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6 and 7-Way Trailer Connector Mounting Box, 2-1/2"

Draw-Tite Accessories and Parts

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Draw-Tite Accessories and Parts - 18156

  • Designed for 6 and 7-Way Connectors
  • For Use with all Hitches with 2-1/2" Square Cross Tubes
  • Compact and Professional Appearance
  • Corrosion Resistant Materials
  • Easy Installation on New or Prewired Vehicles
  • Includes Screws to Mount the Connector
Display of Mounting Box (18156) on Hitch

118156 6 and 7-Way Trailer Connector Mounting Box, 2-1/2"

Video of 6 and 7-Way Trailer Connector Mounting Box, 2-1/2"

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer
installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Draw-Tite Accessories and Parts 18156 Review

Today we're going to be reviewing part number 18156. This is the Draw-Tite 6- and 7-way Trailer Connector Mounting Box. This is designed for 6- and 7-way connectors. It's going to be designed for use with all hitches with 2- inch square cross tubes. You can see here that this design is going to fit that 2-1/2 inch square cross tube perfectly. It's going to sit right in there alongside your hitch. It's going to come with the metal mounting strap to mount this to your hitch.

Very simple to operate, just run it through the appropriate slots, run it around your hitch back into itself and tighten up that set screw on top. It's going to feature a nice compact and professional appearance. It's made from a nice hard plastic construction which makes it very durable, and it's also made from corrosion-resistant materials. Very simple installation, whether you're installing this on new or pre-wired vehicles. It's going to include the screws to mount the connector to the box. I have a connector here today.

This is going to be sold separately; you can see there how it fits in there. It gives it a nice appearance. This is going to be the connection point for the wiring so it allows plenty of room. It's also got a nice little cutout here to feed your wiring out through that slot. Some measurements to go over real quick, the overall length, measuring from edge to edge of the outermost points, that's going to give us a measurement of 5-1/4 of an inch. The overall width, that's going to give us a measurement of about 4 inches from outer edge to outer edge, and then the cutout here, again this is going to measure 2-1/2 inches.

Then the diameter of the hole that we have right here, that's going to be about 2-1/8th of an inch. It's already got pre-drilled mounting slots in there, and again it comes with the mounting screws. That way you can mount the connector to the box. That's going to do it for our review of part number 18156. This is the 6- and 7-way trailer connector mounting box from Draw-Tite Accessories and Parts. .

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6 and 7-Way Trailer Connector Mounting Box, 2-1/2" - 18156

Average Customer Rating:  4.5 out of 5 stars   (15 Customer Reviews)

- 18156

by: James04/17/2013

This product was recomended as an additional part for a Honda Pilot wiring kit but it was not useful at all. It did not even fit in the space behind the plug because the spare tire is in the way. This should be taken off the recommended accessory list for the trailer wiring kit. 76543


This product is meant to be attached on the front side of aftermarket hitches. It should not be used on the back of the hitch. If it is an OEM hitch, there may not even be a way to properly attach it since many OEM hitches are integrated as the bumper structure.

Patrick B - 04/18/2013


- 18156

by: lwal01/20/2015

This is a very good replacement option for a seven way connector on a low hanging trailer hitch. Installed on a Lexus rx300 that had the seven way torn off because of the low mounting. This brought the connector up even with the hitch, works well and easily installed. 170438

- 18156

by: Scott M03/15/2011

This mounting box was a bit more 'plastic-y' than I was expecting. And the hose-clamp was initially difficult to tighten up... but once I got it installed and tightened down, it was more sturdy than I was initially expecting. For the price, it seems like a good value. 9412

- 18156

by: no name02/12/2013

This trailer connecting box mount fits well and holds securely My socket cover now sits under the bumper out of the elements. The previous mount I had held the connector at an angle, water built up and rusted the bottom 2 connectors. This one sits nice and level. 65915

- 18156

by: Eric A..08/19/2011

I ordered about 5 products from you last week, mid week, and they were on my doorstep in perfect condition by Saturday! Nothing on backorder, and packed well into 2 boxes. Also, i appreciate the status emails and follow up. Thanks Etrailer, Great job! 22129

- 18156

by: Ken s04/02/2014

Very quick delivery. A little TOO Much plastic looking, however it will be just fine. Send your request for review 2-3 weeks after delivery. It will be installed then.I can then send a pic or 2. 123444

- 18156

by: Roger D01/25/2012

Received it today. It would not install on my trailer as delivered, but with minor adjustments, I was able to set it up so it would work great. 30361

- 18156

by: Deric06/02/2011

Was a very good product. Would buy again. Feels like it will stand up to lots of use. I like that you can mount in many different ways. 15918

- 18156

by: John02/22/2013

i have the same type of plug holder on my motor home and in my opinion there is no other way to attatch the plug . 67324

- 18156

by: William D03/22/2012

Will make my trailer connection look much better than a flat bracket. Neatness & looks are impotant to me. 34828

- 18156

by: Jason Sahloff06/25/2013

Quality built product, does exactly what it needs to. 86009

- 18156

by: Zach12/10/2013

Perfect fit. Makes for a clean install. 109846

- 18156

by: Steve D11/07/2014

Works great with the new hitch 159868

- 18156

by: John W10/21/2014

Good well made 157159

- 18156

by: Jerry Lon Renfroe12/17/2011

Great service 28246


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  • 6 and 7-Way Trailer Connector Mounting Box Recommendation for Draw Tite Hitch on 2004 Jeep Liberty
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  • Dimensions of the 6 and 7-Way Trailer Connector Mounting Box
  • The 6 and 7-Way Trailer Connector Mounting Box, part number 18156, is 4-7/8 inches long by 4 inches high and has a 2 inch diameter hole for mounting the 6 or 7-way connector. There is a cutout in the rear of the unit for the wiring to pass through when it is mounted. Includes screws for mounting the connector and a steel hose clamp to secure the mounting box to the hitch.
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  • What Mounts Can I use for 7-Way 118242 with Hitch 87183 On my 2003 Ford F-150
  • We have a couple different mounting brackets you could use, like part # 18138 or part # PK12711U. You can attach these to the bumper or part of the vehicle. You could also mount a box to the hitch # 87183 using part # 18159 or part # 18156. These boxes use a clamp to attach to the hitch so there is no drilling into the hitch or vehicle.
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  • We do offer a couple of mounting boxes for 4-way flat connectors, but the style differs from the Draw-Tite Bracket, part # 18156. You can check out part # 18145 and part # HM48755. These are designed to protect your 4-way flat connector. I have attached links to our product pages that list the mounting brackets we have for 4-way round and 4-way flat trailer connectors.
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  • You will need Tow Ready wiring harness # 118253 for your 2009 Honda Pilot EX. The # 118265 harness you referenced is a fit for the 2011 and 2012 Pilot models and will not work on the 2009 models. The # 18156 7-Way mounting box will give you an easy mounting option, as it just straps directly to the trailer hitch on the vehicle. I am including a link to the installation instructions for the # 118253 wiring for you to reference, as well as some general information on wiring for towing...
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  • How to Attach 7-Way Trailer Connector to 2014 Ford Edge
  • None of the trailer connector mounting options we offer are vehicle specific, so finding a way to attach the connector to the vehicle could involve some trial and error. If you have access to the hitch crosstube, you can use a mounting box like part # 18156. Another option would be a no-drill bracket like # 18136 attached to the crosstube, and then you would use a bracket like part # 18138 to attach the 7-way connector to the no-drill bracket. I have also seen instances where folks have...
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