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Lug Nut Adapter for Thule K-Summit Snow Tire Chains - 22 mm

Thule Accessories and Parts

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Thule Accessories and Parts - TH0223022MM

This 22-mm lug nut adapter may be required to attach Thule's K-Summit snow tire chains to your vehicle's wheel.


  • Works with Thule K-Summit snow tire chains
  • Attaches to K-Summit fixing key, allowing you to mount chains to your vehicle's wheel

0223022mm Thule K-Summit XXL Lug Nut Adapter - 22 mm


Ask the Experts about this Thule Accessories and Parts
Expert Answers about Lug Nut Adapter for Thule K-Summit Snow Tire Chains - 22 mm - TH0223022MMDo you have a question about this Accessories and Parts?

  • Snow Tire Chains for a 2010 Audi Q7 with 295/35-21 Tires
  • You will need to consult the vehicle owners manual to determine if tire chains can be used and if they can if there are any restrictions. If the tires are not the factory size then you will also want to contact an Audi dealer to determine if chains can be used. If they can then the only chains we have for a 295/35-21 tire are the K-Summit chains you have referenced, # TH02230K66. These chains require zero millimeters of clearance on the back side of the tires. I have included some tire...
    view full answer...

  • Which Thule K-Summit Tire Chains Fit a P265/50R20 Tire on a 2011 Infinity FX35
  • We do have so Thule K-Summit tire chains that will fit a 265/50R20 tire size on your 2011 Infiniti FX35. These are the XXL K-Summit chains, # TH02230K77. These chains require 0mm of clearance around the tire. They come with 17 mm, 19 mm and 21 mm lug nut adapters. If your wheels have a larger 22 mm lug nut then you would need # TH0223022mm. Make sure to consult your vehicle owners manual to determine if chains can be used and if there are any specific instructions or recommendations...
    view full answer...

  • Tire Snow Chains for a 2008 Jeep Liberty with 255/65R17 Tires with Class S SAE Rating
  • The Thule XB-16 Snow Chains, # TH01571255, has a chain link diameter of 16 mm so it is just over the 15mm size allowed by the Class S SAE rating. At this time for the 255/65-17 tire size we have two options that are SAE Class S compatible. The Thule XG12 Pro Tire Chains, # TH01594255, and the Thule K-Summit XXL Tire Chains, # TH02230K67. I would select the XG12 chains due to the large price difference, but the K-Summit chains are much easier to install, see video installations. If...
    view full answer...

  • Selecting Snow Chains for 2007 BMW X3 All Wheel Drive with 255/40/19 Rear Tires
  • A necessary first step is to refer to your vehicle owners manual for any cautions or restrictions related to the use of tire chains on your specific vehicle. It is important that you adhere to the manufacturer recommendations. I did find a copy of the X3 manual online and it indicates that tire chains are to be used only on the rear wheels. I have included a link to an FAQ article about tire chains; this covers the essentials of tire chains and will provide a good background. For...
    view full answer...

  • Will Thule K-Summit Self-Tensioning Tire Chains # TH02230K23 Fit 235/45/R17 Tires on 2000 BMW 540i
  • The Thule K-Summit Self-Tensioning Tire Chains, part # TH02230K23, will fit tires from 14- to 18-inches so your 235/45/R17 tires are compatible. It is a good idea to check your 540i owners manual to see if the manufacturer indicates any restrictions or specific recommendations regarding use of tire chains on the rear drive wheels. These premium-grade Thule snow chains use a manganese-nickel alloy steel for superior performance and durability on ice and snow. Since they sit only on the...
    view full answer...

  • Is the Lug Nut Adapter # TH0223022MM Required to Install Thule K-Summit Chains on 2013 Toyota Venza
  • From the research I did it looks like the 2013 Toyota Venza uses 21 mm lug nuts, so you would not need the Lug Nut Adapter # TH0223022MM since it is only needed for vehicles that have 22 mm lug nuts. The Thule K-Summit Tire Chains # TH02230K67 that you referenced come with 17, 19 and 21 mm lug nut adapters so you should be fine. If you wanted to be 100% sure you could try different socket sizes on your lug nuts to determine which size you have. If you have aftermarket wheels you may...
    view full answer...

  • Will the Thule K-Summit Lug Nut Adapter Work with the Dorman Autograde Wheel Nut Lock
  • I did some research on the Dorman Autograde wheel nut lock you mentioned and found that the sides of the nut are smooth to prevent the wheel lock from being removed with conventional tools. You will want to attach the Thule lug nut adapter to one of the remaining standard lug nuts, with 6 wrench flats, that hold the wheel on your vehicle. Only one standard lug nut is required for attachment of the K-Summit tire chains. I posted a video showing these chains being installed that should...
    view full answer...

  • Tire Chains for a 2012 Hyundai Sonata 2.0 Turbo with 225/45R18 Tires
  • The first thing you normally do is consult your vehicle owners manual to determine if chains can be used and if there are any special requirements. Since your owners manual says not to use chains you will want to contact a Hyundai dealer because in some areas chains are required by law. This situation I like to call the tire chain paradox: a vehicle manual may say chains cannot be used yet the vehicle is sold in areas where chains are required by law. Usually a call to the vehicle manufacturer...
    view full answer...

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