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Dexter Trailer Springs Over-Under Conversion Kit

Dexter Accessories and Parts

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Code:   K71-385-00



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Dexter Accessories and Parts - K71-385-00


  • Allows moving leaf trailer springs to top of axle
    • For use with double-eye springs only
  • Fits 3" axle
  • Includes:
    • (2) Spring Seat
    • (8) Nut
    • (4) Steel spacer nut
    • (4) U-Bolt
    • (2) Tie Plate

K71-385-00 Dexter Axle Over/Under Conversion Kit

Customer Reviews

Dexter Trailer Springs Over-Under Conversion Kit - K71-385-00

Average Customer Rating:  4.9 out of 5 stars   (23 Customer Reviews)

- K71-385-00

by: Chuck T06/16/2014

Received the package on Friday afternoon. Reviewed the instructions and postings @ E-Trailer. Pulled the trailer up in front of the house at 0930 Saturday morning and drove it away about 4pm. The biggest time killeer was as others have mentioned getting the 11,000 pound trailer up high enough and safe enough to do the job. Thanks for checking up on me. 135664

- K71-385-00

by: K71-385-00 Ken C.11/15/2013

After buying a new truck I discovered that my 5th wheel was going to be too low to pull level. after doing some research I found your product which was what I was looking for. I ordered it and in 2 days it was delivered . Every thing went well in installing . The only problem I encountered was the plates did not contain a place to mount my shocks, after doing a little modifying I was able to use my old plates on top of the new ones and mount my shocks. Perhaps you could provide a plate that would have the hole for shocks. 107458


Very well no problems

K71-385-00 K - 11/15/2014


- K71-385-00

by: Dan alandar02/07/2014

Haven't installed yet but looks good in the box and I know anything from dexter is good stuff so I'm not sweating it.... 116030


Very happy with the product. Trailer toes so much better not that its level with my truck. The extra clearance helps a lot to when towing off-road to the remoter camp spots we like .

Dan a - 02/07/2015


- K71-385-00

by: Matt B07/01/2013

Easy way to get more ground clearance for things like mounted jacks. Easy to install. Good product. Raised my travel.trailer 5 1/2". Enough to stop the rear from dragging. 86965


Working out as intended.

Matt B - 07/01/2014


- K71-385-00

by: Doug Stuart04/13/2013

Just what I needed. Very easy to install. We spent more time figuring out how to get the camper high enough to get the wheels back on then we did actually installing the flip kit. The super fast shipping and great customer support is what put on the top of my list. This is my second order but not my last. Keep up the good work! 75764

- K71-385-00

by: Matt H03/01/2013

Etrailer has my business for any trailer part I need. When I purchased my over under conversion kit for my camper I was expecting it to be delivered in about a week. 3 days later a etrailer box arrived at my door! The part fit like a glove and is great quality. When a business sells Dexter parts they deserve good business! Thanks etrailer! 68269

- K71-385-00

by: Jim08/12/2013

Received the lift kit in good time. Installed on my dual axle 5th wheel camper in a day. Once the camper was elevated enough to remove wheels and room for the 5" of drop the kit was easy to install. Did weld the top bracket to the axle tube as suggested in the instructions. Nice product. 94506

- K71-385-00

by: Jim06/26/2014

Very quick and self explanatory to install. No need for instructions mounts very solid and gave me a 4.5" lift it looks awesome and now I will be able to go anywhere I want. Will definitely use this product again when I upgrade to another RV. 137819

- K71-385-00

by: Chris S.12/12/2012

The price & quality of this kit is unbeatable. When faced with the option of gaining more ground clearance got my trailer I had two choices - fabricating my own or buying this. It's a no-brainier. Thanks again etrailer! 61239

- K71-385-00

by: Chris S.06/27/2013

Would like to see a way to install the OEM shocks back into place the old spring plates has the holes in them and are just a littel wider to make this hapen 86348

- K71-385-00

by: Jeff G11/01/2013

Product very easy to install. Took three hours with a helper and that included getting the trailer blocked up and secure. Product is very strong. 105958

- K71-385-00

by: David P.09/15/2014

Parts arrived quickly and fit perfectly. E Trailer will have my business from now on. Thanks for the great service. 151124

- K71-385-00

by: DONNIE03/13/2013

fit on top axle as they should. etrailer has my business from now on fast shiping and reasonable price. 70482

- K71-385-00

by: Olaf10/25/2013

Have not installed yet, but everything looks ok and I am impressed by the quick service and good price. 105071

- K71-385-00

by: RICK BECK09/30/2014


- K71-385-00

by: clay08/13/2014

Shipped same day as ordered. Great price, fit perfect. will order again 146537

- K71-385-00

by: John D.05/22/2013

Excellent product. Very easy to install and the kit was very complete. 81502

- K71-385-00

by: Jose M.07/19/2012

Good product fit perfect.Made for an easy install,would recommend. 48600

- K71-385-00

by: Oliver Jones09/10/2014

The quality of the product is great. The shipment was timely. 150488

- K71-385-00

by: derek03/11/2014

easy install, great set up and i love the added four inches. 120233

- K71-385-00

by: Mac05/12/2014

Great do-it-yourself kit. Worth the mon ey. 130056

- K71-385-00

by: Stephen06/03/2014

Fast shipping , packed well 133966

- K71-385-00

by: Chuck D03/09/2015

Good quality,and fit 177695


Ask the Experts about this Dexter Accessories and Parts
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  • Trailer Suspension Hanger Kit with the Most Lift for Tire Clearance Under the Trailer Bed
  • The # APT4 Tandem-Axle Hanger Kit will provide about 4 inches of clearance from the center of the trailer axle to the bottom of the trailer frame, with no load on the axle. This is assuming that your axle tube is 3 inches diameter. If your axle tube is smaller the height will be sightly less. The curve of the springs you select will have some affect also. I would recommend that you go with the APT5 hanger kit because all of the hangers are the same height and it will make it easier to...
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  • Why The Axles Cannot Be Rotated and Original Spring Seats Be Reused When Flipping Trailer Axles
  • The reason you will not want to rotate the axle and just reuse the spring seat is because there is a bow to the axles that flattens out as the weight of the trailer is applied to the axle that if you rotated the axle, the bow would flip and the alignment of the trailer tires would be way off and you would encounter problems with how the tires wear and with overall trailer handling. This is why the Dexter Trailer Springs Over-Under Conversion Kit # K71-385-00 that you referenced includes...
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  • Recommendation For Spring Over Axle Conversion Kit To Use on Trailer With 3,500-Lb Axles
  • The typical axle diameter for an axle that is rated for 3,500-lbs is 2-3/8 inches. Some can have a 3-1/2 inch diameter, but it is very rare. I would recommend to use the Dexter Trailer Springs Over-Under Conversion Kit, part # K71-384-00, you have referenced, which is designed for the 3,500-lb axle with the 2-3/8 inch diameter. The Dexter Trailer Springs Over-Under Conversion Kit, part # K71-385-00, is designed for the 3-inch diameter axle that is used on 6,000-lb and 7,200-lb axles. I...
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  • Parts Needed to Move Trailer leaf Springs to Top of Axle on a Zinger ZT19RD Travel Trailer
  • To lift your trailer leaf springs from the bottom of your axle to the top of your axle to provide lift for the suspension you will need 4 new spring seats, 8 u-bolts, 16 nuts and 4 U-Bolt plates, see links. This is assuming that your trailer suspension is in good condition otherwise. The diameter of your trailer axles will determine the size of these parts that you will need to order. If your axles are 3 inches diameter, the kit you referenced, # K71-385-00, would be a great choice. I...
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  • Will Flipping Axles on a Trailer Cause any Problems
  • I recommend going with an over-under kit. For a 2-3/8 inch diameter round axle use # K71-384-00 and for a 3-inch diameter round axle use # K71-385-00. This will allow you to move your springs to the top of the axle. These kits can only be used with double-eye suspension. You can increase the height by going with taller hangers, if neither of the over under kits will work. The new, taller hangers will have to be welded on by a qualified professional welder. Keep in mind, however that...
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  • How to Gain Ground Clearance for a Travel Trailer that Hits the Driveway When Entering or Leaving
  • There are a couple different ways to raise the ride height of your trailer, but before we choose the best option for you, we will want to take a look at a few things. First, it sounds like you are not towing with your trailer level so you do not hit your ball mount on the driveway. A trailer that is not level can create many problems such as ground clearance and trailer sway. If you have any sway control issues with your trailer, then I would recommend moving your leaf springs above...
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  • Raising the Height of a Travel Trailer that Rides Close to the Ground
  • If the leaf spring stack on your travel trailer is currently mounted to the bottom of the axle, there is an over-under conversion kit that you could use to gain a few more inches of height. However, this will change the center of gravity on the trailer and can lead to an increased chance of trailer sway. For 3 inch round axles you could use # K71-385-00. And for 2-3/8 inch round axles use # K71-384-00. You should not have to do any welding to use these kits. You would not want to...
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  • Solutions for adjusting Gooseneck Trailer Height for Towing with a Truck with Lifted Suspension
  • There are things that can be done to raise your gooseneck trailer suspension to help provide the proper ride height for your truck. First the capacity of the axles on your trailer should be determined, to be sure that the parts ordered will work correctly and will be safe. We have a informational article on double-eye trailer suspensions that should be helpful. If your axles are 3 inch diameter, then we could use a Trailer Springs Over-Under Conversion Kit, # K71-385-00, to move the...
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  • Troubleshooting Leaf Spring Fit on Top of the Axle on a Tandem-Axle Trailer
  • I assume by flip, you mean you moved the leaf springs to the top of the axle. If this is the case, then all of the springs should sit the same. There are a few things you can check to ensure everything is in place. If you had to weld on new hangers to the trailer frame, then I would check and make sure they are attached properly. You will also have to weld new spring seats like # TRSS238 on the top of the axles for the leaf springs to sit on. You can also use a conversion kit like the...
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  • Options for Adjusting Trailer Height on a Gooseneck Livestock Trailer
  • Mounting your axle under your leaf springs will lift your trailer more than 7 inches (4 inches for your axle diameter plus 3 inches for the thickness of your leaf springs and spring seat). Since you have a livestock trailer, that would not be the best option to level out your trailer. The first step that I would take is to check the coupler on your gooseneck trailer. Most gooseneck trailers have adjustable couplers that allow you to adjust the height of the trailer at the gooseneck hitch....
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  • Raising Trailer Height Using an Over-Under Conversion Kit
  • First you are going to want to determine why the trailer is sagging at the back. Replace in worn suspension parts because you do not want to make any changes until the suspension is in good working order. An over-under conversion kit like # K71-385-00 would be the best way to go. This kit fits 3 inch round axles. We also have # K71-384-00 that fits 2-3/8 inch diameter round axles. The new spring seats are positioned on the top of the axle and the springs will then sit on top. The height...
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  • How to Determine the Capacity of Trailer Leaf Springs and How to Raise the Coupler Height
  • Leaf springs typically have the part # stamped on the strap that holds the leafs together at one end of the shorter leafs, or it is painted on the concave side of the springs. The part number can then be used to determine the capacity of the springs. Generally springs with any age on them will be very hard to get a part number off of. You would then need to go by the axle capacity to determine the spring capacity, which would be 1/2 of the axle capacity. If you have a 3,500 lb capacity...
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  • Raising the Height of a 5th Wheel Trailer and Hitch to Avoid Bottoming Out on Steep Inclines
  • First, you could lower the pin box on the trailer to get some extra height at the front if you have already raised the hitch to the maximum height setting according to the instructions. But to raise the back of the trailer you will need to use what is called an over-under kit. We have 2 different kits and what they do is move the leaf springs from under the axle to above it (if they are already above it there is not much more you can safely do). The first kit, # K71-385-00, is designed...
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  • Raising Height of 5th Wheel Suspension to Provide Proper Clearance Between Bed Rails and Trailer
  • There are a few things you can try to get the proper 6 inch clearance between the top of the bed sides and the bottom of the fifth wheel trailer loft. One or more of these suggestions might be required to achieve the proper clearance. If your truck is lifted or has larger than stock wheels/tires, returning the truck to stock ride height will solve the problem in most cases. Adjusting the fifth wheel hitch so that it is at its highest level and moving the pin box so that it is at its...
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  • How Much Will the Dexter Trailer Springs Over-Under Conversion Kit, # K71-385-00 Raise the Trailer
  • First, you would need to have the spring seats welded to the top of the axle. You cannot flip the axle because then the existing spring seats would be bent the wrong way. What you can do is measure from where the springs are attached to the spring seat now up to the top of the axle to determine the approximate amount it will raise the trailer when using the Dexter Trailer Springs Over-Under Conversion Kit, # K71-385-00. To use this kit you will need to have a 3 inch diameter axle. When...
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  • Can Trailer Height be Raised by Changing the Suspension
  • If the trailer leaf springs are currently mounted on the bottom of your axle, moving them to the top of the axle will lift the suspension. To do so you will need 4 new spring seats, 8 u-bolts, 16 nuts and 4 U-Bolt plates per axle. The diameter of your trailer axles will determine the size of the parts you will need to order. If the axles are 3 inches in diameter, part # K71-385-00 would be a good choice. If you are thinking about lifting your trailer because your tow vehicle hitch...
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  • How to Determine the Correct Parts for an Axle Flip on a 1993 Skamper Pop-Up Trailer
  • To lift your single axle trailer leaf springs from the bottom of your axle to the top of your axle to provide lift for the suspension you will need 2 new spring seats, 4 u-bolts, 8 nuts and 2 U-Bolt plates, see links. This is assuming that your trailer suspension is in good condition otherwise. If your springs are worn 2 new springs will be needed also, see link. The diameter of your trailer axle will determine the size of the parts that you will need to order. If your axle is 3 inches...
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  • Raising a Gooseneck Trailer with Tandem Axles for More Clearance
  • If your springs are currently under the axles on your trailer, you can use what is called an over under conversion kit, # K71-385-00. This kit will allow you to move the springs to the top of the axle. For tandem axles, you would need 2 kits. They only fit 3 inch diameter axles. This kit will eliminate the need for welding new spring seats on top of the axle. I have included a link to a picture of what the new set up will look like. When lifting the trailer even just a few inches,...
    view full answer...

  • Does Dexter Trailer Springs Over-Under Kit, Part # K71-385-00, Fit Haulmark 18-Ft Tandem Trailer
  • Haulmark produces a number of different 18-foot tandem axle trailers. This kit is applicable only to trailers with leaf springs and should be installed only if the suspension overall is in good working order. One kit is required per axle. Please note we offer this kit for 3-inch axles and also another kit, part # K71-384-00, for 2-3/8 inch axles. Typically, 2-3/8 inch axle diameter is a 3500 lb rating; and 3 inch axle diameter is typically a 6000 to 7200 lb weight rating. You will want...
    view full answer...

  • Is Welding Required to Install Dexter Trailer Springs Over-Under Conversion Kit # K71-384-00
  • The over-under conversion kit, # K71-384-00, is a bolt on kit, welding is not required for installation but the manufacturer instructions state that tacking the spring seat is strongly recommended. This kit is designed for 2-3/8 inch diameter axles. We also have a kit for 3 inch diameter axles, # K71-385-00. When lifting your trailer keep in mind that the geometry of the trailer will change. You may have a lower or heavier tongue weight, and the trailer may become top heavy, which can...
    view full answer...

  • How to Raise the Height of a Boat Trailer to Avoid Scraping on Inclines
  • What I recommend, if the trailer has round axles, is an over-under conversion kit. For 3 inch round axles use # K71-385-00 and for 2-3/8 inch round axles use # K71-384-00. This of course will only work if the leaf springs are mounted to the bottom of the trailer now. What this kit does is allow you to put the springs on top of he axle without flipping the axle or welding. Otherwise what you could do is use taller hangers. All of the hangers would have to be raised the same amount. So...
    view full answer...

  • 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch for a 2014 Ram 3500 with Factory Prep Package
  • You can use Reese 5th wheel trailer hitch # RP30081 with the adapter for the Ram OEM prep package, # RP30154. The adapter will except 5th wheel trailer hitches that fit in industry standard above the bed rails. It is possible that if the truck is raised beyond stock there could be issues with being able to tow the trailer level. Both the hitch head and the trailer pin box can be adjusted up and down though and in most cases that is enough adjustability to tow the trailer level. In...
    view full answer...

  • 5th Wheel Trailer Rides High In Front Even with Hitch Set Low and Pin Box Set High
  • Since you have already adjusted the hitch and the pin box on the trailer, there is one other thing you can try. If the leaf springs are mounted below the axle(s) on the trailer, you can use an over-under conversion kit, # K71-385-00 for 3 inch diameter round axles or # K71-384-00 for 2-3/8 inch diameter round axles. What this will do is raise the back of the trailer up some giving you a more level ride. Since the ride height will change, the ride may be affected and the trailer will...
    view full answer...

  • Over-Under Conversion Kit For Flipping Axle On Coleman Pop-Up Camper
  • We have two conversion kits we offer and they will work on either a 2-3/8 inch or 3 inch round axle only. If you have double eye springs, and the axle on your camper measures 2-3/8 inches then part # K71-384-00 would work for you. If you have a 3 inch axle on your camper, part # K71-385-00, would be the kit you need. These kits come with the spring seats, nuts, U-bolts, and tie plates. The spring seats will have to be welded to the axle when installing.
    view full answer...

  • Preventing Fifth Wheel Camper From Dragging When Entering Driveway
  • Since the axle is already mounted below the springs, an over-under conversion kit like the # K71-385-00 would not be helpful. Going with taller spring hangers (see link) might be an option, however keep in mind that changing the suspension geometry of your fifth wheel trailer might alter its ride characteristics and make it more prone to trailer sway. Additionally, changing the height might reduce the clearance between the top of your truck bed side rails and the bottom of your trailer...
    view full answer...

  • Compatibility of Dexter Over-Under Conversion Kit # K71-385-00 with Fifth Wheel Camper
  • The Over-Under Conversion Kit you mentioned, part # K71-385-00 is compatible with a 3 inch diameter axle, and would work fine with a fifth wheel camper. For two axles, you would need two kits. Keep in mind that in raising the trailer, you will be changing the center of gravity and will be making the trailer more top-heavy. By raising the trailer, you might also need to adjust he height of your fifth wheel hitch and pin box if they are adjustable.
    view full answer...

  • How to Choose the Correct Over-Under Axle Conversion Kit for a 1983 Palomino Pony Pop Up Camper
  • The diameter of the axle on your 1983 Palomino Pony camper will determine the correct over-under conversion kit that you will need. The Dexter Over-Under Conversion Kit, # K71-385-00, that you referenced will fit a 3 inch diameter trailer axle. We also have an over-under kit for 2-3/8 inch axles as part # K71-384-00. These are bolt-on kits that do not require you to weld the spring seat to the top of the axle, but the manufacturer strongly recommends tacking the new spring seat to the...
    view full answer...

  • Raising the Height of a Carry On Utility Trailer with 1-3/4 Inch 2,000 Pound Axle
  • We only have over-under kits for 3 inch and 2-3/8 inch axles but nothing for a 1-3/4 inch axle. What you could do is get longer hangers. However, because suspension is meant to travel up and down adding hangers that are 2 inches longer for example does not mean you get 2 inches more height. Keep in mind that by increasing the height of the trailer you make it more susceptible to sway since the center of gravity is changing. If you need more height because the ball mount is too high then...
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  • Can a 5th Wheel Trailer be Towed with a Ford F-250 with an 8 Inch Suspension Lift
  • Possibly but it depends on how high we can get the trailer and what adjustments can be made to the hitch and pin box. First, a suspension lift makes the towing capacity of the truck unknown and actually lowers it if anything. Just keep this in mind. Measure from level ground to the truck bed and from level ground to the king pin skid plate to see what that height difference is. This will tell you how far off you will be to be able to tow the trailer and if it is possible to get level...
    view full answer...

  • Weight Distribution and Sway Control for a 1968 Forester Trailer Camper and Dodge Ram 3500
  • The first thing you are going to want to do is determine the tongue weight of the trailer when loaded and ready to tow and then add the weight of anything loaded behind the rear axle of the truck to get the total tongue weight. Based on this figure we can choose a weight distribution and sway control system. However, given that you are driving a 1 ton truck with dually rear end and a light trailer you are probably not seeing any sag at the rear of the truck. If this is the case then...
    view full answer...

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