Replaces a damaged fan motor on your Ventline Ventadome or Vanair RV roof vent for motor homes and enclosed trailers. Call 800-298-8924 to order Ventline Accessories and Parts part number BVD0218-00 or order online at Free expert support on all Ventline products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Replacement 12-Volt DC Fan Motor for Ventline Ventadome and Vanair Trailer Roof Vents. Accessories and Parts reviews from real customers.

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Replacement 12-Volt DC Fan Motor for Ventline Ventadome and Vanair Trailer Roof Vents

Ventline Accessories and Parts

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Ventline Accessories and Parts - BVD0218-00

Replaces a damaged fan motor on your Ventline Ventadome or Vanair RV roof vent for motor homes and enclosed trailers.


  • Replaces the fan motor on Ventline Ventadome and Vanair model roof vents
  • Works with Ventline Ventadome and Vanair roof vent models V2094, V2119 and VP-543
  • Motor output: 1.2 amps at 13.6 Volts DC

This fan motor can replace older, obsolete motors. However, older fan blades won't fit on the new motor; so, if you are replacing an older motor, you should order a new, compatible fan blade with your replacement motor. To determine whether you have an old or new motor, measure the length of the motor from end to end (excluding shafts and mounting hardware, measuring just the case.) If the motor measures 2", it is an older motor, and the fan blade should be replaced with the motor. A new motor measures 1-1/2" in length.

The following diagram shows the placement of the motor in Ventline roof vent model V2119:

diagram of placement of vent motor

The following diagram shows the placement of the motor in Ventline roof vent model VP-543:

diagram of placement of vent motor

BVD0218-00 Ventline 12V Motor for Standard Ventadomes and Vanair

Customer Reviews

Replacement 12-Volt DC Fan Motor for Ventline Ventadome and Vanair Trailer Roof Vents - BVD0218-00

Average Customer Rating:  4.6 out of 5 stars   (51 Customer Reviews)

Replaces a damaged fan motor on your Ventline Ventadome or Vanair RV roof vent for motor homes and enclosed trailers.

- BVD0218-00

by: Charles C09/20/2013

The kit had been opened and resealed with tape but all parts were inside. I had talked with Ventline about buying my 5th wheel new in 2007 and the fan blade had deteriorated. They told me I needed the new BVD0218-00 motor and BVD0215-00 fan blade. Turns out the motor in the RV was BVD0218-00 and only needed a replacement fan blade. I should have taken the motor off and looked at it to begin with. I now have a spare motor should I need it in the future. 100752


Thank you Patrick, my exhaust fan is humming right along. I have bookmarked for future use.

Charles C - 10/08/2014


- BVD0218-00

by: Kevin K.10/31/2013

I am surprised by how much smaller this motor is than the one it is replacing. It makes me wonder about its durability. We'll see. The old motor lasted 14 years. The template provided made installation easy, though if I had followed the directions rigidly, the final drilled 1/8" diameter holes would have penetrated the inner diameter of the mount bracket on my vent, requiring re-fabrication of the bracket. As it was, the 3/32" diameter pilot holes were sufficient for mounting the new motor. All's well that ends well. 105918

- BVD0218-00

by: Matt H10/20/2014

I have to say, I was skeptical about ordering something online because I usually just go to the local RV store and get what I need there. That being said, parts like a fan motor they would have to order anyway so I took a chance and ordered it myself from e trailer and was pleasantly surprised !! The saleslady was extremely helpful, and very thorough as there are 6 different motors for my fan. In the end I got the right fan motor and had a great experience and I would definitely order from them again. 156976

- BVD0218-00

by: Ed P.08/13/2012

The picture of the motor and componets is correctly displayed as to what I received. At first I thought the metal plate was for a different mounting bracket as the mounting holes are spaced different for the replacement motor. This could not work as there is no hole for the motor shaft so I figured that the plate is for a hole drilling template to be able to properly drill two small holes in the vent cross bracket for attaching the new motor. I'm not sure what the extra screws were for. 51526

- BVD0218-00

by: Mike G.05/03/2014

Tried to get the fan motor locally but no one had it and could not order it. They tried to sell me a larger motor that would require me to modify the fan. I googled the part number and found it at The price was excellent so I ordered it. My order was processed quickly and I received it within a week. I just installed it today and the fan works great again. I will use again and will recommend them to my friends. 128708

- BVD0218-00

by: Jim Sherrow07/09/2014

It was the exact replacement motor for stove exhaust hood. I had trouble finding a replacement until I found etrailer on the web. The price was also much less than I thought it would be. I have replaced this motor once before from an RV parts store in Florida and the etrailer motor was half the price. And the delivery time was fast. I will use them in future when I need a part. I am very pleased with etrailer. 140220

- BVD0218-00

by: John W.03/17/2015

Mini motor installed exactly as described, hopefully it doesn't burn out as the $6 Radio Shack motor did, in a week. Delivered quickly even though I opted for the cheapest delivery method, which I presume was USPS because I couldn't track it as indicated in the etrailer email I received to let me know that it had shipped. Thanks for the product! 179192

- BVD0218-00

by: Jaybee12/12/2013

I ordered this motor and fan to install in the bathroom of my RV. This motor is much smaller than the one I replaced. It runs quieter and seems just as powerful as the old outdated one. Motor and fan were easy to install thanks to the excellent communication and instructions provided by etrailer. The included template was a tremendous help. 110049

- BVD0218-00

by: king cadillac12/27/2011

Had to relace fan motor for an RV. Fan assy. no longer available. Ordered the fan motor and blade and rebuit the assy. I had. Fit great ! 28754

- BVD0218-00

by: Ken H.08/29/2013

Received the motor a day before it was projected to arrive! It was a perfect match to the 10 year old motor I replaced. Installation was a breeze; the screw holes matched up perfectly. Had the old one out and the new one in in less than 15 minutes. I highly recommend this motor for all Ventline Vent motor replacement projects. 97586

- BVD0218-00

by: Phil M.09/13/2013

I have an older model Ventadome so needed to use the "drilling template". The hole orientation for the new motor mounting places one hole half into the shaft opening. It worked out OK but would have better if the template holes had been rotated slightly. Other than that, install was a snap and runs very quiet. Pleased overall. 99870

- BVD0218-00

by: Mike05/19/2014

My son installed this from the top side since he is lighter on a 1995 Dutchman classic 30 w/ ventline. We had to drill a motor shaft hole in the mounting bracket and replace the ends since the wiring did not match the existing blades. Motor runs quiet and new fan blade works well on it. Verdict: works but needs mods. 131178

- BVD0218-00

by: Daniel Z08/05/2014

Great Quality Great instructions Great SUPER FAST Shipping!! Easy to Install!!! Thank YOU!!! 144426

- BVD0218-00

by: John P.06/13/2012

Thank you very much for the prompt service, The product fit and work great. It was the most pleasure doing business with your company, and the friendly and concern person I spoke with, and was able to understand that person. I would definitely recommend you product and your company. John P. 43958

- BVD0218-00

by: Steve L05/12/2011

Website was user friendly and easy to use. Parts were correct and good quality. All though there was a delay in shipment from the factory I was kept informed by etrailer and they expedited shipment to me as soon as they received the parts. I would not hesitate to use them again. 13686

- BVD0218-00

by: Chris10/03/2014

We needed a couple of replacement skylight/vents. etrailer provided detailed product information allowing us to select the correct replacement. The customer service agent was excellent to work with and understood exactly what we needed. Etrailer, you did a great job. 154325

- BVD0218-00

by: Ed10/21/2013

Though it looked the same as i wanted to replace, it was smaller and did not fit. Had the web site shown several similar motors I would have been able to make a better decession which to buy. Thank you for fast processing and great service. 104592

- BVD0218-00

by: Bob K.03/17/2015

You have never failed to have even the most offbeat parts that I'm looking for! You're my go-to company and it saves me a lot of time browsing the web. Fast service and very competitive pricing too. Thanks, George and company! 179111

- BVD0218-00

by: John R10/14/2013

Fit like a glove. Was easy to install also. Would recommend to by the blade as the one I took off looked ok but was starting to deteriorate. Great service and fast shipping. Communication is the best you will find!!!!! 103721

- BVD0218-00

by: Bill H.01/30/2013

Was exactly as pictured. Which is what I wanted, so it was an exact match to the motor I was replacing. Quick and low cost shippingmwasmalso appreciated. Thanks etrailer, made it easy to replace! 64601

- BVD0218-00

by: Rick07/28/2014

It is thepart I needed. It has the splined shaft which was not listed in the description so it took a little longer to find. Everything else was great and Anna S. was a big help. Thank you. 143210

- BVD0218-00

by: Ed S.03/24/2014

etrailer was a dream to work with. This was the exact part I needed and it was delivered rapidly. etrailer communicated proactively throughout the order and shipping process. 121926

- BVD0218-00

by: Doc. Whitaker09/09/2013

I bought the BVD0218-00 motor to add to a vent fan on my RV. I bought the BVD0215-00 Fan Blade that works with the motor. IT fits! I'm one happy camper! Doc. 98967

- BVD0218-00

by: Bobby O02/08/2013

Installed two new motors in about 15 minutes they were a perfect fit, great company to buy from. Shipping very reasonable and also there products are priced right. 65422

- BVD0218-00

by: William F05/22/2012

I have just unpacked the shipment, and have not had a chance to try to install the items, therefore can not make a valid judgement at this time. 41335

- BVD0218-00

by: Albert L03/04/2013

Exactly the replacement part I needed for my vent fan. Product photo is accurate and the price is great. Very satisfied with my purchase. 68818

- BVD0218-00

by: Jon G11/17/2014

Motor and tail light were identical replacements. Reasonably priced and arrived in 2 days. Couldn't be happier. 161348

- BVD0218-00

by: Chris02/28/2015

Product arrived expediently. It appeared to be a match to the previous fan motor. Thankful for the price. 176448

- BVD0218-00

by: Rob01/09/2014

Product worked fine. A screw was missing and luckily I had one that worked in my miscellaneous jar. 112380

- BVD0218-00

by: Mike12/13/2013

Excellent communication, fast shipping & product worked like a champ. Would buy from etrailer again. 110105

- BVD0218-00

by: Greg S10/06/2013

replacement fan motor was priced very competitively and I received in a timely manner! Thanks! 102756

- BVD0218-00

by: Luis D.07/09/2014

product was easy to replace and every think fit like a glove. etrailer was fast and efficient. 140336

- BVD0218-00

by: Everett02/16/2013

Product arrived very quickly and was exactly what I ordered. The part fit perfectly. 66566

- BVD0218-00

by: Laurence11/18/2013

Exactly the item I needed. Perfect fit. You have a new, very satisfied customer. 107752

- BVD0218-00

by: uglifish07/02/2014

This motor fit perfectly in my shower exhaust fan and installation was a snap. 138786

- BVD0218-00

by: Don S.07/24/2013

Direct replacement. Very easy to do business with and delivery was super fast. 91396

- BVD0218-00

by: Richard01/06/2015

Items came exactly as expected. They answered email question very promptly. 167945

- BVD0218-00

by: Kerri Murphy09/13/2013

Got just what I needed Great customer service Very happy with the part 99847

- BVD0218-00

by: Richard08/01/2013

Received everything I ordered and had it installed in 20 minutes. 92748

- BVD0218-00

by: David S.10/25/2011

Everything was delivered quickly and fit perfectly. Thanks so much 26095

- BVD0218-00

by: Michael J07/17/2013

Easy to install. Good service on all my orders from 90082

- BVD0218-00

by: Robert Evans10/13/2013

Fan works but noisy. Fan unit will be replaced in the spring 103683

- BVD0218-00

by: Ray H06/18/2014

Great service and delivery. Would use again. Give them a try 136314

- BVD0218-00

by: ron h.07/11/2014

Received item quickly and was pleased with service. 140915

- BVD0218-00

by: Shay08/11/2014

Fast delivery, good product, easy insta llation! 145952

- BVD0218-00

by: William Marakis06/17/2013

Came fast. It's installed and works gre at!! 85008

- BVD0218-00

by: Gary T.07/22/2013

Easily replaces original plus quieter. 90965

- BVD0218-00

by: Herb B10/27/2013

products as needed and as expected. 105322

- BVD0218-00

by: Guy E.05/13/2011

A very good product for the money. 13844

- BVD0218-00

by: Robert B07/29/2013

Works great. Easily installed. 92163

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  • Installing the Replacement 12-Volt DC Fan Motor, # BVD0218-00
  • The Replacement 12-Volt DC Fan Motor, # BVD0218-00, is a replacement for specific Ventline Ventadome or Vanair RV roof vents. The specific model numbers are V2094, V2119 and VP-543. If you have a different model this motor will not be compatible. The rectangular metal piece you see in the pictures is actually a drill template for the existing motor mounting bracket because the holes needed by the old motor will not match up with ones needed by the new motor. I have included a link...
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  • Ventline Blade Replacement Recommendation for a V2094 Roof Vent
  • The replacement fan blade for a Ventline Roof Vent V2094 is the part # BVD0215-00 as long as it's the newer style vent. This fan blade won't fit older, obsolete motors. If your Ventline roof vent has an older motor, it will have to be replaced along with the fan blade. To determine whether you have an old or new motor, measure the length of the motor from end to end (excluding shafts and mounting hardware, measuring just the case.) If the motor measures 2", it is an older motor and should...
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  • Availability of Ventadome Replacement Fan Blades For a Trailer Vent with Electric Fan
  • We currently offer 2 replacement trailer fan vent blades. First is the Replacement Fan Blade for Ventline Ventadome Trailer Roof Vents, # BVD0215-00. It is designed to work with Ventline Ventadome roof vent models V2094 and V2119 (newer models only). It is compatible with Replacement 12-Volt DC Fan Motor for Ventline Ventadome and Vanair Trailer Roof Vents, # BVD0218-00, that you have referenced. The second is Replacement Fan Blade for Ventline Vanair Trailer Roof Vent, # BVD0217-00,...
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  • Replacement Switch and Fan Blade for the Replacement 12-Volt DC Fan Motor
  • The switch is not included with the replacement fan motor # BVD0218-00. You can use switch # BL0108-00. For a fan blade there are 2 options that fit the motor depending on the type you need. First we have the replacement fan for Ventline Ventadome vents, # BVD0215-00. And we have the replacement for Vanair vents, # BVD0217-00.
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  • Replacement Motor Options for Bathroom Vent in a 2005 Dutchmen Trailer
  • Without knowing more information on what vent you have in the bathroom of your 2005 Dutchmen trailer it would be pretty hard for me to determine what would be the correct replacement motor you would need. I attached a link to the right that has all of the replacement motors we offer. See if you can find a brand on the vent and maybe get a look at the motor and then check out the link to see if we have what you would need.
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  • Replacement Push Button Switch for a Ventline Ventadome Trailer Roof Vent
  • Thanks for sending us a picture! You can order the push button switch the same way you bought your replacement fan. The push button switch you need is part # BV0199-03. This switch will control your fan motor # BVD0215-00 you recently purchased. The replacement 12V fan motor part # BVD0218-00 you referenced will work with multiple Ventline Ventadome and Vanair roof vent models. Part # V2094SP-28 and # VP-543SP just to name a few. It will also work with Ventline Ventadome part numbers...
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  • Replacement Trailer Vent Fan, Motor, and Switch
  • Motor # BVD0218-00 should be the correct replacement. The motor comes with new wires, a bracket, and hardware. The screws that hold the motor to its bracket can be accessed by removing the fan blade. It should just pull off of the motor shaft. You would have to also remove the screen. To remove the screen you may have to remove the ceiling garnish and frame from the inside. It appears you need fan blade # BVD0215-00. For a switch you can use # BL0108-00.
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  • Do the Screws that Hold the Motor for Ventline Vent V2094SP-28 Install from the Top or Bottom
  • The motor for the fan in Ventline vent # V2094SP-28 attach from the bottom or inside of the trailer. The replacement motor is # BVD0218-00. I have included a diagram of you showing how the parts go together on that vent.
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  • Replacement Fan Blade for Exhaust Fan with D-Shaped Motor Shaft
  • I spoke with my contact at Ventline and if you need a replacement fan blade for a 14 x 14 roof vent with a D-shaped motor shaft, you will need part # BVA16300. If you need to replace the fan on your range hood, Ventine no longer has a replacement fan that will work with the D-shaped motor shaft. In this case you would need to replace the motor with the 12-Volt DC Fan Motor, # BVD0218-00, and then use Replacement Fan Blade, # BVD0216-00.
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  • Can a Fan be Installed in a Roof Vent that Does Not Have a Fan
  • All of the fans and fan motors that we offer are replacement items for roof vents that came with fans. The replacement motor that you referenced is an older style motor that was designed to fit Elixir, Jensen, Hengs or Ventline Power Vents. At this time we do not have a compatible replacement fan. If the roof vent in your trailer did not come with a fan, then you may be able to add a fan, but you will likely have to fabricate a mount for the fan in the vent. You will also want to make...
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  • Availability of Replacement Motor for Ventline Vanair # VP-543SP Powered Roof Vent
  • If the part number of your Vanair vent is # VP-543SP, we do indeed have a replacement fan motor, part # BVD0218-00. You can see current pricing by clicking the provided link.
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