Lets you adapt your Reese Elite Series underbed base rails to work with any fifth-wheel trailer hitch that is rated at 15,000 lbs, 16,000 lbs or 20,000 lbs and attaches to standard, above-bed base rails. Call 800-298-8924 to order Reese Accessories and Parts part number RP30156 or order online at etrailer.com. Free expert support on all Reese products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Reese Elite Series Underbed Rail Adapter for Standard 5th Wheel Trailer Hitches - 20,000 lbs. Accessories and Parts reviews from real customers.
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Reese Elite Series Underbed Rail Adapter for Standard 5th Wheel Trailer Hitches - 20,000 lbs

Reese Accessories and Parts

(57 reviews)

Code:   RP30156



Shipping Special

Shipping Weight: 54.74 pounds


Reese Accessories and Parts - RP30156

Lets you adapt your Reese Elite Series underbed base rails to work with any fifth-wheel trailer hitch that is rated at 15,000 lbs, 16,000 lbs or 20,000 lbs and attaches to standard, above-bed base rails.


  • Converts your Reese Elite Series underbed installation rails (sold separately) to standard, above-bed 5th-wheel base rails
    • Use a 5th-wheel trailer hitch that attaches to standard, above-bed rails
  • Mounts to Elite Series rails via Power Puck system
    • Unit drops into pucks and locks in place
    • No drilling or welding required
  • Black powder coated steel construction


  • Application: Reese Elite Series underbed base rails
    • Also works with factory-installed 5th-wheel towing prep package from Ford
  • Accommodates: standard 5th-wheel trailer hitches with weight ratings of 15,000 lbs, 16,000 lbs, or 20,000 lbs
  • Maximum capacity: 20,000 lbs
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Whether you purchased the Elite Series underbed gooseneck hitch from Reese or bought the system as part of your new Ford Super Duty, this adapter is perfect if you want to add your standard, non-Elite Series fifth-wheel hitch into the mix. Just mount the adapter in your underbed rails using the integrated pucks and lock it place. Now you have the standard, above-bed base rails needed to install your fifth-wheel hitch.

30156 Reese Elite Series Under-Bed Rail Kit Mounting Adapter for Attaching Standard Fifth-Wheel Trailer Hitches

Video of Reese Elite Series Underbed Rail Adapter for Standard 5th Wheel Trailer Hitches - 20,000 lbs

Videos are provided As a guide only. Refer To manufacturer
installation instructions And specs For complete information.

Video Transcript for Reese Accessories and Parts RP30156 Review

Today we're going to review part number RP30156. This is the Reese Elite Series Underbed Rail Adapter for Standard 5th Wheel Trailer Hitches. It has a 20,000 pound weight capacity.Now this part is designed to convert your Reese Elite Series Underbed Installation Rails, which we do sell separately on our website, to the standard abovebed 5th wheel base rails. This will allow you to use a 5th wheel trailer hitch that attaches to the standard abovebed rails. This part here will actually mount to your Elite Series Rails via the Power Puck System. I'm just going to show you the bottom here. This is what will drop into that Power Puck system.

You'll see the tabs right here, there's 4 of them. What you'll do is open this up, I'm going to show you how, and then you'll drop this into that Power Puck System on your vehicle. It locks into place, there's no drilling or welding required. The finish on this is a nice black powder coat finish. Again, the way you do that is you'll pop off the pin and clip, do the same over here, pop off the pin and clip. Then what you'll do is open up these handles, open them up about 90 degrees.

Do the same over here. There you go. Now with them open like that, there's 2 handles right there. What you can do is lift this up, drop it into your underbed Puck System. Once it drops into the Pucks, what you'll do is just close these handles until the holes line up.

Put your pin and clip through there. Do the same over here. Close it until the holes line up, put the pin and clip in. What that does is it locks this base rail into that underbed Power Puck System. Again, the application for this is for Reese Elite Series Underbed Base Rails. Now this will also work with the factory installed 5th wheel towing prep package from Ford.

It does accommodate, you see these slots right here with the holes through there This will accommodate your standard 5th wheel trailer hitches with weight ratings of 15,000 pounds, 16,000 pounds or 20,000 pounds. The max capacity on this part is 20,000 pounds. This does come with a limited lifetime warranty. That should do it for the review on part number RP30156. The Reese Elite Series Underbed Rail Adapter for Standard 5th Wheel Trailer Hitches with a 20,000 weight capacity. .

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Customer Reviews

Reese Elite Series Underbed Rail Adapter for Standard 5th Wheel Trailer Hitches - 20,000 lbs - RP30156

Average Customer Rating:  4.9 out of 5 stars   (57 Customer Reviews)

Lets you adapt your Reese Elite Series underbed base rails to work with any fifth-wheel trailer hitch that is rated at 15,000 lbs, 16,000 lbs or 20,000 lbs and attaches to standard, above-bed base rails.

- RP30156

by: Ron G04/01/2014

Thanks for the help with getting the adapter. This is how the job ended up with the under bed mount and adapter to the standard fifth wheel. 123262


The adapter has been working great. Gives me the flat floor I wanted and I didnt have to buy a different fifth wheel.

Ron G - 04/01/2015


- RP30156

by: Bryan B.11/09/2014

Just installed the Reese Rail Adapter in my 2015 Ford F-350. It fits the factory 5th wheel prep package perfectly. The only issue I had was with fine tuning the latches (trial and error) but even so, this was a breeze to install (15-20 minutes). As always the shipping is FAST! I had the kit at my door two days after ordering. 160026

- RP30156

by: Hermann O08/20/2014

I cannot express to you how happy I was with the ordering process+ the help I got getting the right product. I bought a 5th wheel adapter for my new Ford F350 superduty 8ft. box to fit an older hitch. The adapter plate arrived 2 days after the order was placed. The plate took me 25 min. to install. Thanks for the help! PS Great fit up. 147766


Its been a year, It really makes for easy hitch installation removal. when out I have an unobstructed bed floor. Great product!

Hermann O - 08/20/2015


- RP30156

by: Ken R.05/08/2013

Just installed the Reese Underbed Rail Adapter in my 2013 Ford F-350 truck. It fit the factory 5th wheel prep option perfectly. Used it with a Husky EZ Roller Hitch, which I already had, real nice matchup. I ordered the adapter from Etrailer.com, the people there are very friendly and helpful. Got the part in 3 work days. Very happy with the part and the service. 79386


The trailer adapter plate has worked out great. Ive been extremely satisfied.

Ken R - 05/15/2014


- RP30156

by: Joe B.10/29/2012

We purchased a new Ford F350 which was equipped with a 5th wheel hitch prep package from Reese. As our Curt hitch was only a year old we had to convert it to the prep package. The adapter made the job easy. 58309


All is working well. It makes it easy to take the hitch in and out so we have use of the bed of the truck.

Joe B - 04/29/2014


- RP30156

by: DAVE M.05/18/2014

when pushing lock handles it takes some force, metal digs into palm of hand. maybe they need to put some kind of rubber over the handle. this is a great product, saves a lot of money from buying a new fifth wheel 131137



DAVE M - 05/18/2015


- RP30156

by: Big Cip11/18/2012

Very easy to install, I didn't curse or throw a tool putting it together! It really looks good with my old hitch in my new 2012 F-350 Lariat. I haven't towed my RV as of yet, but I will let y'all know how that goes when we go camping next weekend. Attached are some pics. 59638

- RP30156

by: Daniel G06/02/2014

A few minor adjustments and it fit like a glove. 133850


Working great thanks

Daniel G - 06/02/2015


- RP30156

by: Tony W.12/31/2014

The frame holes for the hitch tabs were too tight on one side and the opening in the frame needed to be filed in order to accommodate the hitch. Also, I would recommend leaving the Jam Nuts loose until the frame is placed in the bed as it allows for some bed variability and you will never get it right by tightening down everything and then trying to fit it. All in all it provides a very clean hitch adapter for my 2015 ford F250 with the factory Fifth Wheel Prep package. 167383

- RP30156

by: Jeromi K03/30/2012

It was hard to tell from the pictures but this item uses the handles to rotate the locking clevis and is as easily removable as the OEM equipment! The fit was fantastic and assembly only took about 15 minutes. Big savings being able to continue using my Pro series 15k. 35599

- RP30156

by: Bob VC05/15/2012

I installed the adapter RP30156 into my 2012 F 350, which had the factory 5th wheel prep package. I installed my Husky 16K EZ Roller hitch onto the adapter. I did drop the hitch head down by approximately 2 inches. Overall project went well and I didn't have to buy a new hitch! 40537


I also have a EZ roller husky hitch and want to make sure it will fit the adapter was yours husky part number 07046 that is the part number I have? Thank youRich

comment by: Richard G - 04/09/2013


The slots for the tabs that you pin down are 22 inches apart front to back. From left to right, the inner set measure 20-1/2 inches and the outer set measures 29 inches. Check the measurements against the tabs on your Husky Roller and make sure they match up.

Patrick B - 4/23/2013

- RP30156

by: Jerry02/07/2013

Just purchase a new f-350 with factory prep. For fifth wheel.I needed a adapter to adapt my curt hitch to the connection points on the new ford.This adapter plate fit perfect.Delivery was quick.Instructions were easy to read.Product was quick to install- less than 10 minutes. 65342


Jerry, I have a Curt slider. Do you think this will work for me?

comment by: Steve J - 07/30/2013


If it is the Curt R20 or Curt R16 slider, you would be fine with this adapter.

Patrick B - 7/31/2013


Everything is still working great ,No problems at all.

comment by: Jerry - 02/12/2014


- RP30156

by: Will01/31/2015

Looks great easy instructions to put together and install in truck have not pulled with it yet fast delivery. I purchased this adaptor for my 2015 f350 king ranch with factory prep . 171979

- RP30156

by: Charles04/12/2013

I bought this to use with a husky easy roller 16k fifth wheel hitch. This adapter was a perfect fit. Very easy to assemble and install. I did the whole assembly and install in less than an hour! 75591


with your easy roller sitting on the adapter does it raise it above the height of the bed? i have a cover i want to use when im unhitched and would prefer not to take hitch out. thanks

comment by: mike t - 10/26/2014


- RP30156

by: Wayne C09/29/2014

Installed slider hitch with quick removal base. Also fit's and works great. 153449


Do you have trouble getting the slider to latch with the camper attached?

comment by: Greg - 07/20/2015


- RP30156

by: Dianne04/19/2015

I bought this for my husband's 2015 Ford 250 pickup. The product came right away. The installation was easy. He likes the fact that when you take the hitch out that there are no rails on the bed. It is heavy duty, well made, and nicely painted. We have not had an opportunity to use the hitch yet, but so far everything has been great. 186255

- RP30156

by: Rich K.06/16/2015

The Adapter fit the truck F 350 fine but the hitch didin't fit into the adapter. My Reese hitch was a older slider (1998) and would not allow pins to be installed due to binding. I had to upgade a portion of my slider hitch (side railles) to allow this setup to work. Assembly of the adapter was easy and it was delivered on time. 203714

- RP30156

by: Tom R12/11/2012

I got the adapter a day early which I appreciate and it went together rather easy. I didn't have 1-1/2" open end wrench so I had to find one of those buteverything was fine. I haven't tried pulling my RV yet but it should be OK. Thanks for your fine service and friendly sales folks. It was great doing business with you. 61190

- RP30156

by: James05/13/2015

eTrailer was great to work with. As a matter of fact I originally order the incorrect part and they replaced it with no penalties. I only had to pay the additional shipping. As for the product there isn't much to say as the name brand Reese speaks for its self....always great quality products. 192399

- RP30156

by: Mike C03/26/2015

Installed in 2015 F250 with factory prep pkg. Fit was perfect with only minor adjustment to handles needed. Matched up to my DrawTite 5th wheel and Kwik Slide perfectly. Shipping was fast and tracking details were excellent. Etrailer stays on top of the order all the way. 180934

- RP30156

by: Mark04/01/2013

I'll have to give this rail adapter a 10+. Assembly was a breeze and with just a minor adjustment, the adapter dropped right in place. Sure beats paying 1600 or more for another 5th wheel hitch when I have one setting in the garage. Thanks again for a great product. 73613

- RP30156

by: Mike Harding04/19/2015

Excellent product, which solved the problem of using our existing fifth wheel hitch, instead of having to purchase a new hitch to fit the bed of our 20015 Ford pickup which has no rails .It was very easy to install and required just a few adjustments. 186254

- RP30156

by: Greg n07/01/2014

The rail adapter fit like a glove. I'm thrilled about the product, rv dealers told me I had to buy a 2700$ hitch to fit my f250 2014 with under bed factory rails. I called etrailer and fixed my problem! Thanks Mathew C 138615

- RP30156

by: Kim05/05/2015

Reese always manufactures top quality products! Always reliable. Etrailer is an outstanding company to order from! They carry only the best and their customer service is beyond measure, Thank you etrailer and reese. 190225

- RP30156

by: TexDriven06/25/2015

Reese part number 30156 was received properly packaged and in good condition. It was easy to assemble and install in the bed of the 2015 Ford F250. It is a perfect fit for my Reese 16K slider fifth wheel hitch. 207290

- RP30156

by: Michael Page01/19/2015

Product arrived on time. However the package was missing one set of Tee Pin, Anchor bushing, Jam nut, and handle. How ever, I was able to salvage a set from old adapter that was damaged and being replaced. 170408

- RP30156

by: Sandra R06/29/2015

The product worked great. With just a little bit of assembly my husband was able to install the adapter in under 30 minutes. Our Curt 5th wheel hitch dropped right into place. Excellent ! 208134

- RP30156

by: Bill Z07/29/2013

It wasn't too hard to put together. Once it was together putting it on the truck was a breeze. etrailer had the item in stock when everyone else was back ordered. A++ guys! 92119

- RP30156

by: Satisfied customer09/21/2012

Bracket worked great with our husky easy roller! Thanks for the informative information on the site and fast processing. Couldn't of asked for better 55455

- RP30156

by: John B12/31/2014

This product worked perfectly. Caleb H made ordering the product and making it a rush priority very easy. And installation was a breeze. Thank you! 167387

- RP30156

by: Steve10/14/2014

Heavy duty solid build fits perfectly with my RW Brand 20K Fifth Wheel Hitch. Only took minutes to assemble and fit like a glove in my 2014 F350. 155848

- RP30156

by: Mary Anderson05/19/2015

Received on time. Just when we needed it. Thanks for the great job for getting it too us as fast as you did. Thanks again, Mary Anderson 194476

- RP30156

by: Zak R08/25/2014

Great service. Got the product quick and was shipped by UPS. Very easy to assemble and install. Would recommend etrailer to friends and family. 148385

- RP30156

by: Harold d. Smith05/05/2015

This item was ordered one day and arrived the next. This was excellent service and appreciated. The product is good quality. Thank you. 190582

- RP30156

by: Thomas Barnaby04/12/2015

The hitch adaptor went on very easy, the only thing I was disapointed about is that the hitch had scatches on two of the sides. 184833

- RP30156

by: Brian A.09/30/2014

The ordering process was seamless, delivery of the item was prompt, and the product itself is serving our needs. 153675

- RP30156

by: Andy H.06/01/2015

Great little piece of gear. Leaves no rails in bed when removed. Order was quick and easy. Thanks etrailer.com 199675

- RP30156

by: Tommy03/03/2014

Amazing service, pricing and extremely quick shipping! Etrailor is number one in this business! Thanks guys! 118352

- RP30156

by: CharlieW.01/07/2015

Assembled easily and mounted in truck bed with no problems. I have not towed my trailer as of yet. 168087

- RP30156

by: George e06/15/2012

Put in my 2012 superduty fit like a gloves about time you get what you pay for excellent idea 44331

- RP30156

by: DonT06/13/2012

this product works outstanding ,i don't have a picture but my hitch just fine .just heavy 44063

- RP30156

by: Ron P12/18/2014

Easy to install and great sale's person I would recombined to all my friend's 166053

- RP30156

by: mike04/14/2015

Easy to assemble and install. Exactly as promised a d I recommend it highly 185025

- RP30156

by: George Cagle08/02/2013

Outstanding Customer service. I will always shop etrailer . Com first 93009

- RP30156

by: Steven E.03/04/2013

Looks great! Haven't used it yet. Waiting for new truck to come in. 68725

- RP30156

by: Brian J04/18/2015

Works great took about 15 min to put together and install. 186211

- RP30156

by: Rusty B06/10/2015

Fast shipping and was easy to put toget her 202326

- RP30156

by: Mr Petteys07/23/2013

Great Product and fast shipping thanks 91110

- RP30156

by: Michael Lane05/12/2015

Great price. Arrived when promised. 192287

- RP30156

by: Joel06/25/2015

Easy install. Looks professional. 206999

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  • Under Bed Rails and Parts Needed to Install Curt Q24 Fifth Wheel Hitch in 2015 Chevy Silverado 3500
  • For an under bed fifth wheel rail kit that's compatible with your 2015 Silverado, you'll need the Reese # RP30868 under bed rail kit. If you think you might need to tow a gooseneck trailer sometime in the future, you might consider the # RP30158-68 which includes an integrated gooseneck hitch, which will give you the full flexibility to tow anything. If you don't already have a Q24 fifth wheel hitch, Curt offers the # C16545-16017 which is compatible with the under bed rails or puck...
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  • 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch for a 2012 Ford F-250 with Factory Prep Package
  • The king pin is the large pin on the trailer. For a 5th wheel trailer hitch that will fit the 2012 Ford F-250 with the factory prep package you have a couple of options. First, the prep package was designed for use with the Reese Elite Series 5th wheel hitches. If you have a long bed truck use # RP30142 with an 18k capacity or # RP30143 with a 25k capacity. If you have a short bed then you will need a slider, # RP30144, with an 18k capacity. The other option is to use an adapter,...
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  • Adapter for Ford Factory 5th Wheel Prep Package for Use with a Standard 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch
  • The Reese adapter you are looking for to use a standard above the bed 5th wheel hitch with the Ford factory under bed system is # RP30156. I have included a link to the installation instructions for you. Make sure that your Valley hitch mounting tabs are 22 inches on center front to back. The side to side measurement on center should be either 29 inches or 20-1/2 inches. Take a look at the picture I have included as an example of the side to side measurement.
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  • Recommended Fifth Wheel Hitch Compatible with Ford Factory Fifth Wheel Prep Kit on 2012 F250
  • Because your F250 is not a long bed model, I would highly recommend you go with the Reese Elite Series w/ Slider, part # RP30144. Although the current trailer you are looking at has a v-type nose on it that might work okay with the # RP30142 and have proper clearance for making turns, having the sliding hitch would allow you more flexibility in the event you switched to a different fifth wheel in the future. Both the Reese Elite Series w/ Slider # RP30144 and the non-sliding model,...
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  • Under-Bed 5th Wheel Kit for a 2013 Ford Super Duty
  • Thank you for sending the pictures. Your truck does not have the under-bed rail kit for the fifth wheel prep package. If you would like to add an under-bed fifth wheel kit to your 2013 Ford Super Duty, you can install the Reese Elite Series Under-Bed Rail Kit, # RP30126. This will provide the 4 pucks in the bed just like the fifth wheel prep package that is offered by Ford. I have attached an installation video for you to check out. For a fifth wheel hitch, you can use the Reese Elite...
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  • 5th Wheel Hitch Adapter for 2015 Ford F-350 Super Duty With Factory 5th Wheel Prep Package
  • Since your 2015 F-350 Super Duty has the factory 5th wheel prep package you'll want to use the Reese Elite Series Underbed Rail Adapter # RP30156 which is shown in the linked video. This adapter accommodates standard 5th-wheel trailer hitches with weight ratings of 15,000 lbs, 16,000 lbs, or 20,000 lbs. You can still use your 25K-rated hitch but the system capacity will be 20,000-lbs overall. I've linked for your reference an article on 5th wheel installation tips.
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  • Can a Different 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch Fit a 2012 Ford F-350 with Factory 5th Wheel Prep Package
  • In order to use a trailer hitch that fits in regular above the bed rails in the Ford prep package, you will need to use a special adapter, # RP30156. Any 5th wheel hitches, including sliders, that fit in standard Reese above the bed rails, will fit in this adapter. I have included a link to the installation details for you to view. I have also included a picture that shows the Reese rail dimensions that are important for determining if another hitch will fit in them and the adapter....
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  • Will the Reese Rail Kit Mounting Adapter work with a Ford OEM 5th Wheel Prep Kit and Reese Slider
  • The Reese Mounting Adapter Rail Kit, # RP30156, will work with the Reese 18K square tube slider hitch, # RP30084, in the Ford tow prep kit that is in your 2012 F-450. Since you now have an 8 foot bed you will most likely have no need for the slider function of the # RP30084 hitch. This means you can just leave the hitch in the towing position all the time, or, if noise is an issue with the slider portion of the hitch, you can replace the slider unit with standard legs, # RP30727. The...
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  • Is the Reese Elite Rail Adapter # RP30156 Compatible with Fifth Wheel Hitch and Slider # RP30083
  • If the slider on your Reese 5th Wheel Hitch and Slider part # RP30083 is black then it is the older style slider that is not compatible with the Reese Elite Series Underbed Rail Adapter # RP30156. If the round tubes of the slider are silver then it is the newer style slider that is compatible.
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  • Recommended Under-Bed 5th Wheel and Gooseneck Hitch Mounts for 2015 Ford F250 Long Bed
  • I'm not sure what Ford charges for their prep package, but we certainly offer the aftermarket version. In my experience, aftermarket parts are usually much less expensive than their OEM counterparts. Starting with the rail kit that bolts to your frame and provides the pucks, you'd need part # RP30126. If you add part # RP30138, you'd be able to tow gooseneck trailers, as well. For a fifth wheel hitch, Reese offers an 18K and a 25K hitch that would fit directly into the pucks, for the...
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  • 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch Recommendations for a 2012 Ford F-250 King Ranch w/Trailer Prep Package
  • Since your 2012 Ford F-250 has the 5th wheel/gooseneck prep package, you have some hitch options. To use the prep package, you will need to use Reese Elite Series slider, # RP30144. This is the Reese top of the line hitch and it has an 18K capacity. It has 10 inches of travel. I have included a link to the installation details for you. Another option is to use an adapter, # RP30156, and then use 16K hitch, # RP30075, or 20K hitch, # RP30083. These 2 hitches offer 12 inches of travel....
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  • Can I Mount an Old 5th Wheel Hitch In 2011 Ford F-350 with Hitch Prep Option
  • There is a mounting adapter available you can use to mount your existing fifth-wheel hitch in your 2011 Ford F-350 with underbed hitch prep package. Checkout the Reese Rail Kit Mounting Adapter, part # RP30156. This adapter will allow you to mount non-elite series fifth-wheel hitches to hitch prep option in your Ford F-350. Before this adapter was available, the Elite Series hitches were the only hitches that would work with the hitch prep option from Ford. The reason is because the...
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  • Is Adapter Required To Install Fifth Wheel Hitch On 2014 Ford F350 Short Bed w/Tow Prep Package
  • For your 2014 Ford F-350 Short Bed Pickup With the tow package and underbed rails, I recommend the Reese Elite Series Pre-Assembled 5th Wheel Hitch, part # RP30144. This fits right into the Ford in bed puck system, and eliminates the need for an adapter. This slider fifth-wheel hitch adjusts from 16 to 18 inches in height and the slider travels 10 inches front to back. Another option is the Reese 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch w/ Round Tube Slider, part # RP30083 will work with an adapter....
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  • Mounting a Pullrite SuperGlide 5th Wheel Hitch # 2700 in a 2014 F-250 With 5th Wheel Prep Package
  • You are correct. The Pullrite SuperGlide Fifth Wheel Hitch, # 2700, requires the industry standard above bed base rails to mount in a truck bed. The Reese Elite Series Adapter, # RP30156, provides the mounting slots for fifth hitches that use industry standard base rails on Ford Super Duty trucks with the OEM fifth wheel prep package. The SuperGlide hitch will use the inner mounting slots (see photo) on the adapter. This adapter is not permanently installed in your truck, so you can...
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  • Installing Fifth Wheel Hitch in 2014 Ford F350 Dually w/ Factory 5th Wheel/Gooseneck towing Prep Pkg
  • Since you have the pucks pre-installed, you won't need the install kit or anything else. You would simply remove the covers over the pucks in your truck bed and drop in an Elite Series fifth wheel hitch like the # RP30142 for an 18K capacity or the # RP30143 for a 25K capacity. B&W also offers the Companion, part # BWRVK3300 which has a 20K capacity that would also drop right into the pucks installed in your truck bed. An adapter like the # RP30156 would allow you to use a regular fifth...
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  • 5th Wheel and Gooseneck Towing Options for 2012 Ford F250 Short Bed W/ Ford Factory Tow Prep Pkg
  • For the 6 foot 8 inch truck bed, you would need either use a sliding fifth wheel hitch or install a Reese Sidewinder in place of your existing pin box on your fifth wheel. If you don't use a sliding hitch, the front corners of the trailer loft can contact the rear of cab during turns. Which can be hard on the trailer as well as the truck. For more information about the Sidewinder, take a look at the article I've linked. If you use the Sidewinder, you would be able to use the B&W # BWRVK3300. B&W...
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  • Fifth Wheel Hitch Recommendation For 2013 Ford F-350 With Factory Tow Package And Wiring
  • With the pucks in the bed of your 2013 Ford F-350, and with the 5th wheel wiring, you have the factory under bed rails installed. When you have a short bed on your truck, it is recommended to use a sliding 5th wheel hitch. This helps avoid contact with the cab of the truck when making turns. For your truck I recommend a 5th wheel system like the Pro Series Fifth Wheel, part # PS30121. This is a sliding 5th wheel that will move the hitch and the king pin 10 inches closer to the tail gate,...
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  • Adapter Needed for a 2012 Ford F-350 with 5th Wheel Prep Package to Use Regular 5th Wheel Hitch
  • Yes, the Reese Rail Kit Mounting Adapter, # RP30156, fits in the Ford factory prep package and will allow you to mount a hitch that fits in regular above the bed rails. Since you have an 18K Reese hitch, it will fit the adapter.
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  • Will a Hijacker 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch Fit Reese Elite Series Underbed Rail Adapter, # RP30156
  • The Reese Elite Series Underbed Rail Adapter, # RP30156, will accept standard 5th wheel trailer hitches that fit in above the bed rails. The mounting slots on the adapter are spaced approximately 22 inches apart on center, front to back. And side to side there are 2 sets of slots. The inner most set measure is 20-1/2 inches apart on center and the outer set is 29 inches apart on center. If your hitch fits in standard above the bed rails and the measurements I have provided match up to...
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  • 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch Recommendations for a 2011 Ford F-250 Short Bed With Factory Under-Bed Rails
  • A sliding fifth wheel hitch is strongly recommended when towing a fifth wheel trailer with a short bed truck, including your 2011 Ford F-250 with 6-3/4 ft bed. The sliding legs create additional turning clearance between the trailer and the cab of your truck when making turns. It is not absolutely required that you use a slider hitch, but if you don't, then there is always a chance that you will hit the cab of your truck with your trailer when turning. The fifth-wheel hitch should be...
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  • 5th Wheel Slider Recommendation for 2013 Ford F-350 Short Bed With Factory 5th Wheel Rail Kit
  • For you 2013 Ford F-350 with the factory 5th wheel rail system you'll need to use the Reese adapter # RP30156 (shown in the linked video) in order to install an industry-standard 5th wheel hitch. With this adapter mounted in your truck bed you can choose from among the 20K-rated hitches shown on the link provided. I suggest the Reese # RP30870 sliding hitch. This unit offers double jaws to grasp your king pin, a cushioned double-pivot head for smoother ride and easier hitching and 11-inches...
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  • Will Older Reese 16K Slider Hitch Work on 2012 Ford F-350 SD With Factory Tow Prep Package
  • The Ford factory tow prep package on the 2012 Ford F-350 is designed to accept the Reese Elite Series hitches like the Reese Elite Series 18K Fifth Wheel Hitch, part # RP30142. The older Reese Signature Series hitches will work on the Ford factory tow prep package with the use of the Reese Signature Series Hitch Adapter, part # RP58419, that you have referenced. This spacer kit is needed to provide clearance for the Signature Series hitches to seat properly in the Ford factory tow prep...
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  • Is the Reese Elite Series Adapter Compatible with a Draw-Tite 16K Fifth Wheel Hitch
  • The Reese Elite Series Underbed Rail Adapter, # RP30156, is compatible with your Draw-Tite 16K fifth wheel hitch as long as you have the fixed legs or the square tube slider legs. The Elite Series Adapter is not compatible with the older round tube slider legs part # 50008. If your hitch has the round tube slider legs, # 50008, then you will need to change to the square tube slider legs, # RP30048, to make your hitch compatible with this adapter. I have attached a photo of the round...
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  • Will a Husky Glider 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch Fit the Reese Rail Kit Mounting Adapter for 2011 Fords
  • The Reese Rail Kit Mounting Adapter, # RP30156, was designed for Reese hitches, but it is possible that your Husky glider hitch will fit. You will just need to measure the center to center and front to back distances between the mounting tabs on the hitch where it would normally attach to rails. If the side to side distance on center between the mounting feet is 20-5/8 inches or 29 inches AND the front to back distance is 21-13/16 inches on center, then your Husky glider hitch will fit.
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  • Can Husky 18K Fifth Wheel Hitch be Used on 2011 Ford F-250 Super Duty with Factory Tow Prep Package
  • The 2011 Ford Super Duty trucks with the Ford factory tow prep package are using the Reese Elite Series rails. These rails can only be used with the Reese Elite Series hitches like the Reese Elite Series 18K Hitch, part # RP30142, or the Reese Elite Series 25K Hitch, part # RP30143. I am including a link to a FAQ page that will describe the Ford trailer tow prep package. I do have the Reese Rail Kit Mounting Adapter, part # RP30156, that was designed for Reese hitches, but it is possible...
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  • Adapter Needed to Use the Pro Series 15K Hitch on a 2014 Ford F-250 with Ford 5th Wheel Prep Package
  • We have exactly what you are looking for. You will want the Reese Elite Series Underbed Rail Adapter, # RP30156. This adapter fits into the pucks of the OEM Fifth Wheel Prep Package on your 2014 Ford F-250 and provides the mounting slots for any fifth wheel hitch that uses the industry standard above bed base rails like your Pro Series 15K hitch.
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