # Y02619. I checked with Yakima and this rack is confirmed to fit your vehicle. I attached installation instructions and a review video for this product for you to check out also. If you plan on carrying womens or alternative framed bikes you may be interested...
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  • Yakima KingJoe Pro or SuperJoe Pro Trunk Mounted Bike Rack for 2012 Ford Fiesta Hatchback
  • According to our friends at Yakima, the KingJoe Pro 2 bike rack, part # Y02624 is compatible with 2012 Ford Fiesta hatchback models only. The SuperJoe Pro, part # Y02629 only fits sedan models. The KingJoe Pro will work great with your Fiesta Hatchback. For womens bikes or bikes with sharply angled top tubes or step-through frames, using a frame adapter like the Yakima Tube Top, part # Y02531 is recommended. The adapter spans the distance between the seat post and the handle bar gooseneck,...
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  • Bike Rack Recommendation for 5 Bikes While Towing a Pop Up Camper
  • The Curt Multipurpose Ball Mount # D210 would be an excellent choice to be used in conjunction with towing your current pop up trailer and a hitch mounted bike rack that has a carrying capacity of 5 bikes. The # D210 is compatible with and an existing 2 inch hitch and provides a 2 inch receiver for accessory use. This hitch has a tongue weight capacity of 750 pounds total, and a receiver capacity of 350 pounds. Therefore the combined weight of the bike rack and bikes cannot exceed 350...
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  • Trunk Mount Bike Rack Suggestions for a 2008 Honda Fit and a 2009 Toyota Prius
  • The Yakima KingJoe Pro 2 Bike Rack, # Y02624, would be a great choice for both your 2008 Honda Fit and your 2009 Toyota Prius. I posted a photo showing the KingJoe Pro 2 on a Fit, and a standard KingJoe rack on a Prius, which is very similar to the Pro 2 model, see link. If you will be carrying bikes with a frame that does not have a horizontal top bar, you will also need a bike adapter bar, # Y02531, to install bikes with these style frames on the rack. We have a video review of this...
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  • Hitch and Bike Carrier Recommendations for a 2010 Toyota Highlander
  • The hitch we recommend for you is the Hidden Hitch Trailer Hitch for the 2010 Toyota Highlander part # 87452. This hitch will work perfectly for your application and is one of our top sellers. The bike carrier we recommend for you is 4 Bike Rack for 2 inch Trailer Hitches, Wheel Mount - Swagman XTC4 part # S64665. If all you need to haul is two bikes the 2 Bike Carrier for 1-1/4 inch and 2 inch Trailer Hitches - Wheel Mount - Swagman XC part # S64650 is what we recommend. The reason...
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  • Trunk Mounted Bike Rack Recommendations for a 2012 Honda Accord Coupe
  • If you are looking for functionality and ease of installation and removal of a trunk mount bike rack, the Thule Raceway, # TH9001PRO, that you have referenced would be my top choice for you. The retractable cables make installation and removal fast and easy; more so than any other trunk mount rack I have used. My runner up would be the Yakima KingJoe Pro, # Y02624. This rack has a unique design that fits a lot of different vehicles. The arms are placed relatively close together (but...
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  • Can the Hollywood Racks Trunk Bike Rack # HRF2 be used on a 2014 Acura RDX with Spoiler
  • A hitch mounted bike rack is the safest way to transport bikes using your 2014 Acura RDX. I spoke with my contact at Hollywood Racks and in order to prevent damage to the spoiler, a trunk mounted rack including their Over-the-Top 2 Bike Carrier, # HRF2, is not recommended. The compatibility issue comes from the rack interfering with the automatic open/close feature and the plastic liner inside the edge of the hatch. Assuming that your RDX is not already equipped with a hitch, I recommend...
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  • Will a Trunk Mount Bike Rack Fit a Honda CR-V
  • If you have a 2007 or newer Honda CR-V (without the rear-mounted spare tire), then you can use a Yakima trunk mount bike rack, but you will be limited to carrying a maximum of 2 bikes. This is because with the Yakima racks that will fit (see link) you must use the glass hook adapters and this reduces the capacity of the 3 bike models down to only 2 bikes. None of the Thule racks, including the Gateway that you referenced are listed as a fit. The bike rack that is closest to the Thule...
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  • Trunk Mounted Bike Rack for 2006 BMW X5
  • According to Thule, none of their trunk or hatch mounted bike racks will fit a 2000-2006 BMW X5. Yakima has two racks that are a confirmed fit, the KingJoe # Y02619, and the KingJoe Pro # Y02624. Yakima makes a quality product, and either of these racks would work just fine for you. For womens bikes or bikes with sharply angled top tubes or step-through frames, using a frame adapter like part # Y02531 is recommended. The adapter spans the distance between the seat post and the handle...
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  • Yakima Bighorn and Adapter Bar Recommendations for Carrying Womens Beach Cruiser Bikes
  • In order to determine if a bike rack will have enough clearance to work on your 2010 Nissan Rogue you will need to take one important measurement. You will need to measure from the center of the hitch pin on the hitch of your vehicle out to the furthest point out on your bumper. The Yakima KingPin Bike Rack # Y02441 would be a good choice for you if you have a hitch on your vehicle that has a 1-1/4 inch or 2 inch opening. For carrying your womens beach cruiser bicycles I would recommend...
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