The hose clamp is used to secure this bracket to the trailer hitch. This bracket provides a sturdy place to attach the connector specific mounting bracket (not included). This short bracket is designed for use with 4- and 5-way connectors.

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No-Drill Mount Bracket, Short

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Tow Ready Accessories and Parts 18140 Review - Video
Tow Ready 4-Pole Mounting Bracket Installation - Video
Trailer Brake Controller Installation - 2005 Acura MDX - Video
Trailer Wiring Harness Installation - 2011 Cadillac SRX - Video
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Tow Ready Accessories and Parts - 18140

The hose clamp is used to secure this bracket to the trailer hitch. This bracket provides a sturdy place to attach the connector specific mounting bracket (not included). This short bracket is designed for use with 4- and 5-way connectors.


  • 3" Wide x 3-3/4" Long

This bracket can be used with any of the following mounting brackets to make a no-drill mount for your trailer connector:

  • Mounting Bracket 4-Pole Flat (#18144)
  • Mounting Bracket for 4-, 5- and 6-Way Connectors (#118137)
  • Mounting Bracket for 7-Way Standard Connectors (#18138)
  • Mounting Bracket for 7-Way OEM Connectors (#PK12711U)
  • Mounting Bracket for Wesbar 5-Pole Flat (#tr20046)

Mounting Bracket Display: Long Bracket (18136) with 4,5 and 6-Way Bracket (18137)

The picture above illustrates a typical application of a no-drill mounting bracket and trailer connector bracket.

118140 No-Drill Mount Bracket, Short

Video of No-Drill Mount Bracket, Short

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer
installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Demo Tow Ready Accessories and Parts 18140
Tow Ready Accessories and Parts 18140 Review
Video install 4 pole mounting bracket 18144
Tow Ready 4-Pole Mounting Bracket Installation
Video install brake controller 2005 acura mdx 90885
Trailer Brake Controller Installation - 2005 Acura MDX
Video install trailer wiring 2011 cadillac srx 118259
Trailer Wiring Harness Installation - 2011 Cadillac SRX
Video install trailer wiring 2012 chevrolet equinox 56094
Trailer Wiring Harness Installation - 2012 Chevrolet Equinox
Video install brake controller 2006 chevrolet uplander tk90160
Trailer Brake Controller Installation - 2006 Chevrolet Uplander
Video brake controller install 2008 dodge grand caravan part 1
Trailer Brake Controller Installation - 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan Part 1
Video brake controller install 2008 dodge grand caravan part 2
Trailer Brake Controller Installation - 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan Part 2
Video install brake controller 2001 dodge ram 90885 etbc7
Trailer Brake Controller Installation - 2001 Dodge Ram
Video install mounting bracket 2013 ford edge 18144
Tow Ready 4-Pole Mount Bracket Installation - 2013 Ford Edge
Video install brake controller 2004 ford explorer 90885
Trailer Brake Controller Installation - 2004 Ford Explorer
Video install air helper springs 2006 ford f150 al59544
Air Lift Ride Control Air Helper Springs Installation - 2006 Ford F-150
Video brake controller install 1999 Ford F250
Trailer Brake Controller Installation - 1999 Ford F250
Video brake controller install 2005 ford freestar
Trailer Brake Controller Installation - 2005 Ford Freestar
Video install brake controller 2004 ford e450 90195
Trailer Brake Controller Installation - 2004 Ford E-450
Video install air helper springs 2013 gmc sierra al57338
Air Lift LoadLifter Air Helper Springs Installation - 2013 GMC Sierra
Video install tow ready 4 pole flat mounting bracket 2012 honda odyssey 18144
Tow Ready 4-Pole Mounting Bracket Installation - 2012 Honda Odyssey
Video install trailer wiring 2013 hyundai santa fe c56151
Trailer Wiring Harness Installation - 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe
Video install brake controller 2013 jeep wrangler 90885
Trailer Brake Controller Installation - 2013 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited
Video install base plate wiring 2012 jeep wrangler tm781124
TrailerMate Tail Light Wiring Kit for Towed Vehicles Installation - 2012 Jeep Wrangler
Video install trailer wiring 2012 jeep wrangler 118416
Trailer Wiring Harness Installation - 2012 Jeep Wrangler
Video install brake controller 2003 kia sedona 90195
Trailer Brake Controller Installation - 2003 Kia Sedona
Video install trailer wiring 2005 nissan armada 30955
Trailer Wiring Harness Installation - 2005 Nissan Armada
Video install wiring 2004 nissan armada
Trailer Wiring Harness Installation- 2004 Nissan Armada
Video install trailer wiring 2011 subaru outback wagon 118467
Trailer Wiring Harness Installation - 2011 Subaru Outback Wagon
Video install trailer wiring 2011 subaru outback wagon c57674
Trailer Wiring Harness Installation - 2011 Subaru Outback Wagon
Video install brake controller 2010 subaru outback wagon c51140
Trailer Brake Controller Installation - 2010 Subaru Outback Wagon
Video install brake controller 2011 toyota rav4 90885
Trailer Brake Controller Installation - 2011 Toyota RAV4
Video install trailer wiring 2008 toyota tundra hm11143395
Trailer Wiring Harness Installation - 2008 Toyota Tundra

Video Transcript for Tow Ready Accessories and Parts 18140 Review

Customer Reviews

No-Drill Mount Bracket, Short - 18140

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (98 Customer Reviews)

The hose clamp is used to secure this bracket to the trailer hitch. This bracket provides a sturdy place to attach the connector specific mounting bracket (not included). This short bracket is designed for use with 4- and 5-way connectors.

- 18140

by: Adam07/23/2012

After reading other reviews and watching the simple how-to video on e-trailer this product (118449) was extremely easy to install and works as expected. I would recommend this to anyone looking to install their own harness on the 2012 Highlander. The only thing that I would like to see added is another thin plug/receptacle that can fit through a splice in the rubber grommets at the rear of the vehicle (so the 4-pole connector can be mounted permanently outside the vehicle). The existing 4 pin connectors on both ends are too large to feed through the vehicle body grommets. Instead I spliced the wires, ran them through the grommet, and re-soldered and heat shrank the wires for a solid connection. I intentionally spliced the wires closer to the plug internal to the vehicle to avoid problems with dust, grime, and corrosion. To mount the 4-pole connector outside the vehicle I paired this product with 18144 and 18140, at the suggestion of customer service at e-trailer. (Customer service was wonderful!) This worked splendidly. I'm very happy with the end result, and considering my total cost was about 1/3 to 1/2 the price of a factory installed version I don't think there's a better option. Incidentally, I have a Curt hitch which has round bars underneath. This posed no problems for the no-drill mount. It seems to secure tight enough to remove all play from the mounting bracket (18140). All in all I'm very happy with customer service and all three products I used for this project. 48966

- 18140

by: Greg07/03/2014

This bracket 11840 worked out perfectly to attach the replacement 7 way trailer connector 118243 to my 2000 Ford F250 7.3 Super Duty. Without this bracket, the 118243 connector would not mount correctly to my truck. It would not clear the bottom of my bumper in the original mounting position on the bumper. I also bought the Pollak7 plus 4 way connector because I have multiple trailers with different connectors. This product is HM40975 and I highly recommend that it be purchased with the other two products. The guys at eTrailer really know their products and are so helpful. They know what exceptional customer service is all about. Also, I love all of their online videos and information on the website that allows you to make informed decisions. Their prices are very competitive too. With free shipping over $99, they can't be beat.. For those reasons, I will not buy trailer gear anywhere else. 138978

- 18140

by: Chas.04/23/2013

Sturdy, easy to install. Also shipped very quickly and arrived in great shape. 77430


It is still working well. Good product.

Chas. - 05/16/2014


- 18140

by: Gh0st!01/09/2014

Good bracket to hold your 4 pin wire harness, no more dangle wire and looks clean. 112372


Still work great!

Gh0st! - 01/23/2015


- 18140

by: David Tosch08/27/2013

looks good 97142


Working great. No problems at all.

David T - 08/27/2014


- 18140

by: Manny K.10/08/2014

The short, no-drill mounting bracket was exactly what I needed to mount my 7-pin trailer connecter. I didn't want it to protrude beyond the bumper, and it mounted level with the 2" box. I also wanted it to sit farther under the truck, so it was generally out of the way. This installation was done on a 2006 Tacoma 2x4 with a Draw-Tite tow hitch, model 75236. I would recommend using some flex pipe to keep all the wires secure and covered. You can buy that at Home Depot in the electrical aisle for $3 or so. 155257

- 18140

by: Greg P.10/03/2014

This mount worked great! Installed in minutes. I paired it with the mounting bracket 4 pole flat (18144) that you can also purchase. They both make the 4 pin connector look professional and keep the wires from dangling down from trailer hitch. Excellent product! 154302

- 18140

by: dave h02/21/2014

Product installed in a few minutes. Metal clamp is very strong/tight and the 4-pole bracket hole fits very tight with my plug. I wished I would have watched the 2011 Outback install video before installing my wiring. It took me a long time to get the wiring to the hitch, but after watching your video, I see there was a much easier way to go (under the spare tire)! No pics to post, but my install looks exactly like that shown in the video. 117130

- 18140

by: Andrew M.08/19/2013

This was the easiest purchase by far. Prior to purchase, I viewed the informative installation videos of the wiring package and bracket mount. The product came in just a few days, and as ordered. Installation was easy and I took a few tips for other reviews regarding placing the electronics in the body and away for the environmental elements. I would highly recommend Etrailer for all your towing or hitch needs. 95790

- 18140

by: Jim B11/15/2012

The instructions for attaching the wiring harness and mounting bracket are woefully inadequate. No mention is made of where to attach the mounting bracket and, once you figure out where to put it, you are left with the surprise that more of the facia needs to be cut out and there is no guidance as to how to enlarge the cut-out. If the instructions had been better, this product would have rated an "excellent". 59461

- 18140

by: Mike L01/07/2012

Attached to the hitch tube. You need an additional bracket for your type of connector (18144 for 4-way flat). It's so nice I am getting another for my other car. 29280

- 18140

by: Mike P.07/08/2014

No need to buy this part like I did. It will not mount on a round tube hitch frame that I have. Use zip ties and you will have a spool of extra wire near the center rear of the hitch. When not using the trailer, just tuck the 4-pin wire connector inside the spool of wire to keep last bit of wire with the connector from flopping around in mid-air. 140115

- 18140

by: Charles C05/19/2014

First time I have used They are GREAT! The install video was most helpful. Parts came in the mail fast, and install was very simple thanks to the video. Dealership wanted $150 for the install and I was able to do it for $53 and an hour of my time. Will use these guys again. 131342

- 18140

by: BH12/17/2012

Easy to install in a 2012 Highlander Limited with Curt Hitch 13534 Buy the universal brackets (18140/18144) to make a professional look. Easy to install, but the bracket is angled on the Curt hitch due to the assumption that it is on a square hitch facing straight back. Still looks great. 61644

- 18140

by: Marcus N09/07/2013

The product was exactly as described and shown in the video. Worked very well with the 4-pole flat mounting bracket. On my last installation I kept the wiring in the vehicle until needed. That would not have been convenient this time - this bracket made for a neat and clean installation. 98768

- 18140

by: Josh04/01/2012

it did what it said but I didn't have a vice grip to bend so I had to wing it. If I would have had a vice grip it would be perfect but my fault on that. had directions but I didn't follow and had to improvise. Once all done it did it's job. 35857

- 18140

by: Rick L09/22/2014

This item will not work on the draw-tite hitch because the draw-tite has cylindrical tubing. This product is made for rectangular frames. No problem though because item 18144 can be attached to the plastic bumper cover right next to the hitch. 152383

- 18140

by: Palmer L12/02/2013

Great product, easy to install, works well with my Wrangler Unlimited. I have no complaints at all. The design is flexible enough so that the bracket can be installed in several different locations. I would definitely by from etrailer again. 108879

- 18140

by: Kevin B.08/06/2012

Excellent product. 50704

- 18140

by: Jm09/26/2014

This was a very easy to use bracket to support before flat trailer wire holder I like the fact that I didn't have to drill anything which is a big selling point here in Massachusetts with our salt filled winter. 153223

- 18140

by: OK06/20/2012

I would rate this product as excellent but the hose clamp that was supplied was a piece of junk and would not work and I had to buy another from the auto store. The finish results are very good. 44915

- 18140

by: David03/27/2013

This was a great experience for me. My son and I worked on this together, installed and completed with clean-up in less than 30 minutes. Your installation video is awesome! 72723

- 18140

by: David R.06/02/2013

Used with the Mounting Bracket (part number 18144) this made the 4 flat plug in very accessible and very sturdy while looking like a professional installation. Thank you. 82927

- 18140

by: Howie W.02/23/2015

Quick and easy install. I wouldn't have known i needed to buy two parts if it hadn't been for the installation video that paused to display the two part numbers required. 175689

- 18140

by: Bill H.05/27/2012

Good product ... does its job. I used three plastic wire ties to secure the bracket to the hitch tube instead of the included steel strap. All appears snug and tight. 41789

- 18140

by: Michael07/18/2013

Combining this no drill mount with the 4 pin trailer light provides a simple and clean (not to mention professional) installation for the wiring. Excellant product. 90148

- 18140

by: Amanda W.12/09/2013

Ordered this as a christmas present and I was extremely impressed with how fast it was shipped and delivered. Will definitely use them again for anything I need! 109687

- 18140

by: Bobby07/25/2013

Fast delivery and worked exactly as advertised. Will order from etrailer again. Installed on a round hitch and part grabs well and stays put. Happy customer 91609

- 18140

by: Mike D.05/20/2013

Secure connection for mounting the 4 pole flat mounting connector. Much better and easier than fabricating your own or drilling into the hitch. 81168

- 18140

by: John H10/25/2011

I ordered wiring for a trailer and a mounting bracket. Everything came as ordered in one package very promptly. Great service Thank you. 26094

- 18140

by: Ryan09/02/2011

The clamp kind of sucks, but it does work. You might want to just get a stainless steel hose clamp to use instead of the included clamp. 23430

- 18140

by: freezer10/11/2011

simple to use. This worked perfectly with the 4 pole harness mount. The whole setup looks professionally done now. Simple to install. 25434

- 18140

by: Roger H08/16/2013

This is made for a square hitch. had to adapt it to work on a round hitch frame. 95488


No mine is the round ones and no modify needed.

comment by: - 01/23/2015


- 18140

by: Victor R.04/01/2011

Good quick and easy bracket to work with. This bracket as a base and your existing or a secondary bracket does the job nicely. 10898

- 18140

by: Jack B01/09/2014

Great web site, great prices, great service and quick delivery. An on top of that, great products. Thanks trailer!! 112374

- 18140

by: Joe S.05/03/2012

Worked great on after market 2" hitch for 2006 Honda Pilot. This shorter one is perfect for the flat four plug 39319

- 18140

by: Joe M06/28/2013

It went on easy and it's holds the car's connection in place so it won't just drag near the trailer hitch. 86658

- 18140

by: Rich D04/04/2014

Clamped right on and looks great. Very convenient for keeping the plug secure and provides easy access. 123755

- 18140

by: Tina C.11/17/2013

Item was as described. It fit on the Curt hitch as a no drill option for the 4 pole wiring harness. 107617

- 18140

by: Paul J.03/24/2014

Product, as ordered, arrived within two days of order and was complete. Very satisfying experience. 121941

- 18140

by: Pete10/17/2014

Small item but it made mounting the plug for the trailer lights easy and solid! Nice product. 156576

- 18140

by: Harvey L.10/07/2013

Nice, heavy duty bracket for my trailer lights. Great price, real sturdy and easy to install. 102898

- 18140

by: Joe S.08/25/2013

Excellent product. Easy to install on the round itch tube and holds the wiring plug perfectly. 96843

- 18140

by: Don10/17/2013

This is a great product to install trailer connector without drilling any holes on the hitch. 104081

- 18140

by: Gregory03/29/2013

Installed bracket on 2013 Santa Fe Sport w/ 4-pole bracket. Easy install, looks professional 73277

- 18140

by: Jacob D08/03/2012

Very satisfied. Hose clamp was a little difficult to tighten but in the end it worked well. 50392

- 18140

by: Wayne S.02/06/2013

Very good but I forgot to get the 4-pole bracket that I need so that'll be ordered today! 65157

- 18140

by: Brad R.04/07/2014

Excellent reaction time in getting products processed and shipped. Thanks 124085

- 18140

by: C. Richard Helm06/07/2011

This part worked great, I liked that I did not have to drill holes in the tow bar tube. 16399

- 18140

by: Greg B.08/11/2012

Easiest multi-fit product I have ever installed. Went on just like they said it would. 51365

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  • I have the Draw-Tite 4 and 5-Flat Trailer Connector Mounting Box, # 18145, that you can use to mount to the hitch or to the vehicle. You can store your 4-Way connector in this box. I also have the Hopkins Mag-Flat (TM) 4-Pole Mounting Magnet, # 38095, that is a magnet that will attach to any metal surface and holds the 4-Way connector. Also, the Tow Ready Mounting Bracket 4-Pole Flat, # 18144, is a 4-Way connector holder that will attach to the hitch or the bumper. If you did...
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  • Installing Curt Easy Mount Trailer Connector Bracket, Part # C58000, on 2013 Toyota RAV4
  • The Curt Easy Mount Bracket for 2-inch hitches, part # C58000, provides a mounting surface for both flat (4- or 5-way) and round (6- or 7-way) vehicle side trailer connectors. It is made of durable powder-coated steel and includes stainless steel hardware to secure it to a 2-inch hitch, such as the Curt # C13149. (This Class III hitch carries 525-lb tongue weight and 3500-lb gross towing weight ratings; 4000-lb GTW with weight distribution.) The one end of the Curt bracket mounts to...
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  • Is there a Wiring Mounting Bracket on the Curt # C13126 Trailer Hitch for a 2013 Nissan Pathfinder
  • Due to the profile of the Curt Class III trailer hitch # C13126, most of the hitch crossbar is recessed under the rear fascia of a 2013 Nissan Pathfinder. Therefore this hitch does not include a mounting location for trailer wiring. Since there is limited space on the hitch crossbar, a mounting bracket is not included on the hitch. Additionally, the rear fascia has to be trimmed to complete the installation of this hitch. I have included a photos showing this hitch installed on a 2013...
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  • How To Attach The Tow Ready T-One Connector Wiring Harness # 118491 To The Vehicles Bumper
  • To attach the 4-Pole flat connector in the Tow Ready T-One Connector Wiring Harness, part # 118491 to your bumper, you will need to use a mounting bracket like the Tow Ready 4-Pole Flat Mounting Bracket, part # 18144. The bracket is 2-1/4 inches wide overall and comes with two self tapping screws and two Phillips head stove bolts and nuts. It can be attached to your bumper by drilling two holes and use the included self tapping screws. If you do not want to drill you can use the No-Drill...
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  • How Can I Attach My OE Electrical Bracket to the New # C15410 Trailer Hitch
  • To relocate the 7-Way electrical connection on your 2006 Ford F-350 you can use the Mounting Bracket for Pollak 7-Pole, RV-Style Trailer Connector - Vehicle End, item # PK12711U, and a no drill bracket, item # 18136, as long as the 7-Way is similar to the Pollak Replacement 7-Pole, RV-Style Trailer Connector Socket, item # PK11893. We have a video (see link) of a hitch install on a 2006 Ford F-250 that shows, at the end of the video, the relocation of the 7-Way connector. If you have...
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  • Recommendation for a 4-Way Flat Trailer Connector Mounting Bracket for a 2011 Honda Pilot
  • After installing the T-One Connector w/Upgraded Circuit Protected ModuLite, # 118491, on your 2011 Honda Pilot, I recommend attaching No-Drill Mount Bracket, Short, # 18140, with Mounting Bracket 4-Pole Flat, # 18144. This will give you the clean, professional appearance you are looking for. If a longer bracket is needed, you can use No-Drill Mount Bracket, Long, # 18136, with Mounting Bracket 4-Pole Flat, # 18144. I have included a link a video install of the wiring harness for reference.
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  • Trailer Wiring Recommendation for a 2011 Nissan Frontier
  • You are correct on all counts. Wiring harness # 118525 for the 2011 Nissan Frontier is a newer product, it is a T-one style of connector, it does come with all the relays needed to activate the wiring, and it is more professional than a splice-in type of harness. I have included a link to the installation details for you. The only part that I recommend adding is a mounting bracket for the 4-Way. What you can do is use # 18144 with short bracket # 18140 or long bracket # 18136. This will...
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  • 7-Way Trailer Wiring Connector Mounting Bracket for a 2011 Nissan Frontier
  • I recommend using the Pollak 7-Way Mounting Bracket, # PK12711U, over the Draw-Tite 7-Way Mounting Bracket, # 18138, because the slotted holes allow for fit to many different manufacturers 7-Way trailer connectors. To make the installation easy and avoid drilling, I would recommend a no drill bracket. We have a short model, # 18140, and a long model, # 18136. The short model sticks out 3-3/4 inches and the long model sticks out 6-1/2 inches depending on the location you decide to mount...
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  • Class III Trailer Hitch With Wiring Bracket Needed for a 2012 Honda CR-V
  • The Curt Mfg. Class III trailer hitch, # C13119, does not have a bracket welded to the cross tube for installation of a trailer wiring holder bracket, like part # 18144. You could install the # 18144 bracket on the hitch cross tube easily with the No Drill Mount Bracket, # 18140. We have a video showing this installation that I linked for you to see. For a hitch with a trailer wiring tab welded to it you could use the Hidden Hitch Class III hitch, # 87621, which is the correct application...
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  • Is there a Quick Connector Trailer Wiring Harness Available for a 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee
  • The T-One wiring kit, item # 118425, is a quick T-connector kit that installs inline with the vehicle taillight wiring and does not require splicing into the vehicle factory wiring. This connector will provide a 4-Way trailer connector at the rear of your 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee. The hardest part about installing this wiring harness is accessing the wiring at the rear of the vehicle taillights. We have a video of the # 118425 Harness being installed on a 2007 model which will be very...
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  • Availability of a Trailer Wiring Diagram for a 2012 Honda Goldwing and 1999 Escapade SE Trailer
  • Wiring your motorcycle to tow your motorcycle trailer will require some testing and investigation of the lighting configuration on your trailer. First, check the lights on your 1999 Escapade SE trailer. If the trailer has separate lights or bulbs for the turn and stop lights then the trailer will have a 5 wire connector. In this case you will need to contact Honda for wiring for the trailer, that will protect the motorcycles circuitry. If the trailer has combined stop and turn signals...
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  • Mounting Bracket Recommendation for a 4-Flat Trailer Connector on a 2006 Toyota Highlander Hybrid
  • The bracket that I would recommend to mount a 4-way connector on the outside of your vehicle is the 4-Pole Flat Mounting Bracket, # 18144. This bracket can attach directly to your trailer hitch using the self tapping screws or it can be used with a Universal No-Drill Mount Bracket, # 18140, so you do not have to drill into your trailer hitch. I have attached a video showing how to install this bracket on a Curt trailer hitch for you to check out.
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  • Trailer Hitch, Wiring, Ball Mount, Hitch Ball and Bracket Recommendation for a 2012 Hyundai Santa Fe
  • My recommendation for trailer wiring for your 2012 Hyundai Santa Fe with factory trailer wiring package would be the Replacement OEM Tow Package Wiring Harness, # 118258. Keep in mind that this harness is a replacement harness and, if your vehicle did not have the factory connector installed when it was new, you will need to access the tow package connectors and check them with a circuit tester, like part # 3808, to be sure that the wiring is complete on your vehicle. If you find that...
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  • Will the No-Drill Trailer Wiring Harness Mounting Bracket Fit a Round Tube Trailer Hitch
  • The no-drill mounting bracket # 18140 has that hose clamp type of device that will hold it tight to a round or square tube trailer hitch. If the clamp is properly tightened down it will not slip. There are different additional mounts you can use depending on the type of connector you have. For a 4-Way flat use # 18144 5-Way flat use # tr20046 7-Way Blade Style use # 18138 4, 5, or 6-Way round use # 118137
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  • Routing the Trailer Wiring Harness Power Wire and Moving the 4-Way Under a 2013 Toyota Sienna
  • The connection to the battery is something that many people have reservations about until they actually start the process and realize that it is not so bad. There are different ways you can get to the battery and I actually wrote an FAQ article on this topic which I have linked for you. The FAQ gives general tips on different methods for routing the power wire. You can run the wire through the vehicle if you wish but just keep in mind that this does take more time and you may end up...
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  • 4-Way Wiring Recommendation For 2014 Honda Pilot With Factory Tow Package
  • Since your 2014 Honda Pilot is pre-wired for a trailer wiring harness, you can use the Tow-Ready T-one Vehicle Wiring harness # 118558. This wiring harness will connect in the rear hatch cargo area and behind the bumper of the vehicle. The kit does have other components included but you will not need to use them since you have the tow package. The red arrow on the included photo shows the part of the kit you would need to use in step 6 of the included installation instructions. You...
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  • Can the Tow-Ready Vehicle Wiring Harness # 118558 Be used on a 2013 Honda Pilot
  • From my research it looks like all of the 2013 Honda Pilot LX, EX, EX-L, and Touring editions were equipped with a factory integrated Class III trailer hitch. In addition, the same 2013 Honda Pilot models listed above were pre-wired for a trailer harness. The Touring trim level was the only option that included a trailer wiring harness. Since your Pilot is pre-wired for a trailer wiring harness, you can use the Tow-Ready T-one Vehicle Wiring harness # 118558. This wiring harness will...
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  • Will T-One 4 Pole Trailer Connector # 118341 Fit a 1999 Toyota 4Runner without Factory Tow Package
  • The T-One Vehicle Wiring Harness with 4 Pole Trailer Connector, # 118341, is designed to fit all models of the 1999 Toyota 4Runner. It does come with installation instructions which I have linked to for you to review. The connection points are located behind the interior trim panels behind each taillight. The 4-pole trailer connector will be stowed in the rear cargo area when not in use. You may be able to route the 4-Way through the bottom of the cargo area and out under the vehicle...
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  • Mounting Bracket Recommendation for Trailer Wiring Harness # 56083 on a 2011 Lexus RX350
  • I recommend using the Mounting Bracket, # 18144, with No-Drill Bracket, # 18140. This will provide a more professional appearance than zip tying the harness to the trailer hitch on your 2011 Lexus RX350.
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  • Hitch Recommendation for a 1997 Ford Explorer with 15 Inch Tires and Factory Tow Package
  • Since you have P235/75R15 inch tires on your 1997 Ford Explorer all of the hitches we list will fit. The Hidden Hitch Class III 2 Inch Hitch, part # 70647 and the Draw-Tite Class III 2 Inch Hitch, part # 75083 are the same hitch just with a different name on them. The Reese, Hidden Hitch, and Draw-Tite are all manufactured by the same company. I would recommend the Hidden Hitch # 70647 for your 1997 Ford Explorer. It is a simple installation with no drilling required. It has a gross...
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  • Installation Details for Curt Trailer Hitch Receiver, Part # 13534, on a 2013 Toyota Highlander
  • The Curt Class III Hitch Receiver, part # 13534, does not include a mounting location for trailer connector brackets. (This hitch does install above the passenger side exhaust). DrawTite part # 75726 is a hitch for your Highlander that does include a mounting location for the trailer connector braceket, and this hitch also mounts above your passenger side exhaust. We also offer the Hidden Hitch Trailer Hitch, part # 87615, which also offers the connector bracket mounting location and...
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  • Questions About Towing a Skeeter SX 170 Bass Boat with a 2005 BMW X3 and Wiring
  • I agree, Draw-Tite is one of the most popular hitches on the market today. For your 2005 BMW X3 the Draw-Tite Max-Frame Trailer Hitch, item # 75371, would be a great choice for towing a Skeeter SX170 bass boat. To complete your towing package you will need wiring, a ball mount with pin and clip, and a properly sized hitch ball. I have provided links to the items recommended for your vehicle and some instructions that will help. For mounting the 4-Way connector at the rear of the vehicle...
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  • Trailer Wiring and 4-Way Mounting Brackets for a 2011 Subaru Forester
  • You can certainly route trailer wiring however you would like provided that you can find a grommet or other exit source in the bottom of the cargo area through which to route the 4-Way. You will also need to seal it up with silicone once you have the wire routed to keep out exhaust fumes and moisture. I recommend the T-One Wiring Harness, # 118467. I have included a link to the installation details for you. If you look at the product page, you will see a diagram and picture under the...
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  • Running Lights Not Working on Trailer Wiring Harness for a 2013 Honda Pilot
  • You will need to make sure all of the included fuses and relays are installed and that none are blown. This includes the in-line fuses that are part of the harness. A blown fuse or relay could cause this problem. If all the fuses are installed and working properly then use a circuit tester like # 3808 if needed to test the running light pin on the 7-Way. If it has power then you know the problem is on the trailer, most likely a dirty or corroded trailer connector or bad ground at the...
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  • Converting a 4 Pole Connector on a 2012 Toyota FJ Cruiser to a 5 Pole Boat Trailer Connector
  • Usually when you have a boat trailer with a 5 pole connector the trailer has hydraulic surge brakes and not electric brakes and you would not use a brake controller. The additional blue wire is for a reverse lockout on your hydraulic surge brakes to deactivate them while the tow vehicle is in reverse. If your boat trailer is the only trailer you plan on towing then you will want to install the T-One Vehicle Wiring Harness with 4 pole trailer connector, part # 118405, and you will want...
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  • Is a Wiring Harness Mounting Bracket Included with Trailer Wiring for a 2009 Toyota Tacoma
  • To secure the wiring at the rear of your vehicle you can use the Mounting Bracket 4-Pole Flat, item # 18144, along with a No-Drill Mount Bracket, item # 18140 short, or # 18136 long. This keeps the connector secure at the rear of the vehicle and is a no drill application with the bracket. You could also use the Mag-Flat (TM) 4-Pole Mounting Magnet, item # 38095. to secure the connector at the rear of the vehicle. The Tow Ready Custom Fit Vehicle Wiring, item # 118496, does not come...
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  • Running Trailer Wiring Connector for the 2010 Honda Element to the Outside of the Vehicle
  • Yes, you can run the vehicle side trailer connector to the outside of the vehicle if there is a grommet available in the back of the spare tire well. Just make a small slit in the grommet and run the smallest end of the harness through the hole. If you decide to do so you may want to install a mounting bracket to keep the 4-Way connector from dangling behind the vehicle. I would recommend the Mounting Bracket 4-Pole Flat, item # 18144, along with the No-Drill Mount Bracket, Short, item...
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  • How to Route the Trailer Wiring Plug Permanently Outside Next to the Hitch on a 2011 Toyota Sienna
  • To route the trailer wiring connector outside on your 2011 Toyota Sienna you will need to find a grommet in the rear of the vehicle. I attached a photo showing a grommet that can be used in the cargo area of the 2011 Sienna under the carpeting. We have a video, see link, detailing this wiring harness installation. The grommet used in the video to route the power wire to the vehicle battery could be used to route the 4-Way connector out of the vehicle and back to the trailer hitch. I...
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  • Backup Light Connection For Activation of Surge Coupler Backup Solenoid on a Toyota Tundra
  • There are two options for energizing the backup solenoid on your trailer to allow you to backup. The first is an adapter like you mentioned. The 4 Pole to 5 Pole Trailer Wiring Adapter, # 20036, is designed to be easily installed and removed once the blue wire is spliced into the vehicles reverse light circuit, behind one of the rear tail lights. A circuit tester, # 3808 if needed, is required to determine the correct wire to splice the blue wire to. The second option is to use a 5-Way...
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