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Tekonsha Two Stage 12 V DC Battery Charger

Tekonsha Accessories and Parts

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Tekonsha Accessories and Parts - 2024-07

Tekonsha Battery Charger

Designed to fit securely into Tekonsha Breakaway battery cases. Patented temperature compensated design provides continuous recharge for all 12v battery systems with 4 Amp per hour minimum output. Provides maintenance free assurance that breakaway batteries are always fully charged.


  • DC-to-DC heavy duty quick maintenance charger
  • Automatic shut-off feature will not permit overcharge
  • Limited one year warranty

2024-07-S Tekonsha Two Stage 12 V DC Battery Charger

Customer Reviews

Tekonsha Two Stage 12 V DC Battery Charger - 2024-07

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (3 Customer Reviews)

- 2024-07

by: Larry05/25/2015

Great shipping, product delivered very promptly. Not much information on product. Talked to technical service and wrong information was given Tekonsha 2 stage 12 vdc charger. For the price I am trying a few things to make charger work for my application. 196745

- 2024-07

by: Charles N.11/24/2013

Keeps trailer brakeaway battery charged, fits in battery case. 108362

- 2024-07

by: Joe12/06/2013

Great product Great customer service Fast shipping 109394


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  • 12 Volt DC Battery Charger Recommendation for Charging an Auxiliary Battery with a Truck
  • This Tekonsha Two Stage 12 V DC Battery Charger, part # 2024-07, is designed to charge 12 volt systems while being used on a 12 volt power source like your truck has. However, the # 2024-07 is designed for maintaining smaller batteries that go through extended periods of not being used. It is not designed to charge a larger vehicle battery like the one you have in your truck. I would recommend you use a CTEK MULTI US 3300 12-Volt Universal Battery Charger w/ Pulse Maintenance, part...
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  • Input Range for the Tekonsha Two Stage 12 V DC Battery Charger # 2024-07
  • The input range for the Tekonsha Two Stage 12 V DC Battery Charger # 2024-07 that you referenced is 9-16 volts.
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  • DC to DC Battery Charger Recommendation
  • I believe what you are looking for is the CTEK D250S Dual 12-Volt Battery Charger, # CTEKD250S. This charger can be used as a DC to DC charger and can take a maximum input voltage of 22 volts. This charger has a maximum output voltage of 14.4 volts and a maximum amperage output of 20 Amps. This charger can even be used with solar panels if you did not want to keep the charger hooked to a vehicle battery. The Tekonsha Battery Charger, # 2024-07, that you referenced is a maintenance...
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  • DC To DC Battery Charger for 12 Volt 18 Amp Hour Battery for Use on a Motorcycle
  • Since the 12 volt battery you want to charge is rated for 18 amp hours you can use a breakaway battery charger # 2024-07. This is a DC to DC charger and will shut off automatically so as not to over charge the battery.
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  • Troubleshooting Dying Vehicle Batteries after Tekonsha Battery Charger Install
  • There could be a number of issues could be causing the problem you are experiencing. Since you said your truck batteries were dead after only 2 minutes of the # 2024-07 being installed and the fact that when your truck is turned off there is no 12 volt supply to the charger I suspect that the problem is on your truck. You could have your battery and alternator tested at an auto parts store, most places will do that for free. Another option you have would be to remove the # 2024-07 and...
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  • Recommendation for Charging an Auxiliary Battery
  • I think your best option would be to get a Tekonsha Two Stage 12 V DC Battery Charger # 2024-07. Basically you would need to install this onto the 12 volt power source of your trailer connector and then run it to positive and negative sides of your auxiliary battery.
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  • Breakaway Kit Recommendation for the HydraStar Electric Over Hydraulic Brake Actuators
  • You can use a Tekonsha breakaway kit with the HydraStar brake actuators, but it must have a 12 volt 5 amp-hour battery. For the HydraStar brake actuators, we recommend part # 50-85-313. The HydraStar actuators do not come with a breakaway kit and they do not have an integrated battery charger. The Tekonsha breakaway kit that I referenced comes with a Premium Integrated Charger, so you will not need to worry about picking up a separate charger. If you already have a breakaway kit with...
    view full answer...

  • Breakaway Battery Charger is Only Showing 1.5 Volts Output
  • A breakaway battery charger such as # 2024-07 should be putting out 12 volts to the battery. Less than that could be an indication of a bad ground connection or a problem inside the charger. For the ground make sure it is connected to a clean and corrosion free bare metal surface. The problem with the wire colors you mentioned is common. It is because there is actually no standard for trailer wire colors. You should always go by function. You can use the help article I have linked to...
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  • Charging Trailer Mounted Battery through 7-Way Connector on 2011 Toyota 4Runner
  • A small breakaway battery such as # HM20008 can be charged from the 12 volt circuit from the 7-Way connector. You could connect the 12 volt circuit directly to the positive battery terminal or using a charger such as # 2024-07 would be more efficient. But a larger battery, such as a car battery mounted on the trailer, can only receive a maintenance charge for the 12 volt circuit. This is because the wiring for the trailer connectors is too small and the vehicle alternator is not strong...
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  • Can Tekonsha Break Away System Battery Charger be Used to Charge Auxiliary Jet-Ski Battery
  • Tekonsha battery charger # 2024-07 is designed for small 12 volt break away system batteries that typically have a 5 amp hour rating. If your battery is 12 volt and greater than 4 amp hours then you could use this charger provided the personal watercraft has an alternator/generator that keeps the regular battery charged. If the battery is rated too high, like a regular car battery, the charger would hardly be effective if at all. For any charger be sure the connections you make are...
    view full answer...

  • Can Tekonsha Charger 2024-07 Charge a 12 Volt, 7 Amp Hour Battery
  • The Tekonsha charger # 2024-07 is designed to charge small breakaway system batteries (4 amp hours or greater) so it should work with the small 12 volt battery that you have. I would go with 12 gauge wire # 12-1-1, sold in increments of 1 foot, instead of the small 16 gauge wire. The best way to charge the battery is going to be to use AC power and an AC charger such as # CTEK56158.
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  • Will Tekonsha Trailer Battery Charger Fully Charge a Dead Battery through the Trailer Connector
  • A fully discharged battery might require a little extra assistance in order for the Tekonsha charger # 2024-07 to take effect. Bad things can happen to batteries once they are totally dead. We do have some pretty substantial battery chargers that can revitalize a battery, like # CTEK56353. But even this charger cannot save a battery if it is too far gone.
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  • Electric Winch Recommendation for Loading Scissor Lifts On Flatbed Trailer
  • When using an electric winch to pull a rolling load on to a trailer, it is typically recommended that the winch have at least the capacity of the weight of the vehicle. The Superwinch S5000 High Performance Utility Winch, 5K, # 1450200, that you referenced would be perfect for your application. The S5000 has a rolling load capacity of 5,784. For a charger your best option would be to get a Tekonsha Two Stage 12 V DC Battery Charger # 2024-07. Basically you would install this onto the...
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