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Titan Shock Absorber for Model 60 Brake Actuators

Titan Accessories and Parts

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Titan Accessories and Parts - T2336200

  • Titan Shock Absorber for Model 60 Brake Actuators
  • Extended length: 6-1/4"
  • Collapsed length: 4-15/16"

2336200 Titan Shock Absorber

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Titan Shock Absorber for Model 60 Brake Actuators - T2336200

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (12 Customer Reviews)

- T2336200

by: Jimm H07/19/2013

Replaced the shock in my Titan 60 actuator assembly along with the actuator itself. Less expensive and easier than replacing the whole Titan 60. This part took all or 5 min. 90508

- T2336200

by: David D08/27/2014

easy install on hydraulic brake actuator for 6000 lb boat/trailer. trailer was slamming when stopping/starting 148885

- T2336200

by: CHARLES WALL07/30/2012

This product was of very good quality. There were no problems in installing it and it's working fine. 49861

- T2336200

by: James mills08/13/2015

This part fit perfectly on my 2009 boat trailer replacing the broken part and solving a problem. 218837

- T2336200

by: Mike Burchill09/14/2012

received this part in good condition, installed and found it to work well. thanks. 54684

- T2336200

by: Aloha D12/27/2013

Replacement shock absorber fit perfectly. Fast shipment and item well packed. 111344

- T2336200

by: Jarrod05/19/2015

Part functions as it should. Actuator no longer slams out on acceleration. 194236

- T2336200

by: Rasko03/06/2013

Easy to install and a perfect fit. This was exact OEM replacement. 69280

- T2336200

by: Kevin10/02/2011

Product as advertised. Delivered on sc hedule. 24961

- T2336200

by: greg b08/18/2012

Shock looked and fit perfect, fast ship ping 52162

- T2336200

by: Roy S03/26/2015

Perfect fit and fast delivery- Great! 180984

- T2336200

by: ronda silmon07/01/2012

fast shipping, just what I needed. 46426


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  • Replacement Shock and Push Rod for a Titan Model 60 Trailer Disc Brake Actuator
  • It does sound like the shock is not returning. We do carry the part you need. It is Titan Shock Absorber for Model 60 Brake Actuators, # T2336200. The Titan Coupler, # T4819900, is for disc brake applications. If it were used on drum brake applications, the psi level would be too high. Also the brake lines and fittings normally used for drum brakes would not be large enough for disc brake applications. The push rod could also be in need of replacement. It is part # T2346300. When performing...
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  • Troubleshooting Trailer Surge Brake Tongue Slamming Forward and Back
  • It sounds like the shock in your surge brake actuator is in need of being replaced. The shock will act as a dampener to allow the coupler to return slowly and apply the brakes in a controlled manner. The loud banging noise you are hearing also supports this. In order to replace the shock we first need to know what coupler you have. If you can email me back with pictures and any model names or numbers you can find I'll help you track down the correct shock. For example, if you had a Titan...
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  • Measurements of Different Replacement Actuator Shocks for Trailer Brake Actuators
  • It looks like you are looking for a replacement shock for your actuator. We have several models including # 1844-2. This particular model fits Toledo brand actuators. When fully closed it measures 6-1/4 inches from center of hole to center of hole and when expanded, it measures approximately 8-1/4 inches from center of hole to center of hole. Replacement Shock for Titan Model 6 and 10 Brake Actuators # T1242600 measures 6 inches retracted and 8-1/16 inches extended. If you need a replacement...
    view full answer...

  • Model 60 Actuator Replacement Shock Recommendation
  • If you have a Model 60 brake actuator either the Dico part # 23362 or the Titan # T2336200 will work for you. Both have the same exact dimensions. Since we get these parts from two different manufacturer the pricing is different.
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  • Replacement parts for a Titan Master Cylinder Drum Model 60
  • While there is not a rebuild kit for the Titan Model 60 brake actuator, we do have several replacement parts available. Replacement Master Cylinder Assembly for Drum Brakes - part # T439510 Replacement Push Rod Assembly for Brake Actuator - part # T2346300 Shock Absorber for Model 60 Brake Actuator - part # T2336200 Replacement Breakaway Assembly - part # T4623800 Replacement Latch Repair Kit for Multi-Fit Couplers - part # T4045400 Repair Kit for Leverlock Couplers -...
    view full answer...

  • Replacement Shock for Reliable Brand Actuator on a Mastercraft Boat Trailer
  • One of our replacement shocks might work for your Reliable actuator but we do not carry that particular brand so you would have to go by the measurements. We have several models including # 1844-2. This particular model fits Toledo brand actuators. When fully closed it measures 6-1/4 inches from center of hole to center of hole and when expanded, it measures approximately 8-1/4 inches from center of hole to center of hole. Replacement Shock for Titan Model 6 and 10 Brake Actuators...
    view full answer...

  • Trailer Brake Actuator Can be Easily Moved by Hand
  • You are correct, there should be resistance and you probably would not be able to move it by hand without some sort of lever if it was working properly. It does sound like it is time for a new one or repair the old one. If your actuator is a bolt on then it would easier to just get a new one rather than replace parts on the old one. There are several models available depending on the capacity you need, the type of brakes on the trailer (disc or drum), and the type of lockout, if any,...
    view full answer...

  • Minimum and Maximum Length of Titan Shock Absorber # T2336200
  • I contacted our representative at Titan about the Titan Shock Absorber, part # T2336200. He informed me that from the center of the bushing hole to center of bushing hole when collapsed the shock measures approximately 4.930 inches. When the shock is fully extended, from center of bushing hole to center of bushing hole it measures approximately 6.250 inches.
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  • Hydraulic Trailer Drum Brakes Get Hot and Actuator Will Not Return After Storing Trailer for Winter
  • It is possible that if there is a leak then you have air trapped in the system causing some problems. There could also be some corrosion somewhere that is not allowing the actuator to return to its normal state after being pushed in. Since the brakes are getting so hot, you will want to look at the drums too to see if there is any warping or color changes that can affect the performance. You can take them to a brake shop to be inspected. Testing the system with fluid is a good way...
    view full answer...

  • Replacement Shock and Master Cylinder for a Model 60 Actuator
  • If you are looking for a Model 60 actuator brake master cylinder you would want the part # T4820000 as this is a model 60 master cylinder that is confirmed for disc brakes. For a model 60 shock absorber you would want the part # T2336200.
    view full answer...

  • Troubleshooting Surge Brakes Activating when Boat Trailer is being Reversed
  • What you are describing is a problem most surge brake setups have that do not have a reverse lockout feature. Since you said a solenoid problem it sounds like you have an electric reverse lockout solenoid like the part # T4748800 that is not working. You could try checking the reverse light circuit of your trailer connector to determine if the problem is there. There might be corrosion in the connector that is preventing the circuit from working. I would use a circuit tester like our...
    view full answer...

  • Hydraulic Trailer Brakes Lock Up Moving Forward Using Titan Brake Actuator
  • Disc brake actuators like # T4747200 do not have a check valve in them or a device to keep pressure in the system like drum brake actuators do. On a drum brake actuator there is a check valve inside the master cylinder that regulates the amount of pressure that goes back to the brakes. The wheel cylinders on hydraulic drum brakes will hold pressure as well. If the master cylinder and wheel cylinders (if the trailer has drum brakes) are fine then you could have some air in the system...
    view full answer...

  • What Voltage is Needed for the Electric Reverse Lockout Solenoid on a Titan Model 60 Actuator
  • The reverse lockout solenoid on the Titan model 60 actuator # T4715420 is rated for 12 volts. Nine volts might do the trick but 12 volts is ideal. If you cannot get 12 volts at the reverse lights or 7-Way trailer connector then you may be able to use a fuse tap at the reverse light circuit fuse under the hood. There will be some slight movement but if the unit is banging around a lot then it could indicate worn parts. Replacing the shock would help, # T2336200.
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  • Right Side Hydraulic Trailer Brake Locks Up After Braking
  • You may be getting air in the lines or have a wheel cylinder that needs to be replaced. It is also possible that you have the wrong side brake assembly on that right side but since it is only an issue after braking this is probably not the case. There could be something in the brake assembly itself that is getting stuck. I recommend pulling the wheel and drum off to inspect the operation of the brakes, check for any foreign objects that might be causing the malfunction. If the wheel...
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  • Bolt Torque Specs For Installing Titan # T2336200 Replacement Shock Absorber into a Brake Actuator
  • According to my contact at Titan, there is no torque spec for those bolts. The 'rule of thumb' I was given is that the bolts should be tightened enough so that when the actuator is fully extended, you should be able to get a .002 feeler gauge in between the slide and the outer assembly. In other words, tighten the bolt so it's snug but NOT so tight that it compresses the housing, or you'll turn the actuator into a coupler.
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