Replace a set of damaged wheel hoops on your Swagman XTC Series bike carrier. Knobs, bolts and shims are included for mounting hoops to bike rack. Call 800-298-8924 to order Swagman Accessories and Parts part number P318 or order online at Free expert support on all Swagman products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Replacement Wheel Hoops for Swagman XTC Series Bike Carriers. Accessories and Parts reviews from real customers.
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Replacement Wheel Hoops for Swagman XTC Series Bike Carriers

Swagman Accessories and Parts

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Swagman Accessories and Parts - P318

Replace a set of damaged wheel hoops on your Swagman XTC Series bike carrier. Knobs, bolts and shims are included for mounting hoops to bike rack.


  • Replaces left- and right-side wheel hoops for Swagman XTC bike racks
  • Installs on your bicycle rack with included knobs, bolts and shims
  • Includes rubber straps for wheel hoops


  • Application: Swagman XTC Series Platform-Style 2-Bike Carrier for 1-1/4" and 2" Hitches (S64670) and Swagman XTC Series Platform-Style 4-Bike Carrier for 2" Hitches (S64665)

P318 Replacement Wheel Hoops for Swagman XTC Series Bike Carriers

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Replacement Wheel Hoops for Swagman XTC Series Bike Carriers - P318

Average Customer Rating:  4.9 out of 5 stars   (28 Customer Reviews)

Replace a set of damaged wheel hoops on your Swagman XTC Series bike carrier. Knobs, bolts and shims are included for mounting hoops to bike rack.

- P318

by: Dawn B12/19/2014

Had to replace this bar following a slight accident backing up the vehicle on which the full bike rack is installed. The rack held up very well, all things considered. Just had to replace two pieces, which was the more economical choice vs buying a whole new rack. Have absolutely NO COMPLAINTS. Shipping expedient, customer service on the ball with excellent follow up without being prodded. The item is exactly as explained and was very easy to install-- only took a few minutes to get the bike rack back to new condition. I will copy this exact review for part #SP478 that also needed replacement related to this repair. Don't hesitate to buy from or deal with this company! 166304

- P318

by: Christine Boucher03/09/2014

I absolutely love my bike rack for so many reasons including putting our sandy beach chairs on it, attaching our baby jogger etc. Someone backed up into my car the other day and bent one of the arm hoops. They of course did not leave their name but at least they also did not hit my car. Easy, cheap fix to purchase new wheel hoops! They do come in pairs and I only needed one, but hey if it happened to me once, it will happen again. And who knows maybe the extra hoop will fit on the rack and make itself useful. Thank you e-trailer for making this a simple fix! 119963

- P318

by: GTom09/10/2013

Bought these after someone backed into my rack and bent the trays too much to fix. These are an upgrade as I have the lower end XT rack. I was satisfied with the original trays, but these are definately much better. The angle allows more tire to fit into tray which provides a more secure attachment and the built in straps are a bonus. Also, the knobs that loosen and tighten the trays seem to be much better on these than my originals 99204

- P318

by: Nancy C12/10/2010

Swagman Wheel Hoops I ordered replacement wheel hoops for my XTC Swagman and was extremely pleased with etrailer's customer service and ease of ordering. As soon as I placed my order, I received a personal email informing me my items were in stock and would ship immediately. And they did! The wheel hoop replacements arrived in good shape and on-time. 3960

- P318

by: Kelz K07/24/2014

This is a great bike rack, easy to use and well constructed. We had to buy a replacement set of the wheel hoops because someone apparently decided we didn't need one! We have now placed bolts thru each end of the bars so the wheel hoops can't readily slide off. That's the only recommendation I would make to the manufacturer. 142761

- P318

by: Roger C.10/09/2014

The hoops have been a perfect ad on to my Swagman Bike Rack they are long enough for my Easy Racer recumbent and my tandem. 155351


Do u have the xc2 or xtc?i have the xc2 bike rack and thinking to buy just the xtc wheel hoop for a longer wheelbase for my tandem bike.what is your tandem wheelbase?just for preferences.thank you

comment by: red - 04/12/2015


- P318

by: Kathy10/02/2013

I have owned the bike rack for several years and love the fact that I don't have to lift anything high. A car ran into my back end, so I had to replace 1 of the bike holders. eTrailer responded extremely fast and kept me informed every step of the way. That's the best service I've received from anyone yet. 102304

- P318

by: Lauren01/12/2015

Backed my car and rack into something abd bent the wheel hoop. Ordered from this company and got the wheel hoops. They work great! Wished you could buy just one though. . I would recommend this company! 168638

- P318

by: B. Bailey08/28/2014

The replacement wheel hoops were delivered promptly and exactly as described. The only complaint that I have is that the hoops are only sold in a set of two. I only needed one replacement hoop. 149122

- P318

by: harold norris07/07/2012

thanks for responding so quickly on my recent purchase...i lost one of my wheel hoops and now i have replaced it with one and i now have a extra one in case i lose another... 47039

- P318

by: Michelle M06/29/2012

Delivery was very fast. I am extremly satisfied with the service from etrailer and would definitely recommend them to a friend and use them again should the need arise. 46273

- P318

by: Ryan03/26/2014

Same parts as original, just a shame they come as a pair, and can't purchase singular. Oh well, now I have a spare for when I smash another one of these brackets. 122310

- P318

by: Karen B07/30/2014

Thank you so much for such a quick delivery. The items we ordered are perfect!! We will definitely recommend etrailer to our friends and family. Thanks again!!! 143486

- P318

by: David01/29/2013

I purchased these as an upgrade to my Swagman XC rack. Fit great and seem more sturdy. Great transaction with etrailer as always! 64477

- P318

by: Rob O.09/15/2014

Great factory part. Shipping was incredibly fast, ordered Monday morning, was on my door step Tuesday. Great company. 151112

- P318

by: Bruce08/22/2013

My bike rack replacement parts were shipped within 24 hours of ordering them, and they arrived safely and on schedule. 96320

- P318

by: Vicki03/31/2014

Love this bike carrier - and the fact that replacement parts are available. Perfect for women to install and use. 122934

- P318

by: Cyklon03/19/2014

It's an identical replacement and fits perfectly. A car backed into my rack and bent a hoop. Now it's fixed. 121307

- P318

by: F Cruz09/29/2014

All parts were received promptly and as advertised. Very happy with my purchase! 153463

- P318

by: Bill Nowostawsky01/18/2014

The product works great and is only surpassed by your service. Thank you 114114

- P318

by: Ali Bodden04/22/2015

Very fast service and excellent packaging. Thanks for such good service! 187549

- P318

by: JWL08/26/2013

Works great! easy on easy off at a price one can afford. 97110

- P318

by: ryan d05/31/2013

fast shipping, product seems as good as the original. 82696

- P318

by: J H08/22/2014

Item as described. Worked great. 148093

- P318

by: JayF03/09/2011

quick shipping, item as expected 8879

- P318

by: sam s05/15/2015

good service - timely delivery 193278

- P318

by: Steve T05/14/2014

Great service and product. 130647

- P318

by: mike s07/04/2014

Exactly what I needed. 139228


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  • Can Hollywood Racks Fat Tire Adapter Kit # HRSPRWH-F be Used on the Swagman XTC Bike Rack # S64670
  • Yes, the Hollywood Racks Fat Tire Adapter Kit, # HRSPRWH-F, can be used on the Swagman XTC Bike Rack, # S64670. The 1-1/4 by 1-1/4 inch dimension of the square mounting hole on the adapter kit is the same as that of the Wheel Hoops for Swagman XTC, # P318.
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  • Can I Carry A Tandem Bicycle With The Swagman RV Bumper 2 Bike Rack # S80500
  • I do have a solution to carry your tandem bicycle, but using the Swagman RV Bumper 2 Bike Rack, part # S80500, to do so is not recommended. I contacted our representative at Swagman and she informed me that it is not recommended to carry a tandem bicycle on the Swagman RV Bumper 2 Bike Rack, part # S80500. The reason it is not recommended is because of the length of the bike and how skinny and how close the arms of the bike rack are. A possible solution to carry your tandem bicycle...
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  • Will This Bike Rack Work with My Tandem Bicycle on RV Motor Home Bumper
  • If your RV or Motorhome bumper is wider than the tandem bicycle then the Swagman RV Bumper 2 Bike Rack, part # S80605, will work. If you do not already have something to secure your bikes to part # S80605, then you may need the 10 foot Cable Lock, part # CAB-10. You will need to check with the RV manufacturer to see how much weight the bumper is rated to hold. You will need to calculate the weight of the bike rack plus the weight of the tandem bicycle. Tandem bicycles tend to...
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  • Swagman Wheel Hoop Recommendation for Fat Bike Tires up to 3-1/2 inches in Width
  • What you can do is switch the wheel cradles of your Swagman bike rack for the wheel cradles of the XC and you would have cradles that can handle tire widths of up to 3-1/2 inches. For that you would want the Replacement Wheel Hoop # P189 sold individually.
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  • Will Wheel Hoops for Swagman XTC Carrier Work On Swagman Platform-Style 2 Bike Carrier
  • I spoke with my contact at Swagman and they told me that the Replacement Wheel Hoops, part # P318 will work on the Swagman Platform-Style 2 Bike Carrier, part # S64663. The bolts, shims, and knobs are included, as well as the rubber straps for the wheel hoops.
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  • How do the Replacement Rubber Straps for the Swagman XTC Bike Rack Install
  • If you check out the picture of the wheel hoops part # P318 that I attached you will see how the straps # P308 attach to them. You can also go to the product page for the # P318 to see the picture. Basically you just stretch the rubber holes over the attachment points of the hoops. Fast forward to the 1:05 mark of the video I attached to see how they secure a wheel to the rack.
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  • Replacement Wheel Hoops for Swagman XTC2 and Hollywood Rack HR1000
  • Sounds like you are trying to determine if a wheel hoop from a Swagman XTC2 Bike Rack part S64670 would fit on a Hollywood Rack like part # HR1000. I have tested this before and found that the two different racks use different diameter support beams so they aren't interchangeable. For replacement wheel hoops for the Swagman you would want the part # P318. For Hollywood Racks you would want the part # HRSPRWHL and # HRSPRWHL .
    view full answer...

  • Replacement Wheel Hoops for Swagman Platform-Style 2 Bike Carrier # S64663
  • We do offer replacement wheel hoops for the Swagman Platform-Style 2 Bike Carrier # S64663 that you referenced. The correct replacement wheel hoop is part # P189 and this is sold as a single unit. The replacement part you reviewed, # P318, is a replacement part for the XTC Series bike carriers. We also offer a Locking Anti-Rattle Threaded Hitch Pin for this carrier, part # S64027, which both secures the rack to your hitch and reduces rack wobble while under way. A video is included.
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  • Can Swagman XC Towing Bike Rack be Used with XTC Wheel Hoops
  • Yes, you can put the XTC wheel hoops, # P318, on the XC model rack, # S64664. There is a version of this rack that has this set up already, # S64650-EXT, which you mentioned, but it is not a towing bike rack. With the XTC wheel hoops mounted the maximum wheel base accepted is 68 inches. Using the multipurpose ball mount # D210, with extended rack # S64650-EXT, would work but in addition to costing more it would also make the rack closer to the trailer than the towing rack which would...
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  • RV-Mount 2-Bike Carrier Suitable for Use with Recumbent Bikes with 54-Inch Wheelbase
  • Motor homes require specially-designed bike racks that can handle the extreme forces found at the rear of such vehicles. Much in the same way that the last car in a roller coaster gets a much rougher ride than the first car, anything mounted at the rear of an RV will be subjected to forces that would damage a bike rack made for use on automobiles. The Hollywood Racks Sport Rider SE2 2-Bike Carrier for Recumbent Bikes that you referenced, part # HR1450R, is suited to your bikes dimensions,...
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  • Dimension Of Square Tubing Needed for Swagman Replacement Wheel Hoops
  • The square tubing that the Replacement Wheel Hoops for Swagman XTC Series Bike Carriers, part # P318 are designed to fit measure 1-1/4 X 1-1/4 inches. The wheel hoops include the knobs, bolts, and shims, along with the rubber straps for the wheel hoops.
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