Install your electric brake controller quickly and easily with this custom wiring adapter. Simply plug one end of the adapter into your brake controller and then plug the other end into the junction box beneath your vehicle's dashboard. Call 800-298-8924 to order Tekonsha Accessories and Parts part number 3015-P or order online at Free expert support on all Tekonsha products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Tekonsha Plug-In Wiring Adapter for Electric Brake Controllers - GM. Accessories and Parts reviews from real customers.
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Tekonsha Plug-In Wiring Adapter for Electric Brake Controllers - GM

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Tekonsha Accessories and Parts - 3015-P

Install your electric brake controller quickly and easily with this custom wiring adapter. Simply plug one end of the adapter into your brake controller and then plug the other end into the junction box beneath your vehicle's dashboard.


  • Adapter is wired for GM trucks and SUVs from 2003 to 2006 and 2007 classic body style trucks
  • Wiring adapter eases installation of your electric brake controller
  • Custom connector end plugs into the electric junction box beneath the dash of your vehicle
  • Other end plugs into the back of your electric brake controller
    • Compatible time-delayed brake controllers: Draw-Tite Activator I (5100), Draw-Tite Activator II (5500), Draw-Tite Activator III (5520) and Tekonsha PowerTrac (39523)
    • Compatible proportional brake controllers: Tekonsha Prodigy (90185), Tekonsha P2 (90885), Tekonsha P3 (90195), Tekonsha Primus IQ (TK90160) and Tekonsha Voyager (39510)
  • Limited 1-year warranty

Installation of Tekonsha Brake Controller Adapter

Junction BoxBrake-Control Adapter Port

This adapter plugs into the port that is built into the electric junction box beneath your vehicle's dash. The black box is located to the left of the steering column, just above the carpet. To plug in the adapter, first remove the cover on the box. The adapter plugs into the second slot from the left, on the top row.

To install your electric brake controller you need to connect the wiring of the controller to your vehicle. Certain manufacturers offer pre-wired options, typically known as tow packages, wherein these wires are run for you from the dash to the trailer connector on the back of your vehicle. Often, a brake controller wiring harness is included with your tow package. This harness plugs into a port beneath your dash and connects to the four wires of the brake controller. If, however, you have a brake controller with a plug in place of the four loose wires, you can use the Tekonsha adapter.

This adapter requires no hardwiring. It is designed to plug directly into your electric brake controller for the simplest installation possible. Because there are no wires to connect, installation is not permanent. You can unplug and remove your brake controller at any time and securely stow it away.

3015-P Tekonsha Brake Control Wiring Adapter with 2 Plugs

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Video of Tekonsha Plug-In Wiring Adapter for Electric Brake Controllers - GM

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installation instructions And specs For complete information.

Video Transcript for Tekonsha Accessories and Parts 3015-P Review

Today were looking at part number 3015-P. This is the Tekonsha Plug In Wiring Adapter for Electric Brake Controllers. This is a fast and easy way to provide power to your electric brake controller. It works for GM Trucks and SUVs in model years 2003 to 2006. It also fits model year 2007 classic body style trucks. This is the easiest thing in the world.

It is compatible with both time delayed brake controllers and proportional brake controllers and it fits most Draw-Tite and Tekonsha products. Simply plug the black end into the back of your brake controller and then plug the tan end into the port, the brake controller port that is underneath your dash and thats it. This is about 30 inches long. It comes with a one year warranty. There you have it for part number 3015-P the Tekonsha Plug In Wiring Adapter for Electric Brake Controllers..

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Tekonsha Plug-In Wiring Adapter for Electric Brake Controllers - GM - 3015-P

Average Customer Rating:  4.9 out of 5 stars   (315 Customer Reviews)

Install your electric brake controller quickly and easily with this custom wiring adapter. Simply plug one end of the adapter into your brake controller and then plug the other end into the junction box beneath your vehicle's dashboard.

- 3015-P

by: Len C.07/15/2013

I've used a time delayed controllers for 15 years to brake my popup camper, where I became accoustomed to the initial "tug" from the trailer whenever I depressed my brake pedal. The Tekonsha P2 was my entry into proportional controllers when I traded up for a 25' Airstream. The installation was simple on my GM which allowed me to essentially plug and play. The P2 display seems a little "dated", with it's LCD type fonts, but once you get used to the code, it's really not a problem. I didn't know where I might be installing the controller, so having a unit that allowed 360 degreed of rotation gave me the options to install it almost anywhere on the dash, including my near vertical lower dash. That was a big plus. The biggest change for me was in the ride. On my maiden trip (around the block), I was sure that the unit was defective. Although the manual braking lever resulted in a definate stopping of the trailer, when I depressed my car brakes, there was no "tug", no lurching, no lock-up no apparent anything...BUT that was just the point. This controller applied just the right amount of braking on the trailer that was necessary. It was near impossible to tell that that you were stopping an additional 5000 lbs. I especially like it's "boost" option which applies additional inital braking power to trailer if you choose. Although my experience is a total of 2 miles with this product (soon to be 4000 mi), I'm quite impressed with it's abilty to do it's job. If I don't update my review in 2 months, it's becasue I have no complaints with it. 89541

- 3015-P

by: Frank K05/31/2013

I ordered a Tekonsha 90195 P3 Brake Controler and the GM 3015-P Plug- in wiring adapter. I'm replacing an older Tekonsha Voyager unit on my 2004 Chevy 1500 pickup. New items installed easily in less less than an hour, as described on your web site.Have not road tested the unit yet but expect this controler will prove to be a good one. I placed my order on-line on Monday (also a Holiday) and recieved the items two days later on Wednesday. Recieved several e-mails from Etrailer keeping me updated on the order. Great service. Have already recommended Etrailer to others. 82687


Every thing is work very well. The brake control I bought has turned out to be a big improvement over the older controller I was using with my 30 travel trailer.

Frank K - 06/01/2014


- 3015-P

by: hardin, frank04/29/2013

Got the brakes, drums, breakaway, controller and harness installed this weekend everything works great 78261


Ive had the products for about a year now and everything still works great. Now Ive update my vehicle to something new and transfered the brake controller to my newer vehicle. I did watch a Utube video for etrailer on the newer vehicle because it was not a plug and play, so I used my old harness and it works great.Thanks for checking back with me and if I ever need anything you will get my business.

Frank H - 04/29/2014


- 3015-P

by: Vincent A. Teti10/31/2012

This was my first time towing such a large RV trailer[22 feet] and with my 2003 Hummer H2 it worked like a dream. Great brake system, made my life on the road so nice.I would not hesitate recommending this product to anyone...Thank you for your prompt and courteous service.etrailer ROCKS!!! VAT cheers 58534


Still working great.Great product..Thank you again..Cheers!!!Anthony Teti

Vincent A - 05/01/2014


- 3015-P

by: PJR08/01/2014

Application: 2004 Chevy Tahoe LT / Pulling RV Camper My first ever review of anything purchased online and I figured this one really had merit to deserve the extra attention in giving credit where it's due.. Easy and efficient online ordering processes, excellent customer service and the follow-up email after the sale and delivery of the product was the icing on the cake! You guys' have really got it together over there and I'll be ordering from you again very soon! Thoroughly impressed with the fantastic O.E.M. quality connectors and wiring harness of this product! Perfect length, perfect fit and installed just as quick and easy as the product's description and related installation videos have shown. Thanks again for the outstanding customer service and superb product quality! "I'll Be Back!" 144028

- 3015-P

by: Mike Motz07/22/2012

It was easy to install. Just plug in under the dash with the prewired wiring harness. I first installed the permanent mounting bracket. I was unfamiliar with its use and hard to see it when it is mounted down below the steering wheel. Installed the removable mount, it allow you to bring the unit up to where you can see it. The boost is help full for pulling at rated load behind a 1500 Chevy Silverado. I was moving a tractor on a trailer and the road out was a downhill gravel road. The plug is powered at all times. I would have thought it would shut off when the ignition was off. If your truck sits a lot and just used for the weekends, you may drain the battery. Not sure of the load, it may not matter, except the display does stay lit up. 48918

- 3015-P

by: Matt B.07/30/2014

I purchased the Prodigy P2 and the corresponding wiring adapter item number 3015-P. Installation was very straight forward and simple. Only issue was after everything was installed correctly and triple checked. The brake controller would not connect to the trailer and was throwing a "NC" error code. Trailer lights worked, proving connectivity between factory plug and trailer and also a good ground. After troubleshooting for over an hour, re-seating connections, and everything else I could think of, I left everything alone for the evening. Next day, turn the ignition switch on and the controller was working perfect...and has for over a week. No idea what the issue was/is but it hasn't arose since. 143433

- 3015-P

by: Tony F.10/09/2014

I purchased a newer truck and wanted to transfer the trailer brake controller from my old truck to this one. I installed the controller and connected; lights came on but brake would not engage. E-Trailer has always been my goto for trailer parts so I gave them a call. Mark M helped figure out I needed a different harness between the controller and the truck connection panel. I placed the order thru him and recieved it on time as usual. The part was a perfect fit for my application and it took all of 10 seconds to install; it plugged right up to existing connections. I have always recieved world class customer from E-Trailer and this occasion was no different. Great place to shop! 155323

- 3015-P

by: Gary06/23/2014

Great time saver, plugs right in as stated in the on-line pictures 137075


No issues, works great

Gary - 06/23/2015


- 3015-P

by: Roger E.05/12/2014

Works perfect. Installation easier than your video indicates. 130281


Works very well.

Roger E - 05/19/2015


- 3015-P

by: Dan09/10/2014

Fit like it should. Very fast delivery. 150564


Works great. Easy install

Dan - 09/10/2015


- 3015-P

by: Bill Phillips07/18/2014

Fit like a glove, and saved me a headache of wiring 142115



Bill P - 08/06/2015


- 3015-P

by: Joe U.07/31/2013

Easy installation on 03 avalanche. 92520


Works fine.

Joe U - 01/29/2015


- 3015-P

by: Robert03/24/2013

I purchased the item 3015-P along with the Tekonsha Prodigy P-3 trailer brake controller. The instructions were excellent as well as the etrailer online video instructions, which made the installation a breeze. I did call about a question I had about the Prodigy P-3 and my call was answered in a very helpful and very friendly mannor. Shipping was remarkably fast as is etrailer's service. And their prices are great too. I really enjoyed doing business with these folks and I will be a repeat customer. Robert M. Littleton, Colorado 72141

- 3015-P

by: Kurt09/18/2014

Excellent product! Plugs right into truck and is well assembled. My brake controller was a different brand, so I cut the Tekonsha plug off the end of this adapter and wired it straight to my controller leads. Using the wire sheath that came with it, I covered up my splice, tucked it under the dash, and it looks like a factory installation. I've wired a lot of brake controllers from the battery, through the cab, and out the back. This type of adapter is definitely the better way to go if you have the option. 151838

- 3015-P

by: Michael E.08/23/2014

Well, I haven't used the product much yet other than to take the camper out for a test drive and set the brake control. All seems well thus far. I wil say though I am very pleased with etrailor's customer service. Very good service and prompt delivery - unlike the other place I purchased my brake assemblies from. Had I known etrailor has brake assemblies prior to purchasing from that other place, I would have purchased here instead. Wish I had. I know now and will definitely recommend to others. 148187

- 3015-P

by: Rob W08/12/2015

In all honesty, I have to say that I am very pleased with the product. It was exactly what was described and did exactly what it needed to. Delivery was in a timely manor and was shipped in packaging suitable for the contents. If I was to mention any con was that I wished it had come with more instructions on the installation. Thank goodness for the web; I was able to look up my vehicle and find the information that I needed to install this product. 218793

- 3015-P

by: David M.01/21/2014

The Prodigy 2 controller is just what I expected. Installation was a quick and easy. Plug and play doesn't get much easier. I used the metal bracket on my installation due to the fact that it allowed me to use the holes previously used for the old controller. I hope to be back on the road using it for my 26' low boy equipment trailer and 38 ' fifth wheel travel trailer soon. I would give it an excellent rating but I haven't gotten to use it yet. 114335

- 3015-P

by: Tommy03/07/2013

i didnt take any pictures of the installing but didnt expect it to be as simple as it was it was quick and easy just plug it into the femal plug under the dash then into the p3 set it up and ready to go withen about 45 minutes i pul a 20 foot camping trailor with a 97 silverado classic trailor weight 8589 pounds and this p3 dois a great job going down montegle mountain and it is a steep mountain. sign tommy 69464

- 3015-P

by: Travis03/10/2013

The install was quick and easy with this cable. The cable was too short for me to reach the desired location of the controller, though, so I simply cut it and spliced on the connector pigtail that was included with the controller. I used a similar kit when I installed a brake controller on my Ford and it was long enough. On this Chevy it could have been a foot or two longer for the most flexibility. 69888

- 3015-P

by: Scott Y06/01/2015

They should add some finger screws since you may not be able to get a screwdriver between the mounting bracket and your center console, but other than that, installation was a breeze and it works extremely well. It took me longer to locate the plug in a GMC vehicle than it did to install the controller. The plug and play wiring harness is well worth the small price you pay for it. 199558

- 3015-P

by: Juan02/18/2015

Got it on time as Karen had promised yesterday when I ordered it, installed it in less than a few minutes and works great, Karen was courteous and very knowledgeable about the product and to complete the great experience she followed up on the delivery and sent me here for more info on what I bought. Karen you should get a raise. What a great customer service. Thank you 175208

- 3015-P

by: Prodigy P2 brake control02/19/2014

I ordered this product on a Saturday and received it on a Tuesday. Monday was a holiday,so really surprised to get it so fast,since I had only paid for the standard shipping.The web site is really good, especially with the video that showed me how easy it is to install. I have installed it,but I have not had much time to use it yet,but I am sure it will be good. 116917

- 3015-P

by: George M.09/13/2013

Ordered a Tekonsha to General Motors Wiring Adaptor and from the beginning of the product search on the etrailer website to receiving the part, this was an excellent experience. The website is very easy to navigate and the technical advice outstanding. The price was also great and I received the part in just a few days. Great place to shop for trailer stuff. 99874

- 3015-P

by: Rick01/31/2011

The 3015-P is a simple plug and play wiring completely eliminated the need for cutting and soldering or crimping wires...I was able to install the brake controller in less than 15 minutes. I recommend the purchase of a wiring harness with any brake controller. The 3015-P is a quality product and well worth the money. Thanks Rick 6459

- 3015-P

by: Reed A.05/21/2012

Wiring harness and brake controller are working great and install was a breeze. The only thing that would have helped would be to include a install diagram for the wiring harness as to the location of plug in on my 04 Chevy Tahoe. I had to look it up on you tube. Overall fast shipping, great tracking of shipping, and great product! Thanks. 41184

- 3015-P

by: JJones03/27/2014

The plug-in GM wiring adapter worked great on my 2005 Chevy Suburban Z71. Although my truck came with a brake controller wiring adapter, the idea of plug and play without additional work was a good idea. The unit supplied was the perfect length and has a mesh braid encompassing the wires. It was well worth the little extra cost. 122485

- 3015-P

by: John S.07/21/2011

Plugged right in to the socket and into the controller. Unfortunately the socket is in a very inconvenient location for a large person to get to. If the instructions suggested using a mirror and light it would have gone faster. The tow vehicle socket is located where you can see it or reach it, but not both at the same time 19818

- 3015-P

by: Ed08/28/2015

As usual our order arrived very quickly and all of the items were in excellent condition upon arrival. The brKe controller and harness went in perfectly. We are looking forward to trying it out with our trailer. Thanks again for all of your help with all of the parts needed to get our truck ready to tow our new trailer. 222563

- 3015-P

by: Dennis B06/20/2015

The brake booster and GM cable was shipped and received very fast. Installation was easy on my 2005 Silverado that has factory tow package. It only took me about 30 minutes to install and set up. Tested with my popup camper and it worked flawlessly, would definitely recommend etrailer and this brake booster. 205982

- 3015-P

by: Doug D.08/29/2013

My product arrived as scheduled and I was notified throughout the process of what was going on. The only thing that could have made the buying experience more enjoyable was if my items were free. I will definitely go to etrailer in the future for all my trailering needs. No more ebay for trailer stuff. 97545

- 3015-P

by: Marcus L.01/25/2012

I was amazed at how easy the wiring harness and controller installed on my 2007 Chevrolet Silverado LT. I just had to remove the cover to the left of the brake pedal and plug it in, then to the controller. I tied up the wiring harness and I was done. Now waiting to adjust my controller to my vehicle. 30319

- 3015-P

by: jeff s01/16/2014

Wow this worked great. Got . The 3015 p w out ring harness and the Tekonsha p3 controller in the mail ran out to my 03 escalade and as easy as plugging in a lamp everything worked great. I cannot sat enough about trailers service. I ordered on a Sunday night and it was at my door on weds. 113936

- 3015-P

by: Craig03/30/2013

The Brake controller was easy to install and worked great. It made a big difference in slowing down my 7800 lbs. trail trailer. Thank you for such a quick dilivery and updates on tracking my items. I will do business with you all again and will recommend you to my friends. Thank you, Craig. 73422

- 3015-P

by: Tommy D.08/13/2014

Great products, I bought a Hitch, very easy to install myself. forget about wiring, called back, talked to very knowledgeable person. very good video. no problems, Im a customer for life. Thanks , Tommy Dillard Five Star Automotive Athens, Ga. 146628

- 3015-P

by: Debbie06/01/2015

I ordered the wiring harness for my electric brake on a Friday and received it by Tuesday of the following week, I was sent a notice when the package was sent and got exactly what i needed to get my electric brake working again.I would definitely recommend and use this company again. 199641

- 3015-P

by: Steve T.09/07/2013

Easy to install, bought the direct plug in cable, couldn't get any easier than this! 98778

- 3015-P

by: Erik02/07/2013

Very fast delivery. I ordered it Sunday morning and I received it Wed. Great technical help from Mark on the phone prior to ordering. Should be an easy installation with the helpful videos and instructions. As in the past, I am very satisfied with their products and services. 65290

- 3015-P

by: Ken E.02/06/2015

This harness fit great. Made the installation quick and easy. I mounted the brake controller mounted under the dash right below the radio. The harness was just the right length to get to this point. The assistance from Wayne was great. The instruction from etrailer worked perfectly. 172740

- 3015-P

by: Robert Young03/08/2012

Product is excellent and exactly what was expected. I wasn't too sure what harness was needed to fit my truck, and a quick phone call to an actual person (thank you Rose G.) got me just what I needed. Products and prices are great, service and shipment, even better.. Thanks again. 33256

- 3015-P

by: Frank S.02/19/2015

I recieved my order promptly and as promised. However I have not had the opportunity to install the brake controller as of yet. Based on the very detailed instructions it should be fairly easy to install and set up. I am very impressed by the service I received from etrailer 175295

- 3015-P

by: Harold L.05/22/2014

Customer service rep/salesman Tommy was very helpful when I ordered a wire harness for my trailer brake controller. The item was mailed to me in a very timely manner and was packaged very well .I would recommend for there excellent service and very good products. 131929

- 3015-P

by: scott07/09/2011

This was a simple plug and play so I didn't have to splice wires and figure out if red goes to yellow etc.. Made life much simpler and would buy another if i needed it. Mounting bracket was simple to install so now I can swap my brake controller between 2 vehicles with ease. 18992

- 3015-P

by: Andy11/25/2014

Great job helping me pinpoint which part I need. Quick shipping reasonable, reasonable prices and great tech videos to assist with install. Installed all products easily and had the trailer up and running same day. Looking forward to my first "TOW" this weekend!! 162440

- 3015-P

by: Roman02/12/2013

Item as described .install was very easy (plug and play )took about 15 min .shipping was super fast .my shipment was upgraded for express shipping FREE OF CHARGE .very nice people to work with .I haven't hooked it to trailer yet to see how it works but ill update my review 65889

- 3015-P

by: Tim D.04/16/2015

This was a great product that was easy to install. It was great to have pictures when ordering off of the website. Made it easy to find where to plug it into. The shipping was fast. This is the second time ordering from etrailer and I will definitely use them again. 185440

- 3015-P

by: Max H.05/11/2011

Excellent quality and ease of installation! The wire plugged into the GMC's fuse block and controller and worked the first time. Easiest installation I have ever undertaken... and the local trailer store wanted $120 just to do the install with me providing the parts. 13437

- 3015-P

by: Ricky S03/02/2014

Ricky was very helpful. Understood my previous order vs. what I wanted to replace my new order with. It was shipped on time and the order was accurate. Ricky was very pleasant, professionally and knowledgeable. Excellent customer experience. Jim Glockner 118171

- 3015-P

by: Derek03/12/2013

The harness was plug and play. It could not have been any simpler. The etrailer staff provided me with the correct information and emailed me the link to purchase it and answered all my questions. Also super fast shipping and great customer device as always. 70120

- 3015-P

by: Jeff B05/14/2012

This wiring adapter is well built,it has good connections on the wiring and good connectors on the ends.The length gives you room to move it where you want it without having to wrap it up to get rid of alot of excess wiring.I wouldn't change anything about it. 40470

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  • Fuse Location to Power an Electric Trailer Brake Controller on a 2005 Chevy Silverado
  • The Tekonsha Voyager Brake Controller with GM Wiring Harness, # 39510 and # 3015-P, itself does not have a fuse. Since it is connected to the truck via the factory port under the dash, the fuse for the brake controller 12 volt power is located in the power distribution box under the hood. We actually have an FAQ article that explains the installation of a brake controller Chevy and GMC trucks that includes your 2005 Silverado. It covers the connections that need to be made under the hood...
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  • Trailer Brake Controller Wiring Harness for a 2014 Chevy Silverado 1500
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  • Brake Control Wiring on a 2004 Chevrolet Silverado
  • To install a controller on your Silverado, you will need to choose a controller and the appropriate brake controller wiring adapter. I recommend the Tekonsha Prodigy P2 # 90885 and Wiring Adapter, # 3015-P. The P2 is a great unit for the price, and is very easy to install and set up. One end of the adapter harness plugs into the rear of the controller, the other end will plug into the connector located in the junction box behind the emergency brake pedal in your Silverado. I will link you...
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  • Electric Trailer Brake Controller Recommendation for 2007 Chevrolet Silverado 2500
  • The Tekonsha Prodigy P2, part # 90885, would be an excellent choice for your 2007 Silverado. Chevy produced two body styles that model year, the classic and the new body style. If you have the classic model, you would need to use a wiring adapter, part # 3015-P. The adapter would wire directly to your controller, and then plug into the port located under the dash behind the emergency brake pedal. If your Silverado is the New Body Style, the controller would directly wire into the...
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  • Brake Controller Power Wire Not Receiving Power On 2010 GMC Sierra With All Fuses and Connections
  • It sounds like you still need to make a few connections under the hood of your 2010 GMC Sierra. You will need to locate 2 wires, both wires are red/black with eyelets on the end. One wire is located between the fuse box and driver side fender, the other should be located under the brake master cylinder. On the driver side, remove the fuse box cover, there will be 2 threaded studs that are different sizes, the wires which have different sized eyelets will connect to the corresponding studs...
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  • Voyager Brake Control Wiring Diagram for Installation in a 2005 Chevrolet 1500 Silverado
  • The connections you will need to make to install your Voyager brake controller are listed below. If your Voyager has a connector attached to the wires at the back you can use the Pigtail Wiring Harness, # 7894, to connect to the wires on the connector supplied by GM that is similar to the # 3015-S connector we carry. If you wanted a complete harness without splicing you could use the plug-in wiring adapter, # 3015-P. I have added a photo of the connector for the 2005 Chevrolet Silverado...
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  • Electric Trailer Brake Controller Recommendation for a 2010 Chevy Silverado
  • The 2010 Chevy Silverado has tow package wiring already routed under the dash, but no port to plug into so you will need to hardwire the brake controller to the factory wiring. The wiring harness on the truck is located below the steering column and to the left of the brake pedal. The bundle of wires will be held together with a white tag that lists the function of each wire. The brake controller only uses 4 of these wires as indicated below. Any additional wires will not be needed and...
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  • Trailer Brake Controller Recommendation for a 2003 GMC Yukon XL and 2012 Crossroads Sunset Trailer
  • For your 2003 GMC Yukon XL, I recommend the Tekonsha P2, # 90885. It is one of our most popular controllers because it is easy to set up and use and it offers diagnostics. The P3, # 90195, is a great controller but is geared more towards individual with brake controller experience. It has a lot of diagnostics and features, though and would work well. Both controllers are compatible with electric trailer brake systems as well as electric over hydraulic systems. For your Yukon XL, you...
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  • Brake Controller Wiring for a 2006 Chevy Silverado Pickup
  • If your 2006 Chevrolet has the factory installed 7-way you will need an adapter to install the brake controller. The Tekonsha Voyager brake controller has the wires hard wired into the unit so the Tekonsha Wire Replacement for GM Vehicles, 2003 - 2006, part # 3015-p, would not be the easiest way to install the Voyager. An easier route would be to purchase the Universal Brake Control Wiring Adapter 2003 - 06 Chevrolet, GMC, Cadillac, part # 3015-S, and then wire it to the Voyager brake controller...
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  • Which Brake Controller and Parts are Need for a 2006 GMC Yukon Denali XL
  • Since your Yukon is already wired with a 7-Way from the factory, all you will need is the brake controller and harness. Brake controllers are universal so any brake controller will work, so long as you have the right harness. The Prodigy P2 # 90885 has replaced the Prodigy # 90185, and is our best selling brake controller. The correct wiring adapter for your Yukon is # 3015-P. I have linked to a video of the Prodigy and # 3015-P harness being installed on a 2004 Chevy Suburban. Different...
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  • Trailer Brake Controller Recommendation for a 2005 GMC Sierra 2500HD
  • When choosing between a time delay and proportional brake controller I will always go with proportional. The reason is that a proportional brake controller will actuate the trailer brakes in proportion to how much the vehicle is braking. This is the safest braking situation. It will also reduce wear and tear on the vehicle and trailer brakes. I have included a link to our brake controller FAQ article for you to view. For your 2005 GMC Sierra, I recommend the Tekonsha P2 # 90885 and...
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  • What Do the PL and SH Error codes on the Tekonsha P2 Trailer Brake Controller Mean
  • The PL error code on the Tekonsha P2, # 90885, indicates that there was a power interruption when stepping on the brakes. The SH error code indicates that there is a short circuit at idle. Both of these problems could be caused by a bad ground connection. If you have hardwired the controller to the vehicle, make sure that the ground is connected to the negative battery terminal. The white wire is the ground. Black is for 12 volt power. You will need to test the wiring with a circuit...
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  • Which Brake Controller Should I use on a 2005 Chevrolet Tahoe with Factory Trailer Connector
  • The part you were looking at includes the harness for Ford vehicles. If you want to use the Hopkins Agility, the part number you would need is # HM47294 and # 47795. It has the plug-in harness for your 2005 Tahoe brake controller port. That port will only be active if your Tahoe came with a 7-Way trailer connector from the factory. I would strongly encourage you to get the Tekonsha Prodigy, part # 90185 and adapter part # 3015-P. It is our best selling brake controller and is one of...
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  • Wiring a Brake Controller on a 2007 New Body Style Chevy Silverado
  • On your New Body Style 2007 Siverado there is no port underneath the dash, so you won't need a wiring adapter like the 3035-P. There is a bundle of 5 wires taped up together with the following colors red, dark blue, light blue, white and brown. You can find the bundle underneath the dash above the brake pedal. The wiring harness also has a white tag taped to it, which should make it easier to located. We have a chart for how to match these wires up to the wires on the brake controller....
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  • Brake Controller Wiring Harness for 2008 Chevrolet Silverado Pickup
  • On your 2008 Silverado there is not a wire connector to plug in a brake controller wiring harness but there is a bundle of wires under the dash with a white tag on it to help you identify the wires for the brake controller. This bundle will contain a thick blue wire also. Once you have the wire bundle located you will have to hard wire the brake controller to these wires. The thick blue wire on the truck goes to the blue wire on the brake controller, the light blue wire with the white stripe...
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  • Wiring a 2003 Chevrolet Kodiak C-5500 for a Brake Controller with Factory Style Wiring Harness
  • When wiring the red brake switch wire on the brake controller you should use a circuit tester to determine the wire that goes hot only when the brake pedal is pressed. If you find a wire that has voltage on it before the brake pedal is pressed and then gets brighter when the brake pedal is pressed that is the wrong circuit and should not be used. If your Kodiak has the prewired connector under the dash for the Tekonsha Wire Replacement for GM Vehicles, 2003 - 2006, then this should be...
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  • Trailer Brake Controller Recommendation and Install Method for a 2008 GMC c5500 Topkick
  • From what I was able to find, the 2008 GMC Topkick 5500 does not have a port to plug in a brake controller wiring harness. A brake controller will have to be hardwired into the vehicle using a 4 and 7 Way Installation Kit, # ETBC7. Usually, this would require the installation of a 4-Way wiring harness first that would then plug into the back of the ETBC7. However, there is not a 4-Way harness available for the Topkick, so you will need to clip off the 4-Way plug on the ETBC7 and hardwire...
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  • Brake Controller Installation on 1995 Chevy Tahoe
  • GM did not start equipping their trucks with the plug-in connector until the 1999 model year Silverado/Sierra. In some of the mid to late 1990s models, GM provided what could best be called a rudimentary tow package, with a blue and a red or an orange wire ran from below the master cylinder, under the cab and along the drivers side frame rail to terminate on the frame rail behind the rear wheel. Because of the age of the vehicle, the ends of the wires are usually pretty hard to find,...
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  • Brake Controller Harness for a 2003 Chevy Silverado
  • It sounds as if you might have the wrong wiring adapter. The wiring adapter for the 2002 and 2003 Silverado will fit either vehicle, but the order in which the pins are wired is different. Therefore if you have the incorrect one, it will still plug in, but will not work correctly. For the 2003, you would need part # 3015-P, not the 3025-P which is for the 2002. This can easily be verified by using a circuit tester like part # 3808 on the red wire exiting the rear of the controller. If...
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  • Is a Brake Controller Needed on a 2010 GMC Yukon Denali Towing a 6,000 Pound Camper
  • Some trucks now come equipped with factory brake controllers. Ford has been doing it since 2005 and GM started in 2006 or 2007. Your Yukon Denali may have come with an integrated brake controller. I would check with GMC to see if your Denali was built with an integrated brake controller. You should be able to call in with the VIN. If your Denali does not have an integrated brake controller, I would certainly add one if the camper is equipped with brakes. It will save wear and tear on...
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  • Brake Controller Installation Instructions on a 2003 Chevrolet Avalanche Without Factory Tow Package
  • Yes, we do have a photo, see link, that shows the location of the brake controller power wire and the brake controller output wire that need to be connected under the hood on your 2003 Chevrolet Avalanche if you do not have a factory 7-Way. We also have detailed instructions, see link, to help with the installation of the P3 # 90195 and wiring adapter # 3015-P brake controller on your Avalanche. The red wire shown in the photo is the power wire for the brake controller. This wire should...
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